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we're back! Montana and the event at The Scrapbook  Hideaway was so great. Members of Geof's family met us at the C'Mon Inn in Missoula. Because I've visited Gina and Tracy and their store before and because they were always so kind and generous with us, my family and especially my children have very fond memories of the C'Mon Inn. They have great pools and hot tubs and waterfalls and a FAB breakfast bar…

where Chase eagerly takes command of the waffle making for EVERYONE (or at least tries to)

I decided I needed to capture hotel breakfasts (never done that before) because when else can a kid have Fruitloops and Waffles and multiple trips to the juice machine? You gotta love Tafty's "painful" smile. He's having FUN, really.

You can't mistake miss Addie's obvious joy at having a bowl of cereal and yogurt. She happily traded off, until she was full! Most of pictures didn't turn out so to speak, but I LOVE what they represent.

After breakfast on Friday, Grandpa Gary introduced my family to Geocaching. What a trip!

I'm hoping to blog a bit more, because I was pleasently surprised and think this would be a fun family activity to add to road trips and the like. Forgive me for not yet knowing all the lingo … basically you follow a handheld GPS device to coordinates that mark a cache or as my boys say, treasure! These caches come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them include puzzles and locks to open. Some are buried in the woods and others almost out in the open! The freaky thing is that these caches are EVERYWHERE — I'm so not kidding–there were 7 within a half mile of our hotel. When it was my turn I was led to a stand of evergreen trees in the parking lot of Home Depot. The GPS said I was within 3 feet, so I reached out and lifted up the branch in front of me and sure enough, there is this army box thing hanging in the tree and sure enough 87 people had already sought it out and found it — 3 in the last week!

Inside all caches (big or small) you find a list of names — people that have successfully located the cache. It's all a bit weird, but also quite fun. We found a micro-magnetic cache stuck to the bottom of this bear statue (that you can't see) in front of the restaurant across the street from our hotel??

oops — already out of time.
More on this later.


  1. Hey Stacy, My family discovered Geocaching a few years ago and did it for a little while. It is really amazing as you said how many little treasures are hidden all around. In our area you take a little treasure from the box and you leave a little treasure in the box. You also leave a message that you found it too. Neat little idea and real exciting for the kiddos.

  2. Hey Stacy, we’ve been doing geocaching for years (although haven’t done too much lately with the baby on the way), and have found some really cool places. If you make it out here to CO, this is probably the coolest one so far, at the top of the Continental Divide:

  3. Hi Stacy! My husband and I have been geocaching for a few years now and really enjoy it! We actually spent a day on our honeymoon in Aruba geocaching! It’s a really fun family activity!

  4. Okay, I am totally intrigued by this geocaching thing. I clicked on the link and saw there is an iphone app – cool! Definitely going to read up on it.

  5. So glad you discovered geocaching! Our family has been doing it for about 5 years now. It’s the perfect family activity. Fun for all ages. And yes, you’re so right -there are caches everywhere! Hope you continue the hunt! Thanks for sharing it with some many others via your website :)

  6. We have been geocaching for about 5 years now and LOVE it! The original is in Portland-too cool! I bet you have great caches in your area. The kids love it and we love being outdoors.
    Too fun!

  7. Stacy, I love geocaching. This summer the Minnesota DNR put geocaches in each of our state parks as a history challenge. Since mid-May, I have been to all 72 of our state parks! Cannot wait to scrapbook that! Geocaching is great for kids, too!

  8. stampinwithbeth says:

    Stacy, So glad you found out about geocaching — it’s such a great activity to do with kids! This summer the Minnesota DNR set up geocaches in all of our state parks as a challenge — since mid-May I have been to ALL 72 of our state parks! I cannot wait to scrapbook the experience, but narrowing down the pictures (like we learned to do in Library of Memories) is tough! Good luck geocaching!

  9. Oh my gosh this looks like so much fun. I bet my husband and my girls would love it will definately have to be checking this out more soon! Who knows maybe a Christmas gift! Thanks for sharing.

  10. ~Michelle~ says:

    You know what’s even more fun than geocaching?
    Geocaching is a hi tech version of this hobby that began in England in the 1840′s, I love letterboxing bc instead of using a piece of electronics to find the prize, the person who hides the box writes clues which you have to decipher and follow. Some are very complicated and some are so simple even children can follow them.
    And I know you will appreciate this — inside a letterbox is a little logbook, frequently handmade and/or decorated, and a hand carved stamp designed by the person who hid the box. The only way you can see the stamp and know what it looks like is to find it. Inside the logbook are the personal handcarved stamp images of all the people who found the box, and little notes and hello’s from them.
    There are way fewer letterboxes out there, but that’s bc they are more complicated to make and hide. I’ve found about 50 so far and I have 2 logbooks filled with stamps designed and carved by a whole variety of artists, plus a photo I took of each search, and my own handwritten notes about the search. Some stamps are complicated and some are simple but they are all wonderful to find and to have.

  11. This does look like fun! Wowzers!

  12. So glad Michelle told you about letterboxing…cause I was gonna! LOVE it! So fun, and you get to use your artsy talents to carve stamps. Whoeee. Try it, you’ll love it and 10 bucks to a dollar you’ll find a geocache somewhere close by to most letterboxes.

  13. Just spent three days in the Chiltern Hills north of London, walking 26 miles and doing 113 caches. Legs a little sore. We had snow and sun all in one day but fortunately no rain.

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