Today …

1. I'm craving tuna fish (weird)
2. Going on a field trip with Chase
3. Looking forward to a nap (up late last night)
4. Overwhelmed with the goodness of people
5. Excited about my latest book purchase (more soon)

I wanted to make sure that YOU are aware of some GREAT, SHORT seasonal classes that are being re-run at BPS. Both of these workshops are designed to help you make the upcoming holidays more meaningful and personal without taking up too much time or breaking the bank.

First up, Georgana Hall's Gratitude Memory Box. Adorn It does a splendid job of creating non-traditional, interactive home decor/project kits and I LOVE this little box. This project would be perfect to do with children/family members in preparation for Thanksgiving. It is something that can be pulled out year after year and used as part of your gratitude traditions. You can buy the hide-away box by itself and use your own stash, or purchase everything you need for just $15. The two-week workshop, beginning Nov. 6th is only $10.

Amy Sorenson is one of my MOST favorite writers/journalers and last year she agreed to develop a class that I wanted to take. The Gift of Words is designed to help us express authentic, insightful, sincere and memorable thoughts and feelings to those we love. Whether those words are one sentence at the bottom of a Christmas card or something longer and more substantial — Amy's guidance will help you say what you most want to say.

have a wonderful day.


  1. Careful, the last time I craved tuna I was pregnant! But otherwise, you might have a simple iron deficiency :) Have a great week!

  2. Jeannette P says:

    Well, we have 2 things in common. I went on a field trip today with my son Braly. And I too needed a nap today (my 23 month old was up a few times during the night & then got up really early.)
    Ooooh, I loved Amy Sorenson’s writing class that I took and her new one sounds really cool too. Thanks for the plug.

  3. Allison Barnes says:

    Tuna?? hmm.. a tuna melt does sound good. Do we get to go to that yummy sandwich place when I come?? Can’t wait to see you!!!

  4. Thanks for the info on “the gift of words” I got signed up today. I do have a ?. How exactly does this work–Do I have to be at the computer at a specific time? and interact?
    ps I LOVE field trips!!!!!!!!

  5. I took the gift of words last year and LOVE LOVE LOVED it! I would recommend it to everyone :)In fact, I wonder about taking it again just as a refresher LOL

  6. Hi Stacy! I did your class (and listened to your wonderful talk) at the Johannesburg Convention recently and am tagging you for a quick and easy online challenge! Please see my blog for more details, thanks! Hope you take part…

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