10 Days to Thankful

10 days
No sugar + 30 minutes of heart-pumping exercise + enough sleep = a happier, healthier and more grateful body.

Who's in?

Leave a comment to join me in a totally doable commitment to spend the next ten days preparing for Thanksgiving. Simply put I want to feel lighter and more energetic and more appreciative of the non-material blessings that abound in my life and I think that a short and concentrated effort on my basic physical needs will allow me to find more awareness for my mental, emotional and spiritual conditioning as I head into this busy and blessed holiday season.


no sugar

for me this means not only stop the candy, cookies and yes, even brownies, but also the processed "quick and easy" but not-so-good meal replacement type foods. I'm going to focus on fresh foods that require some preparation and invariably feel more satisfying.


30 minutes
a brisk walk or jog (inside or out) I always struggle as the days grow shorter to get the fresh air I crave. I want to feel my heart pumping and my lungs reaching for air — I love this feeling.


enough sleep

I'm going to be in bed by ten, so I can be up early and enjoy quiet time that invites reflection and preparation.

Update on Seattle and the WINNER of Kolette's A Life Well Crafted coming later today!


  1. Julie Johnson says:

    I’m in! Love this. The post-Halloween crash and burn sugar surges need to stop. :) I want to feel better and go into this season of thanks and giving renewed. I’m starting now!!

  2. Great idea. Is it really only 10 days until Thanksgiving? I need to commit to that daily walk too and living in the Seattle area with the short, grey days makes it so hard.

  3. Well – I made a semi commitment to this last week. But I’m in for reals now. I love feeling healthier!

  4. Count me in! As always thanks for your inspirations.

  5. I’m in!

  6. I’m in Stacy! I started today before I read your blog post and had my plain oatmeal instead of toast or a bagel. In a bit I’m going for my walk. Today is a new day!

  7. Vickie Jones aka AFScrapperMom says:

    hUmm how does my diet coke fit into this? But doable yes, I’ll give it a go

  8. I am so in!! Thanks, Stacey!

  9. I can do two out of three…no sugar? That is the tough one!

  10. I’m in!

  11. Oh, I’m so in. It’s a very stressful time for me (hubby will deploy shortly after Thanksgiving) and I’m in desperate need of a better diet, exercise and more sleep. The stress has robbed me of all three. My first step will be to take the TV out of my bedroom so I don’t channel surf all night. Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Marta Valdes says:

    I’m in. Great idea. I will start tomorrow, since I did eat my yogurt that has sugar. I will definitley start the exercise and sleep.

  13. I’m in! I’ve been thinking of doing this and it will definitely be more fun with friends!

  14. I’m in! Already doing it, and so totally into it! Thanks!

  15. So that chocolate chip cookie that I ate BEFORE I read your blog was apparently my last for the next ten days. I’M IN!!! It would be nice to “feel lighter and more energetic and more appreciative of the non-material blessings that abound in my life” before the holiday indulgences begin. You have such a way of putting things. No time like now to start. And ten days seems so doable.

  16. I was just starting this on my own today! I love that I can join other people now in the same goal and commitment!

  17. Jeannette P says:

    I’ve been doing the 30 mins exercise 5 days a week for the past 4 weeks now. I’m fighting off some sickness right now so I only did 4 days last week & didn’t eat the greatest over the weekend. Too tired to cook good meals for everyone. Hopeing to feel better today & get a nice meal cooked along with choosing to bypass the candy bowl, the ice cream, and any other ‘goodies’ that shouldn’t really be entering my temple. Thanks for the encouragement.

  18. Veronica Reis says:

    I’m in. I will do the walks and also am looking forward to spending Thanksgivings in the US for the first time this year. Off to go and start.

  19. I’ll have a go at it. It may be diffucult with the sleep. I have a baby that has been waking up around 2am and then again at 5:30am. Maybe I could start taking a nap with him in the afternoon.

  20. count me in. seems like I am taking care of everyone but myself these days. thanks for the extra push!

  21. Count me in! I just joined “the 5 a.m. club” this past week, and it’s already making a world of difference in how my day starts.
    If you’d like more info on the 5 a.m. club, you can visit Sarah Mae at :
    Have a beautiful week!

  22. Hi. I’m definitely IN. I think th sugar part will definitely help me feel better. I’m not a big sweets eater but would love to detox. Thanks for planting the seed.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  23. I was just thinking about this last night as I had a piece of my son’s hershey bar (yes, we still have Halloween candy in the house). I’m in. It’s going to be hard to give up the sugar, but I want a happier, healthier and more grateful body. Thanks for providing some motivation!

  24. I am in… thanks for the inspiration Stacy! I have been feeling terrible lately so this is just what I need to kick start healthy living especially at this time of yet!

  25. Count me in! It is always easier to stick to something with a group of friends in it with you.
    Thanks for including us.
    Let the health begin!

  26. Stefani Meyer says:

    Oh perfect! This was the exact thing I need. I have always been inspired by you and Heidi Swapp among others, who always get so much done. I started last night to get a jump on things, got up at 5:30, ate oatmeal for breakfast, was just going to exercise (after checking blogs) and the downstairs of my house is almost clean…AND it’s only 8:40am Cali. time. I even hope to squeeze in some scrapbooking time today ;). I am so in! 10 days is a great goal to get me going in the right direction. Thanks again, as always, for your great inspiration!

  27. I’m mostly in. Just this morning I journaled about my need to stop the sugar rush. I gave myself one exception — candy is allowed to deal with a scratchy throat in public. A major coughing fit is not going to help me feel better. Thankfully my cold is almost gone and cough candies and other candies can be stored away for some time in the future. I am also commiting to 15 minutes of exercise a day. That is the amount I was able to do before I got sick and I am committed to not overdoing it and stopping. I keep reminding myself that 15 is better than 0 and hopefully by this time next year 30 minutes will not only be doable but routine. Thanks for the reminder and a place to publicly commit to those things I had already been thinking I needed to do.

  28. I’m in! I really need to lighten up because of back porblems, so this is perfect timing!

  29. Just got back from vacation and I was ready to do this. The no sugar thing is the hardest part for me. But eating healthy foods in healthy portions will be alright, since Canadian Thanksgiving is long over.

  30. I’m in!! Thanks for the extra bit of motivation.

  31. Ah, I’m IN, I totally need this right now!!!

  32. i’m in! i’ve been trying to do it on my own and now i have others to partner with yay!! Thanks! love your blog and your endless inspiration.

  33. Dude. This was like ESP or something – perfect timing. I. Am in.

  34. I’m in. Started last week but fell off the wagon this weekend. Thanks for inspiring me to get back on!

  35. I’m in too. The hard part will be the no sugar, but I need/want to do it. This is perfect timing because I have been thinking about changing eating habits. The past few weeks have consisted of holiday baking, going to dinner at friend’s houses, which always have yummy desserts, etc.
    Thanks for the motivation, Stacy. It is nice to do this with other people!

  36. I’m SO in! I desperately needed this kick in the pants!!

  37. Can’t do it – give up sugar!! (as I just opened my Mt Dew) Thanks for the permission to get more sleep as I love to sleep and I will try to get more exercise – For the past few weeks I have been looking at life differently and geeze being grateful of small things sure makes the day go by easier.
    P.S. Really sorry about your laptop disappearance.

  38. I’ve been needing to do this for a long time. I’m definitely in (but it would help if I didn’t have to see that delicious brownie!! It looks sooo gooood!)

  39. Here in the UK I’ve sort of missed the first day but I am SO in with this. I’ll be starting tomorrow with up at 7am and a 30 min walk.
    thanks for the very “doable” idea and here’s hoping it sticks, and becomes my new routine.

  40. Does it start today or tomorrow?? I’ve already had a Cafe Mocha and bagel for breakfast…bad, bad me but hey, it’s Monday – I have to look forward to something!!!

  41. Kim Hogarth says:

    I was just thinking today how I have GOT to stop eating so many carbs. Excercise too. I’m good with sleep.Count me in!

  42. I’m in. I was in great shape this summer, but then I got the flu and stopped hiking – and then I got depressed and started eating… Now I’ve gained a horrific amount of weight over such a short time, (I was shocked when I saw myself in the photo I took with you at CKC!!) and I am having serious sleep issues. Gaah.
    So yes, I am in.

  43. I’m in!

  44. Marge Johnston says:

    WOW! I was just pondering this very thing over my morning cup of coffee! Thanks Stacey – just what the good Lord ordered!! I’m so in!!

  45. I’m in. I can do anything for 10 days, right.
    And you’ll post motivational messages during that time, RIGHT?!?
    Because I’m all about being motivated!

  46. Count me in! I’ve been trying to get more exercise and cutting back on refined carbs, but this will take it up a level.
    (But I have to admit, I can’t wait for pumpkin pie!!)

  47. Count me in! I really really need to do this! Wonder if I can get the kids to cut back on the sugar too!

  48. Stephanie S. says:

    Count me in. I have been sick for like the last two weeks and haven’t exercised at all and now the sick is going away but I feel like a slug so I am getting back to the exercise pronto! Thanks for the inspiration.
    Stephanie S.

  49. just had a bag of peanut m&m’s an hour before reading your blog today…consider it ‘for the road’…i’m all in!

  50. Michelle Salazar says:

    I’m in but is there only 10 days left . . . panic moment here have to make a grocery list!

  51. I’m in with the exercise and the sleep. As to the sugar – no dessert and no candy, yes, but I will have to put the teeniest amount of sugar in my hot tea to enable me to drink it! :)

  52. No sugar?
    no way.

  53. I’m in!

  54. Linda Dillman says:

    Jeezy Pete…
    Did you have to write this right after I bought a box of Candy Cane JoJos (like Oreos, but with itty bitty pieces of peppermint in the filling and only available during the holiday season)at Trader Joes?
    Okay, I guess I’ll have to wait on the Jojos and join in the challenge. The only problem is they are SOOO loud when they call me to the kitchen to take a bite.
    Maybe I should put them in a plastic container and move them to the shed for the next 10 days. That should keep them quiet.
    What do I give up…What do I give up? This is like Lent for Thanksgivingonly for one-fourth the time.
    I have a REAL problem with unhealthy snacking, not drinking enough water, and fried foods. So, I will so away with unhealthy snacking, drink a proper amount of water, and broil, grill, and bake till the cows come home.

  55. Sounds good to me. Now what to do with those brownies on my counter???

  56. Sounds good to me. Now what to do with those brownies on my counter???

  57. I should have read this before I had 3 m&m cookies for breakfast. Anyway… I’m in.
    I desperately need this.
    I’m going to a at home sales party tonight. I’ll get my 30 minutes of exercise by walking home.

  58. okay, I can do this, BUT it’s bread baking day and I have to teach a friend how to make cinnamon rolls…SO
    I’ll start tomorrow and make it nine days, ok?

  59. I’m right there with you. I was actually thinking last night that I should dust off the nordic track and see if that thing still works.

  60. I’m in. No more sweets until that yummy pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving day. The exercising thing should be easy, I just signed up for my first ever marathon last week so I am already in my jogging mode. Haven’t you run a maraton? Do you have any advice for a 3 mile jogger? Yikes – what have I done?!

  61. Rachel Smith says:

    More power to ya! I’m going to continue in my slovenly ways, eating sweets and not exercising. I just don’t have the will power right now. I’m all for the rest part, but with a one-year old, that isn’t either.

  62. sounds like just the inspiration i need. i have been trying to live a healthier life for all of 2008. it was my only new year’s goal. my problem is no sugar, not the typical cookies and candy, but the cocktails on the weekend and the wine with dinner. and the quick and easy meals. but i am going to give it a real try. i think i’m worth it and my family deserves it!!!!

  63. Jeannette P says:

    I got my 30 minutes of workout in by raking leaves and then turned around & had to shovel snow. :D Oh happy day!

  64. the new Mrs. C says:

    Well, this must be the message I was looking for. Weight is up, exercise is not happening, I feel crappy. Today I made the first step in giving up my -don’t judge – 44 oz fountain diet-pepsi. I make it last all day, but still. I only had 6 oz today, for the caffeine. And now I’m on my third bottle of water. I’m in. Thanks for the boost Stacy.

  65. I’d love to but I don’t think I can give up soda, I’ll do the rest though.

  66. I’m in! I’m in! thanks SO MUCH for this incentive!!

  67. Sounds like a great idea, Stacy. I’m in.

  68. Just what I needed Stacy. I keep saying I am going to do these things but never do, this will be my inspiration to start and then continue the exercise and sleep after. Thanks

  69. I think I’ll give this a try too! Must admit the “no sugar” will be the toughest part!!

  70. I’m in. I’ve been on a sugar crave, so this is perfect. I can’t do 30 minutes of exercise, but I’ll do something everyday. Thanks for the kick in the bu**.

  71. I’m in. I’ve been working on this anyway. Except for the no sugar thing. That part will be new. Thanks. It’s always more fun to know that your working towards something with someone (or lots of someones) else.

  72. I shall give it a go, though I’m wondering WHERE to hide the 1/2 gallon of ice cream from myself!!

  73. Ok I am in. The hard part is that there isn’t a lot of “good” fruits and veggies in ND at this time of the year, but I sure can make better meals. This is a great challenge.

  74. Sounds good–just the ‘enough sleep’ will be WONDERFUL!!!

  75. Ok, I really need to get on this wagon! I have fallen off and haven’t been able to get back on! Thanks for the push that I need to get back on track. The no sugar part will be the hardest for me! I am terrible about that. Thank you!!!

  76. This has been a process all year long. Case in point, the last 3 months have been crazy being out of town evey weekend from the end of August until the middle of October taking care of a dying parent (Heather’s dad) and the funeral services, and moving his stuff to our house to sell, etc. I have felt so bad because my eating had gotten bad again. Backing January I really got with the program and began to change my ways. The result, down 65 pounds. 10 have come back but I’m back in the game of getting those back off and another 15.

  77. I’m in. I’ve been slacking lately and need a push to get back on the right track. Thank you!

  78. Phyllis R. says:

    Oh yes! Just the motivation I need to kick start the holiday season. A couple of years ago, I did a weight loss challenge from just before Thanksgiving to just after New Year’s. I didn’t cut everything out, so I didn’t feel cheated, but I have to tell you, I came out 11 pounds lighter and feeling better than I ever had after the holidays.

  79. Love reading your blog. Good Luck to you. For added support, have you tried reading any of the the Suzanne Somers books (ie: Fast & Easy). Full of great information on how to kick the sugar and processed food habit. I learned so much and have instigated this eating style into my life. Don’t miss the sugar or the headaches!! Keep it up!

  80. Seems like just the thing I need to jump start this healthy phase that I’m considering of starting (again). I kinda fell off the wagon after having to move and having a husband deploy. Count me in!

  81. Sounds like a great idea. We don’t celebrate thanksgiving in Australia but those 10 days end just before the silly season – so i am in!

  82. Yes…I too have been slowly slidding into bad habbits so I think getting back to basics will be a good thing (the no sugar is going to KILL me LOL)

  83. Gonna give it a try! I think the hardest is going to be the early to bed part (but I sure need that extra rest!)

  84. I’m in! Thanks for the inspiration. Now…off for a walk.

  85. Thank you, Stacy. This may be just the motivation I need. No sugar, and plenty of rest won’t be too hard (I don’t think). The 30 minutes of exercise may do me in, but I’m going to try! :)

  86. I’m in! I’m so stressed out these days that I have very little self-discipline. I’m hoping that committing to something as simple as this little challenge will be just the push I need! Thanks for the encouragement Stacy!

  87. Count me in! it is just what I need to begin the holiday season. Thanks for the inspiration!

  88. I would love to join you, but I’m preggo! I mean, come on, no sugar? That leaves out chocolate! Maybe after the babe comes! :)

  89. Jennifer W. says:

    I am going to try – I got a good cholesterol and thyroid report today, so I am trying to get more healthy!

  90. Hi Stacy- Count me in. We in SA have the added scary aspect of needing to get into our bathing costumes at christmas time. I’ve been off sugar for 3 weeks (newly diagnosed as a diabetic) and have been meaning to get excercising. Your post has just become the catalyst to get me going- 30 mins a day seems do-able. Thanks!

  91. I’m a day late, but I’m in. I just got a marginal cholesterol report and need to make some serious changes. This will be a great jump start.

  92. Count me in. This is perfect timing after the Halloween candy binge that I have been on. I need something to get me going in the right direction.

  93. Count me in too. I had one thing with sugar yesterday but I was so much more aware of what I ate.
    I can do this! 30 minutes of exercise is just what I need too.
    I will be a happier person if I can stick to this.
    Thanks Stacy for the inspiration.
    Sara M

  94. I’m in! I’m totally needing to do this, as the kids Halloween candy is lingering which really means it’s slowly making it’s way to my thighs. Plus, I totally need to get back to working out. I guess I just needed a push!

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