7 Days to Thankful

I lost the race up the hill yesterday — I think this image summarizes my current, middle-aged condition (I can't keep up anymore!)


Day four and I'm still good on our challenge.
I snapped this photo, on the final stretch up the path to our house. Symbolic(don't you think) of the fact that you have to take all challenges (self-imposed or not) one step at a time.

If you do — you will get there.

So, today … if you can, buy yourself a healthy treat.
Here are two of my current favorites:


Planters has several new "mixes" of nuts, which are a great no-sugar snack. My favorite features pistachios and dried cranberries and cherries. Definitely NOT a brownie, but totally YUM. Be careful … nuts are NOT low-calorie, but they are a good source of protein and full of good fats.


I really like the Odwalla *super protein* vitamin fruit drink.
It prevents break down for me in the late afternoon or mid-morning, when I tend to want to reach for …


Good Luck today — you can do it!!!


  1. Jeannette P says:

    Yeah for you Stacy! I did my 30 mins (actually 33) of exercises today by popping in one of my The Firm DVDs. Those girls really put me to the test. And I did the grocery shopping & stayed away from all the crazy stuff. I purchased more fruits/veggies instead of processed & sugar stuff. My hubby isn’t helping though. He works for the men in brown & everytime he is on the Sayklly route, they give him a bunch of yummy snappies. He brought home more Snappies yesterday & their delicious candy bars the day before. Ugh… I think I’ll just have to pop mine in the freezer until I’m done with my challenge. Check out their website http://www.saykllys.com/ They were actually featured on “Unwrapped” that airs on the Food Network. Very cool clip & even cooler when our kids recognized the Escanaba sign that’s on our main street while watching it on the tv. Now I’m off to eat an apple. LOL

  2. mmmm Odwalla! Strawberry C Monster is my fav. What’s yours?

  3. Today’s grocery day, I want to try this new drink. I’ve been working out with Tracey Anderson and her Dance Cardio DVD… I get a good workout just trying to keep up with her!

  4. Yum, I love those Odwalla drinks, and their “bars” are yummy, too! Neuro is a great *no sugar* smart energy drink for an afternoon pick-me-up – if you want some more my website is http://alyson.myvi.net :). I love your challenge, Stacy! I’m doing well so far – easily passed on all the sweets at my kindergartener’s Thanksgiving party today.

  5. WTG, Stacy. I’m not a 100% perfect on the sugar, but I’m so much lower than I usually am that I feel much more energetic. I’ve been walking more at my job to up my metabolism. I’m hanging in there with you. Love those Odwalla drinks, too.

  6. Just checking in to say–THREE DAYS down with NO SUGAR!!! I had a small glass of chocolate milk today, and popcorn was my snack yesterday. No candy, no cake, no ice cream, no sugar nothings! :):)
    And no exercise, either. Except housecleaning.
    Tomorrow. Tomorrow I will exercise. I promise!

  7. I learned to walk past the vending machine w/out giving it a glance…gosh I miss my peanut m&ms! been snacking on a can of salted almonds and tomato basil wheat thins. 45min of cardio the last 3days…its great! my aunt is bringing over pumpkin and pecan bars for thanksgiving…can’t wait to bite into them!

  8. I’m enjoying the fact that we’re in this together. Legs a little sore this afternoon after trying just that little harder on my strider this morning, but you know what, it feels good. Have extended my goal to loose 7lbs for xmas.
    Sharon x

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