8 Days to Thankful

checking in. doing GREAT (so far)
did some yoga early this morning, so I still need to get my 30 minutes in. I'm going to walk to the bus stop after school and surprise my boys. I'm going to bring my camera and takes some pics (just for fun) and then I'm going to race them up the hill.

what are you going to do?


One of my all-time favorite BPS workshops is starting again tomorrow. It's Daily Essentials with Lisa Cohen and it's just so good. Lisa is one of those rare and talented women that live comfortably in both the traditional and digital worlds, so if you want to develop your hybrid skills and find a smart friend to help you (hint: lisa) sign up NOW. You'll get to create an adorable mini-album documenting the little things you love and use on a daily (and almost daily basis)

Right now, a few of my daily essentials …


and, because of these

this …

It's a busy time of year. The perfect time to recognize and celebrate the little things that keep you thriving.

love what Seth had to say about Trust, but verify. So smart.
and Cathy too. If you haven't see the video on her blog. go now.


  1. What a pleasure it is to work with you!

  2. Love all of your stuff~
    I took your Finishline Scrapbooking class in Seattle (sat right in the front next to your podium on Friday) and I loved it!!! Can you post what your playlist on your ipod is? I loved the music we worked to and want to make a playlist of the same stuff. The pace was great! Love my little album and everyone is so impressed with 40 pictures in less than 2 hours!! Thanks again.
    PS – Got a lime green wool pea coat yesterday and thought of you!!

  3. This is almost to strange to be true but it is!!!
    This afternoon I read you blog post and was motivates to get on the treadmill. I went down our basement and tried to get our TV to work. I don’t know what I did but suddenly a station came on. It was BYU television (which I have never heard of and didn’t know we even got)
    Here’s the best part….. the show that was on was Living Essentials and they were talking about a healthy lifestyle. All I could think of was God really was helping me to be healthier and feel better so I can be a better, more patient wife and mother.
    So I got my workout done. I feel great. Thanks Stacy. It is amazing what a little push will do.
    Maybe you could do something like this before Christmas too. Although I don’t know if I could go without sugar that long.

  4. Jeannette P says:

    I only did 15 mins of my exercises today. Still trying to kick this cold so instead I headed to the doctor to get checked out. Sinus infection & some antibiotics for me & the boy. I am thankful for tomorrow being a brand new day to hit my goal.

  5. I love PERO!! It makes my winter mornings warm and fuzzy. (Not that it’s too cold here in Las Vegas). It’s hard to find here, but worth the effort. I also am a HUGE fan of Honeycrisp apples. Way better than candy – at least until the holiday baking starts!!

  6. I like Pero but sure am sad that Postum isn’t being made anymore. It’s selling for 50.00 dollars a jar on ebay. Crazy!

  7. yep I saw CZ’s blog today and watched the video. It inspired me to go scrap/journal/blog about my ordinary day today…
    which when I look at the small details was really an EXTRA-ordinary day.

  8. This no sugar thing is working and I feel great! Thanks for the motivation.

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