9 Days to Thankful (update)

Wow! How exciting that we have *almost* 90 challenge takers.


Here's my tip for today. Go find a Honey Crisp apple.
Trust me when I say these apples are as close to natural candy as anything I've ever eaten. They are juicy and crunchy and oh so sweet — and believe it or not there is a honeycrisp blog.

I will say that for me, day 3 without sugar is the hardest, so plan today, what you're going to do tomorrow when you want to breakdown and eat just one little piece of ____________.

I should also say that I'm not a purist when I say "no sugar." I still put a little honey in my herbal tea and a little creamer on my Grape-Nuts.

we can do this!


  1. I agree with you about the honeycrisp apples. They are the best!!

  2. I kicked sugar a couple of years ago (more or less). You can try agave nectar as a liquid sweetener. It’s totally natural and very low on the glycemic index.
    The nutritionist who helped me recommended xylitol as a sugar substitute. It’s plant-based and you can use it as a 1-to-1 sugar replacement. I’ve sprinkled it on cereal and baked with it. You can get it at stores like Whole Foods.
    Also, Trader Joe’s sugar-free dark chocolate is AMAZING! It uses maltitol as a sweetener. I have two squares as a lunchtime dessert most days and it really kills the cravings.

  3. Oh, if I had only known those were your favorite. I would have brought you some this past Saturday (at CKC) from a local apple orchard. They are WONDERFUL!!

  4. Stefani Meyer says:

    We even paid $9 for 4 of those Honey Crisp Apples the other day because, yes, they are THAT good! thanks for helping me think ahead. Still need to exercise to day though.

  5. Hi Stacy,
    I’m in for the 10 day challenge (and who knows-maybe it’ll hit 20 days, then 30) My husband goes in for hip replacement surgery this week. He has been exercising and taking such good care of himself for years, despite his pain (case of bad genes and too much rugby) I’m incredibly proud of his determination, self-control (he eats very little sugar)and dedication to making his life better for himself and his family. Thanks for the reminder to take care of myself for me and the people I care about.

  6. The Halloween candy bowl is almost empty… then I’ll get back on my low-sugar regime. Is that weak or what?

  7. My favourite apple…if they last long enough in our house for me to get one…..today is my day 1 and because we already had Thanksgiving up here in Canada….I am going to go for 20 days and see where that takes me….thanks for the inspiration!!!Loved your classes this past weekend!!!!

  8. Terri Porter says:

    Stacy, I was wondering if you know when your Projects Plus class on Big Picture (using the Cocoa Daisy kit) will be available. I think you said mid November and I want to be sure I don’t miss it. Thanks.

  9. Terri Porter says:

    Stacy, do you know when your Projects Plus class using the Cocoa Daisy kit will be available on Big Picture? I think you said mid November, and I want to make sure I don’t miss it. Thanks.

  10. Oh we love honey crisp at our house! We eat as many as we can while they are in season. We figure they are only a waste of money if they go bad. At Super Target you can get them for $2 a pound. We buy them by the box. YUMMY!!!!!!

  11. My treat is a handful of Sun-Rype Fruitsource ‘mini bites’. They taste like wine gums yet they are all 100% fruit and vegetables! they are like chewy candies yet you can have 23 for just 130 calories and there is no added sugar, they count towards your fruit and vegetables for the day and they are soooooo yummy!!! When I need a little sweetness thats what I reach for!
    Thanks for such an inspiring blog! And as a beekeeper I have to recommend honey too ;)

  12. I guess I’m not a purist either – I put sugar in my coffee this morning. Other than that… no sugar today!

  13. I blew it without even thinking today – had a working lunch with sandwiches chips annnnnd COOKIES brought in – I had the macadamia nut in my mouth before I knew it – but tomorrow will be better. And one cookie is probably a whole lot better than ca-zillion mini snicker bars I’ve eaten this week…

  14. You are so right about Honey Crisp apples! I bought some a couple of months ago and took them to work as a way for my coworkers and me to avoid some of the junk food in our rooms (we work in team rooms & food is always available). Everyone that tried one loved them! They’ve become a huge hit in my office as well as in my house. Super Yummy!

  15. Shelly Pope says:

    I LOVE Honeycrisp apples… I discovered them about 4 years ago when I was pregnant with #2. I couldn’t live without them and was so sad when they went away after the first of the year. :) They are GREATNESS!!

  16. Uggh! I did great until about 8:00 this evening. I had 2 chocolate cookies (recipe courtesy of Becky Higgins’ blog) that DH and I made yesterday. Okay…they’re going to be gone tomorrow…so no more sugar! Oh…and I have never tried the Honey crisp apples. But we picked half a bushel of Jonagold apples last weekend in NC. They too are outstanding!

  17. I love those apples!!! I’m doing weight watchers right now and the leader told me all about them. They are so juicy and sweet!!!!!

  18. LOVE Honeycrisp!!! I picked a bunch of them this fall and just ran out!
    And Honeycrisp are an easy thing to get your kids to eat!!!

  19. as tempting as the peanut m&ms were in the vending machine at work…i decided on a bag of baked doritos. i joined the biggest looser challenge for 6wks at the Y on monday… to stay focused during the holidays…had my first boot camp class today…went well! stopped by the store to pick up healthy snacks so the peanut m&ms in the vending machine would stop calling my name….goodbye peanut m&ms…hello healthy snacking!
    Thanks Stacy for putting this challenge out there…i’m all over it! oh…missed the 10pm lights out last night…needed to catch up on days of our lives…spking of…i better hit the sack in 15min…night!

  20. We LOVE honey crisp!!!! My 4 year old will only eat this kind. Isn’t it a drag that they are only in season during the fall? BTW waiting on some more organization tips ;)…

  21. As a girl living just a few hours away from the “birthplace” of the Honeycrisp apples, I just gotta add a ME TOO to this! We love Honeycrisp apples here in the midwest.
    Another of our favorites are Pink Lady. They’re awfully sweet and yummy too!

  22. mcintosh apples are also very good. they taste like candy too!

  23. Kathy Lindstrom says:

    oh-honeycrisp are the best, aren’t they? You can do the give up sugar thing-really. I gave up candy and junk food (chips, etc) from Jan 1 of this year until the second week of April. It was tough, but it is doable. Lost 15 pounds in the process. And in the grand scheme of things, what is 10 days? Easy as pumpkin pie. You go girl!

  24. I need to go get one of those apples!
    Today was Day One for me and I am pleased to say I DID IT!! It was hard this afternoon but I drank water and had a few dried blueberries and brushed my teeth and didn’t eat the sugar. GO ME!!
    Tomorrow hopefully I’ll get my workout in! I guess that means I ought to hit the sack now.

  25. And dates too. God’s candy. Straight from His hand to our mouths. Mmmm!

  26. I’m with you on the challenge. Yesterday I didn’t crave sugar much at all. I *did* eat jelly today that wasn’t sugar free, but it was organic and blueberry, so full of antioxidants ;). I also bought some sugar free candy, just in case I had a moment of weakness that I’d have something to turn to. Haven’t opened it yet. It IS mighty hard coming here with your big brownie blog banner, tho…just sayin’!

  27. I’ve done well on the exercising and getting into bed at a reasonable time, but forgot and had sweet tea at lunch yesterday instead of water. But, no candy or sweets! And today is a new day to do better, hmmm?

  28. You are so right about this apple! We discovered them last year & could find them only at Costco. This year they are everywhere. They are the best!

  29. Thanks for the challenge and that it is…challenging. Ever since you blogged about your new brownie book, I have been craving a lucious brownie. Honey Crisp are good, not a brownie though, there will never be a substitute for a good brownie ;0)! Keep up the good work!

  30. Stacy… you must go to Kal Barteski’s blog! lovelife.typepad.com as she has been the Honey Crisp Ambassador for her Bloggers for over a YEAR now!!! And lucky me…Our tiny little Nova Scotia farm has over 100 acres of “God’s gift to the Apple Growers”!!! She loves them so much I have sent her apples twice:o)… I can honestly say were it not for the honeycrisp apple..there would be many hard done by apple growers in Eastern Canada & Northern US…and just so you know, Washington honey crisp are not as good because they don’t get the cold weather we do (they are exellent from the Minesota area too) to develop the color & favour!!! Ok enough…I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I love your book…I wish I could say I love your classes…well, I do on Big Picture! Cheers!

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