BIG NEWS: 4Experts in 2009


I am INCREDIBLY excited to help BPS announce our line up of AMAZING experts that will teach four quarter-long classes in 2009.

Wendy Smedley
Wendy is back with another round of Get Organized, Be Inspired. I cannot tell you how many of Wendy's 08 grads I've met over the last year that have said this class was the missing link in their productivity — January is the ideal time to hunker down and focus on your space (or lack of space) or whatever your situation and bring together those things that you need to maximize your time and inspiration. Seriously if you want to organize (once and for all) the overwhelming amount of schtuff — take this class!  The 2009 session will also feature BONUS information and insight from Aby Garvey of Simplify 101. You can register NOW for Wendy's class.

Allison Tyler-Jones
To have someone of Allison's caliber teaching in such an accessible and affordable way is simply beyond exciting and Allison has agreed to teach again in 2009.
I just love Allison's perspective.

I have a 90" wide canvas of my family hand in hand, that Allison took, hanging in our living room. Everyone comments on how cool it is, not because it's big, but because it captures my family — it's priceless and it is ART. If you have a passion for photography and a commitment to improve, Allison will help you find and celebrate the Art that Happens to be Your Life.

Jenni Bowlin

I have admired Jenni and her unique and inspiring work for years! I am a member of her monthly kit club and LOVE the way she mixes and matches and creates. Her signature vintage style honors the past and as it preserves the present — the result is beautiful and timeless — something you instinctively feel should be treasured. This summer you'll have the chance to go behind the scenes with Jenni as you takes you on inspirational expeditions that will ultimately help you explore and define your style.   

 Ali Edwards

The requests for Ali as an instructor at BPS are ongoing and overwhelming and I'm absolutely tickled to announce that she is coming in 2009!!! Ali's class, titled Yesterday + Today will celebrate everything she believes in and reward students with new insights and abilities in capturing everday life. I know I don't need to tell you this, but Ali's got in going on and now you'll have the chance to hang with her for twelve weeks of intense creative and personal growth.

this is BIG.


  1. Once again we speak and you hear AND deliver! You are terrific! I am sooo excited to see a class by Ali! It looks like a terrific line up.

  2. Lindsay Dawne says:

    Yay!! I love Ali and will definitly be taking that class!

  3. yay!

  4. OMG! Ali?!!!!! And Jenni is a total sweetheart!!

  5. All the classes sound amazing!

  6. WOW! This is NEWS!! I’ve been checking BPS daily to see when you’re going to post 2009 plans – yippee!!

  7. stacey,
    i have to say i got my cocoa daisy kit that you put together, in the mail this afternoon! i was beyond excited! totally cool things and i cannot belive i have it! yeahhh for me..such a treat! i work overnights and nothing makes me happier than scrapping mail when i wake late in the day on a dark and snowy cold one too boot! we got 20 some inches of snow the last two days. i think winter is here!
    thanks for your wonderful outlook, your great blog and all that you do! thank you thank you thank you! do you have a photo of your 90 inch canvas? that would be so fabulous to see!
    london ontario

  8. It’s going to be one busy year with those classes…looking forward to trying to do them all….and the best part is its not costing me an airline ticket to fly all the way to America to take their classes..I love BPS….have been doing classes since you started all the way from my scrapbooking chair in Australia:)

  9. Wow, that is fabulous news! I love both Jenni and Ali and cannot wait to see all of the classes!

  10. Great classes! I will be signing up for Ali’s class for sure!

  11. Wow! Looks like an amazing line-up for the 4 Experts this year. I’m in Cathy’s design class right now (first BPS class for me), and I’m absolutely loving it. Will be signing up for at least one next year!

  12. I am thankful TODAY that Ali is teaching at BPS!! Wahoo!!

  13. Now that I have taken Barbara’s Photography 101 class I am ready to take Allison’s class :) Ali’s class sounds great too.

  14. Oh my gosh! i am so excited that Ali is doing a class! When can we register? Yay for BPS!!

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