may I always …

be at the bottom of Taft's checklist

life is seriously good with seven year-old boys.

Have a wonderful Thursday! I'm picking up my friend Allison at the airport. We have a fun weekend of creating and reconnecting planned.


  1. Stacy, I love this! It’s those little things that make all of life worthwhile! I believe little boys who love their mommies make wonderful men who love their families!
    A question for you…a while back Create TV had a video featuring you and a day in the life with you…I was so very inspired by that video…I watched it several times in admiration!
    I have made some changes in my life inspired by how you live your life. I went back a couple of weeks ago to watch it again…REINSPIRATION and found it’s gone, gone, gone. :(
    Do you know if it is out there anywhere online available for viewing? I would really like to see it again and remind myself of some of the things I wanted to emulate.
    Thank you for everything you inspire!

  2. oh Stacy, that’s awesome!!!

  3. that is so so sweet! I bought some of the mini clipboards from Oriental Trading a couple summers ago when you mentioned them here, but I haven’t done anything with them yet! I love the idea of a morning checklist. Many mornings I feel like I am repeating myself over and over again. I think this would be perfect motivation for my 7 and 5 year old.

  4. That is sooooo sweet!

  5. Enjoy your weekend and love the list. I have several from my 11 year old Emma. I will cherish them always!!

  6. So cute! Have a great weekend!

  7. Isn’t that gorgeous! Little boys are wonderful creatures…my son was so much more demonstrative than my daughter at the same age :)

  8. young c-m says:

    that is so sweet! definitely a photo worth scrapbooking about. =)

  9. Marta Valdes says:

    How cute is that! That made your day. Have a wonderful time with your friend. :)

  10. so so sweet! My best friends and I are BIG BIG fans of yours! I’ll be working the Pazzles booth at CKC Seattle. Would LOVE for you to come by so I can take a pic with you to show my scrap buddies!!

  11. adorable.

  12. grandmagina says:

    Are all your boys so affectionate? What a treasure! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Ah I miss that cute boy! And dang does he give the best hugs!
    Thanks for my glowing report to Annette, I got the job. I can’t wait to see everyone at Christmas! How is Trey doing with Twilight? Will he be done in time to go with me at Christmas to see it????

  14. This is so very precious! Wish they would never outgrow this stage in life!
    Hope you have a fun and RELAXING weekend!

  15. Jeannette P says:

    That is just so sweet. I love when I come downstairs & my 4 yr old son says, “Mom, you look beautiful!” He’s done this a few times in the last few weeks. Just warms my heart that he is so sweet & adorable.

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