Oh my and fun Ali memories

my, oh my … fabric covered push pins, hair clips and magnets. Adorable.
more here.

and … even cooler?

The fact that Big Picture Scrapbooking is unveiling our first-ever class with Ali Edwards.
You asked for it and it's finally happening!

In celebration, some pics from my digital files …


this is me totally absorbed in a live class with Ali, here in Spokane a couple of years ago.


I created a super-cool theme album, titled Perspectives. If you've ever taken a class with Ali you know that her projects are both visually interesting and personally meaningful — that is NOT an easy thing to achieve.


Ali stayed at my house that weekend …


Did a spot on the local news morning show that we recorded and watched later that evening.

FUN memories.

The cool thing about Ali (among other things) is that you will sense her genuine spirit even when you're not in the same room with her — I invite you to see what I mean … check out Ali's Family Gratitude Spinner here.


  1. looks like a fun class.

  2. Andria B. says:

    “…you will sense her genuine spirit even when you’re not in the same room with her.” That is so true! She is about as real as they get. Such a beautiful soul! Happy to see her at BPS – Congrats to all of us that get to do this project!

  3. I met Ali at CHA last July and she is amazing!! Got my photo with her. Love it!!
    Stacy, you are one amazing soul, too. We had so much fun meeting you at CK Media in Bluffdale a few summers ago (I’m the nutty Scrapwords girl)!! LOL!

  4. I also love Ali’s genuine spirit. You sense her love for life and daily gratitiu=de even when she’s not talking about it. She is someone who feeds the soul.

  5. I hope this is the first of many classes she does with BPS! I will definately take this one. I would love a longer workshop as well!

  6. Ali is one of my favorite people! Her blog is wonderful and soooooooooooooooo creative!
    Thanks for sharing those ‘fun’ photos.

  7. love that girl…and you, too!
    xo xo

  8. Would love to take this class and get the kit! Not sure I’ll be able to though with the price. I am sure it’ll be a great class especially since it’s Ali!

  9. Lindsay Palamaruk says:

    ALI IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Jeanne Ann says:

    I am so there! I had the opportunity to meet Ali in Nashville at CKU in 07 and take her album class. What a down to earth and approachable person she is. I just love her to death and have my calendar marked to enroll in this way to fun class. Thanks Stacy for listening! Love you too!

  11. Yesterday I thought I would grab the credit card and sign up for this class. On my way to get the card I changed my mind. Given your previous post I have decided not to take this, or any other class from BPS. I have thought a lot about your excitement and support of our new President. I cannot in good conscience be ok with a man who has so openly supported abortion. He is a man who does not value the sanctity of life. I cannot change the outcome of this election, but I can take a stand. I have taken many classes from your company that I have enjoyed very much. Now I feel that by stepping away and boycotting companies that support abortion by supporting him is one way that I can be on the side of right. All life is sacred, and I must say your comments are very surprising – especially you saying he has an obvious “good heart”. Maybe I won’t be alone in this action.

  12. I am so happy that BPS has Ali Edwards teaching. I love her blog and have been wanting to take a class with her. I hope she will do more classes with Big Picture Scrapbooking.

  13. Oh gosh I love that last picture of Ali — what a goofball!!!
    Oh Stacy it seems my entire blog is made up of squeeing fangirl entries, gushing about LOM. Every time I finish a project I write about how LOM helped me do it.
    Like this one
    And last night/this morning I wrote a long thank you comment on Shimelle.com for her “Scrap Your Day” project, and then I copied it over to my blog and expanded it, bc I realized I still would not have been able to do it — and not 6 months worth of pictures in one night!! — if I did NOT have LOM!
    PS. I am a staunch Obama supporter and I thought your post was great! Especially since I pretty much assumed you were probably a fervid conservative. Despite my assumptions about your political beliefs, and my disagreement with all your religious beliefs, I have not had a problem spending my precious extra dollars on your books and I hope to take your LOM class at BPS next year. So keep on keepin’ on.

  14. Hey Stacy – will you be sharing this album with us on your blog?
    In Simple Scrapbooks Magazine? I would love to see it!

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