the light in her eyes …






is to me an ever present reminder of a disadvantaged woman and her choice to honor the sanctity of life.

A post earlier this week may have caused some confusion as to where I stand on a very important moral issue. I absolutely respect others opinions and perspectives and I am absolutely OK being judged and misunderstood on most issues, but not this one.

If you are interested you can read this article that is both clear and eloquent.

it is what I believe.


  1. Thanks for taking a stand on this important issue and for the courage to post it on your blog.

  2. I’m sorry someone used the comments on your blog to question your views, and I respect you for speaking up for yourself and correcting your audience.
    Having met you, albeit briefly, I can tell you are a loving, compassionate and intelligent woman.
    Fellow readers, lets remember that and not turn Stacy’s blog into a location for political debate.

  3. Beautifully written! As an adoptive Mom and Christian, I thank you for your belief! Does everyone know November is National Adoption Awareness Month!
    We are so proud to be a family through the MIRACLE of adoption, and because a BEAUTIFUL young woman “chose to honor the sanctity of life”! Thanks for your blog. I have one, too, if you want to check it out sometime…

  4. Sorry, it’s

  5. Amen.

  6. Amen.

  7. Sorry – tried to get through the article, but will, from now on, just stick with reading your blog and not the “doctrine”. Yikes.

  8. We have adopted our three children & are grateful everyday to their birth-mom for the choice she made. These women should be celebrated for their bravery.

  9. People can be so rude. I can’t believe some of the comments on your post. Its just doesn’t need to be said like that. Disagree but don’t be mean in your words- so sorry you had to read that. This is our chance to come together as a country- no matter our beliefs-and work together..without all the negativity. Your daughter is so lucky to have a family like yours and what a cutie!

  10. You know Stacy – I never read comments (because I read through a blog reader) – but today I went back to see what the fuss was and I’m amazed.
    Your blog has never been anything but positive and your presidental post was no exception.
    I am sorry others had to be so nasty.

  11. Beautiful child. Thank you for standing up for what you believe!

  12. I totally missed whatever happened, but I’m with you on the issue.
    And not to change the subject – but Addie is wearing the bow I sent!! Yay! It looks adorable on her, and I KNEW you would have the perfect outfit to match those colors :)

  13. Stacy, thank you for sharing in the hope that our country now has with President-Elect Obama. Your original post was a tribute to the future of this country. This nation and world is facing extremely challenging times. Some of the resulting comments were mean-spirited and divisive. I believe that people should have a choice in how and when and if they bring children into their lives. I support women being empowered to make the right decisions for themselves. To me, this is not a political or a religious issue, but a human rights issue. I am also a mother of two precious adopted children.

  14. Stacy, she is just beautiful. And what a blessing to so many that she is part of your family. You are touching lives of people you will never meet.

  15. I’m not LDS, but I really appreciated the link to read the doctrine there—and I found it very inspirational.
    I know a lot of people went “looking” for places to post mean spirited comments after the election. That makes me sad.
    I am prolife and a huge supporter of our new president. I believe no woman makes that “choice” unless she believes she has no choice—we must change our world and country so women have the support they need, financially, medically and socially. I know the policies under Bush definitely didn’t make it easier for an unwed mother to choose life.
    Sorry to go off on my own view. But thank you for continuing to have the courage to voice your own. You are a huge inspiration to me.

  16. Just encouraging you in your positively and altogether too happy attitude in life.
    How terribly sad that people had to tarnish your “home” here with nasty comments.
    Maybe their mama’s never told them, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”
    Blessings, Stacy.

  17. What a beautiful article.

  18. As a mother of 3 beautiful children (now ages 16, 15 & 9)who were born in Guatemala and adopted as infants, I thank God everyday for their strong, courageous birthmothers. It upsets me when others think I should be pro-choice because I am a college-educated woman. While my strong pro-life beliefs prevented me from voting for Obamba, I will pray for and show respect for our new President-elect.

  19. I love how you put this Stacy. And thank you for the amazing pictures of Addie. I am going through a total withdrawl of her. I am so thankful as well to her birth mother for chosing to keep Addie’s life and let me have a part in it as well.

  20. You give me inspiration every day – I check you blog daily and can hardly wait for a new post – I am sorry for what people said but remember “it is what it is” – We just need to pray for these rude people and hope that there really is going to be change -
    By the way – Addie is adorable.

  21. k. methot says:

    I completely agree with you on the abortion issue. I also think people should never be rude just because they disagree with something another person says.
    I did not vote for Obama for various reasons, including his stand on abortion, but I choose to hope and pray that he will be a decent president instead of spreading hate.
    Your daughter is beautiful.

  22. Kathy Fritz says:

    When you have a public blog and you invite comments, you must know that you are going to get people who disagree with your views about Obama.
    That being said, I am glad to finally hear that you are pro-life.

  23. I never for a second thought you were a “pro-choice” supporter. My only thought was that you were an American citizen uniting with the majority of other American citizens, of our great nation, to honor and congratulate the new President-elect.

  24. Wow Stacy~ Kudos to you for standing up for yourself and what you believe in. I can’t believe that people feel like they had and have the right to criticize you for your opinions. I’m sorry you had to endure that. Hugs to you!

  25. Seriously, we are better than this! It always amazes me when a benign post of a personal thought starts something. Stacy is LDS and an adoptive mom – it is clear how she feels about this issue and nothing in her post even hinted otherwise.
    Blogging, journal keeping and scrapbooking (along with all other art forms) is about expressing yourself. We tell our stories. We don’t censor others or question their voice. If you become unhappy with content, you choose to go away. There is no right to “disappointment” or “disapproval”. Read or don’t read but we must not debate a person’s thoughts and feelings or soon nobody feels free to express themselves for fear of judgement. There are appropriate places for debate and this is clearly Not It.

  26. Hugs to you Stacy! Thank you for voicing such an important opinion.
    I love that last picture of Addie… it is pure joy (even through a computer screen.)

  27. stacy you are indeed an inspiration by practicing what you preach. :) not many can do that.

  28. Kudos Stacy~~~~You go girl!!!!

  29. Those photos of Addie are so adorable! Great shots!
    I am with you 100% on what we believe – you go girl!

  30. OMG – I wish I were your neighbor or sister…because I would offer to watch your little sweetie every single stinkin day. What a doll!! :)

  31. Lindsay Bateman says:

    Your pictures are gorgeous and your daughter is so beautiful! LOVE her sweater too! Thanks for sharing!

  32. First let me say Addie is adorable and I love her colorful sweater!
    Secondy, I read the article and I completely agree with what it says, (even though I’m not LDS). Thank you for sharing that! It makes it easier for me to share and articulate these views with my daughter. Although I did not vote for Obama, I will support him as our president and be in prayer for him and his family. I believe that is our responsibility as Americans.
    I have always found you to be a positive, uplifting person and an inspiration to me.
    I thank you for that.

  33. What a beautiful way to put it.

  34. She looks like she is having so much fun!! That innocence is priceless.

  35. Here Here!!!

  36. I don’t usually comment, but here I am. Stacy, I loved your comments on Obama after the election, and those today. Thanks for expressing what so many of us feel, whether we voted for Obama or not.
    I wonder if there is any thing that is SO right that it can’t be improved? Isn’t that what change is about? I believe that’s what the voting in of President Obama is about – millions of people saying we want to try something different because what we’ve been doing isn’t working. And it’s about hope. During these difficult times, we all hope. Even in this great country of ours there is always room for improvement, for a new way, for a new commitment from all of us to do better.
    I read these words in another blog and completely agree:
    “I am grateful beyond words for the benevolence of my nation’s leaders, on both sides of the aisle, regardless of what form that benevolence takes. I’m thankful for senators and presidents who want to fix some of what is broken in the world. I admire their intellect and compassion. But they are not enough. The mess is too big. It is not enough for any of us then to vote every four years, to place our hopes in the power of presidents and congressmen no matter how brilliant and hard working they are.”
    It takes all of us. All of us working together inspite of and because of our different views. It takes each of us doing what we can in our own little corner of the world. President Obama, OUR President, needs all of our ideas, support, and prayers.

  37. What a beautiful child, Stacy. Thank God she is here to be your child.
    I have been struck in recent years that it is more socially acceptable to kill an unborn child than to smoke a cigarette. Where have our values gone???

  38. Like I said in my own comment (in response to the nasty ones)….I have always assumed you were pro-life and probably very conservative in your beliefs. It’s pretty obvious from what you write and post and scrapbook.
    I am fervently pro-choice myself. It has never stopped me from buying your books or reading your blog or enjoying Library of Memories.
    In fact, all of scrapbooking is run by what seems to be very conservative people, and the entire industry supports conservative values, none of which are my values. Many leaders of this scrapbooking industry are fervent Mormons, and I am always getting Mormon-themed LOs in my idea books and magazines, and I am fervently anti-Mormon.
    Yet I scrapbook, I buy books and magazines, I read blogs, I buy product. I even like many of these people who don’t believe or live as I do. I’ve just had to learn to take what I can use and ignore the rest. There’s no point in hassling someone if they live differently than I do. Just because you are pro-life doesn’t mean you can’t teach mne about scrapbooking!

  39. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for standing firm for what you believe and adhearing to the authority that God has in our lives! You reach and touch so many by your talents, and to have such an opportunity to share your heart with thousands is an appointment you obviously take seriously. God bless you and your family.

  40. Brook Black says:

    Thank you for standing up for what you believe in, even though you might be criticized being in the public light!! I really admire you and all the good you do! Thank you.(I loved that article too the first time I read it!)

  41. Thank you for posting the link to this article. I am not a member of the Church of LDS but I found the article interesting and well written.
    One of the things that has surprised me in this election is that the concept of separation of Church and State seems to have been forgotten by many people.

  42. grandmagina says:

    Oh my, Just wanted you to know I’m a Republican for pro-life and family value issues. I totally understood your post the other day and agreed 100% – never gave it a negative thought. I will support our President because I believe God put him in this office for a reason. Just remember Stacy because you are in the public eye:
    1/3 of the people will love you
    1/3 of the people will hate you
    1/3 of the people just really won’t care.
    Don’t like that quote but does seem to be the way it is. Glad you could roll this off your back! Loved your post today. The Addie addicts of the world have been satisfied for a day or two! LOL

  43. Thank you for your pro-life confirmation. I too am pro-life and have also chosen to express that heartfelt belief by honoring the courage of a birthmother in China. In offering the gift of a family to our daughter, I received the greatest gift of my life. And not a day goes by that I don’t give thanks for the privilege of raising another woman’s child.

  44. Addie is such a sweetie. I love seeing your pictures of her.
    I’m 100% pro-life and I applaud your courage.

  45. Thank you Stacy, for so boldly stated your position. I agree 100% with you on this. Bottomline, a different set of DNA, and a separate heartbeat means a different person. No one has the right to take away their lives.

  46. Here! Here! I could not agree with all of your comments more.
    (That said….I want to say….I consider the Bush bashing to be in poor form, as I did the Clinton bashing before it. I hope those who are now so appauled at the negativity that has fallen in their path…will recall how inappropriate it is, four years, or eight years from now if the presidency again changes parties. Regardlss of who ther person is, he is our president.)

  47. I have a pro-life sign in my car window and I just wonder in amazement at how anyone could think it is okay. I don’t think God put Obama in office but I think He (God) gave America what it asked for. Now we can just pray that He will keep us in His care during this presidential term. I’m trusting God right now, not government. Good to see you standing strong on your beliefs Stacy. Just one more reason why I admire you so much.

  48. taramichelle says:

    What a beautiful little girl! How blessed your life must be because she is a part of it.

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