The Seattle Report

This is LONG overdue. I returned a week ago Sunday from my last scrapbook event for 2008. I taught at the Seattle CKC at the Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue. This is such a GREAT event. I'm totally serious — being raised in the Seattle area means I'm biased, but what a great city and a great venue and LOTS of great people!

I had the good fortune of Wendy's company for a whole day before the convention started and was joined by Paula, Kayce, Sara and Dani — all BPS girls — at the show. We had a delightful time. Some bad luck, but much more good luck.

We woke up to clear skies and NO rain (this is very good luck in November) and headed downtown to do  something that for me is "so Seattle." We fed the Seagulls at Ivars. I've been eating at Ivars on pier 54 for as long as I can remember and the Seagulls there, loved to be fed. There's even a statue of Ivar himself feeding a bird!


Check out the little movie of us having fun. It's clear I need to work on my videographer skills, but I totally LOVE my flip. Next, we headed to Bainbridge Island, a quick 30 minute ferry boat ride across Pudget Sound.


We enjoyed a delicious lunch in a delightful bakery, but unfortunately missed our ride back and got a parking ticket (bad luck.) We were forced to enjoy another hour of warm autumn sunshine and a chance to just sit and talk. We also got to see the waterfront in some beautiful golden light — such good luck!


Back on the other side, we fed the parking meter again and headed off to Pike Place Market for some inspiration.


Somehow I read my watch wrong and thought it had been two hours instead of just one. We raced back to our parking spot, anticipating another ticket, but instead found our rental car had been broken into (my laptop computer was gone (very, very bad luck)


What was amazing to me was how very calm we stayed. We were safe and that was all that mattered really. We had good luck in replacing the car and the computer in record time.  By 10:00 pm I had restored all of my presentations and was ready to teach! Technology really is amazing.


As always, I met and connected to many friends and scrapbookers. This is Vicki, who won an ipod on my blog earlier this year. We have a little inside-story that we celebrated with this photo! Also, note the cool "woven" lei that I'm wearing. It was created by a friend who came all the way from Hawaii. She also brought me Hershey's "only available on the islands" Macadamia Nut Kisses too. I am truly lucky (blessed) to receive thoughtful cards and gifts — scrapbookers are a generous bunch!



On Saturday night after two days of Teaching (Wendy taught six classes a day!) we all (top photo LtoR: Paula, Kayce, me, Dani and Sara) had the very good luck of spending the evening at my parents' home on Lake Langlois in Carnation. We enjoyed a most delicious home-cooked meal (like only mom's can do!)

It was a perfect wrap up to a fantastic weekend. Speaking of WENDY — I hope you've signed up for the fabulous return of Get Organized, Be Inspired, starting in January!!

p.s. IF you are lucky enough to speak French, you could go read an interview I did with the fabulous ladies at Zoom sur le Scrap. Here it is.


  1. Glad you’re ok :) Looks like lots of fun. I want to see Seattle someday. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. *SIGH* As Southern as I am, I MISS Seattle! Six years in the PNW gets under your skin, you know?
    Favorite memory? Walking down to Ivar’s Indian Salmon House from my dorm and ordering fish and chips at the walk-up window. Ooooh and then there was this pizza place on the Ave. called Pagliacci’s. That was pretty good, too.

  3. ScrappyMommy says:

    Wow what a story! And I love your pictures, thanks for giving me a taste of what will always be “home” to me no matter how far I roam. I grew up in Tacoma so many of those sights are etched into my memory. Ouch on the bad luck but I’m glad that everthing turned out!

  4. Oh wow. Sorry about your laptop…glad you both were OK.

  5. So sorry to hear of your bad luck, but glad it all turned out ok. You brought back many happy momories of a weekend my husband and I spent in Seattle 10 years ago — we ate at Ivars on the pier and I so remember the vivid colors of PPMarket. We were there in April, and enjoyed a rare sunny and warm day then too. It is a beautiful place. I ramble — Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Sue in Grapevine says:

    I went & read the article. I didn’t know your French was so good!;)
    It was fun to read it in French b/c it made me pay better attention & reinforced what I’ve already learned from you.
    Merci mille fois!!!

  7. karen Hobbs says:

    Hi! It was so good to see you at CKC! I was in your class Friday and I never would have guessed at your previous day’s run of bad luck. So sorry…
    Just to let you know, I came home, told several people all about your Fast Track Scrapping and got them excited about it too!!! Then I sat down and finished the rest of the album in record time!!!! AND I love it!!!! I love my black and white photos and the cute, bright papers and getting it done! Thank you again for inspiring me!! (I’m the one whose husband inspected your husband’s office for the JC!)

  8. rachel in Cali says:

    Oh my gosh, I am in awe! It’s horrible to hear about your laptop being stolen, but amazing that you were able to “recover” your information. I would think that your presentations were on the hardrive, no? Maybe you had them on a flash drive? I’m just in awe wondering how you were able to restore your presentations? I remember you saying you had a Mac. Is it something maybe only Mac’s can do? I know I’m rambling here, but I am just totally curious how you were able to do that.
    We are looking at getting our 13 year old a laptop (PC) for Christmas this year, as we are not familiar with Mac’s and thought they were just too expensive. But maybe we should reconsider?
    Please tell me how you were able to recover info, as well as I’d love to know your opinion on the whole PC vs. Mac thing.
    Thanks so much Stacy, and glad to know you got home safely!!

  9. Allison Barnes says:

    BIg bummer! I am so sad for you. I can’t believe your laptop got stolen. That really stinks. Glad you stayed calm. But I am sure it was stressful.
    Glad you had great weather to show Wendy around our city.
    Happy thanksgiving!

  10. You made me homesick! I am really from Buffalo, NY but lived in Olympia for the past 5 years. We just moved to Germany thanks the the military and every day I think about how much I love the Pacific Northwest, it can’t be beat. Thanks for sharing your story and I am very sorry you had some bad luck. We had our cars broken into twice while we lived there! I know how that feels.

  11. How sad that someone took your computer. But how WONDERFUL that you can look past that to the blessings surrounding you.
    It looks and sounds like you had a really great trip. Overall.

  12. As always, an adventursome and fun weekend (well, mostly fun). Someday, I hope to be able to scrap with you.

  13. Sorry about your bit of bad luck while visiting my area. I’ve lived here most of my life and have never had anything like that happen. I’m glad all was ‘fixed’ quickly.
    Looks like you had lovely weather and you hit upon all the highlights of the city. :)
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  14. Kathryn Wafer(Kippy) says:

    It was so great to meet you at Seattles CKC. The finish line scrapbooking class was as good as I was expecting and I love being able to get an album done quickly. I was sorry to hear about your rental car being vandalized and your loss. Looking forward to more BPS classes in the coming year.
    Kathryn Wafer(Kippy)

  15. we had a great time feeding seagulls during a boattrip on the fjaerlandfjord in Norway a few years ago, such a special experience!

  16. Melody Pugh says:

    Emjoyed your Finishline Scrapbook Class at Seattle CKC. Especially loved your “challenge” to plan our own class within 30 days. I have my plans underway, but need a little info. Can you tell me how many 6×6 squares of plain cardstock and how many 6×6 patterned cardstock you provide to each person. I want to work out a class cost based just on the cost of materials so that I can start spreading the word. My class will be in February at a monthly cropnight I co-organize. Thanks again for such an inspiring and productive class.

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