Today …

1. I ate fresh raspberries on Grape Nuts for breakfast. This is a departure from recent weeks.

2. The sky is gray so I am wearing orange and yellow and these:

3. I am flying to Seattle to hang out with Wendy (cool.)

4. Celebrating fourteen FUN years with Chase.

5. Remembering some very funny scenes from a very fun birthday party …


blindfolded Jell-o eating contest


mustard speed writing


30 seconds of B-O-L-O-G-N-A


and … a final wrap-up where one team member wraps the other team members in a full package of plastic wrap.

the pictures are crappy, but the memories are perfect!


  1. I so, want more details of the party games. I can never come up with any ideas. You are so creative. That is probably why you are in this industry.

  2. Love all the party ideas. You know, the pictures might not be perfect, but those memories will be UNFORGETABLE!

  3. What a fun birthday!! TFS.

  4. knmkendall says:

    Looks super fun!! I’d love to hear the details on the party games too. I have three sons and we need those kind of party games.

  5. I love the pictures of the party. They look like all the pictures I take of my kids at their parties! the memories ARE perfect even if the pictures are crappy. I feel way better about all my crappy pictures when I see the same things here. Tara Whitney I am NOT! :)

  6. Jeannette P says:

    yuuuuummmm Raspberries are yummy & good for a sore throat. Haven’t had grapenuts in a long while though. Happy Birthday Chase. Wow 14 already? Looks like the party was a lot of fun. Reminds me of youth group all-nighters.

  7. Stefani Meyer says:

    Ummm, just checking… do you have 3 feet?

  8. How fun. The plastic wrap thing reminded me of a night a friend and I went out and plastic wrapped some cars (our pastor’s included). Hmm no pictures, but I think I need to go journal it now. Thanks for the memories

  9. Such clever party games… the kids look like they are having fun fun fun.

  10. What a great party and so many wonderful memories for all the kids!! Speed mustard writing???? Jello eating contest with a twist?? Where did you find such great games????
    See you and Wendy in Seattle!!! Have a safe trip and it looks like our rain may have stopped for the weekend.

  11. Looks like a great time! (btw, your mention of grape nuts is making me close my computer now and fixing myself a bowl) :)

  12. Ohhhhh . . . I MUST try some of these games . . . maybe on hubby’s 40th birthday . . . I think an adult version would be even funnier, if that’s possible!
    Looks like fun was had by all!

  13. Stacey,
    Those game pictures take me back to my youth leader days. What fun! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Please tell me where you found your adorable yellow “early bird” alarm clock.
    I have googled all night and found nothing.
    I wish I had the guts to use color in my home the way you do….maybe when I grow up
    So for now I’ll but little yellow clocks.

  15. Will you share more details about your fun games?? They look fantastic!! You could have been a professional party planner! Lucky, lucky kids!

  16. LOVE those party games :)
    Wonder if my soon to be 14 year old would enjoy them too…

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