Win a Ticket to our 2009 Yearlong Event!


If you've ever taken a class (live or at BPS) with Kolette Hall, then I think you'll understand how tickled we are to announce her as our 2009 yearlong instructor. The "Big Picture" in Big Picture Scrapbooking can mean different things to different people depending on the context of the class and the instructor's objectives and perspective … most often (to me) the big picture is simply the life we celebrate and learn to appreciate and improve through the creative process of scrapbooking. Several months ago, I asked Kolette to think about providing a yearlong experience at BPS and to come back to me with some ideas for a theme or overall message — she later shared her thoughts and explained that more than anything she wants to help women craft a better life. Hello. How cool is that?

A Life Well Crafted
will be twelve months of the insightful instruction you've come to expect from Kolette — and you'll be able to enjoy her class on so many levels. I hope you'll take some time soon to read through the class descriptions and decide which option is right for you.

As a quick overview and in response to a few general questions we've received …

Will there be projects? Yep. beautiful, meaningful and FUN monthly projects to support each month's principle, as well as a layout of the month, inspired by a song and designed to become a unique album at year's end.

Will there be inspirational voice messages? Uh-huh. from both Kolette and her husband, Jason (an amazing motivational speaker)

I love the quotes Kolette has shared in her classes. Will there be more quotes? Absolutely. In fact, Kolette has designated the 2nd week of each month as Quote Week and will share daily emails with links to exclusive downloadable quotes that can be collected and used in a variety of ways.

There will be all this and so much more and for the first time ever there will be a version of this class for your "non-crafty" friends and relatives. The "audio only" version of this class would make a wonderful gift for a friend, sister, mother — anyone that wants to experience the inspiration without the expectation of creating something.

So … let's get on with the give away shall we?

Tell me one thing you love about Mondays and you'll automatically be entered in a random drawing for a ticket, valued at $170, to A Life Well Crafted in 2009.

Comments will be open for one whole week — I'll announce a winner next Monday, November 17th at 12:00 noon, PST.


  1. I like that Mondays seem to be the start of the week, full of anticipation and ambition to get things accomplished.

  2. Alex Dadio says:

    I love Mondays because it is a fresh clean start! But thena gain, so is every day!

  3. I like Mondays because it’s a new start. I try to begin all new things I plan to try on Monday morning. It gives me something to look forward to, especially if it is something exciting. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the way things have turned out in my life because of this.

  4. Mondays start the week for me. i work weekends, so Monday is more like my Saturday. I get to relax, spend time with my kids, and just start in on the things we do everyweek. I know i have 5 days til I work again, so Mondays are great!!!

  5. Ah Mondays… if I clean in the morning, it’s still clean at 2:30p… but not necessarily at 4 pm. Still, who can argue with 6 1/2 hours of clean?
    Actually Mondays are my planning day…the day I plan which days I will work and which days I will scrapbook!
    Laura :)

  6. Lynn Judge says:

    Wow I love mondays – a new week filled with promise of great things!!

  7. I love Mondays because it means all the clothes in my house are clean. I do laundry all weekend because once my workweek starts (elem. teacher) there’s no time to do it. So, Mondays mean everyone has something to wear!

  8. Amanda Susan says:

    The thing I love about this particular Monday is that I don’t have to go to work. Very happy about that!

  9. Simply, it’s a clean slate. Time to start anew. Time to try again. Time to jump in with both feet.
    I love Mondays!

  10. I love Mondays for the Monday night television!

  11. I love Mondays because I always feel so motivated to get stuff done and feel like it’s a clean slate again! I usually get more done at home on Monday (laundry, cleaning, organizing, bill paying) than I do the entire rest of the week combined.

  12. Monday: a clean house, a new week, and an evening of Monday Night Football ahead with my husband! :)
    Loved your photos from yesterday! You seem like you have such a big, kind heart! Thanks for all you do! :)

  13. Monday means back to normal – whatever that means :)

  14. i love mondays because i am usually off and have the whole house to myself. i clean up, do some laundry, surf the net and scrap til about 3:30. then it is off to pick up my little man and home to spend time with my husband!

  15. Mette Thomas says:

    Mondays are my jammie day with the 18mth old, I even drop my 10 yr old to school in my jammies. Not his favourite time LOL.
    After school my 10 yr old gets picked up by nanny and has a nanny day where they eat dinner clean house and play together i love that for him.
    Meanwhile i still enjoy myjammie day with the little one we play and generally are very lazy with no chores to do as house is hopefully tidy form the weekend.
    Then my eldest (11yr old) comes home and i get to spend one on one time with him we play computer games read stories make dinner together and often bake – this time is invaluable as he has many disabilites and its great for us to be able to spend time together just “us” without worrying about other demands.
    Ahhh roll on Monday ….oh thats right it is monday yipeeee
    Mette xxx

  16. Monday’s are a new beginning for me. New schedule for the kids extracurricular activities. New chance for me to do some more scrapping/crafting. ;)

  17. Mondays are fresh with possibilities and void of regrets. Aah Mondays.

  18. I love Monday, cause it is the start of a fresh new week, new things and new ideas still to experience…

  19. After a nice relaxing weekend (usually, or at least it’s fun) – I’m ready to get back to a routine. Mondays are laundry day and usually spent getting my house back into order. I love that feeling.

  20. One thing I look forward to on Mondays is restarting my weekly routine. For me this is early morning exercize–which I’ve found is such an absolute must. So my Monday treasure is having some time at the gym–sure its EARLY, but so worth it.

  21. A fresh start to the week with a to do list that actually seems like you can get it done with the whole week ahead of you…

  22. a fresh start! and a good workout at the gym to get the week off to a great start

  23. Mondays mean the end of my weekend…and back to work.

  24. Wow that’s kind of hard… :) I like the fact that it’s the start of a new week – whether Sunday or Monday is the start of the week for you, Monday is the start of the work week! It feels like a little bit of a fresh start, like a new year but on a smaller scale.

  25. I love the ‘fresh start’ that Mondays represent. A new canvas full of possibilities.

  26. Mondays find me at home alone with my son in school and my husband at work. It is nice and quite and I get the house straightened up. That is my perfect Monday.

  27. Monday means evaluating what was accomplished over the weekend, and figuring out what crafty project I will work on this week!
    Plus, I usually spend monday night snuggled up with my main squeeze watching Monday Night football :)

  28. I like Mondays because it’s one day closer to Friday!

  29. Marcie Levine says:

    Mondays are the only day I can work a full day at my job. The other days I pick up my boys after school (which I love too) but on Mondays my husband picks them up so I can have a day to work late. Love that! Love him!

  30. Winning this drawing would make Monday my favorite day of the week! Haha. I love Mondays because they are back to homeschool day and I get my 3 sweet kiddos all to myself after having to share them with friends all weekend long.

  31. Mondays mean I get to start ‘all over’. Face the week, and the goals set for it, with renewed excitement and determination.

  32. A fresh start to the week and my to do lists and the day I do my ironing and the airing cupboard is empty again.

  33. Mondays are for evaluating what was accomplished (or not accomplished) over the weekend, and prioritizing the 84903294038543 things that I want to craft!
    Plus I usually spend the night snuggled up with my main squeeze watching football. :)

  34. To me Mondays represent a new beginning, a chance to start over, be refreshed and ready to take on all that life has to offer.
    Happy Monday

  35. I love Mondays because it’s my day off. No work. No family. Just me, hanging out, doing whatever I like. It’s rare & it’s new & I treasure every moment!

  36. Alis in Wnderlnd says:

    Mondays feel crisp and serene to me…like a cool Fall morning. At least that is how this Monday feels at the moment. I can taste the cool, crisp, 25 degrees outside.

  37. Christy Pair says:

    Monday is a day of little to no commitments with my 18 month old. We get to play and accomplish stuff around the house-sometimes in our pjs!

  38. Mondays are the get organised for the week ahead day, around here. Despite the fact that my mondays are usually really hectic and full on I still love them!!

  39. so funny b/c i read the other comments after thinking of mine which was of course a fresh start…full of possiblity…still remembering the message God sent yesterday at church and living it out. loving that high of fellowshipping w/ other believers that sadly fades as the week goes on.

  40. Mondays are playgroup day! My son gets to play & I get to re-connect with my mommy friends!

  41. I love that on Mondays I have the house back to myself… the kids head off to school and my husband to work. I can either finish the chores I missed over the weekend or actually enjoy the clean house and work on something creative. Mondays bring peace. :)

  42. Stephanie B says:

    Honestly, Monday is not my favorite day of the week, but I have to say that there is something nice about knowing it is a new beginning to a new week full of promise.

  43. Sue in Grapevine says:

    I like Mondays b/c of the possibilities it represents & also b/c our church gathers for corporate prayer on Monday evenings.

  44. Laura Denning says:

    Mondays are sometimes kind of hard, but I do like the aspect that it is a fresh start. A chance to get things done that maybe I didn’t do last week. It is a chance for me to organize what I want done for the week to come. It is usually chore day, laundry and menu planning and grocery lists. Like I said sometimes it is hard but today, my youngest, my 2 year old, needed some extra cuddles, so it is cuddle on the couch with my baby day! I like this Monday!

  45. Jean Schmuker says:

    Mondays are the start of the week for me–husband at work, daughter at school–just me and the sleepy kitties trying to decide what I am going to do this week. The glories of being retired. :)

  46. One thing I love about Mondays – the chance to start fresh :)

  47. A fresh start!

  48. I love Mondays because it is our home day. Other days I may or may not have errands to run, but I make a priority for us to be home on Mondays and to take it slow. It jumpstarts my week beautifully! :)

  49. I am a person who loves to start and finish something. At my work, Mondays feel like the start, but many times, its the finishing – or rather – the exclamation point from the Friday before at work. There is a completeness to Mondays that no other day in the week can address. A finish and start/game plan for the week, all in one day. A freshness I would say. Plus, today I am doing a photo shoot at my office with Depeche Mode. How can a Monday not be exciting!

  50. Jamie Morphew says:

    Monday is vacuuming day. I don’t love vacuuming, but I do love how my house looks when I’m done.

  51. I love Mondays because it is my chance to put life back in order after a crazy weekend and prepare for the busy week ahead. It is sort of a fresh start.

  52. Mondays are chance to start with a whole new outlook!

  53. Mondays are great because it gives me a chance to
    start fresh . To set goals for the rest of the week and
    feel great when I finish them by Friday.

  54. kreativekate says:

    Monday is great! Everyone’s back to a clean slate, and a fresh calendar page holds so much promise, don’t you think?

  55. I love Mondays because they are the beginning of a new week on my diet. That means it’s my weigh-in day. I am only 7 pounds away from my goal weight so hopefully it won’t be for long!

  56. WOW! What a great soundig class!
    I really didn’t like MOndays because it meant going back to school or work after a great weekend. But, lately, I am learning to like them. I like Monday’s because it means a new start to a week…It seems that I always start new goals on this day, it is a beginning and I love that. I also get the house cleaned and in order for the rest of the week, which is a great day. Plus, Monday nights are for our family and family time is always special!

  57. Mondays are quiet and full of new goals for the week. Then Tuesday comes along…

  58. Emma (ratqueen) says:

    Mondays feel clean to me… it feels like all the possibility of the week is wrapped up in a quiet morning with a cup of tea, catching up on reading a magazine or some blogs, anything I want. The world is at my fingertips on Monday mornings.

  59. Monday is magic … it is the day to launch the plans I’ve made from the weekend!

  60. the thing i love most about mondays is that you get to start over. didn’t get everything on your list checked off? it’s a new week, so that old list doesn’t matter! didn’t get all the laundry done over the weekend? it’s a new week, and that laundry slate is brand new!
    starting over has been a great way for me to give myself grace (something that’s so hard for us to give ourselves!), so mondays are quickly becoming one of my favorite days!

  61. I love Mondays because I have the day off from work. On Mondays, I try to rush around the house & get some cleaning done & put supper in the crockpot so that I can have the whole afternoon to scrapbook before all of the after school/supper rush begins.

  62. Hmm, tough one. I actually love the return of Monday Night Football…it’s something my hubby and I enjoy watching together, and it gives us some (usually) quiet time together on the couch after the kids have gone to bed.

  63. Marcie Koch says:

    Mondays are the days when I usually don’t have anything going on after work…so I get to come home, relax, catch up on the DVR, and craft?! :)

  64. Mondays begin a new week. I usually try to make cookies or some treat for my kids when they get home from school on Mondays.

  65. I love Mondays because it’s always a fresh start! No one is ever ‘behind’ on Monday!
    I also love Mondays because I am a very organized person and weekends are sometimes chaotic. Monday is the day when everyone goes back to their routine!

  66. Carol Parsons says:

    I love Mondays because it feels like a fresh start to my week, life, whatever!!!

  67. I love the way Monday is a fresh start. It’s usually the day I tell myself, “THIS week I will stick to my diet!” But it’s a fresh start for every area of my life – and Lord knows I need a fresh start…just about every week!

  68. Lady Scrapsalot says:

    Mondays, believe it or not, are a welcome rest from the busyness of the weekend. It’s the day I sit back and assess where we are and where we’re going over the next few days. I plan a menu, tidy, start laundry, but mostly hang out with my kids. I like mondays!

  69. Vickie Jones aka AFScrapperMom says:

    It’s my birthday today, and I can think of nothing better than working on a Life well crafted for the next year…

  70. i have to be honest. mondays don’t start off so great. i’m grumpy, wondering where the weekend went, and how i’m going to make it through the upcoming week. that being said, once i get to my internship on monday morning, something kicks in. i get so excited to meet with patients and to learn, learn, learn from them and from my supervisor!

  71. Brandi Osborn says:

    The thing I love most about Mondays is spending the morning with my 2.5 year old son at Little Gym. We have such a fun time together and it is amazing to see the growth in him each week.
    Thanks for the chance to win Stacey!!

  72. Veronica Reis says:

    For me Mondays means having my boys all to myself. When hubby goes to work and we’ve spent some awesome family time during the weekend I do enjoy just spending time with me and my beautiful little boys who for sure tire me out but are the loves of my life. Happy Monday Everyone!!!!

  73. Mondays are actually a relief after the Sunday evening hustle and bustle of getting school stuff packed, organizing for the week, and just plain dreading Monday! Then Monday morning comes and we quickly fall into our regular routine, and realize it wasn’t so bad after all…

  74. My Mom used to always say “Today is the first day of the rest of your life” and there is something about Monday’s that embody that thought.

  75. I love Mondays because the 3 oldest are back to school, hubby is back to work, and it’s just me and my daughter at home. We usually don’t have much scheduled, so we just putter around the house recovering from the weekend!

  76. I love Mondays because it’s usually a day that I get to spend working with my husband. Great way to get the week off on the right foot. :)

  77. Kristen B. says:

    I love the feeling of diving right in for the week, and usually feeling like I get a whole lot accomplished on that first day of the work week. Happy Monday! Kristen

  78. I love Mondays because it’s a fresh start to a new week. I travel a bit for work and can almost count on Mondays being a day in my office where I can re-group and plan my life [both personal and professional.] — A good day…

  79. Well to be honest I love Mondays because the kids are back in school and we start our routine again!Weekends are great and relaxing but I love Monday because it is the beginning of the new week of simply routine and I can get more accomplished!

  80. I love mondays because they are quiet. Everyone is back at school and work, so my 4 year old and I can just spend the morning relaxing after a busy weekend. I also enjoy looking at the week to come, there is usally something to look forward to.

  81. Mondays mean a change from the weekend routine which is often dreaded but sometimes a welcome sight. Sometimes it means time for me to slow down (I do child care) & focus on the issues @ hand & sometimes it means I can clean or surf online (in bits & pieces) but it always means scrapping in the evening!

  82. I love Mondays because they are the falling back into the routine day. I love relaxing on the weekends, but come Monday it’s back to a schedule.

  83. I love mondays because I get to be alone with the twins (10months) again. Weekend is always hectic with lots of activities, and it feels good to just flow in to our every day routine again – feeding, playing, sleeping. Long days of familiar patterns…

  84. I like Mondays because we pray every Monday at noon. I like Mondays because it is a chance to take stock and see what needs to be done for the week. I like Mondays because it is the beginning to a fresh week.

  85. What I love about Mondays – is that little bit of quiet that follows when the last kid leaves for school…my cup of coffee and blogs before I start out my day and week. While I love the commotion and activity of the house when they are home, that little quiet I get is heavenly, and particularly on Monday morning. Fresh start, fresh air…..

  86. My favorite part of Mondays is storytime at the library for my 10 month old daughter and me. I get to share with her my love of libraries and reading!

  87. Mondays are a fresh start. A clean slate. Full of possiblities. And can set the tone for the entire week.

  88. I love Monday’s because it’s a fresh start – a whole week of new possibilities!
    Thanks for offering such a wonderful giveaway!

  89. For me Mondays represent an opportunity to start fresh with goals, objectives and forget about what didn’t get done last week.

  90. Melissa M-K says:

    Mondays for me are a new beginning. No matter what happened the week before, Mondays are a clean fresh start. Instead of dreading Monday’s the way most people do, I look forward to the new opportunities the day brings.

  91. I like routines so Mondays are great because I feel like I can get back into my routine and get the house organized. Mondays alwasy feel like I have all the time in the world to tackle my huge to do lists and I usually get a good start on them.
    Karen G

  92. If I have worked the weekend in the ER, Monday means I am off!!

  93. Laura Webb says:

    I love that our house usually gets back in order. For some reason, after the weekend, our house is a mess! So, I enjoy getting things back in shape on Mondays.

  94. Mondays are a wonderful way to have a fresh start to a new week! We all need to revitalize, recharge, renew and this is the perfect day to do that!

  95. I love the idea of a year long class and would totally be on board if it weren’t for finances lately. I am considering the once a month payment though.
    Now for my Ode to Mondays – I love love love that my kids look forward to Monday all weekend and wake up Monday morning SO completely excited to get back to school. I feel like they’re really to young for it to be all because of their friends – only 5 and 6 – so to me it’s all about the learning for them. They love it! And that really makes me happy that they love school THAT much and that makes my Mondays sooooo great :)
    Sorry that wasn’t really an Ode LOL

  96. One thing I love about Mondays: I usually have a closet full of clean laundry to choose from after having done all of it over the weekend!

  97. I love Mondays because I can have a fresh start! After church on Sunday I feel I can start practicing the things I have learned and I have determined to start doing. Sometimes I try to start the same thing a few weeks in a row, but that’s the beauty about Monday’s I feel like it’s a new beginning!

  98. I love mondays because after busy busy weekends the house is quiet, everyone settles back into a fresh start of a new week. Mondays are my favorite days.

  99. Lacie Bergeson says:

    I have to say my favorite thing about Monday is FHE. My kids (5 and 3) LOVE it and look forward to it all week. I have to say I do too!

  100. What I love about Mondays… I get to head back to my local coffee shop for a yummy treat on my way to work. Yay! I don’t get to go on the weekend!

  101. Mondays to me means a fresh new start. The past week is over and it’s time to begin anew. It’s the beginning of motivation, of new projects, goals and fun!

  102. This class of hers sounds just fabulous – how exciting to have a chance to possibly win a “ticket”~
    I love Mondays because I love new beginnings – the new school week starts for the kids, the weekend is officially over, it is my clean-up-and-get-ready-for-the-week day. Mondays are my fav! ~Tanya

  103. Hmmmmmmmmm
    Mondays – the start of a week of possibilities…..

  104. Sunday is my “starting over” day, so Monday is my action day!

  105. I love Mondays because the whole, unblemeshed week stands in front of you like a clean slate. So much you can accomplish in the days to come, yet it’s too early in the week to have any urgency about it — you can still procrastinate the hard stuff and scrapbook a few pages!

  106. I love my kids, but I confess, I love Mondays. I get to come into my office and contribute to the well being of the United States of America. I work for the government and our mission directly impacts the safety and security of the USA. I am PROUD to serve our country. I am not in the military. I support the military. AND I LOVE IT.

  107. penny white says:

    I love Mondays because I have dedicated time to scrap. On Mondays I get organized for the week, pick up here and there and just enjoy my home.

  108. Monday’s are the beginning. I’ve just had my spiritual high from church on Sunday, I am renewed and ready to tackle the new challenges of the week. I get up and exercise first thing, come home and read my scriptures with a bowl of pipping hot oatmeal, and take a minute for myself to meditate on the goals I need to accomplish for the beginning of this new week. Monday’s to me mean renewal.

  109. I love that you have a whole new week ahead of yourself full of possibilities :))

  110. I have always loved Mondays! I think it is the promise of a a new week, a chance to start fresh and craft this chunk of life any way I want!
    It’s like a weekly New Year!

  111. Mondays mean the start to a new week – while I do have to go to work (which is a bummer), I also get to start fresh with my creativity including a new bunch of pictures and adventures from weekend activities to crop!

  112. I love Mondays because it gives me an opportunity to do something bigger/better than the week before for myself or, even better, for someone else.

  113. Mary Frances says:

    what a wonderful holiday treat for someone!! You always share the best!! Thanks!!

  114. Mondays are a time of reflection for the week to come.- My favourite time is the drive to work – a refocus for the week- the mental never ending to do list.

  115. I love Mondays for just the opportunity to start afresh with new possibilities and for the opportunities of pursuing those dreams already on my list of life. Living, thinking, dreaming, and doing!

  116. I enjoy Mondays because they are not only a chance to start the week anew, but because I get the kiddos back into a routine and that makes everyone (including mom!) happy.

  117. I like Monday’s because that the day my son attends art classes afterschool. I was so thrilled when the local library started this program and He ACTUALLY WANTED TO JOIN!!!!!!!

  118. I like Mondays because my son is back in school and I can get some “me time” in the morning.

  119. On Mondays, the kids go to daycare, I go to work but that allows me time to think! And, it gives me the chance to miss the kids. I’m very excited to see them at the end of the day. They have so many new stories to tell. :)

  120. Kimberly S. says:

    Mondays are the beginning of a new week for me. A fresh start, new beginning, the “slate wiped clean”. And a start it all with a great cup of coffee! :)
    Thanks Stacey!

  121. Wow, great prize! Mondays are a fresh start…I love thinking positively about the week ahead and the excitement of what it might bring.

  122. Monday means a whole week of possibilities. The potential for an amazing week is at its peak on Monday morning. At no other time does there seem like a limitless amount of time and space to get whatever it is that needs to be done completed before the next weekend. On Mondays my hubby goes back to work, my children go off to school and I stay home to pick up after a busy weekend and to contemplate and plan a week of endless possibilities . . . I do enjoy a good Monday morning!

  123. Kimberly S. says:

    My favorite thing about Mondays is starting them with a fresh, hot cup of coffee and planning my week ahead. :)
    Thanks Stacey!

  124. Karen Young says:

    Mondays are a fresh start. I feel energized from the weekend, ready to tackle my goals. Of course, I also like Saturdays… :-)

  125. I do LOVE Mondays. Fresh start. Time to straighten the house and plan a new week.

  126. Hmmm…Mondays. With the weekends so busy, Mondays always give me a chance to slow back down into the routine of life all rested and with a fresh point of view. I’m more focused and productive on Mondays, and feel I can tackle anything! Who doesn’t enjoy the start of something new.

  127. Mondays have the best TV. Mondays are when I am rested and refreshed. Mondays, my son wakes up with a smile and is excited about going to school. :)

  128. Debbie Lucero says:

    Honestly? That the kids are back in school and DH goes back to work. I can get stuff done without little people undoing my efforts. I love my family, really I do, but that’s what I look forward to.

  129. Isabel de Sousa roberts says:

    I love new beginnings and Mondays do that for me.

  130. Mondays signify a new beginning for the week. Whether it is starting the new diet or project, catching up on all the work put off last week, or taking the day for yourself, it inspires a sense of hope and opportunity.
    For me, it is bittersweet as the kids go off to school and I all of a sudden have that empty space. A tingle of excitement, a vision of completion, and a sigh of expectancy fills my being. What do I really want to do? I want to designate Mondays as my scrapbook day – no meetings, no appointments. Just me, my memories and my artist within.

  131. I like that Monday’s feel like a fresh slate. Having the week in front of you with tons of possibilities.

  132. Marsha from Abilene says:

    Everything! I LOVE Mondays…the start to a brand new week! If I have to choose one thing, it would sending my husband off to work and cuddling up with our son on the couch before breakfast!

  133. Mondays? Hmm … for me, as other commenters have said as well, it would have to be the chance for a fresh start. I always look forward to the weekends come Friday; but by the time Monday rolls around, it’s nice to get back into the swing of things and have a more structured day/week after the hecticness and busyness of the weekend.

  134. I’ve been playing tennis for several years now and always had to wait for Thursday to play. Now I am in a group that plays at 8:30 Monday morning. I love Mondays!

  135. Well, since I have every other Monday off, I like Mondays because twice a month I get to slept in and the other two times it’s a new start to another week!

  136. I love that Monday is my housecleaning day. I don’t love cleaning the house, but I do so love how it looks and smells when it is done! It is the best part of Monday for me!

  137. Mondays are a new beginning. A feel refreshed and ready to take on what the week brings!

  138. Oh this is easy! :) Mondays are my day off!!! I love Mondays as they are the days I spend catching up around the house, I head to the grocery store early and then spend the day crafting between loads of laundry! Working on a few Christmas gifts today! :)

  139. Monday is our *fun* homeschool day. We used to do our fun stuff on Friday – but often we’d skip it because we were too tired, or didn’t get everything finished. But now we START our week with the fun stuff – Field trips, art projects, reading fun books – no worksheets, textbooks, or lecturing… Mondays are all fun, all the time. And it has changed our whole outlook on school. I love starting the week that way!

  140. Mondays, it is my day to unwind from the weekend

  141. Mondays? I love the sense of possibility that comes with the start of the new week.
    Thanks for the chance to win a seat in the this class!

  142. I love that Mondays are the start to new beginnings! :)

  143. Our weekends are typically busy and full of errands because I run a daycare in our home and can’t do those things Monday through Friday.
    What’s ironic is the fact that I love Mondays because I get to be home. Stay home. All day. Snuggling with little ones and getting back into my usual routine.

  144. I love Mondays! Do overs! A chance to begin again. A chance to embrace the life you have and all that goes with it!

  145. I love that Mondays are an opportunity for a fresh start.

  146. Monday is my day to gear up for the rest of the week. After cleaning, grocery shopping and looking at all that is due this week, I’m ready for a new week of possibilities! It’s the same feeling one gets at the beginning of the month or new year. Hope!

  147. Since I have to work weekends, Monday is the fresh start of a new week for me. I love the laziness of Monday morning, and I love the time to think and plan and pray for my coming week.

  148. Mondays means back to work for me, but it also means I get to see my best friend (who I am blessed to work with) and we get to fill each other in on what happened over the weekend (if we didn’t spend it together). Love that we get to do this!

  149. I love mondays when the house is still clean from the weekend–and i can let the day just happen without having to run off somewhere–ease into my week so to speak—doesn’t happen very often….but when it does….AHHH
    I also really love those Mondays when the kids have NO SCHOOL and we can sleep in and just hang
    Leigh Ann

  150. Kari Sweeney says:

    What do I love about Mondays? I love putting on crisp work clothes to start the week. A cup of coffee and a hug from my husband as I walk out the door. The feeling of revitilization after a weekend spent together as a family.

  151. Mary Geiger says:

    Monday’s are a fresh new day to the week that starts the week off great! A new beginning of sorts.

  152. Mondays hmm? ;) Well, I actually do like the thought of a new week!

  153. I love Mondays because they are a “new beginning,” another wonderful week to share with my children and husband as we love, learn and grow together!

  154. What an awesome prize! I love Monday’s because they feel like a clean slate, a chance to accomplish something before the craziness of the week takes over.

  155. Mondays are a new start for my to-do list with a whole week ahead to complete it.

  156. What I love about Mondays? Routine. I enjoy the weekend with it’s unstructured activities, taking turns sleeping in and lazy breakfasts. But I love and crave routine and Monday is the day when everything comes back together in a cohesive way and the little happy repititions that make up our lives return.

  157. mondays are like getting a “do-over” a chance to be a better version of yourself than the week before.

  158. What I love about Mondays? I don’t have to go to work until 2 in the afternoon and have all morning to spend with myself. Love it.

  159. I love having a job to go to!

  160. Back to a routine on Mondays. Love it! (Except for today, my kids are out of school and all I am hearing right now is “what are we going to do today?”)

  161. Wow!! what a giveaway!!
    My favorite thing about Mondays is: I wake up to a whole new beginning to another week. It’s like a fresh start…it’s wonderful. I love that feeling. A new beginning.
    Hugs, Nanette :)

  162. I would love to get an opportunity to take a class from Kolette — I have heard amazing things. However, the cost is not in the budget right now.
    I love Monday because of the quiet house. Don’t get me wrong–I love my kids and hubby. But after a weekend long of the craziness, it is nice to have a little solitude on Monday morning.

  163. I love the fresh perspective I have on the week, when I still think I can get everything done that I want to.

  164. Monday is the start of a fresh week, a chance to do the things that were missed the previous week or just start out on a different path. It is a return to routine after the weekend. A return after a hopefully refreshing relaxing weekend (unfortunately that doesn’t happen as often as I’d like). There is a week of possibilities ahead when the day is a monday and I find the older I get the more I like that.

  165. I love Mondays because they are a clean slate… full of possibilities for the week ahead. Have a great one!

  166. What a wonderful giveaway, I love Kolette’s classes and can only dream about what fun a whole year with her (and Jason) would bring!
    I love Mondays because it is grocery shopping day! I love going up and down the aisles getting ideas for good healthy meals and snacks. I play a game with myself to see if I can spend less than the week before but still get everything we need. And all the colors and beautiful displays give me inspiration in so many ways. XX’s

  167. Mondays represent another chance. I get to start a new week and begin again every Monday. It’s a chance to have a better week than the one before…

  168. Ahhh, Mondays! It’s like New Years Day once a week! You get to start over and begin again. It’s the day I write my goals for the week and all my to do lists! I love lists! I should probably scrap some of those lists…I’ll put that on my list of things to do! Gotta love Mondays!

  169. I love Mondays because they are the start of a whole new, “clean slate,” forget-about-last-week, start-all-over-again week! It’s a great day to put the past behind you!

  170. Simply that it is monday!!! The start of a fresh week, with a fresh clean house, fresh laundry, and a fresh new outlook. I LOVE mondays!!!

  171. An empty house for a few hours so I can clean from the weekend and regroup for the rest of the week.

  172. I love the total quiet in the house after DH has left for work and DS has left for school – it helps me refocus on our weekly commitments after what can be a very hectic weekend.

  173. monday, monday …
    It is a day I have off and spend the day getting things done around the house and holding my little one.

  174. Monday is my “quiet” day. My day to myself with DH back to the office and the kids back to school I can hear myself think, plan out my week, finish up the little tasks I missed over the weekend, and really get ready for a full and productive work week (I work from home).

  175. What a great giveaway!
    I love the chance to start anew on Monday. When I worked outside the home, Monday was my least favorite day. Now that I’m a stay-at-home mom, it’s my most favorite day! Refreshed from the weekend, uplifted after my Sunday worship, and ready to get to work (and play).

  176. Mondays are a new start. Last week is over…and we only have the new week to look forward to.

  177. I love the sense of accompliment on Mondays. I always get so much done. I also usually have the most energy on Mondays!

  178. Like a lot of folks, I love the quiet of a Monday morning and an empty house after the hustle and bustle of weekend activities. This is often when I catch up on my “blog reading.” I especially love that you, Stacy, are so consistent in keeping yours updated! I so enjoy reading it! Thanks for sharing!

  179. Sharon in TX says:

    Mondays are a clean slate … the fun yet hectic weekend days are behind me. Mondays always offers that starting line of life for me … eat better, get organized, tackle the To-Do List, enjoy the quiet :)

  180. I absolutely love Mondays! It is a day off that I get to spend with my three yr. old. Big sis and big brother are at school, so he gets special mommy time! Thank you, Stacy, for such an inspirational blog.

  181. I love Mondays because we have FHE and the kids love it!

  182. mondays are a chance to get back into routine!

  183. I love Mondays because it is like a fresh start. If I had a crappy week at work the previous week then I can start fresh…if I didn’t accomplish everything at home last week then today starts a new chapter, etc.!

  184. I love the hope and promise of a new week–no matter what the week before was like!

  185. I love Mondays because I get to start all over at having a productive week. I am refreshed from a Sunday off and ready to go!

  186. I love Mondays. It’s the start to my exercise routine for the week and it’s always a fresh start in case I slacked off over the weekend (like this past weekend). Mondays are my favorite day of the week for this simple reason!

  187. Mondays is one day of the week that I spend with my daughter. SHe’s the youngest of three ( and my only daughter!. We do girl things like go shopping and go to ballet. It makes me thrilled that I have a little girl and that I have the time to savour her “littleness”!

  188. I love that I begin each week with the expectation that THIS will be the week that I get it all together; that everything will get done (with free time left over) and that I will be a better person to boot! And amazingly, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, each time Monday rolls around, I wake up with the same expectation. Talk about cock-eyed optimism!

  189. Mondays are my reading days. It’s my recharge-because-the-dishes-are-done and the-kids-are-safely-at-school day. No volunteering. No laundry. Just me and a good book. Pretty much all day. Right now it’s BEFORE MIDNIGHT by Cameron Dokey.

  190. Mondays are the start of a new week to me, too. Hubby goes back to work and the kids and I are at home doing things. Sounds like a great class!

  191. It’s like Anne of Green Gables said, “Tomorrow is fresh with no mistakes in it.” It feels like Monday is a fresh start each week. I always feel more motivation to get back to work, back to my routines.

  192. I like Mondays because…. they are the beginning to my week – a chance to get it right and a chance to start again! Mondays hold promise.

  193. Mondays = Dancing with the Stars :D
    It gets me in & out of Curves after work very efficiently so I can get home and hop on the stationary bike and watch these people move in ways I can only imagine! :)

  194. I look forward to FHE.

  195. I like the quiet, and the chance to catch up on my own projects or reading, after the hustle, bustle and noise of the weekend.

  196. Stacy Arndt says:

    I love Mondays. It is a great day to start my new projects. I have my best ideas and solutions on the way to work because of my awesome weekends.

  197. Mondays are a new beginning – a new chance to accomplish what needs to be done, to evaluate the week ahead and examine my priorities. I cherish the balance between the freedom of the weekend and our schedule and routine of the school/work week.
    Happy Monday!

  198. I love Mondays, because it’s the day I reflect on the past week and plan for the upcoming one. It’s when I get all my “ducks in a row” and feel the most enthusiam toward my to-do list.

  199. Monday…means
    M-”Morning moments” together before kids head off to school.
    o-”Out” with last week, focus on this week.
    n-”Never” give up..keep pressing ahead.
    d-”Decide” what needs to be done today, and do it.
    a- “Always” preplan dinner for the whole week.
    Y-”Yahoo!” tomorrow is Tuesday!

  200. Mondays are my “fresh start” day. I send my kindergartener off to school, hubby to work and I grocery shop, prep for the week and clean up from the weekend. Sounds weird, but I love this fresh start!

  201. Lisa in WA says:

    I love Mondays because my husband and I watch Heroes together that day. He is recently home after 15 long months in Iraq, so just having him home makes every day the best right now!

  202. School for my son + work for my hubby = piece and quiet for me :)
    At least for a few minutes…then it is time to clean up the weekend mess!

  203. Thank you for this great give away Stacy! One thing I love about Mondays is the feeling of a fresh start. Clean-slate, ready for the challenges of the week kind of feeling. Hope that makes sense! :)

  204. I love Mondays because they give me a fresh perspective and a chance to have a great week (or a redo if the previous week was a little off.)

  205. Monday is a reminder that I have a lot to be grateful for: a job that I love, a house payment I can afford and cars that are paid off! Here’s to a great new week!

  206. Thanks for this great give away Stacy and for sharing you story and life with us on your blog. The one thing I love about Mondays in the clean slate, starting fresh, ready for the challenges of the week feeling. Like I’m ready to get some stuff done and crossed off my list! Hope that makes sense! Thanks again!

  207. Mondays are great because the chores and grocery shopping were done over the weekend, my husband goes back to work, so it is just me and my 2 year old son playing all day long!

  208. Like many others, I like Mondays because it’s a clean slate. I love to write my simplewomans daybook on Mondays.
    Thanks for the great offer – how exciting! =]

  209. I always feel more energy on Mondays, must be the fresh start to the week. I get more done on my to do list and try to get a meal in the crockpot for supper so we can all relax and enjoy it together. My oldest son (16) and I watch Heroes together after the little kids are in bed, love spending that time with him. My DH would love it if I won this, he knows BPS classes are something special I do for me.
    KellyM in MN

  210. Monday means “back to life” but not in a bad way. Time to return to routine and normalcy, refreshed from the weekend. Thanks for the contest!

  211. i love mondays because the rhythm of life starts up again. i feel like, although they are wonderful fun breaks, the weekends are a bit chaotic. run here, clean this, go there. but starting on monday morning, the world gets back in order. school buses come at the same time, off to work, home for dinner. i love schedules.

  212. Monday are actually quite hard at times, but I like the regularity of it. After a free and wild weekend it’s nice to have some sort of routine!

  213. I love Mondays as it signals a new beginning. All the stresses of the previous week are left behind and i can start on another weekly journey on a clean slate.

  214. For me most Mondays are a chance to breath in the peace and stillness…

  215. cool giveaways!

  216. mondays…they’re good because they are the start of order again. after a weekend of disorder, it’s good!

  217. Karen Foster says:

    Yes Mondays can be a new beginning and a chance to start a week with a positive outlook and sunny disposition BUT it is also includes an evening of curling up on the couch and watching DANCING WITH THE STARS!!!!! I LOVE mondays.

  218. Julie Johnson says:

    Mondays bring a new day- a fresh start, a new week to celebrate and be present in.

  219. Monday is my day home with my 2 YO – we get some serious bonding time in on Mondays.

  220. Oppps ! Monday is not really my favorite day but as hubby reminds everyday you can jump out of bed is a good day. I do like getting myself organized and going each Monday after a little down time. I have never taken a class and I haven’t been as energetic with my scrapping as I would like. Maybe this is just what I need. It does sound like fun.
    Thanks for the chance

  221. I love Mondays because my to-do list starts over, the routines of the week begin, and it seems somehow like a fresh start!
    Kolette’s class sounds amazing. Thanks for the opportunity to try to win a ticket!! :)

  222. I love Mondays because we have FHE (well…we try very hard!)

  223. Reasons to LOVE monday, huh? Wow… you are really making me THINK on a monday morning! LOL! Well, I do like that I get a “fresh” start at work – does that count?
    (sounds like I could really use this class! lol)

  224. I love Mondays because it’s the one day of the week where I don’t feel like I’m behind! :) I love the “fresh start” feeling!

  225. Kerri Norrod. says:

    I enjoy Mondays because it is a day to get organized and look ahead to what will be happening during the week.

  226. Mondays are my days-off from work! I get to sleep in and check the scrap blogs! Enough said :<)

  227. i love mondays because it’s a brand new start. it can be whatever i make it: a continuation of a really good week or a do-over of a bad one. oh, and the kids go back to school ;)

  228. michelle p. from wa says:

    What do I love about Monday’s? They are a fresh start for the week ahead, possibilities to achieve, lessons to be learned, and joys to be had. Whatever the week holds, Monday is its beginning! Look out week, here I come!

  229. Now that I’ve retired, Monday has a whole new meaning. I get to choose which project I’ll start this week. Love this. Thanks for a chance to win a ticket to Kolette’s class.

  230. I love that Mondays are my cleaning day. Nothing like cleaning up from the kids being home all weekend and then having a clean house for the rest of the week (until the kids are home for the weekend again! ) :)

  231. Mondays are good because its a fresh start to the week — I’m always optimistic about all that will be accomplished for the week.

  232. Debbie Wearn says:

    I love Monday’s because the whole week is still in front of me…at that point I still believe I can tackle my entire “to do” list during said week!
    Debbie W.

  233. Monday is my reset day. Reset the laundry, make a meal plan, figure out a plan for the week, etc…. Even though it can be boring and repetitive, there’s some comfort in getting chores done and outta the way… more room for fun and play the rest of the week!

  234. I love Monday mornings because they feel like a fresh start; a chance to start the week with a clean slate before all the craziness sets in.

  235. Mondays are the start of a new week. A fresh start to begin again.

  236. I love Mondays because it’s like ‘new years’ all over – it’s a chance to start over again. I spent this morning grocery shopping (after meal planning for the week) and starting a new workout regimen! Here’s hoping that fresher, healthier foods and working out keep me in shape for the holiday rush!

  237. Anna Vollmer says:

    I love the quiet of monday mornings, after my husband goes off to work, and before I leave, just those few minutes of calm before the hustle and bustle of the week begins.

  238. One thing I love about Mondays is the time I spend one on one with my 5 year old “homeschooling” and preparing him for Kindergarten. I quit my job for this reason, and watching him break through barriers (counting to 20 without skipping 14-17, for example) makes me so so so happy. :)

  239. Mondays are great because 1) it’s the start of the week, 2) kids are back at school/daycare, 3) everyone is back to their “routine”, and 4) I can plan the week. :)

  240. Jackie Hughes says:

    Getting the kids off to school and getting the house cleaned up from the weekend fun!

  241. Mondays – I like that the Lord has blessed us with a new week and a new day.

  242. Jodie Reimink says:

    I love the idea of a “fresh start”–a chance to once again, make a to-do list and start jumping in at it. THanks–

  243. I love that Monday gives me a chance to start over… to make new goals… to be grateful for everything that I have.

  244. What i love about Mondays is the newness of possibilities…a fresh start. A whole week just waiting for new memories to be made, goals to reach and fun to be had. I love Mondays!

  245. People like Mondays? LOL! I guess I like that it is a new week and am thankful for that! I just wish I could spend it at home with my little one instead of coming to work, hopefully soon though!

  246. Monday’s are like a fresh new start…the promise of a clean slate and the start of a new to do list for the week…

  247. Monday is a great day for our little family becuase my children don’t have school on mondays so we get to stay in jammies if we want the whole day. or go to the library and out to lunch, or get some extra things done around the house. I love having them home on Monday!! It is a great way to start the week!

  248. I like that no one calls me Mom and I get to go to the bathroom all by myself!

  249. Jeannette P says:

    I love Mondays because I feel refreshed from spending the weekend doing things with as a family (no one is at school). I get to make a new list of to do things for the week. I LOVE LOVE making lists. Off I must go now to get some things crossed off that list. :D cherrio!

  250. Tertia Jacobs says:

    I love Mondays because it is the start of a new week which is a gift to me because I get to take my 4yo grand daughter to school every day because I teach in the same school and I get to spend the most precious time with her. I love how she is starting to think and reason and that I get to hear it all first hand. Just today the conversation went something like this: “ouma. does God make people?” “yes Hannah, He makes people.” Then after a few seconds, “Does He make everybody ouma?” “Yes Hannah, He makes every single person.” After another long and pregnant silence, comes this gem. “Then what do doctors do? Do they just stir us?”
    If it wasn’t for Mondays, I would have missed that!

  251. I love Mondays because it means a fresh start for another week!

  252. I love Mondays because it means that I have a fresh start with my “To Do” list!

  253. sounds like we all agree, it’s a fresh start! And it’s laundry day around here, love getting that done.

  254. Like many others, I love the fresh start to a new week that Monday offers. I also love that all 3 of my kids are in school for at least a couple hours and I get a few minutes to myself.

  255. I love Mondays because they are my first chance to stop and reflect on what I did with my family over the weekend. Then I can dive into a fresh new work week and a little time to myself.

  256. I love the FRESHNESS of Mondays. It’s the day I have such high hopes for the week… Sometimes it all doesn’t fall into place, but many times it does! It’s my planning day, my energetic day, my day of clearer thinking after resting my head a bit over the weekend! I love Mondays!

  257. Mondays for me are like new beginnings – new work, new goals, a chance to start again :)

  258. Next year my beloved only child will be off to University. I love Mondays because I even though I spend a lot of time in the car driving her to and from school and dance class, I truly cherish that time with her each day – and I know that I will miss it SO much once she is gone from home ! Sniff sniff… I get a little teary just thinking about it :)
    THANKS Stacy for your ever-inspiring blog ! And greetings from Vancouver BC !

  259. I like Mondays because it is my designated “work at home” day. This means my mom knows she can call and catch me at home so we always have a nice long phone conversation to catch up on all the family news. Since we live pretty far apart this is important. :)

  260. I don’t look forward to Mondays, but once they arrive, I take a fresh look at my week, my work and my general situation and try to start from a clean organized perspective — that feeling I like. The aspiration of starting anew with a clear organized sense of purpose.

  261. I love Mondays because I’ve just enjoyed a relaxing weekend and now ready for all that the new week brings.

  262. I love the fresh start Mondays give. The weekends are filled with family time and leisure–usually!–but Mondays arrive with a chance for renewed focus and another chance to accomplish my goals and re-evaluate things.

  263. I am a graduate student. For me, Monday mornings hold such promise for the accomplishment of tasks through the rest of the week. The to-do list looks do-able and I feel excited. By Friday I realize it’s a lost cause…haha

  264. I love Mondays because it is my day to spend with my daughter – just us!! Our weekends are usually pretty busy & at times chaotic so Mondays offer a nice change of pace!! Before long, she will be in school & I will miss our special days together. For now, I savor the time while I read to her, we do puzzles together, eat breakfast & lunch together & just have fun.
    Wendy A.

  265. Monday might be my favorite day of the week. There are so many possibilites on Monday, it’s a fresh start, it’s a new week, it’s a new opportunity to accomplish so many things!

  266. Monday night is our family night, a tradition I love!

  267. I like Monday’s because we return to a schedule. It’s kinda nice to settle back into our routine. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE weekends!
    Kolette’s class sounds great. Thanks for a chance to win.

  268. While it’s not my favorite day of the week, I do love the fresh starting over feeling I get every Monday. Since forever, I feel like it holds promise.

  269. I love Mondays because it is our family night. We do all kinds of things together, play games, read, cook dinner together etc. It’s different each week, but playing different games is our favorite. We try to make dinner a fun thing too; like nachos, pizza, or someone gets to pick a favorite meal.
    SO fun!

  270. I could give you a long list of things I love about Fridays, but Mondays…hmmm, I guess it’s the routine and the quiet after the hustle and bustle of the weekends. I love routines, and who doesn’t need a minute of quiet to regroup and start anew with a fresh perspective.

  271. P.S. I love the sense of possibilities I feel when I read about Kolette’s class. It sounds amazing!!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  272. I’m a little sheepish about revealing what I love about Mondays, ready? Here it is: I love that the kids are back in school and I can get things done that I left undone over the weekend. It sounds kind of bad at first, that the kids are back in school, but I would rather be with my kids than clean and do work on weekends, so Mondays give me a chance to do that. Once you understand that be with them philosopy, it doesn’t sound too bad :)
    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win the year long class. I just lost my job and can’t afford it right now, but I am crossing my fingers!

  273. Monday’s are when I get serious for my Wednesday weigh in at Weight Watchers. Also, my favorite instructor at the gym teaches a great CRT class. CindyML

  274. Mondays are the reset day. I love the chance to clear my head after spending a wonderfully busy weekend with my family.

  275. I love the fresh start a Monday morning has to offer, and it is usually an activity free day for us, so I can count on always having some family time – LOVE that!
    Sara :)

  276. This might seem silly, but I love Mondays, because the new episode of Jon and Kate Plus Eight is on. This is one of my favorites shows, as it gives me a peak into their lives. For me, it reminds me of how good I have it. I cannot imagine having 8 children!

  277. This was my original answer, “After a relaxing Sunday, Mondays are a fresh start to the new week!” But that looks like a popular answer so… On Mondays, we get together with friends for supper at Chick-Fil-A. Ours gives you a free chicken sandwich when you bring your church bulletin. Free food and good friends!!

  278. Mondays: 1.The coffee tastes better (I stop at Starbucks!) than what I make at home. 2. My students are USUALLY rested and we get a lot done during our day. 3. My lil guy is pretty sick of mom by Sunday nigh, so his “break” to play at daycare makes him ever so happy to see me again at the end of a Monday!

  279. Mondays – you really have me stumped on this one – Everyday is my favorite as long as the sun shines.
    Have a great Monday!

  280. Mondays are my chance at a fresh start.
    (also, our local pub quiz is on Mondays – this isn’t bad either!) :)

  281. dana burton says:

    Mondays are like being at the top of a roller coaster. Your hands are raised in excited anticipation, your looking forward to the crazy ride even though at times it’s a little scary, and when you reach the end it’s great to shout,”I did it!I made it! I did it!” Dana

  282. I love Mondays because it is the get it in gear day. You know check the calendar, make lists, and dream about what you want to do this week because last week is gone. Then once you are in gear, you go…go…go!
    Oh and Sundays are for reflecting on the past week and recharging with family.

  283. I love that I only have to figure out one meal instead of 3 like on the weekend. Everyone is on their own for breakfast and lunch is at school/work!

  284. I like Mondays because I have the day off, and I can get any projects done that I didn’t finish up on the weekend, and it is ballet day for my youngest daughter and I love to watch her do ballet!

  285. I love Monday’s because it represents a new beginning!
    And I LOVE that you are offering this!!!!!!!

  286. Mondays are like a “re-do” button. A fresh start. A new chance to get it ALL done (and if you don’t, you can always start over next Monday!) It’s like a mini New Year’s Day each week.

  287. I love the “fresh start” I feel on Monday as if anything is possible. Like maybe I’ll get my crazy long to-do list done this week! LOL! Kathy

  288. One good thing about Monday’s at my house is that I spend Sat cleaning and Sunday doing laundry and on Monday’s I come home from work there is a chance I get to do some scrapping…
    Trish :o)

  289. Oh dear…this might be a little hard for me because deep down, I HATE Mondays. (sorry!) So, I am really having to search here…Oh I know..Mondays mean that I get to go to St.Louis Bread in the morning before work!! That means a cafe mocha and bagel with cream cheese. YUMMY!!!!! peace and blessings…

  290. I love Mondays because that means we survived the weekend from all of the running around and kid stuff. Also, the coffee always tastes better when I let myself indulge at 4bucks on Mondays only.

  291. Ok, well I’ve been trying to think about what I love about Mondays and there isn’t much :) I guess it would have to be the opportunity to “start over” with a new fresh week (I know a million people have already said that). But I will just be honest and say that Mondays are NOT my favorite day :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  292. I love Mondays, because it’s my quiet time with my daughter after what is usually a busy weekend. The house is usually clean and clutterfree as all the big chores get done in the weekend. So Monday is a fresh, new day to start the week!

  293. I love Mondays because they give me a sense of purpose for the coming week.

  294. Anne Thurlow says:

    Monday is the day when you get to wake up and remember all the fun you had over the weekend and start planning all the fun you’ll have when the next weekend rolls around.

  295. a fresh to-do list ready to be crossed off! That, and regrouping the house after the weekend.

  296. I LOVE Mondays! Monday is my “get things done” day. I always feel so good on Monday night . . . clean sheets, clean house, a huge feeling of accomplishments and blessing my family with my meager gifts of cleanliness and order.

  297. Jenn Talbot says:

    I love Mondays because no matter what happened the week before you have a new beginning. It has the feeling of a mini New Year and you get it every seven days!!!

  298. I like Monday’s because they are a fresh start to a week and I’m entering a new parcel of time that God’s given to me with which to serve Him. And I usually have a batch of fresh pictures from our weekend – and leftovers so I don’t have to cook a huge amount. Many good things!!
    Thank you for sharing the goodness from BPS! Every class I’ve taken has been wonderful. But I must tell you that Design Your Life is simply marvelous, in every way!!

  299. I love Mondays because that is when our routine starts all over again.

  300. Mondays?
    I love sharing weekend goings on with the folks at work. I love checking my calendar to see who i’ll be having lunch with this week. Groceries are bought. The pantry and refrigerator are full. Laundry is done. Why not?

  301. Teresa Cotterman says:

    Monday’s are a few moments alone to share with my cats, a strong cup of coffee, and maybe a book (or scrapbook). A chance to find myself again after running all weekend long.

  302. I love Mondays because I have joined a boot camp workout program. I get to the camp at 5:30 am and work out with a bunch of fun women for a hour. This is total ME time!! Once I come back home I wake up the hubby and kids and off for the day. Mom is energized & happy :-)

  303. Mondays are not always my greatest day of the week… school/work routine and gettin stuck in traffic… but one thing I do love about Mondays is being able to catch up on the weekend news on all the blogs I follow. Thanks especially for yours and the lovely giveaway opportunity.

  304. I am just NOT a Monday person :) So, I guess if I had to pick a favorite thing it would be two words = Prison Break :)

  305. Mondays are my favorite – I know – WHAT! As a stay at home mom of one very active fun loving little girl I enjoy the first few hours of quiet while she’s at school. It’s not too terribly wrong, right? :)

  306. I love Mondays as it’s a chance to get my family back into our weekly routine. It’s also our ‘clean up after the kiddos have ransacked the house for the weekend’ day. There’s nothing better than a clean home…for a few moments at least. ;)

  307. Shannon Hager says:

    I love Mondays because after relaxing all weekend, I find I get the most done on Mondays. I usually get caught up on emails and chores and everything else I avoided over the weekend. I love Mondays!

  308. Denise Hunter says:

    Mondays are a week of new tv shows. A set schedule after running around all weekend.

  309. The attitude of possibility! Sometimes I find I can’t sleep on Sunday evenings b/c I’m anticipating the week ahead – and being a probation officer – that really says something about having faith in our fellow man. Blessings, Vicki

  310. To me Monday is the first day of a brand new week – a new week to have a better outlook on your life, a new week to get things done, almost like starting over fresh.

  311. I love clean sheets! I wash our sheets every Monday, so Monday night it is so nice to get into nice, clean sheets!

  312. Diana Somer says:

    I like to tackle things in bite-size piecs, so Monday for me represents the first day of a 5 day “project”.
    Thanks for the chance to win a spot.

  313. Mondays are the best! First, I run and do some yoga with a few friends. (Even though we have to get up at 4:30 to accommodate our schedules, it’s fabulous.) Second, after the great start to my day I am ready to organize and tackle all of the projects for the week. If I only had as much energy everyday as I do on Mondays!

  314. I love Mondays because life gets back into a routine after the crazy weekend.

  315. lynne moore says:

    Mondays are my catch-up days. I reorganize my paperwork, start the laundry, plan my week. I rarely schedule to be out of the house so from last week can be done or rescheduled. It is my renewal day.

  316. Mondays, not my favorite day of the week… although I love going back into the office with more energy. Projects that looked daunting and tedious on Friday have a new life on Mondays, and I can usually get my enthusiasm up quickly on a Monday morning (after a good cup of coffee!)

  317. One thing I love about Mondays is dinner… weird, I know. We usually go shopping during the weekend so on Monday I feel that I have endless cooking possibilities! :-)

  318. I like Mondays because there is a fresh start to everything – chores, errands, kids routines, house stuff – no matter how bad/good last week was, I get a new chance at this week – every single Monday.

  319. Monday is my day to re-energize…myself, my home, my kids. It’s a fresh, new start!

  320. I know several others have already said it, but I love that Mondays represent a fresh start. I have a list of things I want to accomplish and if Friday ended with few of them being completed then I have another chance this week. Mondays are hope!

  321. Cindy Wheadon says:

    I LOVE Mondays because they provide a fresh beginning to a new week full of possibilities.

  322. Wow! How generous to give away the entire year! I saw Kollette at CKU-MPLS a few years ago and she was very inspiring. This is sure to be a great class!

  323. Oh, whoops! Mondays… I’m usually well rested after the weekend. Mentally fresher than other days.

  324. Thanks for doing this giveaway Stacy! I love Mondays for the fresh start and how they are always full of possibility. Sharyn :)

  325. My favorite thing about Mondays is laundry day! I’m serious, I actually like laundry and the feeling of accomplishment it gives me. I always try to get it all done on Monday, but it hardly ever happens.

  326. I love getting back into routine on Mondays after a casual and relaxing , non scheduled weekend
    (which I also love)!

  327. Mondays are great because all the chores are done and the fridge is full. Too bad they don’t stay like that!!

  328. I love Mondays for that sense of renewal. It’s a chance to start a new To Do list, show interest in your colleagues and the other parents doing school drop off (“how was your weekend?”), and a time to plan the immediate future. Mondays are a reminder that everything is in cycles – weeks, months, years – and that each cycle is a new opportunity to start again. But not in a ground hog day kind of way (apart from the self-improvement)! I sure hope to win this class – it sounds awesome!

  329. Monday is the only day I don’t feel like I’m behind the 8ball. The laundry is done, the kitchen clean, and the kids off to school!

  330. Monday’s are the beginning of a new week which brings me closer to another new week as we approach a new year. Where has the time gone? Monday begins a little bit crazy but with time . . . I get organized for the rest of the weeks.

  331. This may sound selfish..but I love Mondays when the hubby goes back to work and the kids go back to school. I get the house all to myself!! ahhhhhhhhhhh A little piece of Heaven!
    Lydia in Ohio

  332. Sometimes Monday feels like a do-over. Forget all the stuff that may have or have not happened the way you would have wanted last week. It’s a new week – it’s a new day! Go Monday go!

  333. Monday is my stay-at-home-get-it-all-done-day! Its the day everyone else goes back to school and work, while I get to stay home in my pj’s and work on things just for me–gotta love that:)

  334. I love Mondays because I work with great people and because we give 300% during the week so we don’t see each other on the weekends (recharging time) so Mondays are like welcoming family into your home on Thanksgiving. How’s that for a run-on sentence !!

  335. only one thing about Mondays….my 8:30 Kickboxing class…best way to start the week :)

  336. Mondays are a new beginning. A new start to whatever I want my week to be. So thankful I get a new beginning each week!

  337. I love Monday’s because they feel to fresh and new… the start of a whole new week with endless possibilities.
    Today has been a very productive Monday for me. I woke up, set a clear intention to be peaceful all day to matter what came up or into my space and I have had the most beautiful day with my children.
    Create a beautiful day!
    Andria B.

  338. Keep thinking: a finished monday is one day less before the next weekend’s there!! ((;
    I tend to think – at work everybody’s in best condition on Mondays – Fridays everybody’s exhausted – ready for the weekend!
    But the BEST mondays are those, when you have a day off! (; (which means Tuesday’s your Monday! )
    Lovely greetings from over the ocean
    Katharina from the BlackForestRegion/Germany (;
    P.S. YES – I’d love to win an inspirational year!!!

  339. Mondays are a fresh start. With my job. Housechores. School for my oldest son. And to all those workouts at the gym I missed out on last week :)

  340. I love that Mondays are my husband’s favorite day of the week. He says that Monday is rarely anyone’s favorite day, so Monday is his favorite day. He figures if he professes Monday as his favorite day, whatever Monday has to hold will be good and special to him.

  341. The thing I like about Mondays….a quiet house. Everyone is back to school/work.

  342. I love my BPS classes, but don’t have the $$ for the whole year – it would be fun to win.

  343. I love Monday’s because it is a day off from work. I follow Flylady’s concept of “bless my house” on Monday’s. I get things squared away so that when I go to work on Tuesday, my house runs smoothly for the next few days.
    The second thing I love about Monday’s is my Women’s Bible Study group on Monday night.
    So, I bless my house during the day and, bless my soul at night. What a great way to start the week:)

  344. Hmmm…Mondays…I like the return to routine that Monday represents. The weekends are a great break from routine and I’m ready for it by the time Friday comes, but I love getting back in the groove come Monday.

  345. I always love a fresh to- do list for Mondays. Also any leftover laundry from the weekend gets done on Mondays which is always a good thing!

  346. I love Mondays because I get to see what fun my son had at preschool when I pick him up!

  347. Mondays … that’s a tough one. I guess my fav thing about Mondays would have to be the possibilities that a new week can bring. And if I were honest it would also be the certainty that I’ll have several hours where I don’t hear “Mooommmmmyyyyyy” (I have a 5 yr old and 3 1/2 yr old). My 5 yr old has quite shamelessly admitted that there are times when she calls me just to hear if I’ll answer her!!!! lol

  348. Mondays to me mean start of new week, starting my lists over again, hoping to get more done than last week. ;)

  349. Ilove Mondays because it brings back normallacy to my life….assuming I know what “normal” is. ha ha..

  350. momtooboys says:

    What I love about Mondays is it’s my DH’s turn to cook!

  351. Karen McGowan says:

    mondays always feel like a new start!

  352. momtooboys says:

    My favorite thing about Mondays is that it’s my DH’s turn to cook!

  353. Actually, Monday used to be what I called my “cursed” days lol but now that I don’t work- its the beginning of all of the tv shows all week :) Tivo is awesome :)

  354. in the weekend we’re always so busy with housekeeping (laundry mostly) and doing fun things together. After getting some groceries on monday I have all afternoon to work on some scrapbooking or other projects just for me and then at the end of the day my dh comes home from work and we share how our day was and it’s all good and homy.

  355. Mondays… fresh start, get back to work, and kids go back to school which affords me some alone time. ;)

  356. I love Monday’s right now because it is my only weekday off of work. My girls are in school and so is my husband on Mondays, so Monday is my alone day. I find that having one alone day a week really helps me to recharge and get centered before the busy work-week begins.

  357. I like Mondays…..when they are over! It’s the first day working with special needs preschoolers and it’s always the longest day of the week!!!!

  358. Mondays are great because the countdown to the weekend begins there! Actually, I like Monday because its the fresh beginning of the work week.

  359. Margaret C says:

    Monday I teach my class writing. I LOVE teaching writing. I LOVE seeing their stories develop from lists to descriptions and writing using their senses and emotions. I hope that the lessons I teach now will last them a lifetime and they continue to gain rewards in writing their story as that story continues.

  360. Mondays are one of the few evenings at home for us. Those are definitely my favorite!! :)

  361. Monday provides the opportunity to start a new week with a clean slate. It’s also a good night for television….

  362. Gina Baynes says:

    I love Mondays because they are like a fresh start. Each week is like the New Year when I can pledge to “be more” or “do more”. It’s a very refreshing day for me.

  363. Mondays offer a fresh, crisp and shiny new week, full of promise and the hope of getting everything on your To Do list done. Mondays are also the day when we celebrate most of our federal holidays, so there are many good chances that a regular old Monday will turn into an extra day off!!
    I’d love to use at least one of my Mondays, probably more, during an Inspirational Year!

  364. I love Mondays because my two kids wake up refreshed and ready to begin a new week of learning. They take everything in and can’t wait to get to school to see what new things they’ll learn this week. It’s so exciting to see young kids (6 and 9) be so excited to learn! I love their enthusiasm — it inspires me to keep learning new things everyday, too!

  365. A fresh new week with a new list of things to be done. I love lists and this is silly but, the act of crossing something off my list. When Monday rolls around I have a new list to cross off.

  366. My favorite thing about Monday’s are a fresh start to the week. A fresh “to do” list, and a renewed energy to get things going.
    I love BPS and take as many classes as I can. Kolette is a great choice for a year long class.
    Way to go BPS. Keep up the great work.

  367. michelle n says:

    Mondays are the promise of a new week. i am a Monday dieter, a monday project starter, a monday inspiration person, a monday suprise person and always a “I will start on Monday” kind of gal.

  368. The thing I love about Mondays is a fresh new start to a brand new week…..And I’m off on Tuesdays.

  369. karen Hobbs says:

    Like lots of other ladies said, Monday is a fresh start! I feel I can do anything , every Monday!!! Other days I may or may not be as optimistic but every Monday…!
    Monday’s have also been Boy Scout night for many years. I am a big supporter of Boy and Girl Scouting and all it does for kids and so Mondays are good because it is Boy Scout night!

  370. I love Mondays because it’s the one day of the week that I know exactly what I’m going to be doing…laundry! lol!

  371. Well, I can’t pick just one, so I will pick two. First, it is the start of a new week…and the day I get my house back in order after the weekend.
    Second, it’s our families special night to gather around and sing songs, pray together, share an inspirational lesson or teaching moment, and of course have a yummy treat! Favorite night of the week in our house I think (might rival Friday night though). :)
    I just finished Kolette’s class “The Art of Giving Well” and was really quite pleased with her projects and with all the free artwork! SHe is great!

  372. The thing I love most about Mondays is that they only come once a week!! LOL. I just couldn’t take anymore than that!

  373. Monday–it’s a fresh start! I have the whole week to accomplish things I need and want to do. It’s almost like a blank slate!

  374. What I love about Mondays is the idea that it is the start of a new week full of promise. If things didnt go your way the week before, Monday gives you the potential to turn things around!

  375. Kelly Butler says:

    My favorite thing about Mondays is that they are the start of a whole new week & the chance to begin again whatever that may mean in my life that week whether it be family, work, projects or friends.
    Kelly B

  376. I love Mondays because it gives you another chance…everythings fresh.

  377. I scrapbook twice a month with friends on Mondays, 9-3. What could be better!!

  378. I usually have the day off from my nursing job at the hospital. Sundays find me working late into the evening.
    I love Monday because I can relax and regroup.

  379. I like Mondays because it’s the start of a week of schedules… I love following a schedule and knowing what comes next..

  380. I love that I volunteer in a grade 2/3 class on Monday afternoons. So rewarding, refreshing and educational (for me!!).
    Lisa L.

  381. Betsy Partridge says:

    Working in a daycare…I love Mondays when the kids come back refreshed and excited about all they got to do with mom and dad on the weekend!

  382. Monday is my favorite day of the week because I’ve just spent the weekend with my family, and now the whole new week awaits me. It’s like a blank slate with thousands of possibilities. Even though there are the “dailies” and the schedules, you just never know what God is going to throw your way. I love the fresh, clean feeling of a new week!

  383. I love Monday’s because it is fresh start, a new beginning, a new week – - – so many opportunities, so many things to do and accomplish! Starting Monday off right just sets the tone for the week!

  384. Family Home Evening – lesson, games, desert, coming closer as a family

  385. Tess Davis says:

    Mondays mean a fresh week, a fresh start, and lots of possibilities (but they also mean following a tighter schedule, daddy goes back to work, and we miss him!). :) thetessaroo

  386. My kids are back in school and it’s quiet here, so Mondays are a great day for me to scrapbook or even just journal about the week that has just happened.

  387. Mondays are not my favorite day of the week, but I do like Mondays because the cleaning ladies come to the house. It is so nice to come home to a clean house.

  388. I love Mondays because it’s a fresh start and I have the day off!!!! I get to start the week out right by getting all those “To Do’s” done without any interruptions. Cool Monday!!!!

  389. I hate to say but Monday’s are a day of relief. If anyone who has children know it’s birthday parties, sleepover and visting family. So when Monday comes it’s back to quite time for me. My girls are in school and I get my list of things done in peace. Love my girls but WOW it’s nice sometimes.
    Corona, CA

  390. One thing I love about Mondays: Monday Night Football!!!!!!

  391. Be totally cool to win and a great pick me up from my doom and gloom at work. Everyone in the world knows we are laying off but we won’t know who for another three weeks.

  392. Mondays are a chance for a new start. They are the start to something wonderful!

  393. On Mondays I drop my kids off to school and head to the bakery to choose something delicious for my lunch – this week it was a Vanilla Toffee slice – mmmmmmmm delish!

  394. Mondays mean lots of activity in the house…kids off to school, house work, husband off to work, help with homework, after school activities. Mondays bring excitement!

  395. Mondays are a fresh start to a new week. This week I’ll “get more done, be more organized, have more fun!” To be repeated weekly, on Mondays….

  396. wow! that would be lovely to win the year long event! whooooo such a great project! i can hardly wait until you set up the big picture scrapbooking class for the cocoa daisy kits! i usually get mine mid month…we are almost there! yeahhhhhh
    donna in ontario!

  397. I love the fresh starts that Monday brings. It’s sort of like a mini New Years!

  398. Mondays are like New Years day, except for every week. A fresh start, a chance to make some changes and move forward with a plan in place. And it is the only day of the week that I do not run MOM’S TAXI service to after school activities!!!! Everyone is home Monday nights. Love that

  399. monday mornings. a close to the thrill of the weekend–the lazy mornings & sips of hot coffee of the past two by-gone days….and an opening to a new week ahead–full of potential, possibility, and the opportunity to MAKE A MEMORY & MAKE A DIFFERENCE…

  400. For me, Mondays mean a new start for everything I do during the week. Oh, and my daughter goes back to school!

  401. Stephanie T says:

    I love that I’m still basking in the glow of our almost-always busy weekends, while relishing the comfortable feeling of getting back into the weekly routine.

  402. Theresa Grdina says:

    I love Mondays because they signify a fresh start!! I am a teacher and as much as I tell my students that every day is a new day, there’s nothing like MONDAY to get that point across!!! YAY!

  403. judy in carefree says:

    I always start with a clean slate on Mondays and no matter how bad the week before might have been, I always put it all aside on Monday and start the new week with a positive outlook.

  404. I am often tired on Mondays, but love that we get to start a new week fresh. We take my oldest to 1st grade and then all is relatively calm at home with my two little boys. It is a nice day to get caught up with all the tasks I thought I would get to over the weekend but didn’t.

  405. Maureen the newlywed says:

    Mondays? Another day closer to the next weekend. :-) Actually, I also like the idea they are a new beginning. But that’s not a very original thought today.

  406. The one thing I like about Monday is the weekend is 5 days away, when I will get time to scrap again!

  407. The promise of a fresh new week ahead of me. Thats always a good thing!! Dawn H

  408. The one thing I like about Monday is the weekend is 5 days away, when I will get time to scrap again!

  409. I like Mondays because it begins a new week, a fresh slate to begin the list of things to do for the week!

  410. Monday mornings I teach art to toddlers (with their grown-ups!) so I get to share something fun, play with paint and glue and dough (and they pay me to do it!) To top it off, I get off work early, have lunch out with my favorite two year old great-niece AND I still have the afternoon to myself for whatever I want. What’s not to like?!

  411. Mondays are usually pretty busy at work – I’m a secretary at an elementary school. If it’s busy then my day goes very quickly! Today was a nice quiet Monday – I got caught up on a lot of things for a change.

  412. Mondays are great because there’s nothing but upside all day long. You know the weekend is over and you’ve got five long days before you get there again so the idea of Monday can be a bit of a downer until it actually starts – and then it’s fabulous because expectations are already so low! Fridays are an entirely different thing – lots of pressure on Fridays to have a great day. I love no-pressure-to-have-a-great-day Mondays!!

  413. i’ve been kind of depressed with my life lately so I look at Mondays as a ‘new hope’. Hope that this week will be different and I will be happy and grateful because of the things I have in life. Hope that I will stop trying to change my life and accept that what I have is enough.
    Hope that if I smile it will make my day a little less depressed.

  414. Mondays are a chance at a new start, a better week, a week to enjoy, breathe in and cherish. I love the opportunity to start over…even if there are long weeks at school teaching my special education kids!

  415. A fresh start to the new week!

  416. My favorite thing aout Mondays is having dinner with the family and hearing all the fun and exciting things the kids are starting that week in school. They always have great stories about their teacher, their friends etc. It’s a great kick off to the week ahead.

  417. Is there anything good about Monday?! I guess Monday is a day to start the week off on a right foot with exercise and eating right. Whatever happened over the weekend, Monday is a fresh start.

  418. Jennifer Monroe says:

    I love watching the comedy Big Bang Theory and eating dinner with my husband.
    Jen Monroe
    Gadsden, AL

  419. Monday’s hold new hope for me. To make a difference and to do something meaningful. A daily entry in my gratitude journal helps!

  420. Shannon Cummins says:

    Monday’s mean the start of a new week… A fresh start towards accomplishing things I didn’t do the week before and adding things to the list….

  421. I love Mondays because after a peaceful Sabbath, it’s time to get to work! I always bustle through my work – laundry, Sunday mess pick-up, menu planning – so I can sit down and plan times for me during the week when I can craft, quilt, read, etc. It’s always nice to have a clean slate for the week.

  422. I look forward to monday evenings because I get to have some time to myself. My husband works nights every monday so once I have the kids settled and tucked in….. it is my time!!!! I often scrapbook but sometimes I just sit with a hot cup of tea and surf the computer and catch up on blogs and emails!

  423. mary bartolotta says:

    Mondays are like a “new start” for me. Starting fresh with new plans and ideas for the week ahead. No worrying about what I didn’t do, but just eagerness to start again. have a great week.

  424. I look forward to a brisk walk to & from the kids’ schools to start off my week. I also enjoy a quiet morning with the house to myself! Thanks for the chance to win. It’s always exciting.

  425. Mondays are the beginning of a new week….a time to putter around the house, clean and get back into the swing of everyday life after what had hopefully been a great family weekend!

  426. I love that each Monday we get to start the week afresh after a weekend of family time, working together at our goals and having fun.
    Linda van Rooyen

  427. I make my to-do list for the week on Monday mornings, so the best part of Monday is going over the previous week’s list and (hopefully) checking off all the stuff I accomplished!

  428. My favorite part about Monday is that my house is still clean from all the cleaning over the weekend…..come Thursday it’s a mess again :)

  429. I love Monday. It represents the first day back to school, the first day back to work, and the first day back to order and routine around here.

  430. Kellie Adams says:

    I love Mondays because I am not the only person who is stressed….seems like everyone is too. I don’t feel so bad!! :)

  431. Each day I drop the kids off at school, I wish them a _____ Monday, Tuesday, etc… (Fill in the blank using the first letter of the day of the week.) Most every week on Monday I say: Have a “Marvelous” Monday!! It’s a fresh new start to see friends again and start a productive week full of exciting possibilities.

  432. The best part about Monday — I become a quilter again. My MIL makes dinner and then we go off to her quilting room to work on our latest projects. I don’t sew at any other time during the week.

  433. Mondays are like starting fresh. A new week filled with possibilities. Mondays are a great reminder that no matter how bad last week was, there is always next Monday! Thanks for the chance to win a spot in the class!

  434. I decided around the age of 42 what I wanted to be when I grew up so I earned a graduate degree in Library Science. My degree helped me get a job that I love and have held for the last 7 years. Instead of having to go to work on Monday, I get to go to work! My life is infinitely better because of the life-changes that I made and the people closest to me know that I still haven’t grown up!

  435. Kim Huschke says:

    Mondays give me the opportunity to be the person that I really want to be…..if I mess up Tues-Sun I know that Monday will be back around again and I can try again.

  436. Mondays are the return of peace and quiet, after a busy weekend of kids and their friends all over at my house! I love my monday morning coffee while I decide which projects are top on my to do list for the week.

  437. Mondays are just glorious things..
    I find motivation on Mondays to clean up and start over.. put the week behind me in the memory bank and make plans to make the new week even better for my husband and family even better than the week that just passed.. Even with a new baby, I take a few minutes on the Monday just for me and in two minutes I realize how blessed I truly am. Then I clean the house and do the laundry and spend the afternoon with my daughters…
    which makes me feel good on the inside & out.. it really is a great day… :)

  438. Monday is the start of a new work week. A chance to be a bit more accepting of other people.

  439. Mondays are a fresh start – either from a chaotic weekend or a jumpstart after a less than exciting weekend. :)

  440. I love Mondays because I have the whole week to look forward to.

  441. Mandy Koeppen says:

    I like that Monday is a fresh start to a new week.My favorite thing about Monday is going to breakfast with my 2 daughters.We drop bub at school then the 2 girls and I head to breakfast. after Breakfast we find something else to do while we wait for bub to get out of school.Today we went to Kmart so the girls could look around and tell me what to write down for their Christmas lists for Santa and other fam members we had lots of fun.
    My hubby’s late night at work is Monday so the kiddies and I usually try to find something to keep us busy till daddy gets home sometimes we go visit my parents,play, or just hang out and watch movies.

  442. I love not having any sports practices on Mondays! We get to sit down as a family and have a relaxed dinner without having to rush off to some type of ball practice.

  443. mondays are a fresh start . . . starting new each week.

  444. I LOVE Mondays!!! It’s usually a day when we are in our PJs most of the day. It is a day for catching up on all the responsibilities that I forgot I had over the fun weekend. It is a day that I try to get all the laundry done and put away like my mom use to do. And next Monday is really special because it is my baby boy’s 2nd birthday!!!

  445. Michelle Smith says:

    I love Mondays because my 6 year old starts the “countdown till Saturday” all over again!

  446. i’m respondent number 434! =) I love is a brand new week..and because it is, by default, commonly ‘coloured’ blue..i try to be extra happy! =) Weird logic i know!! And monday is my family day *wink* where i get to have dinner with my parents, sister, BIL, niece and nephew!!

  447. i love mondays because i get to go to work and hear about my preschoolers weekend.

  448. Nanette in WA says:

    Mondays are a fresh start to a new week. A clean slate — time to forget what didn’t get accomplished the week before and to look forward to what the new week may bring.

  449. Lisa Olson says:

    I look forward to the beginning of a new week…and everything that comes with it!

  450. Ballet. That’s what I love about Monday mornings. Whenever I can swing it, I take an adult ballet class on Monday mornings. It’s incredibly demanding both physically and mentally, but nothing clears my head better, nothing gets my heart beating and nothing gets me as inspired as getting through that 90 minute class!

  451. Melissa from NC says:

    One thing I love about Mondays is The Hills coming on. It’s so fake but I can’t help it!
    Melissa from NC

  452. I love my Monday morning moms’ group. Girl time and Bible study combined. Perfect!

  453. I love Mondays because I do my favorite class at the gym with my great friend and then we get lunch together after class.

  454. I love Mondays because I get to work days instead of nights shift on Mondays. It’s a nice change.

  455. I love Mondays for I sit with a great cup of coffee and unwind from the whirlwind of the weekend! Each Monday is a new beginning!! Love Love Love those Mondays!

  456. I love Mondays because I drop the kids off to school, meet my friends at the mall for coffee, then come home & get organized for the week ahead, feeling recharged.

  457. Mondays are good days. They are a start of something new. A chance to do things a little better than last week, be a little wiser, show a little more love, have a little more fun. (plus Monday is laundry day and I love the smell of clean sheets and towels!!!)

  458. Mondays mean the kids are back at school and I can have some time to scrapbook!

  459. I have many things I like about Mondays, but for just one…how about “Prison Break” comes on on Monday. :)

  460. I actually don’t love Mondays. However, I do like the chance to put everything back together after a whirlwind weekend and look ahead to what is in store for that week. Mondays are great for getting me back on track.

  461. Sherri P eh says:

    Mondays are my start over days. If I didn’t get back into regular exercising last week, I’ll do it Monday. If I didn’t get through last week’s to-do list, I’ll do it Monday. Or so I tell myself anyway! I always look forward to being more efficient on Mondays. In my mind at least!!

  462. Lori Gorenflo says:

    I love Mondays since it is like a new beginning. A new chance to apply what I learned from the sermon on Sunday, a new chance to love and serve others and a new chance to make the week better than last week.

  463. Back to the “norm” of the weekdays. Busy but good. I actually like Mondays!! ;)

  464. I have a super guilty Monday pleasure… Gossip Girl! Don’t tell on me!!! I also really love how only on Monday, my work week is well organized and perfectly planned.

  465. I love how Mondays offer a fresh start to a new week.

  466. I love Mondays – for me they are a symbol of something fresh and new.

  467. Wow!!!! How wonderful….I love Mondays…they’re a great day to relax after a busy weekend! lol

  468. I love the smell of dryer sheets, pledge, and windex…Monday is my cleaning day :-)

  469. Mondays are a fresh start on the weekly “to-do” list…

  470. I love Mondays as it is my day off work, I use this day to visit with my Mum, sometimes we go shopping, sometimes it is a doctors visit and sometimes we go to the club to play Bingo. When i get home, i do some ‘bulk’ cooking so i have a few nights off later in the week. Gotta LURVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Mondays !!!
    have a great week

  471. Hayley Going says:

    Every Monday I wake up a tiny bit earlier. I lie in bed while my family sleeps and think about what the week to come means to me. I tell myself that only I can make it a fantastic week and that the week past was a direct result of my thoughts and attitude.
    I love Mondays because it is a fresh slate on which to write the story of my upcoming week,but I especially love Mondays because I am ALIVE to celebrate Mondays and I am blessed enough to have the choice to love them or hate them! Mondays are fantastic!

  472. I love Mondays because it means another week has gone by and that means a week closer to being able to touch, hug and kiss my daughter and husband again…(I’m deployed).

  473. I work at home early in the mornings and I love Monday because I don’t have to get up at 2 a.m. to work. Instead, I get up around 5 and enjoy some quiet time before my little guy gets up.

  474. I work retail and our store is closed on Mondays. My girls go back to school and they have a whole afternoon of activities, so I don’t have to pick them up until 4pm. Monday is MY day, to do whatever it is I like to do. I don’t clean, I don’t run errands, I don’t make appointments…. just things I WANT TO DO. That’s why I love Mondays.

  475. I like Mondays because I go to work at my part-time job with some great people, and get to connect with them after the weekend. I’m so lucky to work in a place where we do something I really believe in (life-long learning in our community), with people who are great fun!

  476. on mondays i have a giant list to tackle. but i love it. there’s nothing so rewarding as crossing things off and being able to look back at the end of the week and see that despite my fears, i got things done! and i frequently add on things just to cross them off.

  477. All the clothes are washed and ironed and ready for the busy week ahead. I know that sounds lame…but when you are a busy working mum, being this organized at the start of the week, well I just LOVE IT!! (things are not so rosey by Friday LOL)

  478. I actually love Mondays…the start of a fresh new week. Kids off to school, my early morning walk and the business of our everyday life. Strange I know, but there is something about it I really like!

  479. i love that mondays are a nice clean slate:)

  480. I don’t always love Mondays, but what I tend to concentrate on is the fact that it’s the beginning of a new week… clean new slate… lots to do, but full of hope (illusion??) that I’ll be able to achieve everything!

  481. Mondays are harder for me to love. I do like the start of a new week to accomplish things.

  482. I LOVE mondays, I do music classes with my 2.5 year old, she sings, she dances, she claps.
    She’s the loudest and craziest in the class. She LOVES it.
    And that makes my heart soar.

  483. I love Mondays. I always feel a fresh sense of what I can accomplish. Mondays are what get me off to a great start for the week. A chance to regroup and prepare for the week. There is something invigorating about a new day, a new week.

  484. Right now, I love looking forward to Dancing With the Stars that evening. Actually, Monday is make-a-treat day at a household. Usually an edible goodie, but sometimes a project.

  485. I do most of my cleaning and laundry on Sundays, so Mondays are a fresh start for me! I love looking forward to playing with my 9-month-old and not worrying about chores or to-do lists!

  486. Amber Smith says:

    I love that my last “accounting” class ever is on Mondays and then I get on with my week and only 4 more classes left!

  487. I’ve always liked Monday’s because it is a fresh beginning for a new week.

  488. Mondays are grocery day, so a chance to find new healthy things my kids will eat. Or at least I can try!

  489. Mondays mean the hubby is back at work and Jason is back at school. I can clean the house from our messy weekend. I don’t take time to do too much cleaning when the family is around. Hugs, Mandy

  490. I like fresh, new starts and Mondays remind me of that!

  491. I love the first few minutes I have to myself as my family goes off to school and work after our busy weekends together. I know it sounds kind of selfish, but true.

  492. Jennifer Butler says:

    What I love about Mondays is that I get to start my week with Yoga. My company offers Yoga at work so it’s a great way to start the week. I wouldn’t have the time to go otherwise!
    Jennifer B.

  493. I love Mondays because it is my day to get organized, regroup and move on.

  494. Mondays are like a whole new fresh start, like the new year or like a brand new month. I feel like it is a chance to start over.

  495. M.D. Richardson says:

    I like Mon. because I feel like I have a brand new slate – I’m rejuvenated from the weekend and lloking forward to the promise of a new week! ;) Mart

  496. I love mondays because mondays mean going to work and seeing my 16 wonderful 1st grade students.

  497. Mondays are my favourite day of the week because it’s my day off;)
    I get to do some volunteer work, read if I like, hang with my kids, visit with a girlfriend and scrapbook of course!
    This is the best way to start any week.

  498. I usually work from home on Mondays so it seems to make the work week go by so much faster! I also seem way more productive.

  499. I love the “getting back into the routine” part of Mondays. I love the work hard feeling of a Monday, and seeing things getting checked off my list.

  500. I like Mondays because they are a fresh start. Even if last week was unproductive or not happy or too busy, Monday signals a new chance to make the week better.

  501. Mondays are pretty great because Grandma and Grandpa pick my son up from daycare so I can have a night off with my husband to go out to eat, play tennis….whatever we want to do :)

  502. Wendy Parent says:

    I love working from home on Mondays!

  503. Okay…just keeping it real here. :-) I love Mondays because, after having family time for the weekend, everybody is back in school or at work and I have time to regroup/recharge and get ready for the week. I love to look through the cupboards and decide what we need from the grocery store and get the laundry done and basically get everything back “in order”. Physically and mentally.

  504. possibilities – Mondays are a new begining of each week! You get to decide how you are going to be!

  505. Mondays are tough to love…but the start of a fresh week ahead.

  506. michelle norris says:

    I love monday because it is a fresh week and I get to do a little scrapbooking in the morning while my preschooler in school. michelle

  507. Mondays are a great way to start fresh. They open a world of possibilities.

  508. I can’t say I really love Mondays but they do offer a chance to start anew.

  509. I do love Mondays…a fresh new start to each week!

  510. I like to get all the laundry done over the weekend so Monday morning, there is no… “Mom, where are my _________ ? (insert any item of clothing here).
    Then, Monday evening, I start the piles going again and do laundry little bits at a time until the weekend when I hit it hard. Then its clean laundry Monday morning again.

  511. Mondays- a chance to do it all over again. if you didn’t get it right last week, well Monday’s your opportunity to try again. and if you did get it right last week, then can you Top it? Monday, means you can give it a whirl.

  512. Monday’s are generally the most changed up day of the week. Most other days have the same flavor and you know what to expect from them, but Monday’s have a life all their own, you never really know what’s coming.

  513. Rebecca Walters says:

    I love seeing my daughters face when my husband comes home on a Monday evening, it is like he has been gone an entire week, even though she has just spent the whole weekend with him. It makes his day so worth all the stress at work.

  514. Well, I am not usually a fan of Mondays, but we get to start all over again… and Heros is on!

  515. My favourite thing about Monday is walking my oldest DS to school and having a few minutes of one-on-one time with him before we both start our days. Really, I like doing that every day…but Monday doesn’t have much else going for it!

  516. I love Monday’s because I have the best boss, who let me rearrange my schedule to have Friday’s AND Monday’s off! So with this week’s Monday I chaperoned a field trip with my middle daughter’s 5th grade.

  517. Cheryl Kielly says:

    One of my favourite things about Mondays is the new beginning. It’s like starting fresh.

  518. I get to sleep in on Mondays! I have early church meetings on Sundays, so Monday is the one day that I can sleep in!

  519. Monday signals the return of the routine…the weekends are always so wildly filled with willy-nilly activities that it sometimes gets a little harried and overwhelming, but Monday, Monday is routine, it is all laid out for me before it even gets here. Love that.

  520. Mondays are a good day to get back in to a family routine. I go to the gym, the kids go to school and my husband goes to work. From there we have different activities and committments and it is all good!

  521. I like alternate Mondays, I work part time, an once a fortnight is a Monday off and I can catch up with what I want to do rather than what needs to be done!

  522. I love that Mondays are usually productive around the house, and I get to volunteer that day in my kindergartner’s class.

  523. What I love about Mondays are the kids are back in school after spending time together during the weekend. Monday’s give me a chance to plan the week out and have some quiet time to scrapbook or read.

  524. I love how productive Mondays are. I’m well rested and ready to tackle big projects at work and at home.

  525. I love all the classes that I have taken at BPS and looking forward to be an alumni for LOM next year.
    I would love to take this class, but I am with Hughes and had had problems with download the videos from Have More Fun. Patty

  526. I teach accounting and taxation online at the university level. Monday is the start of my week and I always hope that it will be a great one!

  527. Mondays are great because of the renewed sense of purpose in all things in life after having fun during the weekend. On Mondays I am able to look back on the weekend and be thankful for all I have (family, husband, etc.) and and don’t have (sickness, unsurmountable challendges, etc.). Thank you!

  528. On Mondays curtain time is earlier which means I get to go home earlier!

  529. Mondays mean waking up to coffee and a new homeschool week. I get to spend the day teaching my children and catching up with the home. I love Mondays with my family!

  530. Mondays are a fresh start. A new outlook on the week ahead.. your days ahead really depend on a good one

  531. i just got an e-mail about this the other day! great idea!

  532. i just got an e-mail about this the other day! great idea! – mondays are great, because friday is much closer!

  533. I’m so excited about this class. I have signed up for the monthly option for now because I can afford it that way. I can’t wait for it to start. Just finished Kolette’s Giving Well class. Took it last year too. She’s great.

  534. Mondays… I love that we get back to a regular routine after enjoying family time all weekend. It’s a day when everything in my world is caught up (laundry, groceries in the fridge…etc).
    Thanks for offering somebody a free experience next year! How fun!!

  535. Monday is the day I work at the salon so It’s alway’s a good day to catch up with all my clients who I haven’t seen in two weeks! I work in the afternoon and evening so my husband cooks for himself and the kids that night!! I love that!!

  536. Weekends are always unique. Each brings something different than the one before. I love Mondays because they are the constants . . . we return to the schedules and routines and roles that are the structure of our lives.

  537. Mondays – a fresh start, a renewal, a chance to do better, a clean slate…and the happy hum of the washer and dryer running all day long! :o)

  538. Monday’s are a fresh beginning.

  539. tammy Thomas says:

    oh my how awesome it would be to win!
    Mondays are fresh, a new week with possibilities and an opportunity for a new perspective. I love Mondays because there are always great new posts on my favorite blogs.

  540. I just finished Kolette’s class, Giving Well & would LOOOVE to win a ticket to her yearlong class!!! I like the fresh start that Mondays seem to bring.

  541. Mondays are a new opportunity each week to be a better person:love more, reach out more and connect with friends and family!

  542. I love that Monday’s feel like a new start. :)

  543. Mondays are a fresh start… Rejuvenated from church and ready to conquer the world!
    Oh, and my kids go back to school…All 3 are in school on Mondays! ;o)

  544. I would love to attend a Life Well Crafted. I love Kolette’s classes.

  545. Monday brings us back into our weekly routine and almost always makes me look forward to Friday again!

  546. What a great gift, a year of motivation!
    I love that Monday is a clean slate for a week. It’s all uphill from Monday, as it’s straight ahead to the weekend!

  547. What I love about Mondays are waking up to my daughter’s smiling face telling me she is so excited to go to another day of Kindergarten! So precious!

  548. Monday means I survived the hectic (I thought weekends were supposed to be restful) weekend!

  549. What I love about Mondays is that they are one day closer to Friday!!!

  550. Mondays are my cleaning days – so I love Mondays! Monday=clean house! Tracy

  551. I don’t have to go to work on Mondays; nice way to start the week. ~Jennie~

  552. barbara morphew says:

    mondays–a day for me to reflect on the weekend and look forward to the days ahead.

  553. beautifulmotherdear says:

    Monday means I get to start over and try again. A whole week lies ahead. Can I somehow shape it into something great? Can I get closer to what I really want to be?

  554. Monday means a fresh start and an opportunity think of more ways to have fun! From scrapbooking, to baking, to organizing, the possiblities are endless!!

  555. I like Mondays – they are a beginning – to a new week, to new tasks, and I never have to work on Mondays!

  556. I never win anything but what a prize!

  557. My dry cleaner has a 15% discount on Monday’s. Whats not to love about that.

  558. I love Mondays because they are super busy at work and they set the tone for the rest of my week.

  559. One word: HOPE! Mondays have all the possiblities of the world laid out before me……What do I want to make happen this week? I love Mondays!

  560. Oh Mondays! They take me back to a routine. I love them!!!!!!

  561. Monday is a great day because it is a day when I get to help out in my son’s class at school. I love going in and seeing the 3rd graders learning how to write cursive and do multiplication. After I am done at the school,I am always wiped out so I stop at Sonic on my way home and get a Route 44 diet coke with lime. What could be better?

  562. Mondays are a fresh new start to the work week, a whole new beginning to whatever happened the week before.

  563. i love the big dreams i start accomplishing on Mondays. And that i have to make something really creative because i pick up a crate of veggies every Tuesday from the CSA farm i just joined!

  564. What I love about Mondays is going back to work. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the weekends, but I also really love my job!

  565. Mondays? What do I love about Mondays? That’s a tough one…..I guess it would have to be what I love about any day….if I wake up above the ground…..I’m loving it!!! Seriously, Monday’s are tough, but I guess what I love about it the most is that I know my Monday nights are mine, no commitments, no after-work activities. I just can go home an relax and get revved up for the week.

  566. I love getting to my desk at work on Monday morning, looking at the work that lies ahead in the coming week (and updating my planner), and knowing that I’m living out my vocation doing work I love.

  567. I love Monday because I go back to work to a job that’s been there for me for many years providing me with a perfect balance of challenge and reward.

  568. I love Mondays…ready to tackle the week after being with family and getting spiritually fed from church. I head out the door with a cleaned out purse (one of my Sunday night chores before going to bed), and I am trying a new tradition since all of my kids are now in college and away from home. I am using this family day to send them each a card or small package each Monday afternoon.
    :)Sharon T in Wyoming

  569. Mondays are a fresh start–a clean slate–after recharging over the weekend.

  570. I used to dislike mondays because it meant leaving my kids and going back to work. Now I love mondays because they give me a chance to start over, to try to improve on last week, to get closer to my goals of being a better mom, and a better person. And if it doesn’t work this week, I know I always have another monday to keep trying.

  571. I love the peace that comes Mondays after the kids are delivered to school, and then I can come home for a quiet cup of coffee and a day of regrouping. The washer and dryer are humming along as I press the “reset” button on family life after a weekend full of activities. I am usually smiling thinking of all the fun we have when everyone is home together (or now that the kids are older, watching them enjoy their own fun times with friends). It is often a day of peace after the whirlwind, and it is lovely!

  572. I am not one for loving Mondays as it is the start to a new work week, and back to a job that is lacking in enjoyment…. but I do like Mondays for one thing….I usally have the house clean and start the week with all fresh laundry…(One of the weekend days is housework day) so Monday is usually a fresh start with a clean house. Sad I know, but I had to think of something!

  573. Kathy Lindstrom says:

    Mondays mean a fresh new slate of NPR weekend podcasts (and a host of other podcasts) on my ipod. They make working on Monday very enjoyable!

  574. I love Mondays because it means that working people are back at work, kids are back in school, and those of us that are retired can go places without the crowds. Selfish maybe, but that’s it!

  575. I love Mondays b/c the kids go back to school and I have time to get the house in order–laundry, grocery shopping, straightening up, etc. When I get so much accomplished on Mondays we have a great week.

  576. KristaLund says:

    I like Mondays because it is a new beginning.

  577. Mondays are great days to admire all the fun projects I’ve made over the weekend.:)

  578. Suzie Perrie says:

    I love Mondays because they are usually ME days. I don’t have plans involving other people or obligations. I can spend as much time at the gym or giving myself a pedicure as I want to.

  579. Mondays mean an end to the weekend night shift.

  580. Megan Taylor says:

    Right now with my school and work schedule, I happen to have every Monday off, to catch up on school and house work. So for me, Monday is a much needed extension on my weekend! :) You can’t beat that.

  581. I love that mondays are a chance to start again. either on the diet or keeping up with work, or just being a better version of myself! however bad the last week may have been, as long as monday comes, then its not too late to reach a little higher.
    roll on next monday ;o)

  582. splendorfalls28 says:

    Monday Monday – even though I seem to miss my husband and daughter more on Monday’s after a weekend of fun – I do love seeing her face when I pick her up and then seeing how happy she is to see Daddy when he gets home.

  583. Eleonor F. says:

    I love Mondays because it is the always the start of something new. a new week, a chance for a new friendship, the start of a new blessed day.

  584. Eleonor F. says:

    I love that Mondays always signal the start of something new. a new week, a chance at a new friendship, a new blessed day.

  585. Diane Payne says:

    I like Mondays because it a fresh start for a new week.

  586. The one thing I love about Mondays is it’s a new start to a new week – if last week was bad, this is your chance to start all over!

  587. I love Mondays! It is the perfect day to start the week off fresh. I am usually rested and relaxed from the weekend, and ready to take on the week!

  588. i love mondays as there is a certain comfort in routine…

  589. Michelle Salazar says:

    Mondays have always been my favorite day of the week and most people find that strange but I love getting back to a routine and knowing that I have a another week to enjoy and get my projects done!

  590. I love Mondays because after the weekend, I get all the sleepy, smiling hugs from the boys in the morning!

  591. Monday means that anything can happen in the upcoming week. It starts the week with the promise of achievements made and goals reached.

  592. Love Mondays for the start of a new week, back to routine!

  593. Ok I could make something up and claim to love Mondays, but honestly I hate Mondays. It means that the kids go back to school and dh goes off to work. (I’d rather have them all home with me even though it means that house is messier, noisier and it’s just plain chaotic.)
    Ok the one thing I do like about mondays is the quiet that comes with monday mornings after everyone heads head and I’m left to deal with the mess of the weekend. But I’d trade it in a minute for more family time.

  594. I love Mondays because its my day to clean up after a messy weekend with my girls. My house smells good and gets back to ‘normal’ on Mondays.

  595. Susan Ringler says:

    I love Mondays because I get to have a “do over” –if things were tough the week before then this is always a new opportunity. I also love Monday because it usually means all the bloggers who have taken the weekend off have a new post with wonderful pictures usually as well!!!! We love ya Stacy!

  596. Mondays represent a clean canvas and an opportunity to begin creating, learning and experiencing life for seven new days in a row! Peace.

  597. I love Monday because I volunteer in my kid’s classrooms. I alternate weeks between my 5th grade daughter’s classroom and my 2nd grade son’s classroom. I like getting to know the kids in their classes and seeing how they behave at school.

  598. Mondays are one step closer to the weekend.

  599. I love Monday, because it is a fresh start to the work week.

  600. I love monday because i have 2 days before I have to work and its 2 days with my baby boy! (He is almost 11 month, not very baby anymore but its very nice to be toghter!) (My englisch is not very good hope you now what i mean:-)

  601. I love Mondays b/c it’s a fresh start to a new week. I love fresh starts. Everyday offers them, but for some reason Monday’s are FRESHER! ha! What a fun giveaway! Love that picture with the hearts,too.

  602. Mondays are opportunities wrapped up in hard work! Probably my busiest day of the week but what a nice sense of accomplishment so early in the week!

  603. Alesa Larsen says:

    I love that on Monday’s I feel so ambitious. I usually make a list a mile long of all the things I want/need to accomplish that week. By friday I realize I am not even half way done and feel a little discouraged. But by Monday I am ready to go again and start my list anew.

  604. Sherry Mescher says:

    Enjoy Monday’s because they mean we’re back to a schedule and routine. Love Friday’s because at the end of the day we take a break from our routine.

  605. I love getting back into our weekday routine. Weekends are fun, but our weekday routine incorporates regular bedtimes (so I can have some time alone) and planned times for reading with short people. Having a plan means that the important things don’t get forgotten in the busy-ness of our days!

  606. I love Mondays b/c it’s a fresh start to the week! I also have Bible Study on Monday nights. :-)
    Would LOVE to win! Like most people, the finances are tight right now, but I want to keep my creative spark! (and you don’t need money for that, really!). :-D
    Amy in CA

  607. I love Mondays…I work a half-day on Monday…That allows me to take a few more photos, scrap, and watch my feeder birds…It’s great!!!

  608. Sarah Scrapper says:

    Mondays are not my favorite day of the week by any means…but it means a new week starting,
    downloading any pictures I took from the weekend, and catching up with family and friends about their weekend!

  609. I love that Monday means a brand-spanking new to-do list. I start a new list every Monday and it’s so fun (I know, I’m a dork) to start a list with a brand new piece of paper. Woo-hoo!
    XxOO, Sandy

  610. Jacqueline Smith says:

    I love Mondays, as the kids are off to school & kindy so with my house is in order I get an hour of exercise outside then a few hours of scrapbooking before I start the pickups and afternoon routines! It is a ME day yahoo!

  611. Monday means a new week. A new week with infinite possibilities.

  612. Lisa Bracale says:

    Well Monday’s for me really are my Thursday’s. (I work Sun-Tue) so once I tackle Monday I just have 1 more day till the real fun begins. I like working but I like being at home even more. I get the kids on/off bus, yummy snacks and dinners. Then I have time to scrap etc.

  613. My Mondays are baby holding days! I have a friend with infant twin girls who also has 3 boys between the ages of 2 and 6. I go and hold babies and she homeschools. My youngest is 7, so it’s been a few years since I’ve gotten to cuddle and love on babies.

  614. Mondays are my days to get up and running and the beginning to a glorious week, even if it turns out to not be so wonderful. It’s like a new beginning every 7 days!

  615. Hmm why do I love Mondays
    Hmm why do I love Mondays
    Hmm why do I love Mondays
    Hmm why do I love Mondays
    Hmm why do I love Mondays and so on
    I am not sure if I do love Mondays (snicker)

  616. I am an elementary assistant principal for 450 K – 4 students. Mondays are usually pretty good days for me, though not always. This particular Monday as the students lined up after breakfast they were suspiciously–even eerily quiet and orderly!!! We have worked ALL year to get them to leave the cafeteria in a quiet and orderly fashion. This Monday they did it incredibly well, I knew then I was in for a GREAT week–and that it has been! Yea for Marvelous Mondays!

  617. I love Mondays because we are all always home to eat dinner together as a family.

  618. Well, not gonna sugar coat this, because Mondays are not my favorite day of the week. So let’s see if I can find one thing I love about Mondays…that would have to be when they are over! ;)
    Jodie W from Missouri

  619. Family Home Evening. :)

  620. I love Mondays because after a weekend I am full of plans for the new week. They are like mini New Years in that they are a new start.

  621. ahhh. sweet monday. a fresh start. fresh sheets. fresh food in the fridge. fresh outlook. fresh to do list. mondays to me? just plain fresh these days. (yes – i’m working the glass half full thingy like a wild woman!)

  622. Mondays….awwwww…the start of a new week. And new hope. I will journal my food (and Points) this week. I will make time for devotions every day. I will excercise at least 5 times this week. I will not eat out. I will organize and prioritize.
    Hmmm…sounds like a new years resolution.
    Mondays are a new year, on a much smaller and attainable scale.

  623. Monday, Monday…
    What could I possibly say that has not already been said about that fabulous day of the week?
    I wanna try cos I sure wanna win!!!
    I love mondays because it provides promise and potential as I seek to live my life with purpose.

  624. Forget Fridays! Monday has always been my favorite day of the week… a fresh start, a new bout of enthusiasm, a ‘do-over’ if you’re needing one, a brand-spankin’ new week. Plus, you get one with EVERY week of the year-who could ask for more?!!

  625. Mondays? Who loves Mondays? Not me – my second least favorite day of the week (My least favorite is Tuesday, in case you’re wondering!)
    The one thing I can say I love about Mondays is it is a “clean slate” day – the whole week is just beginning – a chance to get done and do right. A chance to “wipe the slate clean” and start over.
    Lynn (furrball)

  626. Mondays are…a new “to do” list for the week and an opportunity to cross lots of things off!

  627. Monday is the night that I totally give in to just doing nothing after I get home. I give myself permission to just be, and if that means cooking, and then watching tv that’s what I do.

  628. Julie Ballard says:

    Mondays- a chance to start all over, again.- New week of school-new stuff to get done, etc.

  629. I know that on a regular calendar, Sunday is the beginning of the week. But for me, it is Monday. On Monday, I feel refreshed, renewed, and I can start a new week, with no regrets of looking back.

  630. Marygail Mello says:

    I see Mondays as a new fresh start of my life, a new week to plan, live, do stuff that I wanted to do. If there was something I want to get started on (such as a diet, or a new project) I always tell myself I’ll start that on Monday. That is why I love Mondays – because it’s my mental clean slate.

  631. My oldest daughter gets out of school early on Mondays, so I know that I have an early “time off” from entertaining my 1 1/2 year old. When she gets home, they are happy to see each other and play. :)

  632. Rose Huffman says:

    I love Mondays. They start off the week fresh after a weekend full of forced family fun and if I have a great, creative Monday the rest of the week is awesome. – Rose

  633. Like so many others, I love the fresh slate that Monday morning hands out. New week with new lists.

  634. Charlene English says:

    Monday’s are a great way to start off the new week. It is a day filled with energy, possibilities and a freshness. It is a clean canvas on which to design the rest of your week.

  635. Dondalee Southern says:

    I love awaking with the optimism of a new week before me because I am refreshed from my day of rest and ready to tackle the opportunities and challenges of the week ahead. BRING IT ON!!!

  636. I love Mondays because it is my double special day at school (I’m a teacher) and the two early morning periods really allow me to focus on the best learning possible for my kids for the week.

  637. I love Mondays because it’s my big cleaning day & I love a clean house! It’s also Thrift Shop volunteer day, so I get to see all the deals! :)

  638. I love Mondays because it usually means the start of some new learning with my students.

  639. Mondays Mondays Mondays. Wow this is hard ’cause I really don’t like Mondays all that much! I guess one good thing is – if you had a bad week before (say at your daily office job lol) it’s a chance to start over a bit. Beginnings are good things.

  640. i love mondays because i usually bake on the weekend and mondays are a chance to eat my leftover goodies!! :)

  641. I love Mondays because it’s my day to put the previous work week away and start over. My activity reports are due on Monday, so once they are done I can start fresh week. I can “clean house” at work and get fresh, unmarked charts on all the boards. A little strange yes, but clean, unrevised reports make me happy. :)

  642. The thing I like about Mondays is it’s a fresh start. A chance to stick with the diet, finish all of my “to do’s”, plan some fun time, etc. My favorite show comes on Monday night TV, too! Guilty pleasure…

  643. Wendy WendtVanGuilder says:

    I love Mondays because my 5 year old Kindergartner and 7 year old first grader LOVE school. Every Monday morning it’s something new and they are excited and can’t wait to get ready and get to school!
    It’s so cute and so funny all at the same time!
    Wendy WVG, Roseville, MN

  644. Monday reminds me of new beginnings.
    Monday is full of hope and also full of work because you have to start off strong to finish the week strong.
    Monday…it reminds me of the Carpenter song Rainy Day and Mondays….:)

  645. Mondays always make me believe that I am getting a “do-over” — another chance to pull a week together that excels in family, volunteerism, and creativity. That’s what I tell myself anyway!

  646. Because I USED TO hate Mondays, I made it a day where I have no expectations of myself. I pretty much gave myself permission to do anything on Mondays. If I want to sleep in, I do. If I want to scrapbook, I do. If I want to clean house (ha ha), I do. The funny thing is, now that I have the freedom to do something or nothing, I get so much more done on Mondays! Gotta love them!

  647. Mondays for me are always a new start to an exciting, busy week. As a teacher librarian, my first class each week is a room full of four year olds (most with a disability) and it really keeps me on my toes. I want them to be excited about reading, so I try to share a really fun book. How could you not love that? Making four year olds laugh?

  648. Helen Shields says:

    Mondays, the blank sheet of paper with the week spreading out in front of you. A time to reflect on the previous week and mark your mistakes or achievements. A time to move on with a clean slate and gear yourself to aim high and reach for those dreams however big or small. A time to plan some special moments with your family before you get all caught up in the today and now moments.
    Please enter me into the draw I would love to learn from such a super positive couple.

  649. Monday’s are not our family’s favorite day of the week. It’s the first day we have to part ways (Dad to work, brother to school) after having our weekends together (always a blessing – being together). So we’ve made Monday’s Easy days. When we’re all back home together, it’s about relaxing together. A movie might be involved or a game or just talking. Another thing I like is a little quality time with my daughter while her brother is at school.

  650. We do devotion nights on Monday, so I”m forced to plan the meal and dessert before we start the day. I love starting off right.

  651. Mondays always feel like a clean slate, a chance to do the things that I didn’t do the week before. Like count those Weight Watchers points! :-P

  652. Laura Glover says:

    I love Mondays because it’s the day that I think of fresh starts and I always have my Monday morning list for the week. After a full (hopefully) weekend of fun and relaxation, I enjoy the beginning of the week to get back into routines.
    I’d love to take this Life Well Crafted Class…so inspiring and so great. Just can’t afford it at this time.

  653. I love Monday for many reasons…one of them being that I have cleaning help every other Tuesday…so, every other Monday I get to anticipate a squeaky clean house! I polish silver, wash sheets and rugs and “get ready” for the spectacular help that arrives every other Tuesday!

  654. I love Mondays because they are the start of a new week and anything is possible! I also like to toss out my old list and start my new one and I love that feeling :) Yep, I’m a goof ball that loves lists!

  655. I love Mondays because I have great weekend memories to keep me going. Having my hubby around for the weekend refreshes me to start the week again!

  656. I love Mondays for the new beginning feeling and usually this is the day that I don’t have anything else scheduled after work so I can go home and do whatever I want after work!

  657. Mondays are my ‘paper’ day which means I get to sit in front of the computer all day long if I want to. Cause that’s the schedule! Pay a few bills, file something, then read blogs. What a great way to start the week!

  658. I like Mondays because it means another week on the right side of the grass is beginning.

  659. Monday is the start of a brand new week for me. The kids are back in school and I have time to work on all of the things that I just can’t get to when I’m being paged every five minutes.

  660. I like Mondays because its the start of a new week of possiblities. It’s like the slate has been wiped clean and whatever craziness went on the week before is gone and you get to start over.

  661. I like Mondays because of the excitement of my kids and myself going back to school – I’m a teacher and I enjoy seeing my students. It’s a new week of learning. My own children are young and school is an exciting place of learning for them.

  662. Love Kolette, love BPS! Thanks for keeping all the great classes coming!

  663. Ooops, didn’t read far enough! Why I love Mondays, well, I actually am sad to see everyone off the work and school, but I don’t plan anything on Mondays so it’s my day to play with photos, cook, exercise, putter, whatever I most want and need to do!

  664. Susan in NY says:

    My favorite thing about Monday is that the whole week is ahead of me like a blank slate. Everyone else in my house goes to school/work and I get a ton of stuff done!!! xo Susan
    P.S. I am already signed up for the Jan. class! ;o)

  665. Why I like Mondays – you have got to be kidding? I drive a school bus – LOL!! . . . but I do like them during the summer because I can get back to my weekly routine of scrapbooking while everyone else in my home goes off to work!

  666. Monday has grown to become one of my favorite days…in my super sleuth SAHM fashion, I get my son off to school and then use the day to relax and enjoy some ME time. Our weekends are generally jam packed between church activities and our family time, so I spend Monday’s doing what I want and then use the rest of the week being more productive…

  667. I love Mondays because they mark a gentle return to rhythm and routine (which is so important with 3 children under 5) but 6 or 7 times a year, they become an extra day to celebrate with family or enjoy a mini-getaway!

  668. April Sue Storie says:

    I am most aware of my life on Mondays. My life story began on a Monday. Mondays are new beginnings, fresh opportunities waiting for me. Mondays are perfect days to start a new diet and/or a new exercise plan. (Fridays are good days to end those plans).

  669. Mondays are my favorite days of the week. It’s my selfish day- after having everyone home all weekend, needing me for everything, they all go off to school and work and leave me with some much needed peace and quiet to get my things done around the house. I love my family, but Monday’s are my mini vacations!

  670. Angie Kyle says:

    Mondays means getting back into the swing of things like a beginning of a new project or goal. The kiddos are at school, the hubby off to work, and I can actually get something accomplished.

  671. I love everything about Mondays, my husband and I both have the day off together. He works Tuesday through Friday, I work Saturday and Sunday, so Mondays are the best day of the week for us. We get to hang out together and play as a family with our two little girls. We go to the museum, the movies and the park. So much fun!

  672. After my daughter leaves for school and the other is watching a bit of tv, I like to do a quick decluttering to help start the week off right.

  673. I am trying to love Mondays. But really, I don’t. I love my Sundays!! So, I tried to think of something I like about Mondays. Here is what I came up with… On Mondays, other people go to their jobs, and the roads are less crowded during the day.

  674. I have a love-hate relationship with Mondays. I hate that they mean the weekend is over (I love all the extra time we get with Husband/Dad during the weekend), but I LOVE that Mondays mean routine and hopefully the chance to find the tiniest bit of time to be creative while my kiddos(well two of them anyway) are busy at school. Most weeks I just enjoy the hope of that creative time, but even just the hope that Mondays bring for that time makes Monday a good day in my book!

  675. I love that when I finish volunteering in my daugters class, I have the rest of the morning/early afternoon for myself!

  676. Ahh, Monday! I love the anticipation of the week ahead, the opportunity to face it once again with a positive attitude, and the determination of keeping that same attitude as challenges present themselves during the week!

  677. Why I love Mondays…..a couple reasons…..I get to plan out the whole week which is all brand new…and this year because my birthday fell on a Monday….

  678. Mondays are the one day of the week that I get a little time to myself. I get off work at 1:30 and have my nanny until 4. So Mondays mean a little bit of me time. LOVE that!

  679. Monday’s ROCK! They are a clean slate… full of possibilities and promise. Love that anything is possible on a Monday… Planning the week and geting ready! Everything is fresh on Monday… It’s my Go day after weekends with my beautiful Family!

  680. I love Mondays because they come after the restful, soul-rejuvenating day of Sunday. I love Mondays because I get to see my work friends and share weekend joys and sorrows.

  681. Christina in MIchigan says:

    Mondays mean back to our usual routine; busy morning get the kids off to school, spend some time to have that special, hot cup of coffee (that we rarely get to enjoy with the kids around!) and then time for work. The best part about Mondays is when we make them a long weekend!! (>:

  682. Julie Dawson says:

    Mondays means normality and routine is back usually after week ends of relaxing a bit with routine and enjoying all things that go with week ends it’s good to get back to the swing of things forget about the past week and start afresh with renewed positivity!

  683. Monday is my menu plannng/grocery shopping day. Unlike many people I love grocery shopping and planning menus.

  684. I love Mondays because my fiance goes back to work and I can sleep in. And every other Monday I don’t have to work!

  685. To me, Mondays mean a fresh start–a clean slate to do anything. The week is full of possibilities on Monday’s. Gotta love em’

  686. I love Mondays cause is the night where we spend time together as a family. Without interruptions from other things.

  687. I love Monday night cause we spend time together as a family. Without interruptions from other things.

  688. Mondays are a day for me to catch up on some chores and enjoy a little free time. The weekends are filled with activities with my boys and husband. We have lots of fun over the weekend and then Its nice to have a quiet house on Monday during school time.

  689. I love Monday night TV. I also like that Mondays are a fresh start to a whole new week. Why that mentality should persist now that I’m not working is beyond me, but it does.

  690. mondays…a new week, a new day, a clean slate! my house is clean, my project desk at home is clean, my desk at work is clean and waiting for me, and i feel ready to tackle the world!! oh, only after a nice hot cup of tea :)

  691. mondays are the chance to start again!

  692. Mondays means the beginning of a new week, a fresh start, a chance to make the week or break it…it reminds me of Gods mercy and grace which is new every morning! We homeschool our 7 children and Mondays is our day to hang out and read together and set the pace and tone for the week!!

  693. Monday is my veg out day…i do whatever i want AT HOME.
    crafting, reading , sleeping, puttering…LOVE IT

  694. Hmmm..something good about Mondays. This is hard because it is the beginning of the work week. I guess because I have been away from my daughter all day and I love to see how her face lights up when I pick her up from daycare!!

  695. Mondays mean a fresh start to the week, open to new possibilities. It also means back to the regular routine which is always very reassuring after our normally busy weekends.

  696. Mmmm…I love the fresh possibilities of a brand-new week on Mondays!!

  697. Mmmm…I love the fresh possibilities of a brand-new week on Mondays!!

  698. My dh says Mondays are good because the kids go back to school ;-) I like Mondays because we all start fresh again and get back to our weekday routines.

  699. I love Monday’s cause you are always refreshed and feel like you can conquer the world!

  700. I love that Monday is an entire day at home. The girls don’t have any extracurricular activities in the evening, so we can get a lot accomplished in homeschooling and still have some free time with the family.

  701. I love the fresh start that Monday brings. Every Monday I begin checking items off the to-do list I made on Sunday. Checking things off a to-do list makes me seriously happy:)

  702. Sarah Scrapper says:

    I am ususally downloading pictures from the weekend so I guess I look forward to Mondays for THAT reason:) Also, I get to catch up with friends about their weekend!

  703. I love the feeling of starting over.Its another chance to start fresh. Mondays are my fresh start…I need lots of those..Gloria

  704. Monday’s are my favorite day of the week because they signifiy a new begining…a time to get things right, to get things done, to start anew. Love them!

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