12 Days *BONUS*

The economy is tough this year and since we ALL know the best gifts are gifts of personal connection, I am eager to promote to very cool classes at Big Picture Scrapbooking. Take these classes now to enable interesting and personal holiday greetings to extended family and friends.


First up … The Gift of Words, taught by Amy Sorensen. Amy has a gift for expressing authentic feelings and a gift for teaching others how to do the same. These two-week workshop will help you give what your loved ones most want — a little piece of you to read over and over again. It's NOT too late. CLASS STARTS TODAY!


Next … Lain's expertise in writing a family newsletter that will actually be READ and perhaps even filed away in the "good ideas" file. Sign up for Fit-to-be-Scrapped Holiday Letters and you'll gain access to Lain's easy humor and some step-by-step instructions for compiling an authentic review of your year that you'll be eager to send. THIS IS A PROJECTS NOW CLASS AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW!!


  1. I am going to sign up for Amy’s Class today – I am so excited :)
    Along the same lines, I’ve decided to send a card a day to my Grandmother through Christmas. You can see my project here. http://withoutfilters.blogspot.com/2008/12/i-love-christmas.html
    Monica (BPS Student)

  2. I’m already signed up for Amy’s class and got the first download. Just skimmed it and I’m already seeing the value. Christmas cards should definitely be a bit more personal this year!

  3. I’m already in BOTH classes! lol! I’m SO keeping on top of any new releases you have at BPS, I even signed on for GOBI as immediately as it posted. I’m hoping there will be something new coming soon for me to use my $5 off coupon/present sent via e-mail! (BPS bday present I think).
    Anyhow – thanks for an awesome program!
    23 BPS classes and growing!

  4. I already signed up for both classes and took Amy’s previous class and LOVED it.
    Thanks for all the great classes on the site. Also wanted to say that I LOVE your books…just picked up photofreedom…Can’t take your class. But I am going to use the book to help me organize.

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