12 Days * Day 10

YEAH … it's girlfriends day and I have three FABULOUSO gift ideas …

1. The Friendship Blooms bracelet


OK, get this. My adorable sister-n-law Hillary is a jewelry designer (I've linked to her site before) and I asked her if she would design a special friendship bracelet especially for my 12 Days list …


So … there is a limited quantity of these fun, colorful (flower-themed) bracelets designed just for me (and for ALL of YOU — my blog friends.) Each bracelet is $16.00 + shipping.

I requested a bracelet that featured a variety of beads and colors–representative of the variety of personalities and perspectives brought together via scrapbooking and blogs. The little pewter flower is for the year round beauty that a good friend is and the BIG green bead  … let's just pretend that's me (and No, I didn't ask Hillary for my own bead … but I like that one a LOT!)


So, I have mine and I think you need one too. Either for yourself or to share with a friend.

Click Here.

Since the 12 Days is all about gifts and giving. We (Hillary and I) are giving away a very pretty necklace too. All you have to do is leave a comment and share a gift you're giving a friend.

All comments will be entered in a random drawing and I'll post the winner and the necklace tomorrow.

2. Bath by Bettijo Products


This is AMAZING. It is called Lemon Almond Organic Body Wash and it is the BEST body wash EVAH (seriously.) Bettijo sent me some and I'm SOLD.


OK, and this. This is called a Shower Infuser. I wish I could say I'm a bath taker, but I'm NOT. I have too many kids and too much to do until I fall into bed at night. I think to myself "I should take a relaxing bath" but I rarely do. If you're like me and you wish you could get that pampered-bath feeling, from your shower … these shower infusers are for you! Trust ME.

3. Life is Good candles


I don't think I could complete my list without a candle and what could be better than one from Life is Good.

So … share time. Tell me what you're getting for friends on your list and you just might walk away with a really pretty necklace to share.

p.s. If you buy a bracelet — email me a photo! I'd LOVE to do a scrapbook page featuring blog friends and the "bracelet" we share!


  1. I’m getting my friends, Handmade Jewelry (the best kind!) and “The Last Lecture” book by the late Randy Pausch. A great book with a great message on LIVING each day.
    Merry Christmas and thanks so much for the great ideas!

  2. OOO I want to be the green bead as well!! Thansk for the chance, I am making a glass block night lite for my friends!!! Happy Holidays
    Lenea (barb Steffan’s friend)
    Lake Havasu City

  3. I’m giving my friend jewelry. She would LOVE this bracelet, it is so HER!

  4. I am giving my best friend in the world a gun cleaning kit…he’s my DH and that’s what he wanted so who am I to argue that he needs something different.

  5. I’m making my dearest friend an explosion box with photos of our families vacationing together!
    And another friend I’m giving an automatic wine bottle opener…’nuff said!

  6. Sharon Worley says:

    Scarves – that I knitted myself!! Each one in the color that makes me think of that particular friend. Hope they like them.

  7. I’m giving my friends a little felt bag with some lotion in it–and maybe some Bath & Body works soaps or lotions. Those little splurges that we love but rarely buy for ourselves! :)

  8. My friends and I are all going to paint pottery together this Saturday. We’ll draw names when we get there and then we will make a Christmas ornament for someone else. We won’t know who painted our ornament until they are done and picked up. :)

  9. Great bracelets – I just ordered two – one for me and one for my BF. I gave another friend a homemade “Christmas Countdown” calendar filled with little candies. Love that it’s something she can (hopefully!) use year after year. Can I just say that I LOVE Christmas?!
    Darcy – Ellisville, MO

  10. Thanks so much for these ideas and links!! I have a great friend for whom I had no idea about what to get… so I bought her a bracelet… I think it is perfect!

  11. I am getting my friends the gift of time.I know it’s cornball but they are getting an invite for coffee on me anytime…we are finding that these are more than busy days and sometimes to sit and breathe is the best gift of all.

  12. A good friend of mine has been the President this year of a professional association we both belong to. I am making her a 2-up book of all the activities, conferences, etc. she’s done since becoming President-Elect. We’ve been to some great conferences in Alabama, Nashville, St. Louis, and Tucson as well as the two annual conferences we’ve had here in North Carolina.
    Our theme this year was a royalty theme and she was dubbed “Queen Donna” so I’m doing it using crown paper, etc. for tags and stuff and have named the book “The Reign of Queen Donna”.
    She has no idea I’m doing this and is going to be sooooooo thrilled!

  13. Love that bracelet – all the colors!
    I’m making crocheted toys for my friends’ children – and if I can squeak it in, a frog for my friend!

  14. Most of my friends are Stay-At Home-Mommies so I always try and buy them a Night Out.
    I purchase a gift card to a local theater with enough money for two tickets and some treats. Then I babysit their kids for their date night with their hubby.
    All of my girlfriends love it, since what we all really need is a break! (and a date with a steaming hot guy….our hubby.)

  15. I’m going hand-made for Christmas this year for my girlfriends and so have put together a collection of cool things from Etsy.com; a cool zip-up cosmetic bag, a lavender sachet, some organic lip balm and maybe a soap – i’m off to check out the Bath by Bettijo site you just mentioned. Oh and am also giving them a little wallhanging/collage thingie that I made, with an “inspirational” quote. I hope they like it all.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win and thanks for the great idea and sharing!
    Beth (mommy to a busy 5-yr old)

  16. Also, pass on to Hilary that there is a type-o on the linked page. It says “Limited Addition” instad of “Edition”.
    What can I say….I’m a proof reader.

  17. I made some chai tea mix and hot chocolate mix that I put in pretty jars (bought last year after Christmas on clearance). If I have time to bake, I’d like to include a little loaf of banana bread. Yum!

  18. Love that bracelet!! Iti s so happy! Life is Good — oh don’t you love their stuff. They make the softest t-shirts. I put one on my Christmas list — i hope my hubby was listening!! I made my friends gifts this year — CDs with my favorite Chirstmas Music. Hope none of them read this!

  19. That bracelet is gorgeous! I’m making my friends a little framed wall hanging with a Christmas theme.

  20. Cami Haveman says:

    Sewing cute coin purses and bags. But will I ever get done?

  21. I love to give homemade Fireside Coffee Mix and Hot Cocoa Mixes. This year I covered pop cases and am packaging it all together in a 4 or 6 pack carrier.

  22. Christy Pair says:

    I am making a calendar for my friend. She is living half the year in Florida and half the year in Virginia- maybe she can capture some of the fun with her calendar.

  23. Love the bracelet and the candles! Oh so cute!
    For the holidays I’m giving a couple of my closest friends handknit scarves that I’ve made in their favorite colors. (I sure hope they’re not reading this! LOL)

  24. I have my sister-in-law’s name for Christmas and she is absolutely in love with a piece of artwork in the Pottery Barn catalog. Unfortunately, it is not for sale, but I am attempting to recreate it for her. Wish me luck!
    I ordered some of those peppermint shower infusers – Iove the smell of mint in my bathroom! Thanks for the info.

  25. That bracelet is fabulous! It reminds me of my girlfriends from a bible study I used to be in. Our group was together for almost 7 years and one year we bought each other charm bracelets on each of our birthdays. They had a faith charm, a sisters charm, and then a charm that represented that friend…mine was a purse! :) Yes, I love shopping. Then in the following years we’d buy a charm to add to it. I’m so sad that it ended, but we are all still in touch even though most are living in different places now. Anyway, for those few that are here, I’m sure I’ll make my Christmas goodies – family recipes that mostly involve chocolate. I don’t know any girlfriends of mine that don’t love their sweets, especially chocolate!

  26. I love your ideas. Thanks for taking the time to share them with us. I gave a friend of mine the board game “thanksgiving” – obviously tied into the previous holiday but I am so thankful to and for my friends it was appropriate. She was thrilled.

  27. I’m giving very pretty floral print umbrellas to thank my friends for being my friends through rain or shine!

  28. I love this bracelet. Now just how many to order??? I’d love to win a necklace too!

  29. I gave my bff of 23 years a couple of typesof bread mix, a new loaf pan, some new dish towels and a couple of new spatulas. She loves to cook and bake and I figured the pans she got for her wedding 15 years ago may need replacing. We never think about buying new pans or towels, at least I don’t. She seemed quite pleased with the gift and her son was excited about the bread mixes!

  30. Jennifer A says:

    Well, I am now giving my best friend this bracelet, but in addition to it, I picked out all sorts of goodies from the town I live in that I think she would like and make me think of her (we live VERY far apart). Just simple things like chocolate mints, a yummy body scrub from Trader Joe’s that I think she would love and a piece of art from a local artist here where I live.

  31. Nothing. I am throwing my friend a baby shower this Sunday. I only buy presents for my kids and my niece. No stress, no worrying about everyone else in the family & friends.
    Love that bracelet, but since it’s cold and wintery here I’ll be wearing long sleeves until May and no one will see it. But I might just have to get one anyway.

  32. My best friend is getting ready to sell her house and downsize to a condo. She’s getting rid of lots of stuff so I’m putting together a basket of goodies for a snowy afternoon: a candle, really good tea, homemade biscotti (in a cute decorated tin), and a gift certificate for Barnes and Noble.

  33. My BFF & I gave each other a lens for our Christmas/Birthday gift. But my favorite was making her a necklace for no reason and sending as a surprise. I’ve just now ordered the bracelet for me & my good neighbor. LOVE IT :)

  34. Cutest bracelet ever! You had me at “big green bead” – I’m going to put it in my own stocking.
    I am doing a 2nd annual Oprah-esque “favorite things” exchange with a friend – we each pick out stuff we love & want to share, within a set budget, and then wrap it all up and swap. :)

  35. I am just loving your gift ideas. I just ordered one of those bracelets for my best friend Kee, she is just going to love it! I’d love to win a necklace for myself.

  36. momtooboys says:

    I am giving my friend some home made cookies and a crocheted hot mat with matching knitted dish cloth.

  37. Shannon S. says:

    I’ll be giving something homemade from the kitchen. We’re keeping gifts to a minimum this year to get away from all the “stuff” that isn’t always really needed. I love the bracelet and may have to pick one up to set aside for my bff’s birthday! Thanks for the chance to win a necklace. ~Shannon in VA

  38. My sister (who is also my BFF!) and I decided to give each other the gift of “time” this year. We are going to spend an entire day baking and crafting together with our kids. (I might have to bend the rules and get one of these for her too though)

  39. I’m making my friend a “Friends” scrapbook. I moved away this year and I miss her so much. I’m going to buy matching “Friendship Blooms” bracelets too :)

  40. I made my friend a handmade gift. It’s 5 individually painted black blocks, then I used my xyron to stick on fun patterned paper, then I used my cricut to cut out the letters to spell “dream” in different fonts. Love it and she did too! (I couldn’t wait)

  41. How fun! I think I am going to make some goodies and a card for my friends…something simple, but tasty too! I love the bracelet….I might have to get me one! :)

  42. My friend is a note writer so I made her a set of handmade notecards. Gave it to her last night with a matching gift bag and card. She loved it! As I’m writing this I thought I should have included some postage stamps–next time.

  43. Three of us took up cycling this year and we’ve been on a bunch of fun cycling adventures so I created a calendar with the pictures and added cool quotes to it. I put their pictures on their birthday months. It turned out sooo cool!! I’m predicting teary eyes when they open them.
    Now I want to buy them bracelets too! They would love them.

  44. This year it’s so difficult to give gifts when there is so much need for basic necessities in the area, so I am donating things such as gloves, hats, toys etc to the agencies in need. It sounds “hokey” but seriously, I volunteer at a homeless shelter and its just so humbling. I just can’t buy bath salts, cute socks and stuff like that when we have people that come in for a pair of clean socks and a sandwich.

  45. I bought my best friend (my sis) Bill Cosby’s “Happiness” CD – we used to listen to it as kids and were reminiscing at Thanksgiving – so I went online and found it. I know she’ll love it! She’d probably love that bracelet too…

  46. I am giving my friend of mine who is a writer a book called “Once Again to Zelda: The Stories Behind Literature’s Most Intriguing Dedications.” I think she will really enjoy the story behind the story.

  47. Adorable! Pick me!

  48. Laurie Rabatich says:

    My scrapbooking friends & I are spending the day in the country just outside Calgary.We poke around the little shops & enjoy lunch together. We share our gift of time, love & most definitely plenty of laughter.

  49. Laurie Rabatich says:

    My scrapbooking friends & I are spending the day in the country just outside Calgary.We poke around the little shops & enjoy lunch together. We share our gift of time, love & most definitely plenty of laughter.

  50. Malia in Seattle says:

    Love the bracelet! I am making School Days albums for my friend’s kids… she’s a single Mom and doesn’t have much time.

  51. my best friend Nancy (who is not – gsap – crafty and so probably won’t read your blog and discover her gift) is getting a goodie box from Dean & DeLuca – GOOD coffee, cocoa, yummy tea cookies, and swedish fish. And my friend Laura is getting a ‘flip the ring’ game. It’s a long story but she will LOVE this.
    and everyone else – gets my heartfelt wishes for a peaceful and healthy new year. You too!

  52. I’m giving my friends a cute snowflake trivet. Hoping to make a snowflake inspired tag to go with it.

  53. My friend’s birthday is on Christmas Day so to make her day even better I am making her a Birthday banner she will be able to use always.

  54. I don’t usually exchange gifts with friends – makes it a lot easier! Although I do have a couple friends to buy for and I have no idea what I’m getting them!

  55. Beautiful gifts! I’m giving a few handmade gifts this year – a card set, magnets, candles, etc. LOVE giving gifts that are treasured. :)

  56. I love the bracelet! I’m giving all my friends a Scenty plug in and flavor. Love Scentsy!!

  57. This year is one that I am most emotional about. I have lost a very dear friend and “mother” to me. So in her spirit, I am sending several of my friends the book Mom and Dad by Compedium. What an amazing book that documents life!

  58. My best friend is my sister, and she and her family were with us for Thanksgiving. I gave her a lot of little goodies already – ornaments, books, and snacks she likes. I ordered the necklace, too – can’t wait! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  59. One of my good friends is a HUGE MN Vikings fan and she collects Snowmen. I found a cute little snowman dressed in MN Vikings attire. Along with this guy will come a Starbucks giftcard (her morning stop!)
    Thanks for the chance!

  60. I’m making my good friend a scrapbook using the Bo Bunny “Friend” chipboard book. I’m also making lots of journals and other fun things using chipboard and paper!

  61. got my bff these very fun slippers in red! who can resist some cozy, yummy slippers?!

  62. I’m all about candles. I think they make the best gift for friends. And as they burn them, they are reminded that I was thinking of them.

  63. Why scrapbook paper, of course!

  64. I love the bracelets and just purchsed 3…one for me and each of my 2 BFF’s. For my BFF’s I made them scrapbooks for them to complete with the pictures and journaling!
    Happy Holidays!!

  65. Heather T. says:

    I’m making flavored olive oil bottles. YUM!

  66. I’m giving my friend a giftcard to her favorite mexican restaurant.

  67. I’m making a Sponge Bob Square Pants crochet pillow for my friend who thinks SpongeBob rocks!

  68. I am knitting something special for my dear friend!

  69. hi stacy! those bracelets are so cute! what i’m giving my two best friends this year: watches that look just like those bracelets, that i made at super saturday! in past years, i’ve given them both the book, “christmas jars”, and opi avojuice skin quenchers hand cream – it’s SO WONDERFUL! if you haven’t used it, you MUST!

  70. I am giving my friend some rock soaps. They look like nice rocks, or gems maybe. I know she will LOVE them!

  71. ScrappyMommy says:

    I have a good friend who is really into gardening. I took Kolette Hall’s Giving Well class at Big Picture and made her the very cute gardener’s journal that was one of the class projects.

  72. Kathryn Wafer(Kippy) says:

    I have made Sherried Walnuts for friends and family for about 20 years now. Love those cute bracelets.

  73. I bought 2 of my good friends (2) two -page winter layout kits from my local scrap store. I am boxing everything in a K and Company Xmas box made for scrap materials. I am including a Certificate for ” A night of cropping at my house”. Then we can all make the same layouts.

  74. i am giving my friend some homemade bannana bread, she loves this stuff, and is always asking for some, and then i’m buying her a book i know she will enjoy if she gets arround to reading it! And a gift card to Chapters!! MErry Christmas everyone!

  75. Colleen Barron says:

    My best friend Kathy and I are going to spend one Saturday together going shopping in Atlanta. We’ll hit the IKEA store of course. So, we’re giving the gift of spending time together since we very rarely see each other even though we talk every day.

  76. Well, my friends b-day is coming fast and we planned to do a craft day together, so i have some crafts that i found in a Family Fun book and will bring all the supplies and some fresh baked cookies ( oatmeal cranberry ).

  77. I have two friends who are going through some very rough times. So, I am going to give them my time – time to sit and talk with them, and time for themselves as I offer to take their kids for an extended playdate.

  78. I bought my friend a bath & body works basket in my new favorite scent of sweet pea which I think she will also love. have a merry christmas to all……..

  79. I made my two bff’s pillows with felt appliques (heart, house) and the word HOME. I’m also giving them a book titled Bless This Home, full of inspirational quotes, stories, poems, scriptures all related to home and family.
    The bracelet is sweet!

  80. Kelley Sweitzer says:

    I started a new job this year and I’ve become good friends with my assistant teacher. She is young and struggling financially. I plan on helping her out with a couple of gift cards for the places I know she shops at such as Target and the grocery store. Hopefully this will help her and her baby daughter.

  81. I’m giving my friends 2-up photo album with their very own “______ Family 2009″ title page… and for their gift tags, photo ornaments with their family’s initial monogram. And when I get them finished, I’ll post a photo on my blog…eventually :-)

  82. I do a gift exchange with 12 special friends and we are called ¨The Running Girls¨, this year I gave them personalized M&Ms. Had Running Girls written on some and on others Yes We Can!

  83. I’m giving my bff a wonderfully thick and interesting cookbook signed by the author…her favorite! But there is room for a cute and really fun bracelet, too; she would love it!
    Thanks, Stacy!

  84. Ok this so sounds like I’m brown nosing, but, oh well – I just purchased the friendship blooms bracelet for my sister in law. She’s had a rough year but there is a lot of positive “blooming” in her life now. When I saw the bracelet, I knew it would be perfect. Thanks so much!

  85. tracy schmitt says:

    I am giving my friends, (who died this past year of cancer), family a gift basket filled with a gift card for each child to their favorite store, a gift card for her husband and candy and cookies. In fact, we gave it to them this afternoon and it was the best gift we have ever given. We did this with another family and our kids came with us to deliver it.

  86. hoping to give my friend this cool bracelet!! :) Thanks for all the great ideas – you never cease to inspire.

  87. I am getting one of my friends a shadowbox to “scrap” with pics of her own. And I’m making her a mini-album of 5 reasons I am thankful for her friendship.

  88. I’m giving homemade cookies and some handmade cards I stamped!

  89. I am giving my work friends somethings I am making -frames and little albums. None of them scrap and they love the things I make. Shhhhhhh — don’t tell them.

  90. I sent journals, photo clutches, and some handmade/ sbed framed quotes.

  91. Well, I am giving the friendship bracelet that I just purchased :) My sister-in-law loves jewelry, this bracelet looked like the perfect gift!

  92. Oh, I just wish I had a million dollars to buy gifts for my girlfriends… they’re my favorite people to shop for.
    I like vintage finds for things they use everyday, like a change purse, a flower pot or a really cool piece of jewelry.

  93. Homemade treats, ornaments and calendars. Better get busy!

  94. i’m giving my girlfriends their own jars of my homemade hot fudge sauce, and cute martini glass ornaments!

  95. This bracelet is amazing! I was having a super hard time deciding what to get for my very best friend in all the world, but THIS IS IT!!! Thank you, thank you thank you! :)

  96. Tess Davis says:

    My girlfriends and I have started giving regifted items. The rule is you cannot spend any money, but you can find things you already own that you know they will like or make something. It’s been really fun to see what we all come up with. It feels good to be recycling, and truly, the best part is that we all get together to give our gifts and celebrate the season together – something we rarely do. :)

  97. I am making by best friend a prayer jar with little prayers to encourage her and to let her know I am thinking of her. Basically a glass jar cuted up with a tag and little papers with prayers and probably Bible verses on them. Some blank for her to fill out too. She has had a rough year and I think this will help fit the bill.

  98. This year I ordered some fun stamps from CatsLife Press together with their favorite candies (really good dark chocolate, licorice, etc).

  99. Stacy, these bracelets are so cute, had to order one! For friends I altered paper trunk’s chipwheels to hang on their scrappy room doors; they came out so cute! Sue

  100. Anne Thurlow says:

    I’m making a journal for one of my friends who keeps saying that she wants to make more time to write. Hoping this will inspire her to do so.

  101. I’m going scrapbooking with my girlfriends.

  102. Tracy Dayett says:

    I am giving two very dear friends angels with their names on them and a quote saying Thank You. They were with me and did all the emergency stuff that ultimately saved my life this year when I had a subarachnoid hematoma rupture. I call them “my angels on earth”. Thanks for the chance to win.

  103. Wow I love the idea of the shower infusers… I am not a bath taker either and if I was I would have to fight with my three boys. I think that it is an awesome idea along with the candles!! :)

  104. I just bought a bracelet! Too cute!! I love that you support your sis in law!!! I wish everyone was like you!!
    Hugs! On another note, I’ve tried to be very personal this year. I did make frames for one person with the names of his boys on it. I’m really excited about giving them to him. I just know he will love it! We are giving my mom a plane ticket to see my brother in Montana. I can’t wait until we tell her!!

  105. I’m giving books, my famous (!) poppycock and teatowels that I appliqued with Christmas fabric. And I love that bracelet!! I think Santa might have to get one for me = wink, wink!!

  106. until tonight I didn’t know what I was getting my friend. But when I saw this friendship bracelet on your blog I knew exactly what to buy my BFF…Debbie.
    Thanks for all these great ideas.
    Trina {create}

  107. Love the bracelet! Just bought it! Can’t wait to get it. So excited. Thanks for sharing such a nice gift. Happy Holidays.

  108. Suzie Perrie says:

    My best girlfriend collects scraves so I bought her some really pretty ones to add to her collection.

  109. My friend and I try to meet once a week for a cup of tea. I’m giving her a tea mug with this inscription on it: Sinceritea: n. the quality of being open and truthful while drinking tea.

  110. Amy Del Bello says:

    My good friend is having her birthday next week (one week prior to Christmas). She always brushes off her birthday because of Christmas. She is the most UN-selfish person I know. This year, I’m not letting her do that! I’m taking her out for a pampering day…and giving her loads of gratitude for being the great person she is. I love the bracelet and wish I could order it and give one to her that day, but it’ll have to wait. (Maybe Christmas instead?)

  111. Phyllis R. says:

    My best friend and I are treating each other to a photography class. The best part is spending time together doing what we both love. We’ve done this before with scrapbooking classes for our birthdays and it is a present that lasts far longer than the class itself with new knowledge and creations to take home!

  112. tammy Thomas says:

    my gifts for friends this year is time: a lunch date (my treat), a spa day with me, a tea party for a bunch of friends, and gift baskets.
    I haven’t had new jewelry in years, would love to win.

  113. I am giving my friend a Glass etched plate that I made using stamped snowflakes. I also made a decorated a couple Mason jars and put some candy in them. And made a cute scrapbook that opens 5 different ways for another relative. I also made for my boys Santa and Rudolph treat bags to leave on Christmas morning from Santa to them.

  114. My best friend and I have a $5 limit–crazy, huh??!! We love finding things at antique stores and the Goodwill or D.I. I found her the cutest bag made out of toile, our favorite fabric!

  115. My Mom (who is one of my dearest friends and happens to be 2,000 miles away) is getting a tag book of Christmas memories. I have a simple tag made for each day – Dec. 1-25 – with a picture and a memory. Some are old. Some are more recent. She opens an envelope every day and adds to the ring. I absolutely love how it turned out :) And my sister now tells me she wants one!

  116. Well! I had this crazy idea that this year our family would do more of a “homemade” Christmas. It’s a great idea (if I do say so myself–haha) and it has been so much fun helping my littler ones make secret (hee hee) crafts. But what I forgot to REALLY think about was the fact that someone has to help children MAKE gift for each other. I have 5 children from 17 down to 2 1/2. I started in mid-September but now it’s crunch time and I think maybe August would have been better! Yikes! It has been fun, though and am going to incorporate it again next year, but perhaps on a smaller scale. SO to answer your question: two of my girlfriends and two of my sisters-in-law (we have their family’s name) are getting homemade aprons. Better start sewing!! :)

  117. I’m giving my BFF some scrapping stuff… like we both don’t have enough already!! She makes beaded stuff too.

  118. I made my BFF some hand-made cards. They have Proverbs 11:30 on them “The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life” and a hand-drawn scroll tree that I colored with Prismacolor pencils. Her husband is battling metastatic thymus cancer. We literally live 10,000 miles apart and still talk several times a week. It is painful to be so far at such a significant time in her life and to feel so helpless.
    It is too expensive to mail anything very large as a gift. I wanted to give her something of myself and a handmade gift seemed like the best thing.

  119. My best friend who also happens to be my niece I have bought her a set of Fiesta Ware dishes and a big purse.

  120. My friend loves roosters, I try to find the most unique rooster to add to her kitchen collection. The bracelets are great, love that idea!

  121. I love the bracelet Stacy…so cute!

  122. Carol Van bork says:

    I am giving one friend the book Ways to say I love you by Mister Rogers. lots of knitting going on but it has yet to be seen if they will all be finished. Happy days!
    thanks for more fun ideas.

  123. I am buying the bracelet after I leave your blog – its very cute and very my style…
    I gave my BFF a 25 days of Xmas mini album for her to record her memories of the season. I also gave her the Page Maps book and her very own copy of your Photo Freedom book (because I want my copy back!! :) ) Both were books she wanted and we’re doing the Xmas books together!

  124. I am making my sisters (who are also my best friends) earrings and sugar scrub. I wnated to make my gifts this year and this is what I came up with, but making earrings is harder than I thought!

  125. I am giving my best friend a silver necklace with my favorite rock (we’re both geologists and always give each other rocks). This one is beautiful…called Labradorite, it has an irridescent blueness to it in a black background when you turn it side to side.

  126. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this jewelry!! SO fun and pretty.
    For Christmas, I have already given one of my friends a Christmas planner. It’s an altered notebook with tabs, envelopes and gift card holders to take with her as she shops for Christmas gifts.

  127. I just ordered 2 of the friendship bracelets for myself and my best friend, they are beautiful! I’ve ordered from your sil before and love her jewelry. I will definitely email a picture when we get our new bracelets!
    Aside from that I am making several gratitude journals as gifts. I’m having so much fun making them, I made one for myself too.

  128. OOOH, cute stuff today! Thanks for the giveaway. I always send amaryllis bulbs to my friends around Thanksgiving, it’s my way of sending a bit of Christmas magic as the season begins. And it’s way fun to see how fast they grow! One of my girlfriends used to leave a Santa in her office year round because “he’s always watching.” I have a banner that says that to cross stitch for her but it may not be done in time… but there’s always next Christmas! XX’s

  129. Andrea C. in IL says:

    I have mini books of our kids having fun this summer and the last few summers that I am giving my BFFs for Christmas this year.

  130. I am so thankful that I have good kids. Seriously. Love the bracelet!

  131. Love the bracelet, soo cute! I’m giving my BFF a great bottle of wine and a beautiful scarf to wear when she goes from her sunny home in Florida to her snowy home in the mountains of NC.

  132. I have some of her jewelry and LOVE it, wear it all the time! I would love to win!

  133. I am giving my friend underwear and a handmade scarf. The underwear is a theme gift that was a hold over from our roommate days. We barely had two nickels to scrape together and since we shared laundry duty, I knew she needed new underwear. I bought her some that year and its then been a tradition every year. Once I gave her something differnt and her husband told me that she really missed getting the underwear from me. So its really about the thought and tradition. love the bracelet. Congrats Hillary on a beautiful design.
    Sharon F.

  134. Karen Foster says:

    The gift I am giving to a special friend(my sister in law) is a poster I designed at SNAPFISH of her son Garrets prom. My father in law provided the photos and I did the rest. Garret is a great kid who BEAT THE HECK out of Lukemia when he was 10.

  135. Karen Foster says:

    The gift I am giving is to my sister -in – law/special friend. It is a photo poster I desined at SNAPFISH. The pictures are of her son Garret’s prom. Garret is a great kid who BEAT THE HECK out of Lukemia when he was 10.

  136. I am giving my best friend a beautiful blank journal, magnificent pen, and the book “How to Make a Journal of Your Life”. She is always saying she wants to start a journal but is too intimidated by the blank book…
    so I also got her a copy of “Wreck This Journal” – a really fun, creative way to realize you can let go of reservation with a journal and be free…
    I think i am going to have to get myself a copy to play in too! :)

  137. AAAAAWWWWW! That Bracelet is cute – I love all the colors. I am very interested in the shower infusers, since like you I don’t take baths, but would love to relax in the shower!! Looking forward to Days 11 & 12. I hope you continue to do this every year, it inspires me to look for great gifts to express how I feel for those I love! Thanks

  138. I gave my friends a “winter day rescue kit”:
    Hot cocoa mix
    Mini marshmallows
    Cute mug
    Peppermint stick
    Quilted coaster I made
    Napkin embroidered with coffee cup
    Pocket tissue holder I made
    Blank journal with prompts I added at the top of the pages
    They were a big hit!

  139. We have an Aunt that recently lost her husband, so we have been showering her with 12 days of Christmas. Gifts include some pictures my children colored, some candy, a bookmark, some handmade Christmas tags, some scripture note cards, just to name a few of her little gifts. The bracelet is very pretty.

  140. I gave my friend a gift certificate to buy scrapbook supplies….she doesn’t have much money and they’re barely scraping by, and that gave her a chance to buy some goodies to work on her scrapbooks with! She loved it!

  141. That is a beautiful bracelet. I like the idea of the different colored beads and things. Can’t buy one right now though. Hit my budget already for gifts. I made all the gifts this year. I made a calendar like one Kolette Hall had as one of the gifts in Giving Well 2008 for one friend. I made mini albums for my Life Group. I made a variety of greeting cards for one friend, a framed layout for another and a decorated tin with a surprise inside for another. I could go on but you get the idea. I took ideas from all the classes I have been taking lately at BPS and had a ball.

  142. An apron and a cooking light magazine subscription!

  143. My bestest buddy just got her very first “place of her own.” She’s also a BIG fan of Christmas, so I got her a little apartment sized Christmas tree, then went shopping with her to help her find some ornaments. :)

  144. This year my girlfriends are getting a goody bag of little gifts – cute postits, candles, an ornament, etc. I found adorable little mini-purse totes to put everything in.

  145. Jeannette P says:

    Those are SUPER cute bracelets. Wish I could buy one right now but I’ve pretty much used up all my Christmas spending money.
    I am giving my sister an adjustable table. I had my hubby pick 3 up the day after THanksgiving so I could use it for scrapbooking/card making in front of the tv & also if we let the 3 little ones eat in the living room. Very handy. My sis said tha she wished she’d bought one & just didn’t so we picked one up for her the other day & are surprising her on this very FABULOUS day….it’s her Birthday! Hooray. She usually stays on Thursday night with us since she works near our house & work is so far from her house. So we’re having a party for her tonight. Ok, it’s not with a ton of people but it will be special. Since she helped me pick what food to make for our early Christmas celebration & then she was too sick to enjoy it all; we’re making mostly the same stuff tonight for her. Can’t wait…she’s soooo worth it. She’s got the biggest heart & would do anything for anyone that asks (I know she’s done some special stuff for me). So Happy Birthday Natalie (he name actually means Christmas child). Just had an after thought…hope she doesn’t get a chance to check your blog out on her lunch break today. I know she’s asked me recenlty “who is that person that does the scrapbooking not in order that you are all about?”

  146. I am making my best friend, my husband, a mini scrap album of the pictures we had taken a few months ago. Seems like I am always scrapbooking our kids or our family, which is great, but it has been fun doing just us!

  147. I am giving my best friend a donation in her honor to an international missions organization – good use of money and no clutter in the house!

  148. I am giving my girlfriend non-slip socks (the kind with the little nubbies on the bottom – is nubbies a word??.) A few months ago she fell down the stairs because she was wearing socks on hard wood floors. She was severly injured but has recovered. Of course I will include some other goodies – like the friendship bracelet I just bought! You have the BEST gift recommendations!

  149. Your 12 days is so helpful! I’m getting that bracelet for myself and a friend! Also, I have 6 work friends that I’m inviting to my house for a Christmas-y lunch! So fun!

  150. I give all my friends homemade cards and a mixed CD. The cards are for a variety of occasions and this year the CD is going to be my favorite kids songs.

  151. Very cool bracelet. I love bracelets. I am giving the new Barefoot Contessa cookbook with one of her yummy boxed brownie mix and a pretty spatula.

  152. I’m giving a cute Christmas countdown that I made at the Seattle CKU last month. I was in 2 of your classes & loved them! Since it’s a countdown, I’ve already given them & they’re in use already!

  153. Niccole Reing-Hurley says:

    I have bought several of Hillary’s bracelets – I gave them as Grandmother gifts when my daughter was born – a HUGE hit. :) This year I’m giving my best friend a beautiful handmade jewelry box from one of my favorite sites – etsy.com

  154. This isn’t a gift I’m giving, but it’s one of the best presents I’m getting! My best friend is flying home from half way across the country and she’s giving up a couple days with her family to come visit me! I love that girl!

  155. I love the Bracelet! The best gift I am giving is I am knitting a Newsboy hat for one of my best friends. She loves mine so I thought I would knit her one!!!

  156. I am giving all my good friends a photo cd, I always take a million photos and never get round to emailing them all out. On the CD there will be photos of them and their family and friends from 2008. Thinking this will become a yearly tradition.

  157. I’m giving my friend some new bathroom accessories for her new house.

  158. Since I sell Tupperware, I’m giving homemade goodies in Tupperware to my friends. Although I did just purchase a couple of these beautiful bracelets for a couple special friends. Thanks for the ideas! Love them!

  159. I am going to give six of my special friends- we call ourselves the Dye Group because years ago we dyed fabric together- special boxes with sliding tops. They are wooden, about 12 inches long. My friends can use them to create or store things in them. I probably will put trinkets in the boxes too. I will make them a card and we will have dinner in January, our regular, yearly Christmas time together. Also, I am using a photo from this summer to attach to something I found at TJMaxx. It has seven women dressed as clowns. It is a cardboard stand and will look cute with our faces on it, replacing the ones that are there.

  160. I am giving one of my dearest friends a “friends” word book by BoBunny. It has pics of us over the years with some fav quotes too.
    My other dearest friend is flying in today to visit me :) Merry Christmas to me :)

  161. ahhh that would so match my necklace I got for my birthday! soooo cute :)

  162. Love the bracelet Stacy. Thanks for the giveaway. This year, I’m doing an email 12 days of Christmas for my friends. I have Word files of my favorite Christmas stories that I will email them every day.

  163. I am making/altering calendars for each of my friends. A little something from the heart that will last the entire year!

  164. What a wonderful bracelet! I am giving one of my friends a cute little scrapbook about friendship!

  165. I’ve just sent a friend in Australia a lovely little album with friendship quotes through it – made it from scratch, too! Her birthday is today, so she’ll propably get it late, but she’s a card-maker, so I’m hoping she’ll love it! Here’s to friendships!

  166. I am giving a dear friend the Bo Bunny friends chipboard album that I made for her with pictures of us since she is moving out of state. Cute bracelet!

  167. I’m torn. I was going to get my friend a copy of Snippets from Simple Scrapbooks but now I may need to go with the bracelet. Oh what to do!

  168. Loved the friendship bracelet – just placed my order for 3…one for each of my extra special friends and, of course, one for me!

  169. Dondalee Southern says:

    I absolutely love the bracelet! I am making homemade card sets for my friends and family this year.

  170. Love this bracelet!!

  171. I’m going to give my goddaughter a finished-except-for-the-picures album for her wedding pictures.

  172. What a sweet bracelet! I’m doing breakfast baskets for some friends with muffins and homemade marshmallows and cocoa mix. I have a friend that is having a private yoga class for all of her friends. I’m excited to go. I haven’t given yoga a try, but have wanted to.

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