12 Days * Day 12

My last group of gift picks are paper based. The first pick … delightful stationary and note cards from my talented friend, Kate.

This one is called I Want to Be Her.


And this one … Slice of Deliciousness


And … she also designs gift tags!

You can read more about Kate and her work on her blog.


For the doodler in your home (I'm getting three of these) this frame features 80 blank pages of pristine white paper, begging to be personalized. I LOVE it!  Doodlebook Frame from Umbra.com

Once you've master the frame, graduate to the wall! To fully appreciate this idea, you'll need to click on the link and then on the "room view" …

Kids (and moms) can draw on the walls with this cool Frames Wallpaper. I'm so excited about this gift. I'm going to cover one wall in our playroom and invite creative expression while enjoying another way to display snaphots in our home!

Book lovers would all agree that the best paper gift is a book! Here are two that I think would make great gifts this year.


How To Be Totally Miserable.

I know, strange title — but it grabs your attention, right? Amidst the growing collection of positive psychology and self-help, this little "self-hinder" book really stands out. It is just 4" x 6" and would make a perfect stocking stuff for a teenager or anyone else who struggles with a "glass half empty" outlook, even in fleeting moments. It is written in reverse psychology and the messages are very effective. Each page features a bit of advice followed by a short explanation and a couple of quotes. Topics include things like Don't Smile, Avoid Adventure and Think About Yourself.

I'll share two such topics …

Put Yourself Down. Miserable people put themselves down. If you extend a hand to them, they return a backhand. If you pay them a compliment, they give you a refund! They have a "no, I'm not" for every "yes, you are." It's exhausting to be around them. Every time they put themselves down, you try to lift them up, and the weight becomes too much to bear! Their attitude is not humility, it's humiliating. Happy people know their shortcomings, but they don't sell themselves short. They believe their souls are precious, and when the world weighs them down, they let God lift them up.

Hold On To Grudges. Okay, everyone out there who needs to be forgiven for something, raise your hand. Hmmm, it appears the voting is unanimous. But if you want to be miserable, don't ever forgive others. Hold on to a grudge. Grudges sour your mood and ruin your day. Days turn into months and months into years. Carrying a grudge for all that time wastes a lot of energy that oculd be used for living life to the fullest. You don't hold on to happiness unless you let go of grudges, so to be miserable, don't bury the hatchet. Be mad at everyone and everything, and soon enough the grudges will bury you. 

Love it. 


How to Talk to Girls.

I don't have this book yet, but I've ordered it (for Trey) because
Allison Tyler-Jones told me she saw the 10-year old author interviewed.
Perhaps you saw the interview too? Anyway … It looks like a winner to
me and just might encourage my "funny boy" to do some writing of his own.

And that my friends is pretty much it … I have few more BONUS ideas coming your way, but I will sign off on the 12 Days for 2008 and wish you a wonderful season of giving.

Give Time. Give Love. Give YOU.


  1. Thanks for including my cards in the 12 days of Christmas, Stacy! They – and I – are honored. :)

  2. WOW the stationary is lovely. And the books look very interesting as well.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for all of the ideas! I just wanted to let you know that I clicked on the doodle photo frame (too cute!) and the shipping alone (to a regular US address) was more than the frame – $17.95!! Just an FYI if others are thinking of ordering it as well…

  4. What neat ideas. I really like the wall paper one. It just speaks to the doodler in me. Grin.

  5. Wow! All great ideas, especially that doodle frame. Love it!

  6. I love all of your holiday gift ideas. However, I would like to see them the first 12 days of Nov. instead of Dec. I usually do the majority of my shopping the weekend after Thanksgiving and on Cyber Monday.

  7. Jeannette P says:

    I think I just found a stocking stuffer I want in my stocking. THe how to be miserable book looks fabulous. What an interesting way to write a book & a great way to give some perspective. I’ll have to check out that 2nd one some more though. Haven’t heard of it.

  8. I have been loving your picks! I was just looking at that wallpaper a couple of days ago. And the doodle frame – I was bummed that it was sold out at Paper Source, so I’m glad to find another place that sells it. These are fun, too – http://www.paper-source.com/cgi-bin/paper/item/Sticker-Frames/300.437/439351.html

  9. Thank you for all of your ideas. I love to write, notes, so I especially liked the link to Kate’s notecards. I love that she even shared how to make them on her blog! Just noticed the book about talking to girls, I MUST get that for my very shy 13 year old!

  10. Great ideas! We have the “miserable” book and it’s a hit with young and old. I love the paper chain idea. I can see a few figuring into our new family room design. Thanks!

  11. We’ve been watching Alec Greven since he was on our local afternoon news last spring. He charms me every time I see him, and his book will be gifted to our 7 year old soon.

  12. Stacy – the How To Be Miserable book totally cracks me up and warms my heart. as an over-achiever and employee that always strives to be “above the line” i am troubled by how some get away with always striving to be just mediocre. it pains me physically to even THINK about it. so – my mentor and i have decided we want to write a book – “On Mediocracy in the Workplace” or “Mediocracy for Dummies – how to live below the line professionally for longevity and wealth”… you know – for us over achievers. who just will never – EVER know what it’s like or even know how you can be mediocre! :)

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