12 Days * Day 4

I plan on mentioning several *homemade* gifts over the next week or so, but on the heels of yesterday's photo-centric ideas, this one floats to the top for meaning AND do-ability.

All you need is one or more of these 3-ringed RAW GOODS mini-albums (comes with 10 mini page protectors for only $5.99) from Scrapbook.com

and you'll be set to create one or more little books to celebrate shared memories with someone you love. I used four albums to create this set, that sits on a shelf in our memory room. These four albums are dedicated to a trip to Sydney, Australia and New Zealand, with several scrapbookers and my cute husband. In proper Library of Memories fashion, album #1 displays "US" pictures, #2 PEOPLE shots, #3 PLACES we visited and enjoyed and #4 THINGS we did.


Upload and print them at Scrapbook Pictures and then, sort them into piles (Us, People, Places, Things) and slip them into four mini books.





You can mat the photos if you want. You can cover the front and back and inside covers to create a cohesive look and feel. You can add snippets of journaling.

Most important is that YOU CAN DO THIS before Christmas!!  Think of all the adaptations you could create:

1. A mini-album for each child in your family, a mini album for Grandma's purse.

2. A mini-album for each season in 2008. Just picture the spines all lined up: 2-0-0-8 (cute.)

3. A mini-album kit, complete with pictures and paper wrapped up under the tree. "Mom, can I scrapbook with you?" Absolutely!!

Yes, you could go for a generic digital frame (here's a nice one from Costco.) But, you could also do something unique and personal and portable and FUN!

If you have yet to "let go" of the expectation of show-stopping layouts in matching albums all lined up on a shelf and if you've yet to realize that no one expects this of you, but you … then there's no time like the present to give yourself and others the gift of quick and easy and …

"No way, I was wondering where these pictures were!"


  1. You never cease to inspire with cute and easy ideas. I am still working on getting over scrapbooking in a complicated/time-intensive way. You always make it quick, cute and fast. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. What neat albums! I also see my home town on the map on the cover of NZ. Hehe.

  3. Love this album set! Gotta try it! Thanks Stacy!

  4. abaltayan says:

    I just finished 2 mini albums for my kids as a Christmas present. I love your idea though and may use it next time I’m in a mini-album mood. Thanks for the info!

  5. I heart mini albums. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. I actually ordered online 8X10 collage prints of photos I took of my books this fall. The photo has been framed and wrapped and will be given to my mother for Christmas. She loves photos, but likes to diplay them …..just another quick inexpensive idea!! You could even do a larger size collage with photos taken throughout the year.

  7. I ordered some 8X10 collage prints online using photos I recently took of my boys. It has already been framed and wrapped for my mother. She’ll love it!! I plan to do it again next year.

  8. wow – how easy is this idea
    love it
    would make fabulous gifts

  9. Thanks for the idea – I am going to do these four albums for our lake place – This will be a great way to use up those extra photos that we have lying around.
    Happy day

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