12 Days * Day 8

Today is dedicated to gifts for babies and smaller children.


First up, a new favorite book Tickle Monster written by Josie Bissett and published by Compendium. This is a very FUN, interactive exploration of tickling full of rhyme and ridiculously adorable illustrations.


Be sure to check out the companion Tickle Mitts too.

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Next up … the cutest Kid Tees I've ever seen. The best part … each shirt is wrapped and packaged in a takeout box ready for gift giving!

For Addie, I've been trying to decide between this Kitty Keyboard


or this Leap Frog Learn and Groove Piano

Wouldn't it be cool if I could try both musical toys out before deciding which to keep?

I know Addie LOVES puzzles and we have several already — Geof says we have enough, but she so loves bugs and butterflies …. should I?

OK, I admit it — this quandry has been staged, but ALL is an effort to tell you about a very COOL new website and service, called Rent -A- Toy.

Yes, I'm serious. You can have FRESH toys delivered to your door every month. Then, when they've lost their novelty, you can return them for replacement toys that have been safety approved and sanitized. If you love a toy, you can purchase it at below-retail prices. WOW.

Hey Grandma, You can buy a giftcard to Rent -A- Toy too!

For MORE great ideas geared to babies and scrapbooking, pay a visit to my friend Jessica. She's doing a BLOG feature this week dedicated to the Best of Baby Scrapbooking.


  1. Our youngest (who is Addie’s age) LOVES the kitty keyboard!!

  2. Rent-A-Toy~ so cool! Thanks! I will have to check out the book by Josie Bissett! I watched her all the time on Melrose! LOL!

  3. ScrappyMommy says:

    Oh my…now I’ve seen everything! Rent a toy?!?!? How cool is that!

  4. Deb Jones says:

    I vote for the kiddy keyboard & the puzzle. I’m mush when it comes to little ones. The Rent-a-Toy idea is great. I need to pass this on to people who can use this idea.

  5. I bought Tickle Monster today! What a cute book and we are definitely a tickling family so this is a perfect gift for my kids.
    Oh course I had to buy other compendium products as well. I’m telling you that site is addictive.

  6. Christy B says:

    I bought the tickle monster products too! My nephew will love it. Thanks Stacy.

  7. Christina #4635 says:

    I’d select the kitty keyboard… My boys have the LF piano and it’s not terribly exciting to them. Love the gloves!! What an adorable set!

  8. Oh my gosh! Tickle Monster??? There really is such a thing?? I have played this with my kids since they were babies . . . I’d have my hand under some blanket and just start tickling them. Now when they need cheering up, it’s “the tickle monster is going to get you” and it’s instant smiles! This one may need to be bought just for momentos sake! :)

  9. Thank you so much for showing the Tickle Monstor book. I’m getting it for my son for Christmas, he’s 19 months and loves to laugh. We tickle him and it’s just contagious so I’m so excited to incorporate this book into our bedtime routine.

  10. Stacy- my 13 month old daughter LOVES the kitty keyboard (and her 7 year brother and ageless parents are pretty keen on it too! Merry Christmas!)

  11. going to have to look into that book! cute :) And my daughter has that puzzle… she loves it!

  12. I love the Kitty Keyboard. The tshirts are just darling.Love the Tickle Monster book and glove too!

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