12 Days * Stacy Style

Yeah. The 12 Days of Christmas giving begins today!

For those of you that are new to my blog since last December … please know that I LOVE Christmas. I celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ during this season. I strive to find a balance between celebrating this "true meaning" in our home and participating in so many of the secular traditions that I also find FUN and meaningful. I am very much a believer in Santa Claus and I relish the opportunity to create a magical and memorable December for my family. It is in this spirit of celebration and sharing that I bring you twelve days filled with gift giving ideas. I hope you will find use and inspiration in them. I do not gain anything from the recommendations I make and I cannot guarantee the availability or quality of the gifts I choose.

One last thing … the next twelve days are dedicated to women like me (who DO NOT get their cards done in July, who DO NOT shop 75% sales in January for the following year, who DO NOT have their shopping done on December 1st. I suppose I could have just let you assume those things. I greatly admire and aspire to be one of those women, but I AM NOT (yet).

OK. Today is all about digital FUN at the Discovery Store (for under $20) AND … THERE IS A REALLY GOOD ONE DAY SALE ON TODAY!!!!!


Digital Soccer Ball: Encourage active play with this hi-tech soccer ball, complete with a digital display that tracks cool moves on the field.

Digital display keeps track of how long you can keep the ball in the air
Includes an invisible sensor that counts how many times you juggle the ball
Design and colors resemble a regular soccer ball, but with a hi-tech edge
Great for one or multiple players
Go for the goal with this innovative soccer ball and become a superstar player!


Digital Photo Cube. Put your favorite digital photos on your desk or bedside table and always have your best friends by your side.

Store and display up to 70 digital photos
Full color screen
Easy-to-use software helps you find and upload photos
High speed USB 1.1 connection
Compatible with Windows, Windows XP and Windows Vista (Mac download available)
Software and USB cable included
Taking digital photos is fun – and it's even better when you have an easy way to enjoy them every day. A great way to encourage the budding photographer.


Watch your money grow with this High Tech Bank that shows you exactly how much you've saved.

LCD is built into the lid
Recognizes each coin (U.S. currency only)
Adds the value of the coins as you drop them in
Made of durable plastic
Fun, magical designs on jar and lid
Seeing the total rise encourages children to save their money. The sturdy plastic jar provides a safe, non-breakable alternative to the traditional piggy bank.

To see what I'm doing to track all my HOLIDAY lists!



I used this chipboard album and some new and old Basic Grey, plus other random papers to whip this up in one hour, before we left to Seattle on Thanksgiving. Trust me, if I can do it, so can you! And I'm so tickled with it — in my opinion, having a cute place to tuck and track everything is totally worth the effort.









OK. That's it for today.

Now, before you head off to work on your own lists, take a few minutes to watch this, and think about it. Cathy sent me this link to the Advent Conspiracy and said "you will like this." She was right.

Happy December!!


  1. i love Christmas too! cute list book – i’m going to do that! my mother in law is getting the digital bank for my 6 year old son – he’s going to love it!

  2. That is a great video. We re not a religious family, but Christmas is still not all about presents. It’s about time together, traditions, snow fun, baking. This year we decided only to buy for my 2 girls and one niece…just the kids. I cut out the 8 adult family members from my list. Why stress? Why fret? Why not enjoy each other?
    PS: Shopping is done…since there are only 3 kids to buy for ;)

  3. This is great I have to say that I bought two of your classes at BPS and you really spoke close to my heart
    and gave me tons of inspirations
    So, Thank you !

  4. ScrappyMommy says:

    I love Christmas too Stacy! This year I’m so glad that I decided to take the Cut The Crazy Out Of Christmas class at BPS! That planner that Georgana and Debbie helped us create is going to be a useful tool for many years to come I am sure! I just love the finished product and the class gave us all so much! Love those high tech gadgets you posted too! I’m done with my shopping for this year but that doesn’t mean I’m done with Christmas yet, I have a TON of Christmas crafting left to do for the handmade gifts that I give each year.

  5. Cute list book. I would make one, but my lists are done . . . maybe I’ll make one and save for next year?? Love your Merry new title (although the brownie will be missed). I am making a new attempt to bring more meaning to Christmas this year. Just finished an advent tree for my 3 to partake in: a treat and Bible verses daily. I hope it will make us pause daily to reflect on the season. I am determined we are going to play more, relax more and reflect more this year!! I have cut back on gifts and shopping, and trying to do more meaningful gifts. Thanks Shutterfly!!

  6. Love the book – so cute!
    Thanks for the ideas! Love the soccer ball – my boys would think it is so cool!

  7. Adorable Christmas planner Stacy – would you mind telling us what size it is? I LOVE what I put together from the Cut the Crazy class, but as an 8.5×11 binder it is NOT portable (aka – will not fit in purse). It does have me really watching the budget though since I have all the girls wish lists filed behind a master list where I’m keeping track of everything as I purchase it. I know to the dollar what I’ve spent on each girl and who still has $$ in the budget.

  8. Jeannette P says:

    Cute planner. I always take out a few index cards & write the kids wish lists on them & then take out a few more to write what we’ve purchased them to try & make it sort of even if we can. I know not everything in life is fair but it really sucks when one kid gets more than another. Or even worse one kid gets a present (she didn’t ask for) the other kid asked for & winds up heartbroken & dreading Christmas each year. I witnessed this at my inlaws one year & wanted to cry. My parents always tried to make it as fair as possible amongst my 3 sisters and me.
    I’m one of those crazies that likes to get shopping done early. The long lines with 3 small children are not my friends so now I don’t go out(in a hurry) over the next month. I like to watch the people & the hussle & bustel but not necessarily be in the thick of it all. I still have a few prezzies to get to even things out after making my lists but other than that, grocery shopping is about all I’ll be doing.

  9. Mary Kunze says:

    Thanks for all the gift ideas. I made your corn recipe for our Thanksgiving dinner and it was a great success. It will be added to our holiday dinner yearly. We always have the traditional green been casserole so this will give us two great vegetable dishes.

  10. Hi
    I have left a comment once or twice before but had to leave one today… I guess we must think alike becuase your gift book looks just like my 25 days of december book- alot of the same products and everything (i’m guessing you get jenni bowlin’ stuff?)
    Thanks for all the cute ideas.. here’s a pic of my book just for fun.http://themortsmess.blogspot.com/2008/11/25-days-of-december-are-you-doing-it.html

  11. Thank you for posting the link to that video…a good reminder during a fabulous time!

  12. How cute is that Christmas book!???!Thank you for your inspiration.

  13. Wow Stacy! Thanks for the link to the video! This year is definitely about presence, love, and meaning – and it FEELS GOOD.
    Sometimes, I am one of “those” women. This is not one of those years.
    I started about 10 years ago, following a Christmas Countdown (at http://www.organizedchristmas.com) by author Cynthia Townley Ewer.
    It’s a 6-week plan that, theoretically, starts the end of October and ends December 1. But the beauty in it is that you can start whenever. And it works whether you devote 6 weeks or 6 days to it. The forms alone are a Godsend.
    This year, I designed my own planner. (http://www.timelesscrone.com/wordpress/?p=381) Love the scrapped cover, and it’s checkbook sized, so slips easily into my purse or pocket.

  14. Great ideas and I love the list book. Too late for me to do it this year but will definately put it together for next year!

  15. Stacy, I love your new blog banner!! Cute, cute, cute!!

  16. I loved the video. After recently “surviving” hurricane Ike…I have really changed my way of life and memory keeping. I hate to say that it took experiencing a storm of that magnitude to make me take a look at all the materialism in my life, but it did. Now my philosophy is less is more, and I’m loving life!!!

  17. I’m so glad that you shared the Advent Conspiracy [AC] video with your readers and I’ve probably watched it at least a dozen times over the past few weeks. I’ve heard buzz about the [AC] idea for the past two years. With all of the statistics floating around in relationship to the federal banking bailout, I don’t recall anyone ever mentioning that we spend $450 billion on Christmas every year. What a crazy number to consider! Each time I watch the video I am humbled and challenged.

  18. Stacy I love Christmas too! The advent video was great. I love the chipboard book too.

  19. I love your 12 Days! I even went back a couple weeks ago to last year’s list to look something up. Thank you for inspiring me to make a magical and memorable December for my family too.

  20. Thank you for sharing these ideas. I am doing the Gratitude Album with my three kids (we are surprising my husband with this at the end of the month). I also bought the kids the digital banks – I can’t wait for them to have these. I don’t like counting money — just spending it :)
    Merry Christmas
    Marion, OH

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