Back at work (for today)

So … I'm back today, attempting to catch up with LOTS of email and a few deadlines. Yesterday was amazing, the snow just kept falling. Geof told me we set a record for the most snow in 24 hours — since 1881 or something? CRAZY. It is absolutely gorgeous out my window. So totally white and serene.

I'm going to answer another Library of Memories question and then hit my to-do list!

Q: I purchased your book
and really love the concepts in it. One question I have is this. I am a
paper, digi and hybrid scrapper…I never know what I am going to do
with a certain pic until inspiration hits. Do I still print out all the
Or is there a way to use this type of organization without
printing them all out?

A: The first answer is NO, you do not need to print ALL of your pictures. I am a huge advocate for printing photos (I share my reasons in class) but if you are a hybrid or digital scrapbooker you do not need to print ALL your photos. I do believe that you should print some (even if only 10%) so that they can be seen and appreciated by family and friends while they are waiting to be scrapped. More importantly, I believe that good and important things happen inside of you when you are able to physically see (over and over again) your printed photos. Simply put, there is a different kind of intimacy that develops with a physical print vs. a digital image. Again, more on this in class.

I am in the beginning stages of organizing and
just thought I would ask if you had any ideas for us digi scrappers
too. I paper scrap more then digi right now so I am leaning towards
just printing them.
Thanks so much for your great ideas!!!
Blessings, Alisa (Thank YOU Alisa)

A: The other answer is YES, there is a way to customize the LOM system to hybrid and digital scrapbooking. In fact, I have invited a digital expert to join me in the 2009 session, as our digital coach. We will have a message board dedicated to LOMdigital and I'm positive that wonderful insights and adaptations will develop there.

Happy Friday!
We're going to see Santa tonight and I'm taking the boys on a horse and carriage ride. I'm baking potatoes wrapped in tinfoil (the original hand warmers) for their pockets.

DON'T FORGET: The food drive contest over at Cocoa Daisy ends tomorrow (Saturday) Read More Here!


  1. horse and carriage rides! yay for them!

  2. Ann Hayes-Bell says:

    HI Stacy,
    I’m sitting in the Seattle snow and listening to NPR this beautiful Saturday evening. There’s a story about an author who wrote a book about the history of American scrapbooking. Do you know about it?
    What a great segment. It made me happy. Hope you had a fun snowy evening. I’m having a bit of a Spokane deja vu-20 years ago I used to go out in the starry snowy cold night in Cheney and hang out with my friends. Tonight I did the same thing but drove to the drug store to pick up a prescription for my sick kid. Funny. :)

  3. Stacy thank you so much for answering my question so fast!!! I think your class is on my Christmas wish list!! In the #1 spot!!!
    Have a blessed Holiday!!

  4. Blogs are good for every one where we get lots of information for any topics nice job keep it up !!!

  5. Have a nice day, merry christmas & happy new year

  6. I read your book last night, and it has revitalized the way I look at scrapbooking. I used to be a scapping enthusiast, but became burdened by the piles of pictures, and gave up. I have been updating a family Christmas album, recently. Your book really “freed” me from the burden of scrapping every important detail. Now, it feels like fun!

  7. Stacy, I’m reviewing your Photo Freedom book as I prepare to get organized again for the new year. It’s good to go back to the book and remember that there are a lot of things that I never implemented (and so, I forgot about it) and to evaluate what I HAVE been doing and how I can improve it, organize it better, etc.
    Right now I’m in the extra’s section of Chapter one and it got me wondering how you organize all your organizational systems, lol. I’d love to see where you keep everything in your scrap space. For example, I keep my Storage Binders and Category drawers on my desk (as opposed to my scrap table) b/c that is my organizational space (as opposed to my creative space–although it is all creative). On the other hand, my memorabilia systems are kinds of where ever there was a clear spot and I should probably move them over to where I keep my pictures.
    I have a few different spots I’m keeping layouts/projects in progress and I guess I need to clarify that system in my head.
    I would love to see photos or video of your space so you can tell us how you organize your organizational systems! =)

  8. Just wanted to let you know that I am still spreading your influence. I spoke with a coworker and fellow scrapper a week or so ago — she is someone who was stressed about being “caught up” and I had talked to her about how I had adopted your no guilt approach. This time she had a different story. She said this was her hobby and if she was stressing out about it then it wasn’t accomplishing its purpose. But she is keeping up with printing her photos. I couldn’t help but think, “Stacy would be so proud!”

  9. Can’t wait to get started organizing my pics in a new way!

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