I’m still here!

Actually, I'm embarrassed to admit that it's 12:05 am and I'm up playing Blokus on my laptop. Everyone has gone to bed.

I NEVER play computer games, but Santa brought the this board game to Chase and we've had lots of fun playing it. As I was packing it away tonight, I noticed (on the rule sheet) that there is an online version — this virtual version has now cost me 30 minutes of sleep.
Can I just say how much I LOVE the week between Christmas and New Year's Day — I finally "let go" and relax and play board games and just really, truly hang out with my family minus my usual "agenda". This is so NOT me the other 51 weeks a year. Even the blog loses it's appeal. I have had some urges to post, but honestly, if I ignore them for 5 or 10 minutes, they go away entirely. There are just too many other things to do … like …

shovel SNOW!

Hello? Have you seen the weather in Spokane, or for that matter a dozen other places? It's been absolutely CRAZY, but oh so beautiful. We had just enough of a reprieve to allow my sister and her family to drive over from Seattle on Sunday. Darci — and Kevin, Ty, Brooklyn and baby Cache — are people I LOVE having around. They live in Utah, so we don't get to have their whole family here very often. Today was get out and do stuff day, but tomorrow (if I ever go to bed) will be project day. Some of the boys are going skiing (and snowboarding) and the rest of us are going to hang out here. I'll have to start by straightening up my studio … after that, BIG plans for creative play.

We had a WONDERFUL Christmas (I certainly hope this was true for you too!) My most favorite thing this year was planning a couple of "secret Santa" gifts for people we know. There is so much MORE anticipation wrapped up in giving than receiving and it was just very energizing and FUN.

I made a personal pledge to look for and capture "ordinary" images in and around my home this year, without stressing over using a flash or moving something out of the way, etc.. I just really wanted to record life as it is.  I haven't uploaded pics for a couple of days, but I am looking forward to adding these "not very good" but very authentic memories to our Christmas collection.  I'll share some soon.

OK, I'm all of a sudden very sleepy.
I guess I just mainly wanted to say "hello" and Happy Holidays to all!!

Life is so good.
The snow really is beautiful and "the best gifts are friends and family" — this btw, is the sentiment in my yet unfinished Christmas cards, which were severely delayed by two unplanned "snow days." Moms like me cannot give up two days before Christmas — we have almost every minute scheduled and when something interrupts the schedule (even something good, like children home from school) things must be let go of. Among the "things" — my cards!

I have got to be better too because last year, while I managed to send most of my cards, I left off about 30 or so. In fact, they were still sitting in our "art cart" in September when I cleaned it out (oops.) I'm therefore determined to get ALL cards out this year … perhaps for Valentine's Day, but better late than never!

Like my new banner? Kayce designed it and it is (along with several other cool BPS badges) available for download on the BPS FUN Stuff page. Okay, seriously … going to bed now!

{one more thing} Just reading comments and cute Noell (paperclipping.com) left a comment that I'd LOVE to follow through on … maybe tomorrow Darci can use my Flip and help me shoot some video of my space to share! 


  1. Stacy, glad you get to unwind at least one week a year… maybe next year you should shoot for 2?
    Thank you for all of your inspiring work and for the encouragement you send to all of us through your blog. Happy New Year.

  2. Okay Stacy! You’ve introduced me to something else totally addicting!! Blockus online!!LOL There really should be limits on the enabling abilities of one person!!;) Thanks for the fun – I’m sure I’ll be dueling my kids for play time now!!:)

  3. Hi Stacy! I’m glad to hear your holiday went well… I was in Vermont for the week and we definitely got our fair share of snow for Christmas. I wanted to thank you though, for introducing me (and many others, I’m sure) to LittleMissMatched. I absolutely love the company and bought 5 sets of socks to give as gifts (as well as 4 of my own, hehe). They were absolutely LOVED and I can’t wait to give some more for Birthdays, etc… :-)

  4. We have the board game blokus and love it, as well, but I didn’t know there was an online version. :) I love the banner, it looks lovely. I hope you and your family, as well as Darci’s, have a wonderful, healthy, and fulfilling new year!

  5. Stacy – “The Tickle Monster” book and mits were a hit. Thanks for the idea. Wishing you and your family a wonderful New Year. Can hardly wait for my BPS classes to start.

  6. Hi Stacy…Happy Holidays!! Glad to see you are relaxing… I check your sites daily for inspiration–thanks for everything. I’m trying to get motivated to create myself…but also enjoying this family time!! Enjoy yourself!!

  7. I too have been enjoying a nice Christmas “break” off of work and spending some quality time with my child!!!!1

  8. BLOKUS is the BEST! I adore it.
    Didn’t know there was an online version. I am going to resist the temptation since my December long sickness has caused a huge need for catch-up! LOL!

  9. “Cute Noell?” Ahh, how sweet! =)
    Yes, I love the new banner! And I’m very much looking forward to your answer to my LOM questions! I learned about your system when the book came out and started implementing it back then. After reading the book again this past week, I’m realizing there’s more to it than I caught onto the first time around. That makes it VERY FUN!

  10. Glad you’re getting some down time. We LOVE Blokus here! :)

  11. Glad you had fun. That sounds like the perfect Christmas. Just wish we would have a White Christmas every so often, because it makes it all so much more magical. And letting go of the cards? Makes sense to me! Thank you for telling us about Blockus, I can see I won’t get any work done any more :)

  12. I feel the same way…my kids have been smiling all week because I have been the Mario Kart player for each of them. Mom usually doesn’t even touch the video games…but I am getting so good and having so much fun!
    You new banner is my favorite quote of yours….I actually wrote this down in a creative journal that I was keeping when I went to hear you speak at Reminisce in Iowa….it completely changed my perspective. Thanks again for the inspiration always…..

  13. I think it is great that you have been taking a break. But I also think you need to work at finding a way to do it more during the other 51 weeks. Grin. I’m glad you have been having a good holiday time. Will have to check out Blokus.

  14. Stacy glad you got some down time and you deserve more family veg time.
    I will be uploading the picture of my new gorgeous bracelet to my blog later today. Thanks for posting it and thanks to my wonderful hubby for seeing me drool over it.

  15. ScrappyMommy says:

    Glad you all got a break from the weather Stacy and that your family made it over! We’re once again getting snow here in upstate NY. I got my bracelet last week and just love it, I’ll email you a picture once I get one taken!

  16. Thank you – for your link to Hillary Hall’s website – I ordered 2 of her stunning bracelets and had 2 VERY happy present receivers this year!!!

  17. You are in *SO* much trouble! I love Blokus and nobody will play with me anymore. I’m happy to find the online version. Glad you’re surviving all that snow.

  18. Glad to see you’re alive, miss! ;-) Never had a doubt – glad to hear it’s all in fun with the family. Well deserved vacation time – good for you! Doing the same here – putting the house on ignore. Gearing up for GOBI starting Thurs! Can’t wait – missed it last year. Looking forward to my first alum year in LOM to get the rest of the 5 yrs into binders (had JUST gotten “caught up” with all pix into photo albums when LOM started last year – did the system with just 2008 material).
    Welcome back! Now go back to having fun!

  19. Jeannette P says:

    I’ve been staying up way too late too. Just trying to get a little me time in and a few things I’ve been working on. Today I had a nice day with the kiddos. We played a little & made a game of picking things up & putting things away. We got some laundry & dishes done along with the vacuuming. THen I started working on our Christmas cards & the kids started helping me glue things together, tie things (their little fingers are perfect for this) and then they got out their markers, paper, scissors & started creating along side of me. My 6 year old told me she wanted to be just like me…and create. Gotta love it. She just handed me a “Polar Express” ticket complete with my name and punches (gotta love the brad punch). We also played Legos & I helped them get their new Didj set up online & customized for what they are learning. I’ve gotta wrap this up as they are on a 5 minute cleanup & then its one of my favorite times…bedtime routine. I get to snuggle them & read, sing to them & kiss them all up as I wish them sweet dreams.

  20. Just sending some New Years hugs your way…this is one of my favorite weeks of the year too!

  21. Jeannette P says:

    Hi again Stacy. I’m getting excited for the LOM class to start & here’s a good reason why…I had one of those moments tonight that connected a photo from 2 years ago to a current moment. I actually blogged about it as soon as I came downstairs from putting my daugther to sleep b/c I just couldn’t forget it. I even pulled the photos from the event & shared them on my blog & I am quite sure that at some point I will take that cherished moment & scrapbook it with the words that I blogged & slip it into my new albums somewhere. I am liking the idea of more intimate pages that share cherished memories instead of the “I had to scrap it b/c it happened” kind that I have felt like I should do in the past & so instead I haven’t done many pages, just collected the loot. Looooving the FREEDOM!!!

  22. I too am enjoying hanging out with my girls this holiday season. We haven’t had much snow here in northern Alberta, but it’s been an absolute deep freeze. Currently -16F with a windchill of -31F….had to do the metric conversion for you. Trying to decide what BPS class to take next, trying to spend my lousy Canadian dollars wisely (stupid economy, don’t they know it’s cutting into my American scrappy purchases).

  23. I’m glad you and your family had a lovely Christmas and week following it! Ours was great also. Enjoy the new game.

  24. Online Blokus??? Oh NO!!!
    I’m going to hit that right now!
    I love that game, and actually gave it to many friends last year…it’s a great family game!
    I agree with you-this week with no agenda is wonderful! Have a Happy New Year!

  25. Glad to “see” you back!! I was beginning to wonder if you got buried in all that snow! So good to hear that you have been taking time off to enjoy. Have to agree that and early start to winter break and snow storm after snow storm really put a halt to holiday preparations…Happy to hear that Darci and family made it over the pass safely to spend time with you. Have a Happy New Year!

  26. Last Christmas I sent my Xmas cards out… with my New Year’s cards… with my Valentine’s cards. Yup, 3 sets of cards at once. Hey, why be normal, right? :) So this year I figure if I get them out in January I’ll be ahead of the game! *LOL*
    Or maybe I’ll just wait for Easter and send 4 sets ;)

  27. Amy McGRew says:

    Happy New Year Stacy!
    I love your blog and I love your new title. Do you think t-shirts will be created with this logo in the future? What a cool “t” to have!
    Enjoy your family and the snow!

  28. Hey Stacy,
    Wanna join us in snowy Pullman tomorrow? A group of us went to CKC Seattle and my friend Anita who attended your Finishline Scrapbooking class is teaching it to some of us here tomorrow afternoon (while husbands watch football).
    What a great way to spend New Years Day!
    Thanks for what you do.

  29. i LOVE your new banner!
    I live a little south of you in a small town in Oregon. We had more snow than I’ve ever seen here. I wasn’t prepared. No chains. Low on groceries. I had no idea what was coming, but fun was had by all! However, I am glad that I have the freedom to leave my house now!

  30. Have been wondering about you and how you handled all that snow. This CA family ventured to southern WA to spend with other family members and we could not believe how “white” our Christmas was. I’m so with you on the down time with family that week between Christmas and New Year’s Isn’t it GRAND???

  31. Happy New Year Stacy :)

  32. Happy Snowy New Year!! I’ve been lurking for quite awhile, but had to jump in when you mentioned Darci. We’ve missed her here, but will gladly share her with you because we know she’ll be back soon. She’s such a joy!
    Thanks for all you do for all of us – you bring us much happiness. :)

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