Library of Memories 2009

Every year about this time, I pull out my big binder that houses all my worksheets and handouts for the 16-week workshop, called Library of Memories that I teach annually at Big Picture Scrapbooking.  Every year as I begin to pour over these lessons I am reminded of some aspect of my own system that has either been ignored for a long while or isn't quite what I want it to be. As I reacquaint myself with all the pieces and processes I invariably find something that I want to tweak or improve and I become very excited about the new year and another chance to teach this class.

Library of Memories is now open for registration …

I meant for this post to go up on Monday, so I'm a couple of days behind on the blog — been orchestrating Christmas for my family and training some new help on the personal side of things.

Look what's happening in Spokane today …


I was headed to the post office to get some gifts in the mail, but after picking up Addie and driving past at least four accidents on the Interstate I have decided to stay at home and cross my fingers that the school buses arrive safely!

Anyway … with LOM 2009 just around the corner, I'm hoping to post more frequent Q&As and share some of the great questions I have sitting in my inbox.

Here's a great one from Angel. My answers are in orange.

I've just finished re-reading Photo Freedom for the 3rd time and am in the process of setting up my LOM system.  The question that keeps coming up for me as I am sorting my pictures is this.  The storage binders are supposed to be for "event" pics.  I have A LOT of pics of everyday stuff and face shots of the kids.  I can't imagine that I'm going to put all of these face shots into my category drawers but they're not really event-oriented and I don't think they are ready for cold storage so what am I supposed to do with them? (Great question. You are right that the bulk of your event related pictures that you want to scrapbook will patiently wait inside your storage binders. You are also not alone in having LOTS of everyday pics and what I call personality snapshots of your children.)  Do they live in my binders for a while? (The short answer is YES.) The longer answer is also yes … the vast majority of ALL your "scrappable" pictures, including the everyday stuff should remain in your binders for a while. As you peruse your binders, you are making your pictures a part of your visual memory, which is a very good thing. You may find that as you are looking for a particular event-related photo or group of photos, you feel inspired to scrapbook a non-event layout. You can then pull a handful of personality pictures from the same binder (this means they will also be from the same season or time frame) and happily scrapbook some aspect of your life that is likely personality or relationship based (this is really cool.) The important thing to remember is that you are "living" with your most recent memories and seeing them over and over again. The intimacy that develops with these printed pictures in your binders is an important part of your personal creative process. As you live with and "see" your pictures you are engaging in sub-conscious prioritization — I just made that up, btw … sounds smart huh? It's true though. Without even realizing it, you are inviting inspiration and making choices and preparing to make additional choices down the road. Do I put them in the category drawers? (You may also find
that recent life experiences prepare you to see a personality picture
in a new light and you suddenly want to pull it from the storage binder
and place it somewhere in your category drawer. Bravo! Doing this will set you up for either a GREAT "Aha" moment and/or personal connection down the road, or just some fantastically easy photo retrieval that makes you feel uber-organized and very powerful!)
Other than this, so far, I am LOVING this system.  It is so stress-relieving to know that I have a place for my photos.  I came across a photo of my hubby and his friend at this friend's wedding.  A month ago, I would have said "great pic but where should I put this so I know where to find it?"  Now I know exactly where it goes. (Such a happy feeling!)

Thanks so much for sharing this great system and your awesome philosophy! You're welcome!

If you have the book, The Big Picture. Turn to "So Different" on page 17 for an example of what I was trying to explain in my "long answer" above. The layout, "Chill-dren" on page 26 is another example of finding and using "personality photos" on an everyday, seasonal, non-event layout.

If you want more information about the difference between my book Photo Freedom and the Library of Memories workshop, listen to the audio messages here and here.

Happy Snow Day!


p.s. I just got word that my friends Jennafer and Meagan have opened an online jewelry store called Happiness on a String. Cute eh? I think you should check it out!


  1. Jackie Baker says:

    Is LOM free for alumni again this year?

  2. Oh my do you ever have a lot of snow. We got about 10 cm and now it’s about all gone. Smart of you to decide not to drive all the way there. Happy Snow Day to you too!

  3. ScrappyMommy says:

    Wow I love the snow although since relocating to NY from ID we have a new appreciation for it. I was going to take LOM this year but a friend of mine emailed you about which to take first, LOM or Get Organized Be Inspired and on your advice we’ll both be completing Get Organized first and wait until the next time LOM comes around. I just wish we didn’t have to wait a whole year! Of course I have plenty of classes on my plate over at BPS so I guess I can wait a year!

  4. I’m all signed up and can’t wait for the class!

  5. I am signed up for your class and so excited – my great scrapbooking friend’s husband work for the City and found some old metal catagory drawers – they were green and I sprayed them black – So excited about my great find. (Just wanted to share that). We have snow too – but we also have the cold – it was -18 this morning – I think it suppose to get above Zero today – heat wave.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Jeannette P says:

    Cute Happiness on a string. Very happy I think. I think its neat that you get to renew your love for your LOM system every year when you teach it & that you are reminded of parts you haven’t been using or things that you need to tweek a little. So neat!
    I actually got my Christmas present early from my DH. He purchased the LOM class for me. Can’t wait for the class. I’ve read the book all the way through once and then parts of it several times. I’ve taken notes & actually purchased all the stuff for the class (minus one of the file drawers). I have yet to make my dividers for the drawers. Can’t wait for the class to start in Feb. I am really looking forward to it. Thanks so much for your insight.

  7. I took LOM last year and it really changed the way I view and do scrapbooking. I found the love again, I guess you could say. And LOM, along with CZ’s Design YOur Life class has inspired me to scrap more this year than I have in the last two or three years (I’ve been scrapping for 12). Thanks, Stacy, for giving so much of yourself in answering questions and sharing your thoughts and ideas. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  8. Stacy,
    Your class sounds like a lot of fun. I have your books and love them. I wish I could take the class, but I think I probably have given myself too many gifts lately and my credit card is already crying. I hope to save my pennies for next year! Have fun!

  9. Stefani Meyer says:

    You are simply amazing! End of story!
    Also, I’ve been searching your blog about the birthday party you gave for your son. You had some cool sounding games, that I need to do for my son’s party coming up. Why can’t I find it?
    If you have a sec. email me and lmk. :)

  10. Hi stacy, I purchased your book and really love the concepts in it. One question I have is this. I am a paper, digi and hybrid scrapper…I never know what I am going to do with a certain pic until inspiration hits. Do I still print out all the photos? Or is there a way to use this type of organization with out printing them all out? I am in the beginning stages of organizing and just thought I would ask if you had any ideas for us digi scrappers too. I paper scrap more then digi right now so I am leaning towards just printing them.
    Thanks so much for your great ideas!!!
    Blessings Alisa

  11. I signed up for the class:)
    I got started on LOM and took a break during the holidays. I’ve got parts set up but am not really “working” the system yet. I thought about going it on my own but decided that the class will give me motivation and inspiration to develop the system to where it is actually working.
    Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year. I am looking forward to the class starting in February!

  12. Ok so I was torn between LOM and Wendy’s workshop but reading ScrappyMommy’s post helped with that. (HI from ID) After getting your book at the MW Retreat in June I started but kind of stalled on the digital purging…
    Now to crunch numbers as we are trying not to use our cards for anything.

  13. I just signed up yesterday! Looking forward to it. XOXO

  14. You’re such a sweetheart. Thanks for the Happiness mention. Your friendship and support are greatly appreciated!

  15. Thanks for answering my question Stacy! I wish I could afford to take LOM this year. I had actually planned on it but DH works for one of the car companies and with the way things are, it’s just not in the budget. Hopefully in 2010!

  16. Hi, Stacy! I was just reading this post and had a new sudden understanding. I’ve been keeping my all of my photos in my storage binders until I no longer felt any desire to scrapbook them, at which time I’d move them to my category drawers. But from what I read in this blog post, categories aren’t just for “leftovers.” They’re for any picture that might benefit me more when arranged by category, as opposed to chronologically or by event.
    So…I may move a photo from the storage binder to a category drawer after the others of its group have already been scrapped. Or I may do it when I get it back from the printer b/c I know it will make a great personality page, hypothetically. Is that your process?
    I just love the flexibility of this system and how it makes use of different perspectives. Have you read the book, Getting Things Done? When I was reading it it kept reminding me of your LOM system and how they seem to be based on the same principles. =)

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