Took this photo at 8:00 am. Over three feet of snow has fallen and it is still snowing!!
Needless to say our Christmas break has started two days early … so I'm off to make Bean with Bacon soup and toasted cheese sandwiches, then some Christmas goodies …

Hope you're having FUN too.


  1. SO MUCH FUN :) It’s supposed to be 75 in Dallas,TX tomorrow. Wishing for snow but don’t think its really in my realm of possibility!

  2. Nothing like snow at Christmastime to get you in the mood! enjoy!

  3. Vickie Jarvis says:

    Great — that means it headed our way. The upside is, it has to warm up to snow — it was 10 below when we left for school this morning. Enjoy!!!

  4. i want bean with bacon soup.
    : )
    merry christmas, stacy j!
    love you!

  5. Whee, we even have snow down here in Redmond! We went for a ski/walk downtown and my husband even ended up on the news :D

  6. 2nd Snow Day in a row for us too. Don’t know if school will be cancelled again tomorrow or not. We are making spaghetti tonight and finally bringing the tree in from the garage (cut it down in the snow this weekend) to decorate…VERY late for us this year. Have a merry one.

  7. I’ve lived in the Anchorage, Alaska area for 5 years now and I’ve never gotten 3 feet of snow at once!! I’m NOT jealous! ;)

  8. Michelle Contarino says:

    Oh you are soooo lucky! We hardly ever get any snow here in NJ anymore. I know some people don’t like it, but I would love to be snowed in and start the kids break early!!

  9. We have it here on the West side of the mountains too–my CA daughter is jazzed she will be here Saturday and it is supposed to stay around til then!

  10. I LOVE that picture! I sooooo wish we’d get snow here in SC…just ONCE this winter! Blow some our way, won’t ya? Today, it was 82 degrees here! That’s hot for December 18th, even for SC! Enjoy your beautiful, white, cold snow!

  11. oohh, YUM!
    no snow here. just a little drizzle in OK.
    i lived in canada for about 6 yrs. we got that kind of snow. i don’t think i miss it! ;)

  12. Ha! Here in Issaquah they canceled school yesterday for 40 degrees and rain…finally today we got it! Sad thing is, my senior hasn’t finished his college aps…he needed to have school open today!

  13. We started our Winter Break a day early, here in Illinois. We got a few inches of snow but it is covered with ice. Not a good driving surface so I’ll stay in and finish some Christmas tasks and do some cookie baking today! Merry Christmas Stacy!

  14. Wish we had some snow here in GA but it’s 70 degrees.

  15. I love the picture! We’re getting the same stuff here in Michigan! We are totally snowed in for the day!! It’s beautiful, but freezing cold! We’ve had so much snow already this December. 3 snow days already!!

  16. Love the idea of the picture with the ruler! I’ll have to get the kids out there with that one.
    another happy-about-the-snow western Washingtoner ;)

  17. Bean & Bacon Soup sounds wonderful. We are also getting lots of snow in W. Michigan! Snow Day!

  18. Great picture. You can have the snow though. I don’t miss the cold. Bean with Bacon soup sounds wonderful. How about sharing the recipe.

  19. You are catching up with us in the snow department. lol The soup sounds yummy! Enjoy.

  20. Three feet of snow–are ya kiddin’ me?! I would love to know your recipe for bean & bacon soup. I love homemade soups this time of year, and my middle son LOVES beans .

  21. We got our snow in Brigham today. It’s so fun!! I love the nighttime when it snows and it’s a little warmer outside than you’d think. And the moon is reflecting off of the snow, so it’s kind of light out. I love the big white fluffies!

  22. Stacy, we need an update on how things are going!! TV news says your area has received 46 inches of snow!! Yikes, are you all OK?

  23. I LOVE bean with bacon soup!!! It was something my Mom made for us with PB&J sammies when we were little and now is a favorite with my kids. We always just had good old Campbells but something tells me you are whipping out the crockpot and making it from scratch. Got a good recipe to share?!?!

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