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I've been tagged.
Tami sent me an email yesterday, notifying me that I had been tagged. When I visited her blog I was very thankful to know that I don't have to come up with any more random facts about my life.

What I do get to do is share with you my 4th photo from my 4th folder.

and … here it is. This is my most adorable Addie on her first birthday. She is dressed up in a traditional Korean HanBok that Margaret Scarbrough sent me.

This photo represents a happy and funny memory of Addie's first birthday. We invited two families to come help us celebrate and we made a very "American" attempt to conduct a Korean tradition, called Tol that allows the birthday child to choose from several items that will symbolically indicate their life path (or perhaps gifts.) You set different items in front of the child (a small bowl of rice for prosperity, paper and pencil for scholarly wisdom, etc.) and allow her to select one or two. We laid out several of the traditional items and added a few of our own. I put down crayons for creativity and Geof added a golf ball (of course.) As it turns out, Addie was so overwhelmed by all the people watching her and all the verbal prodding to do something, she just sat there. We eventually took her fancy clothes off, hoping this would "free" her up a bit (no such luck.)


Finally, one of our guests suggested that I lay down my brand new iphone (yes, I was one of those crazies who stood in line on June 30th, 2007) Anyway … I did. Addie immediately crawled to my phone, picked it up and started playing. And … she continues to want to play with my phone everyday and has on several occasions messed up my settings. I have had to add a password, so that she won't "break in"  She is most definitely a girl who is interested in "techno" gadgets.
I am so touched …
I'm a bit embarrassed to admit this, but some very NICE person left me a comment, which I can no longer locate. Whoever it was awarded me the Kreativ Blogger award (how very nice is that?) PLEASE, if YOU are reading, or if you know this person, help poor overwhelmed Stacy out …


I do know that as a recent recipient of this award, I get to pass this AWARD one to FIVE other bloggers.

Since I am also supposed to pass the "TAG, you're it" on … here are five very creative people with very "kreativ" blogs that will soon share their "4th photo in their 4th folder"

1. Wendy Smedley

2. Stephanie Ackerman

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Be sure to pay them a visit!!



  1. I’m enjoying your blog during this busy season. I don’t always have time to comment but I am reading it almost every day. Thanks.
    Happy Holidays to your beautiful family!

  2. Jeannette P says:

    What a special memory to share with us about Addie. I had to laugh at the iPhone thing though. That would have been my Morgan too…waiting till something of technology was available. I used to use a PDA until my Morgie lost all my data & I couldn’t find the back up on my computer. Ugh… Not sure how she did it but she lost everything. I restored it once & then she lost it again before I could password it from her.
    I think it takes lots of guts to admit you lost an email. Shows that you really care even if it embarreses you. I sent an email to one of my very organized friends to share a Shutterfly album I made & when I asked her if she’d gotten it she said no at first & then later told me that sometimes she thinks she might have organized too much. It had filed it into a folder that she had not read yet.
    Anyway, I am enjoying your countdown & wonder how long it takes you to find or stumble upon some of the stuff that you recommend. Sometimes my time gets completely swallowed online if I’m not careful. KWIM?

  3. What a great picture of Addie in her outfit. She is so darling. I think Addie’s picking of the iPhone is a hoot. She’s either going to be a talker with a phone at her ear all the time or she’s going to be a techie and have every technical thing known when she is older. She’s such a doll.

  4. Addie is adorable in her traditional garb. Love that she waited for the Iphone to be put down… My kind of girl ;)

  5. check it out

  6. OMW, you need to send that photo to Apple! Addie grabbing the Iphone is hilarious! Maybe they will send you free iphones for life? (or her, perhaps)

  7. Your dd looks beautiful in her Hanbok! What a cutie pie! Wonder if we’ve run into each other on any of the adoption forums out there :)?? You have a beautiful family! Congrats!

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