I’m not doing anything clever with my word this year. No R is for … wearing RED, or anything like that.


I simply want to keep myself open and available to new ideas. I want to RECEIVE what life has in store for me. I want to ignore artificial boundaries that tend to hold me back. When we live and work inside these boundaries (which are essentially lies we tell ourselves about what we can and can’t do) we automatically limit our potential. It’s like stamping a figurative “Return to Sender” on the box marked future possibility (without even peeking inside.) This year, I will move forward full of faith, committed to the routines and disciplines that nurture my creative rhythm and therefore my personal creative growth.

I want to RECEIVE insight about being Playful, Productive and Present, so that I can share what I learn. I have recently condensed what I do and want to do into seven words. This “7 Word Bio” has become my personal pledge. I will Teach Gratitude, Awareness, Happiness Sprinkled with FUN. I love how for me these words absolutely encompass what I want to teach myself, my children, my students at Big Picture Scrapbooking and anyone else who will listen — watch out world, here comes me!

I’ve long been a student of the scriptures and the nudge to use RECEIVE as my word this year came from the many references to “receive” in the scriptures. There is so much that God, our Heavenly Father wants to give us, if we choose simply to RECEIVE.

 I want to spend time imagining what can grow from the nourishment I RECEIVE.


  1. Christine Harrison says:

    I love what you have witten. as a seminary teacher this year i will implement your slogan would love to keep in touch. Chris,Pt Pirie, Australia

  2. I just happened upon your blog recently. I LOVE your idea of picking a word each year, and I LOVE that you’re open in how you use it: acrostic, straight inspiration or focus, etc… I also LOVE that this year’s word was inspired by scripture for you. I was inspired to create a wordle for you with receive. I often do it during my word studies. I’m sure someone as creative as you is familiar with Wordle. Just go to Wordle.net and search in the gallery for Stacy Received. I hope you RECEIVE this as a gift from me for inspiring me and empowering my creativity with your work.

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