33 minutes. what could you do?


have been wanting to add a cute yellow H2O label to my laundry-room water bottle for at least 9 months. took 3 minutes.

IMG_5937 dealing with an adorable 2 1/2 year old that has wreaked havoc on my bathroom drawers. this was a serious mess. took me 30 minutes to purge, clean and organize.

hard to express the sense of accomplishment that these 33 minutes have brought me.
what could you do in 3 minutes? or 30?

grab a timer and get started!

but, before you do …. check out the all NEW Marketplace at Scrapblog.com. I LOVE Scrapblog. It is web-based digital scrapbooking. It is my kind of digital scrapbooking. You can now … purchase digital elements from many of your favorite traditional designers.



NOTE: If you are registered for LOM 2009. You will need a Scrapblog account, as I will be giving you some Scrapblog assignments. I'm working on updating our syllabus to reflect this!


  1. Has the alumni info been sent out? I am so in need of a refresher course, but haven’t seen anything about alumni taking LOM again.

  2. Ohhh, we did a Scrapblog account?! I’ve heard of it but never checked it out.
    It’s amazing how happy a 3 mintue job can make you. And more amazing is that it can take months to do a 3 minute job ;)

  3. I’ve signed up for my account…but I’m a little nervous. I’ve never done digital before so this will certainly be a new adventure. Looking forward to it!

  4. Ditto on the question about alumni (I’m in the group that would have to pay). And as for your 3 minute job – it would have taken me 33 minutes just to find the paper, ribbon, and letters to put on the bottle! But I’m working on the organization now in “Get Organized, Be Inspired” – great class!

  5. I postpone simple tasks too. My bathroom drawers are also a mess and it drives me crazy when my toddler gets into them. We have 12 drawers in our bathroom and don’t know how to block them all… Also, I’m loving the artwork behind your H20 bottle… it looks like colored pencil nubs in the shape of letters. Do you have more pictures of it? Is there a story behind it? I’d love to see/hear more.

  6. I was just talking to Rebecca at the Scrapblog booth yesterday…totally intrigued by it!

  7. I’m with Kim K., never done much digi…so stepping out to get a Scrapblog account.

  8. Mindy Hartigan says:

    Can you PLEASE tell me where you got the dish scrubber/flower thing? My friends grandmother was given one when she purchased her new home and we can not find them ANYWHERE! I would love to get my hands on a few!

  9. I agree that sometimes it only take a few minutes to do something we have been putting off! Thanks for the reminder!

  10. You are a busy gal!
    I’m intrigued by the Scrapblog assignments for LOM this year- I have Scrapblogged before (you can post those pages on your Facebook page!) but haven’t been back in awhile. I’ll have to practice before class starts.
    I don’t think the LOM alumni stuff has come out…I think I heard in early Feb. via an e-mail when regular registration came out.
    A tip for the drawer messes- we had that same issue…the Lone Rearranger…and we gave him a low drawer to put his stuff in. It’s stopped all of our mess problems because he has a drawer of his own. (Currently the Little Einstein toothbrush and a few Cars toys are in there with 2 crayons.)

  11. Jeannette P says:

    Good to know about the scrapblog account needed.
    In 33 mins today I put away a load of laundry, sorted another load into piles for the kiddos & they’ll put them away tomorrow. Picked up about 25 bracelets that my 2 yr old has been hauling all over the house today. She has been good & put them away a few times but then gets them out again. And I finalized my order for new curtains that were a must since our 1 1/2 month old shades are already faded from the sun & being returned to the store tomorrow. Love my privacy & had to get some ordered ASAP.
    Don’t you love having a 2 yr old in the house? I do! I hear cute phrases like this all day. “Momma, I sooooo hungry!” “I go potty Momma” Usually 20 secs too late. :)

  12. Hi Stacy! Thanks for the “heads up” on registering for Scrapblog in regards to LOM… I can’t WAIT for class to start and have been busily creating my highlights photo folders. Even sent a HUGE order to Shutterfly today to print since I am WAY behind on printing! This is the year I will get my photos orgranized – whoo hoo!
    Darcy – aka “hipmomof3″

  13. It took almost three minutes to pitch the lidless plastic containers floating around in my cabinet. It’s all good.

  14. I LOVE those quick accomplishments. I need to pack for a trip, so I’m going to set a timer and see how much I finish in the next 33 minutes. (I’m also in the Get Organized, Be Inspired class, and Aby had a similar challenge to start purging our spaces of unused/unloved product. Once I started, I kept moving stuff to the donate bin for over an hour–and then I tackled other parts of the house the next day!)

  15. I LOVE those quick accomplishments. I need to pack for a trip, so I’m going to set a timer and see how much I finish in the next 33 minutes. (I’m also in the Get Organized, Be Inspired class, and Aby had a similar challenge to start purging our spaces of unused/unloved product. Once I started, I kept moving stuff to the donate bin for over an hour–and then I tackled other parts of the house the next day!)

  16. Stefani Meyer says:

    Sometimes I just set the timer for 10 minutes and see how much I can get done. Even if I don’t finish the task I get a good jump on it.
    Love the water bottle!

  17. oh! so glad I am LOM alumni! excited to see the new content!
    Michelle I think we are supposed to register on Feb 11 or something like that. They said they would send us an email when it was time.

  18. can’t wait for lom :) pretty colors on the bam pop logo

  19. I’m so excited about the 2009 LOM class. Even though my 6 year old daughter is thinking I’m going to miss her birthday b/c it’s the same day class starts but I’m sure we’ll be fine!

  20. There is so much than can be done in 33 minutes. Sometimes we feel so overwhelmed that we don’t even start! I challenge everyone to set their timer for 11 minutes. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish! Then do it two more times and you’ll reach Stacy’s 33 minutes! The timer is this Lazy Mom’s friend!

  21. Connie F. says:

    Going to check out the Scrapblog thing–I have never tried digital – I am still intimidated by it!!

  22. Kristen B. says:

    Speaking of LOM, when can alumni sign up? Thank you!

  23. I’ve been looking for an initial made of colored pencils as seen in your first photo, can you tell me where to find one? I can’t remember when I’ ve seen them and google hasn’t help me. thanks!!

  24. You can do anything for 15 minutes so in 33 you can do twice as much…
    swept and mopped the floors in the main rooms – 15 mins
    printed my BPS – GOBI assignments and my son’s school assignments for this afternoon – 10 mins
    grabbed a drink and typed this – 5 mins

  25. So cute. And in your laundry room too! I should take a cue and clean out a drawer today.

  26. Loving the 33 minutes. I’m going to do that later today. However, am a bit nervous about the Scrapblog account. I just signed up but have not gone digital. Good thing I cleared my spring for LOM only. Looks like it’s going to be even more fun than I thought. Now I’m even more excited, but didn’t think that was even possible. Wahoo!

  27. Thanks for the reminder that small chuncks of time can work wonders! I tend to think if I don’t have a whole day I can’t get “everything” done.

  28. Learned this years ago with FlyLady – time is a huge contributor to procrastination. Buy yourself a timer – set 15 min. & go for it. You will be surprised.;)

  29. Hi Stacy,
    Just wanted to tell you I LOVE your framed monogram made with colored pencil nubs. Thanks for making my day happy!

  30. Susanmcdonald12@gmail.com says:

    Can you PLEASE tell us where you got the art piece made out of sharpened color pencils?
    I’ve looked all over the Internet with no luck. I know I’ve seen them before, but I can’t remember where.

  31. There are 2 times/year that I really like to get organized… one is in September (after the kids go back to school) & the other is in January (after the Christmas decorations get put away).
    Here is a quick 30 min. project from a couple of weeks ago:

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