A Simple Good-bye

So, some of you have already heard the news.

Here's the official announcement.


Simple Scrapbooks magazine is no more.

We are experiencing a tough, tough economy right now and it is especially tough in the world of publishing. In my gut, I had a feeling … and when I heard Lin's voice on my phone yesterday, I knew why she was calling. I was still somehow caught off guard and honestly felt (even if only momentarily) that someone had died. That might seem a bit dramatic to you, but  Simple was my baby. I personally chose those first columns and departments — in spite of the fact that I didn't really understand the difference between a column and a department. I was the one that called and made every single assignment and I was the one that collected pages and albums and read and edited articles and in the process, learned and grew and became more and more able. From the very beginning this little magazine has had to fight. We've had to fight to differentiate ourselves in an industry that generally didn't understand why there should or could be two magazines from the same publisher. Over the years, I and an incredible team of passionate people have fought for and become advocates of simplicity and an inclusive message that is so important in the realm of creative scrapbooking. To me, Simple will always be the heart of what we do.

This is why I was so sad yesterday. Today is better. Today I know that the philosophy and the message have made a lasting imprint. Today I am remembering and feeling grateful for the people that I have worked with and loved — people that are and will still be my friends.

Today I have thought again and again how temporary material things — even good material things — really are. What matters in this life is what you become, not what you make.

What you become by what you make is the only thing you can claim. I am a better person because of Simple Scrapbooks magazine. I am so grateful for that.

but I will still miss Simple.

I will be writing an official good-bye in the May/June issue and while Simple will not be printed as a separate publication after this issue, our message will live on in the pages of Creating Keepsakes (which we all know and love.) You can watch for more information on these changes in the next few weeks and months. If you leave me a comment today, I'd like to know what aspect of Simple you most want to see continue — tell me what (and how) we can continue to contribute to your passion for scrapbooking.



  1. i’ll miss it alongside you, stacy.
    thinking of you all today.

  2. Love you, Stacy!

  3. Thank YOU, Stacy for giving us permission to get back to basics and enjoy SIMPLY scrapping. You will always remain a true inspiration to me – magazine, or no magazine…

  4. I am so sorry! Sorry for you losing your baby, sorry for all the hardworking people who continue to make it my very FAVORITE magazine on the market, and sorry for myself that I won’t be reading it forever. It can’t compare to your loss, buy my heart is breaking!

  5. “To me, Simple will always be the heart of scrapbooking.”
    Thank you for your vision and inpsiration. I began scrapbooking only when I found Simple because it finally made sense. It was a huge “ah-ha!” moment, and I am grateful for you and all those who worked on Simple.

  6. Oh Stacy I am so sorry to hear this. I actually just renewed for 2 years too. SS was my favorite of all the magazines and my first choice for inspiration and I will miss it terribly!

  7. Awww, I’ll be missing Simple too. I still have the first and second issues on my shelf. I got the idea for my boys’ baby albums from one of the first issues. I’m sorry, and you’ve got every right to feel like it’s a funeral. I know a LOT of people who will be missing it. Here’s to hoping CK can bring Simple into it’s pages flawlessly!

  8. Say it ain’t so. It’s the only scrapbooking magazine I get.
    I’ve missed you in the magazine, but knowing it was your baby made me feel like you were still around.
    Very sad day.

  9. kimmikaye says:

    Oh, no!!! YOUR Simple Scrapbooks is the only magazine I subscribe to. I just renewed it on-line through my child’s school fundraiser. I hurt with you, not as personally but will miss finding a part of your heart in my mailbox. What comes next?

  10. I will miss Simple too, I had always hoped it would go monthly, I hated to wait that long between issues. Oh how we loved you and Wendy and Cathy, and everyone else
    who worked so hard and lovingly on your vision. Thank you and them for showing us Simple is not only possible, but it is really the best way to go.

  11. This is awful. When I first started scrapping, Simple is what guided me thru my first baby steps. The mag was what helped me become comfortable with my own style and my own voice. I subscribe to CK as well, but I don’t like it half as much, simply because it’s so caught up in trends.
    Thank you Stacy, for sharing your vision of what scrapbooking was about. I will miss Simple.

  12. I will miss Simple also. Simple is more than a magazine, it confirmed and approved what I was also thinking. Thank you so much for Simple.

  13. tat2scrapper says:

    This was my favorite magazine. It took all the excess out and left the best. It kept pages true to showing photos instead of products.
    I am not happy with this. First they take Digital Scrapbooking Magazine and now this.
    CK is making choices that I think are going to hurt them in the long run.
    Thank you Stacy for keeping it simple, so to speak. There were many of us right there with you.

  14. I’ve been a subscriber for quite a while, but have grown to love Simple even more after taking Cathy Z’s design class at BPS. So sad for all of you. Simple will be missed, but glad we still have the BPS site to look forward to!!!

  15. Margot/NZ says:

    The thing I like most about Simple is the clear open layout ideas and examples where there weren’t heaps and heaps of embellishments. Layouts where the photos and journalling are at the heart of the page. Departments and columns where the focus is on the meaning, and the ideas or techniques were not time-consuming or required an art degree.
    Thank you Stacy for starting the magazine and for setting its ethos in place. We will all miss Simple. CK will be the better for incorporating Simple ideas – but it won’t ever be quite the same.

  16. Simple is my ONLY magazine…What do I love about it? It’s not cluttered with all the “extras”…the layouts are clean…& simple! (a little Cathy Z reference!)
    So sad to see it go…I’m sorry!

  17. I’m so sad to hear this. Simple was (is!) an excellent magazine with a strong perspective on keeping stories and memories at the heart. I love the emphasis on doable projects and mini-albums, with practical advice on design, type, color, inspiration, etc. I will definitely miss Simple but hope CK can carry forward SS’s legacy for SIMPLIFYING scrapbooking. And I will definitely miss the wonderful voices of all the SS contributors. :(

  18. SS was my introduction to scrapbooking. I received my first issue as a gift right after I gave birth to my first child. I found inspiration in it’s pages and I will miss it.
    Stacy, thank you for all of your hard work on the magazine.

  19. It was my favorite little treat each month… i loved the content and have filed all my issues as inspiration for later…. thanks for pouring your heart into something so special. It will be missed. Praying for your next adventure Stacy!!!

  20. I most enjoy your philosophies and concepts behind Simple Scrapbooks: finishline scrapbooking and library of memories; making scrapbooking about my stories and memories and less about product and trends.

  21. My main love in Simple is that if focuses on the content and message and STORY of layouts and scrapbooking instead of just decorating a purdy picture. It inspires me to share my thoughts and keep documenting what is important to me.

  22. I’m really going to miss the inclusiveness of Simple Scrapbooks. It was never about competing, or being the trendiest, or comparing yourself with someone else. Simple always made me feel better about MY scrapbooks. I’ll always be grateful for that. Thanks a million, Stacy. Your baby will live on with all of the readers that it touched.

  23. That really sucks. Simple is the only scrapbook magazine I like nowadays since the stuff in CK is so “fancy” and “over the top” half the time. If they incorporate part of the Simple message, then I’ll keep my subscription to it, but this is sad news.:(

  24. I’m so sad, too, Stacy. I have enjoyed the magazine over the years. Although I have subscribed to them all, Simple was my favorite, because…it was Simple. Although I appreciate the artistry found in other magazines, I found that I personally did Simple best…and there is artistry in that. My favorite/best(?) scrapbooks/pages were the ones that followed the formulas.
    Thanks for all your hard work on that magazine…and remember…
    keep it Simple!!!

  25. i am sorry to hear that Stacy.
    i will miss that magazine…

  26. I feel like someone just punched me in the stomach, I can’t imagine how you feel! What I loved most is the way it continuously reminded me and challenged me to keep it simple. Keep the focus on the story. And yet it showed me how to do that in fresh and exciting ways.
    Everyone at Simple will be missed. :(

  27. Lindsay Bateman says:

    As a devoted reader from Alberta, Canada…I can only express my deepest heartfelt sadness over this as well. This magazine was wonderful, something I looked forward to each and every month. It was a true form of inspiration through and through. I had the amazing opportunity to take a class from you at a convention in Edmonton, Alberta and you Stacey were so amazing. Which was why this magazine was amazing. You mentoring and bringing all of your amazing friends and coworkers on the ride of a lifetime. This magazine will thoroughly be missed by all. The May/June issue will definitly be a bittersweet one in that I had submitted my first ever layout to Simple and I actually was chosen to be part of the May/June wedding feature. As I was looking forward to this issue, it will now mean even more to me to be part of the last publication. My heart, strength, and positive energy goes out to all affected. Just keep the Spirit of Simple Scrapbooks alive in CK. The “simple” philosophy.
    Big Hugs to all of you!
    Lindsay Bateman
    Lac La Biche, Alberta, Canada

  28. I really am going to miss SS. I ~heart~ this magazine. You made me see that not every layout needs to be ‘full’. Just the simplest of things will do and make a most wonderful presentation. I think what I would like to see live on is the Focus on Photos section. I LOVE that and go right to it every issue.

  29. How sad :(

  30. Stacy, I am sorry for the loss you are feeling. In a few days, perhaps you can find the positive – perhaps there is an opportunity that will present itself with this news! I have no doubt this will turn out to be an experience that will help you grow, and one that you can share with the rest of us as we all try to navigate these tumultuous times. We’re all in this together.

  31. SS we will miss you! As far as what to incorporate into CK, for me it is people: you, Cathy Zielske and Wendy Smedley. Your messages and simple style speaks to me so much more than the often over-done CK layouts.

  32. Simple Scrapbooks was the first scrapbook magazine I purchased. It is still by far my favorite and the only one I subscribe to.
    Thank you for sharing your creativity with me!

  33. I loved SS. It was the first magazine that really spoke to me. I liked that the philosophy, your philosophy was about capturing memories and did not focus on trends (although the new stuff is certainly fun to look at).
    I loved articles like photo album scrapbooking. This was the magazine that made not feel like a loser for picking up a kit — I didn’t have to be brilliantly creative in my paper choices, I could just do it!
    Someone else said inclusiveness — YES, that is it. Non-crafty sorts could enjoy this, scrapbooking does not have to be complicated and intricate.
    Just tell the story. Better told and imperfect than not told due to lack of perfection.
    I will miss this magazine very very much.
    All the best,

  34. I am incredibly saddened by this news. I had left SS for awhile to give CK a try and after all was said and done I was drawn to the concept of SS more than CK layouts and concepts. So I came back and now have enjoyed several months of a one year subscription with SS again. I had come back home and I am really sad to say that I missed out on a couple of years with all of what SS had to offer. Now it will be no more and I am sorry for this loss.

  35. Laura King says:

    I was so sorry to hear the news, Stacy. What I will miss most are just the beautiful, “simple” layouts. I truly appreciate CK and the layouts it shares, but Simple layouts were just more “me.” I’m not sure how to explain it. Thanks for all that you did for the magazine. It has been a pleasure to read (and re-read…and re-read) over the years.
    Just this month my husband had a similar work-related “death.” It was a project that ended…that he had been such a big part of building. He was not able to see his project up and running. I’m so glad you were able to see this dream of yours come to life. Of course that also makes the end so much harder. Please know we’re thinking of you.

  36. Oh, Stacy!! I am so sorry to hear this. It makes me sad, too. I’ll never forget the first time I heard about the Simple Scrapbooks philosophy, and it changed the way I looked at my hobby from that point on. Your idea and the magazine that was born from it will carry on from all of us inspired by them!

  37. I will truly miss Simple. The message, ideas, & encouragement saved the hobby of scrapbooking for me! You were (and continue to be) a pioneer and I love that you share your vision in such an inclusive and empowering way.
    I hate to say good-bye to such a good thing as SS!

  38. I have never posted a message until now. I loved Simple Scrapbooks! I used to teach a intro scrapbook class and recommended this magazine over all others. I looked forward to having it delivered monthly. I will miss the magazine.

  39. OMG I am totally in shock and my heard and hugs go out to everyone at Simple Scrapbooks Mag…This is truley my fav magazine and Simple is me – it’s how i work with my layouts and it was Simple that has inspired me so much and helped me grow so much in my scrapping…Thank you Simple!

  40. Diane Anthony says:

    This makes me so sad. I feel like I have lost a dear friend. Simple is my FAVORITE scrapbook magazine. It would be refreshing to see CK take on Simple’s philosophy instead of all the clutter. I will so miss this magazine. I wish it would stay in its entirety within CK. Better yet, why not replace CK with monthly issues of Simple? Thank you so much, Stacy for starting the magazine. Thank goodness we can still go to BPS.

  41. purpledaisy says:

    no way!! i just signed up for a 2yr subscription yesterday night!
    i’m so sad!! :(

  42. Dear Stacy,
    I am so sad! I was subscribing to CK because I had a store a while back, but after I sold my company, I fell in love with Simple. I loved the whole concept of SIMPLE. I live by it! I scrapbook Simple. I regret never submitting my pages! I don’t know how CK will be able to keep Simple alive in it’s pages. The pages in CK are sometimes so overwhelming. While I love CK, I am a Simple girl through and through. I am so sad. I love your blog, your work, all you do. Please know that your inspiration and enthusiasm is contagious and addictive! Thank you for everything you have done! I am going to miss Simple.

  43. I’m so sad. Simple was my fave, too. And the only magazine I subscribed to besides the Ensign.
    I will miss all of it. But you have started something that won’t die, even if the magazine does. Your philosophies were the basis, and still live on in thousands and thousands of homes where we have adopted your philosophies for our own.
    I have every issue of Simple (almost) and will keep them. I believe they are timeless and classic ideas that I will never tire of browsing through. The products change, but the fundamentals don’t. I sure hope that CK will put a lot of Simple into it. I think that would help it be a better magazine.
    I’m sad for Wendy and Angie and the other staff–do they lose their jobs, or stay on at CK?
    Good luck with BPS. I know it’s a tough economy, but I hope you can keep it going. I love your stuff!!!!

  44. Alis in Wnderlnd says:

    I am so, so sorry! First the digital scrapbooking magazine, now this. Bites!
    I am very visual, so I really love the photos of the layouts. I like the fancier layouts in CK, but I usually end up making layouts more like those in Simple.

  45. Stacy, I hope you know what an incredible impact Simple has made on the SB world – because of your vision. Being published in Simple in 2007 was the motivation for the creation of my business, and I am SO grateful. Thank you for being you and for sharing your dreams with us, as you still continue to do through BPS and more…

  46. I’m so sad about this….I preferred SS to CK and will greatly miss the publication. I really loved the entire magazine….Donna and CZ always inspired me with their unique styles. Hang in there, and I know what you mean about material things. I am getting over Ike and going through that has changed the way I live in all aspects of my life. Less is More!!

  47. Oh this makes me so sad! I get two other scrap magazines but Simple is far and above my favorite and the only one I save. When the last issue arrived in my mailbox it seemed a little thin to me and I thought “uh oh!” I’m sorry that that little voice was right. To me Simple said “listen to your heart and tell your stories in the way that makes sense to you, not the way everyone else is doing it, the way the industry or the retailers or the ‘trendmakers’ want you to. Just do what’s in your heart.” THAT is what made me want to be a scrapbooker and THAT is what will live in my heart forever. Thank you Stacy, I’ll be eternally grateful for that message and that permission. But I can’t help but wonder what will happen to all the staff, Wendy, Angie, Cathy and all the wonderful people that I feel are my my friends. Hugs to all of you!! XX’s

  48. Can I just say, THIS SUCKS! I was a charter member of Simple. I have been with you non-stop since the very first issue. None of the other magazines begins to compare in terms of usable layout ideas and usable tips. I think my current subscription runs well into 2010. I’m really really sorry to see this publication go. I hope CK reinvents itself to include a lot of Simple – or I might just not be getting any scrapping mags soon. Bummer.

  49. OH NO, I had not ‘heard the news’ and I am completely saddened and shocked. When I first learned about scrapbooking, Simple Scrapbooks was the first magazine I bought. I am going to miss it!!! There were so many departments and articles that were my favorite, Simple Schemes, of course Color Inspiration, Make the Most of It, and all the ‘Clean and Simple’ designs throughout the pages. LOVED the LEARN/Focus On articles and how informative the magazine was. This must be so devastating and I am so sorry for your loss. Thank goodness I never tore, ripped out, or damaged my magazines in any way (used my scanner and Word program for any notes) and that I can open any one magazine and be inspired all over again. You did a wonderful job Stacy!!! I don’t want to talk about CK and the decisions they have been making. But it stinks. I am truly very sorry.

  50. I too was thinking about you today. I’m glad I came by and read this post. I had a feeling you’d have something inspirational to share, and you would make me feel better. :) As always. Thank you. For writing the Simple Scrapbooks book, and then turning it into a wonderful magazine.

  51. Theresa Grdina says:

    OH NO! Can’t they hang on? Weather through???? Simple is the greatest magazine! It always gives me hope that I will conquer the tons of photos I have to scrap….I am so sad. I am sad for the staff, too. We are losing a wonderful publication.

  52. Simple was the first scrapbook magazine I ever read, and it has always been my favorite. I cannot tell you how much I will miss it. The clean lines of the layouts, Cathy Z’s type and design columns, there is so much I loved. No other magazine quite captured the style I embrace: clean and simple. You should feel so proud for having brought so much inspiration to so many people over the years.

  53. Merrilynne says:

    Hi Stacy!
    I will never forget the day you came down to Bluffdale to “pitch” the concept for Simple Scrapbooks. I was so impressed by your enthusiasm and creativity.
    You had us each wear a different hat…to remind us to consider your ideas in a different hat than the one we wore at the CK offices every day.
    And you brought slime! I can’t remember why. But the experience, like you, left a lasting impression.
    Wishing you all the best! I too loved SIMPLE!

  54. I will miss Simple Scrapbooks. It is my favorite magazine, and never makes me feel overwhelmed like some of the other publications out there do. We love you, Stacy! I am very much enjoying my BPS class I am taking right now, and look forward to taking more in the near future!!

  55. I knew it. With your sad post yesterday, I had a gut wrenching feeling something was no more. I for one am glad it wasn’t BPS.
    Our industry needs to brace itself for closures of scrapbook stores and manufacturers this year, it will be like our industry got the plague.
    Scrapbooking isn’t a luxury item for me. It’s a necsessity. It calms my nerves and keeps me focused on the little things in my day.
    In answer to your question, I would like to see small moments brought to our attention and scrapbooked in CK. Please, please encourage them to focus on the story not the product.
    After all in the span of a lifetime even 8 years of Simple Scrapbooks becomes a small moment to be scrapped and cherished. I will miss it dearly.

  56. I am really sorry. Please know that you have really made a difference and your inspiration and ideas will live on. Thanks for all of your hard work.

  57. I’m so sorry. :( I switched from CK to Simple several years ago as my only magazine subscription. While I am a huge admirer of several of the authors in CK (Becky & Ali especially) I appreciated the fact that Simple didn’t push me to put every single accessory or embellishment on my scrapbook page. Simple pages are just that – simple. The focus is on the story and the pictures.
    I’m so sorry, I know this was your “baby” and that you are grieving. ((((Hugs))))

  58. Stacy, I am so sad for you and Angie and the rest of the Simple team. Simple changed the way I scrap. Simple helped me appreciate the little things in life. Simple taught me to accept and even celebrate me for who I am. Thank you for everything. xo Barb
    P.S. What I’d like to see… I love Cathy’s design column… I love the Simple readers’ gallery… I love the simple schemes and the ideas I got from the “Make the Most of It” column. But most importantly, I loved the Simple philosophy of not needing (or wanting) to be “caught up” because that is the BIGGEST thing that changed the way I scrap. After I bought into that, I realized scrapbooking was fun, not a chore, and my pages allowed me to celebrate life instead of just documenting it.

  59. Never did I think that this was your message. i will miss Simple scrapbooks. This is sad but then again we have BPS !

  60. How hard this must be for you! I hope to still see Cathy and Wendy and your philosophy even if you are not actively involved anymore.
    I have always loved SS. I like doing a lot of complicated LOs, making books and art journals but after looking at LOs I have made, most of them are pretty Simple :).
    I hope the publishers don’t forget about us.

  61. By far, one of the most useful scrapbooking tools on the newsstand. The style that this magazine promotes truly speaks to me and my quest to preserve our memories. SS mag will be greatly missed by this loyal fan.

  62. I have been crying for days now.
    I never really got to be on the team, just got to think I was for 1 month. It was a good month.

  63. I will sadly miss Simple I have been a huge fan since it’s debut. I honestly hope CK will add more simple pages as some times when I look at layouts in the magazines I feel like I am not that creative or that great but with simple I usually feel like hey I can do that!
    Good Luck to you always

  64. I don’t even know what to say – I’m so sad about the news. I will simply hope that as the economy learns to grow again . . . so will the new roots of SS. If anything, it’s a chance to evaluate and see things from a different perspective – get a chance to breathe – and gain ideas for a new launch. I am fully expecting for all of you to return and I guess that is what I have to think of whenever I’m reminded of this news. I’m sorry for you and your staff and am grateful for all you have done and all you will soon endure.

  65. Simple was the only scrapbooking magazine that I pick up anymore. I know it will be merged back in with CK, but I just don’t know. It just doesn’t seem right. I feel terrible for you and Angie. I can understand why you are down. You did introduce me to some really good JJ songs though. =] Thanks…for everything.

  66. How sad, I can understand though. I know I wasn’t going to be able to renew this year because of financial hardships. This must be so hard though, so sad!

  67. My favorite part of Simple Scrapbooks Magazine was the “simple is ok” and “simple is good” theme that ran through every article, every layout, everything. It was my very favorite magazine and I can’t believe it is going away.

  68. I love seeing the two page spreads that use minimal embellishments. Embellishments can be so expensive I like to just stick to the basics and use more recyclable items.
    I also would like to keep seeing simplistic mini-albums. CK’s albums seem to be so embellished.
    I must have something againist embellishments. Haha. I just prefer cardstock + photos + journaling and maybe a patterned paper and ribbon or stamp.

  69. Stacy, I’m so sorry that this is happening. Simple was my first and, for a long time, only scrapbooking magazine subscription. I have always been a simple scrapbooker, never wanting to spend hours on a single LO, but wanting to get the story onto the page in a pleasing way, concentrating on the words and pictures. I started to subscribe to CK, mainly for Ali Edwards, and I do like it, but I will always read Simple first (well, until May, I guess). I hope to see simple layouts still featured in CK, and please, please, please, keep Cathy’s design column. I love Cathy! I’m glad to see you still have a positive outlook, as you always do. How do you do it?
    P.S. I put on Jack Johnson just now, too. Love it!

  70. It was your book “Simple Scrapbooks” that helped me define my own scrapbooking philosophy when I discovered the world of modern scrapbooking. Initially I subscribed to CK since it seemed THE scrap magazine, but let that subscription lapse as I found everything I needed in the pages of Simple magazine.
    You mentioned, as did a few other commenters the ‘inclusivity’ of Simple, and perhaps that’s what I like best about your magazine. It has such a good mix of professional layouts and woman-on-the-street layouts. Your simple gals feel like friends, not celebrities. Scrapbooking products are utilized to tell the story of the layout and not to show off the latest and greatest trends. Since my subscription will be transferred to CK in June, I’ll hope that you and the talented Simple staff bring your philosophy and attitude to every page of the magazine, not just a column or department.

  71. Stacy-i am SO sorry to hear about this! I LOVE SS. I will definately miss getting the mag in the mail- one that I drop absolutely everything to read, right here, right now. Thank you for inspiring us all, and we are all so grateful for BPS. Keep Smiling :)

  72. Alicia Day says:

    I have only subscribed to SS because at CKU KC years ago i failed at a class of modge podging and one of your staff members put their arm around me and said “its ok your a simple scrapper” and it hit me. I guess my SS magazine money will have to go to BPS because to me nothing compares. I buy the books from your SS ladies because I know its me and now I feel i have lost a part of me.

  73. Wow I am SO sad! My all time fave magazine :( I love CK too but Simple was FULL of layouts in “my” style. Dang. Dang Dang Dang. I can’t say much beyond that right now :(

  74. I feel so bad. I love SS. I mean, I was relieved to hear that your family and all are okay, but wow; I didn’t see this coming. I guess I could have checked other MBs today, but I was busy and just kept checking back here.
    I am going to miss everything about SS. It was/is by far my favorite magazine. My style has gotten more and more simple. I just love your magazine and it’s really hard to understand why it won’t be around anymore. I have save every issue. I’m sort of in shock.

  75. Stacy, I loved so many things from Simple I couldn’t possibly pick just one! I will truly miss this publication. Hugs!

  76. I keep hoping that this is a really bad April Fool’s joke. However, my calendar insists that it really is January. I literally devour each Simple issue. By the time the new one finally comes, the old issue is tattered and worn…definitely well loved. I’m very, very sad to see it go. Like others have commented, I loved that the magazine focused on the pictures and stories and not on product. I love simple, not busy, over-done pages. Simple Scrapbooks made me and my way of scrapbooking feel validated. I miss it already.

  77. When I read your post yesterday, I had a feeling this was what it was. I also prefer SS to CK. The stuff in CK is too complicated. Simple is better. Please try and continue on with the message that simple is okay. Not every layout has to take more than an hour to complete.

  78. Another very sad day in the scrapbooking world. It was a great magazine and always soemthing to be proud of. Thanks for all your hard work in making a wonderful and cherished mag.

  79. Kathy in Minnesota says:

    I actually made the decision more than 2 years ago to drop my CK subscription and just keep the subscription to SS. Bummer. Like its not bad enough that its -20 right now. Stacy, do you know it was your “you do not need to scrap every picture” statement on the scrapping PBS show that really got me going with scrapbooking? Fueled my passion? Made me realize I can do this-that I had it in me? You changed my life, you really did. That’s why I subscribed to your magazine. There wasn’t all the fuss and glamour, there was a way (a real way) to get pages done-completed-on the shelf. Out for everyone to see. And still look fantastic. What parts should be continued in CK? All of them. They need to find a way to incorporate the essence of SS, or they will never get all of us back to stay. I don’t want to spend 4 hours on every page. I don’t want to spend 2 hours on a page. I want to scrap with my heart and not feel like its an art contest. What do I want to see continued in CK? I want Simple Scrapbooks. Plain and Simple.
    Now I’ll go off to my corner to pout for a bit.

  80. Wow, losing Simple feels a lot like losing a friend. I hope that the Simple philosophy will be preserved in CK. Thanks to you, the staff and, all the contributors for the inspiration that will continue to live in our scrapbooks.

  81. i just wanted to say how sad i am that my last day on the job will come before my first…
    working for simple has been my “dream job” for the 8 years. i’ve dreamed of it so long and doubted i’d ever get a position (or an article published even).
    back to reality of being an elementary school teacher instead of a famous designer like cz or a scrapbook philsophist like you.
    when the economy picks up and ss regroups…i’ll be the first to apply for the job!

  82. What a shock! I was totally unprepared for this…Simple Scrapbooks was the first scrapbook magazine I ever subscribed to. I love that the focus is on the pictures and the words. As the years went by and I became more and more involved with scrapbooking, I decided I needed all the “extras” and bought tons of tools and products and much more elaborate books and magazines. Just a year or so ago I renewed my subscription to SS again because I finally understand that the “extras” are sweet but the basics are what it’s really all about. I also miss your SS editorial comments. I saved your editorial from early 2007 (or late 2006) that starts out “scrapbooking is about having fun” and keep it posted in my scrapbook room to remind me that it really IS all about documenting the stories and about “letting go and having fun”. Like many local scrapbook stores, it’s really sad to see another scrapbook magazine go away.

  83. You are right material things are temporary no matter how much we want that not to be so…
    I am saddened that the ONE & ONLY magazine in the industry that spoke to who I was as a scrapper will be no more in just a few short months. But as someone else wrote it just means more money and time to take BPS classes so there is a silver lining in this cloud after all.

  84. I just got the notice on Facebook, and went to the Simple blog to read the announcement. And then, of course, I came here.
    I’m so sorry, Stacy. I’ve loved Simple from the moment I first saw it, so many years ago now. And I can only imagine how much deeper your sadness is, to see the end of the project you worked so hard to create.
    Thank you. You and the rest of the Simple team restored my joy in scrapbooking, and reminded me why I started in the first place: to share my heart and our stories with my family.
    To answer your question, the most important feature of Simple for me has always been the emphasis on being in the moment, and in not feeling guilt for not being “caught up” or scrapping chronologically.

  85. Simple Scrapbooks has made a lasting imprint in the scrapbook industry whether we’re simple scrappers or not. You have stayed true to your message and I appreciate that!
    I would like to see the simple theme scrapbook samples continue in CK.
    Lots of prayers and thoughts for you and the SS staff.

  86. Of course you feel like there’s been a death and it’s okay to grieve this loss. I LOVE SIMPLE!!! But am really not surprised as i’ve watched each issue after issue get a little smaller… it’s so very sad to me as well. Honestly – I just don’t buy CK these days because, well, it’s not SIMPLE and I’ve come to embrace my simplness at heart…

  87. I don’t even know what to say. I am so, so, so saddened by this news. Simple Scrapbooks was such a big part of my scrapbooking experience, and I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say I’m devastated by its loss. I’m so worried about what this means for the scrapbooking world. If we can lose SS, what next? I’m scared for this industry and this hobby that has come to mean so much to me. Thank you, though, for starting this, well, MOVEMENT – I’m so grateful to you and the whole team that produced so many great issues of SS. It will be missed.

  88. Oh Stacy…I really love SS. I am a subscriber. It is because of the books and magazine, that I changed my scrapbook style to simple. I love visiting your blog…and I hope you will continue speaking to us. YOU are an inspiration!

  89. I think there are a lot of us that prefer SS to CK. I wish it was going to be the other way around.
    Please try to get as much SS into CK as possible! Especially in this economy, the simple easy ideas are the ones that are doable. I think most of us have cut back on the expensive embellishments and instead are using the incredible stories we tell to “decorate” our pages.
    Thank you for bringing SS into my life and for LOM and so much more!! :)

  90. I’m so sorry to hear of this and so bummed. :( I also gave up CK and other subscriptions years ago and read only SS. I loved the layouts and techniques in SS much more than any other scrapbooking magazine and will be so sad to see it go. Thank you for spreading the simple scrapbooking message, Stacy! I’m going to hold onto my copies of SS to let them continue to inspire me.

  91. ann marie says:

    Nooooo! SS is my most favorite scrap magazine. It was the thing that made me want to start scrapping again when I had given up because I was “so far behind” and my pages looked nothing like the complicated designs I saw elsewhere. I am beyond sad to see SS go and please know that it will be greatly missed!
    (((hugs))) to you!
    ~ann marie

  92. Oh I am so disappointed. Because of your ideas and how great the magazine was I stopped my other subscriptions. I would rather have SS kept going then CK. I just don’t get inspired when looking thru CK. You have given my so many great ideas and I have started using them. I bought all your books and am currently using your Photo Freedom book to help me sort thru ALL my pictures. Please Please keep giving us the great simple ideas…You will be so missed.

  93. Simple has been the one scrapbooking magazine I actually think of as the “go to” resource for actually doing projects and completing them – SIMPLE and finished. CK often has so much trendy stuff that honestly, I do not have time or money for. Simple invites people to jump in and do something meaningful without getting lost in people in the industry trying to outdo one another with loading up pages. I am losing a very good friend in Simple. I do think it would be VERY wise of CK to incorporate Simple’s philosophy vs. trying for “cutting edge.” Between Simple and everything of Becky Higgins, I think clean, meaningful, and doable became the focal point for thousands of us.
    Peace in your own grieving process, Stacy! How glad we are that many of the concepts you launched in the magazine are still living via BPS and other outlets.

  94. dora poage says:

    Wow – this is my all time favorite scrapbooking magazine. I will sure miss it. I truely enjoy your blog and inspirations.
    Wow – I don’t know what else to say

  95. After I read your post that you and your family were OK, I started wondering if this was the possibility. Hard to believe that such a vital publication to scrapbooking is disappearing. Simple is where it is at for me. I am trying to embrace that overall theme for everyday. Your philosophy in scrapbooking and BPS is so very inspiring. I am glad that your voice will still be very present. I would also like to see as many “Simple” articles continue. Especially with the economics of today, simple sounds like the way to go!

  96. :0(

  97. I am so sad. :( I have loved SS from the very start. It’s the only sbing mag that really ever “got” me. Thanks to you Stacey and the SS team for some many inspiring years. I have every special issue and idea book you ever published. SS will surely be missed.
    I hope we will be able to see you on the pages of CK and I love Cathy’s “About Type” column.

  98. Hi Stacy,
    I am so sorry for the loss of Simple Scrapbooks Mag! It is so hard when we invest so much of ourselves into something and then entrust it to someone else and see it change or disappear completely. HOWEVER, I want to reiterate to you that you have touched MILLIONS of lives with SS, not just in introducing a hobby and making it “doable” for so many who are often so overwhelmed, but in the personal stories and pages you shared in each issue! Just look at how many of us feel a PERSONAL CONNECTION with you! And we’ve never even had coffee!:) BUT YOU ARE A GREAT WOMAN and you made SS A GREAT MAGAZINE. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you and the other SS staffers! Sending you some HUGE, SIMPLE hugs!

  99. Stacy, my heart breaks for you and all of the Simple Team. I can’t imagine how you must feel, after the early days of nurturing the magazine and the latter days of growing it and the staff to the point that you could even step away to focus on other aspects of the industry.
    So here’s some irony. Today at work we got to see mock-ups of our annual report. The one I chose – the one that is clean and simple. The one with even margins. The one that could have been designed with many of the approaches I’ve learned from SS. I even said to the designer and account exec – ‘part of what I love so much about Option #2 is that it’s so clean.’ THAT’s the sort of thing I’d love to see continue in CK – teach us how to be creative while also being clean. Simple. Of course – you guys are are the masters.

  100. StephanieM says:

    Stacy, like others, I am very sad to hear the bad news. Simple has been my scrapbook magazine of choice for a number of years (even though I’ve done my best to keep the scrapbook magazine economy going all on my own, if you know what I mean!). I can understand how you grieve over this loss – it was your heart and soul for many years. Take this to heart, though, you have made such an impact on the SB world through your “simple” philosophy and have changed the way I (and countless others) think about scrapbooking forever. I’ll never be the same, and for that I’m grateful.
    Hugs to you and the Simple staff. Hopefully we’ll see Simple’s influence on special publications and on the pages of CK. I’m a believer that things happen for a reason, and I look forward to what the future holds.

  101. I am really sad to hear this.. I was just about to renew….

  102. Holly A. Moss says:

    Oh Stacy! I cannot believe this is happening … SS was the one & only scrapbooking magazine I subscribed to because it was the only one that I needed – it met every need. It was because of SS that I found your first book, and then the BPS website and then what do you know? There was a whole scrapbooking world out there!
    It was because of SS that I found Lain Ehmann’s blog and connected with her and now, because of SS, I hope I can call her friend.
    I know that Simple will be merged in with CK, somehow, but I will miss it nonetheless.
    Stacy, I also wish to echo Kathy in Minnesota’s comments. She puts into words everything exactly the way I feel perfectly.

  103. Oh, I am SO SORRY! This is so sad! I have subscribed since the very first issue- and LOVE this magazine. It’s my all time favorite! I go back through my old issues, and still find things I love to CASE, because nothing ever feels old or out of date. Simple is my style and I love it. I love the photos and journaling and paper. My favorite articles, since you asked, are About Design, Wrie from the Heart, Focus on Photos, Color Play, and Simple Schemes.
    It sounds like our favorite Simple gals are still going to be involved, which is great. I’m so happy about that.
    And thank you for starting this revolution! You have a LOT of faithful fans, and we love you.

  104. tammy Thomas says:

    this completely surprises me!!! And I’m sad too, SS is my favorite too bad it can’t stay and CK go…..I’m so glad we still have you in other venues, I’m just sick about losing SS though. I can’t imagine how you must feel, at least you aren’t alone in your sadness.

  105. Wow, I simply cannot believe it. I know that SS started as a part of CK and I loved the simple content when it was in CK, but…I have every issue of SS, I’m sure I’m not the only one. And it too was the one scrapbook magazine that I still subscribe to. I’m glad that the Simple message will remain a part of the big picture in CK. I really love the sections on themes for scrapbooks and mini-books. Also Write from the Heart and CZ’s Design column. Thank you for sharing your vision I know it allowed so many more people to tell THEIR story. Also, thank you for envisioning BPS, it too has changed the scrapbooking landscape. I also think, Apple computers in finally catching on to the Big Picture with their new “faces” and “places” features for iPhoto. Did they call you? If you haven’t seen the new iPhoto yet check it out. All my best to you and the SS staff– thank you all.

  106. How sad – I love Simple! I have always characterized CK as something you flip through for ideas but with Simple I was always learning something that I had to try. Hopefully CZ’s column will move to CK…
    Cover to cover Simple is such good reading – I will miss it.

  107. judy in carefree says:

    I’m so sorry, Stacy, but I have to admit that I am one of those who has let all of her scrapbook magazine subscriptions end. There is so much information on the internet, including Big Picture, that I would rather read websites and blogs than pay for a magazine that ends up sitting on my counter, unread, for months and then gets pitched in the garbage. I feel sorry for those that may loose jobs, but I would have to admit that I don’t think any magazine can beat the wealth of information that is on the internet. Thanks for the memories!

  108. It’s so nice to see that I’m not the only one who will miss Simple so much. I previously subscribed to CK, but it wasn’t quite ‘my style.’ I haven’t looked at a CK magazine for a long time, just ‘judged the book by its cover’ and saw it was still too cluttered for my style. I hope that CK will continue the tradition of ‘less is more’ for those of us who will be missing Simple.

  109. I’m so sorry to hear this news! Simple Scrapbooks was my first scrapbook magazine. I actually started with one of the special issues and fell in love! So I guess if I had to name one thing that I would like to see live on through CK, it would be the special issues. They are my most treasured scrapbook resources. They really hit the mark!

  110. Oh Stacy, I am just devastated at this news & cannot imagine the pain you & fellow SS’rs are going through. You & Simple have shown my that scrapping are so much more than pics & pretty paper & this was only reinforced when I had the pleasure to meet you & be taught by you (& the lovely Wendy, Cathy & Renee) in Sydney. I pray that the new mag will embrace the simple philosophy…& a lot of Cathy Z.
    Love & hugs, Di (Sydney, Aust)

  111. I am so sorry. It truly is your baby and I have loved the magazine!! You must need room in your schedule for a super big project and that is why this needs to be removed from your plate. I will anxiously await hearing what that is. In the meantime, I can’t wait to see what they will do with the subscriptions.
    I love all the tips, they are so great.

  112. Hi Stacy,
    I’m so sorry to see Simple Scrapbooks go! I liked it best because the other publications got way too fussy with their layouts – more stuff than pictures on a page. It seemed to me that product was becoming the focus rather that the pictures and their stories. This is the second magazine I have a subscription for that has “gone under”. Will the remainder of our subscriptions be picked up by CK or are we just out of luck, too? Thankfully, I have saved all my back issues!

  113. I am so, so sorry to hear this. I have been a subscriber since the very first issue. Simple is my favorite scrapbooking magazine. I also have so many pages marked in it-many more than other magazines. I love the Simple Schemes and the album ideas. I love everything about it. I’m sad too.

  114. It must be a sad thing to have something that has been such a huge part of your life finished. One of the things I love most about simple is the wordiness. It’s not just a pretty picture mag but also has readable and entertaining articles. Of course that is just one of the things I will miss there are also many others.
    Wishing you luck on whatever project you next venture on.

  115. This makes me so sad…I had no idea until I read your post today Stacy…I am so sorry. Simple is my favorite magazine!! What will this mean for the SS site…will they still carry on or will the site be only CK? Thank you for sharing this beautiful approach to scrapbooking for as long as you did through the magazine.
    I look forward to taking more classes on BPS and will continue to learn all I can from you there.

  116. Jackie in Wenatchee says:

    I’m sad. I love your magazine and have subscribed since your first issue. When I receive my magazine in the mail I get a huge grin on my face and can’t wait to sit down and read it from cover to cover. I love the philosophy of Simple Scrapbooks and Big Picture Scrapbooking and hope that CK will continue this in their magazine.

  117. man this totally sucks! simple was my favorite out of all the magazines and i was going to renew once we got our new address!

  118. I am so sorry for your loss. Sigh.

  119. I’ve still got all my copies, every issue. So glad I kept them all.
    Simple will be missed, as will all my friends there.
    I’m thankful for all you’ve all taught me.
    KellyM in MN

  120. Oh my goodness- I am so sorry. I know this must have just hit you in the gut. For me, SS just introduced me to the wonderful world of Stacy Julian, Donna Downey, and Cathy Zielski. I am so glad that I had the chance to be a very tiny part of your creativity.

  121. Karen Gregory Sydney Australia says:

    Hi Stacey
    I am very sorry to hear that SS is closing. I have enjoyed SS and have learnt alot from you and your contributors. I do not buy any Australian magazines as they are too frou-frouey ( if you know what I mean). I enjoy SS and CK as they teach the elements of design, especially CZ and how to keep the photos and stories at the centre of the page and any embellishments to add to the content NOT take away from it. I will miss SS but have to also say that I have enjoyed the many classes and ideas on BPS. This economic climate is making things hard for retail SB Shops as well, as the internet is very ‘at hand’ but I think this is a hobby/ craft/ lifestyle/ industry that will continue for many years to come as there are MANY worthwhile elements to it as a whole. There have also been many friendships formed and family histories found and recorded with thanks to all involved in encouraging us to dig a little and display for all to see. Thank you again to you and your staff for all the hard work you have put into SS.
    HUGS to you all.
    Karen Sydey Australia xx

  122. Stacy how aweful you must feel. But from all the comments here you can see that you have a strong following. We will be here waiting for what comes next for you and your team. What would I like to see continue….anything Cathy Z. does her layouts, design, tips. Also the mini album projects, things that suck me in, and I have to make them the next weekend! Good luck to you…you will land on your feet!

  123. I am so sorry to hear this news, Stacy. It’s a very sad day, for sure. We’re all thinking of you and the staff and grateful for the Simple philosophy that you shared.

  124. This is so sad. I didn’t see it coming. I’m so sorry.

  125. This blows me away!! I thought maybe it was about BPS and someone leaving but I didn’t even think of SS. What will happen to subscriptions we had?
    I love the clean, simple, doable approach of SS and the emphasis on stories and pictures, not techniques and embellishments. Please work to keep those principles in any way that you can. I like your words about material things being temporary – so true.
    I have loved every single class I’ve taken at BPS and I will continue to sign up over there. And meeting you was a life highlight! Thank you for continuing to advocate and encourage us in our journeys and our memory keeping. ((( HUGS )))

  126. I’d just like to see Simple stay. As a mini simple, I’d like to see a design column by Cathy Zielske, something by Lain Ehmann, and writing tips from Elizabeth Dillow. I’d also love warm fuzzy notes and new product finds from Wendy Smedley and Angie Lucas. I’d also love to see a column by you.

  127. Wow. That was not news I was expecting. I am taking the GOBI class at BPS and was putting together my inspiration binder this last week. I was trying to go through my past SS mags and save parts and get rid of the rest. Well, I got rid of a few, but most of them had too many dog-eared pages to rip out and I decided to keep the whole magazine.
    It is hard for me to say what I loved most about the magazine, but I think it is because it is SIMPLE! Until I embraced my simple scrapbook style I was always trying to “keep up” with the CK layouts and I would just be frustrated and I didn’t love them after hours of work. I LOVE all of my SIMPLE layouts! And I love that they are done and in the book! Oh, I will miss this magazine in my mailbox. It always showed up when I needed a happy thing to look forward too.

  128. karen Hobbs says:

    Having been a fan and subscriber from day one, I really feel sad. I feel as if everyone at the mag is a friend and now they are moving away and who knows when I will see them again!!! Waaaaa! I love your style, clean and simple, I love the photos first approach and the important memories first ideas. About design, simple schemes and photos first are my favorites but I love everything and always read it cover to cover many times. I always loved your articles and letters especially Stacy…..sigh….I will just have to spend even more time on Big Picture!!
    Your magazine will be sorely missed.

  129. Wow! I have to say that I am truly shocked. I am so going to miss Simple. It was my favorite magazine and I just love all your Simple girls. That is the part that I am going to miss the most. Reading articles from you girls. Please let us know what is happening to most of these ladies.

  130. alison currie says:

    I am so sad! i just heard about it through you so I am so sorry for you! I subscribe to 3 scrpabooking magazines adn by far SS is my favourite. It’s simplicity is what draws me to it time after time. I earmark most of the magazine and refer back frequently. What I like most? The layouts that are chosen are much more my style then in any of the other magazines – again – just the simplicity. It will be missed!
    And I just renewed too….

  131. scraphappy says:

    I just bought the v day one today at the grocery store. Bummer!

  132. elizabeth holder says:

    what a disapointment – that was my favorite scrap. magazine since it was so close to my style – it will be missed greatly -
    can u please post on your blog about those of us who just renewed our subscriptions – do we get a credit? thanks

  133. I have to echo what has already been said. I will miss the simplicity of Simple Scrapbooks. I love the philosophy of telling stories with our scrapbooks and while I do feel that my pages are my own “works of art”, I think simply telling the story is why I do it. I hope CK will remember those of us who feel that way.

  134. Oh, I felt like I was punched in the gut when I read the news. It is seriously my favorite magazine.
    When asked what I would keep – everything!! But knowing that is pretty impossible. Let me say that this is the magazine that I always give and suggest to all my beginning scrapbooking friends. Why? Because layouts in this mag really seem to focus on photos. the people I know who are interested but scared of scrapping are intimidated by the Art of it. The two biggest excuses people give me for not doing scrapbooking – I am not that creative or I don’t have enough time. Simple scrapbooks highlights beautiful photo centric layouts that truly are simple and most importantly – attainable for the beginner scrapbooker.
    I also loved how simple scrapbooking, the philosophy, was also a great way to get a lot from a little. You could make stunning layouts with just pictures and cardstock. You didn’t need to have all the latest greatest papers, embellishments or tools to create beautiful pages.
    I am so saddened it will cease to be its own entity, but I am looking forward to its integration into another great magazine.

  135. I am so saddened that Simple is gone. Interestingly, I decided to listen to your BPS Glimpses audio today. It really seems to ring the point “What matters in this life is what you become, not what you make.” On top of that, I am reading the Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. It all has me thinking about “what you become”. Life is so much more than things. It’s about the journey of what you become.
    My favorite parts of Simple were always the stories people chose to tell. I loved hearing about silly personalities, goofy traditions and other everyday things that make life worth living. In the pages of Simple, I have had many A-ha moments about the kind of life I want to have and be remembered for.I hope that in CK the Simple message of inspiring my stories can be told.

  136. How sad! I never thought there was a problem with 2 magazines from the same company – one look and you could see the difference! SS has taught me that “it’s the thought that counts” – what I journal, what memory I want to create, what legacy I want to leave behind – not necessarily how much embellishment I put on a page. SS will live on because the lessons it taught are timeless – no matter what the economy is, no matter what people say, keeping it simple is keeping it real. I’ll look forward to seeing aspects of SS in CK, but I WILL miss the magazine. Thank you, Stacey, for ALL you’ve done for the world of scrapbooking through your magazine. You rock!

  137. What do I say? I feel like I have just lost a dear friend. Because of the economy I had to choose between SS and CK and of course I chose SS. The simple message allowed me to find my own scrap voice and gave me permission to keep it simple.
    My favorites – the whole magazine. Seriously. Simple schemes is wonderful and it is very different from Becky’s Sketches in CK. I also love anything from Cathy Z.
    My friend and I just spent a half hour on the phone sharing our grief. Thank you Stacy and the whole SS team. You have changed how we all look at and preserve our cherished memories. Love you all.

  138. I have no words for my sadness.
    I am so very glad that I have every single issue lovingly collected on my shelf, though.
    I’m one of the 25% of subscribers who doesn’t also subscribe to CK. I hope the Simple content shines through or I may not maintain a scrapbook magazine subscription. The good news is that I have years worth of Simple ideas in the back issues. I will treasure going back through them.
    What I would like to see in CK are the completed theme album projects (simple, fast, lots of photos).

  139. Carmel Keane says:

    I am very sorry to read this news. SS is the only magazine I have ever felt okay about spending money on (overseas rates) I do hope the philosophy behind it can continue. Thank you to everyone who has been involved with the magazine and has shared their wonderful talent and ideas with us all.
    I loved the simplicity of the magazine itself – it was wonderful to thumb through and to see so many “doable” layouts. The magazine had a crisp, clean, uncluttered feel to it. So Sad!
    Carmel Keane (aka Meelie) New Zealand

  140. I am so sorry to hear the news. I loved the simplicity of the layouts. Your magazine will be missed and I wish everyone at the magazine the best.

  141. I’m devastated Stacy. Simple is a family. That’s what separates it from the other mags, and makes it so wonderful. Your vision & philosophy was ground breaking, and you should be so proud of that accomplishment! It’s something I try to teach people everyday at the lss where I work, and I am so proud to be able to say that I was able to contribute a small part to the magazine this past year as a Simple Gal. It was an honour. You and all the SS staff have successfully conveyed that fantastic philosophy so well in every issue, and I will sorely miss the excitement and awe I feel everytime a new one arrives in the mail. I don’t know what I will do without it. :(
    Thank you for all you’ve done for the scrapping industry- you and the magazine will never be forgotten. I hope that out of this will come something even bigger. It’s awesome to see all the support and love. :)
    (And I will never forget you and our little shopping trip in Disneyland, you made my trip very memorable. :)
    Huge (((((hugs)))))

  142. It’s too bad because I believe SS reflected the styles of REAL scrappers more than CK ever did.
    It hurts to watch your baby dissolve like that. You did a great job with it – it was a great magazine!

  143. I am bummed. SS was the only magazine I did more than just flip through. I read every single article and while my other magazines have all been donated or recycled I have all my issues of SS. When you look at the older editions of the other mags they look dated, and you can tell they are out of style. Not SS, they are classic, like the little black dress every woman should have. I will miss them tremendously. Will your contributors have a home at CK?
    Sad news indeed

  144. I can’t believe it. I loved Simple and I am going to miss it. Your magazine has changed the way I scrap. It has helped me focus on the stories I want to tell. It has reminded me that I don’t need all the latest and coolest products to make something special. It has allowed me to scrap without guilt and without pressure. It has made me love this hobby.
    Thanks to everyone at Simple for making my life a little better.

  145. Wow. I’m so saddened by this news. It’s my fave mag and so wish it would continue. Anything with Cathy Z. would be a huge plus for me in CK. I will miss the simple gals!

  146. I am so sorry. This was a great magazine, I am sure that this isn’t going to be the last magazine that will fold during this current economy. I would keep anything by Cathy Zeislke (sp?) She is fabulous!

  147. hopefully ck will find a way to include Cathy Z in their publication. she is one of my favorite parts of SS.

  148. How very very sad. I feel like I did when my LSS closed. I always felt like Simple was for EveryWoman – especially those of us just wanting to cherish our family memories – not make a name for ourselves doing it (though congrats to those who did). Simple ideas helped me get pages done. I hope to see some of that continue in ck – especially the idea of doing albums – not just pages.

  149. Like everyone else, I’m so sad about this. I love Simple. I love the philosophy, the staff, the content, everything. Thank you for a great magazine and for my year as a Simple Gal, it was a wonderful experience.

  150. Such sad news. I feel mostly for all the people I associate with the magazine–CZ & Wendy & Angie. I hope Creating Keepsakes finds room for all the talented staff at SS.
    Perhaps the magazine accomplished its real mission. The idea of simple, of focusing on the story over the fuss, of making scrapbooking more about how you look at and live your life than about what you put on paper, has become an integral part of the hobby and industry.
    Thank you & all the staff at SS for making a magazine that was so much more.

  151. Stefani Meyer says:

    Awww, Stacy, I remember the very first issue of that magazine. With the lady at the potter’s wheel. This was back in the day of pure excitement, in the industry, over anything new.
    Your philosophies changed my view on scrapbooking and, really, on life. Between your advice, magazine and books and Rebecca Sower’s Book, my scrapbook style became what it is today. The good news is, I am still able to receive your advice and philosophy through your Blog, thru BPS and through the many other areas you’re involved in. Thanks for always having a vision and sharing it with all of us.
    (going WAY back, I remember seeing you do a booth at the D.O.T.S convention and knowing you had something of value to offer – this made it doubly exciting to know you were starting your own magazine. Stacy you ROCK!)

  152. I think I am going to cry, I have every issue and refer to them time and again, trying to answer the question of a favorite part is impossible. I would have to say, to CK, don’t focus on what is on the page but what is behind it. Plus you and CZ too.

  153. Stacy, I have bought every issue since its inception. I LOVED this magazine. I am not an embellishing scrapper. It takes me way too long to complete a page, SS spoke right to me and inspired me with all its ideas, issues, and special issues. I will probably miss this magazine more than any other being published right now. So sad to hear this news.
    You did a GREAT job!
    Susan M.

  154. angie lucas says:

    Stacy, thank you for everything. Everything. You’ve made such a difference, and I’ll love you forever for it!

  155. Terrie F. says:

    It’s as Simple as as this: despite all of the fabulous layouts in CK and other scrap magazines, the pages I rip out to save most often come from Simple Scrapbook magazines. Why? It’s because the layouts that stay true to my idea of scrapbooking are the ones that focus on the PHOTOS. I prefer pages where my eye is drawn first to the photos, with the surrounding layout, embellishments, fancy doodads and techniques present in a supporting role. For me, its all about the memories and meaning behind the pictures….

  156. Oh, no!!! I LOVE that magazine and will truely miss it. I would want CK to pick up on having really SIMPLE layouts, like those shown in SS. Layouts without all of the artsy stuff and the excess of embelishments. I am so sorry to hear about the lose of such a great publication. I also just renewed! Please keep up BPS, we will need it now!!

  157. Wow! I am totally shocked right now as I am sure most of you are. I am so sorry that Simple will not be continuing. I love the magazine and the content that you provided. At this point I cannot specify what I would like continue seeing, because realistically, I would have loved to see the magazine continue on.

  158. Punch in the stomach, is right! How sad. It is the only magazine that I read cover to cover and save every issue. I like the simplicity and the fact that the people are REAL and talk about everyday stuff. (Of course we all love our families, but I don’t like it when the other mags’ layouts are too cliche’,gushy, everyone in the family is so perfect. You guys were wonderful and real. Wow. You will really be missed. Thank you for everything.

  159. Wow. I’ve been cutting back like crazy everywhere I could and decided Simple was the only thing I couldn’t cut back on! I’ve enjoyed it from the first copy to the latest one I just received. I was sad when you stepped down and worried about it then….I guess this is like a child that has grown up and has left the nest – for good. But what GREAT memories being left behind! As several others have already said, CK magazine is too foo-foo for my taste. OVERKILL!!! haha That’s what made Simple so great….ideas you could actually DO and not spend tons of money or time on. I’m sad to say good-bye but please pat yourself on the back…you did a GREAT job!!!!!!!!

  160. Heidi Paul says:

    Punched in the gut is right! How sad. I can’t believe it’s true. I loved the simplicity and focus on stories and photos. (I don’t care for tons of embellishments on corny layouts with cliche’ words about how perfect their family is). You guys were wonderful, funny and real. You will be missed. Thank you for everything.

  161. The biggest difference between Simple and all the other magazines is that the designs are classic not trendy. The layouts will stand the test of time. Creating Keepsakes is a good magazine, but it tends to drift towards spotlighting the same people over and over. It loses the focus of classic design and frankly I don’t think that much of what is seen in CK right now will be desirable even 2 years from now. I hope that the classic style of Simple Scrapbooks will live on in CK. I’m not interested in wasting money on trendy. I want my kids to look back on my layouts 15 years from now and read the stories and look at the pictures of our family. They aren’t going to care about what crazy techniques I used or how I embellished this or that. It’s not about products, who’s who in the scrapbook industry, etc. It’s about the stories. And the concepts presented in Simple allow the stories to shine.

  162. Wow…I’m in shock!
    The IS a bummer…
    Stacy, you will always be an industry leader and your loyal fans will follow your endevors. Here is saluting a new chapter from one kindred spirit to another…luv you bunches, bren

  163. Thank you Stacy. Thank you for creating Simple Scrapbooks. I will miss the inspiration that I get from it. I will miss looking at the magazine pages and thinking “Even I can do something like that!” I am hopeful that CK will do us simple scrapbookers proud with the meshing of the two magazines.
    Oh yeah – Cathy Z is my favorite, I love the clean lines and structure!

  164. Wow. To say I was stunned when I heard this news is a major understatement. SS is my favorite of all the SBing mags available; I’ve been a subscriber since the first issue.
    Thank you for beginning this magazine and for all the effort and creativity you put into every issue. Thanks also to those who have been running the magazine since your departure. I can’t think of a specific column off the top of my head that I would like to see continue on in CK — can’t they just make CK a larger magazine (like a bridal mag, for example) and add the SS issue in its entirety?
    I guess the main thing is the true simplicity and the “permission” you gave us to scrap according to our own style and not try to copy the trends or the “professionals” when creating our pages, cards and albums.
    It’s such a joy and a pleasure getting to know you, Cathy, Wendy and all the others who were/are a big part of the magazine — and praise GOD for blogs, right?!
    Hugs 2U – kimB from Alaska

  165. we will miss simple, you did an amazing job. the magazine was wonderful.

  166. My favorite part of Simple Scrapbooks was the message that you can choose to scrapbook however you want to tell your story and that is not only ok but good. I will miss the simple designers, yourself, Cathy Z, Elizabeth Dillow, Donna Downey, and well i could fill several paragraphs. Thank you for your vision. I will miss SIMPLE too!

  167. Marta Valdes says:

    I would like to see you continue publishing your work as well as Cathy Z. Simple layouts is the key to scrapping happy for me.
    Also, Wendy’s organizational skills, and seeing transformations from messy to organize would help.
    I will truly miss SS and I was very SAD to hear the economy had reach my loving hobby. :(

  168. Suzie Perrie says:

    I am so sad because I too enjoyed SS very much for the sheer fact that it made me realize my pages were fine and it didn’t matter that they would never hang in an art gallery. I like that it was fun and silly and reading it was like having a fun day with the girls. It would be nice if CK would incorporate a section and call it Simple Scrapbooks and have Wendy and Cathy and all the girls contribute. I will really miss my favorite magazine.

  169. Dang. I’m really, really sad that this is happening. From that very first release I felt like Simple was my scrapbooking home, my scrapping philosophy in magazine form. It really helped me to figure how how *I* wanted to scrap amid all the voices telling me how I *should* do it. And I think it was that for a LOT of people. It is something I will definitely miss.

  170. Wow! This makes me so sad. Simple is the only magazine that I actually save and use the ideas. I will miss it!

  171. Becky Thompson says:

    Stacy – just wanted to send you heartfelt wishes and love right now. Punched in the stomach – that’s a good way to describe it. I’ve loved SS from day one. It’s hard to say “one” thing I’d love to see continue, because really, I just can’t imagine it not still being there.
    Again, love and thoughts to you and all the Simple Gals right now. It’s a sad day, for sure.

  172. Hey Stacy, I am really sorry to hear this news. I have always lived SS – I was really moving in that direction as a scrapbooker, had taken your class at CKC re: Library of Memories and was looking forward to simplifying my already somewhat simple SB routine. You have always been an inspiration to me as a SBer. In a world of the SB industry where it seems like everyone is always taking about and using what seemed to be at least 10 of the newest techniques and products on each new layout, you were always this voice of reason – that it was okay to simplify and do what I wanted to do. I can’t thank you enough for that perspective. It’s really helped me start to enjoy again what I used to love, but somewhere it got lost along the way.
    If there was one thing I’d like to see continue in CK that’s a part of SS, it’s really just the simplicity of approaching SBing. I actually did not renew my CK subscription at the end of 2008 because I thought the magazine was getting too cluttered with non-scrapbooking things, techniques that took too much time, and “trendy” concepts that just didn’t appeal to me. Infusing some quick and dirty SBing techniques would be good. So would design advice (PLEASE tell me CZ is going to be a part of CK mag).
    Thank you for EVERYTHING you’ve given to me, even without you knowing it. Hopefully whatever you do at CK will bring you much joy.

  173. I’m so sorry to hear the news. SS was a great magazine, and I’m going to miss it. At least we’ll get a little sample in CK.

  174. oh stacy, i’m so sad. i love simple so much, it will be hugely missed. thanks for bringing it to the world!

  175. I’m with you, Stacy. I love SS, and I will miss reading it. The one thing I hope most to see continue is a column by Cathy Zielske. I love her style.
    I also hope CK will include more layouts where the photo is the star, as in SS, leaving out the clutter and all that fancy stuff. Thank you for a great magazine.

  176. What a shame that it will be put to rest. On the other hand (silver lining, if you will) look at the amazing inspiration and the gentle nudge it gave so many to tell their stories.

  177. This is a sad end of an era, I will miss your great magazine.

  178. I am also saddened. I preferred SS to CK. Hopefully they’ll keep some of the ‘spirit’ of the magazine in the magazine as they incorporate it.

  179. Sorry to hear such sad news. I am thankful for the magazine for as long as it has been around. I will stop purging my issues immediately! I used to only keep around 2 years worth. Not so good for my GOBI class. I’m glad to know that you will still be around in CK, BPS, etc.
    It’s hard to answer what I want to see continue in CK because I want to say EVERYTHING. Can we just insert the whole thing in CK? I want to see the Simple message loud and clear in every issue. I love all of the great ideas for layout ideas as well as album and mini album ideas – quick, simple and meaningful. And of course we need you and CZ to be a big presence.
    Thank you!

  180. Stacy – I feel sick. SS has always been my favorite. I have always wished it were thicker though. I hope that CK will feature some of the incredible mini-album ideas I have loved in SS and some of my favorite designers…ESPECIALLY Cathy! I wouldn’t want to scrap without some type of regular inspiration from YOU and Cathy.
    Wow. So very sad. I feel like I am losing a very dear friend.
    Love you!

  181. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the notice… but then I shouldn’t be surprised either… what with the tough times as they are… and having had a previous magazine also close (Paperkuts). I will truely miss reading your mag… you are Simple to me and together they are the reason I scrap in the way I do today… the mag will be missed.

  182. Wow. I just read my new issue (I carefully saved it when it came) and was totally relieved and recommitted to the peaceful, happy and satisfying scrapping that Simple shows. I way too easily become stressed at having to make my pages perfect and keep up with the trends and new products and . . . in CK. That attitude takes some joy out of the process. Simple’s focus on photos, clean lines and clear stories, with the importance being expression, remembrance and communication will be sorely missed. Strange – the economy may have already or be going to force many of us out of the “add the latest to your stash” race – and more than ever, we will need the examples and encouragement that we found in Simple.
    Know that you touched many and met a huge need. Thank you and all the contributors at Simple.
    As far as what to keep – I like the suggestion to just add it as a section to CK. Keep it all.
    Bless you!

  183. Stacy, I usually check your blog daily (as time permits with 2 young boys), but this is the first I’ve read in a few days and my jaw just dropped. I am so sorry to hear this news. I totally understand the economy and the environment of print media, BUT I would have preferred for another mag to end publication. Not my favorite one! I was just talking to my sister this evening about how this is the one magazine I read cover to cover – literally – every month. I can’t say there is one section I love the most … truly, I enjoy every part of this publication!!! One thing I will surely miss is the entire “simple” principle … too many other mags cram so much on scrap pages that they just miss the mark on why we scrap – yes, it’s fun to embellish and decorate and add a little character even “bling”. But the memories are what we are trying to save – to document history and share our lives and those of our family’s for the future. I hope that CK will apply this main basic principle more in their work.

  184. I understand how you feel. I just closed my knitting shop (my baby) after 14 years and I have to remember daily that the friendships and connections and impact it made will still be there, even if the store is not. For years to come, I’m sure you and I will bump into people who say “your store/magazine changed my life and I wouldn’t be knitting/scrapping if it hadn’t been for you.” I’ve GOT to think about the good that was accomplished. You too.

  185. These previous posts have said it all and more. I wanted Simple to go monthly someday! This sad news will make BPS an even more valuable resource, if that’s possible. I hope you and CZ and others will find a way to keep the Simple philosophy alive and well through BPS classes and projects.

  186. Stacy, I can only imagine what you and the other ladies at SS are going through; I AM surprised. I let my CK subscription expire because I prefer the clean lines and simplistic beauty of SS. I hope Cathy Z will also be working on CK. I also liked the organization tips and Donna’s articles and the mini album articles and…ok, I guess I could go on and on…just know that SS will be missed dearly and our hearts go out to the ladies that worked on the magazine. I hope they will find some small comfort knowing we all loved and appreciated all their hard work!

  187. Amy Eaton says:

    Stacy I read Simple from cover to cover and enjoy all of the articles so it is really difficult to choose one aspect. However having said that I think that it is Cathy Zielske’s pages, articles and input that inspires me the most.

  188. Miss Kate says:

    I just want to look at easy on the eye, simple, uncluttered pages.
    Pages that don’t try and cram as much on them as possible.
    From this mag, I discovered Cathy Z and that is still the design I always like to look at. I did her online course and it’s what I started loving five years ago and it’s what I still love now – 100′s of layouts later!
    Best wishes to you all. I hope 2009 opens new doors for your employees…

  189. I’ve been subscribing to Simple almost since the beginning. I’m glad now that I didn’t tear things out, but kept them neatly arranged and tagged the pages I wanted to reference. If I just used these as my reference going forward, I would have enough ideas and inspiration to last a lifetime. This publication was so thorough and spoke to many of us thru it’s pages. You and your team need to feel proud for what you have shared with this us. I think it has changed the face of the scrapping industry and allowed many of us to have permission to get to the core of what scrapping is all about – preserving memories thru simple ideas and design. Love the branching out of BPS and using the internet to teach and be part of a community. Also love, LOVE Cathy Zelskie! Her design and straightforward methods epitomize SIMPLE. Her humour and humility are infectious! You and the Simple team are the Pide(sp?)Pipers of a large group, keep with the message and we will follow….

  190. Like everyone else who commented, I will miss my dose of SS. I loved the simple, clean lines and uncluttered pages. I, also, had just let my CK subscription lapse and renewed my SS subscription as I felt it was the better magazine for me. How sad that it is no more. I took Cathy’s DYL class at BPS and LOVE her style. That’s what I want to see more of. Cathy is the one I’ll miss most, for her type tips, design inspiration and everything else she gave to us. Thank you to all of you for the work you put in to SS and I wish you all the very best for the future. I hope it holds more wonderful projects for you.

  191. I didn’t subscribe to Simple Scrapbooks, but was considering it since I am trying to go “simple”. I have too much scrapbooking to do for all my pages to be so time consuming. So please make sure that that concept is included in Creating Keepsakes. I like Becky Higgins and Ali Edwards for that reason – they do simple. Telling the story and preserving the memories are their main purpose. So, PLEASE, pass along your perspective on this idea so that those of us who are long on memories and short on time can still scrapbook. Thank you for all you still contribute to the world of scrapbooking. I love Big Picture Scrapbooking!

  192. Wendy Antenucci says:

    I’m so sorry that Simple won’t be anymore – it was a great magazine that I looked forward to each month (or so). I just enjoyed the whole magazine; I wasn’t totally simple in my approach, but between your magazine and Creating Keepsakes I found my balance!

  193. Dang! Woke to the news this a.m. I’m so very sorry, miss. As much of a loss as it is to us, I know how much more to you. I had half a gut feeling with your original post the other day – but quickly dismissed it, didn’t really even put it to words. sigh
    As you say – stuff and things. The philosophy continues – thanks to YOU and US! You and Simple have given so many of us permission to say “Simple is good. I like Clean & Simple pages!” That’s what I’ll miss most. The simplicity of the readers pages even – different from CKs pages. Stuff about the magazine? I’m hoping CZ’s ready to carry on the fight! She’s now kind of the Champion of Clean & Simple – a heavy responsibility, to be sure.
    Thoughts and prayers are with all of you in the transition. Thank you for an awesome product! It will be missed. Maybe someday yet again….

  194. Kathy Jo Camacho says:

    Stacy – I’m so sorry. Thank you for all the heart and love you put into this magazine. It was my favorite! I will truly miss it. If CK could keep columns by you and Cathy Z it would make things a little easier. I feel like a friend has moved out of state; SS will be missed.

  195. I will miss the magazine, and “seeing” you, Cathy and the girls regularly. :)
    What I like most about SS is that it has pages done, nicely, but simply; with the basics. I feel like I can complete the pages I see without spending a fortune, and not feel overwhelmed by all that is on the page. I can focus on telling the story.
    Thank you. Keep us posted on what lies ahead.

  196. Lynn Judge says:

    The philosophy is what i want to continue – I think CK’s mag has too many embellishments and the layouts are way too busy with all the unnecessary additions. I loved the message that i could scrapbook with loading my page with stuff!! I am really sad to see this happen!! It seems to me like CK mag has become one big ad – what with ali selling designs digitally (and showing them off all over the mag) and thats just one example. Alos like the project 365 kit – really a whole article dedicated to it!! Please just keep fighting to get the simple scrapbooking message across!!

  197. i will miss simple. but the movement will live on, i am sure.
    i hope you keep the blogs and online presence going and hopefully get the chance to get a special issue or book published from time to time.

  198. So so sad for everyone at SS and all of us, the SS readers and fans who will miss it greatly. Miss most? The focus on the “guilt-free” aspect of scrapping – getting the stories down in simple, yet well-designed ways. Thank you for your vision in print – it inspired many and will live on in scrapbooks around the world.

  199. WOW, I still have every copy of SS and now will have to cherish them even more. I love the simplity of all the LO and I love that I can still look back on the very first issue and still be inspired:) Of all the scrapbooking mags I buy or subsrcibe to SS is the only one I hold on too! And now I will hold on to even more….well done team and thanks Stacy for gettting out there in the very begining….

  200. Jeannette P says:

    Oh Stacy….I actually had a feeling it was going to be something like this when you posted that it wasn’t anything to do with a family member. I am very sorry that your magazine baby will not be printed any more. I do think that crying over it & grieving its loss is ok too. Some may think it is foolish but really its not. You poured so much of yourself into it and wanted to share your vision for Simple Scrapbooks with every one & so many have embraced it, I myself am included. You gave us the permission that we needed to get memories recorded rather then worrying if the layout was perfect & that it didn’t need to be complicated just to do it & share it with family & friends. L-O-V-E that concept and I think that it will live on through your LOM and BIG picture scrapbooking site & classes. And that’s cool that there will be parts in the CK magazine. Again, I am sorry.

  201. Karen Smith says:

    I’m sure you are sad about losing something you worked so hard on, BUT you are soooo much more than the magazine. From my perspective, you are a brilliant teacher, very creative and a wonderful mother and wife. I don’t know how you do it all. Take time to mourn losing SS, and just keep on trucking! Thank you for all you do.

  202. I will miss Simple. It was the only scrapbook mag that I really liked. I hope that I will like Creating Keepsakes- if it has more articles like those in Simple. :(

  203. Your new LOM-ers will be there for you to help! And when I signed up, I thought it was going to be all about YOU helping ME! Well, I hope we can help, anyway.
    I was JUST THINKING the other day, how much I enjoyed your “Color Play” column. I actually keep them in a separate COLOR IDEAS binder. It really SIMPLIFIED combos for me. I felt I could look at all the color play choices, see which one matched my theme/mood, and GO WITH IT! I hope to see a regular Simple Color Schemes column in CK from summer on…Do you think they’d go for CREATING SIMPLE KEEPSAKES?

  204. Like so many others, it is the concept of Simple that I love. Simple taught me to focus on creating memories, not just pages, to look at the details even if they seem small because they are part of what makes up my life. I love clean lines (and Cathy!), I love that the pages are about the picture and not about products. SS is by far my favorite magazine and it will be greatly missed.

  205. Oh no! I LOVE Simple Scrapbooks! I’m so sad too – for you, Stacy as it’s creator, and as a subscriber. I loved the simpler look of the pages – cleaner design, simpler techniques. A lot of times I look through CK and feel that those pages are too complicated or require a lot more effort to complete. Simple has so many more pages that were “doable” for me. I felt those pages were more centered on capturing memories and feelings than demonstrating new products or techniques. I’ll miss Simple so much!

  206. Jill LaVine says:

    The thing I will miss the most as another comment said is the simple principle. I got into scrapbooking to preserve family history and share stories for future generations of my family.
    Don’t get me wrong…I love looking at all the pretty products etc but it is just too, too much and makes me feel like a scrapbooking failure. Twenty steps and embellishments to creating a page with one picure on it is not doable for me. So a “simple column” or “40 pictures in 4 hours” (I think that was the title) are what I am looking for.

  207. Stacy, I’m so sorry to hear this news. It is totally understandable how you feel. When you create something from the ground up, it holds a special place in your heart. But I hope you can take some comfort in the fact that your message has been delivered and heard!! I can safely say that you have a very loyal (and HUGE) following and we are truly grateful that you have shared so much of yourself with us. Continue delivering your message and we will continue to listen. As others have said, I would like to see the “simple” philosophy carried on in CK. {{{HUGS}}}

  208. Stacy,
    I’m so sorry to hear this as I love Simple Scrapbooks magazine. It’s exactly what I was looking for when you started it and I’ve loved every issue. I do understand that the economy is going to take things away from all of us so I will look forward to the combination of SS/CK and hope that we SS fans don’t get pushed to one or two pages in the back of the magazine. Thank you for all you’ve done for all of the ‘simple’ scrappers around the world.

  209. Stacy — hugs and thanks to you for your inspiration, vision and creative force. I know you must be somewhat broken inside to see this part of your life end — In my opinion CK should be merging with Simple — NOT the other way around! But, they did not ask me (they should have!) This is what I posted on my blog today — my official thank you to you and your team.
    I am heartbroken about Simple Scrapbooks stopping publication. I just discovered it this past fall and LOVE it. I am a former Creating Keepsakes subscriber, but canceled it and started up with Simple because it met my style so much better. I will miss the clean layouts, the practical tips, graphic design tips, the project suggestions (I LOVE mini books) and the designers that I have grown to love. I find it kind of funny that I feel like I know these girls because I can recognize thier work even before I read it in the credits. I will miss Stacy, Wendy, Cathy, Angie, Elizabeth and Mi’Chelle to name a few. The press release says they will incorporate Simple into CK mag — I am just hoping that it is incorporated A LOT. This is my pubic thank you to the Simple staff for helping me cut through the overwhelming world of scrapbooking products to help my identify my style and do what is most important — put my photos with words to make a story. You will be missed.

  210. In my attempt to keep my life manageable, my only magazine subscription currently is Simple Scrapbooks. I loved looking at the new products and techniques in CK, but I read the magazine because Simple Scrapbooks helped me stay focused on the mission of preserving the memories from my family and documenting our story for future generations.
    I am hoping CK will show us a few new Simple layouts in each issue to “scrap lift.” I will now have to reacquaint myself with CK again but I will keep reading your blog.
    Thank you for all that you have created, you have kept me excited and focused on this hobby of ours for many years.

  211. Susan Sadler says:

    I feel horrible . I must admit I did not totally “get” what a gem of a magazine SS was until I took your class Stacy . Then I found my self reading it with a fresh set of eyes . I tracked down back issues at scrapbook garage sales ( the same ones I had previously thrown out ) . Now I keep referring back to it . I liked the simple ideas for collecting supplies and whipping out a bunch of pages . I am a little misty eyed by this news .

  212. In my attempt to keep my life manageable, my only magazine subscription currently is Simple Scrapbooks. As much as I loved looking at the new products and techniques in CK, Simple Scrapbooks helped me stay focused on the mission of preserving the memories and events from my family.
    I am hoping the CK will show us a few new Simple layouts in each issue to “scrap lift.”
    I will now have to reacquaint myself with CK again and I will keep reading your blog.
    Thank you for all that you have created, you have kept me excited and focused on this hobby of ours for many years.

  213. Hey Stacy,
    I am so sorry for the loss of Simple Scrapbooks for us and for the ladies that worked there. There was such an emotional bond between all of you and the importance of the subject matter was clearly communicated. You were a voice for those of us who were not in scrapbooking for the “artsy” reasons. I feel like this is a devastating loss for the ladies who worked there. For us, we will continue on using what we have learned. For the laides of Simple, they have lost not only their job, but also the opportunity to work on inspiring projects with people they loved working with. That is so hard! However, everything does change, and I hope the memories you have and great friendships you have all forged will help to make the transition a little easier. Everyone is so talented, I am sure that wonderful opportunities will be coming along. I thank you all for having provided a wonderful resource for those of us with “simple” tastes.
    Take Care!

  214. I am truly saddened by this news. I have been a Simple Scrapbook reader from the beginning and have all your books. You have kept the focus in scrapbooking on the pictures and the story and that is what is always important to me in my scrapbooks.
    I hope you are able to continue to share this message as SS transitions back into CK. I don’t want scrapbooks that use the latest trends or show off how many embellishments I can squeeze onto a page- I want to make scrapbooks that will be treasures for later in my life and after I am gone for those who follow me.
    Thank you for all your work, thank you for your vision of what scrapbooks should be.

  215. I am SO sad to see this news. Sad for all of those that poured their life and talents into the magazine, especially you, and sad for us readers who are now being forced into the philosphy of overdone pages that focus on product instead of memories and pictures. This was the one big thing I loved about Simple, the pages, ideas and techniques always lead straight to the important parts of getting our memories on the page and focusing on the really important stuff. I will miss the clean lines, white space and inspirational colors that glistened throughout the magazine.
    I am disappointed in CK media for deciding to take that away from so many who chose to simplify their lives by stepping away from the commercialized side of scrapbooking.
    Very sad day.

  216. I am truly heartbroken over the news of losing SS. This magazine, your magazine and your philosophy are what have kept me scrapbooking and have made me grow in ways I would not have otherwise. I love the entire magazine and cannot think of any specific aspects that I would rather see over any of the others. I would just like to see the entire thing integrated into CK if that is what it takes to keep the integrity of Simple alive for all of us dedicated Simple scrapbookers. Thank you Stacy for making such a wonderful product that I have proudly subscribed to for over 5 years and still had 7 more to go. I will miss it like I miss my children when they are gone from my side. I do look forward to spending even more time on Big Picture soaking up your philosophy and learning so much more. Thank you and Love you

  217. I’m just sad. I LOVED getting that magazine. When it arrives I can’t wait until the end of the day to just sit down and look through the clean, clutter free pages. I can get inspired to do great pages that don’t require spending 2 hours per page. I loved the design articles…just SIMPLE. I hope that CK doesn’t just appease us in the first few issues and then go back to being all about the “stuff”.

  218. Over here across the pond we are sad and grieving too. Simple Scrapbooks is the only witness to a philosophy of scrapbooking and memory-making/keeping which focusses on the quality of the experiences and memories themselves rather than the papers, embellishments, techniques etc.
    You asked what we will especially miss – well, apart from the sense of contact with all of you wonderful designers and people (and that in itself is enormous), I will miss the emphasis on the concept of ‘simplicity’ itself, the beauty and clarity of focus and purpose. I took it and ran with it in my life too. I sincerely hope that you and your other equally talented colleagues will find a way of helping us all keep it alive. I will miss you. Hugely…

  219. Stacy, I feel like I’ve lost a good friend. Thank you for creating SS and giving us many years of pleasure and creative inspiration. I will keep all of my SS issues and continue to read them for years to come. You and your staff have made a difference in the world of scrapbooking. Your efforts will not be forgotten. My best to you and everyone at SS. Cindy G.

  220. Sad, sad, sad. My favorite magazine of all time, my best source of inspiration, some of my favorite people in the industry…people you felt like you knew even though you may have only met them once or not even at all. I’m sorry for you too. I know if it’s this sad for me, it must be exponentially that much sadder for you.
    Just know that you and your team created what so many of us needed…a way to create and preserve our memories without the guilt of feeling we had to create an artistic masterpiece just to remember the cute things our kids said or did. You helped us learn to tell the story and save the memory. Thank you for that. Your inspiration lives on in what you do with BPS.
    So thank you…thank you for your vision that created Simple Scrapbooks, thank you for finding the talented people who helped you continue to create it, and thank you for creating BPS.

  221. Carrie H. says:

    I LOVE the basic simplicity of it. The clean lines, the less junk on a page, the use of multiple photos in the simplest form. My grandkids aren’t going to look at my scrapbook and love the embellishment I put on the page. They are going to love looking at their mom eat popcorn and watch a silly show. One thing I do miss is the calendar, there was a calendar every month with silly holidays & facts. That disappeared….it was like your red letter days bit a few days ago.
    Thanks for bring the world a really GREAT scrapbooking magazine. I’m so sad to see it go. I really hope ck does a good job incorporating many of the rich articles in to CK….I was getting ready to drop that one and simply keep simple.

  222. Nicole Ward says:

    Wow! I am shocked. Every scrapbooker I know LOVES Simple because well…it’s Simple! It reminds us to focus on what is the most important in scrapbooking and not feel like we need to get caught-up in all the “stuff”. I am so bummed! SS will be truly missed and Stacy can I just take one brief sentence to toot your horn?!?! You truly are amazing and so talented at what you do. Thankfully we can still see you and others from Simple at BPS!

  223. Mainly, I just want to see layouts in CK that don’t take hours to complete and aren’t piled high with lots of fru-fru stuff. Those pages are beautiful, too, but just not in my style or time capacity. I just want to know that we “Simple Scrappers” are included, that our layouts are considered for publication and ACTUALLY PUBLISHED, even if they are not elaborate, and that we have not been forgotten. I am just so heartbroken, Stacy. I’m so sorry. =*(

  224. Stacey – I will miss Simple sooo much! I love the philosophy and the clean look of the layouts. I know this is sad for you – but remember – the Lord knows the plans he has for you – plans to give you a hope and a future!

  225. Sue_NovaScotia says:

    I’m shocked. It’s a fabulous mag.

  226. I am so sad to hear about this. It is really sad news for me.
    I loved the Simple philosophy and concept.
    I will really miss the special issues, like the Quizzes and Questions, Scrapbook Play, Mini albums in an evening. etc.
    I would love to see the work of the Simple Editorial Board and Simple Gals in the new CK.
    I would love to see simple layouts in CK.
    I am really going to miss Simple Scrapbooks. Thank you, Stacy, for all of your hard work and inspiration.
    Linda in Ohio.

  227. So very sad about this Stacy:(
    It has been my favorite magazine since the beginning and I will miss it more than I can say. I love the concept, I love the clean simple lines, I love everything about it. I hope that once SS is integrated into CK, it will have its own section rather than just having SS layouts randomly placed throughout the issues. That way when I want to reference something, I can easily find it. I also hope that scrappers who scrap simply will have a shot at getting published as well. I like CK and I do have a subscription, but over the last few years, my style has become much more like SS and I don’t want everything your magazine stood for to become lost.
    You did a great job with the magazine…I can’t begin to tell you how much inspiration it gave me…I go back to all my old issues constantly…my favorite thing about scrapping is the colors, and no one teaches that better than you:)
    Thanks so much for teaching us all through the years. Our scrapping is better because of it.

  228. I can’t believe this. Out of all the magazines, I would never have guessed that this would happen to SS. I know so many people who adore this magazine.
    Will CK still publish separate special issues dedicated just for simple scrappers? What about some special issues for simple scrappers who do mini albums? I am a idea book junkie and can’t bear the thought of not having a special magazine just dedicated to one style.
    So, so bummed about this. Scrapping is my passion and I hate all the changes happening in the industry. LSS are closing everywhere, Michaels is closing by us, and now this.
    Thanks for giving us so many wonderful magazines over the years. At least I have all of them to keep:)

  229. Cindy Carlson says:

    Hey, Stacy – I will definitely miss Simple Scrapbooks. One of the best things about it that differentiated it from other magazines was that while it did showcase products, it was not _about_ them. I loved it for its practicality and emphasis on why people scrapbook – our memories and how they can be communicated and celebrated through pictures AND words. It wasn’t about the product, it was about the feeling. I am SO glad that I discovered your blog and Big Picture Scrapbooking, and now I am doubley so since one of my other big sources of inspration and guidance is going away.
    You did a terrific job with it, and I have many issues and special issues to refer to. Thanks for all your efforts!

  230. Stacy, this makes me sad too and I also feel like someone has died. SS is the reason I stuck with scrapbooking and love it to this day. That very first issue was totally what I was looking for.
    I’d really like CK to keep the schemes and the fast album formula. I really rely on those. I like stick with six and color play as well. I also really like how they’ve added the simple multi-photo layout column in the new year. I guess I really want them to keep the Simple philosophy alive in the CK magazine.
    I want fast, easy ways to capture my memories. I’m not interested in using clay or other media to make my own embellishments. I want to see the heart of simple within Creating Keepsakes. I hope they know that.
    With the tough economy, I was thinking of cancelling my CK subscription and just sticking with SS. Guess that won’t happen now. I am so sad to hear this news.

  231. I will miss Simple Scrapbooks very much. My thoughts are with you.

  232. Brandi Z. says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…I love SS! It’s my favorite magazine and I will miss it greatly! The entire approach to the simple style works perfectly for me, I am so bummed! Is there a way to maintain it online and subscribe? That should greatly reduce printing costs.
    Thanks for all of your hard work Stacy! I love the BPS concept as well. Keep the great, innovative ideas coming.

  233. I am so sorry to hear about this. The one thing I hope CK will incorporate from Simple Scrapbooks is just the idea of simplicity – as a method and as a style. My style is probably unique in that I scrap multi-photo layouts (2 page spreads) but my style is very simple – cardstock and maybe a splash of patterned paper or a few flowers. But my pages are about photos and journaling, and sometimes I feel like CK’s pages are more about being artsy or elaborate. I hope to see more “simple”. Thanks for all your inspiring work!

  234. Hello Stacy,
    I am so sad for you, and your staff, and also for me and all the other faithful SS buyers and subscribers out there. But I will only be sad for today, and starting tomorrow, I will be grateful for all that SS has given me, and that won’t go away. Better times are ahead, and we will all grow, and change, and be there when things get better again.

  235. I am so sad about this! I understand the whys surrounding it, but the thought of not getting my regular fix of Simple Scrapbooks just sickens me! I too would like to keep seeing work from Simple designers. Hopefully, they can make CK even better by incorporating Simple’s philosophy into it. Feeling your loss.
    Kim K., SC

  236. I am sorry to see it go – I loved that it focused on the “simple” things in scrapbooking – not a lot of “fancy” pages were done and that is what I like about scrapbooking. I would love to continue to see the special issues – I loved the mini albums and the most recent one quick and easy albums (?). These focus on the specific things and are keepers – Or could you do a special insert of the CK magazine every once in a while that focuses on certain aspects – I really liked the extra that came with the last months Simple mag (for the life of me don’t the title) but it talked about organizing, etc. It is easier for me to keep a small insert than a bunch of magazines that I only like one idea in. Just some thoughts.
    Happy day

  237. Kristen B. says:

    I will truly miss Simple Scrapbooks. I’m sorry to see it go.

  238. I’m so sad about this…SS was my favorite of the scrap mags, by far. I will miss it terribly-it was closest to my personal style and always inspirational. While I’ve gone through and snipped ideas and photos from my other scrap mags and donated them on to others…I still have every SS mag I have, and can’t bear to part with them. Keep the simple message going—maybe BPS can help with the void?

  239. I’m so sorry for your loss Stacy. And I agree, it IS a loss. You have such a wonderful perspective and a positive outlook. While change is inevitable you always seem to find the hidden silver lining. Thank you for sharing that. I hope to see a continuation of Simple Pages… pages that showcase people and memories more than product and that remind us all that Simple is beautiful and powerful and lasting.

  240. Jaime Lynne says:

    I am bummed! I will miss most the focus on capturing memories and photos without focusing on all the “stuff.” It’s not about the products you use or the combination of manufacturers or patterns that you include on a page. It’s about the stories. I will miss that message the most!
    Good luck and thank you so much!

  241. I remember buying the first issue, and having a huge lightbulb moment. I have purchased it through the years, and had just bought my stylist a subscription as a Christmas gift. It is my main inspiration for my scrapbooking, and I will treasure all of my back issues and never let them go. Thank you for your courage and inspiration that come through every page. I, too, want to see the SIMPLE piece of it carried on in Creating Keepsakes.

  242. You will be missed!
    My thoughts – http://blog.jamiescraps.com/2009/01/so-sad.html

  243. Crystal Gwilliam says:

    Simple Scrapbooks Mag was a staple in my house because it SPOKE to me uniquely. I love scrapbooking; its therapy, its memories, its a passion. Simple helped me learn how to make it work in my complex life. Every article was useful, insightful and brimming full of wonderful inspiration. Your passion for simplicity and really preserving what’s meaningful WILL live on… at least in my household. I’ve taught it to my young daughters. It has influenced my whole life; bringing balance and creativity. THANK YOU!!! Its neat that SS will live on in CK; keep them telling us how to simply capture the memories. The elaborate stuff is great, but the memory sometimes gets lost. I’m so glad you have BPS! Changing the world one page at a time!

  244. Bummer……Huge bummer. SS is my favorite magazine and will be missed! My favorite aspect of SS was that the pages were focused on life, everyday life….and the deeper meanings of the things that went on in our lives. I also enjoyed the fact that SS was not “celebrity” focused. It didn’t hype up certain women as “celeb” designers….they were just moms, wives, women scrapbooking like me. Wow, I am going to miss SS……it is like losing an old friend. So sad…..

  245. Simple Scrapbooks has been my favorite scrapbooking magazine from its inception. I will miss the simple philosophy that strips away all the fluff and gets to the meat of the story.
    My specific favorite part of the magazine was Cathy Z’s column with the basics of design principles. I took her BPS class and find her teaching style – which is reflected in her piece of the magazine – to be clear and simple. I will miss that part of SS very much.
    My heart goes out to you as you deal with the loss of something into which you have poured your heart and soul. You have changed the way I scrapbook and I will be forever grateful.

  246. The best part of Simple to me was the focus on the process, not the product. Teaching of the clean and simple style by folks like Cathy Zielske were also key to Simple being my favorite scrapbooking publication. I’m hoping CK will be able to switch gears a bit to really incorporate Simple’s philosophy.

  247. SO very sad :(

  248. Out of all the scrapbook publications on the market, Simple Scrapbooks is the only on that I subscribe to. It’s the only one that I “dog-ear” 90% of the pages in hopes of scrap-lifting the design, title, layout, color palette, or concept. I’m sorry for you loss and ours!

  249. So sad too. I will really miss simple, it was far and away my favorite magazine. I don’t think you are silly at all for feeling like someone died. In a way an entity has died. It will be with us in spirit. Best wishes to you.

  250. Kary Nelson says:

    I think I ordered my first subscription to SS before it was even published–as soon as I heard that it would be I was so excited and I have not been disappointed. Wonderful, wonderful publication. Clean, beautiful layouts and projects, focus on the stories and photos instead of the embellishments and products (though I know the ads for that stuff is what pays the bills), amazing people–you guys did an amazing job. I hope that CK will truly respect the different viewpoint of Simple readers and have a section of the magazine for us. I subscribe to CK as well, but I LOVE SS. Thank goodness (and you!) for BPS–I would be in a serious decline if I didn’t have BPS as a refuge! You and the SS/BPS way of looking at scrapbooking has kept me active and engaged in something that I love. Before SS appeared, I was feeling very overwhelmed by the direction the craft was going–too much stuff, too much competion, not enough heart and clarity. I hope that CK doesn’t just swallow SS whole and lose the whole vision.
    You did an amazing thing, Stacy, and I’m sure will continue to do so. Thanks for all you’ve done for me–and for my family who will enjoy the books I’ve made because of SS inspiration.

  251. I was so sad to hear this news this morning! When I first started scrapbooking in 2004, I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of products and techniques out there. When I discoved SS on the newstand, I felt an immediate connection, and it reaffirmed that this was a hobby I could master. I’m sorry to see the magazine go, but glad I’ll still have BPS to turn to! I hope CK will still include simple schemes and the fast album formulas…that’s what got me hooked in the first place.

  252. I am so incredibly disappointed that SS is no longer going to be published. I have been a fan from the beginning and even still have my first issue. I just love the true simplicity that was in every magazine. A lot of the LOs you see in CK and other mags look like they took hours and some take days when you have to wait for things to dry and such…I just don’t have the time for that. And quite honestly, I just get tired of seeing those. I was planning to let my subscription to CK just run out mostly for that reason. I much prefer the simple, clean looking LOs.
    I am such a fan of yours Stacy and Cathy Z as well…both of you have such great simple styles that just speak volumes and always look so classy and elegant.
    I will definitely miss SS.

  253. Oh my. I never saw this coming! It is the only mag I subscribe to, and I am SO SAD. Totally bummed. The focus at CK is more art/elaborate stuff, and not as much on the message of what you want to say with your scrapbook. I let go of that subscription long ago, but would never have dreamed of giving up my SS sub… it has continued over and over again to inspire me!
    I will hope that CK continues with the album worksheet, as that was one major appeal to me. I also loved Cathy’s contributions.
    I will take solace in the fact that “you” are not going away — we have this blog and BPS… your amazing and continued inspiration to those of us in this hobby has become a backbone in the industry.
    Thank you for all you do!

  254. Oh so sad. I love Simple…I love the ideas of putting a beautiful page together quick and simple.

  255. kristy c. says:

    i was lost and terribly frustrated with my scrapbooking several years ago..just trying to find my way when i picked up a copy of SS. and i couldn’t get enough. then i read big picture scrapbooking and i finally “knew” how i wanted to scrap my families memories. thank you SS. you will be so very missed.

  256. Gina Brown says:

    Stacy I to do feel so sad today. I just read your blog my heart just sank. I love getting so inspire by Simple Scrapbooks. You are a great inspiration to us. Thanks for all your hard work.

  257. I am just so, so, so, so,soooooooooooooo sad. I wish the entire magazine could continue. I love all of the SB magazines but Simple was truly my favorite! Sadness ensues!

  258. Sad news. I love the connection scrapbooking that was so evident in SS. I was in fact just going through my old magazines in an effort to clean out my scrap room. (I am in Wendy’s class at BPS)I decided to get rid of magazines that I dont need anymore, but first I clipped the articles and connection ideas I saw and wanted to duplicate. The connection scrapbooking is what I will miss most about SS.

  259. I was very sad to read that Simple is saying Goodbye. I had to choose between CK and Simple awhile ago and the only reason I chose CK over Simples was it was a monthly magazine. Now, looking on the bright side, I will get Simple every month instead of going without. I hope Simple makes a huge impact with CK and the readers! Good luck with the transition!

  260. shari (tigsnbitz) says:

    I am very saddened by this. I love SS!! I am a fan of CK, but I can’t say I sit down and take in each and every page like I do SS. My favorite contributor to SS is Cathy Z, her simple, clean and classic designs are what attract me to this hobby.
    I will miss having a magazine where I can look thru every page and see nothing but simple designs. I understand the need for artistic creativity, and I appreciate CK for that, but it’s simply not my style.
    I hope CK continues with a couple of things:
    1) Learn design by CZ
    2) Simple Schemes
    3) Fast Album Formula by Jennafer Martin
    Thank you for your years of dedication to this magazine Stacy. I’m sorry for your loss and look forward to seeing you at BPS. (Im signed up for LOM class and looking forward to it)

  261. I too will miss Simple very much. I’ve been a subscriber to CK since the very beginning and with Simple as well. While CK moved more toward a artful look on the pages, Simple kept it, well, Simple. That is what I will miss the most about Simple – I hope CK moves more towards a nice mix of both. I’ve truly enjoyed the changed CK has made so far in the new year and feel confident the ‘merge’ of sorts will be good if the readers stick with them.

  262. Stacy,
    This news makes me so sad, Simple Scrapbooks was my favorite scrapbooking magazine. Your philosophy is exactly the reason I scrapbook. In my scrapbooks I attempt to put all of my focus on my pictures and journaling with embellishments as “sprinkles”. I hope that CK will put more simple style on their pages. Keep your chin up and know that this is all a part of the plan for your life. I would love to see more simple ideas here on your blog too.

  263. Val Walker says:

    Here’s what I’m hoping Creating Keepsakes will do to keep some of the Simple Scrapbooks spirit alive: (1) Showcase new products and techniques that don’t require hours of work and the purchase of expensive new tools, e.g., the Ranger Adirondack Paint Dabbers ideas from the Nov/Dec issue. (2) Remind us how to use simple tools we already have like a paper crimper, also in Nov/Dec SS. (3) Use the “one square = one inch” sketch format more — it doesn’t take up a lot of page space, but when I see it next to a finished layout, it makes it so simple for me to scrap-lift — see page 71 of Nov/Dec issue.
    AND PLEASE: Do the one thing NO scrap magazine has done since Scrapbook Answers went out of business. Start giving tough product ratings and recommendations, like a scale of 1 to 3 stars. I wish someone had given a honest comparison of other tools vs. Cropadile or I never would have bought that Cropadile. One of the best articles ever was Scrapbooks Answers’ rating of white pens!

  264. OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE Simple – it has changed my life. . .it works in great harmony with BPS. . .a truly “real” philosophy.
    Stacy and Cathy Z have introduced me to some of the most fantastic ideas ever. And introduced me to a host of talented people that span more than just scrapbooking -
    Thank you – for everything – and Simple will be missed.

  265. annette abrahamson says:

    oh my!!! i am sooooo sorry to hear this. i loved the magazine and it will be missed.

  266. Stacy,
    I had to post again because of something my son said when I told my family about this. My 14 year old said, “As far back as I can remember you’ve had that magazine.” He’s right, I’ve been there from the biginning and it will definitely be missed around our home. Especially since my DD’s, ages 11 and 8, are now joining me and creating their own pages. SS had appeal for them and has a style they can understand and learn from. So thanks again for sharing your passion with the world.

  267. how upsetting… SIMPLE was my favorite magazine… i was just RE-reading for like the 15th time the Jan/Feb issue while feeding my 2 month old in the wee early morning…. how upsetting… i will truly miss this publication and hope some of the SIMPLEness is transferred to CK… (which i also read)

  268. Oh how sad! I love Simple. However, thank you for giving us a chance to know you and love you. Stacy, you are a delight!

  269. Can they please continue in EZINE format? Please!! I will miss SS so much!

  270. I am just sooooo sad to hear this. SS is my absolute, hands-down favorite scrapbooking magazine. I will so MISS it!!! In fact, I thought that the last few issues were exceptionally well done and there were TONS of ideas I dog-earred and planned to (or have already tried). I’ve been subscribing for years. :-( So sad.
    As for what I hope CK will use – please have a section that focuses on simple pages that are clean and use a minimum of stuff, focusing not just on technique, but the photos. I also love the albums in the Fast Album Formula.
    SS will be hugely missed.

  271. I just heard the news and am so sad.
    Lovely magazine with clear design principles that set out to teach and inform.
    I want Simple’s guiding principle that scrapbooking should be about the story behind the photos and relationships to transfer over to CK.
    I would love to see Simple’s special issues (like photoalbum scrapbooking) continue to be offered.

  272. I’m really sorry to hear about this. I will miss this magazine tremendously, but hope that everyone associated with it lands on their feet. I will support anything that CZ does. Her style, approach, just everything she does speaks to me. If she’s not a part of CK, I will not be a subscriber.

  273. I am very saddened by this news. SS is my favorite magazine, and I’m really going to miss it.
    SS taught us that all we really need is some cardstock, a paper trimmer, and a little design skill to make a great layout. I hope that CK can incorporate many of the simple types of layouts that SS so wonderfully showcased.
    One other request of those in charge: please make sure Cathy Zielske’s ideas are incorporated into CK. I would miss her contributions terribly if she didn’t make the transition.
    Best of luck to the whole SS team.

  274. Oh Stacy – I want you to know I’ve so loved your Simple message from the get-go. I’ve been lucky enough to be in a small class with you, and speak to you and really take your thoughts to heart. Two things: one, your message of the importance of journaling. You spoke of pages being shown to you with no journaling – and excited people chattering on about what the layout was all about. Write it down. Second, when my Simple magazine shows up in my mailbox, I immediately look for the album formulas – I’ve made countless mini albums using these fast formulas – love them. It’s okay to be sad, but you know the saying, “one door closes, another opens” is very true – I’ve seen it just recently in my own life. So chin up, kiddo, and I’ll be watching for the next big thing!

  275. nomadscrapper says:

    Wow, that is big, upsetting news. Simple is my favorite scrapbooking magazine because of its simple approach–no extra stuff on the pages detracting from my pictures like some other magazines I get. My favorite columns are the simple schemes and the how-to columns (About Design, Focus on Photos, Write from the Heart, and About Type). I have learned much from them, and been able to apply the principles I learned to not only my scrapbooks, but also other projects and activities over the years.

  276. So bummed about this Stacy. The magazine and those special issues were amazing. When one door closes…another opens…. While this is very sad, I feel confident that you will find ways to continue the Simple message and find passion in other projects. peace and blessings..

  277. Linda Townes says:

    that is really sad news I have subscribed to simple for a very long time, when times got hard I had to drop my subscription but I kept up with the web site, that is truley a blow to my scrapbooking soul, what will we do now for the simple things in life

  278. This is really bad news. Simple Scrapbooks really got to the heart of why we all scrapbook. It is not just about the embellishments -it is about the pictures and the stories which sometimes get lost in all the embellishments and fancy papers. SS “really got it”. Many of us hope that Cathy Z will be a regular part of CK because her style and simple lines have changed the way that many of us scrapbook.

  279. I’m very sad that Simple is going away. The one thing I’d like to see continued in CK is Cathy Z’s column on design — she’s the reason I’m scrapping and my favorite part of Simple.

  280. I am deeply saddened to hear this. But just remember about all the people you have inspired. I know that I have come away with countless ideas from Simple. I hope CK will find a place for CZ to become a columnist. I just love that woman and find her approach refreshing.

  281. Wow – never expected this at all. I get both magazines, and while I love them both, I love SS a little bit more, especially because of its simplicity. My favorite thing about SS was the Simple Schemes articles – I learned so much from them. I’ll truly, truly miss this magazine.

  282. This is such heartwrenching news! Simple has been my most favorite scrapbooking publication for years!
    For me, scrapbooking is still about preserving my family’s photos and stories . . . and I think that’s what stood out for me, with Simple Scrapbooks Magazine. The focus on photos and journaling . . .
    I joined Simple “online” in August of 2007. Through this outlet, I’ve met many wonderful and talented people. And I’ve been inspired to greater heights in my scrapbooking.
    Please continue to keep a “Simple Group” online, so we can continue to interact, challenge each other, and share our creations, online. To me . . . that’s the most important thing. I would hate to lose contact with these wonderful people, who have encouraged and inspired me.
    I’ll miss my dose of Simple in the mail, but I would miss the kinship we all have much more than the magazine!
    We love you and thank you for what you’ve given us! You’re truly an inspiration.
    I’ll be thinking about you and keeping you in my prayers. (I can’t imagine how difficult this is to swallow!)

  283. So sad! I remember attending my first HIA and meeting you as you introduced your “apple of my eye” book, then being there a few years later as you announced “Simple”, then introductions of new staff (Cathy Z, Donna D etc), then hearing of “Big Picture” – You have come a long way Baby! These are sad times, for sure, we closed our scrapbook store after 11 years this summer (due to heath issues, I could not do all!) I will always be a fan of the SS concept.
    Sad sad times BUT – this does not mean that it is over, just a new beginning. Who knows what is down the road. One thing is certain – preserving our family memories, living a life worth remembering and loving the process of creating will go on.
    You and the SS team over the years has freed me to live and create without the strangulation hold of “being up to date” for that I will ever be grateful! Thank you! Blessings to you and those who continued on in your footsetps.

  284. As soon as I read your mysterious reference to something upsetting, I was afraid this might be it. I am incredibly sad! I have been a subscriber since the start and I love SS! I love it even more after taking your LOM class last year. I think I just renewed for three more years.
    Please, please ask that Cathy Z remains a big part of the equation. She is an amazing resource for scrapbookers and I will miss her column most of all.
    I am so sorry for your sadness and loss. I am sorry that economics has dictated the end of such a good thing. I am sad for the loss which it will be to all of us who loved Simple.

  285. I bought a subscription to Simple when it was first launched and have continued to read and love it.
    Why? It confirmed that it was o.k. to do it the simple way, that the fussy altered stuff that was fun but I didn’t have time for was o.k. and I was still a scrapbooker.
    So sad – grateful for the inspiration, the introduction to some way cool people and all the stuff I’ve learned from you over the years.
    You will all be so missed.

  286. lisa hamilton says:

    I’ve come a long way with my scrapbooking,ALL because of your philosophy and SS magazine (the only scrapping one I subscribe to)In fact I am thrilled to be an LOM alumni from 2008 – by far THE BEST THING I”VE EVER DONE!Thank you Stacy for making me feel like I know you: through your “baby”, your BPS, and now your blog. If i am having a down day I know I will get a lift or get excited about something if I read your blog. So, of course your good work continues but it’s okay to grieve for something that you gave birth to, and which deserves to continue it’s life rather than “being put down”.There’s nothing wrong with CK, but I don’t even own a grommet tool, a die-cutter, or lots of other embellishment “stuff” which I never felt bad about with SS. Always remember you have made a whole generation of women NOT feel guilty for not being caught up, and have inspired us to remember the real reason we scrapbook: to tell the story only we can tell. Hooray for you and SS too! love ya

  287. I’m so sorry. I honestly like all the SB mags, but SS was the one that I would get the most excited aobut when it came in the mail!! my favorite part was the simple projects. i’ll have to get out a magazine to find the terminology for that, but that was my favorite. I also loved the special edition magazines. maybe they will continue those.
    I’m so sorry Stacy. Hopefully when the economy gets better, we will see some more simple!

  288. Oh – I’m so sad. Let me tell you why – with you, BPS & SS I found my stride as an artist. I just am speechless because SS was the one I REALLY looked forward to getting. Not that I don’t love the others but SS was my inspiration. I can only send {{{}}} your way and know how INFLUENTIAL you have been in ly life!

  289. Debbie Wearn says:

    Please keep the simple part of Simple. I stopped reading CK because I don’t have hours to spend on one page or technique. Simple gave me just what I needed so I really hope CK can pull some of the simple in!
    Simple is (it’s not gone yet!) a wonderful publication that made a difference and for that you should be pround. I thank you for bringing it to us!
    Debbie W in Socal

  290. I agree with other posters – please put some of Simple into CK. I cancelled my CK subscription and kept my SS because of the overkill of ads and less basic, classic scrapping.
    SS will surely be missed. :**(

  291. Lynne Moore says:

    Awwww, sadness. I will really miss Simple. I have kept my whole first years’ publication. I hope that CK put more than a single column devoted to the Simple Philosophy. So much of the magazine is easy to read and easy to follow. I LOVE how it was set up. Althogh CK has moved a little more toward that kind of setup layout for the magazine, I only hope it will really meld into a clone of Simple.
    Please keep CZ! And if she doesn’t continue every month at CK, then she HAS to a super-regular teacher at BPS!

  292. I need my fix of Simple and especially CZ her ‘superstarryness’ in the simple ethos. Hope she’s doing more BPS classes!
    So please, please if you can, influence how much space is devoted in CK. Make sure the magazine is shared pretty equally three ways between the existing CK ethos, the Simple style and Digital which has also been closed down.

  293. First the book and then the magazine changed my life. I was finally free once I read those words and saw the classic ideas. Next its LOM in February. Yeah! Now I say, take your baby back from CK and bring her fully into BPS. Online publishing is the future, so being the pioneers you and your team are, why not do it on your own terms and we all learn along the way? If you build it, we will come.

  294. Simple…first the book and then the magazine changed my life. I was finally free once I read those words and saw the classic ideas. Next its LOM in February. Yeah!
    Now I say, take your baby back from CK and bring her fully into BPS. Online publishing is the future, so being the pioneers you and your team are, why not do it on your own terms and we all learn along the way? If you build it, we will come.

  295. Erin in Germany says:

    Dear Stacy, I am soooooooooooo sad. SS has been such an inspiration for me. Thank you for showing us that scrapbooking is about documenting life, remembering those moments we otherwise wouldn’t, not only about artsy, expensive embellishments. THANK YOU ALL for being so inspiring. You will be missed!

  296. Deb Jones says:

    Of all of the scrapbook magazines, Simple is the one that I get the most out of. It takes very little time to leaf through the others but I READ Simple. I save things from Simple. I am actively engaged in the articles in Simple. This is like the death of an old friend. I’m really sad and dismayed. It was hard enough when you left but now it will all be gone. I’d rather they get rid of Creating Keepsakes Mag than Simple. I’m not a happy camper. This will take some time.

  297. rebecca k says:

    I am shocked to read this. CK is a great magazine too, but it definitely does not seem to support the Simple motto. I hope a column will be incorporated about simplifying scrapbooking (from design to organization etc) and I would want to see Cathy Zielske’s column included. There is nothing in CK that equals what she provides each month in terms of teaching design.

  298. I can not believe this! I love Simple, I was just going to subscribe to it this month. I just love the simplicity of the ideas in this magazine. I am glad to hear that there will be things in CK, but I will sure miss Simple.

  299. I am so sad to see Simple end. Going forward please make sure that Cathy Z. remains a part of CK. I love CK and Becky Higgins but a lot of CK’s pages are about being artsy and sometimes is more about the embellishments and not the story.

  300. Hi Stacy,
    SS has been my favorite magazine since its inception…and I’ve read every issue, too! This is sad news, indeed.
    What brought me in, and what has kept me reading over the years, is that SS never, never lost sight of why the magazine was started in the first place, keeping the focus of scrapbook pages on the stories and pictures, and keeping it simple.
    I love Cathy Z, of course, and many more of your contributors, so I hope CK finds a place for them!
    Take care, Stacy, and know that even though this is ending, you started something very important and that, at least for me, will never end!

  301. I am so shocked. I love the magazine, I love the style. I loved so many of the issues and I know you will find a way to continue the Simple style. You ask what aspects we would most hate to see go and one of many is the monthly section of photography. Thanks for the enabling – without Simple principals, I absolutely freeze at the thought of scrapping.

  302. Hi Stacy,
    Simple has been by favorite from the beginning and I will truly miss it. The one thing I will always love to see is examples of doing simple pages. Thinking of you!

  303. I can’t believe this news. CK doesn’t even compare to SIMPLE. And I’m holding myself back from saying something more harsh. I agree with the comments about taking SIMPLE into on-line publishing, in conjunction with BPS. And, God forbid, that we would lose our wonderful Cathy Z. Please rethink this entire situation; SIMPLE scrapbookers are depending on you.

  304. I am so sorry :(

  305. After registering for the Simple Scrapbooks weekend at Sweetwater in Colorado, I began to search stores for the magazine.
    When I purchased my first issue of SS, I fell in love with it. The simple nature of the magazine was what I was wanting and desired. SS is full of inspriation and the type of scrapbooking I LOVE to do.
    I can’t pin point one aspect of the magazine that I like better than something else. I LOVE the whole thing.
    The end of SS really saddens me because I love it and start watching the mailbox for the latest issue as the release date draws near.
    You can bet I will be watching garage sales and other places for past issues.
    SS is my kind of scrapbooking magazine.
    I will miss it greatly.
    SO sorry to see it go.

  306. What I would most like to see continue is a place to be published if your pages are, well, simple. Someplace where you can submit pages without feeling like you have to be as artistic as possible. That, to me, was one of the best messages of Simple Scrapbooks. That, as well as the emphasis on memory-keeping more than an artistic outlet.
    I will miss Simple, and wish all those involved with it the best!

  307. I am in shock. I finally found the best scrapbooking magazine out there and now it will no longer be published. I truly don’t know what I will do. Please, Stacy continue with the inspiring work you do at BPS. Simple will be greatly missed.

  308. First, I am saying prayers for you and all of your team. I can only imagine what a difficult decision this was.
    Second, I LOVE the Simple philosophy! Wherever and however y’all can keep it going, I am excited to support it.
    Lastly, here is a brief list of my favorite aspects of SS:
    1. Fast Album ideas
    2. Schemes and adaptations
    3. Techniques to make things more simple, not more work
    4. CZ’s design column
    5. Simple philosophy story ideas (focus on life moments over events)
    6. CKC/BPS classes taught in the magazine after their run at convention is over (Fast Albums, GOBI come to mind)
    7. not much desire to see new product highlighted. ads and stores do that well enough.
    Thank you over and over again for your team’s contributions to the SB world. The SS philosophy has impacted more than just my albums. :-)
    Koren from Washington

  309. I have been getting Simple since the beginning – every issue – and LOVING it! I really hope CK can keep part of it alive! I will miss and Cathy Zielske most, so anything either of you do have to do with CK would be great! Thanks for taking us on the ride with you; I know I have thoroughly enojed, learned, and loved it! ~TanyaS

  310. I am so sad! I love Simple more then CK. It speaks to me better and I love the layout of the magazine more. I am saddened but understand. Maybe this means you will have to do more special issues!

  311. Judy Sanza says:

    Oh dear! I am in my second year of scrapbooking and I felt so comfortable with the “simple” approach. I am a retired English prof and technical writer so you can see that I love CZ’s books and your simple take on things.
    I follow your blogs and books and I am sure we can all find projects to keep “simple” alive.
    Thanks for all your hard work, sacrifice and inspiration.

  312. I remember the thrill I felt some years ago when you e-mailed me on New Year’s Eve telling me you liked a layout of mine (Behind the smile- I was freezing in front of the Capitol building in DC and the layout detailed my “true” thoughts) and that you hoped to use it sometime. I was so impressed that you were working hard even on New Year’s Eve- and I am proud of that accomplishment- being published in Simple Scrapbooks- to this day. I don’t think that it was merely a magazine, but more a philosophy that more isn’t always better- that simple can be great!
    thanks for all you’ve brought to the simple scrapbooks table.

  313. Oh, Stacy, I am so sad to learn this news. Simple was by far my favoritest of the SB mags and I will miss it immensely. I hope that CK will continue to find room for the simple philosophy, simple schemes, and examples of simple LOs. Thank you for all you have done for us.

  314. Rebecca Fox says:

    I remember the first time I saw Simple Scrapbooks, the book. I picked it up, flipped through, thought you were nuts, and put it down. I did that on two subsequent visits, then I bought it, read it, and instantly “got it”. Manageable, guilt-free scrapbooking. I was thrilled when I learned of the magazine, and have devoured every issue. It is, quite simply, my favorite. I hope that a bit of the “just do it” attitude is kept in the new CK articles…along with a breakdown of HOW to get it done. I hope the guilt free message continues. Oh, and my Cathy Zielske fix…there’s gotta be some CZ wit involved.

  315. I think CK Media would be crazy to let Cathy Zielske go. She’s the primary reason I continued to read Simple Scrapbooks after you, Stacy, left the magazine. I used to be a Creating Keepsakes subscriber, but disliked the direction that the magazine took after Tracy White left. If CK Media is smart, they will bring Cathy over to Creating Keepsakes to bring a much-needed new direction to the magazine.

  316. It is my favorite Scrapbooking magazin, because it is so much more than just LOs and other stuff – it is philosophy for scrapbooking and for LIVE!

  317. this is a very sad annoucement
    I subscribe to this magazine and will be sad to see my last issue
    I like the way it offered up ideas and examples

  318. jolleymom says:

    What will I ever do without Simple Scrapbooks? Sigh. That magazine changed my perspective, lessened guilt, and matched my scrapping vision perfectly. Thank you for all the inspiration & empowerment.
    Sad news, indeed.

  319. Kristen Carpinello says:

    Oh, I am so sad to hear that Simple Scrapbooks is going away. It is the only scrapbooking magazine that I receive (and I’ve subscribed to them all, only to cancel all but this one). I am a simple scrapbooker, and do not like the fussy style in Creating Keepsakes. Please continue to showcase the simpler, more streamlined side of scrapbooking. There are those of us who don’t like all the fluff.
    Best wishes to you.

  320. Stacy, I *just* finished reading The Big Picture two nights ago and loved it…loved your philosophy, your inspiration, your encouragement throughout it. As a SS subscriber for many years, this announcement comes as a shock. I will miss the magazine so much. Thank you for all you have done to get us thinking outside the box and look at scrapping in a whole new way. I will not forget those words of wisdom.

  321. I am very disappointed. I loved this magazine because it was clean and simple. It gave permission to scrapbook without all the fluff. It gave permission to the average person to scrapbook and not feel like they had to be an “artist.” It reminded us that scrapbooking is really about the stories, not the latest papers, accessories or techniques. It is okay to scrapbook out of order. It is okay to keep it simple. Thank you so much for all the work and the message. Perhaps, by combining with Creating Keepsakes, you will reach more people who were obviously missing out on you before. I hope so.

  322. I am sad. I loved SS. I stopped subscribing only bc I would get magazines focusing on 2 months down the road (don’t want to think about Halloween in August) so I bought it at the newsstand.
    What I loved — the lack of FLUFF layouts. The LOs there had real journaling with real meaning. The pages looked like something I could do. The focus was not on how much product you could put on a page… at the same time the LOs did not have that graphic, Baby Gap/Pottery Barn ad feel either. I could use so many ideas from that magazine.
    I am so sorry. I’ve worked in publishing for 12 years, including at several different mags, and I know just how hard it is. Been out of work over a year now.

  323. Yesterday I read the news about Simple’s End. How sad it that. I believe Simple is such a great magazine, great in it’s simplicity. I will surely miss it.
    What I’d like to see continued is all the stuff you told us about design. The tips and tricks that I (or can I say we?) as scrapper(s) want to know, but which is nowhere to be found outside the world of graphic design. Or only little bits of it. So everything Simple told me about it, I read and read and read over and over again.
    I like the simplicity of the lay outs and spreads that are in Simple. That is why I wanted to continue my subscription to Simple and discontinue to CK. Because – I think – CK is sometimes more about ‘how many embellishments can I put on this lay out?’ And I don’t like that (even more after graduating from Design Your Life :-)).
    BTW I do not only read the design stuff over and over again, but the whole magazine from cover to cover over and over again. And after a year I tear it apart the save the best bits (in my Design Your Life binder).
    Stacy, Cathy and all the others (sorry I do not know all of your names) thanks for something wonderful every 2 months. I will surely miss ‘my Simple’.

  324. Sheryl Welles says:

    I am SO saddened to hear this news. Simple Scrapbooks has been my favorite magazine of all the publications out there! I have learned so much from the magazine and from you personally having attend CKU a few years back. You are an amazing individual and though this may seem sad, please know that you have touched so many of us for so long. I will hang on to my current issues and appreciate the work and effort you have shared with us!
    Thank you, Stacy!

  325. Yes, Stacy, it does feel as though an old friend has died. I can only imagine how you are feeling. I am SO saddened by this news. Simple is my favorite scrapping magazine and I eagerly await its arrival in my mailbox every month. I cannot even pick out a favorite part; the whole thing is my favorite part, but I used to love your letters at the beginning of the mag because they were reminders of the philosophy of the mag and the simple way of scrapping and a reminder to keep going that way in my scrapbooking.

  326. jofromidaho says:

    I am so sad and so surprised and …..
    A couple of things that I especially appreciated in Simple were the fact that layouts were labeled with creator and their location on the map. Love to imagine WHERE people are living Simple. Also really enjoyed Cathy Zeilske-anything she worked on.
    Good luck to all-hopefully, we will see many in new venues.

  327. For me, the whole idea of SS (and I still have that book on my shelf!) just revolutionized the way I looked at Scrapbooking. I had just filled a huge scrapbook with 2 years of memories JUST of my daughter’s preschool experience, and I knew I couldn’t continue at that pace. SS gave me permission to let some things go (recording the names of every single kid in the kindergarten class, for example) and to focus on actually recording the things that mattered–those family stories that will live forever in our hearts.
    One of the features I have loved is seeing examples of simple pages that popped just a bit more with just a few well chosen embellishments or mats or whatever. Sometimes I do the really basic pages due to time issues, and other times I like to branch out a little more, so that is perfect for me and my multiple personalities. ;)

  328. Amy McGrew says:

    Good Morning Stacy!
    I just learned of the news about Simple while I was attending the CTMH Album Retreat in Salt Lake. I did not have a computer with me there, thus I am just now contacting you.
    I,too, am very sad to hear that Simple is ending. It has always been my most FAVORITE publication. I have had the privlege of meeting you and hearing you speak at CTMH conventions in the past. You have always been one I look up to in the scrapbooking/stamping world. I read every word you write and fall in love with all your ideas, systems, and zest for life!
    I wanted to take this time to thank you for giving us all such a wonderful magazine for all these years. I have every publication that was published and refer back to them time and time again!
    I wanted to share this quote with you. It’s one that I always think of when good things come to an end:
    “Don’t be sad it is ending, be glad it happended!”
    I loved every aspect of Simple Scrapbooks!
    Make it a super day!
    Amy McGrew

  329. and I just subscribed to it in December through my kids magazine drive that they have— so I haven’t even received an issue yet…. =( I loved the ideas in this magazine…. not to be too rude and all but what happens to those of us that did just subscribed to your magazine… since we will not be getting a full year of issues…?

  330. Jackie Hughes says:

    I just read the sad news on your blog. SS is my favorite scrapping magazine,and I will miss it so much!
    I just received a years’ subscription for a Christmas gift. What will happen with that? Will we be reimbursed? I think I am paid up for two more years.

  331. Thank you for everything you did to make SS what it is. So perfectly simple. I never could get rid of a single issue, because the ideas were timeless. We need more of that, and less of “insert new trend here.” We need to remember the moments and the feelings we have when we see a photo. We need the positive, no-guilt, enjoy the process fun of SS. Thank you for everything! Please share my thanks with Wendy.

  332. daniellemarieclaire says:

    Sad is what I felt and what I am feeling at the realization that SS will be no more. I am sad also for everyone that worked at SS : it must be so hard to let go, to accept.
    SS is my treasured scrap mag because of its deep-ingrained philosophy of simplicity. It matches what I strive for in my personal and professional life. Simplicity is what makes me feel at ease in who I am, in my life. I so love the philosophy of simplicity that is shining through SS and I dearly hope that it will continue to live in CK. Stacy, you have definitely changed many lives, not just scrapbooking, through your clear simple message of life and scrapbooking. I love reading your blog because of the joy of living that comes out of it. To me, SS is-was focused on life values through scrapbooking rather than being focused on having new scrap stuff, more new supplies, etc.
    I hope – yes I’m repeating myself – that SS’s philosophy will live through CK. I hope that yourself, Cathy Z. will be part of CK because YOU ARE the embodiment behind the whole philosophy of simplicity through scrapbooking.
    I also love Fast Album Formula, CZ’s Column, Photography column, the Simple Schemes, the Special Issues.
    To me, simple scrapbooking pages are timeless and focus on essential elements of life recording, which are feelings and emotions.
    Thank you for bringing to life such an amazing scrap and life magazine.
    Danielle in Canada

  333. I’m so disappointed! I love this magazine. I have my subscription til the Nov/Dec 2011 issue, will I be getting a refund for the 2+ years that I paid for & won’t be receiving?

  334. Anything with Cathy Zielske I will miss so very much!!! Love that woman!

  335. I am so very sad that Simple Scrapbooks will be no more. I do, however, understand the need to stop a wonderful thing when the current times call for a shift.
    I have always enjoyed the down-to-earth approach to all the simple and real layouts that I excitedly looked for in each and every issue. Simple continuosly confirmed for me that the photo and story are the most important aspects of any layout. That is what I would like to see carried on in CK.
    We’ll still see you here, right?

  336. my goodness. i havent bought a simple in a few months adn just picked it up yesterday for inspiration. i decided this morning i was going to splurge and get a subscription.
    darn. not now.
    i loved the SIMPLICITY. clean lines. tara whitney, donna downey, cathy z, tina cockburn layouts. all simple. functional and so WOW. the photo was the show piece, the scrapbooking bringin your eye to the photo. perfect.
    simple helped my focus on my ‘style’
    i loved it.

  337. My heart is simply sad. I just found a piece of flair on facebook that has the name of the magazine and I am posting it on my wall. I have been a subscriber to the magazine from the beginning and a carrier of the message of simple for years. I constantly remind fellow scrapbookers not to say “I am so far behind” in our beloved hobby. I have grown to love the people who have put out an incredible product over these years. I know this sounds a bit dramatic, but they have become my “friends” as I have savored every written word, photos, and practical pieces of advice. Thank you for forming a community and a philosophy that will outlive the pages of the magazine.

  338. Dear Stacy,
    I’m very, very sorry. Thanks to your magazine I am the scrapbooker that I am. If I hadn’t picked it up that day many moons ago, I would probably have quit scrapbooking. I can’t imagine scrapbooking with Simple Scrapbooks. I have kept every single publication since I started suscribing. The Simple philosophy is in my heart, and has warmed my scrapbooks. I will miss you girls, I will the mag, and I will miss everything about Simple.

  339. Ann Marie Christy says:

    This is such sad news… SS was the one magazine I could turn to and find inspiration. I will miss it. The one column I liked was the one where it would show you how you could add just a bit more to a layout and then a bit more and then a bit more. Same layout, just more embellishing. The ease of Simple is what I will miss most.

  340. Kim Gangloff says:

    Stacy, I’m so sorry for the loss of Simple. It was my favorite of all the scrapbook Mag’s. I will surely miss it! I feel like I’m in mourning for it already and I just found out. I’m saddened. Hope you are recovering from your shock and loss. Kim

  341. I am a few days behind in catching up on blogs, so I know I’m late in responding to this. But man, I am going to miss this magazine. I always have the current issue on my nightstand, and I turn to it time and time again for inspiration. You developed an awesome product, and for that you should be eternally proud. You helped millions of scrapbookers realize they didn’t have to spend 10 hours and $20 on a layout with every new product and technique on display. Better yet, you made everyone feel she was ABLE to scrapbook (no more, “I’m not creative enough!”) and that even with “simple” pages, she could make a work of art that was worthy of displaying on the coffee table. And the kids and relatives and friends that were included in those pages…well, they knew they were loved. You have every reason to be proud. And while we will miss Simple Scrapbooks, it will never be forgotten. For the years to come, those millions of women out there who scrapbook by the Simple philosophy will carry on your message. We love Simple!

  342. I feel like someone has cancelled Christmas. This is too, too sad. Thanks to everyone who has put so much work into developing and delivering the best scrapbooking mag on the market.
    As to what I’d like to see incorporated into Creating Keepsakes, Cathy’s design column and Donna’s work.
    My best wishes to all involved for the future and thanks for many years of inspiration, learning and fun. I will miss that little magazine so much.
    Best wishes

  343. I feel the pain at the death. I was a lurker. There is one thing certain in life: CHANGE and looking forward then it happens can bring real growth. I hope the “clean line” pages will have a special place in CK Magazines and wish you the best with the assorted projects and classes your inovative mind has developed.

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