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Can't believe it's Friday already! We are having a gorgeous (cold, but beautiful) day in Spokane. I'm feeling pretty darn productive too, which is nice.

Thanks for your response to my informal quiz/survey about using fabric in scrapbooking. From my very unscientific exploration of the data collected — the vast majority of us could use a little "Donna" to help us step outside our creative boundaries, but for now, just one of YOU wins the Fabric Scrapbooking book, which is the most recent addition to the Yes, It's a Scrapbook Series.

This one lucky girl is Heather R (see post)

B: Made an attempt!!

I'm a quilter and have a big stash of awesome fabric. But putting it in my scrapbooking just hasn't materialized! Get it! Ha!

Posted by: Heather R. | 27 January 2009 at 05:11 PM

Heather R, email me ( and put "Donna Book Winner" in the subject line. I will look forward to LOTS of great things materializing — and yes, you are adorable!



this is my distant cousin, Professor Julian, who speaks with a thick german accent and pontificates the relationship between chemistry and scrapbook design. Leave me a comment if you know her.

Seriously, I had the opportunity of being interveiwed (back in 2006) by a doctoral student named Danille. Danille has recently completed her dissertation, titled Constructing Value: Scrapbooks as Rhetorical Practice. I was asked to review the portions of Danille's writing that reference me and my work. I was also asked to submit a  photo of me teaching. 

Note to self: take more pictures of you teaching

Thanks to my LOM system, I took approximately 15 seconds to find this photo. Now I just need to work on handing over the camera more often, so I can put my hands on something a bit more current.


  1. OK, I love that Danille did her doctoral thesis on scrapbooking. I did my senior thesis on quilting in college, and I’ve always thought I should expand it to a book. Perhaps I should tackle scrapbooking instead. What field is her doctorate in?

  2. Stacy,
    I laughed so much during that class at CKU- Stamford. It was great! As a science teacher and scrapbooker – it truly struck a cord with me. It was so wonderful!

  3. I took this class! Think I still have the notes.

  4. Debbie Piercey says:

    Very cute photo! I must say, I am taking GOBI right now, and if it hadn’t been for my LOM system, I probably would have been quite frustrated. It was wonderful because when I thought of a subject for my layout assignment, all I had to do was go to my category drawers and “whalla”, I found what I needed. So fast and easy. I love that they sit in there and simmer for a while until I’m ready to “eat them up”, (use them for a layout). Thanks so much for sharing the LOM concept with us in a class. It’s totally brilliant and awesome!

  5. Ha ha! I met Professor Julian at CKU San Antonio back in 2002. One of my favorite classes… however, I was mortified when my cell phone rang in the middle of your (I mean, the professor’s!) presentation. My apologies! Even worse, is that it was just my husband calling because my 2 year old was crying… like I could do anything about it at that moment in time ;-) I have a close up picture of the “scrapbooker’s table of elements” if you need it…
    See you soon in LOM!
    Darcy – “hipmomof3″

  6. You know, I didn’t think I knew Professor Julian, but she is a dead ringer for an instructor I DID have in a class one time . . . . . Sure wish I’d been able to take Professor Julian’s class – as someone with a chemistry degree who loves to scrap, I think I’d have been right in my element, ahem, so to speak!

  7. I took your class at CKU in Provo circa 2002. And since you asked, it was the single most influential class I have ever taken. (I’m not making this up.) I still abide by many principles; create a visual triangle; pick a focal photo (pretend Shrek is leaning over going to steal all your photos but one); I just finished Photo Freedom (life changing) and am reading Big Picture ( I can feel the change coming.) Thank you for inspiring/ sharing/ teaching! I often look at all you do and think, If Stacy can do it, I’ve at least got to try. Anyway, thanks again. Tana Sun Valley, Idaho

  8. I do remember – it was the best class I ever took. It was at CKU San Antonio in 2002!

  9. Michelle Baker says:

    I took your Photo Freedom class at Valley Forge this summer. I have a picture of you teaching and talking to the class if you want an updated picture. Let me know
    Michelle B

  10. I’ll bet if you ask around, people will have some more photos of you teaching. I am still hoping to take a “live” class with you someday, or to at least meet you – I couldn’t get to CKC Seattle this year as I had just had a baby. Maybe next year!

  11. Allison Barnes says:

    wasn’t San Antonio 2002 when we had computer problems and I had to stand and hold your albums?? 2 people commented on how great it was… that just proves what a great teacher you are!!!
    Love ya,

  12. tammy Thomas says:

    that sure brings back memories, that was the most fun class!!! CKU Provo, and I’ve taken others from you as well. You are my favorite teacher!

  13. I have never met her – but perhaps she could have helped me get a better grade in Organic Chemistry (I barely passed)! I love the title of her thesis and I am so glad that scrapbooking is my passion now – no question about that!

  14. GREAT note to self! my boys are getting older and my oldest is wonderful with the camera – I’m working on handing my camera over more often (there’s little evidence that I’m part of this family right now – ha!) ;-)

  15. Hi Stacy,
    I was in Professor Julian’s class at the very first CKU in Provo and was so impressed by her presentation that I repeated the class the next summer in Stamford! I agree with Tana that it is the most influential class I have ever taken. It was like a mini crash course in design principles delivered in a fun, humorous way that made it easy to understand. Kudos to Professor Julian!

  16. I’ve had the pleasure of taking a class with Prof. Julian in Provo at CKU 02. It definitely was the start of a new philosophy for me. It changed the way I approached sbing. Also had the pleasure of Photos I Love with you & Deanna. You reduced this then pregnant gal to a puddle of tears. Again changing my view on sbing. Thank you for continuing to make me view sbing in a different light. LOM is the icing in the cupcake!

  17. yep, i was in that class at the 1st CKU in Provo. LOVED it and thought the teaching concept & the content was brilliant.

  18. I was at CKU 2002 in San Antonio when you did this class. It was the BEST class ever and I learned so much while laughing the whole time.

  19. I took this class at my first CKU in Stamford! It changed the way that I scrapbooked (and freed me forever from chronological scrapping!). That was the beginning of me really becoming a scrapper. I loved the class and the other one that you taught there too – I was SO glad that I signed up for them. I have the notes from that class and I just saw a picture of you from the class you taught in Disney as a “gym” teacher! Sher B.

  20. Yes, I am with Deanna– what was her doctorate in? I am very interested in hearing more about this dissertation and if it will be published where I can read a copy. Update if you can! I’d love to know more! (Sadly, I haven’t had the pleasure of taking your class yet.)

  21. Susan Roth says:

    I met Professor Julian at the very first CKU in Provo. Being a teacher myself, the logical organization in her class spoke to me more than any other class. I’ve taken other classes with her cousin, Stacy, and I have to say, both Julians rock!

  22. Ann Ottmar says:

    I saw Professor Julian at the CKU in Stamford, CT. What a blast that was, you were inspiring as always!

  23. I met Professor Julian at CKU in San Antonio and have a photo very similar to yours!

  24. OMG–I remember taking your class at the first CKU Provo in 2001. How fun!

  25. I LOVED that class! That was one of the first CKU’s I went to and totally loved it!

  26. Design Dynamics! I took that class my first CKU in Provo 2002. LOVED that class, Stacy! Still think about the FP + Px + J + WS + VE = ?
    (Focal Point + Photographs + Journaling + Weight/Shaping + Visual Elements = Visually Appealing Pages!)
    Not sure if it’ll let me post it, but I scanned in a wonderful pic of you and Deanna I took that day from my CKU scrapbook:

  27. Stacy, I wasn’t lucky enough to attend this CKU. Is there anyway you could expand on the subject? Is there somewhere I can get more info on what was covered there? Also, the periodic table is adorable. What was in the last column (the one cut off in the pic). You are a great inspiration! Keep up the great work!

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