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I was just lurking on the message board in Get Organized and Be Inspired (Wendy Smedley's 4 Experts workshop) and saw this post by Jenni …

Hi Everyone,

I was listening to Wendy's week 1 audio and it turns out my hubby was
listening too. When Wendy said "for those of you who maybe haven't had
an experience with reading an organization book," hubby said, "or four
or five."

I had to laugh but then started thinking of how many organization books
I have bought or received as gifts and actually read. I can think of 8
just off the top of my head – 3 scrapbook related – not to mention all
the magazines and tv shows watched.

Needless to stay I am still not organized.
Then something Wendy said
next made a light bulb go off in my head. The difference between
storage and organization is that the process of true organization is about the retrieval of
, not just about putting them away.
This might be where I have been going wrong.

When I go through these organization phases after reading a book, I go
hog wild sorting and storing. I have a really hard time with purging by
the way. But it never lasts. I can't remember where I stored items at
and then when I find the items they never go back to that spot.

Do you think this process can be used for other areas of my life and
Wendy's audio has got the wheels turning.

How can I even begin to tell you what miss Wendy has done for me? I can't. But … I can say that two things work for me on an ongoing basis (in regards to scrapbooking) one is my Library of Memories system (if I don't ignore it for too long) and the other is the way my creative studio is organized.
READ the blog text in Jenni's post again.
I too *was* a storage container junkie. I loved "getting organized" which I should have called "getting sorted" It wasn't until 2006 when I was preparing to move into my home and planning my very own "studio" (at the very same time Wendy was researching and working on her book) that I began to really listen to the things she was sharing with me. As I listened and finally began to understand the steps I had been skipping, I found success. And let me tell you HOW MUCH FUN IT IS to be in a space that reflects your personality and personal approach. It is inspiring and productive.

One of Wendy's concerns for readers of her book, was that they might not take the time to go through the process — they might just look at the great pictures and skip critical steps to get to the clever storage ideas. That is definitely the risk when you write a process-based book, BUT … how totally cool is it that Wendy now teaches the process and clever ideas and concepts in her book, spread out over twelve weeks of time (it's COOL) If you are NOT signed up for Wendy's workshop, it isn't too late.

I sincerely hope you'll consider this. I know the economy isn't well right now and funds are scarce, but if you can swing it — it will be a very wise investment that will help you understand your creative process and become truly organized. You will be able to find and USE the plentiful stash of product that you have. It will in the long run save you money. really.

Speaking of organization …. promise me that you'll sometime soon, check out the NEW
iCube Storage at When I saw this product at CHA last winter, I literally jumped up and down and immediately called Trisha at I said, "COME here now!! I've found something you absolutely must see!"  She came and ordered. Because, it's that good.




If you're in Wendy's class, it's too early to begin purchasing storage … but when it is time. You have my "iCube" blessing!! And btw, the answer to this question: Do you think this process can be used for other areas of my life and
Is a resounding YES! And that to me is the "big picture" behind it all — Scrapbooking is about LIFE.

GOOD Question: How realistic is it to try and do both Get Organized and Be Inspired AND Library of Memories.

My answer: Not realistic at all! I do not think doubling up would be a wise thing to do. These expert workshops are both very process based and require some serious accountability on your part. Focus on one class at a time. IF HOWEVER, you are simply "re-taking" LOM and feel like you have a good solid start on that system, you may actually enjoy taking both classes, as you can focus in Wendy's class on the physical location and setting of your LOM essentials and extras — you know, put it all together. I think that might be really FUN and productive.


  1. Oooooh…this is good!
    Thanks for posting!

  2. Holly A. Moss says:

    I love this concept & totally agree with you about Wendy’s class! Thanks for the info!

  3. OOOOH that looks like something I need! And since I’m in Wendy’s class…hmmm!

  4. I’m in Wendy’s class for the second time. Last year I was post-construction and travelling too much to keep up with the class. This time I’m determined to go through all the steps and REALLY figure this out. Thanks for pointing out how important the process is.
    Now to go look at iCube…

  5. rachel in Cali. says:

    Stacy, could those goodie drawers be used for “Category Drawers”? :0)

  6. Lynnette C. says:

    I was lucky enough to get Wendy’s book last year and be able to follow the concepts, not just the nifty containers part… We were in process of remodeling/moving and when I got ready for my ‘scrap move’ I was READY! I LOVE my space now and I can find the things I need when I need them! So much so that I’m able to pull from stash and use it for the “Life Well Crafted” class right now! I also love being able to surround myself with ‘meaningful’ things (to me at least!) rather than just looking organized. You are so right Stacy, It really is about LIFE’s BIG PICTURE and enjoying the process!!!!!!!!

  7. I am a sorting queen! now if I could just get it streight in my head!

  8. I’ve been looking at those iCube storage systems for a little bit now, but have been hesitant bc I can’t seem to find the information I need. Maybe you can help? I was looking at the inserts like the last picture you have here. Do you know if these would fit in the Ikea Expedit system?

  9. I like the part about organization being about retrieval. I may look organized, but when I go to look for something it can be a nightmare. I’m going to have to rethink my system…or lack thereof.

  10. As an alumni of Wendy’s first GOBI class—it’s the process that it is all about and definately can be used all over the house!! Cute iCubes but have to say I love my Crop n Style cubes and confirgurations!

  11. I have signed up in Wendy’s class and have just completed week 1. Although we havn’t done anything big yet I can see that by taking the time and doing each step properly will give you the scrap space you wanted and dreamed about. I am great at buying storage containers because they look good not because of functionality. I am lucky enough that I have to move out of my scrap room because we are ripping up the carpet and laying floor boards down so I am using this time to start from scratch with the help from Wendy. Can’t wait to see where it takes me.

  12. Well put, Stacy. Being organized is about finding what you need to find in the time available to find it, so that you can do what you need to do in the time available to do it!

  13. I totally want to take the class–it sounds so great! I bought the book and love it. However, I am taking LOM and LWC, plus doing Project 365 so I think it might be too much. WIll you offer this class again next year?

  14. Tess Davis says:

    I would love to take Wendy’s class, but am wondering if it would be too much work to retake LOM (to further tweak my system, continue working on my album title pages, and printing photos) AND do GOBI. Any thoughts from you, Stacy, or others? Thanks!

  15. I completed Wendy’s class last year and have since been enjoying a beautiful (in my opinion) workspace where I am much more productive. I continue to make small modifications to my “storage” in order to improve “retrieval”, so it keeps getting better. I host weekly crops for the neighborhood gals, and they love coming over to play in my scraproom. This year, I’m tackling LOM – can’t wait to get started.

  16. Stacy – I’m an “alum” of LOM and doing GOBI now for the second time and really wanting to get it right this time. For LOM, I never did find the “right” binders for my layouts. I have stacks of finished layouts that need to be put in binders. Now that you can no longer buy the ones shown in your “Big Picture” book, what ones do you recommend. Right now I’m considering the American Craft 3 ring cloth ones, but have no idea about their durability.

  17. I am in Wendy’s class and enjoy you popping in Stacy. Next year I plan on taking LOM but in the mean time I am slowly getting DH on board with doing some basic organizing of photos as he is the one that takes 100′s of them. He just got a Nikon D300 but he had to promise to sort as he went I’d be hitting the delete key a lot ;)
    Love the cubes!

  18. Deb Jones says:

    I took Wendy’s class last year. I wish we could take it again as alumni. I learned so much last time but would love to add to that the things I may have missed. My studio is so much better organized because of Wendy’s class.

  19. Nancy May says:

    Oh Man, I should have read these comments. I signed up for both classes. Guess I am just going to have to work really hard. One of my biggest problems is that I like digi and paper!

  20. Nancy May says:

    Oh Man, I should have read these comments. I signed up for both classes. Guess I am just going to have to work really hard. One of my biggest problems is that I like digi and paper!

  21. Susan Budge says:

    I love the calendar…what other holidays did you look up? Please share so I could use themt too. I know pirate day is in????? anyhow I know there is a day for that. They are fun to know. Thanks for sharing

  22. Stacy I am the most organized person you will ever meet (Wendy has nothing on me, ha ha). I have organized for people professionally. I have done museum collections, digital archives, church libraries, personal offices, everything. I have a flippin degree in museum studies and have spent years working on collections.
    And you would think, or people assume, that I am neat and my house is tidy. AU CONTRAIRE, MON AMI.
    I am the messiest person ever. Crap is just… everywhere. The place is a black hole in space.
    How can this be? Bc organizing is about retrieval and not about being clean or tidy. And also, while I like organizing, I hate cleaning.
    I didn’t start LOM bc I needed an organizing system. i had one. I didn’t start scrapbooking to document my photos and stories. I had (have) 17 years of photos all printed, documented, and archivally stored. My negatives are all perfectly stored and labelled too.
    I loved LOM bc once everything was put away and organized, it was not creatively inspiring for me to scrapbook it. So LOM is working for me.
    I can retrieve anything in about 20 seconds. I know where it all is. All the stuff I will be using in the next week or month sits out scattered around bc I like it that way, I organize stuff that needs to be kept, but not in my way. For instance, I already had all my digital photos organized perfectly on my computer. So they were kept very well. But making them transition from “what I want to keep long term” to “what I need on hand to use right now” was impossible for me.
    And that is how LOM helps me!

  23. Kathleen S. says:

    I’m in that ‘too late to retreat’ folder (panic red) also, signed up for LOM and currently taking Wendy’s class. Sounded like a good fit to me, and I’d never taken a BSP class before. Didn’t realize I’d be getting so much bang for the buck! But four weeks of Wendy’s training surely will jump start me to handle both classes. Now, the time part, hmmm. . .

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