Got Popcorn Memories? Oh Yeah.

Oh my goodness!

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Girls, listen to me ….

This scrapbooking thing. You have it figured out … all you need to do is start celebrating memories like the ones you shared here. As I read through these amazing popcorn memories, I thought back a year or so to the time I asked for the same type of recollection around Play Doh. The response was similar — an outpouring of specific memories not so much about Play Doh (or popcorn) but about people, and places and things that surfaced when you focused your mental energy … WOW!

I'm challenging everyone who left a popcorn memory to do two things …

1. Put January 19th, National Popcorn Day on your calendar

2. Go find a photo or two that you can use to illustrate the memory you shared and make a page

NOW … the three winners. Dixie Lee, Angie F and Jane (see their comments and memories below) Please make sure you're registered at Big Picture Scrapbooking and then email me your full name and I'll put you in Elizabeth's class.

The rest of you … Go Sign UP! You will not regret this decision (I promise)

Dixie Lee's memory

memory? It has to be the Jiffy-pop pans on the stovetop. It was the mid
70s and our kitchen was a lovely avocado green and mustard yellow mix
of far out mushrooms, with matching appliance covers to boot. It was my
birthday and Huckleberry Finn was the movie special that night. I
actually have a photo of my bother and I laying on the floor watching
that movie, all curled up in footed pajamas and sleeping bags. We
always popped Jiffy-pop for special movies and the Sunday night 7:00
p.m. favorite, "The Wonderful World of Disney"!

Angie F's memory

favorite popcorn memory is from childhood when my Mom would make
popcorn on Sunday nights and we'd get to drink Pepsi in front of the tv
to watch the Disney movie of the week! My Mom made a huge roasting pan
of popcorn with just the right amount of butter and salt. YUM!! My
brother & I would get to share 1 glass bottle (16oz I think) of
Pepsi to wash our salty popcorn down. Mmmmmm

Jane's memory

locale has its lost gold-mine stories; it seems to bring security to
know that there is gold in “them thar hills”. I admit. There have been
times when I’ve searched high and low for my own gold-mine. I’ve looked
at our checkbook balance hoping I had miscalculated. I’ve groped couch
cushions looking for change. I’ve contemplated selling everything but
the kids. But, no gold mine. At least I didn’t think so, until one
night long ago when I was popping popcorn. Cali had walked into the kitchen, heard what I was making and said, “I don’t like popcorn.” I thought, “How can she not like popcorn?” She had been eating it ever
since she was a baby. I’d pull the fluffs off the hulls and feed them
to her until she had big enough teeth of her own. As far as I knew,
she’d been eating popcorn every week since. Besides, what is there not
to like about it? But I answered her, “You know, I don’t think I really like it either,
but it means everything is okay when popcorn is popping, so that’s why
I pop it. When I’m popping popcorn it means it’s Sunday night and we’re
getting ready to watch a movie or play a game or hide-n-seek with Aunt
Lynn’s family. When I’m popping popcorn it means it’s Friday night and
we’re getting ready to go to a ballgame or on a drive. When I’m popping
popcorn it means everything is okay.”

I finished buttering and salting the popcorn and we went into the
living room to join the rest of the family. I sat down on the couch—the
same couch I’d searched looking for a gold mine [change], but had only
come up with stale popcorn and lost puzzle pieces. Cali said, “Hey
guys, did you know popcorn is mom’s security blanket?”

And to think, I had been sitting on my gold mine all along. Most of us are sitting on gold mines; it just takes some refining to
see them. It took popcorn for me to see that my family was my goldmine,
not the absence of debt.


  1. I love these theme pages, that don’t necessarily focus on holidays, events, etc., but random things that bind the years together… like popcorn! What will be next?!

  2. I hear you! I hear you! I already have one “popcorn-related” layout in my library, (when he was 3, our son called it PockornDA) but our popcorn memories continue! We do popcorn regularly, but especially on Friday nights “MOVIE NIGHT” at our house!
    Of course, we air-pop ours now and use butter flavored nonstick spray so the salt will stick.
    By the way, I love savory corn…cheese corn, ranch corn, regular butter . I DO NOT DO fiddle faddle, crunch n munch, or cracker jack. Ok, sometimes kettle corn, but only because of the mix of salty and sweet. FYI in case you get the urge to send me one of those big cans at Christmas.

  3. Ok, missed your call for popcorn stories….but popcorn is a love of my life…and always has been. I remember before microwave popcorn, my mom would make it on the stove top. My sister and I would gather in the kitchen and do the “popcorn dance.” We just jumped around like we imagined the kernals in the pot doing, screaming “popcorn dance!!!” the entire time. Everytime I pop popcorn, whether in the microwave or on stove top or with an air popper, I still scream “Popcorn Dance!!” in my head. :)

  4. Congratulations Ladies :)
    Jane I had tears in my eyes reading about your ‘goldmine’… Thank you for sharing it.

  5. Jane, if you haven’t put all that onto a page or in a memory book, please do it right now! It’s wonderful! XX’s

  6. Who would have thought I’d be crying over popcorn memories.
    I guess I needed that.

  7. I love how Stacy has her Project 365 link on her blog which takes you to another page with her pictures. Does anyone know is blogspot has this feature and if so, how you do it?
    Thanks in advance!

  8. Love the popcorn memories–Jan 19th is definately on my calendar. Also, Stacy, just wanted to ask if you have read “The Last Lecture”? It’s an amazing book, can be read in a couple of hours, but has a huge impact. I thought it would be perfect for scrapbookers/ideas for our own stories (along the lines of “Encylclopedia of an Ordinary Life”). Love the book, just wanted to pass on the info.

  9. ha! now I’m addicted to Blokus and looking up crazy holidays to celebrate with my kids. Today is National Bubble Bath Day AND Male Watcher’s Day. We missed the “Run up the Flagpole and see if anyone salutes day” on the 2nd. There’s some funny ones out there.

  10. We’re definitely doing National Popcorn Day! Yipee!
    Hi Stacy, I have a question—if you can help I would really appreciate it—I intend on doing Project 365 and have been taking pics–haven’t been doing any journaling though—I love how you have your daily picture and then the journal blurb in your blog–I don’t have a blog but started to think maybe I should upload my pic weekly into the appropriate file (Jan 2009 thru March right now); then set up a seperate file for Project 365; and put one daily pic in there–THE picture (so far I’ve been taking several a day and that is just too many for the project but some I will want and some are just trying to get a good shot, etc)—anyhow I hope you see where I’m going. Then I could print out the Project 365 pics periodically. But where should I put my journaling blurb? I’d love to have it with my pics but I don’t know how to do that. I initally was thinking a note book, but we are a week in and I have nothing written and I can see if I keep going like this I will end up with ANOTHER big stack of photos; no journaling to go with it; and an unfinished project. Which I really dont want. I did the Daily December project—sort of– took the pics, journaled in a notebook and have yet to put a single page together. Any ideas?? I am a paper scrapper with a digital campera and am just starting to learn how store and sort my digital images on my computer so I dont know if there is some way to do something to get my picture and journaling in the same place. I read the LOM book weekly and can’t wait for class to start!! Sorry this is so long!!!

  11. Dixie Lee says:

    Oh thanks for the win! What a great way to start the year!

  12. Definitely a favorite childood memory of mine is Jiffy Pop cooked over the stove at my parent’s lake house.

  13. Stacy
    Thanks so much!! I can hardly wait for the class AND to scrapbook about popcorn and so many other important memories!! Thanks for sharing all you do on your blog! Angie

  14. Thank you! Go popcorn!

  15. This is great Stacy! I personally was like, hey I don’t have any popcorn memories at all. Then I racked my brain and found I do — from college.
    But here is a popcorn story. My best friend’s hubby is a popcorn fanatic. He loves it. A lot.
    So back when they were dating, maybe 18 years ago??? He decided to propose. He took her to dinner and they had a big meal. Then they went to the movies. They went to see The Russia House with Michelle Pfeiffer and Sean Connery. My best friend totally looooooves Sean Connery and this was not too long after “LadyHawke” so she loved Michelle Pfeiffer too. Plus she speaks and reads Russian. Totally couldn’t wait for that movie.
    So they get to the movies and the boyfriend (now husband) buys a big tub of popcorn, and once the movie starts he puts the engagement ring on top and starts nudging my friend to have some. She, however, was completely stuffed from dinner and not interested in eating another bite of anything.
    As the movie goes on, of course the man is eating the popcorn because, well he MUSt, it’s popcorn! And as the level in this giant tub drops, he keeps putting the ring back on top and trying to get her to take a handful it. Meanwhile, she is enraptured with The Russia House and wants him to leave her alone so she can concentrate on the movie. He, however, was not even watching the movie, just eating the popcorn and getting more and more irritated. (this story is so apropos of their entire marriage, btw…)
    So finally the movie ends. My friend’s date has eaten this entire giant tub of popcorn, on top of his big dinner, and he is really really painfully full and rather ticked off. Plus he has barely seen the darn movie. The lights come up and everyone is leaving. There is a scant handful of popcorn left at the bottom of the giant tub, so he tries one more time. My friend is completely irritated at him for bugging her about the stupid popcorn all night. So she practically yells at him, “Ok ok, I’ll have some popcorn, fine!” and reaches in for a handful, just to get him off her back. And there was the ring.
    thankfully she did not eat it!
    Anyway this whole story is just so completely what they are like with each other and what their 18 years together has been like. We tell the story to all new friends and we always laugh.
    Me, I really want to scrapbook the popcorn memory I have, since it is a slice of what it was like to go to college with my friends and join the Siblinghood of Delta Tau Rho! Thanks for the memories!
    And watch out for random sapphire and diamond rings in your popcorn!

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