Guess what?

Today was FUN. Thanks for all your encouraging words. I played and still got a TON done.
Just found out tomorrow is another snow day.
No comment.

We now have a mini half pipe next to our driveway.
Soup for dinner, followed by a trip to Starbucks for liquid snow (vanilla bean frappuccinos) to celebrate extra snow days! I'm trying to love this.
Made a page tonight — going to bed happy.


  1. Holly A. Moss says:

    That’s the way Stacy! Chin up – it won’t last forever! Please, please, please … ;-)

  2. I wish we would get a least an inch here in NC. Haven’t seen any in years.

  3. Just think Stacy you wouldn’t have been able to take those amazing pictures of your kids enjoying the snow if it hadn’t been a snowday. That’s one thing I miss, we have to have a blizzard going on here in NY to get a snowday. Makes me feel kind of sad for my daughter because she loves snow so much!

  4. Whilst I know it must be hard, and I would feel the same if I were in your shoes, stay positive. here in England we don’t get much snow and my youngest would seriously love some “proper” snow.
    He came in so cold and wet last night from a snowball fight (with only half an inch on the ground I’m not sure how!) and said sorry for getting wet. I would normally of gotten irritated but last night it was just good to see him happy and having had fun so off he went to get changed into warm, dry clothes with us both longing for enough snow to do it properly.
    So enjoy that snow, it’s not often you get so much fun for free!!
    Sharon x

  5. That is an amazing amount of snow! The last time we had that much my kids were little. Where I am we get a lot more “ice” storms – which look pretty, but are deadly – and the kids get off school because the school buses can’t drive in the ice. We had two ice days before Christmas, but the kids can’t go outside and play because there is NO snow! So keep your chin up and count your blessings. Eventually Spring will come.

  6. Stephanie says:

    I have just one child, but I totally understand your feelings about more time “stuck” at home for your kids. One way to look on the bright side, at least you don’t have to use up your vacation time at work to stay home with your kids… that gets old real quick!

  7. Hang in there! I remember several years ago when I was teaching this same thing happened– massive snow after Christmas and it seemed like we were on break FOREVER. Just think — all this snow, activities (and lack of them!) will make a great mini book! :)

  8. Love the snow pics Stacy!
    I hope you survive the second snow day today and will get to relax ‘quietly’ tomorrow!

  9. Well, hey! Let’s see that PAGE! I really miss your intros in SS.
    Been looking for my Welcome Packet for LOM. Can’t wait.
    And it appears I’m getting a P365 kit…at least the credit card company shows CK has my $$!!
    See you soon!

  10. Wow!! Maybe you can start charging admission to your little snowboard resort there! LOL Looks like a fun & productive day. How about today they work on an igloo. I can think of a bunch of scout requirements that would pass off.

  11. Oh Stacy I feel your pain!! I have 3 girls, and work full time. I took the 2 weeks of christmas & New Yrs off to be able to “do” christmas and be with them. Our washing machine broke the Mon before Xmas and stayed broken til the tues before NY. 6yr old got scarlet fever NY day. I LOVED being home and with them and able to BE there with them but THEY NEED STRUCTURE AND A ROUTINE. AND SO DO I or I may kill them (JOKING!!) I was really glad they went back yesterday—tho I wish I didnt have to as well.. I need some alone time!! Hope you get them back to school soon!!!! Maryann

  12. Well, Stacy, I’ve decided to stop being jealous of your snow and just live vicariously through your snow joy. Otherwise, woe is me in Tennessee!!

  13. Dang! Enough snow for a half-pipe, that’s amazing! You sound really upbeat – I know, I know, it’s SOO hard to be the cruise director all the time. Fingers crossed that the weather will cooperate soon!

  14. Just think of all the capturing the moment you can do! Love the Starbucks cap!

  15. WOW! That’s A LOT of snow! I’ll be thinking about you! I know it’s got to be hard to concentrate on anything with all the kids at home, but remember . . . this too shall pass! Enjoy the time with your family and the rest will be there waiting for you, when you get freed up. ;) Stay warm!

  16. Ok… take heart… they will have to make up all these snow days, right? So you’ll get extra time in JUNE! LOL! Oh, I’d be dying too… mine went back today. Bliss! We get snow like that once every 15-20 years… we are sorta due. I hope it holds off though! It’s beautiful the first two days, then… well, you know!

  17. Stephanie S. says:

    In 1996, the DC area was hit with two blizzards in one week and everything shut down for a week – I would LOVE to have that happen again but alas, we just have rain.

  18. At least it’s warm enough to enjoy the snow. Which is why it’s snowing – because it’s warm. If it was -29C/-19F like it is here it would NOT be snowing. Here (in Alberta) winter is either warmish/snow or freezing rain/cloudy or deep freeze cold/no snow/brilliantly sunny. I’ll take the cold, becuase then the sun shines and makes me happy.
    Good luck finding more to do on yet another snow day! Is it a snow day because you don’t have enough equipment to move all the snow in a timely matter since you aren’t supposed to get that much snow?

  19. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me where you got that neon toboggan (spelling probably wrong,lol)! my little 4 year old boy loves neon colors like that! Lena

  20. Oh, please please Stacy send some snow our way! We havne’t had a good snow fall in a few years. I love it & would move to a more snowy area in a heart beat if we could afford a move! LOL! Enjoy it! It’s beautiful & think of all the wonderful memories the kids are making!!

  21. Hi Stacy
    We moved from the UK where really there is no snow (just 1 inch can cause chaos!)to Saskatchewan Canada, where, on Sunday it was MINUS 53 celcius with the wind chill – which translates to -63 farenheit!!
    So whilst we have snow it’s too cold out there to enjoy.
    But I do totally understand the need to have them back at school and a routine restored!

  22. Allison Barnes says:

    good luck!! Looks fun, but cold! My boys would love to hangout with yours in the snow!

  23. Thanks for sharing the pictures as we are getting hit with snow too but not enough for this home sick Saskatchewan girl (Karin I envy you -53 and all…).
    I’ll trade your kids for my DH who is taking a snow day, actually more a road are a sheet of ice day.

  24. I live in Alaska, and we don’t have snow days. ;) We had an ice day once (well, school was delayed 2 hours) because it rained overnight after we had a nice thick layer of ice on the ground. That was NASTY! I can’t wait for it to get above 0 degrees again so we can go out and play! :) So enjoy your extra time with your kiddos and take lots of pictures- you’ll look back with nostalgia this summer. :)

  25. Jeannette P says:

    Hooray! Your snow day looks like it was fun. Another snow day today eh? Well I must say that I would rather the snow. We had -6 F without the windchill this morning & it is usually fairly windy here in Escanaba as it is, so waiting for the bus was rather chilly. We have a sledding hill in our backyard from shoveling the snow from the driveway similar to yours. I guess you’d say we are one of those places that is used to massive amounts of snow each winter. It’s finally warmed up to 6 F but I think it is still too cold to play outside in the snow. Besides that my 4 & 6 year olds are at school & my 2 yr old is about to take a nap. She had a fever yesterday & the tiniest runny nose but with her recent dx of asthma she’s not going anywhere. I’m off to do a little research to see whether laryngomalacia (she was born with it) & asthma are related.

  26. Oh, Stacy!! I feel for you. At least in Spokane, they make the roads “travelible” (I invented a new word I think) and you can get to Starbucks. I started to get cabin fever-my car didn’t have enough clearance to get out of our driveway, much less down the road. I’m happy to see our snow melt finally, there is actual pavement in front of our house now. Make the best of it–you always do, and just remember, they will be making up these snow days which will be time to yourself.

  27. My first time visiting your blog….Do I get a prize for that? :)
    My son just sighed this longingly filled sigh after seeing your boys on their boards. We recently moved to southern Georgia from Rocky Mountains Colorado. They are missing the snow! But I am loving the sun!
    Just finised TWO finish line albums yesterday….great idea! While they won’t win any prizes or publications, I am happy that so many photos were scrapped together in one place and rescued from photo album neverland. Yipee!!

  28. Tess Davis says:

    You are too funny. “No Comment”…is that the same as #*@!? Ha!
    As you probably know, here in Bothell it’s been unseasonably snowy, too, although nothing like the Spokane area as my parents and siblings will attest to. I was glad we went back to school today. We need a routine back again!
    But, I have to say, this was perhaps the nicest Christmas we’ve had so far. Just my little family of four and very low key. The snow made it hard or nearly impossible to go anywhere, so all those holiday plans had to go out the window. I really learned to be in the moment this Christmas. Instead of worrying about when to start dinner or how to get all the Christmas morning breakfast items together or how to stop myself from eating the entire plate of fudge or making sure my guests were comfortable, etc., I was simply in the moment. Christmas isn’t really about all the extras; the pressures we put upon ourselves. And this year reminded me of that. I hope I can use what I’ve learned and enjoy future holidays even more. Sometimes less can be more, you know?
    Sending thoughts of sunshine your way, Tess

  29. Michelle Contarino says:

    Oh, love it please!! You are so lucky..I am dying for snow..

  30. Jennifer aka Koshkakitty says:

    Your pictures and comments made my happy. Facing another snow day today and was feeling a little blue, but your description made me feel much more hopeful. Thank you! :)

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