Happy National Popcorn Day!


Look what I got in the mail on Saturday. One for me and one for a friend, from my friend Dawn. Dawn is a CTMH consultant. In light of my efforts to celebrate the less-known holidays this year, I'll be purchasing this adorable January Stamp of the Month (the calendar, etc that Dawn used on her gift to me.)


I was folding clothes this morning and asked Trey to come match socks with me. I couldn't help but listen as he sang to himself. When I asked him about the song he replied: "Oh, this is the song that makes me be happy while I do stuff for my mom"

In case you need a mood modifier today, here are the lyrics. I don't think Trey would have a problem with you personalizing them to you! 

I'm a happy man. This is my happy song. I'm gonna sing the song of a happy man. This is my happy song. I'm gonna sing my very happy song. I'm a happy, happy, very happy, happy man. Nobody can stop me, I'm a super hero and my name is Happy, Happy Man! You'll never see a man like me and happy, happy, happy as can be … that's me!

You'll need to make up your own tune.


  1. that song ROCKS!! GO TREY! :)

  2. My son is 6 and sings songs very similar to this – Trey’s lyrics are fabulous and made my day :D

  3. What an awesome song! And what a great blessing to you!
    Kids are really the best for lifting our moods. My 6yo has autism, which means he repeats things A LOT. For about six months now, he says this line about ten times every day: “Mommy, today is a new day!” (said in a very optimistic, hopeful voice). What a wonderful thing to hear!

  4. Stacy,
    THis has nothing to do with this particular post but, I have been thinking of you so much and the SImple situation and I just wanted to throw the idea of an e-zine out there to you. It could be a place for all the simple related scrapbookers to get inspiration and information and it would eliminate paper and all the carbon foot print stuff that the paper magazines seem to be loosing their value with anyway, you know simplifying, anyway I just feel so many people who, because of you and your simplicity message, are going to be missing out and possibly giving up on this hobby that has the potential of guiding your children in the right direction, self therapy for working through lifes situations and problems, and documenting our triumphs and mistakes so that we can learn from them in the future, all because they don’t open the scrapbooking door due to the expectation of all the design and fluff that it projects to outsiders that you need (it can be very intimidating!). Our lives are headed in a simplify and family first direction I feel due to all the things happening in the world and I see your style of scrapbooking such a way of celebrating this new turn in direction, which I really feel could end up being the best thing that ever happens to us and our children. Just some long blabbering thoughts form a SAHM in the middle of IL who feel we might be missing a big boat that is sailing to an inspiring island somewhere if we let it just slip away. THanks for all you have done for the industry and alot of the fear and apprehension you have taken away from indulging in this, what I feel, therapeutic and life changing hobby! Best wishes, Amy Coon

  5. Jeannette P says:

    Adorable song…Trey sounds like he’s a great little boy. Wish we lived close b/c I’d love for my Braly to have such a nice boy as a friend. I don’t remember how old Trey is but Braly is 4 1/2 & longing to have boys over to play with. Sisters & Momma are fun enough but when Daddy is working long hours he lacks that boy time that I just can’t seem to mimic no matter how hard I try. Not sure how single moms do it. I’m very thankful & blessed that I don’t have to do it all on my own.

  6. What an awesome song!

  7. I’m usually just a lurker here Stacy, but that song is just the cutest…any boy that can sing a song like that WHILE matching socks must be a true treasure…love it!

  8. Love it!

  9. Happy Popcorn Day :) I’ve already celebrated with a bag. Also, I wanted to let the world know how you & LOM have impacted my life. Here is a link to a live example of Photo Freedome and in that post is a link to my story.
    Can’t wait to see in LOM as alumni!

  10. Leora Henkin says:

    What a wonderful song…what a wonderful moment. Thanks for sharing the story.

  11. You know, it might be helpful if I included the link! Too funny http://withoutfilters.blogspot.com/2009/01/remember-those-extra-hours.html

  12. isn’t it amazing how our children remind us in one single statement how our decision to be parents was THE BEST EVER???!!! that made me smile to be a mom – thank you :-) (and LOVE your new blog header!!!)

  13. Cute song. LOVE the new blog banner. I’d better make some popcorn today…not that we don’t have it all the time anyway.

  14. What a cool song! Thank you (and Trey) for sharing it. I also want to thank you for the link to Jack Johnson last week. I bought the album off itunes, and have been listening to it almost non-stop since. One line from “adrift” (we were never meant to hold on) really struck a chord.
    Oh, and the new banner is FUN!
    Counting the days to LOM…

  15. Lindsay Bateman says:

    Beautiful new blog header! I love it! Made me smile!:)

  16. LOL!! I am giving that song to my hubby for him to sing when working on wifey’s Honey-do list!!

  17. Tess Davis says:

    Trey’s happy song made me so happpy! Funny, I make up my own happy songs whenever my boys are arguing and I just can’t take it anymore! Hee hee.

  18. What a priceless song! You must be proud. I love even more what he said in his response to your inquiry about it. Sweet.

  19. WTG Trey! Great job on the song :) Thank you for letting your Mom share it with us all.

  20. Stefani Meyer says:

    What a fabulous song! That’s gotta be the best gift any mom could get. And it all came out of matching socks. Sweet!

  21. Ahh i totally miss Trey’s songs! Give the kids hugs for me! I am missing you guys terribly!!!

  22. Daurene Turpin says:

    You should use your flip camera of Trey and show us. I just love it when kids make up songs. My husband does it all the time.

  23. Oh I love his song… that is sooooooooooo HAPPY and cute. You can give him a huge HAPPY HUG from me here in sunny HOT South Africa… enjoy the cold!

  24. Bria White says:

    I need to make it my new “mantra”.
    Thanks soo much for sharing.

  25. Ok, who taught him that song?
    Does your DH have a song when he helps you too?
    My DD has a groaning song when asked to do something. How in the heck did you get your children so HAPPY doing chores?! HELP!
    (so cute…thanks for sharing)

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