I’m just NOT cold enough …

so I'm headed to Minnesota for some real winter! The funny thing is Renee is going too!

We (BPS) were actually contacted by one of the PR companies for New in Town, because apparently scrapbooking plays an important role in this movie — it's true. Paula gets to go to a screening tomorrow, but I get to go to Brainerd on Thursday and hang out with the Delta Phi Scrappa girls! In the meantime, I have 4 MOVIE tickets to give away.

Just tell me … would your leading man be Harry? Someone else? Who?

I'll select four random comments Wednesday at 8:00 pm PST and post the winners from FREEZING cold Minnesota on Thursday (from Cathy's house!)


  1. Holly A. Moss says:

    For a movie like this? If I had to choose someone other than my husband (who, in a former life, was a true forest engineer & in my mind will always be my ‘rugged mountain-man’)? Yeah, it would definitely be Harry Connick, Jr., he’s handsome & fits the part perfectly – and I absolutely love his dry humor.
    I’d love to win tickets to this movie, it looks great!
    Have fun in Minnesota – it’s a great place to visit!

  2. My pick would be Chris O’Donnell.

  3. My leading man would be Gerard Butler… :)

  4. Oh, I just love Harry. The fact that he’s musical is so alluring. Yum!

  5. I love Harry Connick Jr for the leading man. Reminds me a little bit of his role in Hope Floats. Wonder what he is like in real life? ;)

  6. My husband, of course, BUT since he’s already “committed to other projects,” Tom Selleck would be fun.

  7. My leading man will always be my husband however for the movie I think it should be Jason (the current Bachelor LOL)

  8. Mmmmm…I love Harry! LOVE his music, loved him in Will & Grace, Hope Floats and even in Copycat. He could be my leading man and keep me warm in this freezing weather! (Sorry honey!) He is enough reason to see this movie…the fact that scrapping figures in it is a bonus!!!

  9. If I were to pick someone other than my husband Harry would be the guy. When he speaks he sounds so sweet on his wife and girls. He is a talented artist, a humanitarian. Wow. The total package.
    As far as this role…as a native Minnesotan I love a man who will defend my home state!
    Also, I would love these tickets. We used to see a movie a week but since we had our kids we haven’t been to a movie together or with another couple! That makes it 4 1/2 years!
    Jill, Aurora, IL

  10. Harry? my leading man??
    he is adorable. he has those sleepy, soulful eyes. he writes music. he PLAYS music. he is FUNNY. he has that soft delta accent.
    what’s not too love, really?
    stay warm!

  11. Harry will do just fine. Handsome-rustic-and can he sing! Have a wonderful time in Minnesota.

  12. Harry does the rugged look well, so yes I would keep him for my leading man. He is handsome, can sing sweet nothins – who wouldn’t want to cozy up with him in front of a fire. :)

  13. Allison H says:

    Hum…Harry’s looking pretty good!

  14. Kimberly S. says:

    I would definitely pick Harry Connick, Jr., he’s handsome and oh so talented!
    I’d love to win tickets to this movie, it looks like something me and my friends would enjoy!

  15. Sure–Harry could be my leading dude. Have fun in Minn-E-sooota :)

  16. I’m going to go with Harry. Loved him in Hope Floats.

  17. Patty Win says:

    I love Harry……he is adorable…try to stay warm. It was 5 degrees here in Alabama with snow flurries……..Patty

  18. Harry’s good…but I wouldn’t mind George Clooney or Brad Pitt either!
    Scrapbooking plays a role in this movie, huh? I wonder how it’s portrayed?

  19. Stephanie says:

    You wouldn’t hear me complaining about Harry!

  20. claudia d says:

    Harry is funny… loved him in P.S. I love you … really cute! I’m interested in how the movie will portray scrapbooking, hopefully in a positive way.

  21. Someone beyond my dear husband? Harry would do. :-)

  22. yep, I’d take Harry any day. He is so sexy!

  23. Harry will do just fine.

  24. ooooooooooooooooh Stacy! Harry has been on my list EVERY SINGLE year since 2003 (when I first discovered him) as one of my top 4 secret crushes! I love love love him! I could listen to him recite my grocery list and still swoon! His voice just does things to me! :) Have an exciting trip!

  25. Nothing wrong with Harry, but after seeing Australia, Hugh Jackman would definitely be in the running for my leading man!

  26. Harry definitely got me in Hope Floats…and his voice…*swoon.* Do people still swoon? I will see you on Friday at the Delta Phi Scrappa event in Brainerd! (I’ll be wearing pink and black…oh and so will everyone else…)

  27. Oh, yeah, Harry will do just fine.

  28. Toni Niepagen says:

    I’d pick Kyle Chandler – the coach of Friday Night Lights. Harry is awesome as well….also loved him in Hope Floats.

  29. Toni Niepagen says:

    I’d go with Kyle Chandler currently the coach on Friday Night Lights!

  30. Oh, I love Harry. And Hugh Grant. And Colin Firth. I can’t decide between them!

  31. Harry is a great leading man. But my guys is still tops for me.

  32. JeanetteB says:

    Yep! If my Mr. wasn’t available, I’d willingly take Harry!!! :D

  33. Harry’s just fine.
    But I think I’ll pick Clive Owen.
    Or Hugh Jackman.
    Yep, any of the above would just be fine!

  34. I love Harry but I also love Matthew McConehey and Hugh Grant!!! WOOHOOO!!!!

  35. Andy Garcia!!!!! Ooooh.
    (BTW,Stacy, what do you do with a puffed pancake?)

  36. Alis in Wnderlnd says:

    Yep, Harry would be it! (Of course, I’m quite smitten with my real leading man–he even does ALL the laundry!)

  37. ok, this is my movie pick for my anniversary date night on the 30th!! it looks wonderful, thank you for sharing! yep, i’d surely pick harry!!

  38. definitely harry. he’s a southern guy and i’m a southern girl. and who could resist a guy who can sing.:)

  39. I have to say it would be Harry….
    also a little tidbit from a girl whose actually from Minnesota…New Ulm, the city this movie is set in is actually in southern Minnesota, not northern Minnesota as the film claims…

  40. Can’t wait to see the movie – keep us posted on your PR roll. I would pick my husband as my leading man :0)

  41. Oh yes…I’d choose Harry. This movie looks hilarious! Can’t wait to see it!

  42. I’m a Harry fan, but my first choice would be Matthew McConaughey. He’s beautiful, and just a little crazy!

  43. I like Harry. But George Clooney is my number one pick always!

  44. I have loved Harry for a long time, I wouldn’t change a thing.

  45. Harry is great! Love him and love his music. Second pick would be Colin Firth. Have fun in Minnesota!

  46. I have to agree with so many others – Harry would do in a pinch! :)

  47. yeeeesss Harry would be good! :)
    Have a great trip and bundle up!

  48. I almost signed up to go to the Delta Phi Scrappa event, I just live a couple of hours away from Brainerd, but couldn’t find anyone available this weekend to go with me! Hope it’s a great time.
    Leading man? Matthew McConaughey any day. But, Harry will do in a pinch. hehe

  49. Leading man….McSteamy! Wowsa!

  50. Welcome to Minnesota – I am sooooo sad I was not able to come and see you (got my invite through BPS). Enjoy your trip.
    Ann from Northern MN

  51. Rose Huffman says:

    Harry’s great but I’d be happy with George Clooney or Kyle Chandler. Yum. Stay Warm!

  52. WOW—I hadn’t even heard about this movie until I read your blog this morning…looks great!
    Harry will be great, but I think Josh Brolin would be a good second pick too! ;-)

  53. ABSOLUTELY HARRY! I have adored him for years, have all of his cd’s, and just went to his concert here in freezing cold Mpls. last month. Yes honey, it has been cold here, but today it will hit 26 degrees-a heatwave! And Brainerd is fun. You will have a great time. Harry is even coming to the Mall of America for the premiere. I would LOVE to go!

  54. My leading man would always be Vince Vaughn. He’s so dreamy. And funny is sexy. Am I right?

  55. Christine says:

    Well that is seriously tough. I’d want Harry Connick- his voice is just amazing, add to that he’s gorgeous! And he seems like he’s even great in real life… But I also love love love Hugh Jackman. As wolverine. And then there’s John Travolta (as Danny Zuko) my first ever movie crush. Or Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall. Should I go on??

  56. If my hubby wasn’t avaliable I would pick Matthew McConehey. It’s always fun to dream, Right!! I am so excited to see you at Delta Phi Scrappa!! It is such a fun event! P.S. Don’t forget to wear your Hot pink, black and white and polka dots in those colors if you have them!! I have my feather boa and sash ready!! See you there!
    Delta Phi Class President-2007-2008! LaCoe

  57. Kimberly violett says:

    Harry works for me :o)

  58. Ya, it’d be Harry.
    All I can think about when you said you are going to Brainerd is the movie “Fargo”. Be careful out there.

  59. I’d pick my husband Charlie. I don’t think any could match him, he’s a pretty good guy. By the way, we live in Minnesota and could use the entertainment of a movie, it’s been too cold to go out for more than groceries. KellyM in MN

  60. Harry could be the leading man in every romantic comedy and I’d be happy! Love him!

  61. My vote is for Harrison Ford! ~TanyaS

  62. Gerard Butler. YUM.

  63. Harry is just fine, thank you very much. That voice!!!

  64. Tom Selleck…just something about those eyes
    Have a great time in MN and stay warm.

  65. I just saw the trailer on Sunday.
    I adore Harry. I can’t wait to see the movie.

  66. Vickie Jones aka AFScrapperMom says:

    I’m a Dennis Quaid Fan, but Harry is awesome too

  67. Harry is lovely, but for me, it has to be Leonardo Dicaprio.

  68. i’d pick my leading man to be my husband-all over again-in a heartbeat. The guy is the yin to my yang. Compliments me in every way. Awesome dad. Patient. And cute to boot!

  69. Robyn Kral says:

    Harry works for me. This is on my list of must see movies… Can’t wait.

  70. Harry! He is so cute and he can sing! Harry for sure!

  71. 1. My leading man would be John Corbett.
    2. Put Cathy Z. to work at BPS.

  72. Yes, Harry works for me!
    Beth- in not as cold, NJ

  73. My leading man would be Paul Rudd – I need cute and funny!

  74. My DH is my real-life leading man, but Harry would work in a movie!

  75. Harry’s just right for me! My husband & I saw him in concert a few years ago & had such a great time. He’s delightful.
    I second the motion to put Cathy Z to work at BPS! :)

  76. I’d probably pick my husband again, but Harry would do in a pinch! ;) Welcome to MN – it’s a regular heat wave here this week. Should have been her last week, it even made us die-hard Minnesotans shiver! I just had a baby and my husband and I could really use a night out at the movies!
    Enjoy Minnesota, it’s beautiful here, which definetely makes up for the cold winters!

  77. My leading man would have to be James Marsden, the guy who starred in 27 Dresses. I drool when I see him!!

  78. My leading man would be Keifer Sutherland!
    Lisa in chilly WI

  79. definitely my husband…I am BLESSED!!(my word for the year)after 21 years he is my leading man!

  80. Harry’s great but Colin Firth, that accent gets me everytime!! Love them both, wonder if we can combine them, Harry’s voice and Colin’s accent, Stay warm and have fun, Laura D

  81. My leading man would be Colin Firth. They say he is the thinking woman’s sex symbol…..he is simply nummies!! Mangolicious, in fact!

  82. MMMM….that’s tough! 1. Hubby 2. Matt Damon 3. Colin Firth :)

  83. Yeah, I’d take Harry!

  84. My leading man would definetly be George Clooney, ahhhh. He is a dream boat. Luckkkkyyyy so jealous your hanging out with Cathy.

  85. This looks like a hoot! Yes, I liked Harry in this but Colin Firth would be my pick. I liked him in Pride and Prejudice.

  86. I’d have to say Edward Cullen. Oh wait… he’s not real. ;o) Well, it IS a movie, right?

  87. I *heart* Harry.
    He is adorable…and funny…and his voice!
    Talk about a complete package.

  88. After my husband (always #1) I would go with John Travolta or Johnny Depp.

  89. My leading man would be….Christian Bale…love that guy…makes my knees weak

  90. Jeannette P says:

    Ok so I just watched the 1st trailer and that was HILARIOUS!!!! I mean really funny. Not sure if I’m just a little punchy from my 2 yr old giving me a hard time & not letting me get much sleep last night or maybe because I can relate to those cold winters (we actually had some of the same weather here last week that Cathy was talking about them having). I was literally LOL and my kids were like, mom what’s so funny? So I’d love to win some tickets, even if I got just one & had to go to the movies by myself I’d go. That looks like a fun, romantic movie.
    Enjoy the MN weather & try to stay warm.

  91. Jeannette P says:

    P.S. I LOVE your green fan. So cute & fun. Does it work great? You’re new header is different…I like it.

  92. My hubby….without a doubt!!

  93. After my husband of course would be Matthew McConnehy. (How the heck do you spell it? )

  94. Melinda Wilson says:

    If I was in the movie, my dear hubby would be my leading man but I do like Harry plus I love to hear him sing!

  95. This looks like a great movie. I’d have to go with Patrick Dempsey!

  96. my leading man would be…..dierks bentley!
    include my vote ‘cathy z for bps’!!

  97. I agree with Melissa – Harry’s the total package!!
    Sherri in Northeast TN

  98. I’d have to go with Mike Rowe, the “Dirty Jobs” guy :) Just be grateful that you weren’t scheduled to visit our area last week when the temps didn’t get above zero all week!
    Can’t wait to see this movie.

  99. I agree with Melissa – Harry is the TOTAL package!!
    Sherri in Northeast TN

  100. Hubby is a good answer! But as to celebrities…I’m a Pierce Brosnan fan! Love those eyes!

  101. I’d have to go with Antonio Banderas. :)

  102. Patrick Dempsey!

  103. For me it would have to be Nicholas Cage.

  104. Welcome to the Midwest! I’m in Wisconsin so we will be “neighbors” for a short while! This movie is on my list to see but with three kiddo’s under 6, I usually to wait till they come on pay-per-view to see them.
    In real life- I choose my husband but if I am chosing a co-star for a movie it would be a close race between Patrick Dempsey, Matthew McConahey (phonetic spelling), Matt Damon or Harry Connick Jr. Harry has a slight edge over the competition because he has a wonderful gift of music and roots in New Orleans.

  105. Johnny Depp here!! Love the rugged guy!! HEE HEE

  106. Does Brad Paisley act? If I can’t have my main squeeze, he would be my next pick!

  107. Does Brad Paisley act? If I can’t have my main squeeze, he would by my next choice!

  108. Definintely my very own husband! :) Safe Travels Stacy!

  109. Tiffany N says:

    So tough, I really like Harry and really really like his music. Of course my husband would be my first choice but I think Harry would be number 2.

  110. Julie Johnson says:

    My hubby!

  111. Harry or Gerard Butler. Swoon! :)

  112. Angela M. says:

    My choice would be either Harry or Brad Pitt. Both are gorgeous!

  113. I’ve been a fan of Harry since the early 80′s. My husband is still my #1 choice, but Harry comes in a close 2nd :)

  114. I would definitely pick my husband of nearly 19 years (June 9th).
    I can’t wait to see this movie! I am a bit of a klutz, so looks like I can relate to some of the scenes.
    I hope your days are getting happier:)

  115. Ian McGregor!

  116. I think Matthew McConaughey would be my choice … sigh…. :)

  117. Karen Foster says:

    The leading man should be Tim Mcgraw ~~HOT!!!!!
    Change has come … just watched Pres. Omama be sworn in.
    He’d make a great leading man too!!

  118. That would be tough. I have 3 to choose from. Patrick Dempsey, Matthew McConaghey, Richard Gere. Nicholas Cage is not too bad either.

  119. Karen Foster says:

    thats O-B-A-M-A

  120. Kellie Blassingame says:

    Can’t wait to see this movie. Think I need a date night. Harry would be my leading man. I love him and his voice!!!

  121. Brad Pitt!!

  122. My leading man is always my sweet husband. That being said, I’ve always been partial to Harry. Or Mr. Darcy.

  123. Looks like a great movie! And of course scrapbooking is something that will get me to watch. My leading man as corny as it may sound would be my husband of 15 years. He’s the only man I want to be paired with.

  124. *blushes*
    Hugh Jackman. That’s all I’m saying.
    Keep warm and bring extra warm cute socks for Minnesota, the Midwest has been COLD this winter!

  125. First choice would be the hubster but a very close second would have to be Matthew McConaughey!

  126. My husband Curtis, because no one can make me laugh like he does (and we’re funny together) or love me like he does.
    But just in case he had a prior commitment, Harry would do as a stand in. And if HE weren’t available, well, then, I’d settle for Johnny Depp or Steve Carell (yeah, I said Steve Carell).

  127. My leading man would be my husband, who is my best friend.

  128. Jeremy Piven….have you seen that man do push ups?!?

  129. YES! Without a doubt! Harry would be my main man any day of the week! He can act, he can sing, I bet he can even dance!
    Who could ask for anything more?

  130. WOW, this is HARD! Of course my DH, but this is fantasy, right??
    For the young baby face fantasy, it would have to be Orlando Bloom (that smooth, smooth skin!)
    But for the “mature” man, I’ll take me some Gabriel Byrne. Don’t know what it is about that man, but he’s real – not perfect and that makes him even MORE perfect!

  131. MMMMM HARRY!!! He is so sweet and sexy and mmmmm mmmmm good. I would have to also choose Brad Pitt, of course…sweet dreams that would be!

  132. Kathy from MN says:

    Sean Connery. Or Clark Gable. Or Matt Damon. Harry works too-no, he wouldn’t work, actually-I don’t think I could speak with him in the room. LOL
    Bundle up missy-baby its cold in MN-supposed to be back in the teens for highs this weekend, lows back to below zero.

  133. I’m thinking Denzel Washington or Luke Wilson, even.
    Have Fun hanging with Cathy…in the snow.

  134. I would have to pick Matt Damon – He just seems like such a down to earth guy.

  135. mmmm Harry…. Still loving his role in ID4! Movie sounds fun, I think I’ll check it out when it releases!

  136. Harry, as long as he sings!

  137. My leading man would be Brad Pitt.

  138. Totally Harry!!! He’s completely right for the part :)

  139. if he were alive ELVIS PRESLEY…I’ll take Mathew McConaughey(sp) or Patrick Dempsey or Antonio Banderas….ok I think I covered all mine..LOL

  140. This looks hilarious.
    Matthew McCanaugh

  141. Definitely Harry! The man is hot and he can sing too!

  142. My leading man and I live together in “FREEZING cold Minnesota”. But Harry would make a close second, especially if sang to me :)

  143. Looks really cute! Actually, as cute as Harry, Brad, Matthew and Patrick are, my hubby is who I’d choose. It’s his accent that does me in every time!

  144. Kris B. in Rochester, NY says:

    Harry! Harry! Harry! Loved him in every role he’s played…he was great in Will and Grace, too!

  145. Is it too corny to say that I’d pick my husband? We are celebrating our first anniversary on this historic day and I would pick him again and again and again.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win the tickets. My sister lives in St. Paul and I have visited her in the middle of a few cold snaps, so I feel your pain….: – )

  146. I love Harry Conick and he would be prefect…but my hubby is my leading man and that makes me happy! Harry is a great actor in a love story role!

  147. I think Harry is totally adorable. Exciting to see him in another movie.

  148. LOL so not Harry. I’d choose Joshua Jackson! LOL or Kevin Bacon from the Footloose era…yes, that’s who I’d have KB from Footloose…and I’d add dancing if I could, b/c really no movie is worth watching unless there is some sort of dancing in it :) LOL

  149. Oh yes, I love Harry! (Ok my husband first…)

  150. Will Smith hands down!! Second choice would be Morris Chestnut… YUM!

  151. Harry would do in a pinch…and it would NOT have to be much of a pinch either….

  152. Harry is okay…but I think I’d choose John Travolta. Yeah, I’m a fan of Welcome Back Kotter!!
    I can’t wait till this movie comes out!!!

  153. Harry…Harry….Harry – sometimes not so much but he looked pretty adorable in the trailer I saw. I’d take him. Thanks for a chance to win tickets.

  154. Not sure who my leading man would be, but any movie where scrapping plays a big part is a movie I would really like to see! :) Happy Day!

  155. I’m from the Boston area so my choice would be Matt or Ben!
    Dianne P.

  156. Harry sounds good to me! Q

  157. Harry’s alright, but I might pick Harrison Ford- a little December/May for me, but it’s all good :)

  158. “so many men. . .so little time. . .”. . .LOL. . .my leading man is always my DH – but what actor would I want to play opposite?? hmmmm. . .
    Richard Gere . . .maybe Harrison Ford. . .

  159. Harry is OK looking, but I think the charm is what wins me over.

  160. Can we resurrect Cary Grant??? That would be my choice. . .tall, dark AND handsome.

  161. Hilarious trailer…..Harry is cute, but I pick hubby, especially since he’s deployed and I will have to go to the movie with the girls! Stay warm in Brainerd!

  162. My leading man would be my hubby. Today is our 8th anniversary. He’s in Taipei, Taiwan and I’m in West Jordan, Utah. 6743 miles apart.
    He went shopping there (to buy me a souvenir!) and the shop owner told him he looked like a Hollywood star, and even gave him a discount. It was pretty funny. So although he’s cute, he’s already taken! :)
    Have fun in Minnesota–I can’t wait to see a movie with scrapbooking! (about time…)

  163. Matt Damon or Will Smith or maybe even Kevin James or Jack Black to keep me laughing!

  164. melissa cavanaugh says:

    umm let me see… i liked harry in ps i love you, so I am sure I would like him in this as well, but seriously that gerard butler handsome man would get my vote!

  165. I’m agree with an earlier commenter { Cary Grant } those old movies always melt my heart! Looking forward to this movie.

  166. nomadscrapper says:

    I would choose Harry–but he would have to sing to me all day and then speak with his soothing southern drawl…Though Matthew McConaughey (sp?) would work for me too…

  167. Thanks for posting this…sometimes I am so out of the loop with new movies since I mostly watch Noggin. Looks like a lot of fun!
    Harry’s a dream as a leading guy but I’d have to say, if I would have a choice, it would be DH. (You know…just in case he reads this, lol).

  168. I would pick Harry every time! I HEART Harry!

  169. that is a tough one, my DH of course, but if I need to pick a star, Rob Lowe ( he is cuter now)!

  170. After 17 yrs of marriage I’d still big my sweet hubby. Though Harry wouldn’t be too bad either.

  171. I’m just wild about Harry, but would Harry be wild about me??? Sher B.

  172. I don’t know who my leading man would be. . . I’m not into physical traits even in a subtle and fun way. I would want some one fun to hang with while on the set.

  173. oh geez….a leading man?! I have no idea..but I’d have to say someone who sings would be great….like Tim McGraw or Michael Buble….they just don’t act too much or at all! But their singing would be great!!!

  174. Today is my 20th anniversary and I would like to say I’d pick my husband….but if I *really* had a chance I would pick John Travolta. (From the Phenomenon era, of course)

  175. definately Patrick Dempsey!!!
    the movie looks absolutely great!
    I understand how cold it can be in Minnesota and I’m glad I only visit!
    Diana A from Omaha, NE

  176. theresa 2 be says:

    Robert Redford I just love his eyes……..

  177. I have to say, my hubby is my main leading man! Thanks for the contest.

  178. I agree with Cori, I *heart* Harry! My DH would understand… LOL This movie looks good. Maybe the first one I’ll see this year. (I laughed out loud, at work, watching the trailer!)

  179. It used to be Val Kilmer (you know the Top Gun days) but now he is a bit squidgy around the edges. I would say now I would have no problem with Harry being my leading man!

  180. Ooo – movie! I love movies, but haven’t been to the theater since my last baby was born … months ago! ACK!
    Have fun freezing your butt off. I am too at 5 below :)

  181. I think I would pick Will Smith to keep me laughing!

  182. Oh, and favorite leading man? Hugh Jackman! Discovered him in X-men and then Kate and Leopold … he just does weird things to me. He has a blessed wife and I am blessed with a wonderful husband myself (who takes me to see X-men)

  183. Oh my gosh I would not be able to choose. I would take all the names mentioned in the posts and do a Random Number Generator. I’m sure I would be thrilled with the outcome:)
    Scrapbooking and Renee in one movie together. Definitely a must see for me!

  184. Without a doubt: Matthew McConaughy (sp)…..

  185. Richard Gere

  186. Colleen Barron says:

    Patrick Dempsey…..if we’re dreaming…….

  187. Richard Gere.

  188. Hugh Jackman. No question. OOOH BABY.

  189. mine would definately be matthew mcconaughey. he is soooo cute and funny.

  190. Mine would be Matthew M.
    But…I would so rather be on a warm beach in the sun, I am done with all this cold!

  191. debbycruises says:

    My first choice would be my husband, but since he can’t act, it would be Matthew McConaughy(sp?).

  192. Harry’s cute, but I’d have to go with Adrian Paul from the old show Highlander. XX’s

  193. TOm Hanks. Hands down. :) And it looks like this type of chic click is TOTALLY up my alley! :)

  194. Any of the hotties from Grey’s would be ok with me. :-)
    I love Renee Z. too… she’s the spokesperson for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer… just another reason to love her!

  195. yay for the movies!!

  196. Without a doubt….Patrick Dempsey

  197. Jennie Bradley says:

    I pick my husband for the leading role. Hope we don’t have to see the movie in Minnesota:[

  198. Anne Thurlow says:

    I think I’d have to go with Christian Bale, but Patrick Dempsey is a very close second.

  199. Richard Gere

  200. David James Elliott for me!

  201. Paul Newman. (I know he’s gone but this IS a fantasy, right?)

  202. carol in seattle :) says:

    Might be a bit dorky, but my husband would be my leading man. Nothing’s sexier than a man who knows all your faults and loves you anyway. Have fun with Cathy! (Can we hope for a podcast?)

  203. carol in seattle :) says:

    Might be a bit dorky, but my husband would be my leading man. Nothing’s sexier than a man who knows all your faults and loves you anyway. Have fun with Cathy! (Can we hope for a podcast?)

  204. So many men so little time……Harry, Patrick, Hugh, Matthew how could I ever choose? The biggest test will be if they can handle the cold cause while I’d love to be someplace warm right now, Wisconsin will always be home.

  205. How about Matthew McConnaughy? Although Harry can be pretty funny. This looks like a fun movie!

  206. Deb Jones says:

    George. But to tell you the truth, I’d rather get to meet you and Cathy and spend some time with you two just talking and scrapping and laughing.

  207. leading man…it’s a tie between will smith, matt damon and ben affleck

  208. Harry would be my #1 choice! I mean, not only is he easy on the eyes, but he can croon! *sigh* I’ve been listening to his music since I was 10 or 11. I’m very in love with my husband, but just so Harry knows… he’d be a close second :)

  209. Veronica Berkey says:

    Definitely Harry Connick Jr. I have loved him and his music since I was really to young to love something like that. No one else compares….well, except for maybe Mark Harmon.

  210. Harry would be the second best leading man…my husband is first, always!

  211. I’d have to go with Matthew McConaughey though I’d be happy with Harry. Thanks for the fun day dreaming!

  212. I think I’d stick with Harry…have a special place in my heart for guys who can sing. :)
    Have safe travels…and drink a cup of Caribou Coffee to stay warm. It’s a bit colder up there in Brainerd than down here in the Cities, doncha know. (Oh yeah, I’m a Minnesota girl through-and-through!)

  213. My leading man of choice is – Matthew McConnaughy – ALWAYS! That man is… sexalicious!

  214. Movies…wow! and Renee Z.–my favorite.
    She would be great with MANY leading men.
    I’d love to see her with Mel Gibson or Tom Hanks.
    As for me, my husband rocks!! I am blessed.
    Sounds like you guys are too. You are going to make it, Stacy, with that resilient–always positive, adventuresome attitude. Be warm and have fun with the Delta Scrapa sisterhood!!

  215. Since my husband has given up his career on the big screen (*grin*), I’d have to go with David Tennant…sigh (He’s the 10th Doctor on Doctor Who. And yes, I am a geek, why do you ask? He has the most wonderful natural Scottish accent & a whole host of other lovely accents he uses.)

  216. Amy McGrew says:

    I would definitely go wiht Matthew McConnaughly (spelling?).
    How fun!

  217. Definately hot Harry!!!!
    He can keep me warm any cold night. What a hottie.

  218. Angela Williams says:

    Definitely too many wonderful leading men to choose from!

  219. Do like Harry — but I would always go for George — or Brad, in a pinch!
    Enjoy your trip!!

  220. Do like Harry, but would always go for George — or Brad, in a pinch.

  221. christina says:

    It’s a toss up: Rob Patterson or George Clooney!

  222. How exciting that Rene is coming out with a new movie. Looks promising. I definitely love Harry, but would not feel too badly about Josh Lucas (sweet home alabama) or Patrick Dempsey for that matter.
    Sharon F.

  223. I think this movie looks great and it will be fun to see Harry in this kind of a role.

  224. Keanu Reeves , Mathew Mcconnaughy, then there’s Hugh Jackman…….

  225. My movie star heart throb: Colin Firth. Kris

  226. My leading man would have to be my husband Joe of course!! Renee is such a cutie pie, huh?! You just want to squeeze her!!! ;)

  227. I wouldn’t mind Harry….or Matthew McConaughey! lol
    Real winter in Minnesota was last week when we had thirty below zero temperatures ‘up north’! :-) But it sounds like it is supposed to get cold again this weekend….when will spring be here?!?
    Have fun with Cathy….you guys are such an inpsiration!

  228. ooh yes i’d take harry. we just saw him in concert at christmas. great guy. great talent.
    but if he wasn’t available, hugh jackman would do in a pinch as well (i apparently have a thing for song and dance men)

  229. Sara S-freezing in Iowa says:

    24 is back on so I am all about KIEFER SUTHERLAND!

  230. Oh that’s easy Hugh Jackman – he’s such a nice guy & cute to boot :)

  231. Michelle S says:

    I would have to say George Clooney!!! Saw him on Ellen Monday and he was so hot!!!!!

  232. Hi Stacy. Its Stacie in Montana. My leading man would have to be my husband, or The Rock :)

  233. Eric Dane of Grey’s Anatomy!!

  234. OH Man if i was not married to my perfect leading Man I would let Harry eat crackers in my scrap room!!!! Have fun in MN

  235. My leading man? Think I’ll stick with the one I’ve had for 37 years…my better half!

  236. Helen Carter says:

    I do love Harry, his movies and his music, but I could be tempted with Sean Connery !

  237. Lisa Risser says:

    Aww, you are missing the really GOOD weather we had last week,lol! It is like a heatwave here this week in Minnesota! I am sticking with my own leading man, but it would be fun to take him to the movies! Lisa

  238. I think the last time I saw Harry play a lead was in Hope Floats and I loved him in that. I would love to see this movie with my friends. :-)

  239. Two words: Clive Owen.

  240. This sounds like a perfect excuse for “girl’s night out!”

  241. Loved Harry Connick, Jr, in “Hope Floats” and in “P.S. I Love You” so, yeah, he could be my leading man. But then, I wouldn’t turn down George Clooney or Matthew McConaughey either. Or Jonathan Rhys Meyers or….the choices are endless!

  242. I’d so have to stick with my boyfriend, Kevin. He’s hot, the best dad ever to our baby boy and wonderful to me and the 3 kids I came with 24/7. There’s no way I’m ever giving up my leading man for another! :)

  243. other than my husband … i would have to say george clooney … or harrison ford.

  244. aside from my husband, of course ;) i would say george clooney or harrison ford.

  245. Oh wow, the possibilities are limitless…Patrick, Matthew, George, its so hard to choose…

  246. I would have to say Harry C (love to see him act but his singing not so much) or
    Matthew McConaughey

  247. Ah, there’s so many to choose from. I guess I’d have to take Harrison Ford.

  248. The guy that plays Denny on Grey’s Anatomy- because I will never get tired of seeing his face or the Irish guy from P.S. I Love You. Two men that are handsome and I would love to hear them with a Minnesota accent……”Oh yeah”.

  249. I am going to just say that *I* have the BEST leading man and no one can compare!!

  250. My leading man (besides my husband of course) would have to be Josh Lucas. (The guy from Sweet HOme Alabama). Dreamy.

  251. Jenny in NV says:

    My leading man is definiely my husband, but the funny thing to all this is we did meet and fall in love in NEW ULM, MN! We both went to college there (Martin Luther College) and that’s where our love story began. Winter is really that cold there. ONe time the gov. of MN called off all schools because it was -60 with the windchill, but our private collage and one other still had school. Hope you have fun and stay warm!

  252. Jodie Reimink says:

    Of course, my husband. But Matthew McConaughey would be great if my hubby wasn’t available! Jodie

  253. I think Harry is charming. But, I think I am more jealous about two of my favorite scrapbbokers being together in MN. I want to be a fly on the wall with you and Cathy. I think both of you are the BEST! You guys ROCK my Simple World! :) Have a fun visit with CZ.

  254. Kris Lindsay says:

    Oh gosh, everyone is saying their husband – well, I’d take Tom Hanks in a heartbeat as my leading man – we are talking just a movie right?

  255. believe it or not – Drew Carey! I want someone that can make me laugh :)

  256. believe it or not – Drew Carey! I want someone that can make me laugh :)

  257. Can I have two leading men? :) I can’t decide between Patrick Dempsey and Tim Daly. I’d be happy either way!

  258. my leading man would be George Clooney or Hugh Grant

  259. My leading man would have to be Patrick Dempsey!

  260. Hands down GEORGE Clooney!!

  261. I just love Harry. He is so sweet and wholesome. Has really devoted a lot of his own time and money to the rebuilding of Louisiana after Katrina. Spent my 40th birthday listening to him croon with my girlfriends. Looking forward to a girls night to take in a little Harry. :)

  262. I just love Harry. He is so sweet and wholesome. Has really devoted a lot of his own time and money to the rebuilding of Louisiana after Katrina. Spent my 40th birthday listening to him croon with my girlfriends. Looking forward to a girls night to take in a little Harry. :)

  263. lynne moore says:

    What about Hugh Jackman? He’s got a killer smile and can laugh at himself. Not to mention his looks.

  264. Hugh Jackman. Gorgeous, smart, loyal, a man of integrity… Love him! I saw this preview and thought it looked SO funny, and now that I know it has scrapbooking in it I HAVE to see it!
    I would love to win!

  265. My leading man? I’d have to choose Orlando Bloom.

  266. I just saw Hope Floats last week and loved it! It’s a toss up between Harry Connick and Hugh Grant… Have a nice trip to Minnesota. It’s not much warmer here in Michigan!
    Jody in Michigan

  267. Orlando Bloom or Johnny Depp. Yeah, I was in heaven when Pirates of the Carribean came out.

  268. I think Harry is great. But if I could select a leading man, I would choose Gerard Butler.

  269. my husband of course – so in love with him right now!!
    cannot wait to see the movie – sure to be filled with lots of laughs

  270. Harry..
    he’s definitely my pick..
    hugs, bonnie in Fargo

  271. It would be Harry Connick, Jr. Love him.

  272. Harry is pretty cute. I kind of have a thing for Brendan Fraser too though. I’d say my husband but he just can’t act.

  273. Jane Greene says:

    If my husband were not available, I would choose my favorite actor- Tom Hanks!

  274. If I needed to pick a Harry, it would be Harrison Ford. Otherwise for me I’d choose Jimmy Smits for a leading man.

  275. Laura King says:

    How could I not know about this movie?! Looks great! Thanks for sharing with us. And my leading man…always my hubby!

  276. My husband is my very best friend and is always my leading man we met on a Navy ship and were married two months later. It was a whirlwind romance and we have been married 25 years. if he couldn’t do it would be………………Gerard Butler he was so good in P.S. I love you

  277. Harry, definitely! Saw him at the airport in Atlanta and about fainted dead away! Love Harry, always have!

  278. Gorgeous George. Because really, how could a girl say no to that? Happy winter and fun in MN to you!

  279. Other than my lovely husband (of course) Harry is on the top of the list (I’m a Louisiana girl by birth)

  280. I’ve always wanted to see Viggo Mortensen do something lighthearted, his fellow actors always say he has a wicked sense of humor, but we never get to see it! So he’s my pick. (Sorry hubby!)

  281. Hugh Jackman :)

  282. My husband..seriously..he is the BEST (and he acted in high school : ).

  283. George Clooney! I think he would be hilariously fun to be around!!!

  284. I love this preview, I think Harry Connick Jr. was perfect for this role!

  285. Harrison Ford…. :)

  286. Harry Connick Jr. would be acceptable to me! The other person would be the actor who plays Vampire Bill in TrueBlood (I am not sure of his name).

  287. Harry Connick Jr. would be acceptable to me! The other person would be the actor who plays Vampire Bill in TrueBlood (I am not sure of his name).

  288. I {heart} Harry!

  289. I want to go – my leading man would be Jeffery Dean Morgan. Oh yeah.

  290. Hi Stacey! This movie was actually filmed in my hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada!

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