I’m on board with this.

 Of course I waited too long and found out, as many of you already know, that this new super-cool Kit of the Month SOLD OUT almost immediately. No worries. I'll happily snap my daily photos and keep my journaling notes and then have faith that the kit will come.


I really don't see myself as an informant of any kind — I'm generally too slow in the blogosphere to "break" any kind of news … however, in case you do want more detailed information on Project 365, it's all HERE.

I watched happily on last year when it seemed everyone was doing the picture-a-day thing. I just wasn't convinced it was something I wanted to do, or could do. I've now had a year to consider it and I'm happily on board. This will be perhaps my only "project" this year. I really want to focus on my personal library of memories and create LOTS of pages. I have many projects that require annual updates and several others that simply need to be finished — so that is what I'm going to focus on in 2009. I like the idea while I'm working on updates and wrap ups that I will be able to engage in a very doable year-long effort to document daily life.

So .. kudos to Becky and everyone involved with Project 365. I'm looking forward to a New Year full of unexpected and yet un-experienced things.


My first photo.

This has been a holiday FULL of entertaining and when it comes to both planning and executing plans, Taft is my right-hand man. We love setting our table together in colorful Fiesta style. We generally start with the napkins, from there select the color scheme (for plates, etc.) and then add other FUN touches. Today we enjoyed the company of our friends, the Chamberlains (Dan, Christy, Tyler, Adam and Dylon) We ate and talked and played games. Earlier in the day we started the Christmas clean-up and put away.

p.s. Mom is tired and ready for everybody to go back to school and assume a more regular routine.


  1. I hear you Stacy, I am also one that did not get the kit however I am going to make it work with the seemingly endless supplies I already have! Happy New Year to you and yours and the pic of Taft is great. What a happy guy!

  2. Kathryn Wafer(Kippy) says:

    Oh Stacy,
    You have the glugging fish. My father gave me mine a few years back. I had never seen one before or since until now in your picture.
    Happy New Year

  3. Project 365 doesn’t have to be Jan 1 to Dec 31. Any 365 days would be great. So if they get more kits in start then.
    I got a kit and am going to do the first week of each month this year, the 2nd week of eachmonth next year. 365 days in a row is pretty daunting.

  4. I’m also doing the 365 Project but with a twist.
    Here is where I talked about it http://withoutfilters.blogspot.com/2009/01/introducing.html
    and you can follow along here http://monicamcneill.typepad.com/life_without_filters_365/
    Happy New Year!

  5. I was debating my own commitment level for this project and CK made up my mind for me when I couldn’t order the kit. Since I’m already committed to Life Well Crafted, Organized and Inspired, and Jessica Sprague’s Photoshop series, I probably didn’t need the extra stress anyway! Maybe next year…

  6. Stacy,
    I am on board for Project 365 too. I’ve been taking a daily photo since Sunday. Random things along with important things. I am usually a special events scrapper so I am eager to see how this changes what I create. Happy New Year!

  7. I also spotted the fish!! Such a cool way to pour water!!
    I’m also doing Project 365! Can’t wait for my kit!!

  8. This looks like a fun project. I hear you about getting back into the school routine – all four of my kids are bouncing off the walls! The five snow days before Christmas break have made for a messy house and a tired mama! Hope the snow lets up soon on your side of the Cascades!

  9. Your little guy, Taft, sure is growing up! I can see it in this picture compared to past ones I’ve seen. It goes by so fast, doesn’t it?
    I was one of the lucky ones to be able to order the Project 365 kit. It helps that I have a new Canon Xsi to play with. I’m psyched about taking the photos!

  10. Yeah — I missed the kit too — glad to know I am in good company! What a fun table — are those M&Ms on the plates? Any meal that starts with chocolate would be great with me!
    I am ready for the return of a routine too. As much as I love lazy days with my family (and crazy days with them too) I think we are all ready for a routine. I know my kindergartner is dreading school on Monday, but I know she misses her teacher and friends, she just will not admit it!

  11. Hi Stacy–I feel better now I know you’re doing project 365…I was thinking about trying it but wasnt sure—have started to switch to LOM and am taking the class in Feb and just was unsure if this idea would work or be biting off too much–I sure do take enough pics!! 2008 is all in storage binders (5 of them!!!) tho so I’m pretty proud of that. Now if I could just make some pages…

  12. I was so looking forward to buying this as a reward for completing Project 365 for 2008 : ) Ah well. It’s totally worth doing though—stick with it and I promise you’ll be so glad you did! Happy New Year, Julians!

  13. I love my kids dearly and I loved that they had some quality time at home . . . but yes, I’m totally on board with them getting back into their routines. I only have one full day and two half days kids, but still . . . even an hour alone is precious! Love that you’ll be participating in Project 365. Yes, one day a pic is doable – even it seems overwhelming right now!

  14. As a LOM alum, I wasn’t sure you’d be on board with this so I’m actually surprised. Personally, not sure how the 365 album would fit into my LOM which is still being tweaked. I still would like to scrapbook the conventional way…how to fit both? Just wondering what your thoughts would be… Happy New Year Julians!

  15. I started this project yesterday and posted it on my blog. I don’t have the kit, but I am going to put my own kit together from all of my STASH. I am done spending money and not using it…much. This is the year to keep moving forward!

  16. I missed the Project 365 kit, too, but . . . inspired by the latest Simple Scrapbooks issue, I purchased these small 4×6 photo albums for a buck each that hold 36 photos. I figure with photos, journaling, and paper I can fill one for each month and I can customize the covers. At the end of the year I’ll have twelve of these cool little albums. I am very excited about this very cheap solution!

  17. Sherri Milner says:

    Hi Stacy,
    Just had to mention how cool I thought it was that you made a comment about the 365 Kits. Have been a bit blue since I missed the boat, by about 10 minutes, I think. Thanks for putting it back into perspective and giving me the shove to do it on my own. I can still do without the kit, just might be a little harder, but still something I can do. Also, looking forward to LOM… I didn’t miss the boat on your class. Can’t wait! :)

  18. I luuuuv the yellow fish pitcher. Where oh where did you find that?

  19. Jeannette P says:

    What fun colors you guys chose for the table settings. Did you have the napkins in your stash or did you buy them special? The fish pitcher is fun & unique.
    BTW Taft is a little cutie!

  20. I missed the kit too Stacy! I’m going to snap my pictures and keep the faith that CK will get us more of Becky’s awesome kit. I’m actually doing most of my journaling on my blog:
    So it will all be in one place when I finally do get the kit! The same thing happened to me with your penny themed kit, I got the kit eventually but missed out on the coupon code to get the BPS class for free! So I have the kit sitting in my stash and when I’ve got the spare change I’ll pay for the class.

  21. Hi Stacy,
    I just wanted to pop over and let you and your readers know that I’m giving a Project 365 Kit away on my blog!
    I hope you’ll stop by for a chance at winning!

  22. I love the idea of Project 365, but my project of the year is the 2009 LOM class! I am not taking on anything else until I complete the class and get my system up and running. I can hardly wait.

  23. You know, just a thought on the 365 day kit, Close to My Heart sells 12×12 sheet protectors with 6 4×6 pockets. You could almost duplicate Becky’s pages with those by using four of the pockets for photos and the remaining two for journaling. Of course, you wouldn’t have all the cute doodads and preprinted stuff she has but it’s a start. If anyone’s interested, you can check them out at http://www.blythe.myctmh.com under shopping.

  24. I’d be interested to hear you talk about how project 365 integrates (or compliments?) your LOM system. I took LOM last year and have moved all my prior layouts into my library categories, etc. I’m intrigued by Project 365 and started taking pictures for it…but don’t want to stop my library system. Trying to decide if I can do both? I’d just love for you to share how this might work for you…I often learn a lot from your process and ideas! Thanks, Marie

  25. Hi Stacy; I’m also doing the 365 project and I believe I was one of the lucky ones to get an order through. I have 2 confirmations one with a quantity listed and one without. I hope to find out for sure tomorrow.
    Anyway, I had another question for you – I was reading my new issue of SS this weekend and I love the article about your idea of scrapping 40 photos into a 6×6 album. After we returned home today from our trip I got online and I cannot find 6×6 albums!! Could you please email or advise on your blog where you get your 6×6 albums! I have 2 projects in my head right now that I would love to do. Thanks and I’ll “see” you again this year in LOM – can’t wait!!
    Eileen Van Dyke (vandyke2@sbcglobal.net)

  26. scrappysue says:

    How behind am I, didn’t even know about the kit (which is probably just as well). And now I am super inspired to start this project, thank you once again Stacy! On looking through my album stash, I thought the Bazzill Lickety split albums and page protectors would work really well for this. Happy New Year! Sue

  27. I love your fiesta table (would love to see more of it if you have other pictures). This is right up my alley!
    Excited that you are on board with 365 – I was one of the lucky ones to get an order to go through and I can’t wait for my kit to arrive. I tried this last year and did a good job for several months but ultimately it was too much. I think the kit will really help keep me on track and keep in managable. Last year I overcomplicated it for myself!
    I’m also signed up for your LOM class and super pumped about it. I’m currently reading Photo Freedom for the fourth time (psycho, I know) and I just received the Big Picture book yesterday so I’m starting that as well. I’m trying to get inside your head LOL!
    Somehow I plan to squeeze in having a baby in about 7 weeks – we’ll see how all these projects end up playing out!
    Happy 2009 (and feel free to send some – not all – of that snow down to South Carolina, where we never get any!)

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