in just seven words?


Could you describe what you do in just seven words?

I have been listening to and learning from Todd Henry for a couple of years now. He has helped me to better understand my nature as a creative person and guided me in clarifying what it is I really want to do, long term. Perhaps because one of the things I've done is disappearing, I'm feeling ready to put a stake in the ground and say, this is what stacy julian does. When I read about the 7 word bio, I liked it. I've been mulling it over and for now, I've settled on this …





Sprinkled with


This is what I do.

As creatives, our medium my change, but our message does not. I am passionate about my message.

Where have you been that will determine where you go? More importantly WHERE ARE YOU NOW? 

Can you say it in just seven words?


  1. That is great Stacy! Love your seven words. That is a hard question to answer though, for me anyway. Sad about SS, excited about being in your LOM class!

  2. Mom
    God’s Child

  3. I need to think about my 6 or 7 words, but in the meantime, let me THANK YOU for the free class on BPS – I’m having lots of fun with it right now!

  4. Love your seven words. I will really have to think about that for a while to see if I can come up with seven words. I have made a huge change in my life this past year, so this will be very helpful for me as well.

  5. Marta Valdes says:

    These would be mine.

  6. Okay, thanks for the wake up call – my 7 words would not be positive, that’s for sure. And thanks for the sprinkle reminder.

  7. This is a great challenge – thanks! (Thanks too for the free BPS class, I’m also having a great time with it). My words would be:
    Choose Happiness
    Lookng forward to LOM!

  8. Kathy in Minnesota says:

    Believing in self allows believing in others.
    There it is, my life in a 7 word phrase. It took me a long time to believe in myself. My abilities. My passions. And now? I’ve run 3 marathons. I’ve found new friends who share my passions (running, scrapping, etc). And I hope I fuel theirs. I’ve got a wonderful partner who helps me to see my inner strengths, every day. And I hope I’m a more positive person because of it. I feel I am, if that makes a difference.

  9. Great words, here are mine:

  10. Just wanted to let you no I love your website and it is very inspiring to me. I have been walking around the last couple of days repeating your quote about dancing in the rain. Our son was diagnosed with diabetes on Thursday and I gotta say it has really helped me to just remember to dance in the rain. Thanks again.

  11. Once again your grace in dealing with this change in your life is inspiring beyond belief. Can’t wait to see what you bring us in the future no matter where it is.
    LOVE your 7 words and off to think about mine :)

  12. Jeannette P says:

    I like the number 7 so 7 words is good. I’ll have to think about my 7 words & come back.
    I do think that the 7 you picked suit you and are really telling of you.

  13. Moving towards a better me and we.

  14. I can say mine in 3, but it’s probably not very meaningful to someone not in my industry:
    Proper Product Pricing
    It’s not original; it’s one of my company’s goals.

  15. i’ll have to think about that, but I had to say your use of the word SPRINKLED was just so brilliant. Because of you, we add sprinkles to so much more food in our life “just because” they make us happy!

  16. WOW! what a great challenge … I feel that for so long I have just tried to figure out what I *really* want to do … this is a wonderful place for me to start! thank you :-)

  17. purpose

  18. Rebecca Fox says:

    What an interesting challenge! I’ve got to think about this one. It reminds me of attending a Franklin Covey workshop years ago, where the presenter said that if we couldn’t repeat our mission statements verbatim and on cue, they weren’t likely to guide us. She said we should even write them so short we can tick off the major points on our fingers. I got my mission statement down to five words:
    5 words that I see daily because they are on my nightstand in a frame!

  19. Fix technical problems while talking with nerds. ;)

  20. Fix technical problems while talking with nerds. ;)

  21. Build

  22. My personal motto has long been “you can’t make a difference until you make an effort” but that doesn’t fit so I’ll go with this:
    Live Simply,
    Create Freely,
    Love the Lord.
    Yep, that could work just fine. Thanks for the brain work :)

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