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So not fair of me to elude to something "upsetting" without more information. I am sorry. I should have checked back to see the nature of your comments. My family and loved ones are fine (thanks for the shift in perspective.) I did learn of a change that is very sad for me and I will tell you more soon. In the meantime, go here and listen to track #3, called Hope.
When I came upstairs after work yesterday, Clark was playing this song on the piano — he was even singing! I stopped and listened and then read the words and it totally struck a chord with me. We popped my ipod into our little kitchen dock and listened over and over, as I was making dinner. I've said before that I love Jack Johnson music. I love to experience a song I've heard many times in a new way — discovering a message that I need at a particular moment.

Here are some of the words that jumped out at me.

*Life sometimes* lifts you up and other times it lets you down. It will defeat you and then teach you to get back up … after it takes away things that you learn to love. *Life* will teach you to love what you're afraid of …

(and this is the best part)

 … but you don't always have to hold your head higher than your heart.

I needed permission to just feel really sad and cry and then try and put it all back into perspective and this song was a tender mercy for me yesterday.

Life is good.


  1. Those words are really lovely, thanks for sharing them. I’m glad you found something to give you comfort and perspective, and I hope that all goes well.

  2. Moments like that aren’t coincidences, are they? :)Tender mercies, for sure.
    Have a good Thursday.

  3. Alis in Wnderlnd says:

    I think I missed something. I hope everything is okay.

  4. I needed that song more than you know! Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. I’m happy to hear that your family is safe. We all need time to cry sometimes. I hope everything works out for you. ((HUGS))

  6. I have to post a comment because this really touched me. Last month Ali E challenged us to pick a WORD to focus on for 2009. With all the things that went on in the lives of my extended family in 2008, I chose HOPE.
    I am also a HUGE Jack Johnson fan and I never really paid attention to the words on this album. Mainly because my favorite song is Bubble Toes. But HOPE hits me hard because it reflects everything I feel for someone who was once close to me. Thank you SO much for reminding me.

  7. Sending you prayers and hope that whatever is going on has some blessings tucked in with the difficulty. Peace to you, Stacy!

  8. Praise God everyone is ok! Will continue to hold you in my thoughts and prayers. Sad things are hard no matter what the cause. Big changes always seem to require some degree of grieving on my part, even when they lead to a greater good.
    Been having some of that in my neck of the woods requiring some major shifts in perspective. I like that phrase.

  9. I hope everything is okay and you have strength to deal with whatever has made you sad.
    Wow, what a great song. This was very good for me to listen to today as well. Thank you.

  10. I’m thinking of you lots today Stacy….
    Huge hugs.

  11. “Hope” is an idea that I continue to grapple with. I often find it is easier to not hope—or, to use J. Johnson’s words, to resist life helping me get back up. Thanks for sharing this today, it was a tender mercy for me to read it! I especially like the idea that, if life takes away what you love, and you have to learn to love what you fear, then by loving your fears they might just be taken away. It’s an odd sort of way to be optimistic but it is exactly how I feel.
    Hope whatever is troubling you becomes manageable. Hugs!

  12. Marta Valdes says:

    I hope everything is okay and you find strength in this time of saddness.
    I love the song. I feel a lot of HOPE is in the air.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  13. glad to hear that it isn’t anything dealing with your family. Praying that God will help you through this difficult time. On another subject…have you read, “The Alchemist” I am reading it right now and there is a beautiful quote that has really inspire me to change the way I view life. Here’s the quote:
    “every day was the same, and when each day is the same as the next, it’s because people fail to recognize the good things that happen in their lives every day that the sun rises.”
    It gives me chills every time I read the passage….

  14. Glad your family is OK but am so sorry that your heart is hurting. A hot shower is my favorite place to cleanse my soul with my tears.

  15. Thanks for that link-I had wanted several of his songs because they play them all the time on my son’s radio station. Oliver garbles along with them, there is just something about the tone of his voice and the melodys that gets my 19 mo old lil man singing. Who could resist that! Now I have access to the Curious George album, and some GREAT scrappin music. Hope your day is better, this too shall pass…

  16. What a great song and thanks for the link! We loved the music from Curious George and now I know who did the music!

  17. I love Jack Johnson and agree that song is wonderful.
    (allude, really)

  18. Thinking of you.

  19. Music has such a healing effect on us. I had a very stressful job and the only thing that helped me through the day was listening to music. Hang in there and keep the music going. By the way – I DO love those fish pitchers, they are WAY too cute! And what a wonderful story to go along with them. Anything we can do to make others smile . . .

  20. After your family, my next guess is something to do with Simple or BPS. Are we losing another favorite magazine?

  21. may the peace that passes understanding be yours today.

  22. abaltayan says:

    Music can heal anything. Wishing you peace to help you through this crisis and lots of hugs to put a smile on your face.

  23. Stacy – you are an amazing woman & have done so much to bring scrapbooking home for me. The LOM system has made my pictures accessible to me for SBing but also my family. You are a great & mighty force for good in this world. Thank you for everything!

  24. Glad to hear it is not as bad as it might have been….love the song…still thinking of you…

  25. I missed checking in yesterday…bad Betty. But glad to see that you and your family is fine. Praying for the ‘upsetting’ news to resolved itself quickly and with minimal disruption to all.

  26. Tiffany N says:

    Hi Stacy, I am guessing that the news is what Angie posted on the Simple Scrapbooks blog. I am sad that Simple Scrapbooks will no longer be in publication however I am very glad to hear that Simple content will appear in CK. Your philosophy has so improved my family and my memories. Simple Scrapbooks is my favorite magazine and will be greatly missed. I thank you so much for your role with SS and for BPS.

  27. I just saw over on the SS blog. BUMMER! I personally loved the SS philosophy and mag…I’m sad to see it go! I hope the transition goes smoothly and I understand how upsetting it would be for you. We’re all going to miss SS and we are definitely thinking of you during this time!

  28. Stacy, I am so sorry to hear about Simple. It kept me focused on the right things, not just in this hobby but in my life. Thank you for all that you started and for helping us enrich our lives!
    I’m looking forward to a Simple influence of CK and many many more BPS classes :)

  29. I think that you & everyone involved in Simple should be very proud of the positive effect you had in so many people’s lives – including mine. Thank you.

  30. I saw the announcement.
    Grieve your loss, but know that when one door closes, another opens.

  31. Stacy -
    Everyone knows that SS will be in your heart always and you should hold it high. Life is good.

  32. As I am listening to Jacky J (my pet name for him) writing this, I am quite familiar with that song – and he has it right!! Thats why I love his music, his focus on the simple things in life – you have got to check out Banana Pancakes!! and that is what SS did as well. Mourn, its part of the grieving process!!

  33. I can still remember a seminar you hosted at Memory Trends in Las Vegas several years back for retailers. You inspired me. I was very young then…and you inspired me to believe in something. To have passion for something creative. To be proud of your life’s memories. Thank you for that. I hope you look back and see all your success. You are an inspiration. I hope that your words and your messages are carried into the Creating Keepsakes addition of Simple.

  34. ahhhh Stacy… BIG gentle hugs to you!!! You will always have a special place in my scrappy heart and I’m so fortunate to get to know you. I’m soooo gonna miss Simple, but am thrilled at the success of BPS! Hang in there kiddo. You are truely a GEM!
    BIG hugs…

  35. take a listen to Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds version of “The Maker” on their live at Radio City CD – I think you will like it.

  36. That Jack Johnson – always reaches right into my heart & knows just what to say. I’m glad his music brings you some peace. This is a sad time for simple scrappers. We’re thinking of you.

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