“Love” for Library of Memories …

I'm out of the office today, so I thought I'd share a recent email …

Hi Stacy!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU and show you this fun card I just made for my oldest who is turning 20 next week.  I used some of the little squares from your WONDERFUL suggestion to chop out just those little gems from the whole picture.  I also flipped through my handy dandy INCREDIBLE LOM system file drawers to find the rest and (because of you) I had no fear of just chopping away.  You are my hero!!!

I can't wait to repeat LOM for the third time this February.

Thanks Stacy,

Mary Ellen

Mike's 20th birthday card0001 (Small) (2)

Let's hear it for square-punched picture drawers and category files – Hip Hip Hooray!!
(Thanks for sharing Mary Ellen!)


  1. I’ve read the book and now am counting the days until LOM starts. One more month. Yipee!!!

  2. I’m signed up for this class and I am really excited to be able to say something like this in a year’s time!

  3. The scary thing about this page is the title — it really does happen in the blink of an eye!
    I agree about the square punched photos — such a great resource!

  4. Jeannette P says:

    that is a super cute card & looks like it didn’t take a whole lot to put together with the pictures already punched. Fab idea & great for using her LOM system the way she does. I’m very excited to start in one month….oh my gosh…it’s just one month away. I better get my other stuff in order so I can devote the time I want on this system.

  5. Stacy, Lauren, JeannetteP and HeatherC (et al!)…
    Can’t wait to meet you all in LOM! I have a weekend crop retreat at the end of Jan, but after that I will get my scrap space tidied up to start mid-Feb!
    NOTE TO SELF: Empty out a drawer for square-punched photos.

  6. My wife and I cannot wait. She is paper and I am more a hybrid (lean more towards digital). We just bought a MacBook and iMac (and Mac Mini) for Christmas and are wanting to start a-fresh with iPhoto so this came about at the right time. YEA!

  7. What an awsome way to use the square photos…..

  8. I like the idea and it’s so cool to see the transition from infancy to adult! Guess I need to make room for a drawer to hold square-punched pictures!

  9. Tiffany N says:

    Will this session of LOM be open to alumni? I have taken every other class in the past and would rally like the opportunity to take it again. Thanks.
    P.S. Love that layout.

  10. My son will be 10 this year–think I’ll scraplift this layout.

  11. I love the square punch idea – Ever since I have read this in your book and I have used this concept more often. Now when I am scrapping and done with a page and have one or two pictures that I know I won’t use in future albums, out comes the square punch – there are pictures that maybe one person is in the background but not a good overall picture. I have also used the square punch idea to put more pictures on a page – Thank you, thank you for your ideas – so looking forward to you class.
    Keep warm when you come to Minnesota – this morning it is
    -38 degrees (and a high of -7 today). Yippee!!!

  12. What a great page idea. Easy to do with a maximum result!

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