no place like home.

I love coming home. I love leaving and exploring and meeting new people and seeing new things, but I love coming home.

I'm doing laundry, exercising, unpacking, getting my hair done, unpacking, making Peanut Butter cupcakes, unpacking and organizing, scheduling and enjoying my family.


So … cutest little tender mercy this morning. I'm always reluctant to open the laundry chute/cupboard on a Monday morning and on a Monday morning after I've been away?? SCARY. Anyway, took a deep breathe, got out of the way and let the everything fall out onto the ground. Left behind … five little jelly bellies in my happy colors. I asked my boys if they knew where they came from and Taft said "Oh, those are mine. I traded in my Sunday School points for those — they reminded me of you mom."

I'm taking this as a confirmation that I am most loved at home.
Happy Monday … I'll be back in a bit with a weekend report and my thoughts on Delta Phi Scrappa!


  1. That Taft is seriously cute…it must be hard to have such awesome kids.

  2. How sweet stacy!!!!!!!

  3. cute!

  4. How cute! I’ll be anxious to hear your thoughts on Delta Phi Scrappa as we’re thinking of starting a chapter here in NY!

  5. I was out of town this past weekend too. I agree, there is no place like home and the love we feel there!

  6. now if that isn’t the sweetest thing ever!!!
    Those are the best mommy moments!

  7. So cute :) I love going places – but I love coming home best too!

  8. oh that is just too sweet, literally.

  9. I have so enjoyed listening (over and over) to the Crayola Song! I have tried to spread this little happy tune to everyone I can think of who would appreciate it (and some I’m not sure about, who probably needed to hear it most.)
    Thanks for sharing it with us.
    I have an annual scrap retreat to attend this weekend then I get my head screwed back on for LOM!! Can’t wait to get started. See you in class.

  10. how sweet!

  11. That is just so sweet. How wonderful for you Stacy!

  12. Allison Barnes says:

    what a cutie!!

  13. Awwwww- that is soooo sweet!

  14. What a cutie pie! XX’s

  15. That’s so sweet!
    Can’t wait to hear about your trip.

  16. Jeannette P says:

    Isn’t that the sweetest?!?!! I love the relationship you have developed with Taft. He’s so cute & does the sweetest things.

  17. Jeannette P says:

    That is the sweetest thing! I love the relationship that you have developed with Taft. He loves you dearly to think of you the way he does. He’s so cute & does the sweetest things.

  18. I think your sweet boys need to meet my sweet girls….
    What a great welcome home. Blessed you are for sure

  19. Taft seems like a very sweet and thoughtful boy. Just what us mommies hope/pray for in a future son-in-law. You guys have such a neat relationship. Thanks for raising such an amazing little guy. He really is special.

  20. I was just looking at your Project 365 photos! They are excellent! I’m doing the project as well. So fun, so far!
    Love the photo of your son holding the puff pancake! I make that also. My family calls in Hootin’ Annie. Don’t ask me..Ask my MIL.
    Well done!!

  21. How cute is that!

  22. Sharon Worley says:

    Aren’t those just the little moments that makes being a mom the best feeling in the world?! I love that story!!

  23. Aww so sweet!

  24. Stacy, do you use the peanut butter and jelly frosting on your cupcakes? I might try a strawberry butter cream frosting for the pbj effect.

  25. Kathryn Wafer(Kippy) says:

    What a great surprise to find at the bottom of a pile of laundry. It’s always the little things that make you smile and end up mattering the most in life. What a great bunch of kids you have!

  26. before I read your entry, I saw the photo and it made me smile – having kids is by FAR the best thing EVER!!! :-)

  27. So, I’m immediately thinking. . . what category would I put that photo in!? For me-definitely my growing collection of “love notes”. I think I’d order that one in 5 x 7!

  28. What a joy!! Thanks for making me smile today.

  29. Awww. Loving those Mommy Laundry Moments. So neat.

  30. I’m mostly curious about the cupcakes. WHAT DID YOU THINK???????? Worth the calories? I’m looking forward to seeing your report :)

  31. That is just so sweet!!! Sounds like you are a great Mom!!!

  32. Taft is the cutest ever!

  33. What a great and unexpected confirmation of your importance to those you share your life with…

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