No School + Project 365 ideas (long)

 Help! I I'm making a global appeal to all my loyal blog readers … this mommy needs a collective sigh/moan (as in ArghhhAHhhhhhhOHHHH … what am I going to do??) I NEED my children (at least four of them) to go back to school, but … as you may have heard, we are setting snowfall records in Spokane this winter and we are tonight expecting another 5 to 8 inches and the Spokane County Sheriff has canceled school AGAIN. We really do have an amazing amount of snow. When the sun comes out it's gorgeous — absolutely calendar worthy, but … we have no sidewalks and NO where to put any more snow. I'm sure there are some that will read this, that annually deal with this kind of snow. To you, I tip my hat with a new understanding of how life is altered by this crazy white stuff — I still need your virtual support because this is driving me NUTS!!

Now … I've had a couple of email questions and comments about Project 365. First let me say that while I know very little about the details of this kit or the probability of additional kits being made available, I am still hopeful of being able to get my hands on a kit (even if it takes several weeks) I have created a photo album here on my blog (see right) where I will be uploading my pictures/journaling to help me stay on track. Several of you are also doing this project via a blog or another sharing site. I was impressed with additional ideas shared in response to my last post. You are all so creative …

From Sue:
On looking through my album stash, I thought the Bazzill Lickety Slip albums and page protectors would work really well for this. Happy New Year!

From Blythe:
Close to My Heart sells 12×12 sheet protectors with 6 4×6 pockets. You could almost duplicate Becky's pages with those by using four of the pockets for photos and the remaining two for journaling. Of course, you wouldn't have all the cute doodads and preprinted stuff she has but it's a start. If anyone's interested, you can check them out at under shopping.

From Angie:
Inspired by the latest Simple Scrapbooks issue, I purchased these small 4×6 photo albums for a buck each that hold 36 photos. I figure with photos, journaling, and paper I can fill one for each month and I can customize the covers. At the end of the year I'll have twelve of these cool little albums. I am very excited about this very cheap solution!

From Darlene:
I don't have the kit, but I am going to put my own kit together from all of my STASH. I am done spending money and not using it…much. This is the year to keep moving forward!

But don't give up entirely … Tracy has a Project 365 that she is giving away on her BLOG!!

Now, some of you have asked how this project works with a Library of Memories system. The first thing you need to know is that this (or any other project that you are passionate about) absolutely FITS with my system and philosophy. What might not be fully understood (because I have failed to explain it better) is that a Library of Memories is not just a library of layouts. A true Library of Memories encompasses a variety of theme albums, photo albums, mini-books etc … the central element of my system is most definitely my four album collections (Us, People, Places and Things) which allow me to do two things …
1. Break out of the confines of strict chronological scrapbooking (that can leave anyone feeling overwhelmed and behind)
2. Follow where inspiration leads and focus on the personalities, relationships, places and things that matter most to me at any given time.

In short, my approach to categorizing and displaying layouts means I can tell any story I want to tell, when I want to tell it and know that it will have a home.

Beyond this, the combination of storage binders and category drawers enables ALL kinds of great projects that I absolutely consider a part of my overall library. In a way, my four sets of colorful albums are like a wonderful and perhaps even comprehensive set of encyclopedias that contain a wealth of information, yet are surrounded by dozens of other "books" begging to be explored and even "checked out" — make sense?

Sometimes we worry that "everything" should be in one place, or that we should have a singular approach to story-telling. Do NOT worry about this. I can see myself creating a layout towards the end of 2009, that features a handful of my duplicates from Project 365. In my mind, this layout would look similar to the larger project/album and it would celebrate the fact that I have created such a cool peak into our daily lives during this year. It may share some of the things I've learned as I've engaged in daily awareness. I would put this page in our "Things We Do" section inside the "Everyday Life" album. This page would reference the project as "something" I did this year.

The most important thing for me is the fact that Project 365 will do such a great job of capturing daily life, that I will be freed up to focus on the less immediate details of 2009 — I will get to create pages for my library albums that draw unique connections and/or combine photos in non-chronological ways to span time and reveal growth, change and constancy in our lives. I will feel less obligated to scrapbook the events of this year and more motivated to go deep and personal — YEAH!!!

Some of these ideas are difficult to articulate, so I hope this helps clarify where there has been some confusion.



  1. Holly A. Moss says:

    I am with you (although, I am here in Lynnwood, WA – we, too, are getting snow (again), just not as much as you, poor dear!), my child is too young for school (just a year and a half), but I really want my husband to be able to go to work so he’s out from under my feet, even though I love him dearly!! (He work’s at Boeing).
    Much love & sympathy,

  2. Ok…I think the only logical thing for you to do is move 146 miles west to little ol’ Troy, MT! LOL! While I watch the news each night and again each morning, I see the school closures in Spokane and pray for a snow day! But, alas, our school district is not on the list and I pull myself from my warm bed to get the morning going.
    Our kids go back tomorrow after a two week Winter Break and they are ready for it. I imagine your kids are ready to be back to the norm as well.
    I guess that if a move to Montana is out of the question, you’ll have to simply spend the day making snowmen, snow angels and drinking warm cocoa while enjoying another day blessed with your children playing nearby. Just take the day to be a kid with them again and enjoy the excitement this weather brings them.
    Don’t forget to have a snowball fight and enjoy a little sledding while you’re at it.
    After all, they can’t keep the schools and roads closed forever…take advantage of the opportunity to spend the day wrapped up in the warmth of your children.
    ps. I thought you were going to bed early this year! LOL!

  3. We have had only rain. I actually miss the snow. Cold you send us some? :)
    Are the kids tired of playing in it? You can send them out with spray bottles full of food coloring and they can make their own fun with it (as long as they only spray snow and ice!:)) My daughter is entertained for a long time with it, snowman’s face, snow art in the lawn, filling my birdbath with purple water/ice…oh wait. :)
    I will send you my cybersupport! :)We could do an online scavenger hunt for you, if you need one! :)
    Warmer weather hugs!

  4. We also have tons of snow on the ground here Stacy so I feel your pain. In fact your post just reminded me to go and see if our school is delayed (they rarely cancel out here) and we’re not, despite more of the white stuff falling overnight. So now I’m working on getting her out the door to the bus, something for which I am greatful for this morning. An extended Christmas break would have driven me NUTS! Hang in there, eventually it will stop snowing (I hope!)

  5. my idea for the 365 project, since i don’t have the kit either? i’m setting up a category on my blog, and every day i’m taking a picture and journaling there. some days it’ll be longer than others, for sure, but every day is the goal.
    at the end of the year, i’m taking that category and turning it into a Blurb book.
    i’m also setting up a blog roll of sorts for others who are doing this same sort of thing – so if you know anyone who is, if they comment on my blog i’ll get them added!

  6. I’ve made my own album for the 365 project & I’m super excited about it. I’m going to use the circle numbers (for the days) from the 30 Days Hath September Class. Is it possible for you to post those? (I’ve got 2 pre-printed sets but need 10 more). THANKS :)

  7. Laura Prenkert says:

    I personally think that Angie’s idea of using the small 4×6 albums is FANTASTIC!!! I think it would be so motivating to complete one month at a time. It’s like mini-goals throughout the year! Great idea Angie!!!

  8. did you get any games for christmas? you could have a game tournament for part of the day. or if you need to actually get things done around the house you could have the kids do the games. of course there’s always shoveling. hang in there!

  9. When all else fails, go to Google and type in “what to do with kids on a snow day”!

  10. Julie Johnson says:

    I sympathize with you! We’re in IL, and the last day prior to Winter Break was cancelled…the day with all of my errands to do! :) Enforce some quiet time after lunch….it helped immensely!

  11. I will definitely keep in my prayers concerning the kids being home from school again. I homeschool, but the 2 weeks of unexpected school really threw us for a loop!
    Thanks for letting us know about he 365 give away. I really and truly look forward to this year!

  12. I would love to see all that snow, but I don’t think I could live in it anymore.
    On the Project 365, I too would love a kit just because of the ease of having it all done for you, but like so many others I have tons of stuff in my stash including the Bazzill Lickety Split that I also thought would work great. I plan to make this year a year of using up the old stuff.

  13. My take on 365 & LOM:
    Since you would only be doing 1 picture a day in the 365 project, you will have pictures left over for your LOM system. You will still have the other 20 pictures of your daughter’s birthday, and the other zillion pictures from vacation of Christmas. I’m thinking that you won’t have many ‘everyday’ shots of 2009 in the LOM system. But I’m sure you’ll still have enough everyday and events from 2009 to put into your system. Perhaps you won’t make many ‘direct from storage binders’ layouts in 2009 of everyday stuff. Perhaps a large part of your everyday pictures would go into catagory drawers to age.
    But I’m sure you’ll have enough pictures from past years’ to fill
    your LOM, that you won’t be at a lack for layouts to do *wink*
    Also if some are waiting on the kits you could start at anytime. A year project doesn’t have to start Jan 1 and end Dec 31.
    Here in northern Alberta we usually get lots of snow, but this year it’s been a real deep-freeze, so we haven’t has as much…yet. But we rarely get no school days do to the weather.

  14. Oh Stacy, I feel your pain! I planned on having my kids out of my hair a little during my vacation so I could work on my deadlines (for you!) but winter break started early because of the record snow we are getting here too and now today they are home again because of the ice. I hope that the snow you are getting now doesn’t make it’s way this way! I’m not used to all this snow and I’m not a fan!

  15. Allison Barnes says:

    Good luck my friend!! Are you stuck up on your hill? My kids are all back in school today… happy day here in vegas! I feel for you!
    by the way… i am still waiting for the rest of your story : )
    Love ya,

  16. Hi Stacy~! I am here to sympathize with you :*) I coach cheerleaders at Shadle and even they are SO ready to be out of the house~! I was beyond excited to be back at school today and now we are all stuck at home…AGAIN~! We all feel your pain :(
    Hang in there, friend xo

  17. I’m thinking good non-snowy thoughts for you :) but we have quite a bit here in Utah as well so I don’t know if it will do a lot of good. lol!
    Another alternative for the photo 365 project is to do it digitally. I have a blog post at about it and there is an excellent posting about this at
    It’s ok to start this project without an album – just get busy taking a photo each day!

  18. So very sorry that you all are being inundated with snow. I’ve learned that a bridesmaid of mine is now living in Seattle, and it’s been a slight change from our Florida/Georgia weather! I do NOT think I could do it. I completely feel your agony!
    As for 365, I love the idea but I seriously feel like I’m adding another “project” to my list and I need to get past that, because as you said, it is a way to record our daily lives while freeing ourselves up for making more meaningful connections! :)
    Thanks for your insight!

  19. I moved from Washington to the land of no seasons last year, (Hawaii). Part of me would love to see some snow, but the other part of me knows that if I had to deal with that much snow I would be stir crazy by now too :P
    Project 365 is amazing and I am excited about it! I love Angie’s idea of a little scrapbook for every month. I may get those for my 13 yr old dd…she wants to do Project 365 with me.
    I also can’t wait for LOM to start !!!

  20. Angela Williams says:

    I have to agree completely. We moved to Spokane last January, a week before that huge storm hit. And now we are having a repeat. My arms are so sore from trying to throw the snow as high as the piles are. And I am so ready for a few minutes of sanity. Please, please let school start tomorrow!

  21. Good luck with the kids – I would be crazy right now if there were no school!
    Speaking of project 365 we have some free digital templates over on DS101 and some tutorials to tell you how to use them – they will work great until the kits ship.
    Hang in there!

  22. I can so identify even if I have the opposite problem… 6 weeks of school holidays and the temperatures are in the high 30sC so I have to keep them out of the sun or we all burn… a little cooler weather would be great.
    I can only send you greetings from Cape Town though, wish we could swap weather just for a little while.

  23. oh i feel your pain. i’m on the other side of the mountains (edmonds) and we got another 4″ or so….but THANKFULLY school was only delayed 2 hours! i’ve still got 2 at home, but what a difference in dynamics the one away makes! good luck!

  24. Hey Stacy,
    First I would like to say that I feel your pain about the snow. It is hit or miss here on Cape Cod whether it will be a really snowy year or not. 2005 was one of those really snowy years here. We had so much we couldn’t drive school buses down the street because the turn radius wasn’t there. Thus not school for a week.
    Second, I feel so badly for all the problems associated with the Project 365 and after just reading Becky Higgins blog it sounds like she is not enjoying this right now either. I planned on not buying a kit so I decided to work in my digi scrapbooking software for Mac’s called iScrapbook and recreate my own labels and what not for my 12×12 album. I will be using my large stash to do the layouts and make it my own. I can’t wait to start with the first week!
    And lastly I really want to say thanks for such a great way to organize my photos with the Library of Memories system. Loved Photo Freedom and enjoy the freedom I now feel with my photos.
    Sincerely, Julie

  25. I did Project 365 (366) last year and made a blog for it. I’m in the process of having the blog printed by Not so crafty, but it will actually get done this way. It’s SO WORTH doing the project! Now, it’s interesting to see what I was doing at this time last year. Good luck with yours!

  26. I UNDERSTAND!!!! Luckily, living in Utah means that there is rarely a snow day. I have to admit that I jumped out of bed at 6:30a.m., danced around the kitchen as I made breakfast for my Jr. High student and happily said goodbye to my three children as they went off to school. I love them more than anything, but a mother needs a routine and it has been sorely lacking around here the last two weeks.

  27. Another thought ~ in the spirit of your Have More Fun class this past summer this 365 Project is the ultimate in Present Moment Scrapbooking. Since you will be present and aware for 365 straight days.

  28. Ugh!! Another snow day. I was so looking forward to cleaning the whole house today with the kids back at school. Thanks a bunch for the project 365 ideas. Much appreciated.

  29. Snow! My husband is from central Canada and says: 1) Build in the snow. Either dig out tunnels to make quinsies (snow houses), or build on top like the Eskimos. 2) The Play is the thing. A family production will keep everyone busy making up the play, then the sets, props, and costumes. The performance will give everybody something to look forward to.
    Good luck!

  30. I live in Spokane also and am sooo ready for the kids to go back to school! It will be interesting to see what happens in a few days when it is suppose to warm up. I’m looking forward to the LOM class and am trying to organize my digital pictures into season folders. I did an album with a picture a day during summer vacation in 2008. It turned out great.

  31. Hi Stacy!
    It is hard being snowed in!! We live in the snow belt in Michigan and it is trying at times!! My kids are still pretty young – so for fun and to get our minds off the snow – we have an indoor beach party on the floor in the family room!
    I am so excited about the Project 365 – - I really hope I can keep up with it! I keep my 365 journal by my bed and try to write in it each night before bed!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  32. ArghhhAHhhhhhhOHHHH!!!! There, hope that helps the snow melt real soon. My girls went back to school today and honestly, the peace and quiet was a blessing, so I can truly feel for you. Try to make the best of it.
    I’m doing 365 digital – created a blog where I can keep it all together –

  33. Nancy C. from Wilmington, NC says:

    I live on the southern coast of NC and we haven’t had any snow in more than 7 years. I teach second grade and these children have never even seen snow so we’d like to take a bit off of your hands. I know you’re probably getting a bit of cabin fever, but frankly, I’d treat it like vacations days. Play games, do art projects, watch movies, just have fun. Trust me, it won’t be long before they are all away at college and that house will be SO quiet.

  34. Maureen Holditch says:

    Hi Stacy,
    I live in the land of snowbanks that seem to come in November and leave in April. Quickly you learn to do the things that really need to get done and enjoy not doing the ones that can wait! Walk instead of drive, roll snowballs in the driveway instead of shovel and enjoy the company of your family; when you are all snowed in together. Take lots of pictures!
    Snow is a gift that glistens in the sunshine.
    Happy New Year!
    P.S. Gave up sending Christmas cards 3 years ago. I now send Happy New Years cards… if they arrive in February so be it. I learned this philosphy… break out of the confines of strict chronological… from someone I had a chance to meet once and have admired ever since!

  35. I hear you Stacy! Waiting to hear if Mead school district will be closed tomorrow. At least our road is plowed but I still can’t drive me car!
    Hopefully you can get around. My car hasn’t left the driveway since the 1st snow and my dh has been taking me everywhere in his rig. He had to go back to work today so life is going to get interesting if I can’t get around.

  36. Living in the midwest we often find ourselves up to our necks in snowdrifts. Last winter was a total snow nightmare for 3.5 months and our neighbors in Wisconsin and Michigan had even more snow. It was endless!
    Hang in there with the kids. Maybe giving them chores to do, extra reading for school or just going outdoors to have fun in the snow will burn off some of their energy. By midweek, you should be getting a little ‘alone’ time you need right now!
    hang in there!

  37. I live in the snowy Western New York area. When you were here two years ago, you saw Buffalo in the summer. No SNOW! But right now, we have snow. We don’t have as much as you do at the moment, but we can get snow from October to April. Every mother in my area feels your pain. We not only get snow days, we get driving bans, so we can’t even get them out of the house.
    Just think happy, springtime thoughts. The snow will melt eventually. (Just a word of warning, if you have a sump pump in your basement, make sure it’s working BEFORE the snow starts to melt, otherwise you will have a flood of epic proportions. I made that mistake once.) :-)

  38. Deb Jones says:

    Stacy, I really feel for you. I can imagine how tired you are of the constant questions, noise and everything that goes with having 5 kids in the house. This too shall pass. Hang in there.

  39. I can definitely sympathize with you, Stacy. My children are home,not because of snow but because they are off-track (we are a year round school.) They don’t go back until the 20th.
    As for snow days, I can give you a child’s perspective. I grew up in northern NY, right on the Canadian border and we had several snow days and late start days each year. I remember those days as some of the greatest days of each winter – sledding, building snow forts, skating on the pond, playing games indoors and don’t forget the hot chocolate. I also got a chance to do homework that hadn’t been finished and to read some of my favorite books. So try to think of the memories your kids will have and just hang on for the ride.
    You are the greatest.

  40. Nicol Whipple says:

    Hi Stacy! I too am sick of all this snow and am eager for the kids to go back to school. Mead is closed again tomorrow and i think i may go crazy. The best part was photo that i took today for my 365 project of the mess in the kitchen i came home to made by my kids and their friends who spend a lot of time sledding today. :) Thanks again for all of your inspiration and enthusiasm!

  41. First, sending you “warm” wishes to melt all that snow! Yikes! I’m ready for mine to go back to school tomorrow, so I’d feel the same as you do if it was called off!
    Second, I just wanted you to know that as a 2007 alum of LOM, your explanation in today’s post was absolutely fabulous!!! I might suggest you copy that and use in in this year’s class. It is a wonderful, concise explanation of what the big picture really is!
    And for anyone on the fence… LOM will be, hands down, the very best thing you EVER do. Ever. Take it. :)

  42. I’m with you. We not only have a snow day today, but it is rainy and icy, so no outdoor play. This is on top of the last 3 1/2 weeks off, two for vacation and the rest for power outages. Here in NH they cancel school at the drop of a flake, and the kids go until late June. Having grown up in Utah and New Mexico with alot of snow, I don’t understand the east coast. Oh, well. Soon, we’ll all be able to go back to our routine.

  43. Stacy, as you may guess I more than “get” what you are saying about 365 and LOM.
    Honestly, in chatting with ladies revving up for 2009 LOM, I can see how things which I (and maybe you) think are completley clear… can be completely confusing to some folks! Mostly due to our preferences for making things way more complicated then they have to be.
    I personally am not doing 365, mainly bc I am already doing Scrap Your Day this year and that is enough for me right now. However, I may use your idea in the new issue about 40 pix/4 hrs, and use my leftover photos to make a “my daily life” album sometime.
    or not…we’ll see! At least I have the photos and they are ALL PRINTED and all in Category Drawers so if I decide to do that some night at 11pm, guess what …. I CAN START IMMEDIATELY!

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