project-based intention + Red Letter Days FREEBIE

 I'm reviewing a great new Projects Now class written by author and life coach Sunny Schlenger. In talking with Sunny and in editing her content, I've picked up a new word for resolution — one that I like much better. My new word is "INTENTION" and I have appropriately set a handful of intentions for 2009. One of these is to remember and recognize birthdays in my extended family. Naturally, I am drawn to the idea of creating projects around many of my 2009 intentions — I absolutely believe that I will find a greater degree of success if I engage in some kind of creative expression around my desires.


My sweet sister Darci visited last week and I sucked her in — we NOW share an intention in 2009 and we both have an adorable perpetual birthday/holiday calendar hanging in our homes.


We started with long skinny perpetual calendars, from Close To My Heart. You could order one online from either Blythe or Tresa (both friends of mine!)

Since we wanted a clean and simple look and had very little time, we used very simple holiday icon stamps from Stampin' UP! (sorry, I couldn't find a link) and mounted white circles on my new favorite scallop punch.


Each month has it's own color. We wrote each person's name on their date line and put the year they were born in parenthesis. I then entered the dates into my computer calendar, and set alarms. For some the paper calendar is an archaic and redundant exercise, but I don't agree. I like making stuff. I like visual reminders and my calender now hangs in my office just to my left, so I see it.

{note to Chanda: guess why there are three? Watch your mailbox sister-roo!}

The extra cool thing is Darci and looked up several (at least one each month) unofficial "holidays." Fun days we want to remember and celebrate — for example, January 19th is National Popcorn Day. I LOVE these kinds of silly or bizarre holidays as they give me an excuse to create some FUN for my family. These less observed days are the kind Elizabeth Dillow calls Red Letter Days and the kind she helps you celebrate in her book and class, here at BPS. 


Elizabeth's class opens tomorrow and it's only $18.00. I'm telling you this because we're all aware of the depressed economy and this four-week workshop is a steal of a deal (seriously) Elizabeth is one of my most favorite people and authors and she has prepared so much inspirational content for this class. Regardless of what approach you take to scrapbooking, this class will teach you to look at your calendar differently. It will teach you to find memories that go far beyond dates and events to enrich your overall story.

Elizabeth will help you use official and unofficial days to excavate memories from your past — stories that beg to be shared, if only they would surface! Take my National Popcorn Day for example. You might think … What, am I supposed to pop popcorn, take pictures and make a page? No, I'm definitely NOT about manufacturing superficial events to scrapbook. But … with this silly day on my calendar, I'm inviting sub-conscious mental preparation as I stew about how to celebrate — this mental prep sets me up to recall things about myself and my childhood that I indeed want to commit to the pages of our family scrapbooks. "Popcorn" things like …

  • my mom's most delicious carmel popcorn with peanut butter in it and the memory of helping her mix it all up in a brown paper grocery sack. She would always make a BIG bowl to take on our Memorial Day picnic. 
  • when I was in college I went a little NUTS on the nutrition/exercise thing and become overly-conscious of calories. I pretty much lived on air-popped popcorn my sophomore year. Naturally butter was far too caloric, so I had a special water bottle that I used to spritz my popcorn with nothing by H20 (it made the salt stick!)
  • perhaps many of my friends remembered this popcorn frenzy when they purchased wedding gifts for Geof and I (or perhaps Costco was just having a sale) for whatever reason, we received seven hot-air poppers for our wedding.
  • my dear friend Heidi later (after I gave up on being so skinny) introduced me to grated cheddar cheese sprinkled on popcorn (so yummy … try it sometime!)
  • one of my favorite childhood songs is "Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree" and I really should create a page that includes the lyrics. In fact, we sang this song on Monday night at Family Home Evening — Clark's pick!

I think you get the idea.

There are so many connections that will surface when you allow yourself to move past the piles of pictures and the obligation you feel. Rather than worrying how many pictures you can get a page, you'll be focused on triggering memories and gathering facts and fancies that will absolutely inspire you and others, and Elizabeth will jump start this kind of thinking with daily emails and specific assignments.

We have so many longer, process-based classes posted right now. If you're not involved with one of those, consider setting an intention to simply improve yourself as a story teller. Spend four, refreshing weeks with Elizabeth and discover wonderful new ways to boost your creativity.

In fact … Let's give away THREE spots to RED LETTER DAYS!!  Leave me a comment and a popcorn memory of your own and I'll pick winners tomorrow to celebrate the first day of class.


  1. This sounds like fun!

  2. Hi Stacy!
    I remember popcorn balls from brownies and Halloween. I also remember popcorn at the movies with my dad. Finally, my mother-in-law shared her popcorn ritual of apples with popcorn with my son when he was 4. It’s how I serve him popcorn now.
    Thanks for the share; the calendar idea; and the reminder to celebrate for the sake of fun and memories.
    Happy New Year!

  3. Mary Frances says:

    I LOVE popcorn – by far my favorite snack. When I was growing up we would have special nights playing family games and in the winter we would pop Jiffy Pop (I think that is what it is called) in the tin foiled container with the handle – we would ‘cook’ it in the fire and watch the top grow as the popcorn popped up!

  4. it is a very recent memory. Over the holidays I was at the theater with a friend and a row full of kids. She walked down the row with a gallon baggy of m&ms dropping handfulls in everyone’s popcorn. The salty, the sweet, it’s perfection! Can’t believe I’ve never had that before!

  5. What a cool idea-I love Elizabeth. We have popcorn and movie night every Friday-my boys love it.

  6. Elizabeth’s class sounds so exciting. In these times, we all need to find reasons to celebrate!
    And for a popcorn memory, that would have to be having bowls of the stuff when watching TV or reading as a child. In those blissful, calorie-ignorant days, popcorn was popped by hand and topped with butter. Wow . . . I just got a mental picture of the battered (but beloved) bowls that held our special treat.
    Now I’ve got to whip out the kettle tonight when the kiddos are home and celebrate.

  7. My Grandpa Dick loved visiting his distant relatives from “back home” in Illinois. After his stroke, my mother and I took my grandparents there one last time. These relatives were farmers with 100s of acres of corn. We drove down dusty dirt roads while the patriarch pointed out cow corn, popcorn, butter and sugar… And then back to his house for some of their own popcorn. This was the WORST for a 17 year old. But it made Grandpa so happy. I sucked it up for him, and I’m glad I did, because watching him pick popcorn out of his dentures is one of my last memories of him.

  8. Brandi Z. says:

    I love popcorn too. Especially kettle corn, a little salty and a little sweet. But my newest best popcorn memory is the day I first tasted the Dale and Thomas Peanut Butter & White Chocolate DrizzleCorn. Oh. Oh. My. Goodness. A bag of happiness!

  9. I remember eating loads of popcorn with my dad when i was little. We too had an air popper which we used for years! Until it quit popping. We ate so much popcorn that even we went camping we popped jiffy pop over the campfire!

  10. I remember making jello-popcorn balls with my mom during the hot Phoenix summers, they were a yummy dessert that you didn’t have to use the oven for! :)

  11. What an awesome concept! :) So creative and I’d love to join a class like this! I think it would also help with my Project 365 photos- thanks for all the info!! :)

  12. Oops! Hit post before my “popcorn memory”…I think my favorite would have to be of our dog Gretchen (a weiner dog) when I was little. She’s get SO excited while it was popping and beg for the little morsels constantly while we were eating- too funny!

  13. Hey, I got my friend a perptual calendar for her birthday (tomorrow), she’s always forgetting birthdays ;)
    When my sister and I were teens we’d rent a movie, buy candy and pop popcorn. It was usually ‘Little women’ and we’ll still try and squeeze in a sister movie night when ever we’re visiting.

  14. I remember getting popcorn as a treat sometimes on Friday nights and my sister and I would get to share a can of pop :) I also remember her sitting to close to the hot air popper and a hot kernel coming out and scolding her leg…in a nightgown so her legs were bare.
    I still love popcorn and my 2 daughters do to.
    Here’s to telling stories.

  15. When you said Popcorn Day was this month, I immediatley thought of my 2 boys (3 and 2). They both are nuts about popcorn and got an air popper for Christmas. It is so fun to watch them make it and I celebrate these “regular” special times with them. We will definitely be celebrating this special day this month. :)

  16. Well, let’s see. My husband often makes his Grandma Palmer’s Popcorn Cake recipe – using marshmallows, gumdrops & nuts.
    We also buy a popcorn tin every Christmas. We have one for each Christmas we’ve been married (13 now!). They are then used as storage and then decor the next Christmas.
    I could go on. I’m getting the idea and am VERY inspired by this concept! THANK YOU!

  17. I remember going to my great grandpa’s house and him making us popcorn. He would always run (he lived to be 99 and always ran to the door) to greet us, and then head striaght to the kitchen to make popcorn. We loved it becuase he always put TONS of butter on it. We always marveled at the whole stick he’d melt and pour on becuase mom was a nurse, and we never had more than a tiny dribble at home.
    Now I need to go scrapbook this!

  18. Carol Parsons says:

    As someone who has never counted calories, even though I should. I just love popcorn with butter – the real stuff! My girls just love watching movies and eating the stuff at home when they declare it’s movie night and dad makes it for them.
    Why is it when you are at the movies you almost finish the bag of popcorn before the movie even starts?

  19. The memory that comes to mind instantly about popcorn is this: every fourth of july at the lake, it was a tradition for the kids to take the boat out to watch the fireworks. My dad and mom always popped the popcorn (on the stove, there were no microwaves at the lake when I was a kid!) and we’d take 3 or 4 grocery bags (the old paper kind) full of popcorn to enjoy the fireworks. Of course, this meant the next morning was filled with CLEANING out the boat!
    I loved my dad’s popcorn at the lake and it always tasted best when it was in those grocery bags. No idea why.
    Thanks for jogging that memory for me, Stacy!
    -Kim (aka ZoezMom)

  20. Nieka Apell says:

    When I was about 5 or 6, I decided to try to make popcorn myself. For some unknown reason, I thought it might be a good idea to make it in an empty Kool-Aid cannister (the old silver-colored cardboard kind with the metal rims). No sooner had I put it on the GAS stove, but it started smoking. I pulled it off and dropped it on top of my mom’s plastic-coated Tupperware placemats. It left a big ring! I only fessed-up that I did this a couple of weeks ago. :0
    I also remember selling popcorn kits for Indian Princesses when I was little. We earned prizes for selling the most popcorn and I was just determined to win. My prize was a great big jackknife with a million and one attachments (corkscrew, spoon, fork, pipe cleaning tool). Just the thing to give a little girl…but I was the kind of girl who LOVED it!

  21. Katrina Grabowski says:

    I love popcorn so much we had to have a machine in our house. When I was going through college I too would eat popcorn to keep me afloat. It was economical and healthy for me(minus the butter). I too will add this day to our calendar of celebrations. Thanks for sharing!

  22. Yeah, this class sounds super fun!!!
    Vicki in IA

  23. mmmmm…popcorn! I love popcorn. One special memory of popcorn is going to Garrett’s Popcorn in Chicago when my hubby and I were dating. It’s the Jelly Belly of popcorn, I guess you could say. We’d go to the Christmas Lights and then get all sorts of flavored/colored popcorn in long clear plastic bags. Yummy fun and memories.

  24. I obviously have passed on my popcorn pssion to my son…he often asks for a “popcorn snack”, and whenever we pass a Kernels store, he wants to know if he can have some. His favorite flavours? Licorice and Dill Pickle! Yumm!
    I enjoy combining my two passions…popcorn and scrapbooking…and I would love to take Elizabeth’s class!
    Have a great day!

    My daughter (12 yrs old) will DIE!!!! We have to Party!! I will never forget the scream she let out when she opened the oldfashioned looking popper that Santa gave her for Christmas this year!!! She eats popcorn EVERY DAY–Loves the stuff!!

  26. The calendar is a great idea. Might need one of those.
    Popcorn is our favorite snack. We visit the popcorn wagon in our area all summer.

  27. Julie Johnson says:

    Love this! Thanks for making me remember this! My favorite popcorn memory is snacking on popcorn with my 97 year old grandma…just weeks before she passed away. She LOVED popcorn, and when I’d visit her I’d often pop a bag for her (she was perplexed by the microwave!). One Sunday afternoon I passed by our local popcorn shop, Kernal Fabyans, and grabbed two of their specialties. It was a spontaneous moment. I bagged up 5 or 6 little bags, and my girls and I passed them around the people we passed as we entered her retirement center. Their faces lit up, and so did Grandma’s. It was one of my sweetest visits with her…while sharing popcorn and memories.

  28. Love these ideas! And I’d love to win a spot in that class! Thank you!

  29. This isn’t MY popcorn memory . . . but it is definitely part of my husband’s family history. When they were kids (large family of nine!) they “invented” something called STICKY. Which is popcorn coated with a milk and sugar combination (I know! Yuck!) and tastes much like a light caramel corn. If any one of them says “Let’s whip up a batch!” you know they’re referring to Sticky!!

  30. Alis in Wnderlnd says:

    I have a perpetual bday calendar and haven’t never done anything with it. I should pull it out! Thanks for the reminder.
    Not really a memory, but I eat popcorn with CHOPSTICKS! I love popcorn so much I tend to eat too much, too, so the chopsticks slow me down. (Although, I have to admit, I am so good at using them now, it sometimes defeats the purpose!)
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  31. Popcorn!!! love it!!! Seriously one of my favorite snacks…and in our house it’s celebrated with M&Ms when we have some on hand…even mixed in occasionally! But, I remember when we were little – mom always popped it over the stove in the pan, but one day she came home with the Jiffy pop stuff because she thought it would be fun to watch. I just remember us all standing around the little corner watching this big silver ball expand. Love the idea for an album based of these…thanks!

  32. Hi Stacy! Not really a memory, but I still spritz my popcorn with water to make the salt stick! That is so funny because I thought I was the only one! Thanks for the giveaway, the class seems great! :-)

  33. I am always in when storytelling is involved. I have so many stories to tell and no motivation to do so, right now.
    I have just moved with my husband from Dublin, Ireland to California, USA and with all the furniture shopping and house restocking, a free class is the only class I can guiltlessly fit into my budget right now…
    The move itself (and the initial move to Ireland are definitely popcorn moments, though :)

  34. Jennifer W. says:

    My families traditional popcorn balls we make at Christmas every year. I love this tradition!

  35. Our Friday night tradition when I was a kid was air-popped popcorn and movie night. We looked forward to this all week long.

  36. I remember going to the drive-in theater with my parents and my mom would put popcorn and real butter in large brown grocery bags for us to enjoy! Yum!!
    You know . . . I think we’ll have a movie night on our living room floor this Friday and I’ll put popcorn in a big, brown bag! :)

  37. what a fabulous idea for a class (& give away LOL) my brothers & I were raised by our single mom & on occassion our granparents would take us for over nights .. last thing b4 bed gma would pop a HUGE silver dish pan full of popcorn & we all got pepsi to wash it down w/. COMPLETE TREATS & fabulous memories!! thanks!

  38. Sounds like a great class! A wonderful memory I have is watching my friend’s dad teach his grandchildren how to make his infamous popcorn balls. His wife (who has now passed on) used to make them, and he took on the challenge … and now taught the next generation how to make the delicious treat. I’m blessed I was there and able to witness them … oh and sneak a few bites!! :)

  39. Holly A. Moss says:

    Hi Stacy,
    I would love to win this! I LOVE popcorn.
    One of my favorite memories of popcorn is when I was a kid, my mom used to take old grocery sacks (you know the paper kind ;-) – before they started using plastic) and fill the entire sack with popcorn and then add different types of salts (regular salt or garlic salt) or butter. Then my sister and I would pile on top of this huge (I mean HUGE) green bean bag and watch movies and eat popcorn.
    Every time I eat popcorn or even smell popcorn, it brings back memories like that one. :-)
    Thanks for giving me such a great memory-moment.
    Lynnwood, WA

  40. Sounds like a great giveaway!
    My favorite popcorn memory – My young son, then 2, eating popcorn with my mom. A few months later, he just refuses to eat them plus a lot of other foods he was eating before (he was diagnosed with autism at 38 months). Then, at almost 8, he suddenly consumes them at a repid pace after going door-to-door selling popcorn as a cub scout.
    Now, it’s a staple for the whole family on Friday movie nights.

  41. i remember making popcorn on the stove in a big pot…reading this book (which I still have)
    all of which i just started doing with my own two children

  42. My favorite popcorn memory is one we are still making – everytime we go to the movies (only a couple of times a year) it’s a big deal with the kids and I – we get the jumbo refillable bucket and share – stuffing ourselves to our heart’s content (and dismay)- good thing it’s only a coupla times a year! Love the idea of noting “silly” holidays!

  43. I used to love watching the popcorn kernels swirl around, getting warm enough to pop in my Nana’s dome popper! I remember getting so excited when they started to pop…and sometimes the lid would get pushed up and spill over if too many kernels were added at the beginning. :)
    Thanks for jogging my memory, I would love to take the class!

  44. Popcorn – the very first thing my husband and I ate on our very first date: we went to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the movies, sat in this big old theater with beautiful velvet drapes and a huge crystal chandelier in the middle of the two or three story ceiling. The theater has since been converted into offices and storefronts, but I can still “see” the two of us in the middle of the lower tier, worried about the kids in the balcony throwing soda or popcorn over the edge…

  45. Popcorn memory- really my parents’ memory… they would pop corn with the air popper and get ready to watch a movie together. My sister and I (who had been in bed) would sit undiscovered on the stairs and smell the fabulous aroma of their ‘popcorn party’. One night my sister was brave enough, revealed herself to our unsuspecting parents, and accused them of having a party EVERY time they put us to bed! (Popcorn and drama with that memory!) ;)

  46. When I was growing up in our family, every Sunday night was a family night. We had a light buffet supper with sandwiches, chips and jello salad and got to eat in the family room in front of the TV while we watched Disney. Then we made popcorn (on the stove) topped with real butter and would watch Bonanza with Hoss and Lil’ Joe Cartwright. WOW!! You sure brought back some memories with something as simple as popcorn! And isn’t that what this is all about – Thank you!

  47. I’ve always loved popcorn and pop a bag at least once a week. But when I was a teen, I used to pop a big pot of it on the stove and I had a secret blend of oil, butter, and seasonings that made it oh so tasty. Do you think I can remember the blend? !#&% no! And why don’t we cook popcorn on the stove anymore? It’s better than the microwave stuff.

  48. Ooh – pop corn + brown sugar + melted butter + that famous brown grocery bag = the first thing my mom made when we got our first microwave. LOVED that stuff!

  49. We bought a popcorn popper about 2 years ago and I swear that thing ran probably 3 nights a week for any old reason; Jackson and Reid and even the dog got all excited.
    It was a sad night the unit would not turn on. There was some sort of withdrawal that we went through because we just cannot eat the microwave stuff. Heather got a new one for Christmas and it has again run probably 3 times since it came out

  50. we still make popcorn on the stove with the crate and barrel popper that we received for a wedding gift 6 1/2 years ago!(she remembered that i loved another friend’s spicy popcorn) we love it and i always think about the friend who gave it to us when we make the popcorn!!

  51. You’re a stinker! And a helluva sales woman! I had NO intentions of taking this class – until your post. I even did NOT use my BPS birthday gift certificate before 12/31 as I was NOT going to take this class! You certainly put a new spin on it – thank you. I’m really looking forward to it now! I’m in – whether I win or not.
    Popcorn memory – my dad cooking popcorn – ON THE STOVE! Remember – shaking the pan??? Archaic – but it worked and was darned tasty!
    Back to trying to get ahead for GOBI now that I signed on for ANOTHER class simultaneously! ;-) Doing OK – work load is fine. And at least this is before LOM kicks in for my 1st year as an alum! Brilliant!

  52. rebecca k says:

    I was never a huge popcorn fanatic until I lived in SF and tried FRESH, HOT kettle corn at the farmer’s market. OH MY GOODNESS. One small bag later and I was completely addicted!

  53. I remember “real” popcorn my mom would pop and then cover it in all sorts of melted cheese. It was definitely not low cal but as a kid it was my favorite for watching the Wizard of Oz ever year.

  54. Thanks for the give-away, Stacy! I love popcorn, too, and my fav memory of it was when I used to visit my Grandma – each Sunday night after “night church” we’d come home with just enough time to make popcorn and settle in to watch “Murder, She Wrote” together. She died in 1999 while I was in college, but just the other day I was flipping thru channels and came across an old “Murder, She Wrote” episode so I decided to watch it. About half way thru it I realized I had this crazy-intense craving for microwave popcorn! Awesome!

  55. My friend just started making the most amazing caramel corn – now I just have to learn how to make it myself!

  56. As a child I remember my mom popping a huge bowl, lots of butter and salt and we’d sit on my dad’s lap and munch away. If you knew my dad he wasn’t much of a “cuddler” so sitting on his lap was a big deal. It was one way I felt close to him.

  57. My mom used to make popcorn balls at Chistmastime when we were young–red and green ones. I’d forgotten all about it for years. When I finally remembered it, I thought about how she was a working mom and didn’t get a lot of help from my Dad at home. She still found time to do something so messy with us. I really appreciate these fun memories–especially now that, as an adult, I know how hard it must have been for her.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  58. I remember when I was young, my parents let my sister and I try to make popcorn by ourselves on the stove – I was probably 10 and my sister 15. We got everything going, the popping started… I lifted the lid to check and see how much had popped and it went nuts, exploding all over the kitchen. My sister and I laughed so hard we didn’t cover the pot back up we just stood there watching it fly and laughing our butts off. So funny!!!

  59. I have a good popcorn memory . . . It was the summer my husband and I had just started dating (maybe 1 or 2 dates so far). We were at BYU and I was getting ready to leave for Oregon the next day to attend my roommate’s wedding. He showed up at my apartment with all the fixin’s for his favorite caramel popcorn. He wanted to make some for me to take along on the road trip! So we made popcorn. Then we decided to go see a movie, and we held hands for the first time. {sigh} and the rest is history. :)

  60. After my parents divorced, my dad used to take my sister and I to the cheap theater downtown and he’d “smuggle in” his bottle of melted butter. Becky and I hated it but I don’t remember every complaining. :) You could literally ring the stuff out. My sister (7 or 8 at the time) used to have a lisp and she’d just say “it’s so greathy”. Haven’t thought about that in years! Thanks for the memory!

  61. Does anyone else remember Jiffy Pop? My mom used to get it for me and my little friend when we would have sleepovers. I saw some recently at Target in the dollar section and made it for my kids!

  62. Dana N (MissD) says:

    Sounds like a fun class. As a child I loved going to the movies. We were never able to get drinks or popcorn since the movie price used up all of our allowance. I’ll never forget the time we found $5 and used it to buy popcorn and a drink. I don’t know what movie we saw but I’ll never forget how yummy that butter soaked popcorn tasted. To this day I can’t walk by a theater without breathing in that popcorn smell.

  63. I just made a perptual calendar, but think I like the simplicity of yours better.
    I remember the old oil based popcorn. Loved to sit and watch the oil sizzle and the popcorn pop. Wish my kids could experience the same thing.

  64. I have fond childhood memories of air popped popcorn drizzled with butter for Monday Night Football. Yum! Now I always just use microwave popcorn – I should take some time to do it the “old fashioned” way. :)

  65. Can you believe that I was in my teens when I first tasted popcorn? Yes, I lived a very sheltered life. :-) Now I love it and like to make it myself on on the stove. Thanks for the inspiraton for the birthday calendar!

  66. karen mcgowan says:

    jiffy pop! now that was fun stuff!

  67. Donna Carroll says:

    I remember making Jiffy Pop over the stove as a kid. It was fun…I think I’ll have to see if they still have it so my kids can have the same memory.

  68. My family and I seriously LOVE popcorn! We have at least a bag a day if not more. It was the first “real food” all 4 of my kids ate (much to the worry of other adults thinking my little one would choke). Over the years we have had our share of popcorn poppers and also received several air poppers for wedding gifts. But nowdays its the good ol’ microwave kind. But nothing will ever come close to my grandmothers popcorn. She made on the stove, in a well seasoned pan with lots of real melted butter… and to top it off we would either be watching “The Waltons” of “Little House on the Prarie.” Ahhh the memories. :)

  69. I remember as a child when my mother would give us a treat by buying my siblings and I the Jiffy Pop popcorn in the flat foil container with the handle that you’d shake on top of the stove until it popped. I remember the anticipation as the four of us crowded around the stovetop waiting for the spiral to pop up, excited for what awaited, scared too that we’d be getting too close to the fire. Fun, stuff!

  70. Lately, all my popcorn memories are wrapped up in Cub Scout Popcorn…selling, sorting, eating!

  71. popcorn was huge in my home growing up…at least 4 nights a week my mom would pop popcorn on the stove, melt a little butter in the hot pan and pour it over the popcorn. We would sit in the living room as a family, eating popcorn and talking about our day while watching a family tv show. Thanks for sharing your memories….

  72. I remember going over to my brother-in-laws house. We used to play board games and his wife would pop some popcorn and, I swear, she would put at least a stick of butter on it. There seemed to be more butter than popcorn!

  73. Soon after my parents divorced, my dad used to take my sister and I to the cheap theater for movies. He used to “smuggle” in his container of melted butter. You could literally ring out the popcorn but I don’t remember either of us complaining. My sister was 7 or 8 at the time and had a lisp and I remember her saying “it’s just so greathy!” Haven’t thought of that in years – thanks for the memory!

  74. After putting my daughter to bed when she was a little one, my hubby and I would settle in on the couch with a movie and a bowl of popcorn. About ten minutes into the movie, my daughter would stand at the top of the stairs with her hands on her footed sleeper covered hips and accusingly yell down, “HEY! What do MY smell?!” We would give her a tiny little bowl of her own and then she would go back to bed. That was about 18 years ago and we still say,”hey what do my smell” jokingly when we make popcorn.

  75. Ann Hayes-Bell says:

    Wow, popcorn memories… never thought I had any until I read yours and realize I have a few. When I was a kid there was a candy store in Lewiston, ID that sold popcorn balls. We’d take monthly trips into Lewiston and most times we’d stop by the store. I loved looking in the window at all the different colors of popcorn balls. Also when we were kids we had an oil popped popper in the shape of an old-fashioned popcorn cart. We’d get to stay up late on Friday nights eating oil-popped corn (yum!) and watching Dukes of Hazard. So funny! Love those silly memories.

  76. Becky in VA says:

    Sophomore year one of my roomies had trouble with her pancreas and she had to limit her diet. So instead of having microwave buttered popcorn we had to switch to air popped with a sprinkling of a product called Butter Buds. It came in a jar and when you sprinkle it over your popped popcorn it was supposed to stick to it. Except it didn’t. The ONE AND ONLY time we tried it we wound up licking the popcorn and dipping it in the butter buds that were on the bottom of our bowls! We still joke about who is bringing the butter buds when we get together.

  77. Every Saturday evening my parents loaded us up and they went to a friends house to play cards. There were 5 of us kids and we played whatever upstairs while the parents were in the basement. A weekly ritual was to pop popcorn in a pan ON THE STOVE — can you imagine it — and watch Saturday night scary movies with ELVIRA–Mistress of the Dark! We would try to make each other even more scared than the movie alone could do. We enjoyed those evenings so much!

  78. Love the calenders – they are so cute and simple – my style. My family has a favorite carmel corn recipe – it makes a TON of gooey goodness. As a new bride I tried to make it for my husband – but I used margarine instead of butter (fatal mistake) and also didn’t have a big enough bowl to handle all that carmel corn. I can look back and laugh at all my cooking disasters as a new bride but at the time I was totaly bummed.
    We seem to be popcorn people in general because every Sunday night we have popcorn and a special drink (soda or lemonade or whatever). It’s totally a tradition now and my little girls love it.

  79. I remember swirling popcorn around on the stove in the Jiffy Pop pans as a treat when we were little.
    I remember the first “air popper” my grandma got, it was huge, loud and I thought it was hysterical that the popcorn would come flying out of the popper… everytime I play that Elefun game for kids, I’m reminded of my grandma popping popcorn.

  80. Every year my family and I get together the first weekend in December to make candy and cookies. We all leave with POUNDS of homemade chocolates, peanut brittle, almond roka, and other goodies. My favorite (and my husbands-I’m not allowed back home from the weekend without it!) is my grandmother’s caramel corn. We have it down to a SCIENCE, we even have the worlds most perfect “shaking bucket”. It’s a 10 gallon wide mouth bucket with handles on either side. One person pours the hot caramel from the pan over the popcorn in the bucket. It’s deep enough that you can REALLY shake and coat every last bit with the molten goodness…AND NO ONE EVER GETS BURNED!!! All I have to do to get in the Christmas mood is think of that big white caramel corn shakin’ bucket…

  81. I personally do not need popcorn. However, I have a family that loves it. We got through boxes and boxes of microwave. I wonder if popcorn would be better the old fashioned way–with oil on the stove?

  82. Beth Smith says:

    I remember that every year, before VCRs were invented, the Wizard of Oz would come on right around my birthday (January 10th). We lived with my mom’s parents then, and my pop-pop (grandpa) would make a huge bowl of popcorn. I remember sitting on the floor at his feet eating that popcorn, getting to stay up late. What a treat!

  83. Even though my popcorn memory was awful at the time, I can look back on it and laugh now – My partner and I had just started flatting together and we decided to make popcorn for a movie. The kind of popcorn you buy in a bag and just put it in the microwave… Well I thought that my partner would be able to handle putting something in the microwave for 3 minutes, esspecially since the bag had instructions on it. Well I was setting up the DVD and I can smell burning, so I go into the kitchen and the bag is on fire in the microwave!! He had put the bag upside down and didn’t read the instructions – which stated you must stay next to the microwave and turn it off once the popping sounds start to get few and far between. Hmmm.
    But as I said I can laugh about it now, but now we make popcorn in the popcorn maker, or on the stove. :)

  84. I, too, was a Popcorn eater while in College. I spritzed it with “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” to save on Fat/Calories! Do they still even make that stuff? Haven’t had it since.

  85. Sue in Grapevine says:

    We were on a roll w/pranks my freshman year in college when someone thought of sneaking in someone’s dorm room @ night, plugging in a popcorn popper, leaving the lid off to waken the occupants as popcorn rained down in their room.
    The pranks were a fun contest ’til someone purchased white mice — our RAs shut down the pranks

  86. This sounds like a fun class.
    My memory of popcorn would be the caramel corn my mom makes. It takes hours to make, and you have to be near the oven to make it, stirring it every 15 minutes. But is oh so yummy, and perfect everytime. She makes LOTS of it, and it never lasts through the movie. I think another popcorn memory would be 25cent popcorn fridays at school. I like that the schools still do this. :)

  87. When I was in elementary school, my parents would take us to the local drive in. They would fold the back seat down, and bring pillows, have us in our pjs. There was always a kid flick starting at 7 or 8, then an adult flick starting after, so the kids were asleep. My mom would pop a huge grocery size paper bag full of popcorn, salt it, roll down the top, shake and give us each one. It was so much yummier in those big paper bags.

  88. Stephanie S. says:

    MMM, I made popcorn last night – on the stove with real butter drizzled on top. I should be thinking about calories but I had a craving! My popcorn memory is from when I was a kid – my mom used to make “popcorn wreaths” – they were like popcorn balls but shaped like wreaths and decorated with m & m’s and gumdrops. Hmm, I wonder if she still has the recipe. And I have one of those calendars in a drawer at home that I have never made – thanks for the inspiration, I’m going to work on it when I get home tonight.

  89. Your spraying water on popcorn made me laugh! Just had to tell you about “I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter” spray. It has zero calories- so it’s probably just butter flavored water- LOL! But at least it has flavor =) My favorite Popcorn memory is that my mother in law would make huge buckets full of caramel popcorn every 4th of July for all her kids and grandkids to munch on while we watched the 4th of July parade. I will miss that!!!

  90. As a child in the 60s and 70s, it was always a thrill to get the popcorn “kit” that was complete with a pie tin full of kernals wrapped with foil that expanded into a bulbous shape when heated. Kind of space-agey and definitely fun to pop and eat!

  91. Popcorn was a frequent night time treat in my family. I’m referring to a time before the age of microwave ovens, so our popcorn was popped on top of the stove. While the corn was popping on one burner, butter was melting on another burner. In no time at all, I mastered the skill of making PERFECT popcorn and was designated the official family popcorn popper!

  92. I remember when we first got a microwave in the late 70′s early 80′s. We discovered that you could put some popcorn in a brown paper bag and make popcorn in the microwave. I made this everyday afterschool until we heard on the news that people were burning down their houses doing this. Later in college when microwave popcorn was new I had a few quarters when I survived on microwave popcorn and diet coke – what wonderful memories :)

  93. hmmm, a popcorn memory. I used to love popcorn until I had an episode during my first trimester, but that’s not the memory I should leave you with. :) One day my crazy husband decided there was no reason not to be able to pop regular popcorn in the microwave and decided to try it. I of course was convinced he was going to blow up the kitchen so I stayed far away! Amazingly he was right! (That doesn’t happen often lol) It really didn’t taste as good as when done on the stove though.

  94. popcorn… we always made hot air popcorn when we played games as a family on sunday night. My sister made me popcorn on the stove and it was so tasty too. Plus, we love popcorn popping song.

  95. I have to giggle reading this post while eating my daily afternoon snack of yes, popcorn. Let’s just say my obsession with Popcorn started as a child and has stayed with me. You can read more about my love affair in the Jan/Feb issue of Simple Scrapbooks :)

  96. Daurene Turpin says:

    That class does sound like fun. Popcorn memorie that is funny to me happened just a few years ago. While in Idaho at my in-laws cabin. Dad says “how much he missed eating good old pop corn”. My youngest said she would pop some in the microwave. Then my husband says “I’ll do it”. Got out the old pan and made good old fashion popcorn on the stove. Kira had no idea what he was doing. After eating handfuls of popcorn it. She turned to her daddy and said ” I never knew you could do that” “it was great”. Times have changed so much. She had never had popcorn like that. My favorite popcorn is White Chocolate popcorn. So yummy!

  97. Carrie H. says:

    I wish I had old memories to share…but I don’t. We started one with our children a few years back. We string popcorn/cranberry chains every Christmas Eve.

  98. my husband and kids are huge popcorn fans and eat it about every night. One of my funniest popcorn memories is when we were at the movies and my daughter was 2. My husband let her take a sip of his Sprite and she spit it all in his jumbo tub of popcorn. LOL! She still won’t drink soda to this day…5 years later! (but loves popcorn!)

  99. Wow…what a wonderful idea. Hmm…with regards to popcorn memories. I remember when our family got one of the air poppers when I was a kid. Before that my dad always popped it in a cast iron skillet. We thought that air popper was the coolest thing and I remember watching it shoot out the popcorn. Very fond memory for some reason…maybe because my dad passed away several years ago and he always made popcorn for us.

  100. When I was a little we had popcorn for SUPPER every Sunday night after church. With milk to drink. My dad had this OLD stove-top popcorn popper, blackened from grease and years of use and it made the BEST popcorn. I miss that thing.

  101. When I was a little we had popcorn for SUPPER every Sunday night after church. With milk to drink. My dad had this OLD stove-top popcorn popper, blackened from grease and years of use and it made the BEST popcorn. I miss that thing.

  102. I am not in for the drawing — just an endorsement — I took RLD last time it was offered and it was great. HIGHLY recommend it!!!

  103. My favorite popcorn memory is reading about popcorn in The Popcorn Book by Tomie DePaola when I was younger. It was a book in my classroom and then, WOW, my mom bought it for me. I still have it and still love it.

  104. When I was a little we had popcorn for SUPPER every Sunday night after church. With milk to drink. My dad had this OLD stove-top popcorn popper, blackened from grease and years of use and it made the BEST popcorn. I miss that thing.

  105. My fav popcorn memory is the kettle corn at the apple farms up north! YUM!

  106. My grandpa was all about the special orange popcorn salt. We never had it home, so it was a special treat when we were at my grandparents’ house.

  107. My popcorn memory is not so good. When I was a kid in the 60′s and 70′s; there was no such thing as an air popper…oh–maybe in the late 70′s. We used a pot with oil & popped the old fashioned way. When my little brothers made popcorn; it never failed…they ALWAYS burned it! And they’d NEVER CLEAN THE POT! I learned that you can get the blackened caked burnt stuff off if you boil dishwasher powder in the pot! I think I tried baking soda also..might have been a combination of the two. I’ll need to remember to ask them if they still do this or if they’ve progressed to microwave popcorn?

  108. That calendar is adorable!!!! I think that is going on my project list! :)
    Popcorn… Dale and Thomas white choc p-nut butter, to die for! I friend sent me some once after I was in a car accident the card read Some “crunch” to help ease your Crunch. :) I love her forever and can’t get enough of that creamy crunchy white goodness now!

  109. Marta Valdes says:

    Wow, I haven’t had popcorn in a long time. I remember when I was a child my mom couldn’t afford any extra food in the house, but she made sure to give us allowance every week. It would take me about a month to collect enough money to have her buy my brother and I popcorn or “Cracker Jack”. Those were the days!

  110. My mom LOVES popcorn (and I inherited that love of popcorn from her!). Seems like most every Sunday night, she’d pop popcorn and we’d watch the Wide World of Disney show on one of our 3 channels. Guess I’m dating myself, huh? Sometimes for special occasions, she’d make popcorn balls – yum! Thanks for the reminder – I must get that recipe from her!

  111. I remember when I was a teenager babysitting this one family with 2 young boys. Their big treat was to have popcorn after their parents went out. The first time I was there, I had no idea how to pop popcorn on the stovetop. Needless, to say the house did not smell to great when the parents got home! But after some practice at home and a few more babysitting jobs, I finally got down the oil to popcorn to heat raito. So glad someone invented microwave popcorn!!!!
    Eileen Van Dyke

  112. Kristi in Texas (but from Oregon) says:

    My mom and I used to make popcorn and watch Dallas (I was too young to really understand it all and all of the implications I’m sure were being made) every Friday night. We used the air popper and tons of butter-it was SO good. My Dad even got into making the popcorn and started adding what are now “specilty flavors” like cinnamon and sugar.

  113. Shanon Gibson says:

    We just had some popcorn the other night. I make it they way my grandma used to make it for my dad when he was younger (lots of butter, salt and grated parmesan cheese) and then my dad and I use to eat a big bowl of it every Monday during Monday night football. Those were the good ol’ days, I miss sharing a bowl of popcorn with my dad. I hope my girls will have fond memories of sharing a large bowl with me.

  114. Christy Heins says:

    I remember popcorn being a special treat when I was a kid….before microwaves. My mom would make it on the stove. I still love popcorn, but have a scary memory from it! I was 12 years old and convinced my parents to let us stay home alone when they went to the grocery store (for about an hour). While they were gone, me and my 9yr old sister got the genius idea to make popcorn on the stove ourselves. We unfortunately selected waterless cookware to make it in, not even knowing what that was! Long story short….we burnt the popcorn, the pan (it was ruined!) almost set the garbage can on fire and set off the smoke alarms! When our parents came home (in the middle of the chaos) they were less than pleased. We didn’t get to stay home alone again until I was 15! My parents still tease me about the time I almost “burnt down the house making popcorn!” I now stick to microwave and air popper popcorn only! Ah Good times!

  115. Michele T. says:

    This sounds like a GREAT class! I love popcorn, and my husband makes the VERY best! Our favorite used to be the oil Stir Crazy popper (we do hot air now)- the one with the arm that stirred the popcorn around in the fattening oil – ours broke one snowy winter night when I was pregnant and I made him go out in the storm to get a new one! He had to go to 4 different stores before he finally found one – I know he only did it (and was nice about it) because I was pregnant and hormonal!

  116. I remember popping corn (probably Jiffy Pop) over a campfire! Then, of course, we had to throw the unpopped kernels into the fire just to see what would happen. ;)
    Peanut Butter Popcorn is my fave, but I rarely make it because it sucks the self-control right out of me. It’s pretty rare to come across someone else who eats it. Most people make a strange face at the name… until they taste it!

  117. We had a stir popper – some oil, the kernels, and watch it go around and around, then the excitement of the first pop and watching the clear plastic dome fill up! So fun. Now I want to go scrap about it – and make some popcorn!

  118. I remember popping corn (probably Jiffy Pop) over a campfire! Then, of course, we had to throw the unpopped kernels into the fire just to see what would happen.
    Peanut Butter Popcorn is my fave, but I rarely make it because it sucks the self-control right out of me. It’s pretty rare to come across someone else who eats it. Most people make a strange face at the name… until they taste it!
    P.S. Fresh garlic is yummy on popcorn, too!

  119. I used to love the jiffy pop stuff that you wave oer a hot burner. Talk about safe! Yikes! LOL
    Sadly my 3 year old son is allergic to corn. :( We have a food allergy test coming up at the end of the month and are praying he has out grown it. (do ya know how many things have corn syrup in them! Oye!)

  120. Julie Pfeiffer says:

    I remember popping popcorn over the coleman stove with my family camping in Yosemite where we went every year. We then ate it with lots of salt and butter melted over the top.
    We also sang campfire songs. Now my husband and I make popcorn in his family’s popcorn maker over the camp fire when we meet up with extended family for camping. Such a yummy treat. Wow and I should get some pictures of us next time.

  121. I remember the air popcorn popper when I was a kid. Funny, we had a party with all the neighbors and someone dragged one out of a box in their garage, the kids all gathered around to see what it was. All the parents told stories about it, and then one kid said “can we use the microwave instead?”. Can you imagine the kids with a dial phone? lol

  122. Ok I gotta say that our family LOVES PoPcOrN!!! it is basically a tradition in our family. Even our dog, Gracie loves it. She is way better than catching it in her mouth than the rest of us are….I wonder if that is a “dog thing”
    Would love to win … Sounds like an AWESOME CLASS
    Shawnna S.

  123. One of my first real jobs was at a movie theater, just smelling popcorn takes me back to that time when my job was so simple and fun. I cant hardly eat the stuff now but i love to smell it.

  124. The first memory that “popped” into my mind is Sunday nights after church my Mom would pop a big bowl of popcorn and our family would watch the Sunday night Disney movie while eating it. Fun times!

  125. My popcorn memory: I grew up in Colorado and we heated with our fireplace, so we would often get the jiffy pop that is for campfires and make popcorn in our fireplace! I loved watching it puff up and we have a special popcorn bowl handed down from my great grandmother- I need to scrap about that!

  126. Mmmmmmmm… popcorn memories and a chance at a free class? All right!
    I’ve got two – I was around 12 or 13 and entered a grocery store contest to guess how many popcorn kernals were in a jar of Orville Redenbacher popcorn. I couldn’t believe it when I won $50 worth of free groceries! My sister and I surprised our parents and we bought $25 worth of good food and $25 worth of junk food!
    Another popcorn memory was the best tasting popcorn made from our hot air popper. We would melt down butter in our cast iron pan and you had to really get it just right. If you didn’t cook it long enough, the popcorn would get soggy from the butter. If you waited too long, the butter would burn and that’s just nasty – brown yucky tasting popcorn. Ohhhhhhh but get it just right – what a sinfully delicious evening snack for our entire family!
    Thanks for the chance to remember this and maybe win a spot in Elizabeth’s class. I love her book!

  127. how do I love popcorn…I got a whirly pop a few years ago and we love it so much!!! I have never tried cheese grated on it though…sounds great!
    Would lvoe to have a red letter day…

  128. sweet calendars!!
    ok, my memory isn’t so much of popcorn you can eat, but the styrofoam popcorn/peanuts stuff that is just as messy: my mom had shipped a box of christmas presents and my children (just 2 at the time) decided that A. the box was fascinating and B. the popcorn inside was the best toy ever. They proceeded to climb into the box, popcorn and all–both of them–and pull the flaps shut. I walked into my bedroom (where the box was) and noticed that there was styrofoam all over around it. Thinking nothing more than the boys had been playing I opened up the flaps to put the popcorn back in. That’s when my oldest jumped out and scared me half to death, my little guy was giggling in the way that only a 14 month old can and they started then throwing the stuff all over. Yes–I DO have a picture!

  129. We LoVe Popcorn at our house nd we regularly have popcorn suppers. Healthy, huh? Anyway when I was a kindergarten teacher, I worked in a very economically challenged area and that year we were studying measurement and food at the same time, so I decided it would be fun to use an air popper to make popcorn without the top on and then we would measure to see how far the popcorn would go. Got the butcher paper all laid out on the floor, and told them we could eat the popcorn afterwards.
    Well those kids must have been hungry! They were like little ants scurrying around and eating all the popcorn! I just had to laugh. I was the one who learned the lesson that day–never try to do a math lesson with food BEFORE lunch!

  130. Is there anything cuter than a nursery full of 18 month-3 year olds singing “Popcorn Popping”? The popcorn I remember my family making was also popped in an air popper but when the butter was poured on it, all the kernels shriveled up into nothingness. Not the best treat if you ask me. Low Butter microwave is much better.

  131. i remember popping popcorn in that air heater maching that spit the fluffy white popcorn out of this funnel-like tube, then packing it up in bags & stuffing our coats with them, then going to the movie theatre with my whole family (everyone had their pockets stuffed with popcorn) to watch Return of the Jedi. There were 6 of us, so just the tickets blew our family outing budget. Hence the popcorn pockets!

  132. Jiffy Pop! When the Miss America pagent came on, my mom made Jiffy Pop and grape koolaid. She put a big blanket in the living room floor and we would watch and eat together. Hadn’t thought about that in a long time!

  133. Love Elizabeth Dillow!!! My DH lost his job in Aug. and now we are both looking for work (I was a SAHM before). Otherwise I would have totally signed up! I hope she has an awesome turnout!!! If you get in her class you will enjoy! Best wishes, Michelle

  134. We had a pot just for popcorn and would make a huge batch during the winter months when we were snowed in. Living on a farm a mile from the nearest major road this happened alot :) Then we would all sit around and play cards – kings in a corner when I was young then canasta when I was older… I sitll miss shaking the pot to make sure all the kernels got down to the oil/heat and that was 25++ years ago.
    Even if I don’t win a spot the walk down memory lane was so worth it – Thanks Stacy and Elizabeth.

  135. My favorite popcorn memory is from my childhood. We use to have movie marathons. All eight members of my family. We would make tons of popcorn and put it in the big bowl (with the name STONE on it… our last name) and then we each had own bowl with our first initial on it so we could keep refilling…. Now with 2 kids of my own I have done the same thing and hope they have as wonderful of memories as I do.
    thanks JennT

  136. love the calendars! popcorn will always, always remind me of me mother. she loves popcorn in all forms. we have our differences, but i think i need to do a page honoring my mother and her love of popcorn.

  137. College. Everyone had popcorn poppers! On weekends we would pop popcorn and play cards. Euchre!

  138. My family loves movie and popcorn on Friday nights. Dad pops hot air popcorn and uses his special combination to top it. It is a wonderful Friday night family night and is creating a great memory for my children.

  139. stringing popcorn for a little Christmas tree we had when I was little…thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  140. Those calendars are great, Stacy; simple and attractive :)
    I remember cooking popcorn in a saucepan on the stove and taking the glass lid off (it had steamed up) to see if it was ready…popcorn EVERYWHERE!

  141. Every locale has its lost gold-mine stories; it seems to bring security to know that there is gold in “them thar hills”. I admit. There have been times when I’ve searched high and low for my own gold-mine. I’ve looked at our checkbook balance hoping I had miscalculated. I’ve groped couch cushions looking for change. I’ve contemplated selling everything but the kids. But, no gold mine. At least I didn’t think so, until one night long ago when I was popping popcorn.
    Cali had walked into the kitchen, heard what I was making and said, “I don’t like popcorn.”
    I thought, “How can she not like popcorn?” She had been eating it ever since she was a baby. I’d pull the fluffs off the hulls and feed them to her until she had big enough teeth of her own. As far as I knew, she’d been eating popcorn every week since. Besides, what is there not to like about it?
    But I answered her, “You know, I don’t think I really like it either, but it means everything is okay when popcorn is popping, so that’s why I pop it. When I’m popping popcorn it means it’s Sunday night and we’re getting ready to watch a movie or play a game or hide-n-seek with Aunt Lynn’s family. When I’m popping popcorn it means it’s Friday night and we’re getting ready to go to a ballgame or on a drive. When I’m popping popcorn it means everything is okay.”
    I finished buttering and salting the popcorn and we went into the living room to join the rest of the family. I sat down on the couch—the same couch I’d searched looking for a gold mine [change], but had only come up with stale popcorn and lost puzzle pieces. Cali said, “Hey guys, did you know popcorn is mom’s security blanket?”
    And to think, I had been sitting on my gold mine all along.
    Most of us are sitting on gold mines; it just takes some refining to see them. It took popcorn for me to see that my family was my goldmine, not the absence of debt.

  142. When I was living abroad, microwave popcorn was always a treat I looked forward to in the care packages sent from home.

  143. my popcorn memory? the first time my fiance introduced me to kettle corn and a movie. that was when i decided that not only was i going to marry him, but we’d have an incredibly happy life together – he knew what i wanted before i did, and gave it to me!
    (we’d been dating about a month at that point. and yes, i knew we’d spend the rest of our lives together.)

  144. my favorite popcorn memory is snacking on it as a little girl with my dad. he popped it the old fashioned way, on the stove in a big pot, and sprinkled it with salt. we always had it with sliced granny smith apples on the side. thinking about it makes me smile. thanks!

  145. My dad still pops popcorn in a pan on the stove. He just made some for me and my children this past weekend – wowee!

  146. Jennifer Monroe says:

    As a high school English teacher, I realize that sometimes my students can become stressed due to testing. Every so often, I will bring lots of popcorn to school and let the kids watch a video just to relax and regroup. We both enjoy the “vacation.”

  147. One of my very best friends wanted a recipe for popcorn balls. The recipe called for 4 cups of popped corn. She showed up at my house with two garbage bags full of popped corn wanting to know how to mix in the other ingredients. She had popped 4 cups of kernels!

  148. My Mom makes THE BEST kettle corn. Tastes just like how they make it at street fairs and such. Anyways, when I got married she gave me a hand crank popper of my own to make it myself. Still it dosn’t matter how closely I follow her directions,it never tastes the same!! The class sounds fun, hope I win!

  149. Oh my gosh! What a memory this dug up. When I was about maybe 7 or 8, I used to hang out with my babysitter’s family. Their mom would make multi-colored popcorn with food coloring and toss it in a confetti collection in giant plastic bags. We’d all pile in the back of the station waggon and go to the drive in movies and munch till our hearts were content. Regular colored popcorn had never tasted as good! :)

  150. I happily remember making popcorn in a pan on the stove! I don’t remember how old I was when I first learned how to do it myself, but it still tastes the best to me. In college we snuck an air popper into the dorm. The RA didn’t say a word as long as we kept her supplied with popcorn. :-)
    These days we use the microwave. My 3 kids eagerly look forward to “carpet picnic night” every Saturday for popcorn and a movie. I’ve definitely got to scrap that memory!
    Thanks for inspiring us Stacy!

  151. My fav popcorn memory is one of recent times. Just in December one of the activities for our advent calendar was to watch the movie ELF and eat popcorn. With 4 year old triplets and a one year old you wouldn’t think it would work. They loved it. I think I popped 4 bags of popcorn and went through one pitcher of lemonade. Even the baby ate some broken off pieces. It was so much fun.
    There’s a couple photos on my blog from it:
    Now I’m hungry for popcorn!

  152. I live in New Zealand, so this tradition wasn’t a ‘normal’ part of Christmas for us Kiwi’s but one I thought was quite cool of my American friend – her and her mum would pop popcorn together one day after school in early December and string all the popcorn and decorate their tree with it. I remember asking my mum if we could do that too, but she said no because she didn’t want our cat to eat our tree! LOL!

  153. funny that you were hooked on air popped corn that’s why i decided i didn’t like it and only started eating it again when i got a Stir Crazy electric popcorn popper. Now i can’t get enough. Our church small group also goes crazy if our friend who brings kettle corn each week isn’t there and we don’t get any. We are like addicted to the kettle corn. love all your ideas and am feeling the “kids still home from school” pain, they are in the Mead district. here’s to winging the snow days… blessings jen

  154. I remember my Grandmother makig Jiffy Pop for us kids on the stove. Also, my best friend is a huge popcorn person, so when I think of popcorn….I think of her.

  155. My mom used to make the BEST air-popped popcorn when I was a kid… I remember swirling the last pieces around in the bottom of the bowl to soak up all the leftover butter and salt- YUM!

  156. Thanks for the calendar idea – I love to make my own stuff, too, and call me tactile, but with all the tricky phones/macs/computers at my home and work, I still go for the paper calendar in my hands. Elizabeth’s class sounds fun – winning a spot would be a thrill!

  157. My Dad loved popcorn and it was a typical weekend treat for us, back before there were air poppers and it was made on the stove with some hot oil.
    One day back in the 80´s when I was getting ready to head back to university my Dad offered me $20.00!!! to make him a bowl of the white fluffy stuff. I double checked to make sure I heard correctly and he confirmed 20 bucks for a bowl. I figured this was some of the easiest money I ever made, I made the popcorn and he gave me the money.
    It wasn´t until a few years later when I was telling the story of my $20 bowl of popcorn in front of my Dad that he told me he was just giving me money to use for gas for my drive back to school. I got the last laugh because I told him what he didn´t know was that my Mom had already given me money!
    I still love having popcorn and I think about my Dad often when I eat it! Try popcorn with melted butter and sprinkled with parm cheese, yummy!

  158. AAh popcorn…we would watch tv and eat popcorn every Friday night as kids. It was a holdover from when my dad, one of ten kids, was served popcorn and apples on Sunday evenings, after a big Sunday lunch. Now that’s a great plan…and a great memory!

  159. Betsy Partridge says:

    I remember the few times my parents took us all to the movies…we would get popcorn and dump in chocolate covered raisans–they melted and got all gooey! To this day it is still one of my favorite comfort snacks.

  160. Heather B. says:

    As a kid we used to have movie nights and Dad would pop popcorn in a wok maybe?? I can’t remember what it was that he used – I’ll have to ask – but I remember waiting for the oil to sizzle a little bit (yes, oil, no healthy air popped popcorn here) before we would slowly add the kernels and wait for them to start to pop. With melted butter and salt – mmmmm – and I was just wondering what to have for dinner tonight

  161. When I was growing up, we had popcorn for dinner on Sunday nights. Of course, we had a big meal after church. My parents still have popcorn on Sunday nights.
    Lou Ann

  162. Malia in Seattle says:

    My Mom always makes popcorn for herself & my kids and calls it a popcorn party which they love!

  163. Oh, I’ve got plenty of popcorn memories as I worked at the local movie theatre all though high school. I loved that job, free movies and all the popcorn you could eat on your break! I worked hard and had fun, all while wearing purple polyester! LOL! And as good as that popcorn smells when you walk into that theater, it smells horrible in your hair and clothes at the end of the night. Ahhh…memories! :)

  164. How fun to read all the popcorn stories!
    I keep thinking of the old beat up pot that we used only for popcorn when my dad’s duty night (Navy Brat here) happened to fall on a weekend. We got to watch tv and eat popcorn, it was a huge treat.

  165. Oh – I loved “The Scrapbooker’s Almanac” and this class looks fab!!
    My grandpa used to chow down on Mary Janes and caramel corn with peanuts while we watched Yankee games. My teeth hurt just reminiscing, but every time I see one or the other I miss him so!

  166. My favorite popcorn memory would have to be making Jiffy Pop with my kiddos for the first time. They so loved seeing the pan expand and then cutting through the foil to get to the fabulous buttery treat. Of course we would then snuggle in my king-sized bed, the three of us, munch the popcorn and watch old Disney movies like Bedknobs and Broomsticks! Such fun!! Thanks for helping me to remember!

  167. Anna Vollmer says:

    We constantly have people over at our house, so popcorn is an easy snack to make for tons of people at the last minute. That said my husband decided that since we have popcorn fairly often, we would probably go through a lot in our stove top popcorn maker. So he got the 5lb costco size container. That was almost 3 years ago, and even though we have it all the time, we still have yet to even make it halfway through the bottle. Definitly one of those ‘What were we thinking’ moments.

  168. I also love “Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree” (being the Primary Secretary I get to hear it a lot!).
    My grandpa passed away Sept. 18, 2007. When we would visit when I was younger we could always plan on having “Grandpa’s popcorn”. He would put the corn in one of those metal baskets and pop it over the fire in the fireplace then add chex and peanuts. Yummy! I wish I could have it one more time. It’s not the same when I make it.

  169. Ok this may be the most stupid popcorn memory ever but when I was a little girl, when we would go out to the mall, we would always go through the Sears entrance and there was a huge popcorn stand (like in the center of the movie theatre) right there in Sears. Without fail, we would beg for a bucket of it. And on the super rare occasion that my dad would break down to get it for us, we would smile like we had just won the lottery or something.
    I know super corny but that was the 1st memory that came to my mind when I thought of popcorn. Funny cuz I haven’t thought about that in years.

  170. My aunt was a senior when I was in 2nd grade. She used to have me over for sleepovers and we’d always have popcorn. She taught me to eat the hulled side first and save the white puffy part for the end. I don’t always do it, but when I do, I always think of her. . .and her high heeled shoes she’d let us wear. . .and how she had the whole upstairs to herself. . and the list goes on and on. Love the calendars. I got one of those for a wedding gift. ~wendy b in vancouver.

  171. My favorite popcorn memory would be popping Jiffy Pop with my kiddos when they were little. They loved to shake the pan back and forth as the aluminum dome slowly grew larger and larger. They loved to slice open the foil and dig in to the buttery goodness. We would of course, the three of us, climb into my king-sized bed and watch old Disney movies like Bedknobs and Broomsticks. What a great memory – thanks for helping me to retrieve it! Thanks also for the give away!

  172. Popcorn! We would make a popcorn cake every Christmas. (one giant popcorn ball decorated with gum drops) I’m going to ask my Mom for the recipe so I can make it next Christmas. My kids have missed out.

  173. Hi Stacy! I remember when we used to pop the pop-corn over the electric stove! I forget the brand name now, but it used to come packaged to look like a little skillet…back in the “old” days! Before there were microwaves! Ok, enough with dating myself…class sounds great!

  174. Andrea C. in IL says:

    My Mom used to have an air popper and she would sometimes take the lid off and the popcorn would pop everywhere. I have the best Mom!
    Andrea C. In Illinois

  175. Every Christmas my Mom would make a popcorn cake. (it was giant popcorn ball decorated with gum drops-that she would slice) I need to get the recipe so we can make this a tradition for my kids.

  176. Hi Stacy, I remember visiting my cousin Jheri and we decided to make popcorn on the stove. Well, the oil and popcorn caught on FIRE! WE had to use the fire extinguisher and needless to say, the popcorn was a bit WELL DONE!
    (Nevermind my aunt’s kitchen:)

  177. Stacy…this probably dates me. But I remember my Grandmother using leftover bacon grease to pop her popcorn in on the stove. And for an added treat, she would throw in some of those little cinnamon red hots. Yummy! Thanks for giving me the inspiration to make this on the 19th for my family. I forgot all about this!

  178. I have so many popcorn memories as it was a staple in my house growing up! (I think it was a frugal snack for my mom to make for us!) One of my best memories is my mom popping bit batched of popcorn in paper sacks that we would take to the drive-in movies with us! I have such fond memories of being snuggled in the backseat with my brother and sister in our PJs at the drive-in, eating our paper sack of popcorn (and even getting ONE SODA!!!! That was a big deal to us!)

  179. My dad always made popcorn in a heavy pan on the stove–small amount of cooking oil, popcorn added when hot–then the popping began–and the aroma was wonderful–much better than the microwave stuff today.

  180. About 7 years ago, my Mom and I snuck away to a movie by ourselves. We hadn’t been to a movie together in quite some time, and it was just a fun little girl night.
    We both got popcorn, and I promptly dumped my box of milk duds into my popcorn. I glanced over at my Mom in the dark and saw that she was pouring her M&M’s into her popcorn! I didn’t know that she ate her movie snacks that way too :)

  181. Popcorn. Me and dad. The two go hand in hand. We both love movies and we both love popcorn. We can’t do one without the other. I never realized how much this was a Daddy’s Little Girl or Daddy & Me time/thing until I grew up, moved away and got married. Now when I visit home, we still have those times – movie and popcorn, sometimes at home and sometimes at the theatre – and they just melt my heart! Ahhh…

  182. My grandma had a hot air popper. I remember sitting in her kitchen watching the “baseball game” happen in her popper. Loved that!! Thanks for bringing me that memory!

  183. My dad (who passed away almost 25 years ago) made the most awesome caramel corn with popcorn. He would cool it out on our porch and then we would dig in. I tried to make it once years ago, but the popcorn just melted down to nothing. I think I’ll try it again!

  184. My parents always made popcorn for us without any help from us kids but one evening we had a neighbor babysitting us and we all decided we wanted popcorn, the neighbor set me up on a stool at the stove with the oil and popcorn kernels in a pan, turned on the burner and said “when they stop popping it’s done” and walked away. I was so scared, scared I would burn the popcorn or worse, myself but when it was all done I was so proud to have done it all by myself.

  185. Popcorn was a staple on the weekends at my house growing up. I love the taste of air-popped popcorn. We would pop some and watch the Love Boat and Fantasy Island!

  186. Sounds like a great class. Just on a side note I recently bought photofreedom and I love love love your method! I can’t wait to have my pics organized to start scrapping more productively.
    I remember making stove popped popcorn and shaking it in a giant paper bag with my mom to mix the salt and butter. I have created my own tradition and make chocolate covered carmel corn, all from scratch, every year for Christmas.

  187. Ahhh…memories of popping popcorn in Mom’s big old pan on our stove as a child. It was such a treat! The class sounds great!

  188. I thought of a couple of popcorn memories. One is when I was younger, my best friend and I discovered that if we dialed “popcorn” using the letter keypad on the phone we were able to listen to the exact time-to the second.

  189. Katherine says:

    Popcorn memories- who doesn’t have at least one. My favorite one involves the fantastic Jiffy Pop thing-a-ma-jig. My claim to fame as the local babysitter was that I brought a Jiffy Pop pan to every gig. The kids loved to watch the silver bubble blow up and I kept them occupied for a good hour between popping and eating the popcorn. I’d love a sopt in the red letter day class but if not, I still enjoy reading everyone’s popcorn memories.

  190. My mom always made popcorn for us to watch Little House on the Prairie. The only problem was that she made it hours before the show was on and put it in brown paper bags. I guess she wanted it done before she tidied. It always tasted cold and stale though. LOL!
    Lisa L.

  191. I remember the Jiffy popcorn. I think we took it camping and popped it over the campfire. Bare Naked Ladies have a great popcorn song on their kids CD. My kids love it!

  192. One of my favorite popcorn memories is when my dh and I lived in North Carolina. We didn’t have a lot of money, barely enough to make our bills and we ate popcorn almost every night. One night while making our popcorn the lid to the popper came off because we had put to many kernals in. Popcorn was going everywhere! So many unpopped kernals were on the floor that we were stepping on them, burning the bottoms of our feet.

  193. I remember my Grandma taking me to see Land Before time and finding a bug in my popcorn! I still can’t eat popcorn in the movies. Thanks for the giveaway.

  194. Judy Sanza says:

    Popcorn has been a staple in our lives since I was a little girl. I guess my favorite memory is my father popping his popcorn so he could sit down and enjoy a boxing match. This was in the 50s. Well, he was just about to sit down…forgot the salt, went to get it in the kitchen…came back and there was a knockout…seconds into the first round. There he stood with the salt in his hand, his popcorn on the end table…we won’t tell you what he said.
    Love your classes and your blog and your books. I thank you so much for your inspiration.

  195. My favorite memories involve the countless movies I’ve watched over the years with my eldest son. Watching a good movie and eating popcorn with one my favorite people in whole wide world, what could be better?

  196. When I was growin up, my family only made popcorn on the stove. I would go to my friends’ houses and have microwave. I would beg my parents to get microwave popcorn like my friends. Now that I have my own family, I only cook popcorn on the stove. I can’t stand microwave popcorn.

  197. This is so great–I was just thinking of my grandpa before I read this post and now I’m all teary. We used to spend weekends with grandma & grandpa and they’d fix up blankets and pillows in front of thei living room tv and feed us popcorn and sliced apples while we watched Dukes of Hazard and The Love Boat :) Hadn’t thought about that for awhile but such a sweet memory.

  198. My mother always made popcorn balls & handed them out at halloween to all the trick or treaters. Obviously a long time ago as you could never do this now.

  199. When my husband was alive, we had a cabin on a lake in Central Oregon. There was no electricity but we had a Propane gas stove and an old fashioned stovetop popcorn popper. The whole family loved to make popcorn. We never set it on fire (Tammy) but the bottom kernals were rather well done sometimes.

  200. Stove-top popped corn, a big plastic tablecloth spread on the family room floor,and my sister and I lying down watching the Donny & Marie show fighting over who was going to marry Donny. Brings back warm memories!

  201. My best friend in high-school is the all time best popcorn maker. She used to make a huge paper bag full erverytime I stayed over at her house. It brings back such good memories of being 16 and to young to date, but always having the best popcorn to eat. Thanks for making me remember!!! Star

  202. My dad used to pop popcorn on the stove almost every night. We would eat it together (usually just the two of us) while we watched TV. I spent a lot of time with my dad that way. Also, it had to be white popcorn- not yellow.

  203. At the small university my husband used to work at in Texas, the president use to have a blue light on his house…Whenever the light was on, it signaled to the students that they were invited to his backyard for popcorn. Every perspective student that visited the university left with a nice bag of popcorn. How cool is that!!

  204. I guess my favorite popcorn memory is running outside barefoot in the snow with the smoking bag of what was before popcorn :)

  205. Popcorn is probably my number one snack. I absolutely love it! I also had the hot air popcorn popper in high school and I think I used it almost everyday. But I think my favorite popcorn memory has to do with making popcorn garland for Christmas. We were spending Christmas at my grandmother’s house and because of her health she had not decorated. So my brother and I went in the woods and found a tree (which was so much bigger than we needed)and then began finding things to use as ornaments. Naturally I thought of stringing popcorn garland. I never dreamed how much pop corn it would take or how hard it would be to actually string popcorn! But finally when I was through we had garland. I don’t think I will take that on again. But, popcorn still remains my favorite snack!
    I love the calendar idea and can’t wait to make one. Thanks for the great ideas and projects!

  206. I used to love stringing popcorn to hang on our Christmas tree, eating it while we strung it, and always making a few extra strands to hang on the trees outside for the birds.
    My first cat, Queenie, was also a lover of buttered popcorn- but only if it was still warm.

  207. I had the hot air popper in college. That was a staple – pretty much every time I was pulling an all-nighter to finish a big paper with my trusty IBM Selectric (WITH correction cartridge)that popper would come out. Hey, a gal gets hungry at 3 a.m. what with all that typing! And every Friday night I would order a personal pizza and pop popcorn – that was my version of “partying” in college. Now I’ve both dated myself and proved that I’m a dweeb all in one post!

  208. I once made a popcorn string for my Christmas tree while my 18-month old son kept eating the pieces off of it. I felt like it was going to take forever, and I only did it that one year. It was cool, though, because once we were done with it on the tree, we put it outside and the birds had themselves a nice snack in our front yard. I was able to get some great photos of them!
    Thanks for the opportunity! :)

  209. At the small university my husband used to work at in Texas, the president use to have a blue light on his house…Whenever the light was on, it signaled to the students that they were invited to his backyard for popcorn. Every perspective student that visited the university left with a nice bag of popcorn. How cool is that!!

  210. Growing up (well he still does it I’m just not there!) every Sunday night my dad would pop this huge bowl of popcorn (he even had a special pan that was only used to pop the popcorn) cut a bunch of pieces of Colby cheese and that would be his dinner. My sister, mom, + I would get our little bowls and scoop out our portion from his gigantic bowl. Popcorn always makes me think of my dad!

  211. Laura King says:

    Stringing popcorn and cranberries on the Christmas tree. It is one of my favorite childhood memories. I continued the tradition after getting married (even before our kids came along!).

  212. Fun class! We used to pop popcorn in an aluminum pan on top of the stove to take to the drive-in movie. We’d make enough to fill up a full size paper grocery sack. Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot!

  213. tammy Thomas says:

    I remember mom making us mother goose popcorn, colored and flavore with jello I think.
    thanks for the chance to win

  214. I made a perpetual calendar for my mom a few years ago. I did it digital. I should print myself a copy to remember everyones birthdays too.

  215. One of my favorite popcorn memories is from college. My college roomie and I would pop popcorn a couple of times a week and watch movies. We watched Top Gun, Aladdin, and Beauty and the Beast over and over again, amongst many others.

  216. My favorite popcorn memory is when we used to string popcorn for our christmas tree.

  217. I loved popcorn with lots of salt. I went to a movie with a friend and she dumped m&m’s on her popcorn and I was disgusted at the mix of the chocolate and popcorn. Today I love moose munch and realize that my friend was a trend setter and I was behind the times.

  218. The year I was in 6th grade, it was coming very close to Christmas and my Dad (who usually counted on one of his daughters to help pick out my Mom’s gift) came home from work with a BIG box to put under the tree. It was wrapped and the card said it was for my Mom. We were all perplexed! What could it be? A fur coat (forgive me, it was the early 80′s) or some other wonderful extravagant gift for my hard working Mother. Dad had never purchased a gift on his own and we were all just dying to know what was in the big beautifully wrapped box. As the days ticked on until Christmas the guesses continued and I remember that on Christmas morning we were all at the edge of our seats, more excited to see what was in that box than what Santa had brought us. Well, Mom, smiling, carefully unwrapped the box to find….***drum roll please*** an air popcorn popper. I could have told Dad this was a dud gift, but I think he got it when he saw the look on not just Mom’s face, but all of our faces. Sorry Dad but that was a total let down! Anyway, we all still recall and laugh about the air popper fiasco!

  219. Jennifer W says:

    I remember my mom introducing me to white cheddar popcorn – yummmy!
    Ok….going to the store tomorrow!

  220. I remember getting a box of Cracker Jacks when we went to my grandmother’s. Always excited to eat the sugary popcorn to find the prize inside. Also remember Mom popping Jiffy Pop on the stoves on weekend nights when Dad was on a trip and it was just Mom, me and my brother.

  221. Chris Cross says:

    My husband had an old-fashioned popper with a big orangish colored dome that made the best popcorn with real oil when he was growing up. He talked about it often and wished he could find one of our own after we were married. We too had a hot air popper, but they are not the same. Believe it or not, the first babysitter my kids had was having a garage sale and, lo and behold, she was selling the popcorn popper my husband wanted. It does make the best popcorn ever.

  222. My most favorite memory was in college. My room-mates boyfriend and his friend lifted the sun roof in my old 1979 Subaru and completely FILLED the inside of my car with popcorn. I still laugh to think about it and am so grateful I have a few pictures of the clean-up process. Thanks for the idea and the inspiration to go down memory lane.

  223. Growing up and going to a small K-6 grade school, Friday’s were popcorn days. For a dime we could buy a small bag and eat it in class. We always brought extra dimes just in case someone didn’t have one or forgot theirs.
    Worst popcorn memory: a college roommate in a tiny EWU dorm room who burned microwave popcorn several times. The microwave was in our closet so all of our clothes and the room would smell for days. That smell still makes me sick!

  224. It was a Sunday tradition in our house to have popcorn for dinner. My mom usually had something yummy cooking all day while we were at church so we had a big meal for “lunch” and then popcorn for dinner. I love remembering those days.

  225. Mary Beth says:

    I have a reputation for theme gifts. For Christmas a few years ago, I gave several friends “Dates In A Box” I bought a local Zagats guide, gift certificates to the local movie theater, movie candy, and a Starbucks gift card, which is only steps away from the theater. When I gathered everything together it looked a little bland, so I got several large boxes and popped many bags of cheap popcorn. I filled the boxes with popcorn, buried the gifts in the middle and wrapped the whole thing. Everyone loved the gifts and even snacked on some of the packing material. :)

  226. Mizwoodym says:

    When I was little myDad would make popcorn in a cast iron skillet. he would put one kernel in the skillet with some oil and he knew when the oil was hot when that one kernal popped out of the skillet. We always stood there and waited for it.

  227. Growing up we made our popcorn on the stove in a heavy steel pot. But as the seventies rolled in I was crazy for the pre-packaged Jiffy Pop in the aluminum pan. It was a special treat to get Mom to buy one of those. It was pure magic watching that foil pop up in a nice mound and then tearing it open to awesome, buttery popcorn!!

  228. When we were in college, my husband was coaching high school basketball. Back then, I knew very little about the game so I developed my own Popcorn Scouting Report for all the high schools in the league. We still laugh about this 20 years later.

  229. Jiffy Pop in the pan on campouts when I was youn made over the fire…..the bottom part was always burned but what good memories of good times!

  230. I have GREAT popcorn memories. I grew up in rural Ohio where Sunday dinner happened after church, usually around 1:00. For Sunday night “supper” my mother popped each person in the family a HUGE pot of popcorn. We all took our popcorn into the music room (where my father taught piano lessons), listened to the radio, played games, and ate popcorn. Usually I had enough left-over to have for Monday morning breakfast. Popcorn is still one of my favorite snacks!

  231. My favorite popcorn memories are new. My almost two year old and I now make popcorn together on the stove about once a week. He helps with the scooping and measuring, we listen for the pops and when it is done we snuggle up on the couch to watch some kid show and enjoy our treat (I sprinkle it with salt and sugar). My hubby doesn’t really like it so it is our special treat.

  232. oh my gosh i just got WAY TOO EXCITED about maybe winning a spot for this! i made myself giggle! :)
    my favorite popcorn memory…it has to be that “new fangled” elecric popper my dad had when i was a kid and there was a little tray up top for a stick of butter and it would drip onto the popcorn as it popped. it didn’t work that well, probably because my parents bought margarine sticks. but we still sat there and watched it…willing the butter to drip down and trying to grab that super yummy piece before anybody else did! i wonder if they still have that thing…

  233. not really a *popcorn* memory..more of a *popcorn maker* story. In college I had a popcorn popper that had a kinda flat base you would put oil into and a big glass dome. I used that thing almost every night in my room to cook dinners like hamburger patties or chicken breasts. It’s actually pretty amazing what I could do with that thing!

  234. There’s nothing better than going to the movie theater and getting a medium popcorn, slathered with butter, then having scarfed most of it down before the movie even starts!!!

  235. abra Riley says:

    I love popcorn too—it has to be air-popped. My Dad would make a huge bowl and we each had a little bowl that matched, he’d scoop us out a bowl full when we watched movies—like when The Wizard of Oz was on once a year and it was a big deal. He died when I was 17 and I still really miss him—now I am a Mom with my own kids and popcorn bowls! I really should scrapbook that…it made me a little teary!!

  236. When I was growing up, we were not usually allowed to snack after dinner. But on Sundays we would eat dinner early, and then have a snack in the evening while we watched TV, usually popcorn and soda. It was a treat we looked forward to every week.

  237. A couple of favorite popcorn memories – popped on the stove it was our night time snack several nights a week – but my favorite memory is snuggling with my grandmama next to her coal burning stove on her couch eating pop corn and watching tv on a cold winter’s evening ahhh sweet memories.

  238. Popcorn is a bribe at our house, at least for our youngest. He is a bit of a momma’s boy and hates to be left when mom and dad go out or have meetings at the church. In order to leave without a roof-raising tantrum, I promise him popcorn (and he gets to push the buttons on the microwave) so he’ll stay with his older siblings.

  239. A couple of favorite popcorn memories – popped on the stove it was our night time snack several nights a week – but my favorite memory is snuggling with my grandmama next to her coal burning stove on her couch eating pop corn and watching tv on a cold winter’s evening ahhh sweet memories.

  240. My favorite popcorn memory is probably how my Grandma Willie would make us popcorn in the big popper with the huge yellow dome on top. She would always let me pour in the kernels and we would always sit and wait to watch the popping begin! I probably never would have remembered this had I not read this post! Thank you Stacy for prompting me to remember such a special time with my Grandma that I miss so much!

  241. You weren’t the only collegiate popcorn aficionado. My breakfast used to involve a bag of low-fat microwaved popcorn and a Diet Pepsi or Diet Mt. Dew. Not the healthiest but very quick, and easy to eat on the walk to class. :D

  242. Well, when it comes to popcorn is all about me, no sharing, no big-bucket-for-all thing! The movie would be more like Me, myself and my popcorn! So, when in college (and no much money to spend) my friends used to order the big bucket, and I? Prefer not to eat! :P
    Did I win?! hehe
    Regards from Dominican Republic

  243. Quietangelsb says:

    My favorite popcorn memory is being introduced to kettle korn during college. Everywhere that sold it, my friends and I bought it and we never got sick of it- even if it meant buying it several times a week.

  244. Emma Eaton says:

    Shortly after my husband and I were married we received a popcorn popper for the stove. It might have been called Whirl-e-pop? I can’t remember now. But for the first two years of our marriage, while I was in school and working extra jobs and he was busy with work, every Friday night – NO EXCEPTIONS – was popcorn and a movie night. We would make up a batch and snuggle up on the couch and share a few kernels with the dog, and just reconnect and be together. Huh. We should revive t

  245. Hi Stacy! Fun post…Elizabeth’s class sounds fun!
    I loved stringing cranberry-popcorn-cranberry-popcorn on our Christmas tree at school. A more current popcorn connection is picking up a bag of “cooked outdoors in the big black kettle” kettle corn at Silver Dollar City, Missouri or War Eagle Mills Craft Fair in War Eagle, Arkansas…nothing tastier!
    Thank you for your generosity in sharing the class with three…

  246. When I was little there was this place in the mall called Carmel Corn (i think)…they made the best carmel popcorn…I loved going to that place. Soo yummy!

  247. A favorite popcorn memory is my Mom making a few huge batches of popcorn (on the stove – the best way!), putting it in a big paper grocery bag with a bag of m&m’s, and taking it to the movie theater so my brother and parents and I could eat it during whatever movie we were seeing. It didn’t used to be illegal to bring your own food to the theater! Yummy!

  248. We always had popcorn poppers and microwave popcorn in the house growing up, but our favorite was Orville R kernels popped in the pan with fresh butter! After a certain time, my sister would be the one to do it and she’d laugh in frustration at us because we’d eat it as fast as she popped it!

  249. 1. My Grandparents were farmers for most of their lives so we always had a milk jug full of popcorn kernels. My mother ate a lot of popcorn growing up so when ever she got a craving she would pull out the hot air popper. I loved watching the kernels swirl around and then pop. Way more fun then microwave popcorn!
    2. When I was quite young (4-5 years old) my Mom was talking about putting out cookies and milk for Santa to eat. I became quite upset and fixated because we had nothing to feed the reindeer. My Grandfather and the popcorn kernels to the rescue. I was ASSURED that reindeer love popcorn kernels and they would be as happy as Santa was with the cookies. I still put out popcorn kernels for the reindeer.

  250. I LOVE red letter days! I have LOTS of popcorn memories. One is from when I was four years old. We were in a new home and we had an apricot tree. I knew the song but had never seen a tree in bloom before (we live in the desert). Imagine my surprise for real when I saw that apricot tree blooming. I wanted to try the popcorn on it! Other favorite popcorn memories include the two awesome family recipes (crunchy and chewy) and mom’s BIG bowl I inherited.

  251. I LOVE red letter days! I have LOTS of popcorn memories. One is from when I was four years old. We were in a new home and we had an apricot tree. I knew the song but had never seen a tree in bloom before (we live in the desert). Imagine my surprise for real when I saw that apricot tree blooming. I wanted to try the popcorn on it! Other favorite popcorn memories include the two awesome family recipes (crunchy and chewy) and mom’s BIG bowl I inherited.

  252. kimmikaye says:

    Am I allowed to leave two comments about popcorn? The first is the smell of microwave popcorn. It wasn’t good when I was pregnant. And a childhood memory is my mom’s homemade carmel popcorn. My job was to pick out all the “old maids” those kernals that didn’t pop. It was a Sunday treat to have warm carmel popcorn. Yumm!

  253. honestly Stacy – you are always inspiring. . .thank you!! My favorite popcorn memory – my girlfriend’s brother owned a wonderful popcorn shop on the NJ boardwalk. . .we used to walk up there and get fresh carmel corn . .of course the bonus was to check out her super cute brothers!!

  254. Way back when, my girlfriends & I always “helped” each other babysit in the neighborhood. We got 25 cents an hour (that’s how long ago that was). Our staple activity was popping popcorn. As I was looking through & organizing all my old pictures (for LOM)I came across several pictures of us popping popcorn the old fashioned way — on the stove!! Thanks for the memory jog and the chance to win. Love Elizabeth’s book.

  255. stampinwithbeth says:

    I have a Whirley Gig popcorn maker. I bought it a few years ago, after babysitting a friends kids and having THEM (ages 5 and 3) teach me how to use it. There is nothing better than homemade popcorn, and if a 5 year old can teach me, than anyone can do it! This is now my favorite gift to give during the holidays!

  256. Popcorn was big in our house growing up. It is still big even now. I remember my mom popping a huge amount of corn in the ole heavy pan on the stove, then making this wonderful carmel. She would butter her hands and make these giant popcorn balls. I still can taste those balls. My dad would pop corn and then eat it with a big glass of milk, most of the time the popcorn would end up in the milk, that is a unique taste that is certainly acquired. My dad is a farmer and he still grows enough popcorn to make it through the winter. I know he has about 15 gallons of popcorn sitting on the back porch. My kids love going to Papaws and shucking corn for him. Thanks for bringing back such great memories. Laura D.

  257. When I worked part-time after my son was born, it was at an Accounting Office. They had one of the strangest rules EVER. You were not allowed to have popcorn or pop popcorn in the microwave! One of the partners hated popcorn, and so they made this very weird rule!

  258. My 3 kids love popcorn. Popcorn is the only thing I will let them eat away from the table. They think it is a special treat to have a “popcorn picnic” on the family room floor while watching a movie. Love to watch them do this. I know I will treasure this as they grow.

  259. When I was in grade school, my Mom took each one of use out of school for a day of shopping. The mall we usually went to had an awesome popcorn store with fresh popcorn and caramel corn…man that stuff was good. They also had the cutest popcorn creations on a stick which I would buy for my bro and sis. Good times!

  260. My favorite popcorn memory isn’t about the popcorn itself, but the big yellow bowl that my grandmother always used for her popcorn. My grandparents raised me after my parents divorced and my mother passed away and that big yellow bowl is one of the sweet memories I have of a very difficult time in my life…

  261. When my husband was deployed the first time back in Sept 2001, I was a newlywed. My dear MIL came for a visit and we decided to pop some popcorn. We put butter and Parmesan cheese on it, just to add a little flair. I went to the kitchen to get us something to wipe our hands on and I come back to her letting our big yellow lab lick the bowl out. She just smiled that grandmotherly smile and said, “It’s okay. He really likes butter!” It made me laugh so hard (& still does!) because she looked so CAUGHT in the act.

  262. my popcorn story is from childhood – we did not have much money, so we backyard “camped”. My memory is sitting outside in the backyard on our patio, pretending to be camping (we put our sleeping bags out on the back lawn) and my dad popping jiffy pop (remember that?) over the bbq. We were in such awe and could not believe that we could eat what was inside popping away in that pan he kept moving back and forth.
    He even overcooked it so there were some black kernels too. Not sure that was intentional, but he said if you did not have them you weren’t really “camping” well duh! It makes me laugh to recall that – had not thought of it in years.
    All the best with your intentions. My word for 2009 is dynamic. I loved how the definition described my intentions for myself this year in terms of getting fit, living with grace and having more patience and to just live big!

  263. As a kid,I remember popping Jiffy Pop ( I think that’s the name) on the stove and the bag would blow up to this big ball then we would get our sleeping bags and have a camp out in our family room

  264. every sunday at grandma’s house we would eat popcorn. as if that wasn’t enough, we would then have vanilla icecream with chocolate syrup. It was the best because we would set our bowls on the heat vent to melt it slightly, then pass it to grandpa to mix it up-like soft serve icecream. YUM

  265. During my middle school years, we had the most wonderful family that lived across the street. They had 6 children and lived a very humble lifestyle. The kids were all around my age. Sometimes I babysat the youngest kids when everyone else went to Confession. Sometimes I watched the dog and cats if they went away for the weekend. It was so fun to go over there because their Mom didn’t work so she was always home, there was always someone to play with, the older boys were cute and nice!, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, they had popcorn for snack every day after school!! I’m sure it was because it was a low-cost snack but it was fun to go over there after school with their Mom and all the kids around the kitchen sharing a huge bowl of popcorn and their stories of the day.

  266. Sounds like fun – andI got the coupon too! I LOVE popcorn – tonnes of memories for our family too. It was one of my main snacks during university; an extra treat to have it cooked in oil at the cottage; have to get it in a box at the theatre so the salt and vinegar seasoning goes on evenly; interestingly enough we just finished a bag of microwave popcorn! Would love to take this class!

  267. Oh my goodness- whenever I think of popcorn, I think of my mom. She so loves popcorn. I remember her making it the “real” way- in a beat-up, aluminum pot- shaking the kernels. The smell of popcorn always makes me think of her- thanks for reminding me of it!

  268. When my children were growing up, we had popcorn every Sunday night, usually with Kool-aid. It was like a ritual! (The Monday morning cleaning up of mugs with dried up Kool-aid and bowls with buttery ‘old maids’ in them, is also a good memory!)

  269. A popcorn memory? Well, I used to watch movies, but my brothers and sisters and I never bought popcorn or soda – they were so ridiculously expensive – but the first time I went with my now husband, he ordered a large of both. He loves popcorn with his movies and still pops his own even if we’re at home. Thinking of popcorn makes me think of my husband :)
    P.S. I love the idea of the perpetual calendar. I’ll have to contact my CTMH rep …

  270. I remember stringing popcorn for the Christmas tree. I was really young and probably did more eating than stringing! I don’t recall doing this when I was older. I’m not sure why this tradition stopped. I guess I need to talk to my mother about that!

  271. What fun memories you are helping to conjure up! Popcorn was just a huge part of our life when we were kids. We didn’t indulge in all the processed snacks and such that we have today, but we enjoyed a lot of popcorn, popcorn balls, popcorn cake, etc. The funniest memory was once we stayed with some friends and the “grownups” went out on the town. We decided to pop popcorn on the stove, but forgot to put the lid on the kettle. What a fantastic mess it made and the story has been told a million times over the last 20 years.

  272. Lynn Herrick says:

    Standing in a very, very, very long line in downtown Chicago to buy the most tasty (and fattening) popcorn in the world in the middle of the winter! It would be fun to take the class!

  273. Michelle Smith says:

    I remember stringing popcorn as a child. My mom and I had such sore finders that we gave up quickly and ate it all rather than putting it on the tree.
    Thanks for the chance . . .

  274. My popcorn memory is a recent one. We recently moved into our house that has been renovated over the last 6 month because of a house fire. Well when we got back in we realized that our microwave was not functioning as well as the dishwasher. We had a repair person out to see what it would cost to repair and it is actually cheaper to replace than repair. Back to the popcorn part of the story. A few days after we moved in my son asked for popcorn. I had totally unwrapped the microwave popcorn bag before I realized that I could not pop it. UGH! I decided to break out the air popper and make it like we used to when we were first married. I started it up and my 8 year old was mezmorized to say the least. About 1/2 way through I realized I had chosen a bowl too small for the output, I grabbed a colander and caught the rest. My son then ran upstairs to invite his brother to join us for some “old fashioned” air popped popcorn.
    Am I THAT old? “Old fashioned” would be over the stove in oil right? I guess it is all relative.

  275. Wow.. I probably shouldn’t share my popcorn memory, but I’m going to… I was probably in 5th grade. My family was watching a movie on the VCR. We have a pot-belly wood stove in the living room at my parents house. I vividly remember eating all of the popcorn my little body could handle. I ate and ate and ate and ate. I think I had more popcorn that night than I’ve eaten the rest of my life. Well, I was sitting on the bricks by the fireplace, eating all the popcorn and being warm. Next thing you know, I’m too warm and all that popcorn I had just eaten was all over me, the floor, and anything else close to me. I couldn’t eat popcorn for a long, long, long time!!!
    Nice story, huh?

  276. How funny. I just received this cool Cuisinart popcorn maker for Christmas and we have been popping corn like crazy around here! (

  277. Wow, as we are going through this difficult time with my father’s illness, talking of popcorn is so random. I remember as a little girl going to the beach on Saturday’s with my family, surf fishing, roasting hotdogs on a stick for dinner, and then my father would bring out this contraption (he said it was his secret and no one would have one like it-he was right) to pop popcorn in over the wood fire pit. He would always tell us it was a magical pan that if we were quiet we could hear the first pop over the roaring fire. The first one to hear the pop got the first handful of popcorn. Thanks for the wonderful memory at this difficult time.

  278. My popcorn memory is that my Grandma was tending my sister and I at our house one evening. We popped popcorn and Grandma was talking on the phone and gave us the pan to take in the living room to eat the popcorn while we watched T.V. I sat the hot pan on the couch and burned a hole in the cushion! Mom was NOT happy and the couch always looked “funny” after that with the middle cushion turned over the wrong way. :) Thanks for the memory jumpstart Stacy! I had not thought of this experience in quite a long time!

  279. Dawn Hobbs says:

    Jiffy pop do you remember jiffy pop and how that tin foil would rise with that neat little spiral in the middle and the wire handle??!! Or how about when you got your first air popcorn maker and the hot kernels would come out and burn your hand. LOL Oh the memories!! Dawn H

  280. Kathryn Wafer(Kippy) says:

    I still remember popping jiffy pop popcorn over the campfire when we went camping. Most of it ended up burned but it sure was fun. I wonder if jiffy pop is even still around.

  281. Two popcorn memories… one is that on Sunday afternoons growing up (we went to church in the evening as well since my dad was the minister and we had night church)we would often have popcorn and hot chocolate. (The big meal of the day was always in the middle of the day.) And second, we loved making popcorn balls when I was young! In fact my mom brought them to school one time when she was the “room mother”. It was the 70′s. You were allowed to do cool stuff like that.

  282. Karen Grosz says:

    My Dad loved popcorn and he would always have my sisters’ make it. I remember the day he asked me to make the popcorn. I felt so grown up and proud that I could do that. Wow, I had temporarily forgotten that.
    Karen G

  283. My favorite popcorn memory is from childhood Halloween. There was an older lady that lived near my elementary school and she made the BEST popcorn balls and passed them out to the trick-or-treaters. You had to get there early or she would run out. I can’t even imagine how many she made every year, being so close to the school (that hosted a carnival every Halloween) she had many, many costumed kids (and their parents!!) at her door!

  284. This little exercise in popcorn memories takes me back to my grandparents house at Christmas as a child. My Grandpa would make candied popcorn in red and green and all of the grandchildren would devour it! The best part was finding the kernels with the most gooey goodness on them. The last Christmas we had with Grandpa he showed up with enough batches of popcorn for each family neatly packaged in Christmas containers. I guess he figured it was time for the great-grandchildren to have a try. Not sure what made him do that for everyone that particular year, but it made for a great memory…maybe that is what he was after.

  285. Trace Geworsky says:

    My best popcorn memories stem from when my Mom was still alive. Every month when I got really bad cramps, she would always make me this yummy popcorn cake with m & m’s in it.
    Now, being a Momma myself I tried the recipe, and it just wasnt the same:)
    Trace G

  286. Well, several come to mind, but probably my favorite is a recent memory of sharing popcorn with my 11th month old… of course I bite off the parts with the kernels and give him the soft, melt in your mouth part… he LOVES it and it’s so much fun to share these little everyday joys, like a bowl of popcorn with my kids.

  287. I grew up as an Army BRAT so anytime I spent with my maternal grandparents was precious. My love of popcorn comes from my Grandpa. Grampy & I would look through the paper for a good movie to see together, but really the movie was just an excuse to get the jumbo big size of popcorn with extra butter to share. We never left a movie with left-overs. Yum!

  288. Dixie Lee says:

    Popcorn memory? It has to be the Jiffy-pop pans on the stovetop. It was the mid 70s and our kitchen was a lovely avocado green and mustard yellow mix of far out mushrooms, with matching appliance covers to boot. It was my birthday and Huckleberry Finn was the movie special that night. I actually have a photo of my bother and I laying on the floor watching that movie, all curled up in footed pajamas and sleeping bags. We always popped Jiffy-pop for special movies and the Sunday night 7:00 p.m. favorite, “The Wonderful World of Disney”!

  289. Kelly Butler says:

    I am now LOL. I too lived on popcorn my sophmore year in college and mine was air-popped & spritzed with water to make the salt stick. Yuck! My favorite memory is the popcorn my Dad used to make in the Stir Crazy & the special popcorn bowls that we each had to eat it in.

  290. My girlfriends and I used to “help” each other babysit way back when 25 cents an hour was good babysitting money. One of our favorite things to eat, of course, was popcorn with LOTS of butter & salt. As I was organizing my photos for LOM last year, I came across some of those old pictures of us and it made me laugh. Not only how we looked in those pictures, but we were making popcorn on the stove! Thanks for the memory and the chance to win a spot in Elizabeth’s class. I love her book!

  291. Theresa Grdina says:

    When I was little, I remember running across the yard and hearing my dad say that everyday was a joy to me…he was telling my aunt that I approached everyday with a smile on my face and each day was a new adventure. How awesome is that?

  292. Wow, your thoughts prompted my own…
    When I was a kid, my dad would pop popcorn with the air popper. He’d melt the butter in the microwave, and my sister and I would stand around him, watching the bowl fill while sneaking kernels. Then he’d pour on the butter, sprinkle salt, and carry the huge bowl to the living room where we’d eat and watch family shows (TGIF or the Cosby Show). He always ate popcorn by the handful and would shake it a bit to distribute the salt. I still tend to eat popcorn by the handfuls to this day! I never really thought about the emotional or subconscious habits around popcorn until now! Thanks, Popcorn day! :_

  293. colorado_kid says:

    The first time I sprinkled “Tabasco” on my popcorn I was hooked. It got even better when I discovered “Texas Pete” on hot microwaved popcorn. It kind of sizzles into the kernals and mmmmmm! Throw a few milk duds in while it’s hot (or Jr. Mints) and you don’t even need a movie to be happy!

  294. We love popcorn. When our 1st Whirley Pop Stovetop popcorn popper wore out, we had a special goodbye ceremony that included taps. Yes, of course I have photos! When we lived in London for 9 months, guess what went with us – our trusty Whirley Pop! We have Friday night movie nights with popcorn, fruits and veggies for dinner. Can’t wait to celebrate!

  295. The nightly ritual of eating popcorn in college. We all would gather in somebody’s room and sit on the floor and eat popcorn and talk, talk, talk! Also remember my Mom making it on the cooktop. She still likes to do it that way!

  296. I used to make the BEST caramel popcorn in a brown grocery sack, in the microwave. But, now that all the bags are recycled…don’t know if it’s safe or not. Your writing really made me hungry for a taste of it again…

  297. I was the only one who made popcorn at my house growing up. It was always a treat, not done very often. Now my husband usually makes it, unless it’s my caramel popcorn. Yum! More great popcorn memories for my kids. :)

  298. Beth O'Dell says:

    I remember Sunday nights watching the The Wonderful World of Disney and enjoying our popcorn snack. We popped it on the stove in a pan that was so black on the bottom from being burnt every Sunday. We melted the butter (I’m sure at least half a stick)in another pan. Then we loaded on the salt. Fun times:)

  299. I remember the Jiffy Pop tinfoil containers you would cook on the stove. We didn’t have it often so it was a real treat to have as a family when I was a kid.

  300. Michele Rosner says:

    Okay, my popcorn memory comes from just a few days ago. I took my boys to a movie at the library. As I was enjoying our popcorn snack, I broke my tooth. I’m getted prepped for a crown tomorrow. Not the most traditional of popcorn memories, but it does make me smile…as in how crazy is that?

  301. When I was little we had one of those hot-air popcorn poppers that was so loud! With 8 kids in my family, we had to pop A LOT of popcorn so we would catch it in paper grocery bags. We did one bag full of popcorn with butter and salt, and one bag with cinnamon-sugar popcorn. That one was my favorite. It was the perfect blend of butter, sugar, and spice. We would sit and watch movies and each of us would get our own plastic cup full of whichever kind of popcorn we wanted, straight from the bag. I would usually share a blanket with my sister Erin while we watched the movie. It was so much fun. I haven’t thought about that cinnamon popcorn in years! I will be calling my mom to get that recipe so I can share it with my little girls now. Thanks for bringing back the memories! :)

  302. leigh ann says:

    Growing up we always had a popcorn maker on the stove–I remember the wooden bowl that was our popcorn bowl and mom would cut apple slices and cheese and that was our sunday night treat as we would watch the wonderful world of Disney. Popcorn was always the low calorie snack for my brothers during wrestling season as they could eat as much as they wanted because it was a filler–no butter just a little bit of salt…

  303. I remember going to a drive-in movie with my parents to celebrate their 6th or 7th wedding anniversary – they took all 4 of us kids, ages 6-5-4 and 2! The feature film was “Ma and Pa Kettle”I think it was the first time I ever tasted purchased popcorn!
    I love those calendars – and all your reasons to celebrate!

  304. I LOVE holidays like that to for exactly the same reason! We always celebrate the first day of spring, summer, and the first day of fall with special traditions. So fun! My popcorn memory is when a sweet friend was sharing her amazing caramel corn recipe with me, and telling me about taking some to her neighbor. I made a comment about how nice that was and wishing I had a neighbor like that. Later she drove all the way across town and showed up on my doorstep to surprise me with some – so sweet!
    I love the popcorn popping on the apricot tree song too ;)

  305. My mom watches my kids a couple times a week and every time she does she makes them popcorn. I’m pretty sure that I think of her when I smell it. It will be a special memory for them.

  306. We used to watch movies occasionally when I was younger, and my mom would make popcorn for us as a special snack. She made it in a pan on the stove, with oil. No microwave popcorn for us! She got a sheet for the floor, and we’d all sit on it, and she’d always slice up apples and make us eat apples with our popcorn. I was the oldest, so I’d give my apples to my younger siblings. I was all about the POPCORN! I still do the sheet thing–it’s easier to clean up! :)

  307. shari (tigsnbitz) says:

    My favorite old time memory of popcorn is quite simple. I remember my mom popping it in oil over the stove (those round spiral electric burners). I remember the sound of the pan running over the burners as she shook the pan, and the smell of the oil, and the sound of the popcorn as it filled the pan. When the pan was almost full, the popping was a different pitch. Finally, it was ready to pour out into THE big yellow ceramic popcorn bowl, circa 1968. The ceramic bowl used for nothing else but popcorn. My favorite toppings were plain Lawry’s seasoned salt. No butter. My favorite drink to wash it down was plain instant Lipton’s iced tea. No sugar or lemon. Just instant tea.
    Those were the days.
    Thanks Stacy for the memory. I need to scrap it. I’m heading home to see mom and dad this week. I think I’ll make mom pop some corn.

  308. Hee!! I LOVE Popcorn!!! I’ll definitely celebrate on the 19th!It’s funny reading about your friend Heidi, (I’m Heidi, too) and I LOVE eating popcorn sprinkled with Parmesean cheese!! Try that one :)

  309. Susanne H says:

    My best popcorn memory takes place when I was young. Every year at Christmas my grandma and I would make popcorn balls after baking Christmas cookies. My job was to stir the mixture on the stove and make sure that it didn’t boil over. I always was in awe of how she new what to do. The recipe was in her head and now I wish I could remember all the steps to make with my boys. Even though she is no longer with us, I can still vividly recall how much fun it was to eat the mistakes with her after all the popcorn balls were made.

  310. Phyllis R. says:

    I also remember “Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree” from grade school days!
    When our daughter was just a baby my husband and I would share the hugest (mine is the old green one) Tupperware bowl of popcorn EVERY night – just the two of us right before bed! And yes, it had butter and salt on it. The funny thing is that was the skinniest time of my life! Must have been from the daily walks and keeping up with a baby. Now almost 25 years later I just eat a small cereal bowl-full every once in awhile:)

  311. PJ’s, the big green Tupperware bowl full of popcorn, sitting on top of the car–at the Drive-In with my mom and dad and little brothers. MAGIC!

  312. Popcorn memories….I loved popcorn as a kid and growing up. We went from the old alumnium pan on the stove and dumped into the big yellow bowl to the electric Stir Crazy that you turned upside down to serve in the “lid” and then we had the air popper. We now have a Whirly Pop popcorn maker, serve it in “Popcorn” containers and Friday night movie night is where it is at!

  313. The memory that comes to mind for me is last year when I insisted that we “make” garland out of popcorn and cranberries like they used to do in the old days. Oh my! What an experience that was – we got the cranberries on no problem but that popcorn kept breakinga and was all over the floor. My kids (age 5 twins and 8) were trying so hard. We ended up finishing one maybe 12 in piece and the first thing I said was….well…that was fun. I think that’s enough for the tree! LOL :)
    I completely forgot about that until now. Thanks for putting a smile on my face tonight! :)

  314. My memory is a much more recent one, from last year actually when my 12 year old took to making popcorn for the family. He uses my biggest pot and some olive oil and even though he’s burnt the pot once or twice his popcorn is really the best with cream cheese & chives sprinkles.

  315. My favorite popcorn memory…JIFFY POP….shake it over the stove until the big puffy tinfoil lid explodes and then your ready to eat! Don’t forget to throw in a few handfuls of hot tamales!!! Perfect!

  316. When I was really little, maybe 5 and my sisters were 1 and 2, my dad was left home to ‘sit’ us, while mom was at work. We had a wooden playpen, with wooden rails, that could be turned upside down like a cage. And that is exactly what my dad did, and set us girls inside and we pretended to play ‘zoo’ and he FED us popcorn through the bars! Very vivid in my memory!

  317. I remember my dad making caramel popcorn when I was a child, and i never took to it. But then, last year, my sister made some and I LOVED it. And she said she uses the same recipe as Dad. Funny how things change.

  318. OMG! You are so funny! Popcorn memories!
    I immediately thought of going to the movies with my dad. Hot buttered popcorn and a BIG box of Junior Mints – eaten together! Yes! Together!
    And he was so funny and persnickety. You had to dole out the Junior Mints one to each handful of popcorn so that they’d last for the entire bucket! lol
    I miss him, and that was a fun memory I hadn’t thought of in a very long time!

  319. My popcorn memory, isn’t one in particular its more that delicious smell once the butter hits the hot popcorn. Mmmm I can taste it now, might have to go make some!

  320. Were you my roommate in college? I had a super skinny roommate my soph year that also ate only air-popped popcorn (and drank kegs of diet coke!)
    I have lots of good popcorn memories.My husband makes the best “on the stove” popcorn. Recently he put too many kernels in the pan and had popcorn overflowing and shooting all over the kitchen!
    When we go to the movies, we order the large bag with a free refill and usually my hubby can have the bag polished off and get the refill before the movie even starts!

  321. Watching Jiffy Pop being popped & then peeling back the foil to enjoy!

  322. Fun. I also ate nothing but popcorn in college. Not for nutritional reasons, though. But they were really cheap!
    would love to win a spot in the class….

  323. Lynette C says:

    Hard to beleive but I only know about microwave popcorn when I moved to USA about eleven years ago.

  324. Memories of popcorn are really popping in to my head… making it as a child (before microwaves), getting an air-popping machine that didn’t do a good job (didn’t know about the water spritz thing) and making (and burning) microwave popcorn. But I think my all time worst memories is hubby making popcorn using olive oil which he forgot about and burnt the pot… stank the house out for days… didn’t get popcorn either!

  325. i remember being so excited when i realised you could POP popcorn – i just thought it was something you brought at the movies – i remember the oil and the smell …. and the MESS the first time we did it

  326. My Popcorn memory is spending time with my Dad after my parents got divorced. He had no idea what to do with two teenages every second weekend so he would take us to the movies. We saw a lot of movies over the year and ate a lot of popcorn. A movie wasnt complete without a huge bag of popcorn each. Its a lovely memory of spending time with my dad and eating popcorn!

  327. I love your popcorn memories! I remember the only time we got to have Jiffy pop popcorn was on campouts with Girl Scouts, which usually burnt! Now, I love whirlypop popcorn with chili pepper oil! It’s the best!

  328. I have always loved popcorn and I still eat it a couple times a week.
    My favorite memory is of Jiffy Pop, but not popping it. I wanted to know how it worked so I took one apart and of course it went everywhere. I must have been 4 or 5 and I can still remember how mad my mom was!

  329. On Friday nights when I was little we would get our air popper and my mom or dad would make popcorn. The popcorn would pop out of the chute into our biggest metal mixing bowl. I always loved the sound, pop, pop, pop, slow at first and eventually reaching a hectic speed. Then the whole bowl was drizzled with butter and sprinkled with copious amounts of Parmesan cheese. YUM!

  330. My favorite popcorn memory is that my dad made the best popcorn. It’s a gift. LOL He popped it in a pan, but not one of those twist the handle pans, just an old heavy sauce pan. A pan we used for nothing else but popcorn. He always managed to have it salted just perfectly too. Some of my dad’s popcorn sound delightful right now too. I may have to make a trip!!! I should take my camera and get a pic of my dad using the pan too. Thanks for sparking a memory Stacy!!!

  331. Popcorn was a huge part of life at my house growing up because we were often pretty poor and popcorn was cheap. I remember not being able to eat it when I had braces on (that sucked big time) and then as an adult I was eating some with my husband and broke a tooth! It was a molar and it had a badly placed filling that fell out and the tooth just started cracking away too! But I do still enjoy popcorn sometimes!

  332. One of the first things I “cooked” in our new home was a big ol’ batch of popcorn for the guys after a long day of moving us in, painting, papering, etc. Popcorn and cold beer out in the yard before the real meal of bbq. Every time we pop it I think of that day 24 years ago.

  333. Fun! I love that word “intentions” it sounds so much more friendly and doable than resolutions. I have a perpetual birthday calendar in my “to do” basket, I better get it out.
    When I was a kid, camping was our vacation (with 10 kids, what else was affordable?) A big camping treat was Jiffy-Pop popcorn cooked over the campfire. It always got a little singed but watching that big foil bubble appear was magic! XX’s

  334. Making popcorn balls at Halloween time with my Mom!!!

  335. POPCORN! OUR favorite family treat! We love it! So after the holidays…when all the gift giving is “done” we make popcorn for all our friends. I bought the best Crate and Barrel POPCORN bowls…the word is on each at a discounted! We pop and pop all morning and then cover the popped corn with white chocolate and drizzle with red and pink…To show our LOVE for our friends, family and the twins’ teachers. A litte love goes along way!!!!

  336. when I was a little girl we always had family movie Saturday and we would pop popcorn in the microwave and my mom would put the best flavoring on it….I don’t think Popcorn has ever tasted the same since really…I tried to duplicate mom but never could….
    now with my kids I’ve changed it a little and on rainy days when the weather is really yucky, we pop fresh popcorn and sit and watch a movie together. Rainy Dav Movie Day!
    looks like a fun class…I’m still trying to decide….

  337. My favorite popcorn memory would have to be when my father one time forgot to put the lid on when he was popping the popcorn and us kids were running all over the kitchen screaming and eating the popcorn off the floor. My mother walks into the kitchen and yells at my dad, “carl that has to the stupidest thing you have ever done!” To that he responded, “No it is not!”

  338. Marcia Livingston says:

    My favorite popcorn memory is when my DH and DS would go off on scout camping trips. DD and I would ‘camp’ out in the family room with chick flicks and popcorn and pop and have a slumber party of our own! GREAT memories!

  339. My favorite popcorn memory was when I and me best friend were in college, hanging out at her house and burned microwave popcorn. The way her father reacted you would have thought we burned down the house! He practically kicked us out. I still giggle over that from time to time.

  340. Yay, another popcorn fan here! I wouldn’t say that this is my favorite popcorn memory, but it definately falls into the popcorn theme:
    In December, 2005 I became very, very ill with a virus that attacked the lining of my brain. I was in the hospital for several days, and the doctors could never figure out exactly what was wrong with me, and eventually sent me home. Most unfortunately, the doctors told me that this virus left me with what was essentially a brain injury, and to not be surprised with changes to my personality or likes/dislikes. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that the smell of popcorn made me sick! It didn’t matter what kind – air popped, microwave, on the stove – the smell of it made me so sick to my stomach. Before my illness, popcorn was a BIG part of our lives: we ate it almost everyday!
    But, on a happy note, it took me almost a year, but I was finally able to eat popcorn again. I don’t love it quite as much as I used to, but I am still very fond of it.
    So, my popcorn memory is the one in which I couldn’t be around it for almost a year!

  341. We just started once-a-month movie & popcorn nights with the kids. Guess which part is their favorite?!?!

  342. First of all, I love Elizabeth Dillow! Her book is one of my favorites. A class with her would be so much fun!
    My best popcorn memory: growing up, my mom would fix us popcorn every Sunday night for dinner. That was it- popcorn! she’d use an old popcorn maker on the stove top, add a little oil, some popcorn, and we’d wait anxiously as she turned, turned, turned the top of the popper until finally we’d hear the magical sound of the kernels popping. thanks for helping me remember. :)

  343. Eating popcorn is practically a contact sport at our house! I make a huge batch on the stove, with ample butter and salt, and pile in one huge bowl. Then the four of us gather round and pounce! I think next time we need to capture the scene on film. We’re like a pack of wolves! It may not be pretty, but we always have loads of fun, and we all get full before the bowl is empty. So why do we all go crazy for the popcorn?? We can’t help it! :)

  344. Loved the simple calendar idea!
    My popcorn memory is over 12 years old… it was a beautiful sunday a few months after our son was born. my husband and i were getting ready to watch the Bears play so i popped a large powl of popcorn. we layed our son on a blanket in the middle of the floor so my husband could change his diaper…a baby boy exposed to the cold air… you get the picture…our little guy had perfect aim…ruined the bowl but got props for his exceptional aim! :)

  345. Eating popcorn is practically a contact sport at our house! I make a huge batch on the stove, with ample butter and salt, and pile in one huge bowl. Then the four of us gather round and pounce! I think next time we need to capture the scene on film. We’re like a pack of wolves! It may not be pretty, but we always have loads of fun, and we all get full before the bowl is empty. So why do we all go crazy for the popcorn?? We can’t help it! :)

  346. Lynn Finkelstein says:

    Hmmm… I commented last night and it’s not here – wonder what happened. Anyway – wanted to say just reading through all these comments is SOOO FUN! Just makes me HAPPY! :)
    My comment was about colored popcorn and the drive in movies. Not wanting to repeat incase it’s actually here and I just don’t see it for some reason :) LOL

  347. Wow! Who knew this memory was there? My favorite popcorn memory? Well there are several. Popcorn was a big treat when I was a kid. Mom would pop it “the old-fashioned way” and put lots of real butter and salt on it. Yummy, yummy good. My brothers and sisters and I would devour it! I remember watching the Miss America pagent and munching away. Too funny. Also, I remember watching War of the Worlds –the original and being so scared i couldn’t eat the popcorn. My brothers had no problem completing the task. Such happy memories here almost 40 years later. I am DEFINATELY going to celebrate National Popcorn day now. Thanks.

  348. One of my favorite memories happened just recently. One evening my husband brought home a small table-top size Christmas tree to place near the fire place. I was pretty much out of decorations by this point so my little girls (age 5 and 3) and I got creative! We strung popcorn for our little tree! I had NEVER done it before and we had sooo much fun! I was very impressed with the skills of my 3 yr old and both of them displayed impressive concentration as they tried to be gentle enough to not crush the popcorn! The tree was beautiful and one of my favorite things around the house!

  349. Popcorn is our favorite snack. I have 2 peke-a-poo’s who also love popcorn. I cook it the old-fashion way on top of the stove in a special pot. As soon as I dig that pot out and pour in the oil and a few test kernals, they know what is going on and sit at my feet waiting till it’s done. I take handfuls at a time and throw on the floor for them. If Snowball wants more, she’ll just start crying until you throw some more on the floor. I should do a page about this!

  350. Oh, I’m loving that list. I’m such a list person, and any new way to display, hang, organize a list… I’m all over it.

  351. I remember getting popcorn as a class reward in elementary school. It didn’t happen very often, but I remember the excitement of walking into my first grade classroom after recess and first smell it before seeing our small pile of popcorn onto of that brown industrial paper towel on our desks.

  352. I have a definite popcorn memory. We used to make popcorn in a big, heavy huge pan with oil on the bottom, vent the lid a bit to let the steam out, etc. One night my parents were not home, and my brother and I were watching a movie on TV. I don’t remember the name, but it was about Lizzie Bordon, lol, and we burned the popcorn so horribly…our house smelled so awful, the smell of burnt popcorn is so hard to get out…we were about 12 and 14 I think, maybe around 1975? I had not thought about that in YEARS!

  353. Oh my gosh….I just love this, and would love to take this class! My fave popcorn memory is of my great-grandmother. She would pop popcorn in an iron skillet on the stove while my brother and I stood close and watched. Every once in a while, she’d lift the lid to let a piece or two (or several) pop out onto the stovetop or floor. She’d let out a little squeal, and my brother and I would just cackle with delight! Those are the kinds of memories you never forget!!! And I am pleased to say I have a photo of my great-Granny Clark standing beside her stove, and I have scrapbooked this popcorn memory! Thanks for reminding me…it has made me smile!

  354. My popcorn memory is of PINK POPCORN (some call it Mother Goose Popcorn)! As my children have grown up I’ve made PINK POPCORN for occasions such as holiday and vacation treats, or “Way To Go!” rewards like good report cards, graduations, or just “poppin” by to say I love you! WOW … I didn’t realize all the “GOOD” times my family has had with PINK POPCORN! I sure do need Elizabeth’s class if my mind floods with childhood memories from prompts like popcorn!

  355. My favorite popcorn memory is that my husband and I always share caramel and nut popcorn from the popcorn cottage in Layton, Utah. It’s twice as much as regular caramel corn, but WAY worth it!

  356. Mom had this HUGE tupperware bowl that was always the popcorn bowl. We had the black pan with the lid and the red handle to stir the popcorn up. Melted real butter in another pan (no microwave) and of course salt and Kool-aid to drink. Yum. Thanks for the memories! Sherri

  357. Jen Gough says:

    When I was dating my husband(in high school) he nor I had much money to go out so we always hung out and either watched tv or a movie. It became a tradition at his house to pop a grocery bag (brown) full of air popper popcorn and drizzle butter in the bag as some shook the bag. To this day we both still love to make popcorn this way and our 4 children think it is the neatest thing.

  358. Mmmm Popcorn! Honestly I really didn’t eat popcorn much in college or right after college. But when I got pregnant, in my second trimester, boy did I have a craving for popcorn! I ate it every night for months. It was definitely healthier than most of my other cravings (pizza and soda) so I stocked up on it!

  359. Carmen King, Avondale, AZ says:

    We are BIG popcorn lovers – cheese (my favorite), movie theater (my husband’s), Jell-o (one of my children’s)carmel (another child’s favorite), marshmallow (one other favorite of another child), and plain with LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of butter, melted right on top of the air popper (my other daughter’s favorite).
    My husband loves popcorn from the movie theater so much that he will ask me to buy the BIG tub when I go with friends and grab a refill for him when I leave to bring home.
    Our young girls love it so much (and I guess I don’t make it often enough) that they asked me a few years ago, PLEASE teach us how to make it all by ourselves and now they do – several times a week after school.
    We are a popcorn loving family!

  360. Popcorn as a child for the evening snack, my parents still do this with their grandchildren.
    Popcorn with my son while we watch a movie. We even picked up in the dollar section of Target cute plastic popcorn container that look like the bags you get at carnivals.

  361. Ewwww- I do NOT like popcorn. One of my first real jobs was working in a convience store, and we had a popcorn machine right beside the cash register. The was always popcorn popping. one scoop of solid bright yellow oil, one scoop of bright yellow salt, then the kernals. I could hear popcorn popping in my sleep for years! plus the smell! It reminds me too much of that terrible job!

  362. Popcorn…several memories. Stringing popcorn to decorate our Christmas Tree. While in college a group of us making pop corn while studying for finals (before the days of microwaves.) Making caramel corn every Christmas. Popcorn and M&M’s – another college treat.
    I like the word Intention instead of Resolution. I intend sounds softer…

  363. purpledaisy says:

    My hubby and I always enjoy popcorn and a movie in the comforts of our home. We have our favorites….hubby extra butter…me…kettle corn. my hubby never forgets his hot sauce all over his popcorn. Either he doesn’t want to share or he absolutely loves hot sauce. That’s ok…I never plan sharing my popcorn w/ him..hehe…especially the half popped popcorn.

  364. I love popcorn and have lots of good memories – one favourite was during a teen event or mixer when some visiting teens got to use my air popper and didn’t listen to the older and wiser teens to cover the top with a towel.
    Popcorn went EVERYWHERE! Until someone grabbed a towel and covered the hole – the visiting teens looked horrified until I burst out laughing, assured them it was o.k. and then we all cleared up and made lots more yummy popcorn.
    Thanks for the memory – I think I’m going to make some this afternoon in our old battered metal pan.

  365. When I was little and my oldest brother and his wife would babysit me, I always remember them making homemade carmel popcorn…I loved that stuff. That was the only place I ever had that, we would never make it at home!

  366. Deb Jones says:

    How intersting. My Word for this year is Intentional. I want to be more intentional about everything I do. I don’t have the lovely calendar you made but I do set alarms on my computer so that I don’t miss birthdays and anniversaries. I also make the cards rather than buy them. As for popcorn, I love it but can’t eat it due to health reasons. My favorite popcorn memory was from back before my dad’s passing. He loved popcorn and we would make it, sprinkle it lightly with season salt and then Parmesan. Yum!

  367. When I was a kid my mom used to make us jiffy pop popcorn. This was the covered tin pan with a handle that you put over a flame on the stove. My brothers and i would sit and watch the foil ball grow as the popcorn popped. I don’t think you can that stuff anymore. Eating the popcorn was almost as exciting as watching it pop!

  368. For me, popcorn is full of childhood memories. I’ve begun incorporating a favorite childhood memory into our adult lives in several ways. I’ve given away altered Jiffy Pops to our mailman and UPS guys. (With a personalized message – fun!) Our family also does a “12 Days of Christmas” ring and run where we gift others and one of the days is popcorn with a special topping. Fun stuff!!

  369. Jennie Gift says:

    My favorite popcorn memory is actually recent. My grandfather passed away and a family cousin invited us over to their house just to chat… they had a huge bowl of popcorn and toppings and we spent several hours caughting up, sharing family memories and just learning about each other over this huge bowl of popcorn

  370. My favorite popcorn memory was when we found out my youngest son liked popcorn. He was one and had never had it before. Our family was attending one of those drive through Christmas light things and my MIL had a big bucket of popcorn in both the front and back seat for us to munch on as we slowly rolled along. The little one was standing in the back seat watching the lights and he started squatting down. A couple times this happened and I suddenly realized that he was digging into the popcorn. He’s loved it ever since!

  371. Growing up every Sunday my mom would cook a big meal we’d eat around 2:00 in the afternoon. Then after naps and play and homework and to-dos, we’d gather around the TV and share a bowl of mom’s amazing popcorn together. Every Sunday night. I loved that tradition as a kid.

  372. popcorn…
    oh I have to have the perfectly made popcorn. Infact the only way I will eat it is freshly popped.
    I remember having popcorn movie nights when I was little, my mom would make the best popcorn, with the exact right amt. of salt…
    mine can never compare to the home cooked popcorn from mom…something about the way she does it…
    the class looks fun!

  373. popcorn is a staple inour son has recently learned to like it with black pepper sprinkled on top..

  374. Christy B says:

    At work, 3 pm is popcorn time. I usually pop the popcorn and then people gravitate toward my desk. It’s a nice little break from cubicle life.

  375. Oh, what a fun class! My family loves popcorn and we make it every Saturday for our ritual “movie nights.” Our friends give me a hard time because I cannot stand microwave popcorn! I have to make it from scratch with salt and REAL butter….I’m hungry just thinking about it. My girls look forward to the popcorn every week. My 5-year old suggested I drizzle the popcorn with chocolate…may have to give it a try!

  376. Kathy Reid says:

    My daughter who is 4 absolutely loves popcorn and she believes it is impossible to watch a movie without having popcorn to go along with it.

  377. Liz Brown says:

    I too love the song “Popcorn Popping!” A favorite popcorn memory is making popcorn balls with my mom. I’ve never ventured to make them myself…so maybe I will make this my “intention” for the year 2009! Thanks Stacy!

  378. I have a 4yr old that just loves popcorn….and now starts to request brands!

  379. My favorite popcorn memory is from childhood when my Mom would make popcorn on Sunday nights and we’d get to drink Pepsi in front of the tv to watch the Disney movie of the week! My Mom made a huge roasting pan of popcorn with just the right amount of butter and salt. YUM!! My brother & I would get to share 1 glass bottle (16oz I think) of Pepsi to wash our salty popcorn down. Mmmmmm

  380. Popcorn memories? I am thinking about all the different kinds of popcorn and who they make me think of. Mostly I think my my sweet husband who has recently been diagnosed with IBS and can no longer eat popcorn. He loved all kinds (cheese, buttery, caramel) but he had to give it up!

  381. I was a teenager when ‘Jiffy Pop’ was introduced to consumers. It was so much fun shaking the container over the gas stove burner until it almost exploded.

  382. My granddaughters (9 & 6) just got a Hello Kitty Air Popcorn Popper for Christmas. It was so funny when they wanted to know where you put in the bag of popcorn …they were talking about the microwave type. They had never had popcorn any other way.

  383. My granddaughters (9 & 6) just got a Hello Kitty Air Popcorn Popper for Christmas. It was so funny when they wanted to know where you put in the bag of popcorn …they were talking about the microwave type. They had never had popcorn any other way.

  384. I think it was our first Christmas together when my husband and I decided to string popcorn to put on our tree. We had little extra money for decorations and this was so fun activity to do together. If I remember correctly I think we ate as much as we put on the string!

  385. we eat popcorn every evening & my daughter puts cinnamon on hers & I put habenero spice on mine.

  386. I lived on popcorn and pizza in college. My roomie and I always had some popped in our pockets throughout the day. We had a hot air popper (still have it) that we used. My kids LOVE using it. I will have to break it out again on the 19th.
    I just made a perpetual B-day calendar too. Mine has pocket so I can make cards ahead of time. Too funny.

  387. Wendy in MD says:

    I remember growing up and my brother making the best pots of popcorn, ever. He had a gift for it. This was when you bought dry kernels in a bag, heated up a little oil or butter in a pot, poured in some kernels, put a lid on the pot, and shook the pot (hand on the lid) over the burner to move the kernels around while they popped. Then he’d melt butter and pour it over the top and sprinkle on salt. Mmmmmm…microwave popcorn can’t compare!

  388. I have wonderful memories of making popcorn balls with my mom. I need to start that tradition with my kids!

  389. OH my, Popcorn. I love popcorn. In fact, on lazy Sunday afternoons we often eat a bunch of it for dinner while watching a movie.
    Growing up, we always made popcorn in a pot on the stove top. I was in jr. high or highschool when I found out there were other ways of popping popcorn. I was very surprised!

  390. popcorn memories— oh,right now my microwave has been broken since Christmas so oh, how i miss it!
    My favorite popcorn memory surrounds camping. We bring the jiffy pop containers that you can hold over your range– we duct tape them to a very long stick and hold them over the campfire.
    ummm—so delicious.

  391. I had popcorn packed in my lunch all the time when I was a kid. I got so tired of it, but we had little money and kernels were cheap. I was so jealous of my friends who had store bought bags of Cheetos or Ruffles. The funny thing is that popcorn made me popular! It turns out my friends were actually jealous of me because they never got popcorn, they didn’t even own an air popper. Funny memory!

  392. i remember how much fun it was to watch the jiffy pop popcorn on the stove when we were kids. Not only was it magical it was a simple joy. I hope to bring some of that to my kids too.

  393. I love the perpetual calendar for birthdays, anniversaries and such! I will have to work on that with my kids — perhaps a scout thing.
    My popcorn memory (I was talking about it yesterday) was not a good one. I was about 12 years old. It was the first time I stayed home with my brother (10) and sister (9) alone while my parents went bowling. We wanted popcorn. My dad made it on the stove top with oil so of course I had to do that. We had an air popper for the kids to use but NO I was in charge I can do it on the stove. Well — being a 12 year old girl I received a call from a friend and forgot that I had the oil with a kernel in it on the stove. When I remembered I lifted the lid on the pan and flames erupted. I was smart enough to replace the lid and smother the fire. But it was about 3 years before I was left alone again or even attempted to make popcorn.
    Marion OH

  394. my kids LOVE popcorn. We too dont like microwave popcorn, we make it on the stove top with the old fashioned handle crank popcorn popper I bought at Target.We add salt and coconut oil (it comes in a plastic jar) YUMM YUMM the oil gives it a great flavor.It makes family night fun. We make about three batches and everyone has their own little bowl bowl. I can’t help but sing Barney’s “pop pop pop POPCORN is fun to make….” My older kids say MOM that is so lame. I still think it is funny.

  395. My 20 mth old calls it “pop” and insists that I make it whenever she spies the bag in the pantry. However, she usually only eats a little bit, leaving me with the insanely addictive rest of the bag to eat all by myself. Which I do. Ugh. Thanks for the giveaway!

  396. I absolutely love popcorn. I just wrote a story for our family calander about remembering eating popcorn at grandmas house out of the big black roasting pans. It would have so much butter and salt…man I can taste it now.

  397. debbycruises says:

    When I was growing up we didn’t have a lot of money, but we always seemed to have popcorn. My mom had a special pan- grease caked and beat-up, that she would make it in. My strongest memory of eating popcorn was when my mom was pregnant for my brother. A few months earlier we lost a five week old baby brother and so this pregnancy was very different. We were sitting on the couch and mom had the popcorn bowl on her belly and as my brother began to kick the bowl jumped and shook. We laughed ourselves silly! This scene was repeated many times through the coming weeks, and always as mom watched her favorite show, Medical Center. (She named this brother Chad after guess-who?!) Such a simple thing, but it seemed like mom could forget her grief over our little brother who had passed and begin to enjoy the new life that was coming. Oh, and today, I still love popcorn and that special memory of my childhood.

  398. We just got an old fashioned tabletop popcorn machine with the drop bucket and everything for Christmas. The kids think they are at the movie theatre and I found plastic popcorn boxes at Target for 70 cents. It tastes much better than microwave and we are having so much fun with it!

  399. I remember a night we had a power outage and my family turned it into a big party. Mom made popcorn on the gas stove and we played board games by candlelight.

  400. debbycruises says:

    I forgot to tell you in my earlier post how much I would love to take Elizabeth’s class! I bought her book the day it came to my LSS, and I love looking through it for ideas and inspiration. Sometimes I also use it in my classroom with my students as a prompt for writing. Great job, Elizabeth!

  401. My best friend came back for a visit from a military stint in Japan. She brought her nephew and my daughter (who were 3 and 2 years old at the time) each a traditional Japanese outfit. We decided to have a movie night and we brought out the old-fashioned popcorn popper in which you input the oil and popcorn and watch the metal rod spin around stirring up the popcorn. The kids got so excited watching the kernals pop and hit the top of the bowl. They were amazed to see how the kernals that were stirring around the bottom expanded to fill the entire popcorn popper. It was fun to watch their amazement, interest, and excitement as they waited for their snack to cook. We took tons of pictures of the priceless looks on their faces. Afterwards, we put the popcorn in popcorn sacks and added different sprinkle toppings and enjoyed the kids enjoyed their snack wearing their Japanese costumes.

  402. I love those perpetual calendars from Close to my Heart. I made them a few years ago for everyone in our family. I added pictures of my kids from that particular month the year prior, so October had pictures of them in their halloween costumes, etc. I then used seasonal stamps to add decoration to the date lines below.

  403. My mom has never been a very big (or very good) part of my life, but the nice things I remember about her are about popcorn. She had a killer recipe for Screaming Yellow Zonkers that she made when I was little – haven’t had that in years (though I do have the recipe). The year I graduated high school I lived with her in Heber, Utah and worked at the 7-11. I would come home from work and she and I would watch tv and eat popcorn together. That was when the flavored popcorns were really popular. My favorite was the cheese popcorn and she would freak out telling me fifty times in the three minutes it took to cook…”Don’t burn it!” Thanks Stacy for that little trip down memory lane. I can see a page in my mind now!

  404. Not a big popcorn fan here, therefore my son has been “deprived” somewhat. My favorite popcorn memory is that the nice people from the LesSchwab store here in W. Salem let our PTO borrow their store’s popcorn machine for a function at our school. It was a huge hit, and I loved working the machine with my friend Bridget!

  405. Julie Roberson says:

    My favorite popcorn memory is of my sweet mom. She loves popcorn! She would tell me about how she loved eating it while drinking a Coke growning up and what a true treat it was. This was a little piece of her past that she shared with me….I would “eat up” listeing to her memories like she would eat up popcorn! Looking back, popcorn was the catalyst for many pouring out of stories from her, something she didn’t do easily. I remember when we got our microwave the size of a dinosaur and she said, “I wonder how I can make popcorn in it….” I thought she was crazy! But she figured it out! She would melt butter, pour it gently over the top and salt it. Popcorn was served in baskets with papertowels on the bottom. Popcorn means snuggling up and visiting to me today. Actually, I didn’t realize it until I began writing this. I do this all the time with my boys. Last fall I was visiting her in KY and saw the baskets in her kitchen on top of her microwave and thought, “There’s the popcorn baskets.” I can still taste Mom’s popcorn……I need to go and make a page about this! Thanks so much for this memory!!!!!

  406. For while back my dad got me a nice stove-top popcorn popper. My son and I love to make popcorn together and then mix in some m&ms. The sweet and salty is PERFECT!

  407. I grew up making jiffy pop popcorn on the stove. My sister and I so looked forward to Saturday nights when we would make a batch to eat while we watched The Love Boat and Fantasy Island. There was nothing so comforting as the smell of the popcorn popping while we watched the aluminum foil puff up like magic!

  408. My dad making popcorn in an old pot on the stove. He persisted with this method long after the air popper and then microwave popcorn was available.

  409. I love popcorn. I make it for my kids all the time, I love how it put a BIG SMILE on there faces.
    Pam C

  410. Popcorn was the one treat that was always affordable when we were growing up. My parents even lived on it for a while when my father was working for a new start up company, and they were asked to delay their first paychecks for the first few weeks. Despite that, it became the family treat on Sunday nights. All was well with the world if we were together around the bowl of popcorn.

  411. My favorite popcorn memory is still in the works. I recently made a scrapbook page documenting my three year old son’s obsession with popcorn. It’s his favorite snack hands down. We enjoy a bowl together nearly every afternoon. He’d eat it for breakfast if he could.

  412. Love the calendars!!! Great job!

  413. It was jiffy pop for me and my brother growing up! I just loved making that on the stove. I really loved the sound the “pan” made moving back and forth on the stove element and being able to hear the popcorn popping in package. I’ve introduced my kids to jiffy pop and they love it too!

  414. Definitely a favorite childhood memory of mine is Jiffy Pop over the stovetop at my parent’s summer cabin on the lake.

  415. I know that would be a great class! I love popcorn! The more recent popcorn memory would be my 6 yr old and I sharing some when the my almost 2 yr old wanted it and then wanted more!

  416. you just reminded me that we had a popcornmachine at home when I was a kid, I had totally forgotten that!
    Also I have a very fond recent memory of my little sister (she’s 10, there’s an age difference of 16 years) and me last summer. We were in the cinema and shared a box of popcorn. When the movie was over there was some left. The lights went on and I wanted to take a pic of my sis eating popcorn. The flash was too slow so I had to take a few more, instucting her to keep eating handsfull of popcorn again and again. We just couldn’t stop laughing, and when we finally stopped, we started laughing again every time we looked at each other :-)
    And now you have inspired me to journal about food during my childhood! Thanks!

  417. I love stampin up! products and use them all the time. Here is a link for you.

  418. yay popcorn! such a fun food. childhood memories were eating my mum’s popcorn made in a pan with oil while watching Disney Sunday nights. now it’s our family staple for game nights. hubby makes it in special microwave popper and then adds just the right amount of butter and sea salt. mmmmm.

  419. Love the calendars, and really love the idea!
    Just to let you know, Stampin’ Up now offers a few different sets with cute, graphic icons (Holiday Blitz; Best Wishes & More; or Big Flowers). I think the set you used is no longer available.
    And now I need to go fulfill my sudden craving for popcorn. :)

  420. Helen Carter says:

    Funny how something as simple as popcorn can bring up generatons of wonderful memories, making popcorn with my Dad on the stove with oil, the “old-fashioned way”, of couse making Jiffy pop with my own children, as well as the air popped kind, and now watching my grandson, 2 yrs old, enjoy listening to it pop in the microwave, just waiting to grab a fist matter how you pop it, it’s always FUN!

  421. My girls ask me to make popcorn all the time. It seems to be a great comfort, fun food for them. About a year ago we switched from microwave to a whirly-pop and my kids love the process and the sound. I love that it appears to be a healthier choice than microwave. FUN TIMES~

  422. I am teaching Popcorn Popping right now to the kids in our Branch’s nursery. Seeing them remember a little bit more each week is my favorite memory right now.

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