Sticky Notes and Monday (edited)

Oh my.

Today is a Monday. I generally like Mondays, as they are a fresh start and a chance to get ready for the week ahead. Today's "Monday" has been challenging — not because anything bad has happened, but because I'm running out of time! I've had an exciting and busy weekend (starting last Thursday) and an exciting meeting in Portland tomorrow and the usual unrealistic to-do list that has put me updating my blog at 9:00 pm rather than the anticipated 11:00 am. See, I'm only TEN hours behind … as I think to myself "Whatever Stace!"  Some days you just don't get it all done. 

Today marks one month to LOM LAUNCH. I mean by this, one month to the first day of class for the annual session of Library of Memories. I'm in get READY mode. 98% of Christmas is put away and I've got last week behind me (did I mention it was busy?) and so I'm NOW dedicating 30 minutes a day to my personal system, so that I am fully immersed and prepared to teach. I look forward to meeting a whole NEW group of students and reconnecting with alumni from past years.

I'm loving Project 365 on my blog (see my photo album at right) as it gives me the chance to post a quick highlight from each day and have that very desired sense that I'm keeping up with some of the details in this wonderful and crazy life of mine. I can tell already that regardless of what form the finished project takes, I will LOVE having a record of 2009 documented in this "daily" way.

I'm headed to Portland for a one day meeting tomorrow, so I've got to sign off and get packed up for that.

As a sign off, take a look at this FUN little project idea …  


This is adorable Stephanie Capawana that I met on Saturday. She has been scrapbooking since the 7th grade and is now a junior at Moscow High School. Stephanie takes classes at Paper Pals in Pullman and used a package of plastic name-badge holders (from the office store) and bound them together with jump rings and ribbon and they made such a sturdy little brag book (so clever!)  Stephanie had a whole display set up on Saturday afternoon (see my project 365 photos)  She most definitely has a future in scrapbooking!!

Stepanie2And just so you can see your beautiful face in focus … here she is again with another of her projects, this is her color album that features one or two photos of her growing up through the years, where each spread is a different color!  Thanks Stephanie for letting me share.


  1. First of all, Stephanie is a gorgeous girl! And I absolutely LOVE her red album with the rainbow ribbons and the cute poem! Wow! Might have to scraplift that one.

  2. Ok…she’s adorable…and creative! And I LOVE those post-its!

  3. Alis in Wnderlnd says:

    She’s gonna be famous! Watch for her name in the magazines.
    Wow, I can’t even imagine knowing what I wanted to do with my life then. That’s a blessing and perhaps a calling.

  4. What an inspiration Stephanie is! You go little scrap chick!
    Got my cute and fun LOM welcome pak in the mail yesterday. I am so excited! ANd excited that YOU are excited!
    I really do have a list of questions for you and our LOM group and a list of SKILZ I want to learn through LOM.
    Can you FEEL the Pom-Poms, girlfriend?!!!

  5. Jeannette P says:

    I’d say Stephanie most definitely has a future in scrapbooking. Bravo!!! Those are very cute projects. Love the “Oh the Places You’ll Go” quote!
    Busy, busy eh? I just got my LOM happy mail yesterday. And since we live in the middle of nowhere & have to order a lot of presents & such online I’ve been getting many packages in my mail over the last 1 1/2 months. The mailman said to me yesterday that he was going to take my computer away. I had to laugh.
    Hope this week isn’t as crazy for you. Good for you for getting the Christmas decorations away. I still have that on my to do list this week.

  6. Hi Stacy! I went to a crop/class last night and one of the ladies said she met you in Tampa in December 08 teaching LOM? How did I miss this? Were you really in Tampa in December? If you were there I am so kicking myself for not knowing. Please let me know the next time you’ll be in Florida!

  7. Nicky from Canada says:

    I love your blog and have been dedicated to it for quite some time. I love your 364 day project – I have been doing mine also. I have been using Ali’s calendar templates from Digital designs and love how much simpler it makes it. For major stuff going on, I will do full spreads also, but love this project.
    Thanks for sharing

  8. Patty Win says:

    I agree……she is both adorable and gorgeous. How neat to meet with young scrapbookers! Patty

  9. Stefani Meyer says:

    Aww man! I had a Monday like that too. So far Tues. feels better. Let’s make it happen. Stephanie is adorable, and so are her projects. I bought some name badge holders and have been waiting for the perfect project to do with them. This just might be it. Thanks for the inspiration, as always.

  10. Hi Stacy…Stephanie has been in several classes at Paper Pals in Pullman, WA., and the two products you see here are from classes that she took from Shawna Kermott and myself. Shawna designed the little brag book and I designed the color mini-album. You are right, she has been scrapbooking since she was a young girl and her Mom even told me that all of the Christmas gifts she gave this year were projects that she made herself. Judy

  11. Jean Harper says:

    I took that class at the Paper Pals store in Pullman too and made those cute albums. Love the teachers there, Shawna and Judy. Stephanie had a great idea to re-create these fun ideas for Christmas presents. She is a very talented girl.

  12. Stacy, Loved the idea to put a gallery of your photos and captions in a section on your blog, so I will be following your example. I just need to set up the album and upload the pictures. Thanks for all of your inspiring information, and I think that Gurgle pot will also be my new gift to give for weddings and such, so hopefully we dong’t go to the same wedding!!

  13. Wow, what a surprise to see photos of our amazing class projects from Paper Pals on your blog. I sure wish our teachers Shawna Kermott & Judy Pilcher would have gotten credit for their creations. They are truly talented and inspirational teachers at our store. Stephanie is a great little scrapbooker.

  14. Love Love LOVE the brad book idea! (no matter who thought it up) I see a trip to the office supply store in my future.

  15. She is just way to cute!

  16. Such cute mini books!
    Looking forward to learning from you next month. My LOM goodie package arrived yesterday. Thanks!

  17. debbycruises says:

    I got my happy mail!! I love post-its, post-it, post-its. Hope there are more when the cafe press LOM area opens up! Thanks, Stacy! I am working on my clipboard. We’re counting down!

  18. Stephanie is the cutest thing ever!

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