The Gurgle Pot


One of my FAVORITE gifts this year was given to me by my mother. It is unique water picture, called The Gurgle Pot and it comes with a delightful story from Matt Ellison, the artist …


The Gurgle Pot may quite possibly become my new wedding gift of choice, as I love objects that are also conversation pieces. Our first "fish picture" as Taft calls it, has met with much enthusiasm. I'm thinking it would be well received and a bit more memorable than a crock pot!

Mustard Brown

Love this!


  1. I love this. May have to splurge on one for me. And consider them for future wedding gifts too.

  2. Oh, I love the Gurgle Pot and the story behind it! I think that I’ll get the red one someday. Red make me happy!

  3. A wedding gift that wouldn’t end up in the back of some cupboard like a lot of other wedding gifts. Thanks for bringing such unusual things to your blog for the rest of us to discover and love too.

  4. Love this! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I went to the website–I think I want that sound to be my ringtone on my phone. How much FUN can this be! thanks for sharing

  6. Love this and I love that it has a story! Thanks for sharing these cool finds. Even if I can’t have one right now, it will stay in my thoughts and one day…you never know! =]

  7. my sister has two and i love them!

    Love the green version.
    Your Mom is so cool.

  9. We have on,
    they are very common around Boston.

  10. Jeannette P says:

    I’m so glad that you posted about this. I comment about the fish pitcher back when you posted the picture of Taft & the table. What a neat story of how it was made. Love that he shared his story.

  11. Love this! Definitley going on my “wish list”. Now I just have to decide which color.

  12. Love this! We use Fiesta plates (Homer Laughlin Co.) and the colors match the colors of these fish!
    Think I’ll go for the red…and YES, they would make a fabulous wedding gift! Thanks for sharing!

  13. My mother-in-law gave me the red one last Christmas. We LOVE it!

  14. Hmmm…I’ve seen these at a store where we have a credit…I just may have to take you up on it and get one. Now, what color?

  15. Fron the Shreve, Crump and Low website “In 1964, Shreve, Crump & Low introduced their Gurgling Cod®, Pitcher at the request of Benjamin Dale Shreve (whose son, Richard, would be the last family member to run the company). The Gurgling Cods were modeled after a traditional English “glug jug”. Turn one over and pour out water to hear this delightful sound.
    What make Shreve, Crump & Low’s cod pitchers unique are their anatomically correct fins, gills, and scales of a fish native to our very own waters. This is why a Gurgling Cod®, Pitcher will forever remind one of New England, whether viewed at our stores or anywhere in the world. The Gurgling Cod®, is made exclusively for Shreve, Crump & Low” These are very common in my neck of the woods. And even though I am from MA and live close to Cape Cod, I like Matt Ellisons one better-lol!

  16. That’s a gurgling cod that you can get in Boston!

  17. How cute is that??
    I pretty much love anything that comes in that many cool colors!

  18. I need to get one of those!!
    My son loves fish and he thought the yellow one was the coolest!

  19. Allison Barnes says:

    I bet that looks great with your Fiesta dishes! Way cute!

  20. I want one in every color!! Those are so cute! Thanks for sharing another great shopping link…I had so much fun buying Christmas presents from your sil Hillary! Now to figure out who, besides myself!, I know that needs a Gurgle Pot.

  21. Ok, so these are waaaaay cute!:)

  22. This is exceptionally cool. Where do you get your hands on one of those?

  23. I have signed up for yoru LOM class and have been watching your blog. I see that you are doing the Project 365. I would like you to contact me through e-mail if possible, I have a question for you about Project 365.

  24. Deb Jones says:

    How nice. I really like these. I like your idea of using them as wedding gifts. I am always looking for something unique.

  25. Okay I loved this so much since we are a commercial fishing family. The colors were fabulous but I got the white one since I have a collection of white things in my china cabinet where it might sometime live. I might have to get a color later but hmm, which color? I used the link in your post by the way. Thanks again Stacy, you are an excellent enabler!! LOL

  26. This is off the subject, but I’ve tried to find somewhere to post a comment to BPS and haven’t been able to. I’m always so surprised that the BPS class information comes out on Sunday. Just a thought – and it may be an automatic thing, but it just surprises me!

  27. I love these! But which color? The choices are all so fantastic…maybe aqua or red or green, I can’t decide!

  28. Dixie Lee says:

    That is cool. I love usable art!

  29. So fun! I like that the site actually lets you listen to the gurgle!
    What color did you get?

  30. That is so cool….love the green!

  31. Grace Winter says:

    As much as I love your posts, Stacy . . . I think the FISH looks fabulous on your blog! So colorful and vibrant!

  32. Hi Stacy – I was just reading this and it made me giggle because when I was a little girl, my grandparents had a fish “vase” and I always admired it. When my grandmother died, my grandfather gave me that green fish vase and I put it up on my shelf in my craft room.
    When I read this article, I was like “DOES MY FISH GURGLE???” and much to my delight I filled it up with water and it gurgled. I was entirely delighted. So, here is the photo of my 1950s Japanese Gurgle Fish Pot. I had no idea that it was so wonderful. Thank you!!!

  33. The fish pitchers or “gurgle pots” are so cool. They could go with any style of dishes. Hmmm, I might have to keep my eye out for one. I noticed recently that I have a little collection of different kinds of pitchers without meaning to collect them. lol …on a sad note…sorry to hear about ‘Simple’. It has been my favorite scrapbooking magazine. I’m glad to discover though that it will be absorbed by Creating Keepsakes.

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