Fear, Failure and the next BIG Thing.

How's that for a post title.
I've been thinking a LOT about my personal fears and ALL the times I've made mistakes and failed. And this morning, in a chance click-through, I found this.

It's eight minutes long, so don't watch it until you have time.

I also read this, this morning …

Build on ideas that came before. The iPod isn’t a
miracle that came out of the blue—it was built on the Sony Walkman’s
concept of a shirt-pocket device coupled with early MP3 players from
other companies and the online store of a company like Amazon. The
concept that creativity is built on what came before has important
ramifications: consume information voraciously, go outside your market
niche, and don’t be too proud to steal inspiration. You can read more HERE.

I'm working on something. And NO, I'm not going to steal anyone's ideas or inspiration. I am going to build on past experiences though and I am going to learn from past failures. Most importantly, I am consuming information voraciously and I am having FUN — pure unadulterated FUN. To me there is nothing as FUN as entertaining BIG ideas and imagining the possibilities.

If you need to be reminded to let go of FEAR and have FUN, watch this:

and, thanks to my Facebook friend Lynn for emailing it to me. I love how people tend to show up or send stuff at exactly the right time — universal synchronicity, or as I call it, tender mercy.

Either way, I love being a part of an online community of friends. 

p.s. LOTS of questions from LOM Alumni. The email goes out this weekend. Don't worry there is space for you and I can't wait to have you back!!


  1. I love that Muppets clip…of course now I’m going to have that tune in my head all day! (not to worry though, I sent it to my husband so he’ll be humming it all day too).

  2. &ou just make me smile all the time – so glad that the simple link I fowarded was able to do the same for you! Can’t wait to see what you’ve got cooking! Sounds BIG! Have MORE FUN! ~Lynn

  3. You just make me smile all the time – SO glad that the simple little muppet video I forwarded coudl do the same for you. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got cooking – sounds BIG! Have more FUN! ~Lynn

  4. My dad always said that if you never fail that means you never have tried. It means you just follow the crowd and stay safe. Great clip on failure. thanks

  5. My one year old LOVES that Muppets clip. We call it Mahna, Mahna for her and she knows just what we are talking about. I even took photos of her on my lap watching it to scrap because it is to funny how much she loves that!

  6. I was up all night last night with a 2year old with the croup — I am a bit slap happy and the Muppets clip about made me pee my pants — needed that laugh today — Thank you! :)Heather

  7. Can’t wait to see what you are working on…
    Love the clips!

  8. Growing up, my father always said to us over and over, “Double your rate of failure.” Exactly the principles in that video. Thanks for sharing — I sent it to my parents.

  9. Stacy – I sincerely hope that you do NOT feel like Simple was a failure. You reached so many with that endeavor.

  10. Simple saved me in many ways, I cannot even be to describe. My sanity for one and my hubby still thanks you for that! :)

  11. Marta Valdes says:

    Thank you for sharing, and I agree, Stacy, it is great to be connected to an online community of friends to help us reinvent ourselves and let us know we are not alone. I love this hobby and I can’t wait to get started again on my LOM classes.
    Marta :)

  12. So now I’m daydreaming about all the wonderful ideas you are working on. Please tell me you are banning together the Simple team in some form or fashion. I desperately need that influence!!

  13. Okay…that is attached to a special and specific memory for me! We used to celebrate Thanksgiving with a group of family friends, alternating houses from year-to -year. I remember exactly who made what recipes and which were my favorites. Many I still make. One of the families had a daughter my age and we would inevitably, at some point in the day, break out in this very muppet routine. It was as traditional as Mary Ann’s green beans or the pickled watermelon rind relish. Almost certainly, it would be “by request.” Wow…what a flashback.
    SOOOO, in typical scrapper style, I just went and dragged my 6 year old son away from what he was doing to share this clip of my life that he has never seen. Passing the torch, if you will. manahmanam!

  14. Wow – when the girl in that video said you have to keep bumping up against the feeling of fear until you get comfortable there, it gave me chills. Good stuff.

  15. Manah manah is my FAVORITE muppet skit ever. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face today.

  16. It is amazing how we find the perfect messages when we need them. Also, I agree with Monica that Simple Scrapbooks was NOT a failure. The sad thing is that I didn’t subscribe to it, but in my attempt to scrapbook more, enjoy the process more, and simplify, I was actually going to subscribe in the next few months. Unfortunately, that is not possible. However, the concept is there, books are available, and it is still possible to simplify and enjoy the process more. Whatever you do in the future will impact many lives in some way or another. The classes you teach on Big Picture Scrapbooking, your books, and your blog all impact our lives. So, you are a success . . . the economy sometimes forces us to take that other path, the one less traveled . . . as a famous poet once said – it does make a difference. Sometimes, we find out it was what we were meant to do all along!

  17. Shelly Davis says:

    I am currently going through Beth Moore’s bible study, “Esther; It’s Tough Being a Woman” with a large group of women and church, and last night’s video session was on fear. It is amazing how these wonderful “tidbits” come falling out of nowhere at exactly the right time. Thanks for sharing!

  18. That’s my all time favorite Muppets, too! I swear it was on Sesame Street when I watched it though, wasn’t it? I had to find that song on iTunes last fall b/c I was thinking about it.
    I can’t wait to hear more about your BIG idea. Your BIG ideas always seem to inspire me.
    I can’t wait for LOM!!!!!

  19. It’s synchronicity Stacy! I stayed up an hour too late last night watching classic Sesame Street on YouTube and then you post it on your blog. By the way, I’m reading a book called “Street Gang, The Complete History of Sesame Street.” I can’t give you a full review because I’m not too far in but it may be one you would be interested in.

  20. Shanon Gibson says:

    He he he! I loved the Muppets clip. My husband is a huge fan that we actually have a Muppets CD with that song on it. It is kinda like the Song That Never Ends though because now I will be singing it all day long. It just kinds sticks in your head!

  21. Although sometimes it’s easier said than done, that “Try, try again” axiom is a great mantra. Sometimes the weight of our failures is almost unbearable, but one small success can lift that burden and give us hope again. May we always keep trying.

  22. Yes, it is amazing that you find the right message at the right time. God works in funny ways.
    As a race fan, I loved that clip. Danica is so right about bumping against fear until you get comfortable, then bumping it to the next level. True in racing, true in life.
    Stacy, I hope that what spoke to you in that clip was getting past fear, because I am positive that fear of the unknown, of the next step is really preying on you.
    You can get past that, and just reading your posts, I know that you will.
    But you should never consider SS a failure. Like so many ventures, it was a victim of the times.
    But we, the the carriers of those ventures, are neither failures nor victims. We get up, brush our selves off, look back for the lessons, and move on to the next success.
    You can, and will, do it.

  23. I don’t know a lot about her but I’m starting to like Taylor Swift & noticed that her CD is called Fearless. You might want to check it out.

  24. For years my husband and his friend would sing that tune over and over…now I know where it came from! (the mupets) and now, thanks to watching that video over and over with my daughter, I’ll never get it out of my head. THANK YOU! (not) :)

  25. Stacy,
    I was reading your twitter and I would love the recipe for the Mormon muffins. Would you please post. Thank you so much

  26. thanks for the videos. I am sure that you know the signifigance (sp) of all those dangling light bulbs–It took Thomas Edison over 10,000 tries to make a light bulb.
    Thomas Edison Quotes:
    I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.
    Life successes are built upon failures or disappointments. Keep trying and learn from past mistakes.
    I am sitting on the edge of my seat to see what you come up with next.

  27. Oh Staci ~ if you only knew what stumbling upon BPS, SSM, DYL, Have more Fun {so & so ON} and your philosophy has done for me you would know that you are truly inspirational. I would love to be able to sit down and talk face-to-face with you and share this true “lightbulb” moment. For know I will send big {{{{{}}}}} your way.

  28. Amy McGrew says:

    Oh Stacy…I am excited to eventually learn about the BIG thing you are working on! I always love when you come out with a new book,class, idea!
    How do you balance everything? I am the mother of 3 elementary aged children, a very active CTMH consultant,a triathlete, a runner (I am running in my first 1/2 marathon on Valentine’s Day) and I love to read. I am constantly struggling with “fitting it all in!” I would love to start sewing and knitting but I am just too afraid to add another thing to my “to accomplish” list!
    How do you do it and always manage to keep a smile?
    You are such an insipration to me!

  29. I was convinced that I could never scrapbook, so until I started homeschooling and needed to make a portfolio, I ignored the cool isles of pretty stuff in Michaels. One night my husband was watching the kids so I could go out by myself, and I was arrested by a display of eyelet setting tools. OH they were cool, like sewing notions. But, I said to myself, I can’t scrapbook, so I walked further down the isle and continued the conversation with myself: Why can’t I scrapbook? I tried it and it didn’t work out. When was that? When I was in 3rd grade. Third grade (!)I decided it was time to try again, walked over to the magazine rack, and saw Simple Scrapbooks. Oh, now there was a magazine to get me started! And it was. I’ve been scrapping simply and happily for 6 years now, though now I set my eyelets with my crop-o-dile big bite.
    Thank you Stacy.

  30. Martha M. says:

    The greatest challenge for a pioneer is that often you are ahead of your time — and waiting for everyone else to catch up.
    I can’t wait to see where you lead all of us.

  31. I had a chance to watch your first video up there, and want to say thanks. I think we forget that EVERYONE goes throught the same things…some morepublicly than others, but the same things. Risk/failure/over and over until we get it right – some of us give up and never try again – now that’s true failure. Thanks for this post!

  32. Wow, thanks for this post! I love the Failure add from Honda… and the Muppets bring back so many memories! I was just wondering, really do you have failures, or just haven’t turned it into a success yet. My problem is I have all these great ideas but no idea how to get it “working”, then a few months, or year later, someone else comes out with that idea! So frustrating! Good luck with everything!

  33. Heather Wong says:

    LOL! I’ve been using the Muppets Manamana as my cell phone ring tone for years. The surprised looks on peoples faces when my phone goes and the fun conversations it starts are the best!
    Thanks for posting the video -
    And thanks for the many years of inspiration :)

  34. Simple Scrapbooks could never be considered a failure. I have loved the magazine and my current subscription through 2011 speaks for that!!! I look forward to your future endeavours and I hope for a strong presence from the SS team in future Creating Keepsakes Magazines.

  35. Stacy, YOU ROCK..
    this song brought a smile to my face and also my sick little one.. 7 months is rough, teething & a cold..
    but she giggled her way through the song.. twice..
    thanks so much for sharing.. :) Monique

  36. LOVE the Manah Manah clip; i have that song on my MP3!!!! Even sneakingly put it on my 14 yr. old son’s player – should have seen his face!!

  37. Fabulous post Stacy! Can’t wait to see what’s next :)

  38. Love this video…I also had posted this one along with two other ones a while ago in my blog. If you ever get a chance, go check out the post to see the other ones (I think you’ll enjoy the middle one a lot):
    I am hoping to take your LOM class next year…I knew we were moving in the middle of January and most of my things were going to be in storage for 3 months so I decided not to sign up this time…hopefully the next LOM class will happen during a much slower period.
    P.S. I always love your positive outlook in life!!!

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