From my friend Lisa.

I don't generally share positive feedback about Library of Memories. I find it very gratifying personally (of course) but I don't feel a need to say "Hey … check out what so and so said …."
But … my dear friend and fellow teacher, Lisa Cohen (btw, Wellness is coming in April) sent this yesterday and it really struck a chord.

I hope Library of Memories is going well! That class is so close to my heart (and I've recommended it to so many people) as it gave me the freedom to age my photos and make more meaningful pages (not to mention to have a structure for my albums that I LOVE!).
My pages now tell the stories that I truly want to tell, give me a great perspective, and allow me to LIVE a much more FULL life because I am not constantly stressing about always needing to be creating pages … so there's more time for kitchen gardening, cooking/baking, spending time with friends, playing with the kids, biking on the trail, and any other fun things that come along (that I will eventually scrap about… but they will have better context when that time comes and I will be a HAPPY MOMMA!). The thought and work that goes into adapting that process to make it work for me was COMPLETELY WORTH IT! Those people that are taking the class for the first time… WOW! Are they in for a TREAT!! To be beginners again and hear the concepts for the first time… beginner's mind… That is a wonderful place to be. I can't wait for the light bulbs to go on for so many of those students!

I absolutely love the point Lisa makes about setting up a scrapbooking system that ultimately gives you more time to live and enjoy life. Naturally if you're a scrapbooker, you love the creative process of scrapbooking, but you probably love many other things as well and I couldn't agree more with Lisa that my LOM has given me back the time to invest in other pursuits; scrapbooking is the way I capture and celebrate everything I LOVE. 

great stuff. thanks Lisa.
and one more thing … the part about a Happy Momma, that's the Big Picture!


  1. Is the Library of Memories a class that is offered every year? I couldn’t afford it this year, but would like to plan on taking it next year if it is going to be offered.

  2. I am so honored to be one of those new students…and I am enjoying plowing through my photos and the feeling of accomplishment when I complete a task. I also want to say “thank you” for your great banana brownies…my daughter and I made them again today and they are SUCH A TREAT!!!

  3. You are really getting me talked into needing this LOM class! I keep coming on your site and hearing you talk about it…it sounds like something I need.

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  7. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to take it again as an alumni- I loved everything last year, but got overwhelmed. Now, I am approaching it as a veteran- knowing what works for my family and getting the push to finish the things I didn’t last year. Thanks for the opportunity. :-)

  8. I have only just discovered you!
    I have bought photo freedom and the big picture..and i cannot recommend them enough! Almost read both books from cover to cover and am now just about to get myself organised! I have always been one of those scrappers who stress about getting behind in scrapping chronologically and always miss the little things in life that should be scrapped! Being a mum to 3 boys and expecting twins my time is stretched, but when i spend half an evening searching for photos..well, that is so annoying!!!
    Anyway, just reading your books have given me a feeling of calmness..and i think i may actually enjoy scrapbooking again!!
    Many thanks, Stacy! In my house, i call you the scrapbooking Goddess!!

  9. I will say this over & over – I’m so thankful to have found you, BPS and Simple Scrapbooks {:(} You have changed my life – I have taken the BEST classes from BPS – 52 cards, have more fun, design your life, and now LOM. Stacey – YOU ROCK!!!!! ;) Mart

  10. Veronica Berkey says:

    Seriously, Stacy. If anyone ever asks me who my hero is, I will say you. On so many levels, you have changed my life, challenged me to think differently, with all the really important things in mind. In this time, I need that message more than ever. People think I’m a little obsessed because whenever I talk about scrapbooking, I’m talking about your philosophy, and how it changed my life. So thanks, and you definitely DO ROCK!

  11. I totally agree with Lisa, and so many of the other LOM believers! This system gives you more time for the important things, and allows you to create more meaningful pages!

  12. I bought your photo freedom book and look forward to taking LOM in the future, hopefully next year. I was wondering where you did you get your “Photos I love” albums? Thanks!

  13. shari (tigsnbitz) says:

    Can I say I am one of those ‘beginners’ with the ‘beginners’ mind that is now being opened up to a new, free-ing way of scrapping? I had no idea how important it was to print all my photos, and place them in books. I had a lot of pre-digital photos developed and put into photo boxes, neatly separated by tabs, but guess what? They were never scrapped because I forgot about them. I also have tons of digital photos on my computer and backed up to CD’s…and that is where most of them stayed. I don’t have kids so I don’t feel the ‘tug’ of being behind. It’s just me and my hubby and lots of animal photos and trip photos. But that doesn’t mean I dont love scrapbooking and getting my adventures and thoughts onto paper.
    Thanks for giving me a system to revisit all of my memories and making me want to get them on paper again. You are the best Stacy!

  14. I’m in the process of following your Photo Freedom instrux – I’ve made HUGE piles of printed photos (Us, People We Love, Places We Go, Things We Do). I’m having a bit of trouble deciding sometimes what goes where – do I take a photo of “us” from a cruise and separate it from the “places we go” or do I keep it there until I scrap that vacation?
    My old boss used to say I tend to see the trees, not the forest, so I might really be over-complicating this for myself…
    And your albums – they’re for the most current photos, right? (Just making sure!)

  15. Linda Townes says:

    Stacy I picked up your book at my lss store when it was first released I had no Idea what it was about all I knew is that you wrote it and I just had to read it, well after devouring it from front to back I read it again with your first book THE BIG PICTURE right by my side and the light bulb went off “THE BIG PICTURE” I understood everything, after doing all that you asked in the book yes I am a happy momma, the point I’m trying to make is while sorting through my photos, (just cleaning some things out) I came across more than a few photos of my two girls and their first day of school new shoes “there goes that light bulb again” I just had to do a layout on those shoes and how it was a family tradition every year to go school shopping for clothes and shoes, without you LOM they would have been in sepreate book for each year the picture was taken, THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH STACY THANK YOU

  16. I got Photo Freedom for Christmas, and I am so excited about LOM! I did print all my digital photos but then was overwhelmed by the volume. Now I’m no longer overwhelmed, and my love of scrapping is re-blossoming. Thank you!

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