LOM 2009 Coaches + WIN a FREE Pass!

Thank you so much for your comments. I do not feel that Simple Scrapbooks was a failure. The fact that is has failed to continue is a failure and while I do question my influence in that process, I am also aware of other factors out of my control — don't worry though, I am not looking on these failings in a self-destructive way. In any venture there are failures and I found the video I shared to be very insightful moving forward!  Let's just say that NEW things are brewing.

Registration for the 2009 session of A Library of Memories is officially closed. LOM Alumni will be receiving an email shortly, explaining how to audit this session. The nervous anticipation is building inside of me and I'm tickled to announce my team of LOM coaches …
LOM Coaches

Rebecca, April, and Tamara (all returning) + Maureen and Monica (new this year) and finally, Kayla (our digital expert & coach) I adore these women, some of whom I've met in person and others only via the LOM class, email and blogs. Each has been open and honest with me and eager to share their ideas and insights. Each qualifies to be a coach this year, because they have made my system their own. I'm so excited for the NEW group of students that will learn from these girls!

AND NOW … what do you say we give away two FREE passes to A Library of Memories, starting in just a few short days? EVERYONE is eligible, even those who have already signed up (if you are registered and win, we will refund your registration fee!)

ALL you have to do is tell me in 15 words or less, why you need this workshop. Don't worry the winners will be selected randomly.

If you have time, here's some LOM Q&A …

[Questions from Nicole are in orange. Answers in black.]

First, I love your blog.  It is one of the top 5 that I read.  I have a couple questions about LOM.  I don't have your books but I plan on buying them someday.  The budget is very tight right now.  So I have tried to figure out your system just by what I have read on your blog.  I am in the middle of trying to reorganize my scrapbooking right now and I have some questions.
Do I have this right?  You print doubles of all your pictures.  One set go into photo albums.  The other set goes into 4 category draws. You then pull from those draws to create your scrapbook pages.  Those pages then go into albums based on the 4 categories (All About Us, People We Love, Places We Go and Things We Do).

You're getting close Nicole, but not quite. I absolutely believe in printing  pictures and I often print doubles of my most favorite images. I do not print doubles of everything.

My printed photos are immediately slipped into storage binders (Pioneer photo albums) so that they are protected and so that I  can see them and be inspired by them.

Overtime and in a very organic way, I pull, or remove a selection of my prints from my storage binders (organized chronologically) and place them into category drawers (by theme.) Category drawers are designed for long-term storage of a relatively small selection of prints. Category drawers help me draw personal and meaningful connections over time. I believe using and maintaining category drawers is the absolute secret weapon to authentic story-telling.

I pull pictures from both storage binders and category drawers to scrapbook and my finished layouts are not stored chronologically in annual albums, but rather in an ever-growing library of albums set up by the four categories: All About Us, People We Love, Places We Go, Things We Do.

Do the pictures in the photo albums stay there forever?  I think you are going to say no.  If the answer is no, why not?

My printed photos do NOT live
forever in my storage binders. These binders are working files that
enable me to be very productive with my limited creative time. I only
have 15 storage binders and so I am forced (in a very good way) to keep
pictures flowing through them. I do not want to keep or store ALL of my pictures. I do want to engage in the creative process of capturing life, editing the results and adding my perspective to our family's story. I want my family to enjoy an intimate relationship with the pages I create. Intimacy cannot be established when we attempt to scrapbook ALL or even most of the pictures we take.

Do you eventually scrapbook every or almost every picture you take?  Is that your goal or is your goal to just scrap the really special pictures or moments?

See answer above. My goal is to be aware and grateful for life, to document what is a very happy existence and to have FUN. I do this best with a very small percentage of the pictures I take!
Where do you put holidays, birthdays or special celebrations? Do you scrap them or just put them in photo albums (there are usually so many pictures at those events)?

This is a great question. These special event photos are included in my library albums. I do enjoy an approach that I call photo-album scrapbooking that helps me displays LOTS and LOTS of photos from special events, holidays and travel.
Do you have albums for each of your kids?  And if so does each kid have albums divided into the 4 categories.  I have 3 kids 5 and under and I have been tortured for the last five years trying to figure out if I should just have one set of albums for the whole family or if each kid should have their own.  Please advise!!!

Each of my children have albums in our All About Us section of the family library. These albums are about them, but they are NOT for them. These albums will stay in my home, when they leave. I create very condensed highlight albums for each of my children. These albums are called School of Life albums.

I have 3 kids 5 and under and I have been tortured for the last five years trying to figure out if I should just have one set of albums for the whole family or if each kid should have their own.  Please advise!!!

I hope these answers give you some direction. I certainly understand the frustration and overwhelming confusion (torture is a good word) that can grow out of a desire to document life!


  1. I took the first LOM Class and got so jazzed. Then took every LOM since as an alumni. I’ve done pretty good, but once i got a digital camera printing pictures has fallen drasticly and organizing them ( the digitals ) is overwhelming me! HELP!!

  2. I need this workshop because I’m “paralized” by my photos! HELP!!!!

  3. I don’t have much of a system and never can figure out what to scrapbook

  4. because the pictures are piling up! and i would love to get my money back!

  5. Marta Valdes says:

    Stacy, I am so excited to be taking this class again and I intend to stay focus from beginning to end. This is truly an amazing class. Anyone who takes this class, will take something with them, whether is printing photos (which is my weakness), getting organized, having stuffing party’s at your local scrapbook store and most of all, becoming a HAPPY SCRAPBOOKER again.
    Thank you once again for designing this system.
    Marta :)

  6. Anna Vollmer says:

    My 15 words are:
    I read both books, it hasn’t quite clicked all the way, I need the class.

  7. Jaime Sherman says:

    Piles of pictures all over my room. No organization of them at all.

  8. kjifmm@embarqmail.com says:

    Because I’ve read PhotoFreedom and still need help!

  9. I need scrapbooking to be fun again and not an overwhelming mess.

  10. I am so excited for the LOM class!! I have been in the process of trying to implement the “system” just by reading the book but I know that I will learn so much from you and your team that I just had to take the class! I am wayyyyyyyyy behind because I couldn’t scrapbook out of order and now I know that I can. Thank you!!

  11. I’ve started and stalled. Read photo freedom almost every night before bed. Love the square punch idea. Have used it to punch out tons of cute faces that weren’t cute overall pics. Thanks Stacy, we all love you.

  12. Cara in NJ says:

    I need help! I am so far behind and I really would LOVE to get caught up or at least find a system that will get me there eventually. HELP!!!

  13. I think I need this class because my pics are not organized whatsoever! I download to the computer and that’s about it. Then, when I want a pic, it takes me forever to find the one I want….most of the time it’s easier not to scrapbook…that’s kind of the funk I’ve been in lately, which is sad, but true!

  14. to many photos and I keep them all, work full-time, need help, please!

  15. Mandi Kehoe says:

    Too many pictures not in my scrapbooks!
    Ok, that was my 15 words or less answer, but I feel I need more words to really explain my feelings. Most of the 50,000 pictures living on my computer are pictures are of my dogs. I LIVE for my dogs. But they are getting older now and I am so afraid of not getting some of these pictures scrapped now before they pass away. I fear it will be too painful for me to create ‘personality’ pages of my dogs after they are gone. I want to be able to look through my scrapbooks and have those pages already completed so that I can enjoy and remember the goofy things they did!

  16. nomadscrapper says:

    Please set me free from my need to have every photo chronologically in a scrapbook.

  17. I would love to be able to just sit down and have the pictures in an organized system that I can simply pull and start scrapping.

  18. I have boxes of photos and I’m overwhelmed when I begin to scrap. where should I begin, most recent, oldest….. Help.

  19. Age 59 and photo album of my 2nd child (I’m not even talking scrapbook here) stopped at about age 9 mo. I kept 1st child’s album (not much better) hidden in closet because I didn’t want #2 to be hurt!

  20. I need to class because I want PHOTO FREEDOM !!:)!!

  21. My photos are all in albums (minus 1 yr.) but I bought Photo Freedom and thought I might just like another way of doing something.

  22. To organize pictures and get them into scrapbooks for my family to enjoy now!!!

  23. Tara Keefe says:

    Having a class to help me get started scrapbooking again and not to feel so overwhelmed would be great. Some organization to the madness – would be nice.

  24. I take so many photos, all digital now and am overwhelmed of what to do now.

  25. I have your two books, and I really think this is a good way for me to organize my photos. I want to be able to find the photo of a child with their favorite toy from 30 years ago, and not have to dig through boxes, envelopes, and various photo albums just to find it. I would love to join in on your class, and I am hoping next year to be able to. Thanks for this great idea. And I too will miss Simple. I would love to see you and Cathy and Wendy all working together again and again.

  26. 6,955 digital pics + 15 jammed photo boxes = 1 ‘don’t know where to start” person

  27. I’ve got thousands of awesome photos but they aren’t being enjoyed. Please help.

  28. I loved both your bookes, but haven’t been able to impliment them in a real way. Would love to!

  29. My scrapworld has changed. It’s not just 4×6 prints in chrono order. Help me please! :)

  30. I have both books but would love the added “push” from taking LOM. My 20,000 digi pics need you!!!!! :-)

  31. scmommyknits says:

    I have your 2 books – just got Photo Freedom about a month ago & felt so motivated to break free of my crippling chronological system that I ordered the basic supplies & started working! Eventually found my way to your blog too. Being able to take the class would help move me along & answer some questions – & it would be great fun! – but i promise to slog ahead on my own no matter what. Thank you so much for sharing what you’ve learned with us… you inspire me :)

  32. I’ve started my LoM after reading the book, I need help with the details!

  33. scmommyknits says:

    oops 15 words = i don’t read directions so i need the class not just books.

  34. my organization needs some serious improvement! too much time wasted on looking for photos…..HELP!

  35. I want to enjoy scrapbooking again! I feel lost! Need help!! :)

  36. I have 1,000s of photos and am excited to make connections and enjoy them!

  37. Like everyone else, I am overwhelmed. I have three kids and a full time job and I take lots of pictures. I recently stopped scrapping chronologically but I am still struggling with organization of the photos. I have also started making smaller “quick and easy albums” rather than all 12X12 pages. I have alot going on right now I am trying to stay on track and headed in the right direction.
    Sorry, I know that’s more than 15 words

  38. Laura Rich says:

    Life is too. We could all use a little help from our friends!

  39. To learn a new way to Scrapbook to find more inspiration and have more fun

  40. Too much to do and too little time! The class will give me the boost I need!

  41. my sweet son deserves to have his unique story recorded + to know he is LOVED beyond measure.

  42. I need a better system of storing/organizing my photos. They live on cd’s. Thanks!
    (exactly 15!) ;)

  43. I’m craving more productive scrap time but drowning in photos – can’t wait for Thursday!

  44. Lara Dodds says:

    4 years of digital pics poorly organized…hampering my creativity…desparately seeking help for sake of my sanity!!!!

  45. Melissa Mac. says:

    I am fascinated by what I’ve read and I’d love the chance to take part!

  46. hmmmmmmm…why I NEED LOM…last year i took the GOBI class and really got things together as far as my space…but my years of pictures? Still all over the place…plus I WANT to scrapbook, but after a tough year last year (my Dad sick and then dying) I just got nothing done. I KNOW I want to scrapbook and put these memories together for my kids, because I may not always be there for them. So, I guess I need it to help put me back on track. WE haven’t been able to afford to sign up for it, as although my husband is still working, things are tough here in Maine…and many at the papermill are not working…I just don’t dare spend the extra money, just in case.
    Dancingly, Denise

  47. I’d love to take LOM. I have a big rubbermaid tub full of pictures plus 8 photo boxes, also full of pictures, that need organizing. There are so many it’s just overwhelming. So I ignore them. Then print more. Then stack those envelopes up until there’s so many they’ll take up their own rubbermaid tub. I’ve got a problem, lol. ;)

  48. I’m overwhelmed with knowing where to start – both on organizing my photos and supplies – and on scrapbooking itself.

  49. oopsies, that was way more than 15 words! okay my 15 words or less???
    Dancingly, Denise

  50. Find myself without a job – 1st time in 30 years – need a confidence boost!

  51. Monica Woodward says:

    I want my kids to look back at these pictures some day and smile!

  52. I am totally overwhelmed and don’t even know where to begin to get my photos and memories in some semblance of order. PLEASE help!!!

  53. Lisa Knudsen says:

    I have all the “stuff” now I need help putting it all together. The End.

  54. I’ve tried doing this on my own with my digital pictures but I need help

  55. I need a kick in the pants to get my scrapbooking groove on!

  56. Do you have any idea the # of digital photo files I have??? Help!!!

  57. 6 kids, 1 dog, 1 cat, 1 bunny, 1 hubby, and I’m turning 40 this year. ‘nuf said.

  58. I would love to be more organized and feel less overwhelmed.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  59. It makes me sad to see my kid’s face when they can’t find a picture of themselves because they are all in boxes, drawers or on the computer.

  60. Please help! No system = never printed = no one ever sees them!

  61. I read the book, but need coaching to make LOM happen for me! :)

  62. 4 year old triplets plus a one year old leaves no time to organize photos!

  63. I am just returning to a ‘normal’ life after 3 surgeries and months of recovery. I’m back at work but I haven’t returned to my scrapbooking yet. And last year was so eventful! I have a years worth of pictures of a new granddaughter that I need to get scrapping so she can enjoy looking at her book.
    Thanks, Stacy for the chance to win.

  64. Carol Clayton says:

    I have been a shutterbug my whole life, and pretty much the “family photographer” since I was about 11. Thank you for permission to NOT scrapbook all of my photos – because I already have more than enough for several lifetimes! Your system makes SOOOO much sense to me – I don’t know why I didn’t do something like it YEARS ago!!!! I am so excited for LOM 2009 – I can hardly wait!

  65. I am on the brink of total understanding and need a push over the edge!

  66. I really need this. I repeatedly buy more product and get nothing accomplished. It’s so frustrating and I need HELP!! :)

  67. Want to learn to make those connections and bring order to my photos!

  68. I have two year old twins and have yet to make a scrapbook for them!

  69. I am joining you as an alumni this year but I would love to give this as a gift to my sister. Can I put my name in for that – if so thanks a bunch. She needs this as much as I did! Love the class and am so looking forward to the second round :)

  70. I’m bogged down by all these photos with no real plan to get them cared for…help

  71. Four kids 8 and under – high creative longing – limited opportunity – need to approach scrapbooking prepared!

  72. Susanne N. says:

    I need the motivation! I have the book and the desire–just can’t get started.

  73. Guidance, guidance, guidance! After your class at CKC-Seattle I so motivated but just need some more help.

  74. I want to expand beyond chronological scrapbook pages to those with more emotional and personal connections.

  75. I need anything that will help me organize all the photos I have. I need help!

  76. Magnetic photo ablums, shoe boxes, digital files and more. I NEED this class.

  77. I need this workshop because: I would love to feel FREEDOM and FUN again in my scrapbooking.

  78. Kandi - Puyallup, WA says:

    Love the theory behind LOM & would love to learn the process + Stacy Jullian ROCKS !

  79. Michelle Picinich says:

    I have four kids and very few pics in albums! It overwhelms me and I need a system to get inspired and get going.

  80. Barbi Defazio says:

    My goal is to have my limited amount of scrapbooking time to be productive, but also and most important to have more of those creative joyous moments that happen when you KNOW what you want to scrapbook and have things ready to go. And happily get lost in the process. And I need help to let go of the chronological trap I am in that has left me creatively blocked.

  81. 2 kids under 2. Over 1000 photos taken just this year. Please help me. Kylie

  82. I have tried several ways of organizing and so far nothing has worked. Pick me!

  83. Debbie Smith says:

    I want to capture all the special moments of my children’s lives in their scrapbooks.

  84. I would like to have a method to store my picutes so that I can review them easily to just walk down memory lane or be inspired to scrapbook. I have all my other goodies and fun stuff organized, but I have always been at a loss on what to do with my pics. I have them on the computer, in stacks on my desk, and in storage containers. Need help.

  85. I’m not kidding when I say I take between 8 and 10 thousand photos each year!

  86. Need. Class. Have. Photogenic. Toddler. Husband. Is. A. Photo. Packrat. With. A. BAAAADDD. Memory. AKKK!

  87. jen robinson says:

    I need this because I need this because I need this badly!

  88. I read your book but need your inspiration to begin and succeed in this journey.

  89. Holly A. Moss says:

    I’ve started my LOM using your ‘nuts & bolts’ approach, I really need ‘spoon-feeding’. Help!

  90. Hand holding and interaction. “Simple” as that. Love the system… just need help with motivation.

  91. I need Stacy Julian to give me a kick in the butt towards scrapbooking utopia.

  92. I have an absolute backlog of photos and feel too paralyzed to create new layouts.

  93. I read your book photo freedom, as a my first baby is coming, and I’m sure tons of pictures, I want organize myself to leave a legacy for him.

  94. i need to get it together. for my kids!

  95. I would scrap a lot more if my pictures were HERE and organized!

  96. I have unorganized pictures in boxes and tons of pictures not printed. I need motivation!

  97. I need this workshop because my pictures are all out of sorts!

  98. Carol Parsons says:

    I need LOM to get 20 plus years of photos scrapped!!!

  99. Erin Balthazor says:

    Your books have made scrapping fun again. Can’t wait to make the connections with photos.

  100. I need this because my life is so busy and I need to get organized!

  101. I have a TON of pictures printed, going back to the 60s. I want to scrap them in a more meaningful way and I don’t want to stress that I am NOT going to scrap every one of these pictures. I need encouragement and inspiration. Thanks, Stacy, for this class!

  102. I read the book but need your inspiration and coaching to begin this overwhelming journey!

  103. Laura Glover says:

    Past years…kids…husband…dogs…tons of photos…crazy…I feel paralyzed…where to begin?!
    Laura G

  104. It’s a big task; I need the support. Your approach makes sense & is doable.

  105. Brooke Merva says:

    I need help letting go of the idea of being behind and embracing guilt-free scrapbooking.

  106. Shannon H. says:

    I have 4 kids ages 5 and under, my husband is in Iraq, HELP please!

  107. I’m in a chronological rut and need help getting out! ~Joanie

  108. Kristy Chapman says:

    Thousands of my pictures,
    Memories Lost,
    Needing to Find Them Again,
    Pick me!

  109. I need this class because I am 7 years behind in my scrapbooking!


  111. I need the Library of Memories workshop because I keep taking pictures but do nothing with them.

  112. Years of photos in plastic totes, no order, rhyme or reason. Pick me!

  113. Melony Wells says:

    So the Artist in me can create without those darn chronological limits!!

  114. I want to be re-inspired to scrap meaningfully!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  115. I’ve been wanting to make the switch, but I don’t know where to start!!! Help!

  116. I’m bogged down by photos and need a way to allow my creativity to flow.

  117. I’m only 45, but I feel 70 years “behind” – time to let go of the guilt and HAVE MORE FUN!

  118. I need to learn how to focus while remaining creative.

  119. I’m merging mine and my husband’s photos and need a new system.

  120. I have a two year old and a baby on the way and need a different way to scrapbook the pages and pictures I want.

  121. Lindsay Jones says:

    I have 5 small kids and want to remember this crazy time.

  122. Too many photos, not organized, and trying not to do chronocial.

  123. I have too many photos and not enought time to scrapbook them.

  124. I am sooo behind in scrapping – I feel like I’ve lost the ‘touch’ and need to get it back before baby #1 arrives at the end of the summer!

  125. Received your book as a gift 7 days ago and CAN’T STOP thinking about it!

  126. I want to make meaningful pages for my family. Daughter is a senior. I’m desperate!

  127. because i need organization of my photos to make scrapping easier, simpler, and more FUN!

  128. momtooboys says:

    I need this class because my photos are still sitting in the developing envelopes (or my PC)!

  129. Because I am out of ideas….. and have tons of picures!

  130. Too many photos and not enough time!

  131. I haven’t scrapbooked much lately and want to get back into it BIG TIME.

  132. Well, for starters, 23 years of unorganized photos are paralyzing me and memories are fading.

  133. I have 3 sons, little time, and years of photos unprinted on my hard drive. Help!

  134. I need your class as I am attempting to sort my mother’s photos for the past 50 plus years plus I have my own. I did start and have current photos printed and in albums. My hardest thing is to take the photos and move them into the “sorted” stage. Read your Big Picture book but still stuck on chronological!

  135. I am so behind, big life changes on the way and MUST simplify my process!
    Thanks so much,

  136. printed photos – my childhood, his childhood, our kids PLUS digital photos 2002 forward – need organization!

  137. I need to get out of my chronological mindset and scrap more inspiration-inspired pics!

  138. I’d be more productive with more organization.

  139. Read your book; very inspired. Missed class deadline, but still love the system. Thank you! :)

  140. Oooh I would LOVE to win!

  141. Lorie Gomes says:

    I need an incentive to start scrapbooking again…I want to do it, but I’m too overwhelmed.

  142. Erin Balthazor says:

    Your books made scrapbooking fun again. Now I want to make those connections between the pictures.

  143. I have 5 kids, a granddaughter and a ton of pics I NEED YOU!!!PLEASE

  144. I have so many pictures and a fear of scrapbooking out of order.

  145. I have recently felt a strong desire to scrapbook in a more simple, efficient, and organized way.

  146. So overwhelmed sitting down to look at photos that I havent scrapbooked in months

  147. Read your book and love it….now I just have to live it?

  148. I am at a standstill with scrapbooking due to everything being so disorganized. I need help!

  149. I read your book this summer and think this class will just add to it.

  150. I have read your book and now I need to apply some of it to my scrapping!

  151. I have boxes of pictures and my son is 13, he has no baby scrapbook as I am too overwhelmed to start one! I also have an entire family collection of heritage pictures. Again, to overwhelmed to start. Help!

  152. I have photos on my hard drive, in boxes and drawers. I need a system!

  153. I’m starting to feel ‘lost’ in my sea of picures and afraid to print more!

  154. I feel so “behind” in my scrapbooking . . . I would love to take this class!

  155. I need LOM because: I am a sidetracked home executive in need of some organization, especially in scrapbooking!

  156. Heard so much about the inspiration from Stacy and looking at scrapbooking differently!

  157. Currently I have an album per child per year and I have three children, ages 5, 3 and 1. I don’t scrap chronologically, but by inspiration, but now I find myself so far behind with 12 albums unfinished. I feel like I continue to hurry through to catch up because I don’t want to leave these albums unfinished, but I have recently discovered that there is a better way to scrapbook memories and want help to make my scrapbooks more meaningful. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  158. I read your book ‘Photo Freedom’, last week, and to be honest…: I am really confused. I thought that I would understand the concept after reading the book, but I guess I have to do it ‘in life’ to really ‘get it’.
    Francisca, in the Netherlands

  159. heather j. says:

    I read your book, started the system. Now I need more details to keep going.

  160. I need to change my perspecive on scrapbooking. Hope this class will help me.

  161. Just got your book recently and have read part of it. I am the type of person that takes lot’s of photos and stores them on my computer. Very little go into actual scrapbook pages and they are usually very ramdom (usually go with what makes me feel good). I used to feel very bad for not having any kind of order or being caught up. This is why I registered for this class. To get some kind of system going (that would fit me – this seams to be the case) and not feel that I haven’t caught up!
    So as we say in french MERCI for all your insight so far and looking forward to this class!

  162. Can’t find the photos I want to scrap when I have the time to scrap!

  163. Rose Huffman says:

    convert from organized hard drive to capturing the memories on paper for my family through pictures -
    love your blog!!!

  164. Photos, in boxes, drawers, piles, envelopes..in the bedroom, scrap area… I need HELP & some form of accountability!

  165. My 2009 word is CLARITY, so I want to better utilize my organizing systems.

  166. 5 kids, love scrapbooking but lost joy, tired of feeling “behind”, LOM could free me

  167. I know that I need a system to be more productive and I really just need a kick in the pants to getting some pages done.

  168. I won’t even go in the room with my pictures because of ‘unfinished album’ guilt!

  169. Photos everywhere. NO albums started. Always “behind.” Need to get organized to be productive!!

  170. I need some inspiration to get started on some of my older photos. Thanks!

  171. Have the book. Love it. Inspired. Need more guidance to help me implement it.

  172. I need LOM because I want to scrap the “big picture” for my family.
    PS…I am already registered and can’t wait!

  173. Waiting for law school to start. Want to have fun creating memories for my family.

  174. I love your concept! I just NEED your guidance to make that big jump!

  175. I need you organizational expertise to get me rolling on a better system to tell our story.

  176. Libby Brill says:

    A picture equals 1000 words, right? I have roughly 20,768,000 unscrapped words. I need help!

  177. To get organized and to purge, also remind myself the real reasons I should scrapbook.

  178. I really need this class because I have 54 years worth of pictures sitting in envelopes, boxes and cedar chests – and I want to find and record my life’s story from all that.
    You have the best giveaways – thank you!!

  179. Lots of product and pictures. To few pages made. Need to break away from chronological obsession!

  180. It is very simple why I need this class…..I have no system. There, it is out there on the big ol’web. I have no organizational skills when it comes to my pics. I have the best of intentions, but I never seem to follow through and get it done!

  181. kimmikaye says:

    I’m running out of time. And memories are the only souvenirs we can take with us.

  182. I’ll make it easy — I’m terrible at printing photos because when I order them, they just sit in the box they were shipped in!!! Help!!!

  183. My mother AND my mother-in-law both gave me hundreds of pictures in the last weeks of me and my husband as children. (They didn’t know this of each other.) How will I get those, and all the memories that go with it, scrapped?? I need your class, Stacy!

  184. I need to get organized and therefore make better use of my scrapbook time!!!

  185. Angela Williams says:

    We’re a military family, so it would be great to have a streamlined system for moving.

  186. i need to no longer be obsessed with chronology – i would love to be FREE!!!!

  187. I love your ideas and I need to put the “fun” back into scrapbooking.

  188. Kathi Lamb says:

    I am drowning in photos developed and computerized. I can’t find anything. 911, NEED AIR.

  189. Too many pictures, scattered in too many places, with too little time!

  190. I have boxes and boxes of photos and I’m all digital now, can this class help me? I sure hope so!

  191. I organize everything…it brings me joy…it’s time for my photos!

  192. Shanon Gibson says:

    My computer is running soooo slow, need help organizing my stuff, please!

  193. Cindy Day says:

    I absolutely your concept and would love to follow you personally through the process.

  194. Hi! I feel I need this workshop because I am the most unorganized scrapper ever! I’m not just talking about my scraproom (which goes without saying of course), but also my method of scrapbooking. I would LOVE a spot in your workshop!

  195. One word… life! So busy with life, that memory preserving gets put on hold.

  196. I took 489 photos just last month, and they all live on my computer. I need help!

  197. I have read your book but would like additional motivation to be organized in scrapbooking.

  198. Karen Smith says:

    I love the order and look of the albums which make my job much easier – keeping track of pictures so I can find what I’m lookinig for while I still need it!

  199. I would like to win a pass because otherwise I cannot afford the class!!

  200. I love this concept and would love even more to win the chance to use it!

  201. Nicolle Tafoya says:

    I am so excited! I am Nicolle who asked all those questions you answered in today’s post. Those were great answers but I know I wont totally get the hang of it until I can take your class. I really hope I win because I wanted to sign up but I just don’t have the extra money right now. If I don’t win then I will just have to wait til next year.
    Thanks for all you do.

  202. i NEED to be more organized and spend less time searching! i get caught up in the past!

  203. because of your books-i ACTUALLY FIND TIME TO SCRAPBOOK! i always felt overwhelmed and put it off.. and the pages stacked up-now i am ENJOYING my CREATIVITY!!

  204. I’ve loved scrapbooking for 13 years, but feeling bogged down and unexcited about it lately.

  205. I NEED your class!! i just quit my job to be a stay at home mome! I now have time to start your system, but no money to join!! Pick me!

  206. I would love to take this class because I have just finished reading your book!

  207. Cindy Carlson says:

    I need to make the switch to non-chronological scrapbooking be better organized!

  208. I need the extra motivation to finish setting up my library. I’m stuck!

  209. love the idea of OM and would love to spend more time with you exploring your take on it!

  210. I took Have more fun and I am ready to have more fun – Yeah

  211. Vickie Jones aka AFScrapperMom says:

    I want to win for my mom, she needs system that frees her to scrap

  212. Nancy McMahon says:

    I am so overwhelemed with pictures that your guidance would be a big help.

  213. I’m stuck in the gotta get caught up mode while perpetualy falling further behind. I don’t feel like I’m really getting my stories accross on the pages I do get made. I need your inspiration!

  214. To create an organized system for my memories instead of jumbled photos stuck on computer!

  215. Stephanie B says:

    My photos are everywhere! I need help with organizing so I can actually start scrapping.

  216. Jeannie Damon says:

    4 kids, 2 cats, a full-time job and thousands of pictures. Help me please!?

  217. I would love to take your class because I feel like I’m drowning– drowning in photos and supplies. Please throw me your life preserver!!

  218. Vonda Snow says:

    I would love to win this class because I have a desire to scrapbook with a clearer vision. I’m ready to put the effort into a workable system that give me freedom and purpose in my quest to record my memories.

  219. I want to be totally free with chronology – and just scrap what needs to be scrapped at the moment I want to scrap it! Without having to look for the pictures!

  220. Christine says:

    I need your inspiration to increase my motivation to conquer my mountain of pictures !

  221. I need the inspiration…pure and simple!

  222. Lynnette Harder says:

    I am already registered and it would be such a delight to win it.

  223. Liticia Weissinger says:

    Since 2004 my photos have “lived” on my computer. I’d like to change that.

  224. I don’t want to spend hours looking for pictures on my computer anymore!

  225. D Krumhauer says:

    I’m more a wanna be scrapbooker than a doer and as retirement is near I want a system I WILL DO!

  226. kreativekate says:

    I owe this to my family;I got laid off, it’s not in the budget.

  227. I need help. No organization at all for my photos. Please, help me :)

  228. I need this class to overcome my feelings about “finishing” and “being caught up”. It scares me a little to give up this “goal”! Thanks for the chance!

  229. Karen Neder says:

    I have read both of your LOM books and now I need a GUIDE!
    Thanks! Karen

  230. I need help finding what I’m looking for.

  231. Allison Barnes says:

    I want to take the class so I can hear my friends voice every week!!

  232. so at the end of the day – I won’t think “maybe tomorrow”. . .

  233. i really need to be able to find the photos I need for a particular story. I always take so much time going through and finding what I need because my photos both print and digi are in a mess. Now with a baby on the way it will be even more important!

  234. I SOOOOO need this class! My digital photos are just plumb scary, and I just need someone to be there to hold my hand as I sort, purge and learn!
    I’m already signed up and can’t wait to get started!

  235. Betty Hileman says:

    The ton’s of digital photo’s on my computer that need to be shared and loved.

  236. I need this class because I have lost my mojo and desperately want it back.

  237. Just an old dog in need of learning some new tricks!

  238. I’d love to take your class so that I can break free from the chronological mindset. I purchased your book some time back, but I still store and display everything chronologically.

  239. I’ve read your book and implemented some ideas but I someone (you) telling me what the next thing to do is. I’m over-analyzing every step so to hear extended reasonings on why this system works will allow me to quit analyzing and start working!

  240. Oops, if we violated the 15 words rule are we disqualified??

  241. I need this class to get me started again. I have 3 kids, & haven’t made a page in about a year. I think your system might get me excited seeing the photos & pages in a new way.

  242. I am already in so this is just to say I am so looking forward to this adventure, and I am so ready.

  243. I’ve 30 yrs.+ of photos that are in a mixed up jumble. HELP PLEASE.

  244. Your book inspired me to get over my fear of non-chronological scrapbooking and this class would solidfy this for me!

  245. I LOVED Photo Freedom and got started – need much help to REALLY DO IT! Thanks!

  246. I would LOVE a chance to win! I need some help! lol!

  247. I need this class because my photos are in desperate need of organization:)!

  248. I was waiting for our refund to register and now its too late. So sad.

  249. Help! My oldest son is 22 and my youngest son is 10. Lots of pictures!!!

  250. I want to love scrapbooking again.

  251. I purchased The Big Picture and Photo Freedom. I have already begun using your system, and it is very freeing to my soul. I have been scrapbooking for 15 years, and had started to dread it. I was completing a family album and albums for each of my three children, all chronologically with every picture every taken for each album.
    I quickly finished the little I had left to finish out 2006 chronologically ( I know it wasn’t necessary). I have put all my photos into the binders and have begun working with them. I went to a crop last weekend, I took the 2007 binder and worked on scouting and family camping photos. I completed 8 pages and had a blast. I was glad to be able to pick out what I wanted to work on.
    It just feels like a load has been lifted from my shoulders.

  252. I have read and LOVE the book but I need hand-holding along the way!

  253. I wanted to take this class so bad. SO bad i could taste it. I have the book, I have read it cover to cover many times. But need the extra help from the class to get me to fully understand HOW. At this time, I just can’t afford it.
    So kind of you to offer a free pass…fingers crossed!!

  254. 50 years old – 3 daughters – one son-in-law – and a grandchild = lots of pics!!!!!

  255. Anne Thurlow says:

    I absolutely NEED this class because I am reorganizing my space. HELP!

  256. mandmsmom says:

    I have piles of photos sitting on my desk and in my computer. I do my sketches chronologically so I’m sure I’m missing some really important moments while trying to keep up with events.

  257. So that I have a group to be accountable to (with LOL).

  258. Nancy May says:

    HAVE to take this class. A “fan” since Core Composition. I love scrapbooking!

  259. shearstuff says:

    I have Photo Freedom and The Big Picture….still working to figure out how to incorporate it being a digi scrapper. Would love to take the class but lack the $$. Thanks for offering some free spots :)

  260. Diana Donohue says:

    I have a daughter with Selective Mutism and I want people to see her how I see her beautiful, funny and smart…..they only see her as the girl who does not speak.

  261. I am already signed up and I soooo need this class!! I have 7 children and am soooo behind on my pics…so much so that I have frozen and don’t even know where to begin!!
    I can’t wait to start and be free to scrap happily again!!!

  262. After taking LOM last year its been especially nice to have this organizational system in place.
    Today I was able to sit down, look thru my drawers, and a couple of binders, pull some pictures–and find a specific picture I needed and easily do a LO about a favorite family past-time. I got about 12 LO’s done today, without agonizing about having pictures, or where to find them.
    Even though Simple will not be independently published anymore I am glad for all the issues I do have and that the concept was introduced in the Scrapbooking industry. It’s been wonderful having people who inspire and encourage us to focus on the memories, and use product as a tool to help narrate those favorite stories, instead of the focus being on the product.

  263. I don’t want to be paralyzed when it comes my pictures.

  264. so I can finally get a handle on my photos PLEASE HELP ME

  265. You know you need a class like this when life seems to be getting away from you and some sense of order needs to take place. LOM would definitely do this.

  266. I NEEEEEED THIS! I was organized, then had kids!!

  267. Carol Thompson says:

    pictures are everywhere. I really need help!

  268. I’m okay with the system I have, but it could be better more clear and easier to use. I always feel like I’m missing or forgetting something.

  269. So many pictures, so few pages of memories. Want to overcome my perfectionism!!

  270. Life if full of commitments, it would be scrapping for ME, making time for ME.

  271. I need this class because I am almost organized with scrapbooking except for having a system for my photos.

  272. I saved a drawer (old old) from my grandparents kitchen before we burned the house down, and there it sits full of pictures…my poor nephew the first (and only) boy in the family is turning 14 this summer, and nada to his pictures of babyhood(or life so far) …LOM sounds wonderful, plan to budget for it next time…

  273. Gina Baynes says:

    Diagnosis: Scrapbooking Burnout
    Remedy: Scrapbooking Freedom
    Prescription: Library Of Memories

  274. purpledaisy says:

    too much wasted time spent on deciding what to scrap…i need LOM NOW.

  275. I try to be organized, but can’t seem to ever get it completely together. LOM would really help.

  276. Sheila Kuhn says:

    Plain and simple I think that you are pretty amazing. Thank you for sharing it with the rest of us.

  277. Eleonor F. says:

    Plain and simple…I feel overwhelmed! Four kids,way too many pictures,no organization = no scrapbooking! Please help me get back into the hobby that I once loved!

  278. I’m swamped!

  279. I have lost the DESIRE to scrapbook due to being so unorganized and behind!

  280. Bonnie Lewis-Watts says:

    Would love to get the free LOM cause my “stash” is in a disastrous state and I need HELP!

  281. Have a lot done on LOM concept, would like to see more personal connections from my Catagory Drawers.

  282. I own photo freedom but still have questions how to implement and make my own.

  283. Recording memories as a gift to myself and my family should be FUN not frustrating!

  284. to leave a lasting visual legacy telling the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord!

  285. Tammy Wathen says:

    I have both your books, but would love the support of you and the class.

  286. I have your book, but so far have been unable to get it together. Help!

  287. Amy Eaton says:

    I think that LOM would help me to make greater connections within my scrapbooking.

  288. Bethany (buffie) says:

    Because I want to experience Photo Freedom too! (And I love your perspective on scrap-life.)

  289. Kathy Reid says:

    I am terribly unorganized and spend way to much time looking for photos & supplies.

  290. Hubby has the photography bug, “it’s cheaper than a mid life crisis”. Wanna bet!

  291. it will help me feel less stressed out, and help me get wayyyyy more oraganized!!

  292. To create a system where my photos and memories merge to flow into my scrapbooks.

  293. I have over 10 years of photos *still on my computer, unprinted*.

  294. too many pictures in too many places. feel overwhelmed.

  295. I have started. I need motivation to continue. I love your book and ideas. Thanks…

  296. Read Photo Freedom. Love it! Need more help. Still disorganized. Ready to create with inspiration!

  297. Kimberly Sackett says:

    still searching for ways to enjoy the memories and the process…just enjoy learning something new from someone new!!

  298. Pictures in shoeboxes, grandma’s pictures. I don’t even know where my grade school pictures are! I need to organize and find a system.

  299. the state of my pictures is overwhelming! i love scrapbooking, shouldn’t feel like a chore!

  300. I need a sustainable, inspiring, accessible system that will enable the soul-feeding creativity I love.

  301. Jolene Olsen says:

    Have 22 years worth of pictures in boxes. 5 boys! Want some motivation. Love book!!

  302. Stacy Tanner says:

    I have read your books but truly look forward to “experiencing” them! Thanks. Stacy T.

  303. I need the knowledge, support and inspiration of other scrapbookers.:)

  304. Kim Atkins says:

    I have too many pictures, unfinished albums and way to many supplies that are not orgnaized.I need some serious help! LOM is a must.

  305. I need LOM because I want to feel inspired and not “behind.”

  306. I’ve; read the book, bought supplies, ready to make my photos accessable and enjoyable.

  307. For sanity & inspiration in scrapbooking!!

  308. lonely scrapbooker seeks organization, inspiration and freedom from need she has formed for perfect pages

  309. Four boys. lots of pictures from a long time ago. Not so many pages completed!

  310. Brandi Z. says:

    I need it because I love the idea of not scrapping chronologically, but I just can’t seem to figure it out since I am scrapping pics from 2004. I’m that far behind and it doesn’t feel good!

  311. An LOM haiku:
    Photos piling up
    Precious stories aging fast
    Rescue me now, please

  312. I’m creating my own scrap studio and need all the help I can get.

  313. I have 3000+ pictures in boxes or digital and I don’t know how to begin!

  314. I have been scraping for the last 10 years, but I have 9 years of pictures that are not orgaized (let alone scrapped!!) Due to always doing books for others in the family. I look at my pictures on the computer and get so overwelmed and don’t know where to start. I think, believe I need this class to get motivated to do my own stuff and remember why I got into scrapbooking to begin with. Thanks Laura D

  315. To justify all of the scrapbooking supplies I’ve bought! Being organized would help!

  316. I still have negatives in my closet and am always looking for supplies and photos!
    Help! – That was my 16th word. ;)

  317. Jeannette P says:

    Photos galore, guilt from not creating pages, need organization and want meaningful pages worth sharing.
    That’s my nutshell.

  318. To get my photos and memories in a place my family can access and enjoy!

  319. The organization fairy missed my house…I need a system that works so I can do it myself!

  320. Why? Efficiency, I love being organized, and stories at my fingertips.

  321. Organization and to learn how to get out of the chronological rut.

  322. I want to enjoy scrapbooking again and I think this will lead me to that.

  323. Because I’m TOTALLY overwhelmed by my lack of organization and it’s driving me CRAZY!

  324. LOM makes so much sense and I’ll like to be accountable while I sort my photos.

  325. To use more photos in a more effective way, and get those memories preserved :)

  326. I need to get my photos organized and find a system that works for them.

  327. I will free myself to preserve today.

  328. I just gave birth to twins (1/6/09) and need to have a plan! :-)

  329. Gina Wiser says:

    I need motivation…not just to start, but to FINISH!!

  330. I have 6 kids and photos all over the house. I need to get them organized…..and relieve a little of that guilt

  331. Help! I have photos in boxes, drawers, hard drive, frames and heaven knows where else.

  332. So I can spend more time getting right to scrapbooking rather than digging through photos.

  333. I’ve read Photo Freedom cover to cover twice, and I’ve made a start in the organization system. I could really use some coaching, however, so I would love to take this course.

  334. The freedom to scrap what moves me (and not in date order) will save my sanity.

  335. LOM incredibly freeing scrapbook system, Photo Freedom inspiring and functional, me … a procrastinator. Need Help!

  336. So many photos,so much stuff, anxiety about creating,one great book and some luck!!!

  337. Heather T. says:

    I have been sorting by date, and it’s just not working for me, so I’m willing to tear everything apart and put it back together. I wonder how many new pages will come out of viewing things a different way? :)

  338. LOM uniquely freeing system,
    Photo Freedom excellent guidance
    Me – a procrastinator who needs help!

  339. Have stopped scrapbooking b/c of overwhelmed feeling I get when I think about it. Want freedom.

  340. I have lots of layouts that have been sitting in a pile that need to go into albums but i’ve been putting it off…and now that i’ve found this class i need it, or at least get your book:)

  341. Lyn McEnaney says:

    I have spent time and effort on chronological scrapbooks that nobody ever opens.

  342. I have spent time and effort on chronological scrapbooks that nobody ever opens.

  343. So I can effectively scrap 25 years of motherhood.
    PS If someone who already is enrolled in the class wins, can I have their spot?

  344. Donna Farr says:

    I need motivation to keep organized, and not feeling like I am behind all the time. To spend my energy on preserving the memory, not feeling the guilt.

  345. I have no rhyme or reason to how my pictures are organized! I NEED this!

  346. Beacause in the midst of renovations – being done by DH and my baby due in 2 weeks I need some semblance of order in chaos!

  347. I need to take LOM because I have too many pictures that are trapped in boxes and my computer!

  348. Robyn Mahle says:

    There is no possible way to explain in 15 words why I need this!!!! I just do!

  349. I’ve thrown my hands up and said Uncle! Help me let go and scrap.

  350. Jennifer Butler says:

    I need this class because I need help with my photos! To many all over the place
    Jennifer B.

  351. To leave a lasting legacy for my 4 wonderful and deserving children!

  352. I’m so inspired by your book! I want to tell the stories of my family and combine these with my boxes of photos, but not sure how to make that happen. Hoping to get some coaching with this class.

  353. My pictures are sitting in shutterfly packages in large baskets.

  354. Truly inspired after reading Photo Freedom; want to embrace this way of scrapping & preserving life!

  355. photoaholic wants freedom from bondage through LOM joy of memory preserving! love the book. need human support! :)

  356. Organization makes me happy.

  357. Therese Bradley says:

    I’m buried under photos and need help discovering the stories I want to share.

  358. Judy Sanza says:

    Mother, grandmother, aunt, cousin – the keeper of all family photos etc. 1 year experience – HELP!

  359. i’ve heard such good things about this class – i’d really love to do it

  360. I have photos in boxes, photo albums, drawers, in stacks in my scrapbook room, and on my computer. Help needed!

  361. I need a system so I can get creative instead of getting stuck!

  362. I love to learn. I am a lifelong learner and would love to take this class… please pick me.

  363. I have read Photo Freedom and Big Picture – need the class for some hand on!

  364. BJ Price McGinnis says:

    I have tons of photos & not a lot of free time. LOM would help organize me!

  365. I need this class to get past my fear of “it has to be perfect” syndrome

  366. I need help getting organized and motivated instead of feeling overwhelmed and frustrated…help!!!

  367. Sometimes I just need a jump start.

  368. I try to get organized & I fall off the bus. I need a coach bad!
    Thanks Stacy.

  369. I want to grab a photo and document a memory not hunt for a photo till I am out of creative time.

  370. To release my self-restrictions and criticisms and return to the joy of creating.

  371. I need to break my habit of scrapping in a chronological way and do it in a more meaningful, less stressful way. I have read Photo Freedom cover to cover once and am gathering my stuff to get started!

  372. I need to take this class to reign in the chaos of my photos.

  373. Where to begin…boxes of pictures and pictures trapped in my computer! Help me!

  374. I want a friend to do this class with me!

  375. 2009 is the year I hope to implement Photo Freedom! LOM would be a great help!

  376. I so want to get my pics organized for memory making!

  377. L – Lost
    I – in
    B – big
    R – ridiculous
    A – accumulation,
    R – realizing
    Y – your
    M – method
    E – easily
    M – makes
    O – organization
    R – reachable
    I – in
    E – enjoyable
    S – sessions

  378. My word for the year is CONQUER! This class would do just that.

  379. I have lots of beautiful but empty albums. I desperately need a system to follow!

  380. I’m paralyzed by the indecision of how to organize my scrapbooks. HELP!

  381. Heather B. says:

    I want to be energized to scrap my pics by seeing them in differnt contexts, rather than just chronological.

  382. Man, LOM would be a LIFESAVER. I need help getting everything organized digitally. What a great giveaway!

  383. always feeling behind and want to have FUN scrapping again!

  384. I have your book but would love the class to help me firm up your ideas and implement them in my own way. I am a non-chronological scrapper that was somewhat unorganized so I love this system!

  385. Last night I tried to find 3 related photos. This class would really help me!

  386. I read PhotoFreedom last weekend. Today, 2 friends – separatley – told me how blue they are about scrapbooking and feeling behind. I of course said “have I got a book for you!” :D I LOVE the concept and really want to implement it myself. However, I am afraid that I will soon get overwhelmed and could use some personal coaching. I also have questions about how to approach this as a digital scrapper.

  387. Why do I need this class? As I gathered my pictures based on Photo Freedom I filled 6 photo storage boxes which means I have almost 6,ooo pictures that stare at me everytime I try to scrapbook. I think that about sums it up. Thanks for the giveaway!

  388. Susan Ringler says:

    Oh gosh, so many reasons I am taking this the third time. First and foremost I beleive in your process SO much! Secondly, I want to have the “story” down before I get old and gray and forget more! Thirdly I think the boys are getting old enough to appreciate the stories more. and last but never least……I LOVE TO DO LAYOUTS but rarely have the pics I need to do them! Bless you for doing this every year and just because you are who you are! Go Stacy.

  389. I lost two grandparents in the past 3 weeks. Twice we went through boxes of photos.

  390. I am dreaming of having a life of organized photos and documents that my children can learn from and I can remember the special moments of my/our lives!

  391. Stacks of photos,no end in sight, Stacy, help me get back loving my memories.

  392. simplysewhappy says:

    Time is passing and I am drowning in photos and ideas. Help me get organized.

  393. I need some spoon feeding!

  394. I want to scrap more of the relational groups of photos and be more organized.

  395. Sounds like a system which could *finally* help me get all my photos under control and, eventually, onto scrapbook pages. My mom is suffering from dementia, and I am SO sad that we didn’t get all of her stories matched up with her photos while we had the chance. I’m feeling that money is tight, time’s growing shorter all the time, and I need to ACT to preserve our family’s photos and memories!
    I also want to say that I have loved and appreciated ‘Simple’ from day one, and will miss it so very much, but really want to thank you and all the staff for many hours of inspiration and entertainment – a very special gift to all your readers. You have much to be proud of!
    Thank you!

  396. Kathryn Methot says:

    I have pictures floating around everywhere. I definitely need help.

  397. Need Help! Scrapbook for myself and others so pics NOT very organized!

  398. To get out of the chronological rut!

  399. Bought the book and rereading it right now. I need someone to hold my hand.

  400. Four (4) kids … four (4) LARGE rubbermaid totes containing 26 years of photos … PLEASE HELP!!!

  401. Just need to clean out my cupboard and know which I can really throw away!

  402. Married, two kids, three moves, one deployment, two lost loved ones, all in ten years.

  403. I need help with the overwhelming amount of photos that we take, that I have collected over the past 30 years, and the fact that I tend to try to scrapbook EVERY photo. HELP! Money was tight and I couldn’t afford to sign up for the class earlier.

  404. We just moved and I would love some help on getting organized! I miss scrapbooking and I just haven’t been inspired in way too long because I’m living in chaos! Help me please! :)

  405. Katherine says:

    I really want to have my son’s life scrapbook up to date before he starts kindergarten in the fall – so far I have a “home from the hospital” and a few other odds and ends from classes I’ve gone to. Help!

  406. I am so unorganized that I forgot to register for the class before it closed. Help!

  407. I need LOM to help me focus on documenting every day life, personalities, connections with…other family, food, etc. I mostly scrap events, but I would love, love, love to scrap more personally…my kid’s favorite things, their personality traits, funny little things they say or do, etc.

  408. Overwhelmed with all the stories I want to tell…need help and organization ideas!

  409. I need to get more done and Have more fun doing it!!

  410. Have a family of four, work full time, need to get organized!!!

  411. Kati Lyon says:

    I need something fun and useful to help me get through winter.

  412. I’m overwhelmed by the sheer number of pictures I take. I can’t scrap them all!

  413. I need LOM because, quite frankly, I am drowning in a sea of photos. My children were teens when I began scrapbooking and I have not scrapbooked any of our early days because I spend more time looking for photos than I actually spend creating. I need to change the tide and organize myself so that I do not continue to stifle my creativity!

  414. Michele Rosner says:

    I want to enjoy my photos and my family’s stories more.

  415. Hi Stacy, This class would be a delightful way for me to preserve my family’s memories in a new way as I have always scrapped chronologically.

  416. Paralysis by Analysis is why I am taking this class. I have been scrapping since 1998 but have only done maybe 15 pages due to the misguided need to be in cronological order and fear I will create something I hate. I am excited about the possibilities this class will facilitate.

  417. I need this class because I’ve lost my mojo for scrapping. I love it, I miss it. Jenny

  418. Ali in FL says:

    I have always scrapbooked my photos in chronological order. You mean there is another way?

  419. Because I have cupboards full of photos unscrapped and unorganised and the pressure of scrapping chronologically is causing me to avoid scrapping at all. And I don’t want that!

  420. Well, my life is trapped in boxes and I just need help sorting it all out. I have the category drawers, but can’t wrap my mind around the storage binders. Maybe I just need to read your books again to get my juices going!

  421. I have been scrapping for 16 years and my albums are boring!

  422. Read the book – more than once. Have the Pioneer photo albums and the American Crafts binder and have started my category box.
    Really wanted to sign up for the class but concerned about one more commitment.
    But if I win (!), I’ll be there!

  423. I have 3 kids, thousands of pictures, and no real organizational system. Help!

  424. I am overwhelmed by the amount of photos I take and cannot part with.

  425. five children,21 years of marriage,sooooo many pictures–drowning in chaos-help me, please!!!
    those are my 15 words….

  426. There’s got to a better way than my way–mine isn’t working! :)

  427. I really need this class – recently I’ve lost my mojo for scrapping :(

  428. Not knowing where my pictures are when I need them is stifling my creativity.

  429. Need to tell my story.
    Pictures and words.
    This is my cry for help.

  430. Stacy, I really need this class! I have a million pictures of my 5year old triplets and I’m drowning in my photos! LOL I have already put my photos in binders but have yet to move onto the drawers. I do have your books, but I need more direction!!! Help!

  431. Have spent years taking pictures and buying stuff. If I actually make an album it is for a gift. Am so excited to learn more and feel free from the chronological thing! Keri

  432. lorisse humphries says:

    Love your moxie! Have your books and am in the process of organizing my photo boxes – would really appreciate some of your inspiration! ;)

  433. I have lots of photos and NO organization.

  434. I am so overwhelmed with photos that I am not recording the associated stories, help!.

  435. I have all my photos on one shelf, that’s the limit of my organisation

  436. I need it
    I need it
    I need it
    And would be grateful to win

  437. I am a scrapbooking mess.

  438. Carmel Keane says:

    To scrap: 46 years of me, 15 years of us and 10 years of mothering.

  439. I love your classes

  440. Did I say I love your classes :)

  441. To gain some control over my photos as what I’m doing now is overwhelming me.
    Thanks Stacy!

  442. My photos are in a mess and not organized at all. In boxes here and envelopes there. Crisis LOL!

  443. Kara Massey says:

    Geez! 18 years of marriage, 14 of parenting, and 37 of life (mostly) in boxes!

  444. Kara Massey says:

    Geez! 18 years of marriage, 14 of parenting, and 37 of life (Mostly) in boxes.

  445. I’m a new scrapper and would love to start out on the right foot.

  446. 4 sons…So many photos…so little in albums for them to look at…so much angst and guilt!!

  447. Lynette C says:

    I want to learn to be more efficient and productive in my scrapbooking.

  448. Documenting for my family is important to me.

  449. Dying to tell the stories of the kids and my life – but where to start?

  450. Too many fish photos swimming in my computer (1000+ from summer SCUBA alone); must ORGANIZE!

  451. Still trying to get some sort of a system going….

  452. I desperately need to work on organizing my photos and getting back to scrapbooking.

  453. I need to know where my pictures are!

  454. Many photos, no system – want to make the best use of my limited scrap time

  455. After returning to work full time this year, I am finding less and less time to scrapbook. I love the organization of your system and am eager to get it all set up so that when I do have little bits of time, I can actually get something done rather than feeling overwhelmed not knowing where to start!

  456. I started scrapping last year for my oldest son as he was getting ready to graduate high school. What a HUGE task of getting photos together. If I had known of LOM then, I would have been enjoying the task instead of stressing about it. My youngest son is 2 and I do not want to have a repeat 15 years from now. I NEED ORGANIZATION AND CREATIVE FREEDOM NOW! :-) Luv you Stacy!

  457. I’m drowning in photos! I’m overwhelmed, frustrated and wasting precious time spinning my wheels trying to figure out where to start!

  458. Carolina H says:

    Need to break away from scrapping chronologically….feel overwhelmed because I’m so behind. Would be great to win so I can sign up for other classes :)

  459. 3 kids in 3 years
    PHOTOS > time
    had given up on scrapbooking :(

  460. Theresa Elliott says:

    I saw your system and fell in love with it. I love organization and have only been a stressed out chronological scrapper to date. I will be taking your class, but would love to win a free pass!!!

  461. Theresa Elliott says:

    I love organization and need to stop being a chronological scrapper!

  462. Help! I’m drowning in scrapbooking stuff I don’t use and photos still on my computer!

  463. Help needed! Scrapping 10 years, Pages done 12, Pictures left 18000. Your class priceless!!!!

  464. 15,658 pictures on my hard drive; less than 200 in an album.

  465. “I love the book and need a kick in the pants to get things moving!!” :)

  466. I have inherited over a century of photographs!

  467. Laurie Takens says:

    I’ve got photos stored in many different ways – boxes, envelopes, stacks and they’re not organized at all. Help!

  468. Margaret C says:

    because …this sounds inspiring…I’m losing control…I want to scrap not organise…sounds fun!!
    Thanks for the opportunity! xx

  469. Stacey,
    Always trying to find balance in my life – this will help in the scrapbooking area!

  470. I spend more time organizing photos than I do actually scrapbooking!

  471. I have the book, but need help getting it going.

  472. Michelle M says:

    New baby, no time, no system, new scrapbooker, want success.

  473. I have been dreaming of signing up for your class since I first learned about it, and bought the book, last year. But with some change in fiancial circumstances I am having to watch every penny to care for my two children. I would love to take your class as you are a true inspiration. If not – I hope that I will be able to take it in the future as my circumstances change.

  474. In 15 words or less – please!!!

  475. Julie Johnson says:

    Overwhelmed by explosion of photos and memorabilia, desire freedom from past… to be present.

  476. Read your books. Love the concept! Would love to have the class to learn more!

  477. to spend more time working with my most favorite memories ~ to find those photos easier!

  478. So many photos, so little time, so much of a mess!!!
    Love your books!!!

  479. Pam Flint says:

    Read the book. Have only completed 1 album in 10 years. Many albums “in progress”.

  480. Read the book, need extra help to get going with it.

  481. I have been following from afar for awhile now and have been able to impelement bits and pieces. I need the BIG PICTURE!
    Good luck to all,

  482. My kids are older, their photos scattered around. I need to get started keep going.

  483. I’ve hardly scrapbooked the last few years, in part, to being disorganized and overwhelmed by all the pictures I have. I’ve purchased your book, and have started to implement a couple of steps, but would love to take the class!

  484. I’m searching for balance in my life and ways to document my joy.

  485. Too many pictures, not enough time. Need help!

  486. I need some guidance to get me from where do I start? to GO!

  487. i need another chance at this class! please!!!

  488. I’m overwhelmed with my scrapping and would love a better system.
    Thanks for the chance!

  489. I have been scrapbooking for 6 years and already have a similar philosophy, but NO organization!

  490. What a nice giveaway. My purchase products/take photos side of the scale totally outweights my get something created side of the scale.

  491. This class would help get my 30 + years of photos in order, and started to be scrapped.

  492. Bought the book, read the book, love the book; would love to learn some more!!

  493. I am overwhelmed with photos/supplies and can’t find the mojo to organize and scrap!

  494. Memories in hard drive would love to find and share with family.

  495. I’ve read Photo Freedom and need a little personal inspiration from you!

  496. Too many pictures – three kids – ’nuff said!

  497. Melane Cooper says:

    4 kids, a marine husband,family far away tons of memories to capture, I need my hand to be held.

  498. An amazing place where memories can be shared.. daughters can giggle and moms can cry.

  499. Donna Farr says:

    I spend more time organizing then scrapbooking! Love the book, need a coach for the concept.

  500. I love my photos, but they get ‘lost’ in my hard drive.

  501. Because of the guilt! Unscrapped photos, Precious Photos thrown in boxes, It stresses me out!

  502. So need a system..especially since going digital 2 years ago.

  503. shannon cole says:

    Moving and getting a whole room for the office/scraproom – need your wisdom. Please!

  504. Julie Hollis says:

    I want to get organized!!!

  505. I’m mired in photos and product, and feeling totally overwhelmed. To the point where it’s hindering my creativity bigtime. I need guidance Stacy!

  506. Clare D'Onofrio says:

    Love the making connections concept, I make a connection and spend hours looking for the photos.

  507. Stephenie says:

    I have a room, I have product, I just need the encouragement. PLEASE PICK ME!

  508. You can never have too much encouragement.

  509. 2009 word: REACH Class will help reach toward true photo freedom!

  510. Lots of pictures that I want to pass on to my daughter.

  511. I’d give LOM to a friend who really needs this system but can’t afford it.

  512. Started the process after reading your book last summer. Now at a standstill. Need motivation!

  513. Katherine B says:

    How nice of you to do this Stacy. Would love a new, fresh twist on organizing. =D

  514. I have good intentions of organizing, I shop, print and they remain in the bags. I need this class!

  515. Need a photo system so I can scrap when inspiration strikes. Want to tell stories.

  516. Laurie Montague says:

    Stacey, working with you would help me truely create meaning in my scrapping…I’d be honored.

  517. I need this so when inspiration hits I am ready to go!!

  518. how can i audit it?

  519. Melinda Wilson says:

    My hard drive has a password so others can’t see the beautiful memories inside! (But I do have them backed up several places and on DVDs!)

  520. Because I love your books but need deadlines and social interaction to make it work.

  521. 6 children need I say more?

  522. Colleen Patel says:

    I am thrilled to be capturing memories. LOVE taking pictures. But as I look at my scrapbook room i can see a box of 2006, 2007, 2008 all staring at me. And when i start to look at them I wish i could scrap them all. they all have a story for me. Think this class could infuse some reality for me!

  523. Colleen Patel says:

    oops! 15 words only! can you tell this was my first blog post? Need help!

  524. I want my kids to have organized scrapbooks, I first must organize the photos!

  525. I love your book! But I cant afford your class. My photos need it!

  526. I have 37 years worth of pictures and only about 4 years worth are organized.

  527. I’m not organized enough which means I’m NOT scrapbooking. And I’ve got a baby on the way!

  528. Angie McCauley says:

    I have a pile of layouts waiting to be put into albums and I need to get them organized.

  529. Guidance

  530. Elizabeth Nagy says:

    Because I didn’t absorb it all the first time thru.

  531. I need this class because I’m several years “behind” and am a chronological OCD scrapper!

  532. I need this class because I am an unorganized stuck in a chronological rut mess!!

  533. I really want to break out of “chronological” scrapping, but I think I am scared!

  534. Chaos reigns. Need help!!

  535. In the area of scrapbooking I am at a standstill, overwelmed and have no direction.

  536. I NEED this class because I am paralyzed by disorginazation! Oh, and many, many photos!

  537. I have read photo freedom and would love the chance to take this class!!

  538. Used the book to start. Now a little paralyzed! LOVE the logic of this system.

  539. I got my digital photos organized..time for real pic this year. Patty

  540. Robin Moody says:

    I need all the help I can get.

  541. I am a bit paralyzed by my photos right now and I can’t scrap! Help! :)

  542. I have SOOOOO many photo’s, and they’re quite organized but new insight is always welcome!

  543. Michele T. says:

    I NEED this because I haven’t printed pics or scrapbooked since 2002 – HELP!!!

  544. Margie Rowles says:

    I just printed 2000 more pictures and I’m drowning in pictures! Help me please!

  545. 3000+ pictures in iPhoto. . .very few LOs. . .2 boys. . .

  546. Liz in NZ says:

    I haven’t scrapped for 2 years because it’s far too daunting. HELP me please!

  547. my pictures are lost in my hard drive in chronological folders.

  548. I love taking pictures of my sweet family/friends but overwhelmed with volume of photos!

  549. Read the books. Started process. Got stuck. Need extra push. My kids will thank you.

  550. Lauren H. says:

    Mom with ADD whose highest desire is to organize her family’s memories..An uphill climb.

  551. LOVED the book and WAS off to a great start… ummm… about six months ago.

  552. I’m tired of being paralyzed by my pictures.

  553. Overwhelmed by amount of pictures sitting on hard drive – great pix no one sees/remembers

  554. Stacey Rhea says:

    Fifteen albums going at one time. I can’t keep this up. Something has to give.

  555. Lacie Vick says:

    I need a better system to scrap, enjoy and display my pics. Thanks!

  556. I love LOM classes and as a 2006 alumni I’d like to do it again!

  557. i REALLY want to understand this system…need something different than i am doing now.

  558. Too many pictures! Whats a girl to do?!

  559. Guyland Gal says:

    Well I am 7 years behind on photos. My DD will be graduating in May and I need to get some semblence of an album for her. And I think I just might be ready to make the switch to BPS style of scrapping.

  560. because… I need a pick me up.

  561. Need to organize and get my MOJO back. You’re the only one who can help!

  562. I would love to do something for myself, w/my girls, showing them strength in love.

  563. four boys, lots of pictures, I have the book, would love the class!

  564. Bought the books. Read the books. Afraid to start. Need someone to walk with me.

  565. Katherine K. Glass says:

    Bought the book – read the book – met you – inspired yet haven’t accomplished it yet!

  566. Many inherited photos and all the ones I took! Not in books. Not with Memorabilia.

  567. Overwhelmed and tired of feeling “behind” with chronological scrapbooks.

  568. I want to learn how to better unleash my creativity and start scrapbooking people, relationships, etc!

  569. Sherri P eh says:

    Read the book, made appropriate to-do lists to get started, and that’s where I remain!

  570. martine morris says:

    IAfter almost thirty years of marriage and nine children later, I feel I will never ‘tell our story’ as I’d like to.

  571. Margot/NZ says:

    I have thousands of digital pictures and I need some help to manage them!

  572. I need a better system so I can share the best details of “Our Story”.

  573. Ginger Lockamy says:

    I have been scrapping chronologically for 10 years; time for a change!

  574. Michelle P. from WA says:

    I want to live in Photo Freedom!

  575. i want my family to ACTUALLY get to enjoy looking at their albums someday!

  576. Because the 8th is my 40th birthday and I could really use feeling like I’ve become more organized as I’ve grown older, even though maybe it’s not entirely true.

  577. My 40th birthday is tomorrow – really need to feel that I’m making some progress.

  578. Too many pics…not enough time!

  579. BluebonneTX says:

    Way too many pictures — way too little time!!

  580. Tons of pics, new office, 3 kids, not much $, love your big idea!
    Amy in CA

  581. I need LOM because I want a better system to organize my scrapbooking!!!

  582. New baby due anyday now – time to organize, prioritize & reenergize!

  583. After scrapbooking for 18 years chronologically I still am behind – help me!

  584. I need help to get motivated and organized.

  585. Tobi-Lynn says:

    why I need LOM -
    because I love what I’ve read on your blog
    I learn by DOING not by reading! although, I absolutely *LOVE* reading your blog and all that —- truth is, I won’t LEARN it until I APPLY it.
    I started scrapbooking in 1994. I have lots of them. Then I stopped cuz I got completely overwhelmed, and moved a few times, and – well, got “behind” and then it was worse and on and on it goes.
    i know there is better. I’ve begun it this year – I’ve embraced MINI BOOKS PROJECTS and absolutely love them! yep – I know this is for me. :)

  586. I am Lost!!!

  587. I love your organization! I would love to take the class!

  588. i have the book and the storage albums and the file drawers and am “stuck”. i need help. :)

  589. Ready for a fresh start and a new outlook on my favorite hobby. Let’s go!

  590. Marina D-K says:

    Have a one-year-old, New pics everyday. Need a system to get them scrapped!

  591. My children are gown, and I have 28+ years of photos to organize. I have your book, but have a difficult time staying with it. Due to some family crisis, I could use a project to help me to move forward. And I really want to get photos organized if nothing else than for my children. Thanks for sharing your inspiration and creativity and motivation.

  592. Kristi Mulvey says:

    I need every but of organizational help that’s out there for my life. I love scrapbooking but I need help!! This would be a wonderful gift to receive. Kristi

  593. I’ve been scrapping for 13 years and I’m stuck in chronological mode!

  594. The concepts in both of your books resonate with me. I want to finish pages and end 2009 with more stories, more events captured, and more memories preserved for my family and friends.

  595. almost 15 years of scrappin’ I am noticing my favorite hobby turning into a burden , my pix are piling up…help!

  596. I need and look forward to change and moving forward and organization is my first step, but I’m a bit overwhelmed. This is very nice of you guys to offer this. TFS.

  597. I need LOM to help me DO what I started to learn from your books!!!

  598. Ruth C. Roy in Pierson, MI says:

    I still have undeveloped film from cameras I haven’t owned in over 6 years. I also have stacks of photos from my childhood, my husband’s childhood, and our life together with our three children. My girls are getting ready to graduate from high school, and I haven’t finished scrapping their elementary school days. I need help so that I can get everything organized in a way that makes sense and so we can look at the photos whenever we want, even if they’re not in scrapbooks yet.

  599. jennifer h says:

    I like many others am stuck in chronological scrappin. I need FREEDOM!

  600. At this point in my life, I still am able to finish some theme albums but I still get guilty about NOT getting into the daily stuff. I find that I remember stuff but still cannot find pictures to relate it to. GRRRR!

  601. I have all the supplies that I need to scrapbook, but no pictures developed!

  602. The endless boxes of photos my mom finds then sends – so appreciated … so frustrating!

  603. Because I have read the book and still cannot seem to get started on anything.

  604. LOM would be PERFECT companion to GOBI, in which I am currently enrolled!

  605. I need LOM because I have too many photos and too little time!

  606. Kathleen Brown says:

    I know the class will be fabulous and I can use your help getting organized!

  607. 14 cubic feet unsorted memories needing unleashed – in there somewhere!

  608. Christina C. says:

    How about 6 words – DH wants our bedroom back!

  609. An excuse to pull out all the photos and reminisce.

  610. LOM = acquiring a feeling of peace and centeredness. Ten years of photos backing up…

  611. I need the structure of the class to kick me in the butt to move and do.

  612. I have just inherited 6 large boxes (it completely filled my car trunk and then some) of family pictures. Some of which were taken during the Spanish-American war!
    I am so overwhelmed with the task of sorting and organizing them into something to be enjoyed for generations to come, I just don’t know how, what, why or when to start!
    I would love the help of the LOM class and the great staff to, not only start this journey, but to finish it!

  613. I need this class to help me continue organizing my photos and my LOM process.

  614. I need this workshop because…
    For the last 5 years I’ve been taking digital pictures and haven’t printed any out!!!
    (Wow! Exactly 15 words!)

  615. I have the book and love the idea. Now, i need the push to start.
    and, you inspire me! :O)

  616. I need the peace that comes along when following this method of storing and scrapbooking!

  617. I’m 63 years old with 21 grandkids and custody of my parent’s and grandparent’s photo albums. Enough said?

  618. Pick me! Pick me!

  619. My heart refuses to forget precious memories but I can’t say that for my mind. I need LOM to preserve what my heart knows.

  620. why do I need this class? Well because it’s STACY JULIAN’s class… that’s why!!! hehehe

  621. Denise Rotell says:

    Took a LOM class at a CK convention and can’t wait to get more details!

  622. I need help, I’ve heard amazing things about LOM and I adore you!

  623. My mom died in Nov and I need to start somewhere with all my photos.

  624. I need LOM because I want to stop feeling like I’m behind in my creativeness.

  625. I need LOM because I am a hamster in a wheel going no where fast.

  626. Therese Loef says:

    So many photos, so unorganized, so many memories I don’t want to lose; I need LOM.

  627. Veronica Berkey says:

    I need freedom to love telling stories about things I love- not feeling bogged down.

  628. I have become completely swamped with pictures,memorabilia, and being unorganized that I need LOM!!

  629. I need to be better organized, and get moving forward on my projects…I’m so disorganized, it keeps me frustrated and prevents me from moving toward my goals.

  630. LOM would give me the kick in the pants to get organized & get scrapping!
    ps. I SQUEALED with delight at the opportunity to win this! you ROCK!

  631. i need some motivation:)

  632. I have tons of photos in boxes.

  633. I need the guidance to get me back in gear with this hobby!

  634. I quit scrapbooking 5 yeas ago because I was overwhelmed! I need this class!!!

  635. There is such guilt (shame?) in leaving all the beautiful pictures sitting.

  636. With 5 kids and homeschooling, I’ve lost motivation. I need class called “Library of Memories.”

  637. Simple: I need some motivation.

  638. Amy Miller says:

    I need the push to get going again! Help me pretty please?!?

  639. I need your class because:
    I became overwhelmed and quit scrapping 10 years ago.

  640. Melissa Cavanaugh says:

    I seriously need this class, I have too many photos and not enough time!!

  641. I want to ‘embrace’(2009 word!) creativity more… so I need to feel less panic!

  642. Inspired1 says:

    6 funerals since October – I can’t wait any longer – want to capture life

  643. Bria White says:

    I want the freedom from the chronic feeling of “being behind”

  644. I don’t think I do.

  645. In a nutshell – I need help. Not organized, to much stuff, too few pages created.

  646. I spin my wheels all the time but never have anything to show for it.

  647. I am bogged down with too many pictures and not enough time to scrap.

  648. I am just starting to embrace scrapbooking “moments” rather than “events.” My books are filled with birthdays, trick or treat, class field trips … and while they are great, they don’t capture the essence of our lives. This weekend I took pictures to make a page about how my husband makes chocolate chip pancakes every Saturday morning …. something new. I need the class to help me get started!

  649. I am just starting to learn about scrapbooking life instead of just events!

  650. mrsmojanks says:

    I have four kids and not enough time to figure it out on my own.
    Amy M.

  651. i want the fun and joy to come back to my scrapbooking and I m hoping your system will help me!!!

  652. Mary Beth says:

    Been sick, forgot to register– friends took class–LOVED IT, don’t want to be left out.

  653. i think this class has just all the elements i need- i need it to sound like kindergarten and look like a crayon box. I like my organization to have as many colors as are in my stack of cardstocks and while I am not a huge scrapper- it’s a constant for 4 years and I’d like to get better at it:-)

  654. LOM sounds like kindergarten and looks like a crayon box and that’s what I need.

  655. I love the passion that you have for building memories around certain pictures and I recognize the need for me to organize my photos so that I can do a good job of capturing what was important in our family’s life. Can’t wait for the course to start!

  656. I am a paralyzed and overwhelmed scrapbooker. My photos are a disorganized mess! It’s sad.

  657. 25 years of STUFF…need help, feels like I’m drowning under pics, papers, memorabilia, no time…beginning to lose my desire to preserve anything.

  658. Jennifer A says:

    there are random photos in every nook and cranny in my house, LOL!

  659. momto4greatkids - Kelli says:

    I have 4 kids – 11, 8, 4 and 4. More pictures than I have the money to print. I’ve also heard rave reviews from the BOGI class and want to check out what it’s all about!

  660. i never do anything with my photos anymore because it takes so long to gather them into some order that i am out of time! and with 5 kids from 12 to 1, there are plenty of new photographs every day!

  661. Pictures of my family deserve more than becoming a box of nameless & dateless photos for future generations to inherit! Thank you for the opportunity to win free tuition to this class!!

  662. I am tired of hoping those pictures are going to jump into albums by themselves.

  663. Debbie House says:

    Stacy…I need to be FREE and TELL MY stories…YOU told me so!!
    Debbie House

  664. Gutsy Mom says:

    Too many photos and obligations.
    Losing time. Want to scrap!
    LOM, please set me free!

  665. A Library of Memories is really what we all want as an end product of our scrapping!!!

  666. Found a treasure trove of old photos while early Spring cleaning – Help!!

  667. boxes of photos + need to enjoy my memory keeping = pick me please

  668. Need LOM because I have tons of photos, but haven’t scrapped in TOO long.

  669. Two years of photos on a hard disk and no wedding album in 15 years?

  670. Nicky from Canada says:

    I need to take more time to tell my stories for future generations.

  671. Catharine says:

    Just need that extra push to get it all going!Thanks Stacey!

  672. shari (tigsnbitz) says:

    Boy do I ever need LOM. I have all my pictures in boxes that I thought were in order…until I tried to find one and realized I have a mess.

  673. I just need help!!!!! I always say creativity and organization do not necessarily go hand in hand.

  674. Just want to be able to put my fingers on the photos of the past that I need to scrap. (More recent photos are not such a challenge. Just want to make connections too!

  675. I have over 4000 pictures from the last four years on my computer, most of them only organized by when they were uploaded onto the computer. Help!

  676. I need this class because my photos are NOT organized in any way…I started scrapbooking 2 years ago with 3 teenage boys. My goal was to have a scrapbook done for my oldest son before he graduated highschool…I have reset this goal to “before he graduates college”. Help!!!

  677. Danelle A says:

    Can’t WAIT to start the organization process!! Am in desperate need of order. :)

  678. Stacy help! I think I might have missed the email for alumni of LOM! I have been sick and my inbox has been full and I am so afraid it bounced back! Did I miss it? and if so, how can I register???

  679. I need this class. i was going to sign up and my daughter got very ill and when I went back it was closed. I have your book which I love and already bought 10 storage binders, office depot category drawers and some American Crafts albums and a few other things. But I need more help than just the book. I cant wait a whole year for the next class. Im desperate to get started……

  680. I am so overwhelmed I don’t know where to start….help

  681. In ’91 my grandfather died and I inherited two cardboard boxes filled with beautiful sepia formal portraits of unknown family members whose life stories would never be passed along. I’ve since promised myself that the stories of my children and I would be told..and yet I need a plan to reach that goal. LOM can make it happen for us all.

  682. Daughter is disabled. I need the break to work on something for me!

  683. Melanie Parrish says:

    I think need this class because nothing is really organized in any way and I don’t have the ability to get it done, a couple of reasons, cash flow and because I have a totally messed up lower back due to car accident and I had surgery that was supposed to fix me …but instead, it made it all worse, much, much worse, ask everyone who knows me.
    I (middle aged woman from Germany, moved here to the USA in Jan. 2000), started scrapbooking 1 1/2 years ago, because I want to put my photos on pretty backgrounds and add my journaling, telling the story and letting the people know how much I love each one!!! We have 2 girls (7 and 17) I really would love to have my older daughter Album ready before she heads for College this fall!!! My goal was to have a scrapbook done for my daughter before she graduates high school in June ’09… Please Help!!!
    AND I love you Style(s), I wouldn’t mind if I had you ideas here at my home!!!! Actually that would be AWESOME!!!!!

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