Lookie …


My new Sprinkles shelf is up.
Thanks to Georgana and Bakerella for the idea.

I purchased everything before Christmas and have been, dare I say nagging my sweetheart to hang it up. It took all of 5 minutes and I spent some time Saturday a.m., emptying out a variety of containers in my baking cupboard, into my new collection of jars. THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY. We tested it out last night at FHE. The kids had a bowl of ice cream and stopped by the shelf to dispense their sprinkles of choice.

Tuesdays are busy days for me (full of meetings) but I wanted to check in and say hello.
On my mind ….

  • I LOVE yoga. If you haven't tried it, please do. It is making me stronger and more aware (period)
  • Nine days until the 2009 session of A Library of Memories opens. There are just under 100 spots left. I spent 45 minutes this morning reviewing survey responses and I'm just very excited to be a part of this adventure again. Thanks to all who have already committed to this course. I'm working hard to prepare myself. I'll be blogging more about LOM on Thursday.
  • We have a NEW BPS feature (thanks Kayce!!) You can now access ALL of your past message board forums. Simply log into your account and click on the "my forums" link under the brown menu bar. All those great conversations and shared information are at your fingertips forever!!
  • Also on the BPS front. We have so many GREAT NEW classes and workshops up. I hope you'll check out Scrappin' on a Shoestring (perfectly timed for a tough economy) and when you sign up. You'll receive a promo code for $10.00 off Telling Stories Deeply. Both Jen and Karen have put together timely and meaningful content to help you do what you love, with what you have and with an authentic perspective that will really matter down the road. Take both classes and save $20.00.

I'm working on my post about the Delta Phi Scrappa weekend. I've been waiting for pictures to share with you and I received them yesterday — more on that very soon.

and … just one more very happy thing:


 super cute BUTTONS from Jenni Bowlin Studios.


  1. 1st person to comment?? Happy Tuesday!!

  2. I love your sprinkle shelf! I saw Bakerella’s and have wanted one for myself as well. My four year old daughter loves having some sprinkles with her yogurt every morning and you are the inspiration for it. Thank you for sharing a bit of happiness with us.

  3. Good luck with this year’s LoM session. I was just amazed at how INVOLVED it was when I took it last year, all the forums and message boards! Kudos to you and the BPS team and all the participating Alumni–that is a BIG job!

  4. Have I missed the sign up for LOM 2008 alumni? I would like to monitor the class again….

  5. I LOVE that sprinkle shelf. I just need to find a place to hang it! lol I so wanted to take LOM this year but finances just wouldn’t allow it. I’m hoping for next year. In the meantime, I’m working on my system using your books. Have fun with LOM!

  6. I love the sprinkle shelf!! Gotta get one of those. Also, I’m very excited about having access to old message boards. A lot of good info sometimes. Thanks!!

  7. I LOVE your shelf! I just wish I had wall space in my kitchen for something like that! I’m also wondering about doing LOM as an alum…haven’t gotten an email or anything about it…will I still get a chance to participate?

  8. nomadscrapper says:

    Glad to hear we can access the message boards. There is always lots of good info there that I can use. Out of curiosity, how many students do you allow into LOM per session?

  9. Stacy – it turned out great!!!

  10. YAY Kayce!! Love that about the MB!!
    The 100 spots left doesn’t include alumni,does it? I’m assuming not so I won’t panic! LOL :)

  11. Yup…just reread email. limit doesn’t affect alumni. Thanks so much for offering this alumni after they take the class the first time. I’m not sure if your new students know that going in. It makes it such a great deal (and I really need another year to fine tune my system! LOL :))
    Thanks Stacy!! :)

  12. Cute sprinkles shelf!
    I’d love to join you in your LOM class this year, but it’s just not in the budget. I did buy the book. I took the pledge. I read chapter one. I turned the page to the “Do the Math” page and stopped in my tracks. I’m afraid to write the numbers in for all the photos that fit into each category! I know your system will help me, so I’m working up the courage to get past this page, but it may take a few more hours. I litterally said “Oh, Stacy!” outloud. Yes… this book is totally for me. Wish I could take your class! Maybe next year!

  13. I am in love with those JB buttons too. :) Still not ready to tackle all those photos yet, but I am getting closer.

  14. Jeannette P says:

    Nice sprinkles shelf. Mine are all in a square bin in the cupboard. Not much room on the walls.
    YEAH!! HORRAH for Kayce for making all the old boards from classes taken available. That is totally rockin’!!! It’s the one thing on all the surveys that I suggested & you guys have listened & followed through. Awesome!!!

  15. Love that we can have access to old message boards. Thanks Stacy,& of course, Kayce & Paulea.
    I *heart* BPS

  16. Oh, your sprinkles shelf totally beats my sprinkles basket. I may have to convert!

  17. Thanks a million for the access to past BPS boards. BPS is a true bright spot in these scarey times. Bad economy or not…I think I’d rather give up food than my BPS classes! Looking forward to LOM 2010…GOBI is about all I can handle right now!

  18. First of all, my kids would LOVE that sprinkle shelf! They LOVE sprinkles because they magically turn even the yuckiest food to yummy. Second, giving full access to old message boards is AWESOME and I am so thankful for that! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! It will help a LOT!

  19. Cute sprinkle shelf! Great idea. Wish I’d thought of that 20 years ago.
    Also, I think it’s so funny that you and Ali Edwards both highlighted those Jenni Bowlin buttons today! They are awesome and I’ve got to find some of them.

  20. Dora Poage says:

    I absolutely love yoga too. The timing of the class at my gym does not work for me this session so I just use my WII Fit to do yoga. Not quite as good – but still yoga :)

  21. Man stacy, so glad you posted those sprinkle containers. I had remembered seeing them somewhere and had forgotten where. I even told my husband about them and how I would LOVE some sprinkle jars!!! he laughed. I’m a big convert to the “everything is happier and sweeter with sprinkles” philosophy! I should have known it was over at Bakerella!
    ps LOVE those buttons

  22. Dixie Lee says:

    Fun with Dick and Jane…love those buttons.
    And Bakerella is simply….awesome.

  23. Love your sprinkle shelf & so excited about being able to access all my past class forums on BPS. This is BIG – lol!!! Looking very forward to LOM. I’ve read your book, and have heard great things about the class.

  24. So lovin’ your “Sprinkle A Day” shelf! And boy, I hear you on when those darn husbands finally get to what you have been nagging about, it only takes a few minutes! Thanks for access to our wonderful forums on BPS–I’ll make sure to let Kayce know wonderful it is! Oh, and I DO LOVE those cute Dick and Jane buttons!

  25. Love the sprinkle shelf! I saw it at Bakerella and wanted to do one too…but I call them jimmies so it will be my jimmie shelf!
    I loved it when I went back home (out east) and bought yummy ice cream made on dairy farms covered in jimmies! Good memories.
    I am very excited for LOM to start!

  26. I keep my brads in a spice rack. If I did sprinkles that way my kids would eat them immediately or hide them up on my son’s loft (where I find lots of candy wrappers).

  27. I always feel happy after reading your blog. A sprinkle rack! I would never have thought of that, but now I’ve seen it, it sure makes sense to me!
    Not sure if you see all these comments, but I think I read something about registering as an alumni for LOM2009? Is there any more info on this yet? I’d love to participate again…

  28. Patti Mac says:

    Wow!! that really would add some color to my space… if I only had wall space. Our cabinets take over the walls of the kitchen. Our builder tried to tell me, but I needed as much cabinet space in the new house or I wasn’t moving! I should have purged instead!
    I only have an 8″ wall between the fridge and the pantry… where the calender lives on a clipboard.
    I’ll have to try that inside of a cabinet:)

  29. LOve those JB buttons, too–seems like everyone must like them as I have seen them on several blogs recently.

  30. ok these buttons are just too cute! Love the ones with the children on them – will definitely be checking them out!

  31. Christina C. says:

    I was so excited to hear that we could get back into past forums from our classes, I ran to BPS to check out the ‘Have More Fun’ class I took last summer.
    Sadly, that one (and a few others) didn’t show up on my list. Is this a glitch, or are then still in the change over stage?
    Also – love the sprinkles rack. I would love to copy this from you, but my girls would devour the sprinkles before the ice cream was served! Gotta love that sugar!

  32. I like the sprinkle shelf. But what I REALLY love is the green paint behind it. Any chance you’d share what color/brand it is???

  33. Love the sprinkles and the buttons-my kind of girl!

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