my mom is here.

i love my mom. my mom is one classy lady. she is here to help me do a closet sweep and wardrobe refresh. over the last couple of years, i have grown quite lazy in regards to my clothes. i, oddly enough do not like to shop. seriously, i would consider three hours at the mall a type of torture. i do not enjoy it. consequently i have defaulted to purchasing clothes at Target and Costco when i happen to be either place on some other kind of mission (like buying food) please don't get me wrong, i love both Target and Costco and believe that you can occasionally find a great little something there, i digress …

anyway, we spent several hours yesterday pulling everything out of my closet and going through piece by piece — i kept thinking i've got to take a photo of this (i finally handed Clark the camera at 8:00 last night) when the job was mostly done, but here we are sitting by my  "time to move on" pile …


it was a scary process and interestingly, very memory laden. here's a better pic.

I plan to report back with a short list of things I've learned (or been reminded of) for example …
1.  slacks should be hung, seam to seam,  like a skirt — not folded
2. sweaters will look better if you take the time to button at least one button when you hang them
3. you can remove things like belt loops if they bug you

dressing well (not to be confused with dressing expensively) takes some thought and some organization. my closet has always been organized by color — but I am learning a few, new tricks to help me take better care of my closet, my clothes and ultimately my appearance.

today we head out to shop. wish me luck.

i'm sorry i've been so scarce. i am enjoying the first week of A Library of Memories and i am trying to remember how i fit in the extra time that it takes to interact with students — right now it's taking up my blogging time (as well as a few other things) i know from past years that i get in the swing and it all works out … the first week is always a bit crazy and with Valentine's Day and my mom coming and …

but life is so good and i'll be back soon.
happy Tuesday.


  1. Congratulations on your closet! I am enrolled in Wendy’s BPS class, yours too actually. I am loving her class and have kept thinking: “I wish someone would offer a class like this for my closet!!!” It would have to be complete with wardrobe planning though. It would save so much time and money. I know I would feel better about the whole thing. Anyway… congrats again on your closet cleaning!

  2. Looks like a lotta of fun!

  3. I have grown to hate shopping too, there’s so many other things I could be doing! I think I have forgotten how to shop.
    Anyway, I just came across this list in my “pile o’ stuff” this morning and thought I would share. I saw it on Oprah and it’s a list of 10 things every woman should have in their wardrobe.
    1. Trench Coat
    2. Turtleneck
    3. Black Trouser
    4. Tunic
    5. White Jeans
    6. Dark Jeans
    7. Black Dress
    8. White Denim Jacket (or Dark Denim)
    9. Black Skirt
    10. Cashmere Sweater
    Thanks for taking the time to share…you are admired by many!

  4. Glad to hear from you and that you didn’t get too overwhelmed by cleaning your closet!

  5. good luck shopping! I don’t love clothes shopping either – which is why I’m still wearing black dress pants for work that are at least 4 years old and no longer quite black because of weekly washings…

  6. If you ever need a shopping buddy, call me. I could shop ALL day! I would keep you motivated and energized. so very true that dressing nice does not mean expensive.

  7. this is a great idea – have someone go through it with you! that way they can help keep it real (are you really going to wear that shirt that is 9 years old that hasn’t come off the hanger in 4 years??? even though it’s your favorite color???) thanks :-)

  8. ooooh! I cannot wait to hear yout rips for a more organized closet- should be fun. And I must say, Stacy, your clothes look pretty perky and fun for someone who does not like to shop! :-)

  9. Holly A. Moss says:

    Good luck! :-)

  10. Ok, Stacy, tell your Mom that Florida is nice this time of year – maybe she can come help me with my closet. I too am not crazy about shopping & have my closet in color order, but I just have too much stuff in there that I don’t wear. I need to go through it again (seems like this is a never ending task).

  11. Good luck with your closet and wardrobe redo. Please update us and give us all the helpful insight you gain. Can we talk your wonderful mom into a ‘Big’ class on all of this? I so need this kind of help too. Have fun you two.

  12. Can your mom come to my place next? I need to go shopping and I hate it too. I can shop all day for books and scrapbook stuff but any other shopping and I’m not too excited. I hope your shopping went well.

  13. How coincidental – I cleaned out my closet yesterday too. It makes you feel good doesn’t it?!!!

  14. Is your Mom available to come and help me with my very old and tired wardrobe?

  15. I did my linen closet for Aby Garvey’s class but can I have your mom when your done. I used to love shopping…but not so much (unless it scrappy stuff) I so need to clean out my closet…my mom is just as bad….Keep us updated…maybe you will inspire me to do mine….

  16. I think I need to borrow your mom! Don’t you love having such a wonderful relationship with your mom!

  17. Kathryn Wafer(Kippy) says:

    And here I thought I was the only woman alive who really dislikes clothes shopping. Good to know I’m not the only wierd one out there! Hope you had a great time shopping with your mother. My daughter is about the only one who can get me to buy new clothes or shoes.

  18. Hey I thought maybe that was your mom when I saw you today. Good luck with the project:)

  19. I’m with you Stacy…I hate clothes shopping too…I would much rather scrapbook :-)

  20. I am right there with you! I am not a fan of clothes shopping. Last summer my husband took me by the hand, sat me down on the bed, and proceeded to “donate” 2/3 of my wardrobe to charity. Apparently, in the 10 years we’ve been together, he has only seen me go clothes shopping 5 times … at Target too. I could use your mom too!

  21. Fun! Some girl time with mom and new clothes! What else could you ask for?

  22. I need to purge too

  23. “Hanging” sweaters? Yipes! That’s a sure way to stretch the poor things out of shape. Sweaters should always be folded and stored in drawers or cubbies.

  24. I ALSO hate shopping. My husband has insisted several times over the last few years that I go clothes shopping. I was instructed not to come back until I had spent the allotted amount of money. It was torture, for sure.
    BUT I love love love organizing, especially closets. I am glad you got your closet ready. Here’s some good calm wishes for when you are shopping.

  25. shari (tigsnbitz) says:

    I too am enrolled in both GOBI and LOM classes. It was scary, but so liberating to clear out and purge my scrap room that I can’t wait to take it to other rooms of my house….AFTER LOM is over. I have some serious picture sorting to do first!

  26. lynne moore says:

    hey, my clothes are usually Costoc and target, too. And lately I’ve taken my 16 year old son’s jeans. He grows too tall before too wide and last years jeans fit pretty well. I have a pair of my husbands old jeans (he’s a skinny guy). And muy very favs are my (younger) brother’s old Levi’s from high school. Ancient but the best!

  27. Wow lucky you. I have so much in my closet that is so old. Now that I have been sorting my photos, I was seeing pictures from eight years ago and realized that I am still wearing the same darned clothes. I think I need a closet purge and wardrobe update.
    Hey…what a good idea for a BPS class!!

  28. debbycruises says:

    You have my sympathies! After years of yo-yo dieting I finally decided to let go. Let go of things that don’t and will never fit. Let go of things even though they were expensive because they don’t fit who I am now. (Nine giant trash bags to the Goodwill store!) Let go of all of my someday clothes, because I have learned that when someday comes- I’m going shopping! I’m not crazy about clothes shopping. I have a tendency to buy multiples. If a pair of pants fits great, I just buy it in every color! Shopping sure goes quickly. Too bad I can’t do that with the other parts of my wardrobe. Have fun with your mom!

  29. Wow, your mom looks so young!! Could pass for your sister!

  30. Stacy, this post totally cracks me up because I have been through the same thing! I have one friend in particular that has helped me out on the wardrobe front on more than one occasion. Clothes shopping is like torture for me too. I would much prefer to wear whatever comfortable thing I can find in my drawer (nothing is hung up…). Good for you for trying to change things up a bit. Good luck shopping!

  31. Look how cute you gals are! I so hear you on the it’s torture to shop for clothes! I am right there with you! I hate it! I am just like you, I pick things up at Target even Walmart and somtimes Kohl’s because I’m there for something else and it’s convenient! We did our closet cleaned and organized after the holidays which made me realize even more that I have so let my “style” slip. I’m in your LOM of class and really enjoying it! Even cleaned out my closet where I store my photos and scrapbooks. So needed to be done!

  32. Christina #4635 says:

    I love to remove belt loops! It can make such a difference on a pair of pants or a skirt. Now that we have 4 children, I am over the “fun” of shopping for clothes! Each child has their own likes and dislikes and clothes shopping can consume weeks and weeks each year!

  33. enjoy your mom’s visit!

  34. I hope I can take the LOM class next year. Budget just didn’t allow for it this year.
    Oh my gosh…I need your Mom to come help me purge my closet! I’m right there with ya, except it’s Sam’s for me instead of Costco! LOL! I tried to clean out my closet last month and realized I haven’t let go of clothes my Mom bought me from almost 20 years ago! Eeeek! Why is it so hard to let go?

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