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Right now, both Taft and Chase need a little extra "Mom" and so I am making a "Just Between Us" journal for each of them for Valentine's Day. This project is a perfect gift for a child you love and want to build a stronger connection to.

Nicole sent me an email with this:

I just have to share how much I have enjoyed taking the Between you and me class.  When I first signed up I thought it would be a good way to get me in the journaling mood for all my scrapbook pages.  In the end it has come to be something special between myself and my 9 year old son.  He has physical issues with writing and has always fought me on any ideas I might have had to get him to practice this writing.  So…  when I was trying to decide who I would share this journal with I came up with him.  It has been wonderful and I truly believe that our relationship has gotten stronger.  He actually enjoys writing in that book even if he doesn’t with anything else.  Thank you for this wonderful class it has been more than I could have ever expected.

Check back later today to see my progress!

And, here are three additional NEW (and totally doable in a week) Valentine projects/gifts  …

Gift for Hubby: Inside My Heart
This class and project is taught by the Cami (mother of five, with two sets of twins) and Mark (marriage and family counselor) and it ROCKS!

Gift for Girlfriend: Smart Cookie Fortune Keeper
Taught by the talented (and funny) Tamara Morrison, this adorable project would be a delightful gift for anyone who has brought "good fortune" into your life!

Gift for YOU: Change in Plans
This mini-book project is at the heart of why I love scrapbooking. Take an afternoon to explore how your life has unfolded in spite of your "plans" and be reminded that our lives end up so much better than we could
ever have imagined. 

And, in the world of LOM Prep, I'm working on "emptying" my oldest storage binder to make room for fresh 2008 photos …

This little boy (seven years later) still thinks he's a super hero and keeps his Ultimate Spiderman comic book in his bed! BTW … had a blast sewing my web. and YES, I'd love to bring back the silhouette (done well of course!)


FUN memories of Wednesday afternoon swims at the the gym. Boys are all in different schools and come home at different times — so glad we did this when we did! And let me just say that I think the Sassafrass borders and Glimmer Mist are brilliant!

Have a GREAT and productive weekend. Take a class and make time to PLAY!


  1. I’ve been playing – I’m in Lain’s LOAD challenge. What a great thing, I’m looking forward to my girls getting to bed and then getting downstairs to get a page done. And it’s so easy with my LOM system ;)

  2. My oldest and I have a book we write back and forth in. It’s time to start one with my second son as well…love this idea.

  3. I love the layouts and I am starting to feel motivated. I can’t wait for LOM and my second round as an alum.

  4. Holly A. Moss says:

    I’m also in Lain’s LOAD challenge & it’s fabulous! As soon as I finish my LO, get my pages cut for my LWC I (heart) Me photo journal, I am so hoping to get started on creating my Just Between Us journal & Jar for my DH & I.
    I’ve also signed up for Inside My Heart, so I just need to find an empty DVD case (any ideas, Stacy?).
    Also, I just finished Happy New You! What an awesome class that was-Stephanie totally Rocks!! If you’d like, you can check out my layouts in the BPS gallery. In March, I’m going to be starting Telling Stories Deeply-I can’t wait!

  5. LOVE the Just Between Us idea! Can’t wait to try it with my family. Just gotta not get one going for EVERYONE – ALL AT ONCE! Gotta make it do-able and work my way into it, make it habit and not kill myself with intentions.

  6. It’s funny. I just got my work bonus and because I had promised NOT to buy scrapbook supplies for awhile I felt I deserved the fun of classes and I “treated” myself to every one of the new Project Now classes. I plan to do the Between You & Me for my 11 yr old daughter (growing up way too fast!) and so looking forward to the others as time permits. BPS classes are such a pick-me-up that I am totally addicted. Thanks so much for all the fun you provide!

  7. LOVE the spider man board. The classes look great and I am looking for motivation right now. My scrap room is a mess, baby steps. I’ll get it together and get back to this hobby I love!

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