Real Quick …

I'm swamped.

BUT … I do want to give away some really CUTE Cherry Hill from October Afternoon.
And if you like this. There is much more where it came from. Visit the October Afternoon blog
to see their latest product line, Road Map. Tell me which element or elements you like BEST and I'll enter you in a drawing for the Cherry Hill product!!

Careful … there are six "reveals" on their blog. Be sure to see them all!

I'll post the WINNER on Monday.


  1. very yummy!

  2. Yummy – this is so what I am into – a little retro. a lot cute!
    I LOVED LOVED LOVED the Wild Cards. Second fave was the paper. So awesome.
    Would make such a cute valaction / travel album or lots of great mini projects.

  3. Love the blue polka dot paper. Can’t get enough polka dots. Have a great day!

  4. I am loving all the new stuff from OA! From that line I love the cherries with the blue background. Yummy!!

  5. Holly A. Moss says:

    Oh, I just love the rubber charms & clear stamps they released for Part 5. They are so cute!

  6. Love the vintagey goodness of the wild cards but those rubber charms and clear stamps would have to be my faves.
    I just love the Cherry Hill papers, I remeber seeing a little sneaky peek of them when they were very first released and fell in love with them right there and then.
    Thanks Stacy.

  7. I love the clear stamps

  8. The ‘wild cards’ are the BEST! I love their vintage-inspired designs and the muted colors. Too cute!

  9. Hi Stacy,
    No wonder your swamped with everything going on at BP. I am actually doing LOM and running…
    I really like the paper (awesome colors/design) but would love to put my hands on the wild cards (so many uses). Thanks for your inspirations!

  10. It’s so hard to choose just one element of their product line. My favorites are the patterned paper and the wild cards. Love them!

  11. Of course I love it all, but I think the stickers sheets are my favorite. I adore October Afternoon’s use of color, it’s brilliant!

  12. I have been watching all the OA reveals come out and I have to say I LOVE it all. Those cherries, apples, the book pages and numbers. I mean it seriously looks like it would be so much fun to play with and so easy to use to make some really fun, striking pages. Thanks for the chance to win!

  13. I LOVE the crossword puzzle paper. How cool to cut it out for titles and journaling, etc.

  14. I love all things October Afternoon and especially enjoy those cute rub-ons and letters. Sadly with the closing of all “local/fun/small” shops here I am unable to locate any OA items (w/o having to order online and pay for shipping, boo hoo) so this was a refreshing break in my day, thank you!

  15. Hi Stacey!
    I would love a pack of those cardstock cards with the maps on them…would be the cutest travel mini book!

  16. Your sweet! I love all the wild cards, the Cherry Hill papers and the Road Map stickers! Totally yummy goodness! :)

  17. I love the crossword puzzle paper, and since I can’t narrow it down to one, I also love the ticket stamp!

  18. Crazy in love with the 12X12 paper, the clear stamps and the “Wild Cards” (seriously-how much fun are THOSE!). The rest is a bit too thematic and matchy matchy for me. Love the paper so much though that I’m off to go find it to buy!

  19. Hands down, its the Wild Cards…but I love the Papers almost as much!

  20. My favorite is the travel line. Can’t wait to get some of these Oct Afternoon goodies when they’re out!!

  21. I LOVE October Afternoon. LOVE it. I’m mostly digi, but OA always makes me want to do a paper page… so yummy! It’s hard to choose a favorite from the Road Map line, but I’d say the Wild Cards. Too cool!

  22. I have recently fallen in love with anything and everything October Afternoon! I would love to win this :)

  23. Love the paper–especially the one that looks like a map–probably because I’m itching for a real road trip right now! And the stickers are great, too!

  24. I am lovin the clear stamps & the pattern paper.

  25. The wild cards are definitely cool, but I have to say that I love the bright and simple font of the alphabet! Such a great item!

  26. oh my gosh…i have been salivating over their new lines…so darn cute…and the colors are great! but the best part of the road maps line (and the other new ones for that matter) are the wild cards…how fun are they? thanks for the giveaway sj

  27. Love the word stickers and labels in part 2!! So cute for my fishing trip photo album scrapbook!

  28. Love “Road Map”!!! I’m a huge crossword puzzle fan – love that paper.

  29. The wild cards–especially the bingo ones!! All their collections are fantastic, but i think cherry hill is my fave. the ducks are seriously cute though.

  30. Loving the graph paper, among others, and LOVE the Wild Cards! Those are really terrific!

  31. well, everytime i thought i decided on a fav i saw a new cute thing. gonna say something with little birds or duckies.

  32. Am loving everything about Cherry Hill – especially the label stickers. The colours make me smile.

  33. The wild cards are so sweet! I can’t wait to get my hands on them!

  34. Saw the ducks reveal part two and I’m so digging the stickers!! The colors, clean lines, and cute sayings…if I could be a little mouse in their design studio–ooohhhh it would be divine!

  35. I am so excited about their new releases! My favorite is this Cherry Hill Farm patterned paper! The patterns are beautiful!

  36. Brytt Jones says:

    So dang cute! Love the cherry paper!

  37. OOOOoooo. I love the look of the whole line. It is very vaction-y, but I could also see a use for the line in everyday, which is a big buying point for me. My favorite….that’s hard…the wild cards. Those look really fun and versatile.

  38. Patricia A. says:

    I just love every single paper!

  39. I am a patterned paper junkie, so I will have to go with that. But I am just in awe, always, of how great everything fits together, in a zillion ways to make great finished projects!


  41. abra Riley says:

    Loving everything OA these days but I am really excited about the new Cherry Hill papers. SO cute!!!

  42. I gotta go with the word stickers- especially the one that says “we’re not lost we’re sightseeing”. That would work so well with the amsterdam pics I found while doing my LOM homework.

  43. I really love the road trip rub-ons. All their new stuff is gorgeous though. Hard to choose a favorite.

  44. I love the red patterned and black dot on the far right. Those are beautiful!

  45. I am looking forward to the Wild cards and the clear stamps.

  46. The wild cards. They are so fun and cute.

  47. Oh man — I LOVE THOSE CHERRIES! So stinkin’ cute.

  48. I feel so out of the loop…as this is a new line to me. I really liked the rub-ons best I think…but the 8×8 paper pack looked yummy too.

  49. Do we have to choose just one thing?
    So much to love about this line and all their others.
    Love the word stickers and the…. and the….etc.
    Would now love to get my hands on some of those yummies!!

  50. Okay! Wow! Love the wild cards, crossword papers…somehow got ALL involved in the ducky papers…*sigh*
    LOVE the cherry stuff too. Pick me, pick me! =]
    Sherry (rhymes with Cherry :) )

  51. I like the wild cards!

  52. I love all the October Afternoon items. The line with the ducks is rally cute and the “road sign” cards are wonderful for travel pages. I need them!

  53. The maps are so cool, there are so many thing I could do with that.
    Pam C

  54. Love all those lines but can never pass up the versatility of those word stickers. Very cute! Mind you, I’d still love to get my hands on any of that yummy stuff!

  55. I have been checking October Afternoon’s blog several times a day & drooling over their new releases since they’ve been giving us the sneak peeks. I’ve been keeping my eye out for more Cherry Hill which I think was my most fav CHA product (lots to choose from!) I was GUTTED when I saw that it’s not being released until April – waahhh! I think Road Map was May!
    In answer to your question – it’s the patterned papers. Always the paper (although would never say no the the other products in the line!) I am so hoping to win this fab giveaway. It’s the BEST! Thanks Stacey!!!!!!!

  56. Yummy, October Afternoon! I love the red birdies and the cherries on the beautiful blue backround. Thanks for the chance!

  57. Rhonda Hestir says:

    I love the retro WILD CARDS! And the Ducks in a Row labels, and…..and….

  58. I love, love, love the papers in the Road Map collection. I want all of it!!!

  59. My favorites: wild cards and the stickers! Stretches my imagination for my vacation pictures!

  60. awww it is so very very cute :)

  61. I love the wild card with the owl – do not disturb sign and the rubber charms and stamps, and the paper and letter sticker colors and…did you say pick one favorite? It’s like pringles…can’t have just one!

  62. I’m doing Wendys Organized & Inspired class right now and was very reluctant to cut up ALL my magazines so lovingly stored in chronological order just to make an inspiration binder. I AM SO GLAD that I did! I love every page of it – and the best thing is I have discovered a favourite colour combo – that blue & red that looks great together in this Chery Hill line!
    PS – I guess now I know what colour to paint our family room – we already have a red sofa!

  63. Well, I like the crossword paper, the map, & the paper with all the signs on it. I really like it all:)

  64. I love the roadmap cardstock stickers and the Wild Cards!! What a great release from October Afternoon. Thanks for the giveaway!

  65. Hey! I live near Cherry Hill (NJ). Cute designs! Love the wild cards and the clear stamps!

  66. Oh the rubber charms and clear stamps are my fave!!

  67. Whitney Seeman says:

    Ilike the wild cards in the Road Map line….I really love the Cherry Hill Line though. The colors of the papers and the wild cards and the label stickers are totally me and my colors! I love it!

  68. I’m just a sucker for striped and dotted patterned paper. I can’t seem to have enough. And the colors of the Road Map lined paper and so bright and fun – love em!

  69. Nicky from Canada says:

    I think I like the bingo cards the best – nice and bright.

  70. OMG! This paper makes me feel like a kid again and want to play with my strawberry shortcake dolls! Gotta get some of this!!!

  71. The cherries are just too adorable!!
    Love it all

  72. Love the label stickers!

  73. Loving the label stickers!!

  74. The alphabet lettering and stamp sets were cool, but the wild cards were awesome. Thanks!

  75. I just love the papers in the Cherry Hill line!

  76. I am all about that plaid. I am getting ready to do my heritage stuff and I can see that making a statement!

  77. I love all the nostalgic items!! Can’t wait to get some!

  78. The alphabet was cool, but the wild cards were awesome!

  79. why, the cherry papers, of course! too cute! and now that i have a sweet little girl to photograph & scrap, those papers are perfect!!!

  80. I am WILD about WILD cards!!! Those are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cool….

  81. The Road Map stickers (alpha, label) are my favorite. I wish I could buy OA locally.

  82. All of the OA is so delectable trying to choose a favorite would be like choosing which of my children I like best! I really can’t decide, I just know I must have it ALL!

  83. The Road Map Papers for sure! So cute! Love the grid, crossword, and motel bill – too cute! The label stickers and clear stamps are adorable and versatile! Close 2nd and 3rd!

  84. Oh wow I can’t even pick a favorite those are all great!

  85. I adore the Cherry Hill, and I *need* to get the Ducks in a Row along with the Road Map. Do I really have to pick just one??

  86. I love the alpha rub-0ns and the stamp set. I need to start planning vacations to scrap ;o)

  87. Cherry hill is my fave – the colors are the best!

  88. I LOVE the Wild Cards! Adorable! I also love the Road Map label stickers and the Cherry Hill stuff. Too cute!

  89. I love the Road Man line and those wild cards are awesome!
    Have a great day.

  90. okay – i really LOVE all of them but I do have to go with the stamps and wild cards. Thanks for the give away!

  91. From Road Map, I love those Wild Cards. I can see so many uses for them, wish they came with even more cards! LOL.
    I am crossing my fingers for this one. Cherry Hill is one of my favorite of all the new CHA releases I have seen!

  92. Malia in Seattle says:

    Road Map Wild Cards!

  93. I love all of the October Afternnon stuff– fun colors, stripes, patterns. I especially like the journaling cards.

  94. Road map is my favorite, but everything is wonderful.

  95. I love the 8×8 ducks in a row papers! I have lots of baby pages to get caught up on and these would be perfect.

  96. Jackie Hughes says:

    I really like the Road Map sticker sheets and acryllic stamps. I like their designs :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  97. OH NO….more paper to fall in love with! I really like the birds…so cute!

  98. Christine s. says:

    Well….if I have to pick one it would be the Road Map papers – perfect for so many of my pictures!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  99. I love the road map papers and wild cards! Thanks for the give away!

  100. i love the color combos – loving the addition of gray to these brights. and the wild cards are all so fun!

  101. Has to be the bright colors! OA hits it out of the park EVERY TIME!! Thanks for the awesome chance to win!
    Blessings, VickiH

  102. I love the colors in the Cherry Hill line – so vibrant and fun. I especially love the Sunday Dishes paper and the Egg Basket paper!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  103. Now isn’t this just a happy line of goodies?! I am in love with lots of the elements, but my fav LOVE the wild cards! :)

  104. Tamikko Gordin says:

    I am loving Cherry Hill. I think it’s the only one where I love every single paper. Usually there is a yellow one I’m not fond of. There is just something about cherries and birds :)

  105. Love the 12×12 alpha stickers – fabulous colors !!!!!

  106. Label stickers are my favorite (well, and the letter stickers too) . . . very versatile and makes pages quick – and such bright happy colors!

  107. i was just looking at the Oct. Afternoon blog and saw all the new stuff coming out and I love it. Perfect for my apple picking album I am wanting to make for the trip this past Fall!! This would really get me scrapping!!!

  108. I have to choose??? I guess it would have to be the Wild Cards.

  109. The Wild Cards of course – can’t WAIT to play with them. Love OA!

  110. Love those alpha stickers and the wild cards. Cool!

  111. The colors are fantastic, but I ADORE the Wild Cards. How fun is that? VHam

  112. Natasha Smith says:

    I love the red number paper, the stickers and ABCs. I love the greens with the reds and blues. FUN!

  113. I’m dying to get my hands on the Road Trip stamps and rubber charms. We’re going on a cross-country road trip this summer and I’ll be needing all of this!

  114. Wow! Love the colors…hard to pick what I love most..those birds are delightful…love the journaling cards…love it all. Thanks for the give away!

  115. I love the road map clear stamps. Those are a must have. Andrea C. In Illinois

  116. October Afternoon have outdone themselves with these ranges, I think i might just have to get it all, but my bestest fav is Road Map and i love the papers and clear stamps!

  117. I love the Cross Word puzzle paper. I have just started to try and do the daily crossword puzzle in the paper every day. it is a real challenge for me!

  118. Lisa Risser says:

    Oh, that Cherry Hill line just makes me HAPPY! What a great giveaway! My favorite has to be the darling rubber charms–so cute!!!!

  119. I love the Road Map papers and clear stamps. I can see so many uses for both!

  120. The papers and the cards are the big winners for me. I love the colors, and the maps are terrific!

  121. I just love the birds–so springy!

  122. LOVE it all, but I think the wild cards are my favorite.

  123. Okay, the label stickers are fun, but I’ve gotta say my favorite is the wild cards!

  124. I love anything with travel! :)

  125. My faves are the red number paper, the alpha stickers, and the darling owl wild card that says, “Do not disturb.” Would love to win anything from this collection!

  126. I love all the label stickers. Yummy! :D

  127. Such fab colors!! I love wild cards because of the bike riders and my husband and I hit the road on our bikes whenever we can (which isn’t too often, but nice to dream). Have a great weekend!!!

  128. I like the VW Bus!

  129. I like the road map papers! I am a geologist, so i am taken with maps :)

  130. really love the alpha stickers!

  131. OMG I LOVE their stuff…why oh why have I never seen them before!!! I LOVE LOVE the “road map cards” those are so cute…kinda 70ish…my kinda travel accessory.

  132. hands down – cherry hill. brightens up my dreary days in the northeast and makes me believe spring really is just around the corner…

  133. I LOVE the vintage look, so love it!

  134. The Road Map line is my fave, esp. the clear stamps. I can see using the camera and ticket stamp (just block out the “our vacation” part) again and again.

  135. I love the paper! I’ve been a fan of October Afternoon for a while now! I even have the owner of my local scrapbook store emailing me every time she gets a new shipment of their products!!! October Afternoon ROCKS!

  136. The wild cards are great! Can’t wait to get my hands on those…

  137. Those cherries are so vintagey and perfect! I love ‘em! Colors are darn fabulous too…What nice paper!!

  138. I would so LOVE to win this giveaway.
    I love the wild cards
    the entire Cherry Hill line
    EVERYTHING really it is hard to choose.

  139. It’s a tie…I like the paper AND the clear stamps best….but it is all pretty great!

  140. Renee' Hicks says:

    What the heck Stacy, I’ll give one of these a try. I’m not very lucky, but what the hay.

  141. Renee' Hicks says:

    I’m going to give this a try Stacy. I don’t have very good luck, but what the hay.
    Renee’ Hicks, and I’m local in Spokane.

  142. Too much to list but if I have to limit myself to one I’ll plump for the Wild Cards. They are to die for! LOL

  143. The rubber charms! Oh my gosh, I just love them!

  144. Love all the peeks of the new lines!! I love the stamps — they are my favorite. Such cute designs!

  145. purpledaisy says:

    I had a dream last night you came to Dallas, Tx and Monica and I had the priveledge to meet you. You were at a local Barnes n Noble to do a signing for Simple Scrapbooks Mag and you autographed ours. I had to check my the ones I had to see if it came true. You are a delightful person in person in my dream! I hope to have the opportunity to meet you one day! Thought I’d share that with you. I guess the dream came about because for the past few weeks…I’ve been thinking of LOM before I go to bed. I just love the system! :)

  146. Mimi2Quads says:

    I just love the paper – and the names…”Dew Drop Inn”…too cute. And the alpha sticker colors are so bright and happy!

  147. I Really Really Love the Wild Cards. The Cherry Hill Line is great as well, love the colors.
    Thank you for the give away,

  148. Love it all! Travel products are my favorite, and I love the 1950s color scheme going on. I’m going to say my favorite is the Lake Superior paper – love the shout out to the midwest!

  149. I definitely love those Wild Cards! I can’t wait to get my hands on some.

  150. I’m madly in love with Ducks in A Row. October Afternoon has such a nack for getting it right everytime.

  151. Cherry Hill is my favorite, especially the paper and the Wild Cards. Love the color combos!

  152. What a scrumptious giveaway! Thanks, Stacy!

  153. oh joy that is to die for :)

  154. Julie, momto7 says:

    I am in love with the rubber charms – so cute and a great concept for texture on a page.

  155. Stacy,
    I have to be honest. I love each of the elements. These are my happy colors. But if I really have to choose, I love the stickers and the rub-ons. Have a wonderful weekend.

  156. They are all great but I’m digging the Cherry Hill line!

  157. I love the Cherry Hill papers – yummy! And I love the Road Map embellishments, stamps and stickers.

  158. Oh my, forgot to state my favorites: The Road Map Rubber Charms and Clear Stamps. Thanks for the giveaway, Stacy.

  159. I love it all, but especially the clear stamps since they would work so well with all vacation paper lines. WOW, I love this paper, though!

  160. Elizabeth Nagy says:

    I really like the stamps and the stripes the best!
    Thanks for doing the give-away.

  161. I’m loving everything they’ve shown!

  162. I love those Wild Cards – very fun. As well as the alpha rubs ons and the clear stamps! What a great line…and the Ducks in a Row, how cute!

  163. I think my favorite would be the Wild Cards; very cool. Thanks for the chance to win.

  164. OH, I love October Afternoon! I love the wild cards the best. So fun! Thanks for a chance to win!

  165. It’s all so cute but I really like their “wild cards” from the Road Map collection. They’re really unique!

  166. love the stripes….very versatile.

  167. I like Cherry Hill also, but within the Road Map collection, I like the Vacationer Motel paper the best. It has a crossword looking pattern on one side and the yellow pattern on the other side.

  168. Those stamps look YUMMMMMY!

  169. They have some awesome lines. Road Trip is fantastic. I love the map paper – yes I see Ontario, Canada on it and that’s where I live- and the wild cards are so darn sweet!

  170. I can’t pick just one! But if i HAVE to, it would be the label stickers!

  171. i seriously love it ALL. this is a company that i could scrap with for the rest of my life. i’m not even kidding. can’t pick a favorite. can’t wait to try their sketches too!!!

  172. Karen Pierce says:

    All!! road map symbol paper, road sign stickers and journalling stickers, bingo card

  173. Look at all those ducks all in a row. There are so many ways I see this working in LOs – mostly because my mom would ask me “if I had my ducks in a row.” And another great reason to win. I NEVER saw this line at my LSS before and would like to give ‘em a try.

  174. Everything is so wonderful… like scrapbooking candy!

  175. Kathryn Methot says:

    I really like the look of the Road Map clear stamps. It’s a very cute line. Thanks for sharing.

  176. I love all the elements. How could I choose just one?

  177. i love the paper especially the red. can’t go wrong with that color.

  178. I adore the stickers, especially the Road Map ones, but October Afternoon continues to amaze me with all its fabulous ranges :)

  179. I’m a sucker for anything CHERRY!! Love the Cherry Hill line. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  180. loving the wild cards…I feel an ATC frenzy coming on!

  181. AFter the papers, the word stickers and then the stamps are my favourites in the Road Map line. October Afternoon has captured my heart with their bright colors and fun stuff! Thanks for sharing such goodness :))

  182. How can you expect me to choose only or even 2 for my favorites? I love OA and missed seeing these goodies in person at CHA. I think their papers are vibrant and fresh. Recently, many lines from different manufacturers look sooo similar, these are a breath of fresh air. Love the rubber charms, that VW bug is such an icon!!! Of course, the cherry line is delish!!

  183. I love it all! So hard to choose one or two things out of all that they have. So, I won’t :)

  184. I love this whole line so much! That black and white polka dot patterned paper really jumps out at me.

  185. I love the label stickers, the scallop punches and the polka dots!

  186. I love the roadmap word stickers!

  187. Karen Grosz says:

    I love the Wild Cards for Road Map. Oh so cute, what possibilities.
    Karen G

  188. Definitely the wild cards – though the ‘sundowner motel’ paper is a very close second

  189. I love their new post cards the best, but I am a big fan of all of their new products!

  190. becky in va says:

    I think I like the rubber charms and clear stamps the best. But the wild cards are really neat too!

  191. Wow, how do you choose?!? Honestly, I love it all. But..if I had to choose I would say my top choices would be the new wild cards (too fun!), the Road Trip stickers & RT papers. Thanks for the chance at an awesome giveaway. Have a wonderful day! KrisA

  192. Teri Cherrington says:

    I love the Road Map Rubber Charms and Clear Stamps. But seeing how my dd is expecting my first grandbaby, I’d gladly take anything from the ducky line too! LOL

  193.! Are you kidding me? You are such a sweetheart to be offering this line to some lucky person!
    I’m absolutely head-over-heels in love with anything October Afternoon! This entire line makes me swoon, and I’m determined to get their Road Map clear stamps eventually! :)
    Hope you have a great weekend, and thanks again!

  194. How cute is that ducky paper! Love it. And love the label stickers too. Thanks for the giveaway!

  195. Does it sound cliche to say the Cherry Hill line is “yummy.” Who could resist that cute paper, rubber charms, and rub-ons. And don’t get me started on the Road Map collection. It makes me want to “toot my horn.” I love everything in that line especially the rub-ons.

  196. I love the road map stickers…. So many things you can do with them.

  197. tammy Thomas says:

    oh I love the cherry hill line! brings back memories of cherry picking as a child, LOVE that little birdie

  198. OK, I love that Cherry Hill line, but the crossword paper in the Road Map line is a must have. I can think of SO many uses for that!

  199. The label stickers are great and I love the Night Light Monster stickers. Too Fun!!

  200. This Cherry Hill pattern is one of my faves. But, Road maps probably edges it out as the top one (but, just barely!)

  201. Susan C./Colorado says:

    Not only are they cute…they are totally delicious looking!! Thanks for sharing with us another wonderful product to spark some juicy creativity!!

  202. karen Hobbs says:

    I love the clear stamps, reusable and versatile enough to fit with many looks. That’s whatIi like in an accessary product!

  203. oh my goodness .. i like them all – but very partial to the rub ons. I’ve been to the USA to drive ROute 66 – so these would be a fabulous range for my photos

  204. So so cute! I would have to say I love the red apple paper with the random bit of green thrown in there. But then I also really like the word labels from the Road Map line too. Too much cuteness to choose from. Thank you for sharing with us.

  205. I loved the Road Map stamps.

  206. Ann Hayes-Bell says:

    LOVE the versatility of the Road Map Label stickers but must also purchase the crossword paper. It reminds me of my Grandma (don’t all crosswords remind people of their grandmas?) and I have a few photos with her working some crosswords. Stacy, I’m in LOM-year 2 and loving the system. Thanks! Ann

  207. Debbie Lucero says:

    I think those rubber charms are just so cool but then again I love that whole line. It’s my fave.

  208. I’m loving the Road Map clear stamps. I would use those alot. Also, I loved the label stickers. I can picture a cute travel album using those. Thanks for the chance to win :)

  209. So cute! I love the clear stamps…perfect for journaling our trips. The cards are super cute, too! :-) Thanks for introducing me!
    Amy in CA

  210. Love the Road Map Rub-ons…also the New Beginnings lined stickers…so many uses!

  211. okay, I LOVE the Wild Cards! How fun would that be to add to a layout. I love the vintagey feel and the fact that they’re made of thick chipboard is also a plus.

  212. I love all their striped papers. For some reason it doesn’t seem like every other stripe out there. I like the new label stickers too!

  213. Love ALL things OA. How can you choose just one thing? :)

  214. I just discovered October Afternoon and they are great! I love the Cherry Hill rub-ons and clear stamps and I think I want to wrap myself in the cherry paper – or the green one………..

  215. It’s all beautiful – the papers are my favorite. They remind me of childhood happines.

  216. Love the Cherry Hill and Road Map alpha stickers. I’m falling in love with alpha stickers all over again.

  217. Shanon Gibson says:

    I just love the cherries! The entire line is wonderful and I can’t wait to get my hands on some of that paper.

  218. What’s not to like?? I just wish I could find some time to scrap!! Life has been very busy lately….

  219. Oh these a great products… I really really really like the alpha stickers…. sooooooooooo many letters… yummy!

  220. I **LOVE** the clear stamps – my head is filling with potential projects and pages!! :-)

  221. It has to be the cherries, but I love polkadot too!

  222. Can’t pick one!! I love them all, every single piece.

  223. I love the bright fun colors!

  224. I love the rubber charms. They are too cute

  225. Love the journaling stickers :)

  226. Oooh! I love the Road Map Wild Cards – too cute!

  227. Love the cherry paper! The colors in this line are great too.

  228. Love them all – especially the stamps and colors!

  229. Karen Smith says:

    I love the papers, especially the “motel” paper. How cute!

  230. So cute. I really like the alpha stickers.

  231. Theresa Grdina says:

    I love the cherry paper and the apple paper…of course, the poke-your-dot paper is awesome, too!
    LOVE IT!

  232. I love the Road Map stamps. There perfect for any type of tip.

  233. I’m a simple girl, PP papers do me in everytime. LOVE those Cherry Hill papers, but it’s all so yummy that it was hard to choose! thanks for the enabling….

  234. Such beautiful happy colours on this very bleak too early morning. Thanks, this was like a sip of coffee!!

  235. Oh, the cherry hill is definitely my favorite. Love those bold colors!

  236. omg..I love october afternoon..and the new lines are just tooooo dieeee…

  237. i really like the label stickers because i’m always a sucker for labels. but i also love the sundowner motel paper sheet.

  238. Too A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.!

  239. Dawn Pruyn says:

    OH, the paper, definitely! I’ve never been to their blog before, how awesome! I ended up printing 4 layouts that inspired me for my idea book! Thank you!

  240. Well, besides liking ALL of the Road Map line, I like the word stickers the best. They’re very different from anything I’ve seen for travel-ish layouts.

  241. Hi. I love that the Cherry Hill is a mix of red cuteness and black staple papers. Love it. Can’t wait to get my hands on some.
    Happy weekend.

  242. I loved the Road Map stuff, especially the stamps and Wild Cards. I could totally see making a mini album with those cards.

  243. The Crossword puzzle paper- love it!!

  244. I love those Wild Cards! How unique and fun! I think they’d be great with journaling on them and tucked into a pocket.

  245. Oooh, I love this product line. My favorite things are the patterned paper and the sticker sheets. Lots of fun goodies though, thanks for the introduction!

  246. There are three elements that strike me right now…
    1) the owl do not disturb in reveal 6 (I’ve only had 4 1/2 hours sleep because my 16 month old and 3 year old do not know how to sleep past 6:30am)
    2) either of the stop lights – my 3 year old tells us whenever we are out in the car, that there is a red light coming up and we have to stop or a green light and we have to hurry, and the latest phrase – “If you see a red light, yell red light.”
    3) in reveal 2 – the “Stop I need a picture” – there are SO many times I’ve said this in my head but not having someone around to take the picture as my husband and I are currently in the shot makes me sometimes wish I had my house setup to constantly film us so I could always get the pictures I wanted to keep (and not just in my memory.)
    Wow! Hope that’s not too much to say!!!

  247. Erin Nusbaum says:

    I am in *love* with the colors! The cherries are my favorite! The journaling stickers are great too!

  248. I love the Road Map clear stamps, especially the VW bus! I saw those so often growing up in Northern California. :-)

  249. I’m working on my son’s baby album. I think the ducks in a row is REALLY cute! Blessings!

  250. i’m in love with the alphabet stickers!

  251. I love the Road Map Rub-ons…fun!!!!

  252. splendorfalls28 says:

    Oh my favorite is definately the paper that looks like the plaid from those old thermos’. Cool!

  253. Oh, they are all do awesome! My mind is coming up with projects… Love Road Map, during Spring Break we are traveling from Illinois to White Sands Nat’l Park in New Mexico, that set of goodies would be perfect for a mini album documenting the trip.

  254. I am loving the road map stuff!!!!!!!I love rub ons and love road maps what could be batter than road map rub ons????

  255. I love it all..the patterned paper is really awesome!!!
    Blessings, Alisa

  256. My favorite is the map of Minnesota paper, because that’s where I live! But a close second are the 5.5″x12″ sticker sheets for the Road Map line. I really love the little labels. What a cute line!!

  257. So, hard to decide. I love the Road Map word stickers. My second choice is the Cherry Hill word stickers. Can you tell I love word stickers!

  258. Love the patterned paper!

  259. Love them all, but my favorite is the label stickers. Have a good weekend!!

  260. Jeannette P says:

    The Cherry hill collection is cute but I must say as I was looking through everything those little night light monsters really caught my eye. Using those with the Road Map letters would be SUPER cute!
    I am swamped too…was able to get lots of photos sorted for LOM yesterday & my table is half cleared off. woohoo!!! It feels sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!!!!

  261. I love the little cherries of course!

  262. Ann Johnson says:

    Oh how I would love the map paper – it is of Minnesota and the area where I live – I also love the crossword puzzle paper as it reminds me of my grandma -
    Happy Friday.

  263. my favorite are the sticker sheets! They can be used in so many different ways.
    and I live in Cherry Hill…what a cool name for the line!

  264. I think the apples are super cute.

  265. Cindy Brown says:

    The paper is WONDERFUL. We do a lot of traveling, and good background paper is very hard to find….Not only is the content of the paper wonderful, the color combinations are awesome. Thanks!

  266. I LOVE the colors of the Cherry Hill line, and I also LOVE Ducks in a Row!! How flippin’ cute is that?!?!? I really enjoy their blog – especially the sketches they share. I love seeing all the different layouts that use the same sketch.

  267. October Afternoon is definitely one of my favourites. I’ve got to say that my favourite of their products are the Road Map rub ons. They are so cute!

  268. Thanks for sending us to check out October Afternoon’s stuff. I’m loving all of it. Since I just had a baby, I really like the “Ducks in a Row” line. As for the Road map line I really like the Wild Cards and the label stickers. Thanks for sharing!

  269. Oh! The Road Trip Wild CARDS–amazingly cute. Tempting, tempting…

  270. I love the pattern paper!! That’s my fav!

  271. I heart the pink and red cherries!
    Lyn in Las Vegas

  272. I also love the colors and cherries. The “wild cards” are great too!

  273. I like the Dew Drop Inn paper…love it, not to mention the colors of the blues and greens in this line.

  274. Jaime Sherman says:

    I love the crossword puzzle paper, and the clear stamps and the label stickers. I could go on and on, it is all great

  275. I love it all! But if I have to choose one thing–it would be that stinking cute little bird on Cherry Hill.

  276. I am a sucker for anything with cherries on it, loving that cherry paper with the blue background- I’d love to cover part of a bulletin board with some!

  277. Stephanie S. says:

    Wow! Thanks for sending us to look at that stuff – it is all awesome! But my fave in the Road Map line is the stickers – love ‘em! But the papers are a close second! These are goign to be great for our soon to be road trip to Florida. Thanks for the inspiration.

  278. Jen Johnson says:

    it is all super cute! I love all the paper.

  279. I LOVE the Road Map clear stamps!! I love the camera! I wonder when we can buy these?!

  280. the cherry paper caught my eyes first…but to use…I’d probably pull out the blue polka dots first!

  281. The paper is my fave but I really do love it all!! :) Thanks for the chance.

  282. I totally love any type of striped paper and October Afternoon does stripes like nobody’s business :)

  283. michelle norris says:

    love it all – my fav is the polka dots. michelle

  284. Crystal LaDoux says:

    I’d have to say the paper from the Road Map line was cool, especially the map paper with Minnesota on it! Thats were I’m from so that is really cool!
    Fountain, MN

  285. Love the vintage feel and colors, the stickers, and the clear stamps. They just look like fun.

  286. Oh wow – I love the Road Map clear stamps!! Loving that big ole land yacht and the vanagon!! :D

  287. Donna Bettencourt says:

    I love the black and whites and those little birds are too cute! ‘Glad you had fun with yhour mom!

  288. I really like the Road Map items. Very cute. Really cute papers and things.

  289. Love the Cherry Hill papers!

  290. I reall like the Cherry Hill. Some of the Road Map is nice, but some of it is too vintage and Americanized, for this young-ish Canadian girl.

  291. I am in love with new products..there are so many great new things to choose from and the colors are WOW!!!!
    I can’t wait to get some of the road map products-we have a trip coming up and it will be perfect!!!

  292. OMG!! I am so in LOVE with this Cherry Hill line!!! I think the wild cards are awesome. I also love their stamps. I get woozy just looking at all the yummy stuff on their blog…

  293. The papers are great — love that crossword one and I also like the alpha sickers and the label stickers — could use those for a ton of different projects!
    Have a great weekend!

  294. By Far it’s the LABEL STICKERS.

  295. This is SUCH a cute paper pack! I’m in love with October Afternoon!!!

  296. It’s so hard to pick! My favorites are the Road Map label and work stickers. The sayings are so clever and versatile. Love them!

  297. Katherine K. Glass says:

    The yellow pinwheel paper and the green dots are rockin’!

  298. The ducks in a row ROCK – i can already think of like 4 uses for the little guys.. the Road Map clear stamps ROCK my socks! I just got back from Vacation and might just need to pick those up!

  299. First answer – LOVE LOVE LOVE the ducks.
    But then I started reading the comments and I had to go back and check out what others were saying they liked.
    Final answer – LOVE LOVE LOVE the WHOLE line.

  300. cute, cute stuff! I am not a huge sticker gal, but I love those road map stickers . . . .I’m working on a travel project (or projects, I should say!) from a trip 4 years ago and these would be perfect!
    I gotta say . . .I’m loving that Cherry Hill. I used to be so up on what was new, how long stuff had been out, etc, but have no clue if that’s new or not.

  301. Amy Anderson says:

    I love those little playing card things! I would totally use them for a mini book! Thanks for the give-away

  302. Is it okay to love it all? The wild cards are way cool but then I love the papers and the label stickers too :)

  303. Hard to pick a favorite, how could you not love all of it? But the Road Map rub-ons are super and I love the little Cherry Hill birdies! XX’s

  304. What lovely paper! So cheery!

  305. I love this line!! My favorites are the clear stamps! I love that you can use those things over and over, and that stoplight is just too cute. I could see using these on much more than just travel layouts! So CUTE!!

  306. Ooooh – love it all! I especially love the cards – so retro and cute! Love the word and label stickers, too – I’m seeing visions of lots of travel pages in my head!

  307. I like the letter stickers. I scrap mostly for my grandson who is almost 2 years old and these letter stickers would work on his pages.

  308. The papers are really sweet! Thanks for the giveaway!

  309. I am loving Cheery Hill for the bright colors

  310. I love the crossword puzzle in the Road Map line…I also love the plaid!

  311. This stuff is beautiful!!! Road Map looks yummy1

  312. That blue paper with the cherries makes me so happy! My 4 month old has a onesie in the same colors! :)

  313. As I am about to become a grandma for the the third time in a row, I especially like the Duck In A Row papers and stickers. However the Cherry Hill Line is a favorite also and wouldn’t mind winning some of that product :) Thanks for the chance!

  314. oh how i love this line!!!!! cant wait till its available!

  315. There is simply too much cuteness to pick from here. I like the Cherry Hill turquoise and red prints. I like Wild Cards in the Road Maps collection for their retro design. The rubber charms for both lines are a favorite too.

  316. judy in carefree says:

    Such HAPPY paper! I would love some!

  317. OH
    Cherries!! and that blue and red! I love all of the reveals – but those cherries are to die for!!

  318. Too cute to pick a fave!!! all the colors make me happy!!! Great feeling. Great giveaway

  319. Love it all but I am going with the label stickers. Thanks for the chance to win something new to play with.

  320. sue_novascotia says:

    How to choose from all of the yummy retro goodness!!! I think the ‘Wild Cards’ are pretty cool and something a little different!

  321. kreativekate says:

    I love LOVE love the Wild Cards! Awesome.

  322. I am a sucker for cherries!!! However, I really love the map paper, something about it just speaks to me and I see so many possibles, it’s kinda a throw back look–love it!

  323. as my son says, “pick me, pick me” from his sweet golf video he watches.

  324. I am a HUGE October Afternoon fan!! Great quality, fun patterns, but my favorite part is the COLOR!!! Love, love, love it!!

  325. I like all of them very much but fell in love with the Cherry Hill line and can’t wait until it is for sale. I also fell in love with their blog. I love the layouts–this may be my replacement when I am missing Simple Scrapbooks.

  326. OMGosh… I LOVELOVELOVE the Wild Cards. I cannot wait until my LSS receives this line. Unless you want to make me the winner… hint, hint. Have a great weekend, Stacy!

  327. Wendy Antenucci says:

    I love October Afternoon and the Cherry Hill is so pretty! I do like the idea of those wild cards they came up with.

  328. Katrina Grabowski says:

    I am in love with the “Road Map” cards. My son purchased a 1965 VW Bus and I can’t wait to scrap with this line. October Afternoon has to be one of the new lines I have been in love with for the past year. Thank you for the give away. Have a great weekend.

  329. Sharyn Carlson says:

    Wow! October Afternoon never disappoints. I checked out the reveal and am loving the Road Map clear stamps and the new wild cards. So fun! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!!! -Sharyn

  330. Difficult to pick – but I really like the wild cards. I am already thinking what amazing projects I can use them for.

  331. Barbara from NC says:

    Can you imagine my surprise and delight when I saw that one of the wild cards had a map of the area where I grew up! Wow, it really brought back a flood of memories.

  332. Rebecca Foxworth says:

    I love the “label stickers” from the Road Map line the best. I could see myself using them on so many different types (and colors!) of layouts!

  333. October Afternoon is my fav paper. I love all the new lines, but I think the Cherry Hill line is my fav.

  334. I love the ducks in a row line. My niece just turned one. Her first word was duck! How perfect!

  335. Hmmm… it’s a tie between the cherries and the stripes.
    Either way, I’m ready for some of those bright colors outside instead of this continual grey…

  336. Jessica Decker says:

    Pick one thing we love? Just one? Love it all! But I do love those cherries! Who can resist those cherries?!?

  337. I really like the wild cards: the Go! one reminiscent of Monopoly, and then that owl–I have a soft spot for owls. Oh, and the rub on alphabet has great colors. Really liking this whole line, actually!

  338. Stripes. I love stripes, I’m actually wearing stripes now. Funny! (or maybe not)!
    Have a great weekend =)

  339. Cherry hill line for me!

  340. I am loving the Cherry Hill and all the journaling items. October Afternoon is a favorite of mine! CindyML

  341. I love the wild cards!

  342. I love the colors in the Cherry HIll line. So spring and happy!

  343. Jenny K. from Puyallup says:

    Definitely “Cherry Hill” is my favorite. The papers are soooo cute, and also the “Wild Cards” and “Rubber Charms”. Thanks for the chance to win this favorite collection of mine!

  344. I love the “Cherry hill” line because it makes me happy. It makes me want to scrap my own childlike sence of wonder, and the kid that still lives in me !

  345. Kristine S. says:

    Cherry Hill all the way for me! Thanks for the chance to win.

  346. The Ducks in a Row stuff is so cute – the papers, the stickers. Though I must admit I love just about everything there.

  347. I LOVE the words paper and the polka dots…but the cherries just make me grin! SO cheerful.
    Kristine in WA

  348. I love all of their printed paper…it’s fun, hip, and it’s paper, so who doesn’t love it?
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  349. October Afternoon is one of my fave companies right now. Such beautiful stuff! I love the Wild Cards!

  350. Lan Amphone says:

    I love the birds and polka dots, OA has the cutest lines!

  351. I love the label stickers, word stickers and the Wild Cards! WOW!! Can’t wait to see them in person! :)

  352. do i really have to choose one? i LOVE them all. i love OA!! the rubber charms are cute enough to eat!

  353. I love the wild cards from each line. so cool. and I love the retro designs on the road map line. i can’t wait until new october afternoon stuff is at my lss.

  354. Julie Johnson says:

    LOVE the lime green floral…so crisp, fun and happy!

  355. I love the ducks in a row……I used to have a boss that used that phase all the time. Patty

  356. The Ducks in a Row are so cute and I absolutely love the colors. Spring is just around the corner! October Afternoon is becoming one of my favorites!!

  357. I love the Road Map stamps – that goes on my “gotta have” list! I’m loving each one of October Afternoons releases!!

  358. Dana Klinkner says:

    I LOVE the bright colors and the totally different look of the patterns they put together – so fun! :)

  359. Laurie Takens says:

    It’s so hard to pick just one – Ok, the polka dots are my favorite! :)

  360. lime green floral is my absolute fave! thks for doing this stacy, hugs bonnierose

  361. I love the rubber embellishments! So cute!

  362. I like the bold colors!

  363. I love the paper with the cherries on it. so cute.

  364. My favorite is the Road Map wild cards, but the Cherry Hill acrylic stamps are a close close second. I love OA–got their blog bookmarked for daily check ins!

  365. I am in love with October Afternoon! They are so me! I think in the Road Map collection my favorite thing is the crossword paper, although I really like those stickers too. It’s fun to see that Cherry Hill has a great black/white polka dot. And the Cherry Hill rub ons are too cute for words. I don’t know anywhere around me that carries OA…

  366. In the Road Map line I like the Wild Cards and the Label Stickers. They look like a lot of fun to play with. Thanks for a chance to win. Jenny

  367. I love Cherry Hill, and the Wild cards are going to be so much fun to play with! Of course, the paper would be all I would need to have a blast. I love, love their stuff! Thanks for sharing!

  368. I love the wild cards! I’m already thinking about how I can use them.

  369. I have to say I love the road map line, but the images I just adore are the ones on the Wild Cards. I wish those were papers too. They are so unique and vintage.

  370. The label stickers from Road Map look like lots of fun.

  371. Brenda Meilak says:

    Wow thanks for introducing me to October Afternoon!! I’ve never seen their stuff before but it looks amazing! I particularly liked the colors in the papers and the letter stickers, the possibilities are so endless!! Thanks also for giving away some of their items – I hope I win since having a chance to experience their products would be amazing!!!

  372. I love the new road map label stickers. They come in great colors and there is a lot on one sheet. Becca :)

  373. What a cool company! I think my favorites from Road Map are the label stickers.

  374. absolutley loving those wild cards!!!! hmmm heaven i have to say! lol
    Thanks for the giveway!:)

  375. I love the wild cards the most!

  376. Michelle N says:

    My favorite element is the Wild
    Cards – those are going to be hot, hot, hot! Soooo many possible uses for them!

  377. The Road Map rubber charms are so adorable, and that lil camera is so fun!

  378. The wild cards & the stickers! I just love October Afternoon’s things!! Would really love to win this give-a-way Stacy!!

  379. Oh something new, love it!

  380. yum!!! that would look so good on my craft table, just waiting to be used on a rainy day.
    it IS going to be warm enough to rain in MN again, isn’t it???

  381. Kristin Burge says:

    OK – They are all way way too cute! The ducks are adorable…but I have to go with the Road Map papers! They have one that is a map of Minnesota!!!!! I was so excited when I saw that one. I have to scrap with that one – given that I am a Minnesotan and quite proud of this state!
    Thanks for having us go check out their blog Stacy!

  382. With two new babies in the family, I’d have to say I love the Ducks In a Row. The word stickers are especially fun.

  383. My favorite item from the road map line would have to be the clear stamps – I especially love the ticket one – I think it would be such a fun addition to so many pages, and projects!
    sara :)

  384. Road Map wild cards are awesome. Love the retro graphics!

  385. Isabel Roberts says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I love the Cherry Hill…so adorable to use with pics of my little girls :)
    El Dorado Hills

  386. I love the new stuff after CHA and especially a huge fan of October Afternoon! Can’t wait to get it and make something special with it.

  387. Suzie Perrie says:

    I love the new clear stamps and label stickers! Those colors are so bright and happy I could almost forget all the snow outside.

  388. Diane Anthony says:

    I love the bright colors and two sided papers.When I checked the blog, I LOVE that the map is MINNESOTA! Diane

  389. Tracy Schmitt says:

    Absolutely can’t wait to see this in person. I love all of it. Can’t go wrong it OA!

  390. Love the black/white polka dot and pretty stripes, oh and wild cards.

  391. I love everything October Afternoon! The new elements that caught my eye are the Wild Cards, great for a mini-album for my new driver. Love the Road Map line, especially the Minnesota paper, woohoo! October Afternoon stamps are awesome, love the retro fresh Road Map ones!

  392. Veronica Berkey says:

    Road Map: love the crossword puzzle and the motel register paper…the journal blocks and the sticker that says “we’re not lost, we’re sightseeing!”, and the sticker and stamp of the old VW van…sigh…as always. I want it all.

  393. The wild cards! reminds me of being in grammar school…sigh :)

  394. I love the Road Map rubber charms. We used to have a VW camper van, so I’m drawn to that stuff. I could actually see doing a baby album of myself using the Ducks in a Row line. Thanks for sharing this new stuff!

  395. I really like the Road Map line…looks toooo fun! Even though I don’t go a lot of places…I could even use this line for our camping pictures. Too cool!

  396. Oh my gosh I love OA! My fav part of the Road Map line has to be the Wild Cards with the maps on them. How fun for a road trip mini!!

  397. How in the world do you expect us to pick one? If I have to say one, it would be the Wild Cards. They are adorable. But, seriously, the whole line is great.

  398. I am absolutely in love with OA!!! I love every tiny bit of it, but i think it really is the paper for me that i love best, it is just so fresh and beautiful!

  399. I just really love the papers… but the rubber charms and clear stamps are FABULOUS too!

  400. I love the cherry hill line and the wild cards

  401. Love love love the clear stamps from the cherry hill range.

  402. wild cards are too cool!

  403. Alison - NZ says:

    I am loving the rubons – can see myself using these. The map papers are cool too but as I am not in the USA not so meaningful to any of our road trips. I would love to use them though….need to do a US trip first!

  404. Oh my my my goodness how cute is the range i especially love the cherry page :)

  405. I too love the Cherry Hill, beautiful!


  407. Tracy Dayett says:

    I love the colors used and really love the label stickers..thanks for the link and chance to win!

  408. i’m all over those wild cards…wow what an invention! TF the chance to win.

  409. Definitely the clear stamps .. more versatility!
    Wanda Lee

  410. Wow, that is some great stuff! I love the papers in the Road Map collection and also the label stickers.
    Thanks for turning us on to this blog, I’m hooked!

  411. The paper. Especially the bird paper, so cute!

  412. Jennifer A says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on the Road Map products!! I love this company and its bright and cheery colors.

  413. the duck line was so cute and I don’t even have little ones to scrap right now….the journal tags are my favorite product

  414. penny nelson says:

    So much to find delightful, but the paper is charming and the wild cards have so much retro vibe that they will all be fun to use. Don’t you think?

  415. bevluvspooh says:

    It is all so wonderful.

  416. October Afternoon is my new favorite sb brand….why? They have just the right mix of whimsy mixed with graphics with a dash of something strangely classic. I LOVE the letter stickers. I will buy several sheets when this next new product line is available in stores…have a happy….

  417. carol in seattle :) says:

    I like pretty much everything OA turns out – esp. love the Monsters line. On Road Map…as much as I’m a paper girl and I really love this paper, I love their word and label stickers even more! Thanks Stacy!

  418. Debbie House says:

    The road map, the birds, and the clear stamps are my favs!! Thanks for having a give away!!

  419. Hi Stacy, I really like the Wild Cards! Thanks for introducing me to October Afternoon…I will ask my LSS to get the Road Map collection in. This collection would be fun to use for one of my travel albums!

  420. Lorraine Coppin says:

    Well Im just lovin’ that cherry hill colours – my ‘right now colours. thanks October Afternoon!
    Road Map: hmmmm…. lOVIN’ the Road Map Image rub-on set for a travel journal. to take with me and create on the go. perfect. best ever small rub-ons. (I dont buy many but these are a must have!
    AND the road map Wild Cards, they remind me of my antique monopoly and the way the old game rules are set out on the paper.
    thanks for the memories and yummy products!

  421. That line is adorable! I love the colors and anything with a VW van wins my heart over. We had one when I was a child – it was blue. It took us all over the country on family trips and my dad converted it into a camper so it took us camping too. It finally died in the middle of the dessert under the care of my brother. It served us well! Those journaling spots are so cute and I loved the clear stamp set as well as the rub ons. I just might have to search this line out. Thanks! : )

  422. love the rubons!!

  423. My fav part of the collection is probably the stickers! They are really cute and fun looking. And I like the journal spot ones too. Very useful! Thanks for the giveaway Stacey!

  424. what an amazing the colors and the feelings the patterns invoke…awesome.

  425. October Afternoon’s lines are just so darn full of happy and fresh colors and patterns. And how can I resist a funky VW van? My favorite, along with their awesome new journaling stickers!

  426. Very cool. I liked the Road Map rubber charms – love the colors.

  427. definitely the rubber charms…great shapes and so fun

  428. The Wild Cards are speaking to me… is that normal for product to “speak”?! ;-)

  429. I love the Road Map Clear Stamps… I could put those to good use in the travel album I am working on! :-)

  430. Gosh! That is a great line. I love the papers. That crossword style paper is so fun!

  431. October Afternoon is my favorite, I love Cherry Hill just as much. Can’t wait to use their new line.

  432. Christine D says:

    I really like the label stickers. Anything that helps me tell the story is always a favorite of mine!

  433. Their stuff is awesome!!
    I love the colors. Thank you for the opportunity to win.
    Sandi D

  434. Hi Stacy,
    The cherries are oh so cute but I just love the “birdie” paper! And I just love how all the patterns & papers compliment each other so much!!

  435. I love the cherry paper. My daughter’s swimsuit was lue with cherries on it last summer and that would be too cute with some of those pics! I have been using a lot of OA’s christmas/winter paper and love it!

  436. WOW…I had a hard time deciding what I like THE best…but I love the stamps from the road map products…SO Cute!!!

  437. Kris Van Allen says:

    Oh, my faves are definitely the paper from the Road Map line! I grew up in Hudson, WI which is right on the St Croix river across from the Twin Cities, so that map paper brings back memories! Plus I love to do crossword puzzles, so that paper being in the same release seals the deal for me!

  438. hI Stacy! I love love October afternoon !! I would really enjoy this:)

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