Really Good + Crazy + Busy Week …

How about you!
So sorry to leave you hanging like that. I've been so eager to blog, but seriously NO time.

Just wanted to wish you ALL a very, happy …

Yep .. did this all by myself with those four little arrow keys!
Check it out, at

I'm headed to bed, so I can get up and make a FUN Valentine's Day breakfast for the kiddos!
Have a wonderful weekend spending time with the people you LOVE.


  1. You’re amazing with the Etch a Sketch. So many hidden talents. Happy heart day to you, too! I’m excited to be a LOM alum and get back to it. :)

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours! I am off to make heart waffles for breakfast and then maybe some more picture shorting. Thanks again for sharing your time and yourself with all of us.

  3. Jeannette P says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day Stacy. May your day be overflowing with love from all those around you.
    We had a nice homemade waffle breakfast together as a family this morning & it was yummy! My 6 yr old kept saying how much she loved homemade waffles & homemade syrup. I had to agree. :D

  4. Happy heart day back! Love the etch a sketch thing..that takes me back!!!

  5. Cool Etch a Sketch! Happy Valentine’s Day to you too! I’ve missed your blogging….but know what ya mean by no time this week! :)

  6. Stacy,
    How DO you find these clever and unique THINGIES for your blog?? Love the Etch A Sketch!

  7. I’m so impressed with your etch-a-sketch skills!

  8. U s5ill rock…no matter what!

  9. My sisters and I had a couple of Etch-A-Sketches when we were kids and I know we literally wore at least one of them out. My kids had several of then, including a couple of those miniature ones and loved them. Cute message and I hope you had a wonderful Valentine Day!

  10. Cute post -
    Stacy – I thanked you again today on my blog for your positive influence on the scrapbooking world. I know you hear this often, but thanks for sharing your views, your coaching and your positive attitude. You can read the entire post here if you wish. Have a wonderful week -

  11. dana burton says:

    Library of Memories Alumni requests HELP: I inadvertently deleted my password/code for participating in this year’s class. Could you help me? (I checked my recently deleted box but no luck). Thank you, Stacy.
    Dana Burton (Ladybug)

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